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The San Pedro Sun

Adan Cantun charged for rape
Island resident 24-year-old Adan Cantun was arraigned and charged for the crime of rape on Tuesday, January 8th at the San Pedro Magistrate Court. Cantun is accused of sexually assaulting a 26-year-old waitress twice on Sunday, January 6th in San Pedro Town. During the court hearing, no plea was taken, and Cantun was remanded to Belize Central Prison until his next court appearance on April 10, 2019. The victim told police that on the day of the assault, she was walking in the morning on Sea Star Street and upon passing in front of the Dr. Otto Rodriguez San Pedro Polyclinic II a male person pulled her inside a tunnel. The male person now identified as Cantun then proceeded to have sexual intercourse with her twice against her will. A medical examination was conducted on the waitress confirming that she was carnally known.

Appointment of New Commissioner of Police
The Ministry of National Security announces the appointment of Deputy Commissioner of Police, Mr. Chester Williams, to the post of Commissioner of Police of the Belize Police Department with effect from January 9, 2019. Mr. Allen Whylie was appointed as Commissioner in 2013. The Minister of National Security Hon. John Saldivar thanks Mr. Whylie for his almost six (6) years of leadership that he provided to the Department and offers him best wishes in his future endeavours.

San Pedro Pirates Football Club decides to remain in the PLB
The San Pedro Pirates Football Club (FC) have confirmed that they are back in the game and will be participating in the Premier League of Belize’s Closing Season set to begin on Sunday, January 13th. The club had initially taken to social media on December 13, 2018, to inform their fans that due to the lack of sponsorship and support in San Pedro Town they would no longer participate in the Premiere League of Belize (PLB) Football Tournament. That no longer seems to be an issue, as the club has confirmed its participation for 2019. Founder and owner of the San Pedro Pirates F.C, Emeliano Rivero told The San Pedro Sun that despite the controversy, he plans for the football club to continue in the PLB for many more years. “The football club will continue in the PLB as well as to promote professional football on the island among residents and young players,” he said.

Ambergris Today

Belizean Waitress Raped Twice In San Pedro
According to San Pedro Police, on January 7, 2019, a 26-year-old, Belizean Waitress of San Pedro Town reported to police that she was raped on Sunday morning. The report states that sometime in the morning on Sunday, January 6, 2019, whilst walking on Sea Star Street in San Pedro Town, upon reaching in front of the San Pedro Poly Clinic, a male person pulled her inside a tunnel and had sexual intercourse with her twice against her will. A medical examination was conducted on her and the doctor certified that she was carnally known. Police have detained one person in connection with this investigation.

No Criminal Charges For QRT Officers Involved In Cruel Beatdown
PC Tyrell Rowley and PC Samir Medina were both caught on video brutally beating up Jamir Leal on New Year’s Day in San Pedro Town. Although the video was widely circulated on social media and various groups and residents condemned their behavior the officers were only suspended for seven days and during a press briefing on Monday, January 7, 2019, Deputy Commissioner of Police, Chester Williams stated that they are unable to criminally charge PC Rowley and PC Medina. During the briefing Deputy Commissioner Chester Williamns stated that Leal family has refused to cooperate in the investigation therefore they cannot proceed to charge PC Rowley and PC Medina with any criminal charges.

Misc Belizean Sources


Belmopan Farmer's Market
Friday morning Farmers Market at Blue Moon, at the status roundabout in Belmopan from 7am to 1pm.

PUP to Say ‘No’ to the ICJ
After several months of meeting and consulting with leaders and supporters of the People's United Party, it is obvious that a majority of the Party's supporters, for various reasons, are not in favour of submitting the unfounded claim of Belizean territory by Guatemala to the ICJ for final adjudication. While I am soon to complete my listening tour, I am sufficiently convinced that an overwhelming majority of our Party members and supporters are going to say NO and as the leader of a mass party that makes decisions in a democratic way, I have an obligation to accept the views of the majority. I am certain that in the final analysis, our Party will say NO to the ICJ. I am made to understand that some previous Foreign Ministers who served under different PUP administrations will be signing a document, along with the Government of Belize, that will be advocating - yes to the ICJ. I want to make it abundantly clear that these persons do not speak for the People's United Party on this issue.

Paint N Splash
See you this week at from 2-4pm Thursday to paint part 1 of a 3 part series called “The Mighty Jungle”.

Benefit Concert for Baby Nylah
Come out and support a worthy cause lots to eat and drink! This Saturday January 12th, from 7:00 10:00 p.m. Dance follows with Redemption Sound until 2:00 a.m. Lots of Food& Drinks on Sale!

New Meldy"s on Caye Caulker
My new Meldy"s number 10 Calle aguada by the football field. or straight down from the rainbow hotel. Serving breakfast and lunch daily. Opening hours:8:00AM-5:00PM. Sunday-Friday. Serving our local Belizean foods. Telephone Number:601-0309.

Controlled Pump Prices – 9th January 2019

Appointment of New Commissioner of Police
The Ministry of National Security announces the appointment of Deputy Commissioner of Police, Mr. Chester Williams, to the post of Commissioner of Police of the Belize Police Department with effect from January 9, 2019. Mr. Allen Whylie was appointed as Commissioner in 2013. The Minister of National Security Hon. John Saldivar thanks Mr. Whylie for his almost six (6) years of leadership that he provided to the Department and offers him best wishes in his future endeavours.

Bald Hills Birding, January 28
8 spaces available only...

The Belize Tourism Board at the Family Travel Forum in Ocho Rios, Jamaica

Dr. Wendy Ashmore passes away
We sympathize with the family in the passing of an archaeological institution, teacher, colleague, mentor and friend, Dr. Wendy Ashmore. She was a pioneering Mayanist and her legacy will live on in her numerous contributions to research, as well as in the hearts and minds of the many researchers who work in Belize that were blessed to be mentored by her. We ask that you kindly respect the family's wish for privacy in a time like this. Our thoughts and prayers are with them.

1. Third Generation of Yucatec Maya from San Jose Yalbac. They are from the Yucatec Maya group the Icaiche Maya. 2. The Picture has Nojoch Mak Alfonso Poot,His Wife Guadalupe Poot and their oldest daughter Gregoria Poot. Some of the Yucatec Maya people from Patchakan descent from the Cruzo'ob Maya. Picture from 1960's. 3. Juan Chuc a Yucatec Maya rebel belonging to the Cruzo'ob Maya in Cayo district. Picture taken after 1900's. 4. 12 Yucatec Maya men from the group known as Icaiche Maya , Pastor of the Catholic Church and a Merchant in Corozal town around the 1890's.

Channel 7

Chester Williams Is the New Police Commissioner
Today, what had been rumored for months finally came true: Chester Williams has been named Commissioner of Police. The 27 year veteran of the department takes over effective tomorrow, according to an official release. But even at noon today, less than an hour before the announcement went out, Williams was still being coy about it. Here's what he told Courtney Weatherburne: Chester Williams, Commissioner of Police: "I can't say that, I am still the deputy commissioner of police if you see the rank on my shoulder so as it relates to being the commissioner of police I don't know, if or when I get that call then I can say yes. It is the dream of any police officer to rise to the top and become the commissioner of police so if it is offered to me I will surely accept and ensure that I do my best in that capacity."

Constables Rowley and Medina Will Face Criminal Charges
The San Pedro police brutality case has taken a completely different turn, a full 360. Now the two police officers will be charged criminally. They are PC Tyrell Rowley and PC Samir Medina. Disciplinary action has already been taken against the officers. As we have reported, on New Years night, Jamir Leal and his two brothers were at Playa Bar and Grill when something triggered Leal to assault his ex-girlfriend. He choked her. His brothers along with others got involved to try to get Leal to stop. But when PC Rowley and PC Medina arrived, things quickly escalated where Rowley clubbed Leal and gave him a massive blow to the head even though Leal was defenseless on the ground. Today Commissioner of Police Chester Williams held a press conference to discuss the change of course in this case and the charges that will be brought against the officers.

Whistleblower Claims He has Proof of Corruption and Drug Planes
Over the course of the last year, we've been reporting on the numerous aircrafts that have been illegally landed in remote parts of the country. Since November 2017, there have been 13 so far, and in majority of these cases, local law enforcement arrived after the planes have either been destroyed, or abandoned, and whatever cargo - most likely cocaine - was already removed. In many instances, the authorities couldn't say for certain what exactly was smuggled into the country, which only adds to the mystery. For the most part, the general public has had to speculate, but one civilian says that he can offer insight into the movement of these illegal landings. More than that, he says he has proof that police officers and politicians are involved, and are complicit in drug transshipments moving through Belizean territory.

ComPol Williams Will Review Martinez's Claims
One man who may have to take what Martinez has to say seriously is Commissioner Chester Williams. This morning, when we met up with Williams in Belmopan, he said he wasn't aware of the press conference but he will follow up on the information. Chester Williams, Commissioner of Police: "I can assure you if any information that is revealed that we believe to be credible and warrants police investigation then we will move to do our own investigation to see if we can confirm or deny those allegations."

A Bi-Partisan Kumbaya for The ICJ?
And while Commissioner Chester is tonight's headline, tomorrow's news will be dominated by Prime Minister Dean Barrow. He's having a press conference, but not the usual kind. The PM has set up a kind of ICJ Kumbaya where present and past PUP and UDP Foreign Ministers will all declare their support for a Yes to the ICJ. But the PUP has this evening thrown a serious curve ball to derail that unity effort. The party sent out a release distancing itself and throwing shade at its own Foreign Ministers who join the effort.

Chief Elections Officer Discusses New Voter's List
March 10th is the date you should be marking on your calendar if you have not registered and you wish to participate in the upcoming ICJ Referendum. Since mid-2018, the Elections and Boundaries Department launched an intensive re-registration campaign to update the voters list in time for the national referendum scheduled for April 10th of this year. Up until December approximately 65% of the total number of voters on the list prior to the re-registration exercise, that is over 133 thousand people, made it to the final list of eligible persons to receive their voter ID Cards. But none, so far, have been issued, although voters were told their cards would be ready by December. We understand, cards have begun to print. So, what's the hold up on delivery? To answer that question, we spoke to Chief Elections Officer Josephine Tamai:

Accused Corrupt Cops Will Be Dismissed
Earlier in the news, we showed you our interview with Police Commissioner Chester Williams, in which he discussed the about turn in the criminal prosecution of the 2 officers caught on camera brutalizing in a civilian. He also gave us an update on another case involving corrupt cops. That's the April 2017 case where three Special Patrol Unit officers stole 27 parcels of cocaine from a house they were searching in Cayo. The officers are Corporal Clinton Thomas and Police Constables Kishane Peck and Albert Augustine. Well, that case has concluded and these men have been dismissed. Here is more.

Gary Yearwood Gets Bail
The embattled 39 year old Garry Yearwood, a network designer for BTL and brother of police inspector Fitzroy Yearwood, is out on bail today after his attorney submitted to the courts that his bail approval was a matter of urgency. Yearwood's attorney, sited health complications- being that Yearwood is a diabetic- and family circumstances- being that he is the sole provider for his two children- as reasons for his bail to be approved. Barrow Chung also submitted that police evidence against Yearwood leaves much to be desired. Police, he said, acted solely on the statement given by Yearwood's ex and did not take statements from the ex's mother or sister who were present at the time.

Cantun Charged With Rape
A waitress was raped over the weekend near the San Pedro Poly Clinic. According to police, a 26 year old Belizean waitress of San Pedro Town, Belize reported to authorities that sometime on Sunday morning she was walking on Sea Star Street, San Pedro, and upon reaching in front of the Clinic, a male person pulled her inside a tunnel. He subsequently proceeded to have sexual intercourse with her twice against her will. A medical examination confirmed that she had indeed been raped. Police have since investigated her complaint, and today, they arrested and charged 24 year old Adan Cantun with rape.

They fished Illegally
Two fishermen were hauled to court today to answer to fisheries offences. 21 year old Randy Franklin and 27 year old Jaiver Castillo plead guilty to the offences brought against them. According to a Coast Guard Officer, on November 23rd2018, he caught Franklin fishing in Bluefield Range with 7 permit fish inside an icebox. The gillnets were set between the mouth of the Belize old River and Haulover Creek which obstructed the passage of boats and fish. He was fined $250 plus $5 court cost for the illegal catch and the same amount for the use of improper fishing equipment. In a similar scenario Castillo was caught with 7 gillnets on December 17th 2018.

CitCo Gets New Rides
The Belize City Council is in possession of a sizeable fleet of new vehicles. Through hire purchase, the City has acquired 24 motor vehicles which include 12 pickups and 12 motorcycles. And, the Bernard Wagner Administration is boasted that they're doing this with minimal support from Central government. They got the motor-vehicles from Caribbean motors which is to be paid over a period of 5 years on an interest rate of 12%. Here is how they celebrated the new acquisition this morning, which will be used mainly by the Traffic arm of the City Council. Allan Pollard, Belize City Councillor: "Managing over 20,000 commuters was an extremely difficult task with the limited vehicles at the council's disposal..."

Will CitCo Pave More Streets?
And while we spoke to the mayor on the acquisition of new vehicles, we took the opportunity to ask him about the street works on Holy Emmanuel Street, something this administration promised in their manifesto. He says although they are more than willing to commit themselves to the work but the problem that is holding them back is financing. Here's is what the mayor told us. Bernard Wagner, Mayor: "On the matter of Holy Emmanuel Street - that's a huge project. We are waiting confirmation in respect to the bond, because before you do these projects you have to get funding. We cannot undertake any project without adequate funding and that is why we are still awaiting approval on the bond."

The Krooman Lagoon Plan Still Live?
Krooman Lagoon is one of those communities in Lake I of major concern, due to deplorable housing setups. Well, in the last quarter of last year the mayor visited the community to discuss the potential of a rehabilitation project in the zone. But his plan is to relocate the entire community- a pretty big deal for residents who have spent all their life there. And the problem with this project again is financing. Mayor Wagner gave us an update on that project.


City spends over 1/2 million on a new fleet
Belize City is the most populated municipality in the seven districts. The work of the City Council is diverse and the public focus in the past has been on debts to contracted garbage collectors and missing equipment. Today the council held a public viewing at the memorial park to showcase 12 Wingle Pickups and 12 …

Mother seeking public’s assistance to cover travel expense
Further north there is also another story of overcoming the odds. Raquel Cocom of Trial Farm Village in the Orange Walk District will be reunited with her daughter after winning a case under the Hague Child Abduction Convention. Cocom shares a daughter with a Russian National who had lived in Belize for 10 years. He …

Sugar prices plummeting, farmers struggling
In October 2017, the European Union discontinued the preferential rate that it offered Belize as well as the rest of the Caribbean in an effort to comply with the World Trade Organization’s rules. This loss compounded with the drop in prices of sugar on the world market has cane farmers suffering tremendously. Love news spoke …

Belize still as Hoop Dreams
The Belize Men’s National Basketball Team began play in the first round of the FIBA World Cup Americas tournament in July, 2018. In the Central American qualifier tournament hosted here in Belize, Belize achieved a silver medal against tough competition from our Central American rivals. Belize has an opportunity to secure one of four available …

Fishermen busted for gear, illegal product and Gillnet
Two fishermen have found themselves at the illegal end of their gear. 21-year-old Randy Franklin and 27-year-old Javier Castillo, were fined by Magistrate Khadeem Palmer after they pleaded guilty to fisheries offences. Franklin pleaded guilty to possession of 7 permit fish. He was fined $250 and he was given until February 20 to pay. If …

Alleged San Pedro Rapist Captured by the Cops
A woman had been raped on Ambergris Caye. Early Sunday morning, the 26-year-old waitress says she was walking on Sea Star Street in San Pedro. When she reached near the San Pedro Polyclinic, a man pulled her inside an area and raped her twice. A doctor who examined her certified she was carnally known. She …

PUP ‘bob and weave ‘ on ICJ, Maybe No but some might say Yes
From mid-2018, the Leader of the Peoples United Party, John Briceno indicated he would go on a listening tour across the country to formulate an official party response as to whether the PUP would agree to saying yes or no in the April, 2019 referendum. It was not a secret that the PUP southern Caucus …


On New Year’s night, someone videoed two police constables on San Pedro behaving with cruel, wanton disregard toward two civilians—savagely violating their constitutional and human rights in the presence of a crowd of spectators. The video immediately went viral in social media—creating a massive public outcry. After putting the two officers on a one-week suspension, the Belize Police Department promised that they would carry out a criminal as well as an internal investigation into the matter. With the powerful video evidence, the police could have laid criminal charges immediately against PC Samir Medina and PC Tyrell Rowley, the two abusive officers, who were seen repeatedly kicking one of the men, who were already in handcuffs and lying on the ground, and were posing no threat at all to the officers.

Mahogany Street electrician, charged with murder, to be tried in Supreme Court
Anthony Bennett, 37, an electrician of 31 Mahogany Street who is charged with the murder of Erbin Garrido, 30, a laborer of a CET Site address, was committed to stand trial in the April session of the Supreme Court after a preliminary inquiry was held today by Senior Magistrate Aretha Ford and she concluded that a prima facie case had been established. Bennett was asked if he had any alibi witness or witnesses he wished to call, and to name them if he had any, and he said no. Garrido was shot and killed around 8 p.m. on May 29, 2018, in the bathroom of his house, a green wooden bungalow. His assailant entered and fired a single shot that struck Garrido in the left side of the chest.

Cops nab Honduran human cargo of 14 in Santa Elena
Police, at about 11:30 Friday night in Santa Elena, intercepted a Ford Explorer van that was carrying two men, three women and nine children of Honduran nationality. The children were handed over to the Human Services Department, while the driver and the adults were kept in police custody as an investigation was commenced and the Immigration Department was called in to deal with the illegal entry side of the investigation. Assistant Commissioner of Police, Joseph Myvette said that the driver of the vehicle is Fernando Moh, 58, a driver of Benque Viejo Del Carmen. He said that Moh is not known to police.

Mother puts blame on hospital for death of child
An 11-month-old baby boy is in the morgue and his mother blames the Corozal Community Hospital for neglecting to treat her son promptly on New Year’s Day. In an interview with 7News, the baby’s mother, Leah Miller, 28, said that her son, Deon Woodye, Jr., had diarrhea and was vomiting around midnight on January 1, so she went to the emergency room at the hospital. She then spoke to a nurse, who told her that there was no doctor available to attend to her child, so she would have to go to a clinic instead.

Licenses required for raffles and lotteries
It is not an uncommon occurrence for Belizeans to conduct raffles as a form of fundraising when extra financing is needed. Many businesses also hold raffles where customers can submit a ticket they received from the business and one lucky person wins a grand prize. On Thursday, December 27, however, the Lotteries Committee issued a press release reminding Belizeans that in accordance with the Lotteries Control Act, Chapter 151 of the Laws of Belize, promoting or conducting any lottery or raffle without a license or letter of authorization from the committee is actually illegal.

Amandala Year in review: Part 2
July ushered in the new voter re-registration drive and on July 2, on the same day the re-registration exercise began, a multi-organization group kicked off “The NO ICJ Movement” at a press conference held at the Belize Institute of Management. The major announcement coming out of the NO ICJ Movement press conference was that the group planned to take out a constitutional claim against the government, particularly the Elections and Boundaries Department, to challenge the re-registration of naturalized Guatemalans who would be allowed to be re-registered and would be allowed to vote in the national ICJ referendum on April 10, 2019. The group also planned to petition government to lift the two-month residency requirement for Belizeans living in the diaspora.

Barrack Road bombs Ladyville in 1st leg of CYDP Peace Cup finals at MCC
It is almost a foregone conclusion, the 2018-19 CYDP Peace Cup championship, after yesterday’s 6-1 shelling unleashed by Barrack Road FC upon Ladyville Strikers FC in game 1 of the best-of-two games finals series at the MCC Grounds. It was billed as a clash between the young newcomers from Ladyville and the seasoned semipro veterans from Belize City; and the veterans certainly had the upper hand, netting 3 goals in each half, while Ladyville’s only goal came from the penalty spot just before half-time.

Editorial: UDP has been dominant party since 1984
The way UDP leaders talk sometimes, you’d think that this party which has controlled the reins of government since 2008 is ruling the roost in this country for the first time. Honorable Sedi Elrington still cannot make a presentation in the House of Representatives without regurgitating some story about Honorable George Price, the first prime minister of Belize. It is 34 years since the UDP first formed a government in Belize. In 1984, that party had a resounding victory at the polls. The simple math shows that 34 years have passed since 1984, and for more than 20 of those years the UDP has held sway. It is not only ridiculous for the UDP to persist in misrepresenting the facts, it is unfair to Belize. They are the main authors, architects of the Belize we live in. The Belize we live in has one of the worst crime and violence problems in the world.

Proper training and discipline is the answer
Dear Editor, A couple of years ago I was at a dance in Caye Caulker when two huge white guys got into a scuffle. A sturdy little cop half their size quickly moved in and handcuffed the aggressive one behind the back. Fight done. No need to brutalize anybody, and I had to congratulate him. Another time a cop in a similar incident hurriedly pulled out his baton and hit the guy with it, altering his victim’s facial features permanently. Same type of incident, different reaction.

Concerned Nicaraguan condemns Ortega-Murillo regime
Dear Editor, I am a concerned Nicaraguan with family and friends in the country and I write to you about a pressing matter. Since April of 2018, the antidemocratic but “seemingly” benevolent regime has revealed its true colors. Peaceful demonstrations were answered with brutal force, death and torture. Criticism of any type has resulted in arbitrary detention, extrajudicial killings, forced disappearances or exile for thousands of my compatriots. Not age, gender or even ideology has protected any Nicaraguan from the wrath of the Ortega-Murillo regime, their cronies, police or paramilitary, who are currently hunting down our journalists, students, and members of NGOs, including longtime human rights advocates.

How Camalote pathway led me to become unethical/political
There are things in this world that put no strain on the brain to figure out. If there are no people on the earth, then another animal will rule it. It is a natural follow that people are important. If people are important, then it is obvious we must put in extra effort to conserve human life. If we consider our own lives, and the fact that we are passing through this beautiful and awesome world just once, we naturally make an effort to conserve it. If we have any respect for the lives of others, if we believe that we should love others as we love ourselves, we also make an effort to conserve theirs.

The choice before us
The second and considerably larger elephant in the room that everyone pointedly ignores is the fact that the ICJ can indeed find a valid reason, and probably will, to change our boundaries pursuant to Article 38(1) of the court’s statute. And if so found, the judges will then proceed to determine our new boundaries under the power given them by Article 2 of new 2008 Special Agreement (compromise) treaty. Here is the argument: Guatemala maintains a breach of agreement claim against the British arising from their failure to compensate them for signing the 1859 treaty after their refusal to sign the first draft until an enticement (Article 7) was added. They further contend that the validity of their claim is authenticated by their (the Brits) 1863 offer to pay them (Guatemala) 50,000 pounds sterling to honor their obligation under the agreement.

Belizean mother fought to be with child taken to the US by father
Raquel Cocom, age unknown, is to be reunited with her 3-year-old daughter after the child was taken to the US by her biological father over a year ago. Cocom believed the child’s father was going on a 2-week trip with the child, but when he did not return, Cocom sought assistance from human rights activist Elisa Castellanos. The biological father, a Russian man who had been living in Belize for 10 years, took the child on November 5, 2017, when she was only 1-year old. Cocom, with the aid of Castellanos, accessed the US courts through the Department of Human Services and has been engaged in a custody battle since then.

Jaime Martinez, 23, murdered; body found floating in the Belize River
The body of well-known Buena Vista resident Jaime Martinez, 23, was found floating in the Belize River in the initial stage of decomposition at about 9:00 New Year’s Day morning in Black Man Eddy, Cayo, by two men practicing in a canoe for the upcoming La Ruta Maya boat race to be held in March. The two men said that they saw what they believed was a trash bag floating in the river, but when they went to pick it up, to clean the river, they saw that it was a man floating in the water. They immediately went ashore and called police.

Coconut vendor, 27, charged with burglary with intent to commit rape
A 27-year-old man who entered a dormitory in Caye Caulker as a trespasser and told a female tourist there that he was hungry for sex was charged with burglary with intent to commit rape when he appeared today before Magistrate Emerson Banner. Windell Humes, aka “Coconut Boy,” a coconut vendor, pleaded not guilty to the charge. He was offered a bail of $6,000 and his case was adjourned until February 28. The incident occurred around 2 a.m. on December 30, 2018. The complainant, Denise Shroeder, 33, a Swiss national who is an interior designer, reported to the police, that she was asleep on a bed in a dormitory at Tropical Oasis Hostel, located on Calle La Posa, when she was awakened by someone touching her knee.

18-year-old shot in Belize City
18-year-old Malik Green was shot early Sunday morning, December 6. According to police, however, what they have uncovered in their investigation is not indicating that Green was the target, but they refused to say more so as not to jeopardize the case, they said. Green was sitting on a fence on Hunter’s Lane when he heard a gunshot and immediately realized that he had been injured. The slug hit him in the back of his right calf. He was treated and discharged the same day.

The Reporter

The Ministry of National Security has announced the appointment of Chester Williams as Commissioner of Police. Williams replaces Allen Whylie who served as ComPol since 2013. There is no word on Whylie’s next placement or future endeavors.

Edward Vincent Martinez, the brother of a sitting Minister, called a press briefing this morning. In that almost two hour long briefing he called the names of senior Police Officers and senior politicians as involved in the landing of drug planes and association with cartels.

Breaking Belize NewsPJ

Councilor Allan Pollard and Belize City Council roll out new fleet of vehicles
Today the Belize City Council unveiled a new fleet of service vehicles. Our newsroom spoke to […]

Cost of kerosene falls by 52 cents
The cost of kerosene will see a decrease at midnight. The Belize Bureau of Standards has […]

Whistleblower Edward Martinez receive threats within an hour of hosting a press conference on drug plane landings
Within an hour of hosting a ‘damning’ press conference, Edward Vincent Martinez received disturbing threats via […]

Majority of PUP supporters say ‘NO’ to the ICJ
The People’s United Party(PUP) today issued a statement informing the public that after several months of […]

Edward Martinez accuses top ranking Police Officers and Politicians of involvement in drug plane landings and the cartels
Edward Vincent Martinez, half-brother to Minister Anthony “Boots” Martinez, today called a press briefing to comment […]

Belize to host 2nd round tournament in FIBA World Cup Americas
The Belize Men’s National Basketball team began play in the first round of the FIBA World Cup […]

Waitress raped in San Pedro
Police are investigating a report of rape in San Pedro town. A 26-year-old waitress reported that […]

Father and son charged for cocaine possession
Police have arrested and charged a father and son from Corozal town who were busted with […]

Chester Williams appointed Commissioner of Police
Today, the Ministry of National Security announced via a press release the appointment of Deputy Commissioner of […]


Jyoto’s all you can eat sushi buffet is a delight!
Jyoto Japanese Restaurant and Sushi Bar opened about a year ago, and quickly became one of my favorite dinner spots. Serving authentic Japanese dishes and sushi, Chef Toshiya Tsujimoto is a firm believer in fresh local seafood and produce to provide truly excellent dishes. I’ve eaten there countless times, and as a huge sushi lover, I’m never disappointed. Chef Toshiya is a creative soul, and while searching for ways to introduce his new creations, he decided to introduce a once-a-month sushi buffet special. Talk about a dinner deal: all you can eat sushi and Japanese dishes for only $80BZ for adults, $40BZ for children ages 8 to 14, and free for children under 7. We’re talking gyoza (dumplings) to fresh sashimi – the variety is endless and totally delicious!

International Sourcesizz

Young Belizean volleyball athlete recruited to a Canadian college
Rattler Nation!! Your @MHC_rattlers men's volleyball team is elated to announce the signing of outside hitter Francis Hauze for the 2019-20 season. Francis is a 6'1" 18 year old outside hitter from Belize where he has represented his country in both indoor and beach competitions. In a recent Senior Men's World Championships qualification tournament, Francis was selected as the "best outside hitter" and was recognized as the "best server" in another tournament. Francis has represented Belize at all levels and was selected as captain of Belize U-23 National team despite his young age. Francis will be studying Visual Communications at MHC. MHC would like to welcome him and his family to Rattler Nation!

Guatemala to shut down U.N. anti-corruption body early
Guatemala notified the United Nations it was terminating a U.N.-backed anti-graft commission on Tuesday, months ahead of schedule, accusing the body of abuses of power, and prompting a swift rebuke from the U.N. secretary-general. The International Commission Against Impunity in Guatemala, or CICIG, was set up over a decade ago with the authority to conduct independent investigations and work with the country’s prosecutors, bringing down the last president in 2015. The CICIG also went after President Jimmy Morales, who said in August he would not renew the organization’s mandate, which was due to expire in September 2019. Days later, he banned CICIG head Ivan Velasquez, a hard-charging Colombian prosecutor, from re-entering the country.

Calypso Rose to perform at Coachella
This is Rose’s first time performing at the event which is scheduled to take place in Southern California from April 12 to April 14 and from April 19 to April 21. The veteran singer will be a part of a star-studded line-up of artistes which include Childish Gambino, Janelle Monae, Diplo among others. On Thursday, Rose went on her Instagram and commented on her selection for the celebrity-packed event.

IBM Introducing the World’s Highest-Resolution Global Weather Forecasting Model
IBM announced today that they will be introducing the world’s highest-resolution global weather forecasting model later in 2019--the IBM Global High-Resolution Atmospheric Forecasting System (GRAF). The model will be the first hourly-updating weather model that is able to predict something as small as a thunderstorm virtually anywhere on the planet. The current top global forecasting models, the European (ECMWF) model and the U.S. GFS model, subdivide the global atmosphere into grid boxes that average 9 kilometers and 13 kilometers on a side, respectively, then solve the mathematical equations of atmospheric flow to generate a forecast for each of those grid cells. The new GRAF model employs a variable-resolution grid, resembling a honeycomb, that can be configured with higher resolution over areas of particular interest (Figure 1). Over land areas, the GRAF grid elements will have average resolutions of 3 km, which is about 3 - 4 times greater than the European and GFS models.


  • Storyteller - Ashley Burnett, 22min. In this next installment of our storyteller series, Ashley Burnett, speaks with Christopher Beth about a trip to Belize and Guatemala that they were on together and her experiences.

  • Banana Farm in Belize, 7min.

  • Crooked Tree Lagoon - Belize, 20min.

  • Establishment of the first LBQ-led organisation in Belize,3.5 min. This sort documentary gives an in-depth insight into the birth and the development of PETAL (Promoring Empowerment Through Awareness of Les/Bi Women) in Belize. PETAL is the first LBQ-led organisation in Belize and has developed itself since 2011 into one of the leading organisation in Belize advocating for gender diversity and gender justice. PETAL’s signature intervention is called ‘Conversations’ a low-key but highly effective method which has led to mobilization and engagement of numerous LBQ-women throughout Belize.

  • How fish for Barracuda Belize 2019, 5min. How to catch Barcudas in San Pedro Belize

  • BNTU - docking of salaries of teachers who participated in the last demonstration, 45min. Representatives of the BNTU spoke to us about their current fight against the docking of salaries of teachers who participated in the last demonstration. Our guests shared that they consider it union busting and that they continue to educate teacher's about their rights to reduce the impact of these tactics. They talked about their plans for 2019. On our couch: Elena Smith - President, BNTU. Ruth Shoman - National Secretary, BNTU.

  • Book - A Narrative of Political Parties in Belize chronicles, 25min. A Narrative of Political Parties in Belize chronicles the rise and reign of the major parties that have shaped the political history of Belize. We spoke with author, Lawrence Vernon, about why such a book was necessary. Our guests shared that there is an increase in the need for local political research and that this books contributes to the literature for political pundits. On our couch: Lawrence Vernon - Author. Rolando Cocum - Senior Research and Education Officer, Institute of Social and Cultural Research (NICH).

  • Perspectives of the Universities to address the ongoing crime issues locally, 70min. We sought the perspectives of the Universities to address the ongoing crime issues locally. Our panel shared their thoughts on the social issues that have influenced the prevalence of crime and violence in communities. On our couch: Fermin Olivera - Social Work Lecturer, University of Belize. Bernard Pitts - Criminal Justice Student, Galen University. Lea Cambrane - Criminal Justice Student, Galen University.

  • Intro To [#%!] Talkshow Live, 90min.

  • Touring the Belize Zoo!, 10min. Snake Discovery took a trip to the Belize Zoo, and documented it. The part with the awesome Bairds Tapirs starts at around 1:42. Great timing with all the tapir memes around Belize right now. "While on vacation, we toured the Belize Zoo again as we just love this place! All of their animals are both rescued and native to Belize. Watch to see what all we found!"

  • BELIZE CITY AND CAYE CAULKER, 13min. On a trip of the last moments with my high school classmates, we flew to Belize to build a house for a wonderful blind man named Alberto. Keep watching to see my first video of a beautiful week with new experiences and friends.

  • Belize Barrier Reef, 9min. Scuba Diving/Snorkelling the barrier reef in Belize December 2018. A few of the dive sites include Turneffe Atoll, Hol Chan and Shark Ray Alley.">Urban Garden at ACC, 1min. We have some 16 different plants in our Urban Garden at ACC and they all grew over the Christmas Holidays! Make it one of your New Year's resolutions to get your own garden started.

  • Female Great Curassow with her chick, .5min. Every ranger patrol within wild places managed by Ya’axché is unique – often times, rangers are blessed with wildlife encounters. In this rare video, Ya’axché rangers document a female Great Curassow with her chick (comment when you can see the chick). Our rangers are playing a critical role in keeping the homes of the Great Curassows (Crax rubra) and other wild animals protected.