With the tourism peak season already underway, Mayor Daniel Guerrero also gave an update on how the island has been managing the issue of sargassum. He says that the private sector, particularly hoteliers, have joined the council to fight the natural phenomenon and clean up the beaches.

Daniel Guerrero, Mayor, San Pedro

“When the council can’t really do it, itself, the volunteerism in San Pedro is pretty big and they do their share. Lot of the hotels do and right now as far as I know, lot of the hotels have purchased their own booms, curtains and they are placing them on the front. And we have a task force that gets together—actually we are supposed to have a meeting anytime soon—but we have it under control at the moment. Anytime it blows pretty strong, we get some, but because of the north winds, it also goes out. But we have it under control, but if we notice that it is too much for us then we call on the private sector; the hoteliers have been very good working together.”

Channel 5