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Police use excess force in San Pedro
Human Rights Commission of Belize responds to police abuse on Ambergris Caye. The Human Rights Commission of Belize has seen video clips of a violent incident between the MIT of the police force and a subdued civilian in San Pedro. The footage is deeply disturbing and appears to be a disciplinable cause for action by the professional standards branch. This is from all appearances and angles a case of excessive force. It is especially lamentable that it falls within a time when the narrative is protected by the fear brought on by a deadly spike in murders for the new year.

ÒOK'OSTAJ POOL being danced by Maya dancers from the group U Il' Ixi'im (San Narciso) for el Festival del Pueblo(San Lazaro). The Óok'ostaj Pool "La cabeza del Cochino" has its origins in Prehispanic Maya times and was a ceremony done to thank nature which was consider as fundament of life and the provider of all our needs.Before it was done with birds and wild animals got by hunting but today it is done with domestic animals especially with the pig head . Today the Óok'ostaj Pool is still done by the Maya communities of Northern and western Belize in a more spiritual sense .

Channel 5

Body Found
A body was fished out of the river in the area of Blackman Eddy, Cayo, this morning. Reports indicated that the person’s hands were tied behind his back. He was also found with a gunshot wound to the head. Police are investigating.

Murder in Lucky Strike
Howard Coleman was found fatally stabbed this morning. He was found inside his home in Lucky Strike Village, motionless on his living room floor. Reports indicate that he was stabbed sometime between last night and early this morning. A resident from Lucky Strike Village has been detained for questioning.

The Reporter

The Reporter has confirmed that a resident of Lucky Strike was murdered sometime between last night and this morning. The man, identified as Howard Coleman was found in his home with multiple stab and chop wounds all over his body.

Breaking Belize NewsPJ

Ruben Cassasola sought by police for Anita Pineda’s murder
A woman from San Ignacio lost her life tonight as a result of a domestic dispute. Around 8 tonight, Anita Pineda, 33, a resident of Shawville, San Ignacio was at the home of a relative on Constellation boulevard in San Ignacio when her common law husband, Ruben Cassasola arrived. […]

Man shot near George Street, Belize
A shooting in Belize City has left one man injured. He is yet to be identified. However, we can confirm he was shot somewhere near the popular wax house in territory belonging to the George Street Gang. He has since been transported to the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital (KHMH) in a stable condition. […]

Man murdered in Port Loyola is Belize’s fifth murder for 2019
BBN has confirmed that a second person was murdered tonight in Belize City, bringing the country’s murder count to an astonishing 5 on the first day of 2019. Preston Reynolds was found dead in the bushes alongside JR Street in the Jane Usher area of Port Loyola in Belize city. […]

San Ignacio woman stabbed to death in domestic dispute is Belize’s 4th murder victim
Reports to BBN indicate that a woman was stabbed to death tonight in San Ignacio, Cayo. Sources say that the woman was involved in a domestic altercation and she was stabbed multiple times at the home of a relative in the Kontiki area of San Ignacio, Cayo. […]

Reputed Crips gang boss is third murder victim for 2019
The reputed gang boss of the Backa-Lands Crips in Belize City was gunned down tonight. He is Joseph Babb, 20. Babb was shot to death a while ago on Blue Marlin Drive near Coney Drive in Belize City. […]

Body found in Blackman Eddy, Cayo
Authorities this morning retrieved the partially decomposed body of a hispanic man from the river in Blackman Eddy village, Cayo. The body was found tangled in the bamboo of a small island in the middle of the river. Eyewitnesses confirm to BBN that the body was found shirtless and that the victim’s hands were tied behind his back. […]

Home burglarized out west
Sometime between Sunday and Monday night, a home was burglarized in Western Belize. Shimon Cain reported to police that he secured his aunt’s home at 17 ½ miles on the George Price Highway on Sunday night. […]

Child runs away from home, police tries to locate her
ayo police are trying to locate a child who ran away from her home. She is Miriam Guzman, 15. Guzman ran away from her home in St. Matthews Village at around 9 p.m. on Saturday night. […]

Man chopped to death?
There are reports of a chopping death in the Belize District. The victim was reportedly chopped to death near his home in Lucky Strike. However, police are yet to issue an official report with further details on this matter. […]


Day at the Spa...
If you want to unwind, relax, and enjoy being pampered, the Victoria House might be the best spa on the Caye. Now it is not the least expensive, but it is the best they have to offer here in San Pedro. If you are staying on property or just visiting for the spa, it is a beautiful experience. At the spa you are greeted by a warm Belizean concierge, she guides you to the waiting room, where you can enjoy a cup of hot tea or some refreshing cucumber water. My masseuse arrives and brings me to the massage room, the room is quaint, clean, and perfectly manicured. The choice of essential oils are in abundance as I sprawl out on the massage table.

Solo Travel in Belize: It’s Your Ticket to Adventure and Empowerment
If you’re thinking of stepping onto the scary solo travel ledge, you couldn’t choose a better place to spread your wings and fly than Belize. Solo travel within this welcoming country is empowering and rewarding because you go where you want to go—and when you want to go. How safe is Belize for a solo traveler? What’s been stopping you from taking this life-altering step? If you’re like most people, you worry about safety and not being able to communicate with others because you only speak English. You can forget about both roadblocks. Belize is not only safe, but everyone speaks English. And, violent crimes against travelers are nearly unheard of.

International Sourcesizz

Dutch add Guernsey, Belize and Isle of Man to tax evasion blacklist
The Dutch finance ministry is expanding its official list of places it considers to be involved in tax evasion by a further 16 low tax jurisdictions, including the islands of Guernsey and Jersey, the Isle of Man, and Belize. All either have zero corporate tax or a rate lower than 9%. The additions bring the total number of jurisdiction on the Dutch blacklist to 21. "By drawing up our own, tough blacklist, we are showing again that we are serious in our battle against tax evasion," junior tax minister Menno Snel said in a statement. "And this is just one of the measures we are taking," he added.

The Jamaica government Monday dismissed calls for a postponement of the ban on plastic bags that goes into effect on January 1. The main opposition People’s National Party (PNP) has called for the postponement and urging the government to move expeditiously to an island-wide public education and awareness campaign to sensitize the public ahead of any move to replace the popular plastic bags.


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  • Late at night strolls by an ocelot (Leopardus pardalis), .5min. Right in front of our field camera. Golden Stream Corridor Preserve is home to this and four other wild cat species found in Belize.

  • Season Greetings from the Belize Southern Territorial Volunteers, 5.5min.

  • DJ LEO - Dancehall Reggae New Year Mix 2019, 1hrmin.

  • , 1min. We share the following disturbing video footage of what appears to be members of the Gang Suppression Unit (GSU) beating down on a couple underage males outside a local bar establishment in the Boca Del Río Area, San Pedro Town. Up to now all we know is that one of the males was seriously injured, as can be seen in the video. We will have more on this incident as information becomes available.

  • NY Eve Fireworks in San Pedro!, 1min. Happy New Year 2019 Everyone!

  • Red Cross Christmas Party for the elderly, 2min.

  • Krem Cycling classic 2019 Part 1, 68min.

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  • Belize Diving - Gallows Point Reef - The Fish Trap, 2.5min.

  • Shark Ray Alley/Hol Chan Reef Snorkeling - San Pedro, Belize - December 26, 2018, 4.5min.

  • SCUBA 2018 BELIZE, 9min. Our Christmas Scuba trip we took to San Pedro Belize.

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  •, 8min. We travel to Belize for a week!

  • Belize Diving - Gallows Point Reef - Ray Bar, 2min. Southern Stingrays and Spotted Eagle Rays gathered in the shallow waters by Gallows Point, East of Belize City. Local fishermen were inspecting their catch, primarily lobsters, cleaning the heads and returng the scraps. A tasty snack for the hungry bottom feeders who did not mind our visit. We went out for a dive and chose to stop in this location for lunch. The water was packed with rays and even got to see a spotted eagle ray jump out of the wate as we ate. Following lunch, we went in to take a better look. I had to go back to the boat in order to get this footage, unfortunately the second time round most of the Eagle Rays had left.

  • Sailing Belize in catamaran - Episode 8 - Carrie Bow Caye, 2min. Sailing family cruise in Belize - Episode 8 During our stay in South Water Caye, we go for the day to Carrie Bow Caye, just one mile away. Visit of the Smithsonian Marine Institute which owns this lovely island. The institute depends on the National Museum of Natural History in Washington DC. Visit with Mike, the station manager, and Valérie Paul, Director of the Institute, who explained us about their research on coral. What a great place for such research !