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The San Pedro Sun

Police brutality on Ambergris Caye leaves one injured; two police officers suspended
The Professional Standards Branch (PSB) has launched an investigation into the excessive use of force against civilians by two police officers attached to the Quick Response Team (QRT) at the San Pedro Police Formation. The incident has caused outrage among island residents and thousands of Belizeans across the country. The QRT officers, P.C. No 1919 Samir Medina and P.C. No 2287 Tyrell Rowley are seen in a video shared on social media detaining three young men (brothers Justin, Mario, and Jamir Leal) outside of Playa Bar and Grill in the Boca del Rio area on Tuesday, January 1st, attempting to control a brawl that started inside the establishment.

Ambergris Caye ushers in 2019 with a huge beach party and fireworks
New Year Eve’s celebrations went off with a bang on Ambergris Caye as revelers rang in 2019 with a colorful party accompanied by a spectacular fireworks display on the beaches of downtown San Pedro. The lively festivities held at the Central Park on Monday, December 31st, saw island residents along with thousands of tourists enjoying live performances by Belizean artists, party favors and lots of food and drinks throughout the night until the first sunrise of 2019. The anticipated event organized by The San Pedro Town Council (SPTC) began at 10PM, and despite a little rain, the festivities were a success. As the clock ticked to midnight, Pastor Clive Welsh delivered the invocation followed by Mayor Daniel Guerrero addressing the crowd. Guerrero thanked islanders and visitors alike for coming out to celebrate the beginning of a new year.

Ambergris Today

Living Word Church’s Annual Toy Drive A Success!
Mr. Joel M Nagel of Nagel & Associates, LLC. Helps to promote the annual Toy Drive of Living Word Church in San Pedro, Belize. Living Word Church’s Annual Toy Drive for the children of San Pedro was brighter than ever! Thanks to the continual support of Joel Nagel and the local community, every year, the event continues to grow. Communities near and far have come together once again to purchase and distribute toys to the underprivileged children of San Pedro, Belize to insure they have a toy this Christmas. On December 21, 2018, 1,100 toys were distributed at the Hon. Louise Sylvestre Sporting Field in San Pedro Town, Ambergris Caye. That’s 1,100 children who received a special toy, cupcake, and Coke in the spirit of Christmas!

Excessive Force By Police Quick Response Team On Civilians
Bringing in the New Year is supposed to be a festive and joyous time for all to celebrate, sadly we get to report on a case of excessive force by police. A disturbing video footage was circulating on social media of what appears to be members of the Quick Response Team (QRT) beating down on a couple underage males outside a local bar establishment in the Boca Del Río Area, San Pedro Town. The video shows an officer kicking a young man on the face and another individual kicking him. The young man appears to be in an unconscious state and other individuals were also arrest for trying to render assistance. Up to now all we know is that one of the males was seriously injured and will be charged for assault.

Misc Belizean Sources


Statement from the Acting Commissioner of Police, Chester Williams regarding police brutality incident
"The Belize Department is aware of a video circulating on social media depicting two police officers and a civilian beating on two individuals. Please note that we condemn this kind of behavior in its strongest form. While we understand the difficulties under which our officers find themselves at times, this is not the behavior we expect of them. The Acting Commissioner of Police has ordered Professional Standards Branch to investigate this matter and the chips will fall where they may. The officers concerned will be suspended from duty pending the outcome of the investigation."

2018 Belize Rainfall
December was dry, less than half the typical rainfall, but then again October was very wet. 2018 saw very erratic rain conditions, far from typical. Belize Weather is or can be very variable over time. Look at the running daytime and night time temperatures for Belmopan below. If you look at 2011 to 2014 then there is no change, if you look at 2015 then there is a rapid rise, similar for 2004 - 2005, ( 2004 was a very cold year, 2005 was a very hot year. ) But 2015 - 2016 show a rapid decline, even lower when looking at 2009 - 2017.

"I have now destroy your town which you will never again be allowed to occupy " British Colonel Robert William Harley message to the Maya of Yalbac . In early 1867 the British troops entered the Maya village of San Pedro Siris (Northwestern Belize) without oppositions. The British burn down the houses,corn houses and corn fields . The British launch a campaign against the Yucatec Maya people in Northwestern Belize burning down San Pedro Siris,Chunbal Che ,Santa Teresa,San Jose Yalbac,Naranjal,Cerro,Santa Cruz and other villages. Many Maya families moved to San felipe,Guinea Grass,Santa Cruz,San Estevan,San Roman Rio Hondo,San Lazaro ,Yo Creek and other villages in Orange Walk District . Also other Maya families move to Santa Familia ,Benque Viejo,San Antonio Cayo and other villages in Cayo District.

Paint N Splash
See you this week at from 2-4pm Thursday .

Leonard Martinez is now back safe
News Five has just received confirmation from relatives that Leonard Martinez is now back safe at home!!

Red Recardo for sale
Finally we can offer our red Recardo made right from home. Promoting greatness. Kindly send us a message or visit us at our location. Delivery also available. View our Facebook page Blue Dove Hill to learn more about us. Thanks. Produced in San Pedro Town. Delivery available countrywide.

Graphiti Fest 2019
The General Public are invited to attend Graphiti Fest on Saturday January 12 at 9am. The event will be at thw Corozal House of Culture.

Oceana Looks back at 2018
2018 was another busy year for us at Oceana Belize, here’s a recap on what’s been happening over the past few months. We hope you enjoy and it inspires you to join us on our upcoming initiatives!

Channel 7

San Pedro Police Caught on Camera Brutalizing Man Like Ragdoll
2019 started off badly for law and order; first there were five murders reported on New Year's Day, and then, on New Year's night, San Pedro police were caught on camera clubbing and kicking a defenseless man around like a rag doll - while they manhandled two others. The victim, who appears to have been knocked unconscious is Jamir Leal and the other men are his two brothers. They were the center of a scene of chaos that played out in plain view of the public near the Playa Bar and Grill in the Boca Del Rio area of San Pedro Town.

Cops Suspended For 5 Days
This afternoon, police released the name of both officers after they were served with disciplinary papers. They are PC No. 1919 Samir Medina and PC No.2287 Tyrell Rowley. They have been placed on seven days suspension pending the findings of a criminal and internal Police Investigation.

Top Cop Snaps At Suggestion of Police Complicity
And while everything looks to be on the up and up - with the cops laying down the hardline and all - you might be saying to yourself, but haven't we seen this movie before? We kinda have - back in April of 2017 - when two police officers were seen abusing a woman and menacing residents with loaded weapons and live rounds. At the time, police suspended them, brought criminal charges…the whole nine, but the case fell through and those cops are back on active duty like nothing ever happened. Today, Acting Commissioner Williams bristled and snapped when the press brought up this and other failed prosecutions against lawmen:..

National Security Bosses Says No Mass Terror Even With 5 Murders In A Day
And while that's the public relations headache for police to start the new year, the real headache is the five murders reported on New Year's Day. What a terrible way to start the year! Especially coming off last year when there was a near-record 143 murders! And that's why the police senior command the the top official at the security ministry held a press conference this morning to tell everyone to be calm, they've got it under control:... (Ret.) Col. George Lovell, C.E.O., Ministry of National Security: "We started the new year on a sorrow note, with the murders that we have had over the last 24 hours. We saw where there have been 5, somewhat not linked, murders across the country of which while they do not speak to any sign of public terror, is of dire concern to the ministry and in deed to the entire nation."

Woman Killed By Ex In Front of Mother
But the first murder story we have tonight is the most shocking: a mother of 3 killed by her jealous ex common law, right in front of her own mother. It happened in Cayo and the victim is 34 year old Anita Pineda. She was lured to her friend's house in the Kontiki area of San Ignacio. That is where her ex common law Ruben Cassasola ambushed her. Courtney Weatherburne has more on this senseless murder. A New Year's visit turned deadly when Anita Pineda was ambushed on this verandah. She was stabbed to death. Yesterday evening around 6:00, Pineda was at her Shawville home in San Ignacio when her friend who rents this house, called her to come over.

Craftsman Killed In His Home Trying to Defend Woman
And while that was the 5th and final murder for New Year's day, the first was equally deranged where a 58 year old craftsman was viciously hacked to death in the quiet village of Lucky Strike, on the old Northern Highway. It happened shortly after 4:00 on New Year's morning and it has left residents of Lucky Strike in utter disbelief. That's because the violence did not end with the bloody homicide. Emanuel Pech followed the story to Lucky Strike and has the following report. Emanuel Pech reporting: The blood stains on this heap of wood and on the floor, are the telltale signs of the violence that was unleashed

Gang Boss Killed Off His Turf
Just before the break, we told you about the disturbing New Years Day murders in San Ignacio Town, and Lucky Strike Village. But that's only two of five, and so, we continue our newscast with reports on the other 3. We turn now to the Belize City murder of 21 year-old Joseph Babb. He's a resident of Jones Street in the Lake Independence Division, and he was a major player in a gang that is based in the Gungulung area. But sometime after 6:00 yesterday evening, he was out of his safe zone, in a residential area on the Northside, on Blue Marlin Drive. That's where a gunman ambushed him while he was standing in front of a food stall at the corner of Blue Marlin. That shooter jumped out of a vehicle and opened fire on Babb, who tried to escape by running through a yard. But, he couldn't get away from the determined shooter who gunned him down in front of Keffy's Shop, hitting him 4 times, including shots to the head and chest.

Three Shot in City
And while police said they have taken measures to curb further violence, there was a shooting in the city this afternoon. This evening at 4:30 - two men were shot on Police Street in the Martin's area. They are 23 year old Kevan Slusher who was hit to the hand and 22 year old Brandon Young who was shot to the arm. Brandon Young was at home when man approached them and fired several shots towards. Police recovered nine 9mm expended shells from the area. And there was also a shooting last night - two hours after the Joseph Babb murder, and it happened on the turf of a rival gang.

Murder on Jane Usher
10 minutes after that shooting near Wax House on the East Canal, City cops had to respond to another murder in the Jane Usher Boulevard area. This time the victim was 22 year-old Preston Reynolds Jr., a resident of Jane Usher Boulevard, and police say that he was riding his bike in that area when he was ambushed by gunmen who shot him to the back of the head, the lower back, and the buttocks area. Reports are that Reynolds jumped off his bike, and he tried to flee into a nearby area off Jane Usher Boulevard, but his attackers pursued him, shot him several times more, and then fled the scene.

Prelude to Man's Murder Was Women In Knife Fight
As you heard, police suspect that Preston Reynold's Jr. was murdered as a consequence of a dispute he had hours before. Well, that case went to the Magistrate's Court today. It involves 36 year-old Therese Elijio Young, a housewife of Neal Penn Road, who was accused by Reynolds' common-law wife, Tanisha Knox, of pulling a knife and then slashing her on the hand. Knox says that at around 10:30 a.m. yesterday, she went to visit Reynolds on Neal Penn Road. That's when Young allegedly confronted her and insulted her.

Blackman Eddy Body May Be Guatemalan
And we go back out west to Blackman Eddy Village where police found the body of a Hispanic man. No one has been able to identify him. He was dressed in long black pants, red and black checkered button shirt and a black tennis. He has several tattoos including a star on his lower right stomach, this tattoo on his forearm of a dollar sign and the letters PL, he also has the names Martinez and Irma and the date 1995 tattooed on him. We spoke to a resident who was with the group who found the body. Phillip Robateau, Area Resident: "Actually what happened yesterday I was helping my wife a little tamales dinner for the new year's. When I look I see the police vehicle pulled up by the side of the road. I see the police brought a stretcher in the vehicle. Some people went across the road. It's the guys from La Ruta Maya who found the body. They were practicing and they called the police."

Cops Say Man Was Killed Days Before
But, police may be able to avoid any culpability on this one. While it will go down in the statistics as a murder in Belize on January first, a post mortem shows that it happened days before, and, based on the individual's dress and other factors, police suspect it may have happened in Guatemala some days ago. Acting Compol Williams told us more:.. DCP Chester Williams, Ag. COMPOL: "Police were called to the Belize River in the area of Blackman Eddy Village, where they retrieved from the river the lifeless body of a male Hispanic person who has several tattoos all over the body. The person's hands were bound to the back. He was taken to the medical school as the body was in a preliminary state of decomposition and a postmortem examination conducted yesterday revealed that he died from manual strangulation. And so that is a case of murder that we are now investigating; this individual is still listed as John Doe."

Jamir Leal Says He Went Unconscious When Cops Started Beatdown
Going back now to Jamir Leal - he's the man who police kicked around like a rag doll last night in San Pedro. If kicks could kill…he'd be a dead man. But, very luckily, he isn't. And whether you chalk it up to good luck or the durability of the human body, Jamir Leal is at home tonight recovering. Speaking off camera to a reporter he said that he went into Playa Bar, saw his ex talking to a friend and flew into a rage which led to an argument:

Teenager Missing For Two Days
The family of a teenage girl is desperately searching for her since she went missing two days ago. Fourteen year old Kenisha Young left her home at six pm on Monday evening to go see her father in Sand Hill Village, but she never arrived. Today we spoke with her family: Reporter: "Has she ever been missing before?" Ava Young, Mother of Kenisha Young: "No. She's not a trouble child, but she just likes to go visit friends and sometimes she would go for hours. But she would let you know that well, I'm okay, I'm over at this friend's or I'm over that friend's house and eventually she would come home."

Paquil and Pollard To Remanded for One Round
Two men will spend the first two months of the New Year behind bars after they were caught with one bullet. 30 year old Aaron Paquil and 26 year old Jamie Pollard were hauled into court today to answer to the charges of kept unlicensed ammunition. Police say that on New Year's Day they searched a house on Police Street where they found one 9 millimeter round. Paquiul and Pollard both pleaded not guilty to the charge. They were denied bail and remanded into custody until the 6th of March.

New Year, New Babies, New Hope
Tonight's newscast has been dominated by news of killing and violence on the first day of 2019, but from all that death, we turn to now to the start of new life for the new year. This morning, the KHMH invited the press to meet the babies who were born on New Years Day. We stopped and spoke with Clarissa Williams, who gave birth to her her daughter, Baby Jayelle. Her daughter, who is her very first child, was born at 12:51 a.m. on New Years Day:

Old Veteran Win's New Year's Race
It's a New Year's tradition in its 29th year: the Krem Radio New Year's Day Cycling Classic. It's the Strat of the racing season leading up to the Holy Saturday Cross Country Classic. And, maybe because of this - and the fact that a large part of the field isn't in top form, the 96 mile race from Corozal to Belize City has seen lots of blowout wins. This year was no different, but there was a wrinkle in the script when a veteran rider snuck up and stole victory from two contenders. Codie Norales was out on the road and Jules Vasquez has the story:

Was A Hard Road On New Year's Day
And after the race DeLong spoke about his sneaky strategy to overtake Travis Clayton and Nissan Arana near Maxboro and never look back:.. The first place winner took home a Chas price of $2,500 dollars and a round trip ticket to the US.

Channel 5

Senior Citizen in Lucky Strike is the First Murder Victim of 2019
It was a bloody New Year’s Day in Belize. Five persons were brutally killed within twenty-four hours. The first murder for 2019 was recorded in a small village in rural [...]

Lucky Strike Asks for More Law-Enforcement Support
In the aftermath of the homicide, Vice-Chairman and Justice of the Peace in Lucky Strike is making an appeal to the authorities for law-enforcement support in the village. According to [...]

A Reputed Gang Boss is Terminated on New Year’s Day
The Belize District had the distinction at the close of 2018 as the most murderous area in the Jewel.  The New Year is not shaking off that black eye and [...]

Glenford Mossiah Shot in Drive-by Near Wax House
There was another shooting elsewhere in the city. In the south side, the life of Glenford Mossiah came under threat. While a gunman fired as many as sixteen shots, Mossiah [...]

Crime Prevention Following Joseph Babb Execution
In order to thwart another wave of gun violence in the wake of Babb’s murder, the police department has rounded up a group of young men who are considered affiliates [...]

Preston Reynolds is Executed on Jane Usher Boulevard
The first twenty-four hours of 2019 was nightmarish in Belize City as the violence would not let up even as police put more boots on the ground. Twenty-two-year-old Preston Reynolds [...]

Young Mother of 3 Fatally Stabbed by Ex-Common-Law Husband
One of the persons to be killed during the bloodbath on the first day of the New Year was a young mother of three. Anita Pineda was reportedly stabbed by [...]

John Doe Fished Out of Belize River
Also in western Belize, the Belize Police Department is investigating the murder of an unidentified Hispanic man. The body was fished out of the Belize River near Blackman Eddy Village, [...]

Caught on Video: San Pedro Cops Beat Down Civilians
Two rogue cops have been placed on suspension. They are Samir Medina and Tyrell Rowley, who were caught on camera beating up two men in the Boca del Rio area [...]

P.U.P. Expresses Outrage over Police Brutality in San Pedro
The beating of the two men by the police is facing outrage in various quarters. The People’s United Party is condemning what it calls the outrageous, criminal actions of two [...]

B.N.T.U. President Says M.O.E. Has Disrespected Teacher
The Belize National Teachers Union says the Ministry of Education has disrespected its membership when it came out batting for the school managements that have docked teachers’ salaries for the [...]

B.N.T.U. to M.O.E. – “We are not backing down!”
So the line has been drawn. The B.N.T.U. says it will stand by its decision to protest the managements’ docking of salaries for November seventh.  Senator Smith says the union [...]

Reorganization of Police Department is Coming in 2019
In the wake of the record number of killings in a span of twenty-four hours, Chief Executive Officer George Lovell, of the Ministry of National Security, has outlined a strategy [...]

National Security C.E.O. Rebuts Criticism of Police Crime Fighting Strategy
Over the past few years, the Ministry of National Security and the Belize Police Department have attempted a number of strategies to arrest crime and violence in Belize City.  2018 [...]

Meet Jayelle – First Born Baby of 2019 in Belize
Here is an uplifting story. A twenty-eight-year-old first-time mother welcomed her bundle of joy as the first baby to be born in Belize at the start of 2019. Clarissa Williams [...]


Glenford Mossiah shooting is not connected with the Joseph Babb murder
Aside from the murders in Belize City, police are also investigating a shooting that left 45-year-old, Glenford Mossiah, injured on January 1. Mossiah was socializing with others in front of a house on East Canal in Belize City when a silver PT Cruiser approached and shots were fired from within the vehicle, hitting Mossiah multiple …

San Pedro Police officers use excessive force on civilian and its caught on video
Two police officers are on suspension for seven days and are being investigated for their role in the beat down of at least one man on San Pedro, Ambergris Caye. This follows the publication of a video that went viral on social media on the night of January one. The incident is reported to have …

Man is brutally chopped to death in his home in Lucky Strike Village
The new year began with a bang at Memorial Park in Belize City at the stroke of midnight. Hours later, however, things got bloody and by the end of the holiday, police investigators were looking into five murders. The first is the case involving Howard Coleman of Lucky Strike Village, Belize District. Dalila Ical has …

Gang leader Joseph Babb executed on New Year’s Day
Reports of the third murder came in just after seven o’clock last night. Joseph Babb was executed on Blue Marlin Drive in Belize City. Babb is said to be the head of a gang in Belize City. Police are still looking for shooter and motive. DCP Chester Williams: “We have our theory where this murder …

Police suspect that a dispute lead to death of Preston Reynolds in Southside Belize City
The fourth murder was also registered in Belize City on the same night. It happened in region one or Southside Belize City about an hour after Joseph Babb was killed. Police were called to the Jane Usher Boulevard where they found Preston Reynolds on the ground. He had been shot to the neck and back …

Shooting leaves neighborhood paralyzed
There was a shooting incident just after four o’clock this evening on Police Street in Belize city. A team from our news centre rushed to the crime scene and found that two persons were injured. Police had the area cordoned off but we did manage to talk to a neighbor who told us what she …

Human Rights Commission of Belize condemns Police actions on San Pedro Island
As a result of the video, the Human Rights Commission of Belize fired off a release, describing the incident as disturbing and a case of excessive force. The release reads, in part, quote, “It is especially lamentable that it falls within a time when the narrative is protected by the fear brought on by a …

Mother blames Corozal Hospital for the death of her baby
Leah Miller is in mourning tonight as she recently lost her baby boy and the family is blaming the Corozal Hospital. The 11-week-old baby was with diarrhea and had been vomiting excessively and was taken to the hospital on New Year’s Eve to seek medical attention. She was not attended to; instead, she was referred …

Jayelle Williams: first born baby of 2019
The traditional welcoming of the first-born baby took place at the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital in Belize City. A brief introduction of the little girl and her mother was done this morning as they both received gifts and tokens. The baby was born at six pounds, four ounces via a normal delivery and was born …

The Reporter

The Reporter has been able to confirm that there was a fatal stabbing in San Ignacio an hour ago. According to sources, there was an altercation between Anita Pineda, 37, and her common law husband Rueben Cassasola...

The 3rd murder victim of the New Year has been identified as Joseph Babb, 20. Babb was allegedly shot multiple times on Blue Marlin Drive...

Breaking Belize NewsPJ

PUP condemns ‘criminal actions’ of police
The People’s United Party (PUP) joins the rest of the nation in condemning the behavior of two […]

First baby of 2019 celebrated
Clarissa Williams, 28, welcomed the first baby in Belize for the New Year 2019. The Karl Heusner […]

NGO’s condemn rogue action by police
The Belize Network of NGOs (BNN) today issued a release expressing supports for the statement issued by […]

Officers accused of brutality placed on suspension
The two police officers accused of using excessive force in San Pedro, and which was caught […]

Orange Walk’s Mayor condemns police abuse
Mayor of Orange Walk town, Kevin Bernard joins the Human Rights Commission and the Belize […]

Fourteen-year-old student reported missing
The family of 14-year-old Kenisha Young is seeking the public’s assistance in locating her. On December […]

Police Department condemns excessive use of force on San Pedro residents
A video depicting two police officers and a civilian beating two persons in San Pedro, Ambergris […]

Happy New Year?
The views expressed in this article are those of the writer and not necessarily those of Breaking Belize […]

Police issue official report on shooting incident near George Street in Belize City
Belize City police have issued an official report on a shooting incident in George Street Gang […]

Police: Preston Reynolds Jr. shot and killed while riding his bicycle in Belize City
The Belize Police Department has issued an official statement on last night’s murder of Preston Reynolds […]

Police: Joseph Babb dies after being shot multiple times in Belize City
The Belize Police Department has issued an official report on reputed gang boss, Joseph Babb, 21. […]

Human Rights Commission condemn police abuse in San Pedro
Last night footage of apparent police abuse in San Pedro Town went viral on social media. […]


New Executive Chef Brings A New Taste & Name to Restaurants at Grand Caribe Resort
Just before Christmas, I received an invite to eat at Rain Restaurant at Grand Caribe Resort. We were in the midst of the pre-holiday flurry…and getting me out of the house at night is like pulling a crab from his shell… NEWS: Chris Aycock is the new Executive Chef at Rain Restaurant and the dinner-only restaurant formerly known as EVOO. Rain and EVOO – The 3rd and 4th floor restaurants (with the gorgeous outside eating space and bar) at the ever growing Grand Caribe Resort – about 1.5 miles north of the bridge. One of the largest resorts on the island. The new chef is no Johnny-come-lately. I’ve known Chris for quite a while and you probably all know him too. If not his name then most certainly by his food. Chef Aycock was a co-founder of Blue Water Grill in 2001. And executive chef there until just last year. He also first came to San Pedro in 1979…but more on that later.

New Years Eve - Iguana Juan's
There are so many great places to go on New Year’s Eve in San Pedro. Even if you are not one to stay up until midnight to hit the fireworks like us, there are so many things to do and parties to be invited to! Our friends here on the Caye are the owners of Iguana Juans in downtown San Pedro. This great restaurant is nestled on the second floor between Middle Street and Back Street. The owners, Brad and Shannon Reeder, could not be more pleasant! They are some of the best hosts we have encountered on the Caye. The New Years Eve special was perfectly priced, the live music was some of the best we have heard here on the Caye in a very long time, and the food was just nummy. The four course meal started with a glass of champagne, which was a perfect way to toast in the new year with our group of 8 friends. Next we were greeted with delicious bruschetta. Second course, was a choice of soup de jour or a wedge salad.

International Sourcesizz

Diario dal Belize: scambi di persona a Caye Caulker e italiani da esportazione
Arrivo in mattinata per il check in e una ragazza mi dice che la camera non è pronta e devo tornare dopo le 11. No problem. Torno e un tizio mi accoglie: “Ciao Roberto. Scusa il ritardo ma ho dormito fino a tardi oggi e visto che la stanza era libera ho dormito qui” Quindi era occupata da uno dell’ostello. Ok. Amen. Bellissima camera con vista. Esco e faccio un tuffo in mare. Torno e trovo due persone in camera in mezzo alla mia roba: “Scusa devi spostarti, il ragazzo si è sbagliato”. Ok, peccato. Arriva il receptionist dell’ostello che ribadisce il concetto e con aria di rimprovero mi dice: “Devo spostarti nell’altra stanza in basso (molto più brutta), però quando ti ho detto ciao Roberto potevi dirmi che non sei Roberto”. “Ma io sono Roberto” “No tu non sei Roberto. Roberto è l’altro”.


  • Latinos Try Belizean Food For The First Time, 3min. That makes me hungry! Does anyone know who does Oxtail on the island? That looks GOOD! Belizean dishes are special! From that whole fried snapper, to Sere, Hudut, and panades - there’s just something extra in our local seafood dishes that makes it finger-licking good.

  • Belize trip day2 Snorkeling, 5min. Day 2 of Belieze trip, we went snorkeling in the reefs and channel near Caye Caulker, then spent a few hours on the island and came back to the Belize Boutique resort and Spa.. we had a great tour guide for the day who helped the two people on the boat who were beginner or non-swimmers with the snorkeling!

  • San Pedro - La Isla Bonita - Belize, 11min.

  • Police abuse in San Pedro, min. I have another video were the same cops were out hitting these young people. so it seems its a crime sitting outside

  • KREM Morning Stew, 2.5hr.

  • Snorkeling On The Silk Cayes, 3min. Snorkeling trip 20 miles off the coast of Belize in the Silk Cayes.

  • Cave Tubing in Belize, 2.5min.

  • Diving Half Moon Wall and The Aquarium - Belize- December 27, 2018, 6min. 2 excellent dives after the Blue Hole. What a trip!

  • Belize sea turtle encounter, 1min. While snorkeling on the reef off of Caye Caulker. My son shot this video of a sea turtle.


  • Belize day3 Cave tubing, 7.5min. Day 3 was spent in Cave tubing and zip lining.

  • Belize Adventures, 6min.

  • Scuba Diving with Sharks in Belize Part 2, 7.5min. Fantastic scuba diving off the coast of Belize with Nerf sharks! What a great time with our guides from Sea Star as my brother and I took to the waters and enjoyed so much wildlife and nature!