A non-profit called Belize Visionary Foundation of Baseball and Softball wants to bring back little league baseball in Belize. According to the foundation, it has been more than twenty-five years since a little league game has been played but they are going to change that. For the past year, a group of young players from Belmopan and Belize City have been training so that they can take on other teams outside of Belize. Their first friendly match will be on Saturday in Belize City against a team from Chetumal. Today, we spoke with the Foundation’s President Carlyon Flores who is asking for the Belizean public to support the youth. He tells us more about why they are hoping to revive the sport and the good it can do for Belize.

Carlyon Flores, Belize Visionary Foundation of Baseball and Softball

“We are promoting an international friendly under-fifteen baseball game between the Titans of Chetumal and the Visionaries of Belize. This game will be the first ever official little league baseball game that will be hosted in Belize since 1993; so that is a span of about twenty-six years. The team from Belize City that is participating consists of about fifteen young players and they are between the ages of ten to fourteen. These young players have been working out in Belize City and Belmopan for the past year. This work out started out since January of last year up to January of this year. They haven’t competed with any other team outside of Belize. They have been competing with each other at the Rogers Stadium and in Belmopan where conduct our tryouts. They haven’t competed against anyone, so what we are doing for them right now it is like we baptizing them in this new initiative. We are hoping that this event will bring some kind of awareness to Belize. We are trying to reestablish and review little league baseball in Belize and we are using this platform to get that done. I would like to appeal to the Belizean public to please give these young people an opportunity to develop. Because what happens in our country, we have neglected sports for such a while. I think that since 1993 that big gap between then and now where baseball is non-existent in Belize to me is a shame. Because there is no way that a sport of such magnitude supposed to be non-existent in our country. I think that baseball can be used as an avenue through which we can alleviate crime and poverty in our society. I think that by structuring a viable form system, one that is generational – a form system that can exist for many decades, generations can also be very effective in transforming the socio-economic status of many homes and the economy of Belize.”

The match starts at two p.m. on Saturday at the Rogers Stadium in Belize City.  Entrance fees are five dollars for adults and two dollars and fifty cents for children. If you want to support the event or know more about the Belize Visionary Foundation, you can look them up on Facebook; you can also call 605-2810 or 607-4815.

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