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The San Pedro Sun

Nayobie’s Hope for Children Project distributes gifts to island children on Boxing Day
Hundreds of children received a Christmas present courtesy of Nayobie’s Hope for Children Project on Boxing Day, Wednesday, December 26th. The annual project spearheaded by 15-year-old Nayobie Rivero aims to provide children of modest means with a gift and the joyful spirit of the Christmas Season. The funds to purchase the gifts were raised at a fashion show held on Saturday, December 22nd at the Sandy Toes Bar and Grill. Rivero along with her family and friends delivered the presents just in time for Boxing Day, a time when children get to open their presents. They visited many areas of San Pedro Town bringing happiness to the many children with bright smiles when they received their goodies. Arrangements were also made to distribute presents to an orphanage on the mainland later in the month.

Ambergris Today

Pic Of The Week - No To Oil Exploration
On December 30th 2017, the Petroleum Operations Maritime Zone Moratorium Act was passed into law. In celebration of its one-year anniversary, sensational Belizeans and wavemakers from all over the country came together to commemorate this milestone and to reiterate the message that we stand proud and strong in our decision to stop oil exploration in our waters. Together, we celebrate ‘The People’s Law’ and we thank everyone in attendance and everyone that has been along for the journey, your continued support does not go unnoticed. Together, we will continue to stand up for Belize!

Misc Belizean Sources


Ruby’s Hotel in San Pedro has closed
Ruby’s Hotel - one of the older hotels in San Pedro has been sold. Hearing it was sold to the San Pedro Belize Express and that they are going to be building a dock there for their terminal. But Ruby's Cafe will open right across from RC school. Next to Vilma Linda Plaza. The water taxi is moving there after the dock is completed..

Belize Birding Calendar 2019
January: 1st – Gallon Jug Christmas Bird Count, 4th – Punta Gorda Christmas Bird Count, 28th – Bald Hills MPR. February: 24-25 – La Milpa and Chan Chich. March: 18-19 – Las Cuevas, Chiquibul.

PM Rt. Hon Dean Barrow's 2019 New Year Message
This annual December close out address to you is one of high confidence. I believe we have every reason to send off the old year with satisfaction, and welcome the New with optimism. The basis for this buoyancy is manifold; and begins with the fact that it is almost a given in human affairs that good sets the stage for great. Thus, the positive things of 2018 presage not only continuation but improvement in 2019. And the logic that what was well in 2018 will be even better in 2019 is, to me, inescapable. The fact is that Government got a number of welcome boosts in the last part of 2018, powered by good financial news, good tourism news, and good diplomatic news. That has supercharged our determination to seize 2019 with both hands and wring from it every last bit of the promise with which it is coming upon us. Let me expand on this a little. As always, first in order of importance in any assessment of how we are doing, is the economy.

8th Annual Chili Cook Off
Sunday, January 13th, 1pm. The New Millennium Restaurant, Consejo

LP Gas & Supply customer appreciation raffle
Casually Amber Edwards walked in to buy a new Gas tank at LP GAS & SUPPLIESthis morning only to get a call a few hours later that she was the winner of a brand new Motorcycle in their end-of-year customer appreciation raffle. One motorcycle was given away at each of their 3 branches in Belize.

"Losers" Not open yet but soon
. Boca Del Rio San Pedro.

Burning "El Viejo"
In many Yucatec Maya (Maya Mestizo) communities in Northern Belize every year they burning "El Viejo" . The figure is usually an old man made with old clothes, stuffed with cotton and firecrackers the size of a human figure. He is seated in the doors of the houses several days before, expecting it to be burn at midnight of December 31 symbolizing that the past is left behind and everything that happened in the year that is ending. Families and neighbors often gather to see him "burn" on the old night. Of course, always with great care and with adult surveillance . This tradition is not from Maya origin but have been adopted by our people .

Crazy Hair Day @ RC School - International Children's Day 2018
As we celebrate Old Year's Night and the dawn of a new year, I wish you you lots of smiles, joy, crazy hair days and playful moments in 2019. A few moments with some of my favourite little people...

Channel 7

Clues to A Killing
Tonight, Anisha Young's family is one step closer to knowing what happened to their loved one, but many painful steps away from unravelling the mystery of her disappearance and apparent murder. The search team had a breakthrough on Saturday evening. They found a shallow grave off a feeder road in Maskall Village on the old Northern Highway. In it they found a hair weave and skin tissue believed to be Young's. Courtney Weatherburne has more on this major update. The search for Anisha Young led the family to this shallow grave in Maskall Village. A relative is seen scooping out the mud and murky water - hoping to find Young's body. Well, they didn't find her remains but they found other crucial pieces of evidence.

Cops Say Discoveries Inconclusive
Today at the press briefing, police confirmed that the skin samples were human remains but without DNA testing they can't say if they belong to Young. ASP Alejandro Cowo - OC, CIB Belize City: "On Saturday, I know that the family was conducting their searches in the Burrell Boom area, and thereafter, they had received some information about a smell coming out of some yard by the Maskall area. As a result, the family proceeded there. It is about a mile off the Philip Goldson Highway, a mile into Maskall, and it's about 150 yards inside of a swampy area, where they found a small shallow grave..."

Highway Collision Sends Two Guardsmen To Hospital
Two coast guard officers, including cyclist Joslyn Chavarria were injured in an accident this morning around 11:00 near mile 9 and a half on the Western Highway. Coast Guard driver Ingrid Alcoser was at the wheel while Chavarria was in the pan of the pickup. They were heading to the coast guard headquarters when a cargo truck rear-ended them. No one was seriously hurt, but it caused a major bottleneck on the highway. After about an hour or so, police cleared the scene. The driver of the cargo truck told us off camera that another vehicle was in front of the coast guard truck and it stopped abruptly, trying to avoid hitting a cyclist.

Elderly Woman Killed While Wandering On Road
A 66 year old woman was knocked down and killed by a taxi van sometime after 7:00 pm last night. It happened near Los Lagos junction on the Phillip Goldson Highway where police say the elderly woman was practically walking in the middle of the road when she was hit. She is 66 year old Rosita Armstrong a resident Ladyville village, who, may have suffered from mental illness. Police told us more. ASP Alejandro Cowo - OC CIB Belize City: "Last night, just after 7:25 p.m., Ladyville police visited an area between miles 12 and 13 of the Philip Goldson Highway, an area close to Los Lagos, where upon arrival, they observed a blue vehicle in the middle of the road. Also beside it, about 6 feet away from the vehicle, was a motionless body of a female who was identified as Rosita Armstrong..."

City Man Killed In Deep South Accident
The weekend's other fatal accident happened about 17 hours earlier on the Southern Highway near mile 19. Police say that at around 2 a.m. on Sunday they found the lifeless body of 47 year-old Cliff Usher, a Belize City resident on the highway's shoulder. His wrecked grey Jeep Cherokee was in a heap on the side of the road. ASP Alejandro Cowo told us today that police believe he lost control of the vehicle and overturned several times and was flung to his death:

UDP Sics Soldiers At PUC
On Friday's news, we told you about the Barrow ADMINISTRATION's dispute with the Public Utilities Commission over its decision to approve a 6.9% increase in your light bill, starting next month. Government is pushing for the PUC to hold off on the increase, and consider it in 6 months. All this is after the PUC approved increased electricity rates from 39.2 cents per kilowatt hour to 42 cents per kilowatt hour - effective tomorrow. But, there is a ten day window to file an objection to the decision in writing - and it seems Government will do so through no less than the Ministry of Energy and Public Utilities.

Cop Crashes in Camalote
We've already told you about two weekend fatalities. The weekend's third major accident happened on Saturday evening on the George Price Highway. It involved a police officer on a motorcycle. ASP Cowo told us that the cop survived a head-on collision with a pick-up truck: ASP Alejandro Cowo - OC, CIB Belize City: "On Saturday, 29th of December, 2018, at about 6:40 p.m., Roaring Creek Police visited Camalote Village, where they observed a black Wingle pickup, and also a black motorcycle. And also beside the motorcycle, they found a police officer wearing his #1 uniform, suffering from many abrasions, and a left broken leg..."

Police Suggest Injured Gunman May Be Charged
On Friday, we told you about a shooting on Fabers Road in Belize City which landed the alleged would-be gunman in hospital in a critical condition. Police are refusing to disclose his identity at this time, but best information to 7News is that he is 34 year-old Frank Smith, who has had past run-ins with the law. Reports are that he went to the Hislop family home on Fabers Road, where he confronted 24 year-old Dennis Hislop Jr about a horse. That led to a confrontation, where Smith allegedly pulled a weapon on Hislop. He ran away to the back of his house, and that's when a struggle endued. Police told us what happened next - and why it is not a cut and dry case:

PM Patt To End 2018
Hugo Patt is starting his New Year right as acting Prime Minister. The Corozal North representative is holding over for PM Dean Barrow until this Saturday, January fifth. An official press release says the Prime Minister left on Saturday for one week's personal leave.

Aloma All Ovah
A woman says she was held at the Queen Street Police station after the door nearly fell on her. She is Aloma Ashon and according to her, she visited the police station to make a formal complaint against someone she has been having personal problems with. She claims they didn't take her seriously and redirected her to the Racoon Street Police Station. It was upon making her way out that things went south for her and police accused her of damage to property. Aloma Ashon: "When I opened the door, the door drop. The door didn't drop down nor it didn't break up. The door was loose on the top. The door didn't drop, it keeled. I said sorry mister, it didn't broke and it didn't fell down. He called for the WPC to charge "baba" - come and charge her..."

Looking Back At The News Of 2018
For better or worse, 2018 is about to be retired to the history books - but not before Jules Vasquez takes one final look back: Jules Vasquez reporting January began the news year with what would be a recurring story: a drug plane crashed and burned in the north. We saw a woman Police Constable go to court, charged For Fareed Ahmad's Murder And later in the month, we saw another unusual face accused at court, as extradition Proceedings Begin For attorney Andrew Bennet, In February, hearts swelled when two missing NICH rangers were found after 48 hours lost in the bush behind Caracol.

Remembering Our Favourite Stories: Courtney, Cannabis, Columbia Forest
And continuing to say goodbye to 2018, we look back at another of our favorite stories, this one from Courtney Weatherburne. She went into the wilds of Toledo with the BDF on a hunt for marijuana - and here's what she found:... It might seem like a relaxed day at the BDF Fairweather camp in Toledo, perfect for an evening jog around the block. But it is anything but relaxed inside this dome shaped zinc hut as the team discuss Operation Caracol.

Streets Are Full Of Hope For The New Year
And from the bush of Toledo to the streets of Belize City, New Year's eve is here and that means it's time for another street sampling in down town Belize City. The burning question this time was "what da your new year's resolution?" and "what da your hope for 2019?" As always we got a pretty wide array of responses but most seemed to gravitate towards peace, love and prosperity. Here's what we heard:

New Years Day Is All About Pedal Pushing
And while regular folks are hoping for peace and love, elite cyclists want victory in 2019! Tonight, 80 of them, including 68 Belizeans, are preparing for tomorrow morning, when they will take on 95 miles of open road for 29th running of the Krem New Years Day Cycling classic. They'll racing from the Santa Elena Border in Corozal, all the way to Central American Boulevard in Belize City. Race promoter Kwame Scott told us why it will be full of exciting sprints:

PM Suggests "Reform"ť Coming to "Very Top"ť of Police
Turning now to policing - crime continues to be a dominant force in our society, and in the news. 2018 will end with 143 murders, which is one more than last year's official count, but two less than our unofficial count. Whatever the case, it's reason for grim reflection: to lose more than 140 Belizeans every year to violent homicide is unspeakable.

Gun "Eena Plait"ť
This weekend, police managed took an oddly packaged illegal weapon off the streets of Belize City. On Saturday night, at around 8:00 intelligence led the cops to search a drain on Fern Lane in the St. Martin's area. That led the officers to white styrofoam plate. And while it may have looked like garbage, what the officers found inside was not spoilt food. Someone used it, instead, to hide a rusty .38 Smith and Wesson special revolver. Also inside the plate - like a side dish - were 24 bullets, 2 live rounds of .38 ammunition and 22 live rounds of 9mm ammunition.

Police Urge Caution in Your New Year's
And while the police keep doing their work - many of us will celebrate the New Year tonight, under the blanket of safety they create. And while the cops will do their part, they made a plea to the general public to be safe and cautious, while out socializing:

Thanks for 2018
And, that's it for 7news on this New Year's Eve - thanks for watching I'm Indira CRaig… From all of us here at 7News, here's our wish that you have a great New Year's celebration. Thanks for watching 7NEws this year, and we hope to continue to be your news station in 2019…. We leave you tonight - on this last night of the Christmas season with Cocono Bwai and Joss Stone singing "Brukdown Christmas". Please find the link at Joss Stone's Facebook page.

Channel 5

First Clue in Missing Anisha Young
As we close 2018 with this newscast, investigating officers might have a first clue in the murder of Anisha Young. The young woman has not been seen or heard from [...]

Conservation Tips from P.U.C., Despite Pending Increase in Electricity Rate
Electricity rates are set to go up at midnight, along with the bringing in of a new year.  The increase, however, is the second adjustment to the light bill that [...]

P.U.P.: Barrow’s Smoke & Mirrors Circus Act
So on the eve of the New Year, the P.U.C. has not responded to government’s objection to the increase of forty-three cents in electricity rates. The P.U.C. chair, we are [...]

Rosita Armstrong is Knocked Down and Killed
The family of Rosita Armstrong is tonight mourning her death. The sixty-six-year-old Ladyville resident was knocked down and killed at around seven-thirty on Sunday night. The incident happened between miles [...]

RTA Claims Life of Belize City Man
There was another fatality on the highway, this time in the south. A road traffic accident two days before the New Year claimed the life of forty-seven-year-old Cliff Russell Usher. [...]

Cop Hospitalized after Motorcycle Accident
In a third accident, though not fatal, a police officer crashed on his motorcycle in Camalote Village over the weekend. The officer was driving his cycle around six-thirty that evening [...]

A Final Tally: Murder Count at 143 for 2018
One hundred and forty-three, that is the murder count tonight for 2018 which trails the 2012 record-breaking figure by two.  The first part of the year was the most violent [...]

Will the Police Department see a Reform in the New Year?
The scourge of crime and violence continues into 2019 and government, as well as the Belize Police Department is still very much hamstrung in stemming the bloodshed.  It is a [...]

Investigation Ongoing into Faber’s Road Shooting; Charges are Expected Shortly
In our previous newscast, we aired the story about a man who was shot after he attacked a family on Faber’s Road. The alleged gunman, Frank Smith, and another man [...]

Resolutions for 2019; City Folks Tell Us Their Wish
Worldwide, the New Year’s celebration started across continents in New Zealand.  In a few, fireworks will kick off to welcome the New Year here in the country.  Across the city [...]

Belize’s Fiscal Performance is Lauded by PM Barrow in New Year’s Message
Prime Minister Barrow’s annual New Year’s message, set against a jazz rendition of Auld Lang Syne, covers several issues, including the economy, as well as crime and violence.  In the [...]

An Appeal for Voters to Come Out on Referendum Day
With the dawn of a new year upon us, the perennial issue of the Belize/Guatemala territorial dispute and its possible resolution via the International Court of Justice also takes center [...]

Police Department Shares Safety Tips for New Year’s Celebration
If you’re planning to have a party or enjoy some festivities with family and friends to bring in 2019, it is important that you follow general safety tips to keep [...]

2018 Year in Review
Our reporters and cameramen were hard at work throughout the year, documenting the major stories that were in the headlines. Tonight, as we conclude our final newscast for 2018, we [...]


PM Looks to 2019 Referendum
Belize obtained its independence on September 21, 1981; however, it still has not been able to enjoy full sovereignty with Guatemala’s unfounded claim still pending. However, it is hoped that in April of 2019, we will be one step closer to solving the dispute, when Belize will vote in a referendum to take the matter …

Police say alleged horse theft led to Shooting
After a group of minors tried to steal a horse, the uncle of one of the thieves, Frank Smith went to the home of the horse owners to confront them. Frank Smith had a weapon and fired several shots at Dennis Hislop. Hislop senior, according to the police, used his licensed firearm to defend his …

Police find partial human remains
It’s been three weeks since Anisha Young went missing after an office party and socializing along the entertainment strip in Belize City. Coworkers and her boyfriend were questioned by the police about her whereabouts. The trail appeared to be getting cold but the police say that they have uncovered evidence in Maskall Village – strands …

Police Say Accident Victim walked into Highway
The victim of the second road traffic incident is a Ladyville resident identified as 66-year-old, Rosita Armstrong. Police say Armstrong was walking in the middle of the highway when she was hit. ASP Alejandro Cowo: “Rachel Armstrong the information that the Police gathered so far is that the driver of the vehicle Mr. Winston Bode …

GOB says 10 million in Micro Credit Facility for businesses
As you’ve heard earlier in the newscast, the Government of Belize has released the Prime Minister’s Annual New Year’s and tooted his own horn when he opened up when he said the last part of 2018 was QUOTE “powered by good financial news, good tourism news, and good diplomatic news” UNQUOTE. The positive New Year’s …

A Toledo Christmas for Kids
Children and adults were treated to gifts for the Christmas in the Toledo District. Correspondent Paul Mahung has the story. Paul Mahung: “Christmas gifts including wheelchairs were presented to a number of families and the individuals in Punta Gorda and nearby rural communities in Toledo. The timely Christmas gifts surely brought joy to the recipients …

Belize City Resident Perishes in Fatal RTA
The police department is encouraging motorists to be careful as accidents are still occurring before the close of the year. A Belize City resident passed away during a tragic accident that occurred early Sunday morning. Cliff Russel Usher, an employee of Citrus Products of Belize Limited crashed along the highway in Dangriga. ASP Alejandro Cowo …

Hattieville Resident Missing
The family of Jason Williams is concerned as he may have wondered off. The 22 year old resident of Hattieville was last seen by his family on the 28th of December. However, he was not reported missing until today. Williams was last seen wearing a black shirt, a green short pants and a pair of …

Officer Knocked down in Incident
There was a third road traffic accident over the weekend however, the victim was not killed. A police officer was hospitalized over the weekend after he was involved in a traffic incident in Belmopan. Correspondent Fem Cruz reports. Fem Cruz Cayo Correspondent: “A late Saturday evening traffic incident on the George Price Highway left a …

The Reporter

Just before 7:30pm Sunday night (December 30th.) a resident of Ladyville was knocked down and killed as she walked on the Phillip Goldson Highway near Los Lagos. While Police are still investigating, ASP Alejandro Cowo says it appears Rosita Armstrong, who reportedly suffers from mental illness, was walking in the middle of the road when she was struck by the vehicle.

ANISHA YOUNG – UPDATE- Dec. 31st. 2018
Today, while speaking to the media, ASP Alejandro Cowo confirmed that the shallow grave located off the Maskall Road over the weekend, and which family members suspect may have been the temporary burial place of Anny Young, is only a quarter mile away from the home of one of the original suspects detained after she went missing.

Breaking Belize NewsPJ

Mental health patient loses her life in fatal road accident
Last night there was a fatal road traffic accident on the Philip Goldson Highway. Somewhere […]

Police investigating human remains found in shallow grave
Today Assistant Superintendent of Police, Alejandro Cowo, provided an update on some human remains found […]

PUP slams Barrow regarding increased electricity rates
The People’s United Party (PUP) has released a statement entitled, “Barrow’s Smoke and Mirror Act.” The statement […]

PM Barrow: GOB is allocating $10 million in micro-credit to assist entrepreneurs and farmers
Prime Minister Dean Barrow has announced a $10 million micro-credit program to benefit entrepreneurs and farmers […]

PM Barrow’s New Year Message to All Belizeans
Prime Minister of Belize Rt. Hon. Dean O. Barrow My Fellow Belizeans, This annual December close out address […]

Ministry of Education supports school managers for ‘docking’ teachers salaries
Last week, the Belize National Teachers Union (BNTU) via a press release blasted school managers for docking teachers’ salaries who attended a BNTU protest last month. Since then, the Ministry of Education (MOE) has come out in full support of school managers by saying that the managers have the authority to disallow the claim for payment for any period of unauthorized absence by teachers.

GOB secures funding for Caracol Road
Prime Minister Dean Barrow in his New Year’s message to Belizeans announced that the Government of Belize (GOB) has secured the full funding for the Caracol Road Upgrading Project. Barrow said that the signing ceremony for the funding of the project will take place on January 14, 2019.


Belizean Teachers & Writers Wanted
As we slide into 2019, I am pleased to bring opportunity forward. Not only am I posting a second round for Belize Teachers Wanted by United States Schools, but I also have a great grant writer opportunity as well from a different company. Belizean teachers could expand their capacities in United States, See video. For the first time in Belize, the largest designated US Department of State Exchange Visitor Program for teachers, Participate, is recruiting teachers from Belize to work in schools in the United States for 3 to 5 years and expand their professional capacities in the next school year, beginning in August 2019.

How about some fun Belizean traditions for New Year’s?!
For the Mestizo of Northern Belize, wearing red underwear is a must if you desire a year filled with love. I guess if you are ending 2017 without a significant other, you might need to consider this tradition to increase your chances of romance in the New Year. If you feel especially unlucky in love, you can also (literally) sweep out the bad vibes at midnight. This New Year’s tradition involves sweeping your home just minutes before midnight on December 31st, the action ensuring that all negative vibes from the previous year do not bleed into the new one. Opening the back door of a home at the stroke of midnight to let the old year “out” is a tradition practiced by the Creole culture of Central Belize. Many believe this New Year ritual was passed down by the Baymen settlers of old British Honduras, as this tradition is also practiced in England.

2018 Belize Vacation Traveler Review
Out of the blue this week, I am finishing the year with a great reader review email thanks to an email from Russell Long. First, let me express my appreciation for all the information you gave me for my visit to San Pedro. The eateries were great except I did not get to all of them. I did take home five extra pounds making a diet necessary. I was very impressed with how friendly the local citizens were and always helpful. Claudia with Holiday Hotel was very nice and explained what each item on the menu was. The Belizean Breeze Soap Co. was a real treat with a very knowledgeable staff. William at VIP golf Carts was very helpful and really great at meeting my needs. The visit to the gas station (or fueling) was a unique experience. It has probably fifty years since someone pumped gas for me and it was the least amount of gas I have purchased in years. The staff at Coco Beach were very friendly and always helpful. Wish it would have been closer to town but it was an okay drive with a golf cart with bumps and all. I never expected a toll bridge in San Pedro and it seems a reasonable method to pay for the structure.

A look at the Taste Belize Tour - Spice Farm, Mayan Hearth Cooking, and Ixcacao Chocolate experience!
Taste Belize Tours is an award-winning tour you can take from Placencia, Belize. We highly recommend it for those guests looking to experience an authentic way to see, hear, feel, taste, and smell all things Belize, from a tropical Spice Farm where you will taste and touch plants right off the stems, to interacting and eating a meal with a Mayan family, to visiting an authentic Mayan-family run chocolate kitchen. Lyra is a highly knowledgeable guide who has great passion for all things Belize, and is a wonderful resource throughout your tour - ask her your history questions and you are in for a great learning experience! You can also choose from a vast array of experiences that you can read about on her website HERE - we chose the Spice Farm, following by Mayan Hearth cooking, then the Ixcacao Chocolate experience.

Plenty of people vacation in Belize to do nothing but snooze because they’re overworked, overly committed and overwhelmed. For adventurers, there’s no way to work off stress and vanquish demands than by getting outside themselves and jumping into thrilling activities. If this describes you, there’s no place on earth like Belize to feed your need for adventure. At Adventures in Belize, we know how you feel because we’ve been satisfying the appetites of adventurers for years. Join us. As Belize’s premier adventure travel company, we don’t make promises we can’t keep!


  • Cat near Chan Chich, .5min. cat this morning wishing our guests #merrychristmas near Chan Chich Lodge. Definitely one of the world’s best places to spot Jaguars, Pumas and Ocelots in their natural habitat.

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  • Beautiful, Shark Filled Dive - Boca Del Rio - Ambergris Caye, Belize - Christmas Day 2018, 6min.

  • Se va Diciembre - José Alfredo, Lucha Villa & Queta Jiménez, 2min. A FAREWELL SONG TO 2018.

  • THE BEST OF NEWS 5 2018, 2hr.

  • LOVEFM Year in review 2018, 2hr.

  • New Years Eve Countdown..., 3hr.

  • Brave Baby Monkey Loves Every Minute Of Her New Life, 3.5min.

  • Happy New Year: San Pedro rings in 2019 with a spectacular fireworks show!, 4min.

  • Belize 2018 Highlights, 2min.

  • Belize Adventure December 2018, 2.5min. A video of our week in Belize, mostly spent aboard the Belize Aggressor IV diving. We had two storm fronts roll through so there was not a lot of sun and the ocean was stirred up, but it was still great.

  • Silk Caye Belize snorkel, 7.5min. Coming out of Placencia out to Silk Caye. This is about a 45 minute boat ride to the caye. Awesome trip the family really enjoyed it.

  • Experience Awesome Parasailing in Belize, Carribbean, 7min. Parasailing Belize. This is what it's like to parasail. Going up 325 feet in the air. Flying without wings.

  • Freedive in the Hol Chan Preserve, Belize, 4min. If you are looking for perfect sailing off the beaten track, the tropical cayes, of Belize, protected by one of the world’s longest barrier reefs, should be on your list. A yacht charter in Belize allows you to discover some of the most unspoiled islands of the Caribbean.

  • CATCH n CLEAN n COOK - SPEARFISHING in BELIZE - Lobster Hogfish Conch, 6min. Catch, clean and cook up some Lobster, Hogfish and Conch we caught spearfishing in Belize with a local spearfisherman. Our buddy Kenny took us to one of his regular spots and we snagged just enough to stuff our faces that night. We tried to get him to take some, he said, "I wont take any, but I want to come back and cook it for you." We weren't about to argue with that!

  • Harvest Caye, Belize Montage!! (12/27/2018), 4min.

  • Monkey River Belize, 6min. Trip From Placencia Belize up the Monkey River for the Jungle tour. Highly recommend if you do this wear light weight pants, shoes, socks, and a long sleeve light weight shirt. If you do not wear this you will donate a lot of blood to the skitters. Lots of great views and saw interesting birds, crocs, monkeys, insects, and spiders

  • 60 minutes on Belize, min. 1988: Short on Paint and Long on Heart