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The San Pedro Sun

San Pedro JP Meeting
JPs please make every effort to attend the first Monthly Meeting of 2019, January 9 in Room 1G at SPHS at 7:00 PM. Lots of plans & planning, see you there!

Ambergris Today

Pic of the Week: Follow The Sound Of The Fish Empanadas Bicycle Bell
We are all familiar with the Paletas Cart, the Annies Pastries Cart, the Raspado (Shaved Ice/Snow Cone) Cart and the Fresh Fruit Cart; but are you familiar with the Empanadas Cart? Well actually its just don Corneta on his bike selling freshly fried fish empanades. Mr. Leonel Lara, locally known as 'Corneta" is known by locals to ride his bicycle down the streets of San Pedro Town, Ambergris Caye, Belize selling delicious empanadas (or panades "in Creole"). Those craving the Belizean treat in the afternoon just keep a watchful eye or wait to hear his bell to rush outside and enjoy an afternoon snack. So now you know - watch out for Mr. Corneta on his bike, carrying a red cooler and a bagful of onion curtido and hot sauce. YUM!!

Police On Suspension Pending Criminal And Internal Investigation
After video footage of excessive force by police Quick Response Team on civilians hit social media and news outlets, island residents and Belizeans have expressed their outrage on the situation. The Belize Police Department has launched an internal investigation and both PC No. 1919 Samir Medina and PC No.2287 Tyrell Rowley have been placed on seven days suspension pending the findings of a criminal and internal police investigation.

How busy was Ambergris Caye over the holiday weekend you ask?
Mass exodus at Tropic Air Belize

Misc Belizean Sources


25% discount on property tax if...
The Caye Caulker Village Council invites all property owners who have an outstanding property tax balance to come in to make full payment at the CCVC office and receive a 25% discount before January 31st 2019. FOR ALL THOSE PROPERTY OWNERS WHOSE TAXES ARE UP TO DATE AND WHO WISH TO COME IN TO PAY FOR THE NEW TAX YEAR, YOU WILL RECEIVE A 5% DISCOUNT ON YOUR TAXES WHEN PAYMENT IS MADE BEFORE APRIL 30TH 2019.

Caye Caulker Health Fair
Mark your calendars...

OAS- China Scholarship Opportunity for Bachelors and Masters Degree in several programmes
For online application and more information on scholarship process and benefits.

Discussion with the "Open" bars of San Pedro Town
Mayor Daniel Guerrero and the newly appointed Liquor Licensing Board had an open discussion with the "Open" bars of San Pedro Town, where they discussed issues concerning noise pollution and how they can work together with the Town Council and authorities to minimize this problem. The new Liquor Licensing Board consists of: Mr. Eiden Salazar whom is the Chairman, Ms. Vanessa Parham, Mr. Joe Elijio, Mayor Daniel Guerrero.

Attention all Liquor License Holders
Please be reminded that next week Monday, January 7th, 2019. The Liquor Licensing Board meeting will be held at the Lion’s Den at 9:00 a.m. All Liquor License holders are urged to attend this meeting. Monday, January 7, 2019 Night Club License, Publican’s General, Publican’s Special Tuesday, January 8, 2019 Hotel License, Restaurant License, Shop License, Malt LicenseConvenience Store License, Beer License and New Applications...

Belize City's first Creole Museum
Come visit Belize City's first Creole Museum at #8 Park Street next to the Memorial Park. The Museum will be open from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. until January 15th. We are inviting all schools to bring their students. Entrance Free! Museum sponsored by BTB, National Creole Council and Downtown Rejuvenation Project. Special thanks to Ms. Sharon Pitts for her guidance, support and perseverance to preserve the Creole Culture.

Channel 7

Cops Say Cassasola Killed His Common Law
Ruben Cassasola has been charged for killing his ex-common law wife, Anita Pineda on New Year's night. He was arraigned at the San Ignacio Magistrate's court today and remanded to prison until March 5th 2019.  As we told you, on New Years night, Pineda got a call from her friend who is also Cassasola's sister in law. Pineda went to her friend's Kontiki area house and that is when Cassasola came up from behind the house and stabbed her. She died on the spot right in front of her mother. Yesterday, when we went out west we also spoke to Pineda's friend of 15 years, Usias Vitzil. Unlike her family who knew and witnessed the abuse, Vitzil says he had no idea what she was going through.

Carver Charged With Murder/Rape
26 year old Giovanni Jones, a woodcarver of Lucky Strike Village, has been charged for the murder of another wood carver, 58 year old Howard Coleman. Yesterday we told you about the Coleman's bloody murder in Lucky Strike on the Old Northern Highway.  Today Jones was taken to court for Coleman's murder and the rape of a 26 year old woman who was staying at the residence.  The killing occurred early on New Year's morning.  The rape victim told police that - at around 4:00 am - Jones dropped her off at the house, and then forced his way inside. He then punched Coleman, and followed him outside where he chopped him up with his own machete.

Cops Stop Gunmen on a Move
Sharp police work last night may have stopped a murder before it happened.  Around 8:00, the GSU intercepted this car, a silver PT Cruiser on Cran Street with four men inside.  But police searched it and found nothing.  Still, they sent it to Queen Street for a second search, and that's when police found a hidden compartment near the gearstick with a 9 millimeter pistol stowed inside.  The pistol had 13 live rounds. The four men inside are believed to be connected to the same gang, which lost one of its principal figures on New Year's night, Joseph Babb who was murdered.

Cane Country Controversy Over Road Rehabilitation
A cane country controversey is making the news tonight.  
The genesis of it goes back to the last House meeting in mid December, when the Prime Minister said that $300 thousand in government funds was being allocated for the refurbishment of sugar roads in the Orange Walk District.  But, with the zafra well under way, the works seem to be a little behind schedule. And even before works can officially begin there is a political squabble over the appropriation of these sugar road funds.  That's because according to Jose Mai, the PUP Area Rep for Orange Walk South, his division is being undermined by the UDP power bloc of Orange Walk East and Orange Walk North, whose area reps, he says, are cutting the cake in half for their constituencies.  

Aragon Says Monies Disbursed Based On Priority, Not Preference
And while Mai fusses about inequity and claims of political cronyism, Elodio Aragon, Area Rep for Orange Walk East, told us via phone today that there is just simply not enough money to go around and that it was the Ministry of Work's which ultimately decided, based on necessity, who gets what.   Hon. Elodio Aragon- UDP Area Rep, Orange Walk East: "I know that of course we would like to see every single feeder road in Orange Walk District fixed. The reality is that this is something the Government does to support the cane farmers. This is only one part of supporting the cane farmers. You have the fuel that is duty free that goes toward assisting the cane farmers likewise..."

Mai Says Aragon Deluded
And as to the idea that it was the Ministry of Public Works that decided to allocate the funds in such a fashion, Mai says Aragon is seriously misinformed if he really believes that. Jose Mai - PUP Area Rep, Orange Walk South: "What he's aluding here, the people at public works and the zone engineer are good for nothing, that's what he's saying. He is saying that all the sugar roads in Orange Walk South are in great condition and the 4 sugar roads in his constituency are in bad condition. He is either a fool or a fool. How does he think that public works will make such an eroneous decision to say that all the roads in his area are bad and all the roads in Orange Walk South are good. He's far out of touch with reality."

Peace Movement Makes Its Case
The Referendum on whether or not to take Guatemala's territorial claim over Belize to the ICJ is now only 14 weeks away. And today, the non government organization which calls itself the Belize Peace Movement, called a press conference to put their "NO" campaign into overdrive. : This morning in a lengthy and digressive press conference, they came out swinging against the Government's ICJ education campaign.  They say that the position that Belize can't lose, and that there is minimal litigation risk of losing part of country's territory is simply naive.  So far, the Peace Movement has been active and vocal in public forums, and they say that the Government is luring the general public into a false sense of security for this ICJ solution.

Belize's Murder Rate Remains High, On Global Scale
As we close 2018, there were 143 murders - one more than last year.  That leaves we look back at the murder rate of 35.9 per hundred thousand, which will probably - again - be amongst the top 10 highest in the world.  Now, this is the same outturn in the murder rate despite the millions in additional funds being spent on security.  Yesterday, we asked the National security CEO about whether all those millions are being wisely spent:… Jules Vasquez: "You all ran operation act for 2017… 2017 November right through 2018. I can't imagine the costs. I know the budget for it has to be significant, 6-7 figures. My question is, you did all that and you still came out with a murder total that was greater than your count of the year before. All that for naught. How do you respond to that criticism sir?"

What Will Police Changes "At The Very Top"ť Mean?
And while police are busy spinning that dismal murder rate into a domestic yarn, there's no hiding that Belize is in a citizen security crisis - and something has to give.  The Prime Minister almost conceded as much in his new year's message when he said there will be change in the security apparatus form the top down.  Here's his remarks - and the CEO's oblique response on what he may have been referring to: Rt. Hon. Dean Barrow - Prime Minister: "2019 will therefore see a concentrated effort on reform for a more effective Belize Police Department. This reform will start at the very top and permeate throughout all ranks."

Internal Reforms For Police Dept.
And one of the changes coming from the bottom to the top is a change in the recruitment of police officers.  Lovell told us about this and other reforms planned for 2019:.. (Ret.) Col. George Lovell - CEO, National Security: "One of the first things that we need to look at is our recruitment policy, that we have. And there are a number of things that we'll be doing in terms of aptitude tests and some other tests that we intend to do to ensure that we get the right people to be able to serve us. We're looking at our investigation capacity to enhance that and to do so, we will have to ensure that we get in professional trainers..."

Mother Blames Public Hospital For Death of 11 Month Old
While most people brought in the New Year with drinks, fireworks and a big celebration a Corozal mother, Leah Miller was at the hospital with her sick 11 week old baby boy. He fell ill early New Year's Day and his mom rushed him to the Corozal hospital. But, she says, they gave her the run around and the baby died. Miller says if the hospital staff had attended to her properly her baby would still be alive. Here is more from the baby's parents. Leah Miller - Mother: "My baby started with diarrhea 12 o'clock midnight and I went to the emergency, I called a taxi and went to the emergency to Corozal Hospital..."

Getting Into Your New Year Workout
If we did a poll to see how many people want to lose weight, the vast majority would say yes.  Heck! It's the #1 news year's resolution, but the reality is, so many of us fall through on our weight loss journey. So Shihan Kelly from the House of Shotokon has some useful advice on how to stick to a healthy lifestyle in 2019. Courtney Weatherburne has more.

A Custody Dispute From Russia to Orange Walk
Tonight, Raquel Cocom, a resident of Orange Walk is breathing a huge sigh of relief after engaging in a year-long battle to get her young daughter returned to her. That's after the child's biological father, a Russian national who lived in Belize for 10 years, took her to the US back in November 2017. He told Cocom, her mother, that this was only going to be a 2-week vacation trip, but instead of returning back to Belize with her, he kept her there all this time.  Cocom struggled to try and get help, and shortly after the abduction, human rights activist Elisa Castellanos learned about her case, and decided come to her aid.

Channel 5

San Pedro Family Speaks Out on the Police Beat Down of Jamir Leal
Three siblings were subdued by two police officers on New Year’s night on San Pedro. They were roughed up and one was badly beaten. The chilling images captured on phone [...]

Body Fished Out of Belize River is that of Jaime Martinez
The body of a man was fished out of the Belize River near Blackman Eddy Village on New Year’s Day. A post-mortem examination revealed that the man had been strangled. [...]

Giovanni Jones Charged with the Murder of Howard Coleman
There are updates on three other murders on New Year’s Day. Twenty-six-year-old Giovanni Jones was also charged with the murder of fifty-eight-year-old Howard Coleman.  Jones, a resident of the Lucky [...]

Rueben Cassasola Charged for Fatally Stabbing Anita Pineda
Thirty-five-year-old Angel Rueben Cassasola has been arraigned for the murder of Anita Pineda, his ex-common-law wife. He was taken to court this morning in San Ignacio and was remanded to [...]

No Arrests in the New Year’s Day Murder of Joseph Babb
Twenty-year-old Joseph Babb was murdered in cold blood on New Year’s Day, pursued by his attacker on Blue Marlin Boulevard and shot multiple times.  The slaying of the gang leader [...]

Dianne Pulls Back the Curtain on Politicians and Gang Leaders
Lake Independence Standard Bearer Dianne Finnegan is representing the United Democratic Party in the 2020 general elections and is widely known for her involvement with at-risk youths through her apprenticeship [...]

A Different Perspective on Politics and Gangs
Not only does Finnegan acknowledge meeting with the bosses of both groups prior to her campaign rollout, she says she spoke in the context of helping them to realize their [...]

Lisa Shoman Breaks Down Politician and “Bad Man” Interaction
In Shoman’s Facebook editorial, she writes, “Both feed off each other.  The “don” gets finances, protection, recognition, turf security and favors by the association.  The politician gets information, personal security, [...]

Window of Opportunity for P.U.C. Objections Quickly Closing
The period for objections to be submitted to the Public Utilities Commission, in respect of an increase in electricity rates which came into effect on January first, expires on Saturday. [...]

Another Increase in Electricity Rates in June?
While consumers are beginning to feel the pinch post the Christmas shopping spree, another rate increase is expected in June when B.E.L. will attempt to recover an additional eleven million [...]

4 Arraigned for Gun and Ammunition
Four men were busted on Cran Street, Belize City by the police on Wednesday. The foursome, who were found with a loaded firearm and thirteen live rounds of ammunitions; however, [...]

Corozal Couple Blames Hospital for Son’s Death
Corozal couple Leah Miller and Dion Woodeye Senior brought in the New Year mourning the loss of their eleven-week old son, Dion Junior. They say they took their son to [...]

OW Mother & Daughter to be Reunited after Russian Father Retained the Child in the U.S.
While that family is grieving, another is celebrating. On Wednesday, a woman in Trial Farm Village received the news she had been waiting for since November 2017. Raquel Margarita Cocom’s [...]

2 Escape Serious Injuries in Police Street Shooting
In the aftermath of a bloody New Year’s Day, two men came under gunfire in Belize City. On Wednesday afternoon, the duo was at the house of Brandon Young on [...]

BPM Says 1992 Signed Statement is Bad News for Belize’s I.C.J. Case
The Belize Peace Movement says its fundamental goal is to maintain Belize’s eight thousand eight hundred and sixty-seven square miles in tact. The members describe the movement as fluid and [...]

BPM Sounds Off on the I.C.J. Campaign’s Billboards
And another matter that the Belize Peace Movement weighed in on today was the use of monies for a campaign that they say is for a “YES” vote.  The BPM’s [...]

BPM Has Choice Words for PM’s New Year’s Message
In its lengthy press conference, the BPM did not spare the Government either. Paco Smith says that PM Barrow’s New Year’s message missed the mark when he spoke about the [...]

Belize Peace Movement Calls Out P.U.P.
The Peace Movement also took shots at that the People’s United Party. They called on the Opposition to put forth its party’s position. With three months to go before the [...]


Anisha Young Family’s Lead investigator says DNA is the next step
Anisha Young went missing in the darkness of the night on December 8th after she was socializing with her boyfriend and coworkers on the entertainment strip in Belize City. The case had appeared to be getting cold but the family launched search parties along the George Price and Phillip Goldson Highway for clues. It’s changed …

Rogers calls out Briceno to state his party’s position on ICJ
To date, the main opposition party, PUP is yet to take an official stand on the ICJ issue and up to the end of 2018, the caucuses of the party remained divided. Patrick Rogers of the Belize Progressive Party called out to the Leader of the Opposition, John Briceno’s to state his party’s stance once …

Belize Peace Movement continues their agitation for a ‘no’ vote
In just over three months, voters will be going to the polls to weigh in on whether Belize should take Guatemala’s claim to the International Court of Justice. The campaign by the Referendum Unit had amped up just before the Christmas season and is expected to proceed in the coming days. This is what you …

Family of Murder Victim Preston Reynolds sets the record straight
Preston Reynolds, a resident of Neals Pen Road extension was killed on Jane Usher Boulevard on New Year’s. However, earlier in the day his father Preston Reynolds Senior was involved in an incident with two women. This led many to speculate that it was junior who was involved in the altercation and died as a …

Can countries reduce greenhouse gas emission in time
The Conference of the Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, COP 24, was held late last year in Katowice, Poland, where assessments were made on the measures taken by the countries under the Paris Agreement. Love news spoke with Carlos Fuller, the International & Regional Liaison Officer at the Caribbean Community …

He Ran Into a Wall to Prove he was a Robbery Victim
A gas station attendant for the Western Gas Company Limited in Santa Elena Town may have watched one too many episodes of Law and Order and concocted a story about being robbed. On December 31, 19 year old Isaid Baldera told the police that at 11:30 p.m., while he was at the rear of the …

BACKA LAND Crips busted for a rusty gun
On Wednesday at 7:45 p.m. two police officers were patrolling the north side area of Belize City when they received a request to aid other police officers on Cran Street. The officers said that when they arrived at the scene they saw a Chevrolet that was allegedly involved in a shooting incident and they saw …

The Reporter

Angel Rueben Cassasola charged for murder
On New Year’s Day, Angel Rueben Cassasola, 35, brutally stabbed his estranged common-law-wife to death in front of her family, leaving her three daughters without a mother. Today, Cassasola was formally charged for the crime of murder.

Breaking Belize NewsPJ

Security guard fakes robbery at Western Gas Company
Police are investigating a fake robbery that occurred on December 31, 2018, at Western Gas in […]

John Briceno: Government is unable to develop plan to reduce crime
Belizeans ended the year 2018 with a record of 144 murders countrywide. In his New […]

Opposition leader lashes at Government for high cost of living
Leader of the Opposition, John Briceno in his New Year’s message to Belizeans, lashed out […]

Community clean up in Conch Shell Bay
Today, Officer Commanding Region One, Sr. Supt. Howell Gillett and his team conducted a community […]

Ford pickup stolen in Hopkins Village
A Ford F-150 pickup was stolen in Hopkins Village, Stann Creek on December 31, 2018. […]

Man arrested for chopping death of Howard Coleman in Lucky Strike Village
Authorities have arrested and charged Lucky Strike villager, Giovanni Jones for the crime of murder. […]

Angel Cassasolo charged with stabbing common-law wife to death
Police have formally arrested and charged Angel Rueben Cassasolo,35, for the crime of murder. Cassasolo […]

Corozal businesswoman robbed of over $7,000
A Corozal businesswoman was robbed of over $7,000 on January 1, 2019. The woman told […]

Runaway teen returns home
A runaway teen of Saint Matthew’s Village in the Cayo District is reunited with her […]

Opposition Leader’s New Year’s Message
Opposition Leader’s New Year’s Message We greet you this New Year’s Day wishing for you and your family […]

2 men shot in Belize City
Police are investigating a shooting incident that occurred yesterday afternoon in Belize City. According to […]

Santa Familia teen reported missing
The family of 14-year-old Santa Familia teen, Sheranie Cabb is concerned about her after she […]

Belize City men remanded for keeping ammo without license
Aaron Paquil and Jamie Pollard of Belize City were both charged for unlicensed ammo. […]

Body found in Blackman Eddy remains unidentified
On January 1, 2019, authorities were called to the Belize River in an area of […]

Anny Young missing for 26 days
The family of Anisha “Anny” Young is still seeking answers to the disappearance of their […]

Belize~ Our Year of Exodus
The views expressed in this article are those of the writer and not necessarily those of Breaking Belize News. […]

Fair weather to continue
Fair weather conditions will continue over the next couple of days. Sunny skies with some […]

“…just take care of this for me.”
The views expressed in this article are those of the writer and not necessarily those of Breaking Belize […]


Ginger's Garden Jazz Night
Tracy Ginger is one awesome Canadian! She is an entrepreneur who has built a great collection of businesses here in Belize! Gingers Garden is located north of the bridge on the beach just steps north of Grand Caribe! Not only can you step into her sweet little salon to get a full makeover! If you are looking for a hair color, a hair cut, massage, or pedicure/manicure, Gingers is the place to go! And while you are there, you can hang out in her quaint restaurant for a glass of wine and her son will make their famous pirogies or some other delightful snack or meal! This family affair business will not disappoint. Tracy’s love for Jazz is now offering every Tuesday a night of Jazz. These guys are great and one of the only places on the Caye to see hear really cool jazz music! Ginger’s offers a drink special and food specials as well.

International Sourcesizz

How to Make Soursop Juice
The soursop is a tree fruit native to the Caribbean, Central America, northern South America, and sub-Saharan Africa. It tastes like a combination of strawberry and pineapple, with a hint of creaminess and sour citrus. Soursop juice is not particularly difficult to make and offers a range of health benefits. High levels of vitamin C keep the urinary tract clean, and vast amounts of fiber improve digestive health. The fruit juice also contains a number of other nutrients, including potassium, magnesium, thiamin, copper, niacin, folate, iron, and riboflavin.

50 Of The Most Incredible Photos Of The National Geographic Photo Contest Of 2018
National Geographic award photos. 50 from round the world. Worth viewing if you have the time. National Geographic has become synonymous with photography, with the magazine always showcasing the outstanding beauty and wonder of our planet. So naturally, their annual photo contest is a prestigious and hotly-contested event, with judges having thousands of breathtaking images to narrow down, to find the eventual winners.

Production company seeks submissions from Caribbean women writers
A Caribbean-American production company is looking for creative submissions from female playwrights of Caribbean descent, for its inaugural festival featuring the work of women writers. The Queens-based company, Conch Shell Productions, is hosting their debut “Hear Her Call” festival — a celebratory event slated for March 2019, where 10-minute plays by Caribbean women are going to be performed. The festival hopes to provide Caribbean women with a platform to see their work acted out, and allow them the opportunity — which does not always come for writers of color, said the company’s artistic director.

Building a better greenhouse: CMU student practices sustainability abroad
​Most people don't realize the impact of the environment on everyday life for developing countries, but one Central Michigan University student is keenly aware of it. Taylor Crowley, an environmental studies major from Grosse Pointe, Michigan, spent a month and a half in the Central American nation of Belize helping orphaned Belizean girls build a better life by constructing a greenhouse to grow food. It wasn't glamorous work: physical labor, no internet, no air conditioning or hot water — and even days with no water at all — but Crowley was inspired by the experience.

Things You Didn’t Know About The Original Temptation Island
When Temptation Island first aired in January 2001, it was a huge hit with more than 16 million people tuning in for the series premiere. The show was incredibly controversial as it sent unmarried couples to a Caribbean island to be tempted by attractive singles who were picked specifically to tempt them. For the show’s first season, there were four couples – Andy Lukei and Shannon Roghair, Kaya Wittenberg and Valerie Penso, Taheed Watson and Ytossie Patterson, and Billy Cleary and Mandy Lauderdale – all of whom stayed together in the end. Since the show has been revamped and will be airing shortly, reminisce on the original series with the 12 things you didn’t know about Temptation Island:


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  • Ackee and Salt fish - Chef Orlando Brown, 32min. Its all about food! Chef Orlando Brown prepared Ackee and Salt fish with a festival for us...he does catering for any and all type of foods. Contact him at 6302668.

  • Radisson Fort George Hotel & Marina - New Year Eve Party, 33min. Join the Radisson Fort George Hotel & Marina, Belize as they bring in the New Year with their annual bash! Doors open at 10:00 P.M. and breakfast is served at 5:00. Don't miss it!

  • Ackee and Salt fish Cheff Orlando Brown style, 12min. Its all about food! Yesterday Chef Orlando Brown prepared Ackee and Salt fish with a festival for us...he does catering for any and all type of foods. Contact him at 6302668.

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  • J'adore Studio Boutique - New Year's Eve pieces, 25min. J'adore Studio Boutique had our set looking so attractive with these unique pieces for your New Year's Eve Celebrations. Stop in at the store on Douglas Jones Street to let the ladies hook you up!

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  • Flying over Belize Blue hole, 4min.