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The San Pedro Sun

No criminal charges filed against San Pedro QRT officers following New Year’s Day altercation
During a press briefing on Monday, December 7th, Deputy Commissioner of Police Chester Williams stated that police have been unable to lay criminal charges against San Pedro Quick Response Team (QRT) officers Tyrell Rowley and Samir Medina for using excessive force on Justin, Mario, and Jamir Leal. Police allege that the Leal family have refused to cooperate and do not wish to proceed with criminal charges against the two QRT officers. As a result, the officers only received disciplinary charges, after being on suspension for a week and following an investigation by the Professional Standards Branch (PSB). On Monday, December 7th, Rowley was arraigned with two counts of prejudice to good order and discipline, while Medina was arraigned for one count of prejudice to good order and discipline. They both pled not guilty, and the case was adjourned until January 21, 2019.

Misc Belizean Sources


JOB OPPORTUNITY at Ya'axché Conservation Trust:
We are securing the services of a Belizean Protected Areas Program Director – with a strong interest in protected areas management and conservation – to contribute to the leadership and oversight of the Protected Areas Program (PAM) at Ya'axché. Join our team, apply today! Deadline to submit applications is Thursday, 28th of February 2019. Visit our website for more details.

6th annual ‘simposio ecologia sociedad y medio ambiente’ in Cuba
Ya’axché staff and 2 farmers from the Maya Golden Landscape participated in the 6th annual ‘simposio ecologia sociedad y medio ambiente’ in Viñales, Cuba. Farmers working with scientists have achieved great successes in making land productive – areas considered to have had poor physical structure and chemical problems. The symposium promoted participatory dialogue, scientific exchange, and scientific and technical services from an array of agroecology specialist across 18 different countries in the Caribbean and Latin America. Participants had the opportunity to visit farms in the province, acquiring knowledge on farming practices from Cuba’s leading farmers.

FCD Youth Environmental Group meets with Todos Por Un Mundo Verde
Members from FCD Youth Environmental Group and Todos Por Un Mundo Verde met to present their 2019 plans. Youth movement moving forward!!

Contingency Planning Workshop for Accommodations in the Cayo area

Bonitos Shop on North Ambergris Caye
Bonitos Shop is the closest to my house. 9 miles north and getting more and more stuff. Soap, toothbrush, coffee...cold beers, soda, snacks, wine...he is stocking up. Bonus...Bonito is super nice and the shop’s super cute. Within walking distance of La Beliza Island Resort and Sapphire Beach Resort - Belize...

Big Burn up North
I thought burning was illegal? Another potentially controversial post on my part from yesterday afternoon’s road trip north. This burn was on the beach side of the road north of Pacos Bar and south of Captain Morgans. It sure didn’t smell like “just brush”. When, if ever, will our island get a DOE officer or any officer to enforce health, safety and environmental issues that unsustainable development is bringing? Is this what our community is calling child friendly?

San Pedro's Queen of the Garbage, Megan Shaw
Another crown to borrow ... and this time a throne as well ... thanks to San Pedro's Queen of the Garbage, Megan Shaw. After her crowning and throning, in the tradition of borrow all my beauty queen's crowns for a selfie, I just had to try out this crown too.

ACES collects fill
First load of clean fill has been collected! We’re just waiting on a shredder/wood chipper with the king of recycling Mayan Man, and we’ll begin breaking down branches, leaves and other vegetation to use as fill in low lying areas prone to flooding. If you’re in need of clean fill so you don’t have to use trash, keep an eye on this space. Once everything is in place we’ll be distributing mulch and wood chipping free of charge once a week.

Channel 7

No Criminal Charges For Brutal Cops
There will be no criminal charges for the two police officers caught on camera giving a vicious beatdown to an unconscious man. Today Acting Commissioner Chester Williams came to the forefront to say that they should bne charged, but there's nothing more the police can do because the victims don't want to press charges. Now this is very different from what Jamir Leal told us on Friday. He told us that he and his family have all intentions of pursuing charges and filing suit. So what is the deal? Well, as it turns out, Deputy Compol Chester Williams also saw that interview and was just as perplexed as to why they are not cooperating with police. Here is what he told us at the police press briefing this morning. DCP Chester Williams, Ag. COMPOL: "Based on that interview I redirected the members of the Professional Standard Branch to go back to San Pedro with a view to re-interview the individuals, hoping that they would have change their mind, based on what I saw with 7news interview and again that was done and they still refused to cooperate with investigators..."

Inspector Fitzroy Says Brother Garry Targetted as Part of Senior Cop Vendetta
On Friday we told you about Garry Yearwood. He's the 39 year old BTL Network Designer who is in jail tonight - remanded after allegedly pulling his licensed weapon on his ex. The allegation is that he pulled the gun on her after she followed him from Belize City to Los Lagos. He was with a new female friend, and it seems the sight of them together infuriated her. So she followed him to his home where she slapped him, and claims he then pulled his weapon and threatened her. He was remanded for aggravated assault and it will be a week before this 20 year veteran of BTL will have a chance to get bail. Today, his brother Police Inspector Fitzroy Yearwood came out and made an extraordinary statement: he said it's actually all a vendetta against him:..

DCP Williams Says Police Must Be Cautious in Domestic Cases
Again, that was 17 years ago today. Today, Chester Williams is the acting Commissioner, and he said that he only inquired into this case after he picked up some social media chatter. He said that in the present social climate police were right to err on the side of caution in a domestic dispute and that's just what they did: DCP Chester Williams, Ag. COMPOL: "I do not see that the conduct of the police in dealing with that matter was done with any degree of malafide. I really and truly don't see. I know that yes people will say things. I know Garry Yearwood well and based on what I am told it was a matter between him and the girl and I don't think there was any other witness or witnesses who could have refuted either story..."

Fire Leaves Family of 7 Homeless
A Maskall family has to start from scratch after their home was burnt down yesterday morning after 10:00. Fortunately, no one was hurt. The family can't say for sure what caused the fire but they believe it was an electrical problem. Courtney Weatherburne has more There was nothing much that could be done to save this two story Maskall home from the Sunday morning blaze. The fire started in the upper flat while the family was having breakfast downstairs. Marilyn Dominguez, Home owner: "I sat downstairs by the window and I had my next daughter boiling an egg for me because I told her I want to eat a boiled egg mashed with butter and mayonnaise and so she is getting that ready."

Cops Bust Human Traffic Move in Cayo
Tonight, local law enforcement continues to detain 14 Hondurans, 5 adults and 9 children, after they were busted by San Ignacio Police in what appears to be a human trafficking operation. On Friday night, police came upon them by pure chance after the cops noticed a black and grey van traveling through San Ignacio with heavily tinted windows. That raised suspicion, and so the cops stopped it and searched the vehicle for illegal activity. That's when they found all 14 Hondurans in Belize without the required travel documents. At today's police press conference, the Head of the National Criminal Investigations Branch discussed the case with the media:

Motorcycle Driver Critical After Being Rear-Ended
A man is critical at the KHMH after he was rear ended on his motorbike at high speed. It happened last night around 7:00 near mile 28 on the Western Highway. The victim is Solomon Ramirez. Police told us more: ASP Alejandro Cowo, O.C., C.I.B., Belize City: "Hattieville police visited an area between miles 27 and 28 on the George Price Highway where upon arrival they observed a male person who was identified as Solomon Ramirez with various degrees of injuries to his entire body. He was rushed to the Karl Huesner Memorial Hospital where he is still admitted in a critical condition..."

Rolled Through The Curve
There was a minor accident at the 13 and a half curve on the Phillip Goldson Highway. On Saturday night between 11:00 and midnight, the residents who live at the curve were awakened by flashing lights and when they looked outside they saw a grey car crashed into their fence. Here is more. Anna Gardiner. Resident: "When I came out the first thing I saw - there was a flash there, but I didn't know if it was the police or it could have been some other flashing. I thought it was the police, but I saw the car already towing..."

A Woman With Over 7 Pounds of Weed
Police busted a woman with more than 7 pounds of weed this morning near Crooked Tree. 23 year old Elvira Crawford - a resident of Crooked Tree got out before a police checkpoint at 12:30 in the morning - and the cops knew something was up. Here's what happened next:... ACP Joseph Myvette - Head, NCIB: "Sometime around 12:30 a.m. this morning, Orange Walk police were on checkpoint between miles 37 and 38 on the Philip Goldson Highway, when a vehicle was approaching the checkpoint, but stopped some 200 feet from the checkpoint. A female, later identified as Elvira Crawford, 23 years, exited the vehicle and was seen of the bag..."

Loathe Thy Neighbor?
This morning, a Belize City family from the Fabers Road area visited our office begging us to put their story on the news. This family claims that their neighbors have been harassing and threatening them with violence, and that they don't feel that police are adequately addressing it. So, rather than wait for this dispute to fester and get worse, they wanted to voice their concerns in the hopes that the authorities are listening. Christopher McCoy tells us that he, his common-law wife, and his 4 children moved to their new home in the Fabers Road area several months ago. Recently, his children have been getting into unwanted confrontations with their neighbors, who they say have wrongfully accused them of stealing.

Teenaged Robber Caught on Camera
A teenager accused of theft is on remand for the Plum Tree Restaurant armed robbery. He is 19 year old Edward Saldano. Police were able to identify Saldano in the restaurant's surveillance footage. It happened on Friday night around 10:00. He and another man held up the owner and stole money and his licensed gun. Police told us more.

Teenager Hunted On Hunter's Lane
An 18 year old was shot on Kelly Street yesterday morning. 18 year old Malick Green was sitting on a fence beside a basketball court when he was hit to the shin. Police told us he's not cooperating: This is an area that has seen multiple gang related shootings.

Free Legal Advice From The Bar Association
For those who aren't lawyers, judges, or police officers, the court is something you try to stay away from. But when there is no other recourse, the biggest hurdle for your average Joe or Jane is finding a lawyer; and the biggest setback, most of the time, is finding the money to pay those hefty legal fees. And, that's why, in a rare act of public spirited-ness, the Bar Association is conducting a series of free consultations all over the country that they call Free Legal Clinics. Today they were at the Battle Field Park in down town Belize City and we found out more:

Pathlight Shines A Way Into The Future
After 12 years in Belize and 6 years of close collaboration with the Ministry of Education, Pathlight International's work in the education sector has finally been made official. Today representatives from the Ministry of Education and Pathlight International signed a Memorandum of Understanding in Belize City that effectively formalized their long standing partnership. We heard from both sides how the formalization of this partnership will improve their coordinated efforts to tackle education.

Where's That Voter ID Card?
If you re-registered in 2018, and are now wondering where your voter ID card is - you're not alone, apparently. Last we heard from the department in October of 2018 is that over 63% of the total number of registered electors, prior to the re-registration exercise, applied to re-register. That's over 130 thousand ID cards that need to be distributed. Well, to that end, the Elections and Boundaries Department issued a press release today where they announced that an 'announcement' shall be made for when the voter's ID cards will be ready for pickup or delivery. We take that to mean - pretty much, don't call us, we'll call you.

Retrieving Revolvers
The cops took a pair of .22 revolvers off the street yesterday evening. At 4:20, police searched an area at the corner of corner Mahogany and Mopan Street. They found a blue handbag with two revolvers both loaded. They also found six 12 Guage cartridges. The weapon and ammunition were labelled as found property.

After Resignations, RescissionsReconciliation in PG Town Council
And we end tonight's news as we began our last newscast on Friday. Just as we predicted, the recently divided UDP town council in PG has worked out their differences and reconciled. This is after a meeting on Saturday when two councillors, Franklin "Kranka" Polonio and councillor Kevin Choc rescinded their letters of resignation.

Channel 5

No Criminal Charges for San Pedro Cops Involved in Brutality
Two police officers on the island of San Pedro were captured on video beating up one of three brothers. The disturbing images show the brutal use of force on Jamir [...]

A Low-Flying Suspect Plane in Dangriga
Even as police remain vigilant on the illegal landing of drug planes across the country, on Saturday night, there were several reports from residents that a suspicious plane was seen [...]

Garry Yearwood is Remanded for Aggravated Assault, Fitzroy’s Says It’s Internal Beef within the Police Department
One of the Yearwood siblings is behind bars tonight even though he claims he was the victim of an assault. Garry Yearwood, who is a union leader, is also the [...]

14 Honduran Nationals in the West; is it Human Trafficking?
Sometime around eight on Friday night, San Ignacio Police was on mobile patrol when they came across a vehicle carrying fourteen Honduran women. The patrol unit was in the Santa [...]

Poll on the I.C.J.: ‘NO’ Vote Increasing
From crime to the International Court of Justice….The I.C.J. referendum to be conducted on April tenth is now knocking at the front door. It is only three months away. Belizeans [...]

U.S. Issued Level 2 Travel Advisory for Belize
The start of 2019 was a bloody one, with a shocking five homicides. Uncle Sam has taken note and on Friday, the U.S. Department of State issued a level two [...]

Fire Destroys House in Maskall Village, Leaving 7 Homeless
The New Year didn’t start right for a family from rural Belize District. A raging fire on Sunday morning destroyed the home of seven members on the Old Northern Highway. [...]

Lemonal Family Homeless after Fire Guts House
There was a second fire on Sunday. It happened in village of Lemonal, also in the Belize District. The fire broke out at around three-thirty p.m. when a family of [...]

Deputy Mayor and Town Councilor Rescind Resignation from PG Town Council
Deputy Mayor Franklin Polonio and Councilor Kevin Choc are back in the fold after being reinstated to the Punta Gorda Town Council.  This follows their short-lived resignation on Friday when [...]

M.O.E. to Visit Maya Mopan Village to Address Concerns at School
On Friday, Maya Mopan Village Alcalde Constancio Teul visited News Five’s studios on Coney Drive to send a message to the Ministry of Education—parents were not going to send their [...]

Drug Trafficking in the North; over 8 Pounds of Weed is Confiscated
The weekend was relatively quiet following the five murders on New Year’s Day. In Orange Walk, however, police have arrested a woman suspected of drug trafficking. Authorities say that this [...]

Robbers Target South Side Grocery Store; Cash and Firearm Stolen
A grocer was robbed on Friday night after nine-thirty. Police say they have two persons detained and are looking for another in connection with the robbery of Plum Tree store [...]

RTA Leaves 1 Man Hospitalized
A road traffic accident on Sunday night has left one man seriously injured.  Police say Solomon Ramirez was driving his motorcycle sometime after seven between miles twenty-seven and twenty-eight on [...]

Malik Green is Shot Near Kelly Street, Police Investigate a Motive
Eighteen-year-old Malik Green was shot on Sunday morning in Belize City near Kelly Street.  The resident of Hunters Lane, who has refused to cooperate with investigators, simply told police that [...]

M.O.E. & Pathlight International Sign M.O.U.
Today, the Ministry of Education and Pathlight International signed a memorandum of understanding solidifying their collaboration. Over the years, the ministry and Pathlight have embarked on a number of projects [...]

Pathlight International to Establish Teacher Educator Centres in all Districts
As a part of the work that the Pathlight International is doing in Belize, they have also established teacher educator centers.  There are already two centers – one in Belmopan [...]

Ombudsman to Fisheries Administrator: Provide Gillnet Info to OCEANA
The Ombudsman, Lionel Arzu has written to Fisheries Administrator Beverly Wade exercising its power of review telling the Fisheries Department to provide OCEANA in Belize with information on gillnets, which [...]

Transitioning to Non-Destructive Fishing Methods
But how did it get to this point? In the past, we have reported on OCEANA, the Fisheries Department and other conservation groups advocating for alternative fishing methods for fishers. [...]

Guatemala Withdraws From CICIG
Guatemala is pulling out of the U.N. International Commission Against Impunity, known as CICIG. The announcement was made today by Guatemala’s Foreign Minister Sandra Jovel Polanco after meeting with UN’s [...]

Playa Del Carmen, a Hotbed for Narco-Traffickers
Playa Del Carmen is a choice tourist destination for Belizeans and many other visitors who travel there for sun, beach, and cuisine. But the once idyllic location has also become [...]

James Adderley: the Weekend in Sports
Good evening, I’m James Adderley and this is Sports Monday.   [Highlights of the weekend sporting activities....]


Attorneys offer free legal advice
The average cost to consult a lawyer and get advice is unaffordable for many; and that’s only for advice. Proceeding with court action or any other option, could run you in the thousands. Today, however, some attorneys took the time out to give out free advice. This was possible as the Bar association of Belize …

Another drug plane in Belize ?
The police department continues to receive reports of suspicious aircrafts in Belize’s airspace. The recent one was reported this weekend in the Stann Creek District. According to the Acting Commissioner of Police, Chester Williams, nothing substantial was found when officers responded. Reporter: “We heard about a plane with drugs over the weekend, did you guys …

Belize agree to reduce gas emission by fifty percent by 2030
The Conference of the Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, COP 24, was held late last year in Katowice, Poland. In that meeting, assessments of measures taken by the countries under the Paris Agreement, were conducted. Carlos Fuller, the International & Regional Liaison Officer at the Caribbean Community Climate Change Centre, …

Concrete negatively effects the environment
One product that impacts the environment negatively is the concrete block. The item generates carbon dioxide and as such, some countries are looking to come up with ways on how to offset the carbon dioxide emission. that is generated from the production of cement. Carlos Fuller, the Regional Liaison Officer at the Caribbean Community Climate …

PC Tyrell Rowley and Samir Medina interdicted
The suspension of Police Constables Tyrell Rowley and Samir Medina has been lifted and they have now been officially placed on interdiction. They are the police officers who beat down Jamir Leal and his brothers in front of Playa Bar and Grill in San Pedro on New Years night. But the decision was not taken …

House wife wins new truck
Rebeca Mena, a house wife and mother of four, is the winner of a brand new four by four Ford Ranger Truck raffled by the Rotary Club of Belize. Mena stopped by the Belize Estate Company this afternoon to claim her prize where we caught up with her. Mena told Love News that it was …

Was Green shooting part of ongoing turf war?
18-year-old, Malik Green is fortunate to be alive after he was shot yesterday on a basketball court located through Hunters Lane in Belize City. Love News spoke with Green who said he did not receive any threats and do not know why anyone would want to target him. Malik Green Shooting victim: “I was the …

Police accused of bias
Police are again being criticized for their response to a case of a domestic nature. That case involves Gary Yearwood, the brother of Inspector of Police Fitzroy Yearwood. It is not so much his relation to the inspector that has many on social media abuzz. Gary Yearwood is being accused of aggressing his ex-common-law with …

Another human trafficking case; Police intercept vehicle with 14 undocumented Honduran nationals
There is another case of human trafficking under investigation tonight after police intercepted a vehicle with fourteen undocumented Honduran nationals in Santa Elena Town, Cayo District. ASP Joseph Myvett says that on Friday last, officers on mobile patrol spotted a black and grey ford expedition that was heavily tinted within Santa Elena Town. They moved …

23 year old woman accused of trafficking 8 pounds of weed
A woman is awaiting charges for allegedly trafficking up to eight pounds of marijuana. Elvira Crawford was busted during a checkpoint between miles 37 and 38 on the Philip Goldson Highway shortly after midnight this morning. Head of the National Crimes Investigation Branch Joseph Myvett gave more details. ACP Joseph Myvette: “A vehicle was approaching …

Man clings to life after being involved in accident
Tonight, Solomon Ramirez is clinging to life after he was involved in a road traffic incident which occurred on the George Price Highway last night. Andrew Mitchell and Veronica Vasquez, were traveling with their child in a Toyota Four Runner when the vehicle reportedly rear-ended Ramirez who was travelling in the same direction on his motorcycle …

Fire leaves family homeless
A family of six lost their home yesterday in a fire. Love News understands that the fire occurred just after ten thirty in the morning in Maskall Village, Belize District. Orin Smith, the Station Manager at the National Fire Service, briefed the media on this fire …

Belizeans encourage to apply for Taiwan’s scholarships
The Embassy of the Republic of China (Taiwan) is accepting applications for its 2019 Taiwan ICDF (International Cooperation and Development Fund) Scholarship Program. There will be 20 programs applicants can choose from for the Taiwan ICDF Scholarship …


History will not go easy on these two leaders
Former Prime Minister, Hon. Said Musa, and present Prime Minister, Hon. Dean Barrow, have presided over a period when our country cannot be considered a tranquil haven. Belizeans, especially those who grew up in a time when murder wasn’t commonplace, hold out hope every time there is a lull in the extreme violence, but it never holds. It just keeps getting worse. Five murders to open 2019. What a disaster! Forces from outside and weaknesses within have caused difficulties, problems in our world. If we understand correctly how the world works, people elect leaders to solve problems. People don’t want excuses, they want solutions. Our nation has a serious problem with discipline and we have descended into a state of carnage. The buck stops with the leaders. When leaders can’t provide solutions, they have to move (or be moved) from their position of ineptitude to one that more fits their capacity. They applied for and got the job to skin the cat, but really their qualifications are sufficient only for holding the tail.

Breaking Belize NewsPJ

US issues travel advisory for Americans visiting Belize
The United States Department of State, on January 4, 2019 issued a travel advisory for Americans […]

Chester Williams unable to say if low flying aircraft flying south landed or was carrying drugs
According to Deputy Commissioner of Police, Chester Williams, on Saturday night he received information of a […]

Abusive policemen caught on cam, gets away with only internal charges
Last week video footage of police officers viciously assaulting unarmed and detained civilians in San Pedro […]

Fourteen Honduran nationals found in suspected human trafficking ring
Out west, police stumbled on an apparent case of human smuggling. Sometime around 8 p.m. on […]

Ugly road traffic accident reported on George Price Highway last night
Last night there was an ugly road traffic accident near mile 27 of the George Price […]

Woman busted at a checkpoint transporting a bag of weed
Elvira Crawford, 23, will spend tonight in police custody. That is because she was busted with […]

Guatemalan newspaper says BDF soldiers enter their territory to harass and arrest their citizens
A report published yesterday by El Periodico, a Guatemalan newspaper cites that Belizean Law Enforcement Officials stationed […]

Issuance of Voters Identification cards to be announced
Today, the Elections and Boundaries Department issued a press release informing the public that they will […]

Cool weather to continue
Cool and moist weather will continue across Belize. However, cloudy spells and a period of rain […]

Environmental NGO buys sea space in Belize to preserve wildlife
This is My Earth (TiMe), an international environmental non-government organization, is investing a 20 acre area […]


Why YOU Should Visit Belize in January
If you are looking to get away from cold weather, Belize in January is perfect. In fact, for sun, a light breeze and slightly cooler nights (think high 70s F), the first few months in Belize are IDEAL. January through April generally promises the best weather – and it also means the most visitors. Here are few things you can expect if you visit Belize and more specifically Ambergris Caye in January. THE WEATHER: The “rainy” season is coming to a quick end (generally Sept, October and Nov) and it took most of its bugs with it. The weather is fantastic. Warm and sunny during the day, warm at night, you are going to be glad you visited in January.

Top places to eat in Placencia, Belize, for whatever you are in the mood for!
Try Friends Near the Pier and The Shak, closer to the pier, have a great ambience - you can watch the pier at The Shak. Cozy Corner is about halfway down the sidewalk, it IS very cozy and has great views of the beach. Detatch also has heavenly beach views and is close to Barefoot. Aphrodite’s on the sidewalk and Buba Wuba’s on the harbor across the main road are also good options. We also recommend the breakfast burritos at the “Belize Mexican” stand near the police station. Merl’s Cafe is located farther south at the “point.” Wendy’s on the main road is also a good option. You can sometimes find light eats at Brewed Awakenings or Above Grounds.

ADO Bus from Cancun to Belize City
Belize is located just south of Mexico’s famed Yucatan Peninsula, so many travelers are interested in information on how to get from Cancún to Belize City or vice versa. The cheapest option by far is to take the bus. The ADO Bus company operates the sole Cancún-Belize City route with an express service that operates each way twice per day. From the main bus terminal in Cancún, the bus leaves at either 7:30 AM or 10:15 PM. The busstops at Playa del Carmen, Tulum, and then Bacalar before crossing the border into Belize. The bus also makes brief stops in Corozal Town and Orange Walk Town before arriving at the central bus terminal in Belize City. Transit time is approximately eight hours. Going back, the bus departs Belize City at 11:00 AM and 7:30 PM with the same stops along the way, arriving at the Cancún airport approximately eight and a half hours later. To board the bus in Belize City, the fare is BZ$19, but you will need to pay the rest of the fare (roughly $40 USD) upon arrival in Cancún.

How to Travel to Belize on a Budget
Belize is an amazing and exotic getaway destination, but the good news is that you don’t have to break the bank to travel to Belize. If you’ve been interested in visiting Belize but were worried about affordability, we’ve provided this handy guide for exploring this astonishingly beautiful country on a limited budget. In the United States, all four of the nation’s biggest airlines now fly to Belize, making it easy to find affordable tickets. Southwest, United, Delta, and American Airlines now fly non-stop to Belize from more than a dozen major cities. Canadians, too, can now find affordable airfare to Belize. Both WestJet and Air Canada now fly non-stop to Belize from Toronto and Calgary.

What Is the Climate Like in Belize?
If you had to describe the climate of Belize in one sentence, you could say that it’s very similar to South Florida. Officially, Belize is a sub-tropical country that enjoys warm weather year-round, gentle trade wind breezes, and a mean humidity of around 83%. Unlike North America, Belize only has two seasons, often referred to as the “dry” season and the “green” season. The “dry” season is also the “high” season for tourists, roughly corresponding to winter in North America but featuring long stretches of sunny days and delightfully warm temperatures. The “green” season is the “low” season, roughly corresponding to summer in North America but without any significant elevation in temperatures.

Fascinating Facts About the Lost City of Xunantunich
Thousands of years ago, the Maya empire stretched from Mexico in the north down to El Salvador in the south. They built enormous stone cities in the middle of the jungle, only to abandon them around the year 900 AD for reasons still unknown to modern archeologists. One of the largest Maya cities ever built, now called Xunantunich, was lost for centuries until it was discovered by accident when a villager in Belize came across a ghost of an ancient Maya maiden in the 1890s. At the time, Belize was still a British colony, and so an expedition set out from the capital to explore the villager’s stories. They then discovered the site of Xunantunich, a Maya term meaning “stone woman”. Xunantunich is unique in that it is the oldest continuously excavated Maya site in the country. One of the biggest and most impressive Maya buildings ever found was discovered in Xunantunich. Known as “El Castillo” (The Castle), it is covered in elaborately carved friezes, and remains the second-tallest tallest man-made structures in Belize.

The Hummingbird Highway in Belize
Belize is a spectacularly beautiful country, and there are few better ways to explore it than by enjoying a scenic drive along the Hummingbird Highway. The Hummingbird Highway is a modern, paved, two-lane roadway that was inaugurated in 1994. The Hummingbird Highway measures approximately 53 miles (86 km) long and connects Belmopan, the national capital, to Dangriga on the southeastern coast. The Hummingbird Highway offers a panoramic view of all of the different landscapes in Belize. Starting in the west, the Hummingbird Highway passes through the northern part of the Maya Mountain range, crosses several scenic rivers, and passes through fragrant citrus orchards before ending just a short distance from the beach outside of Dangriga.

5 Easy Workouts to do in Belize
Last year, Kaitlyn from Yoga Twins traveled to Belize and I was inspired by her dedication to working out while traveling. It’s tough enough to work out while at home on a regular schedule, now imagine if you’re traveling. So with the start of the New Year, and many of you having made self-improvement plans, I thought it would be great to share her top travel workouts while in Belize. These five workouts are quick, easy to do, and no equipment is necessary.

International Sourcesizz

Great Idea for a Large Beach Trashcan: shaped like a fish
Brilliant idea. Lets get one on every beach. ""Goby loves plastic. Please feed him"

Taiwan ICDF Scholarship Program
TaiwanICDF’s International Higher Education Scholarship Program provides full scholarships for talented young citizens from our partner countries to pursue their higher education in Taiwan. The application period runs from January 1 to March 15, 2019.

Kendis Gibson Joins MSNBC as Weekend Anchor
Kendis Gibson will start as a weekend anchor on MSNBC after a stint at ABC News, the latest hire by the NBCUniversal cable-news network as it continues to emphasize live news programming on Saturdays and Sundays. He starts his new job on Saturday, January 19. Gibson, who joined ABC News in 2014, had been an anchor of “World News Now” and “America This Morning,” an early-morning program. He is expected to anchor the 2 p.m. and 3 p.m. hours on MSNBC on both Saturdays and Sundays.

Scientists Work to Build Climate Change Resilience in Caribbean Coral Reef
For centuries, the Mesoamerican reef in the Caribbean Sea has welcomed over 500 species of corals, fish, and other sea creatures. Linked to commercial and recreational activities from fishing to snorkeling, the marine wildlife boosts the national economies of the countries whose coastlines the reef touches. Marine and climate scientists from Columbia’s Earth Institute and World Wildlife Fund (WWF) are exploring ways to protect this valuable Caribbean ecosystem, the second largest barrier reef in the world, from the potentially disastrous effects of climate change. Warm-water coral reefs—composed of stony corals, algae, and other organisms—are classified as a “unique and threatened” ecosystem that is especially vulnerable to temperature change, according to a recent special report from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change.


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  • Mohave Valley UMC December Mission Trip to Belize, 36min.

  • Jason & Charlena Wedding in Belize4, min.

  • Honeymoon in Ambergris Caye, Belize, 2min. Enjoy beautiful scenery from one of the most beautiful places in Belize!

  • Maya experience in Red Bank Village - Belize, 2min. Experience a traditional Maya day in one of the most beautiful villages in Belize: Red Bank (Stank Creek) home of Red Macaws. You can have the possibility to taste the local flavors and enjoy Maya culture.

  • Belize, San Pedro, the look from above, 16min. Travelling to San Pedro Island, Belize

  • Placencia, Belize underwater! 2018, 3.5min.

  • Bart Mickler Let's Live Healthy Belize, 44min.