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Ambergris Today

Former Foreign Ministers Say Yes To ICJ
Five Former Foreign Affairs Ministers of Belize today Wednesday, January 9, 2019, signed a joint declaration supporting 'Yes' vote to take Guatemala's claim on Belize's territory to the International Court of Justice for final settlement. The declaration reads as follows: “We, former Ministers of Foreign Affairs of Belize from 1984 to 2008, after careful consideration of whether Belize should submit the Guatemalan territorial claim to the International Court of Justice (ICJ), this 9th day of January 2019, DECLARE the following:

2018 An Outstanding And Record Breaking Year For Tourism Arrivals
Key strategic marketing initiatives by BTB to promote the country as one of the world’s best tourism destinations, propelled by the addition of new international flights are among some of the salient factors that have made 2018 an outstanding and record breaking year for both overnight and cruise tourism arrivals to Belize.

Caye International Bank Named Best Private Bank In Belize For 2019
Global Finance Magazine has named Caye International Bank as one of the World's Best Private Banks for the second year running. The financial institution was named the Best Private Bank in Belize based on a range of factors that included recommendations from top analysts, public filings, company documents, and sources within the financial industry. As a leading offshore bank located on Ambergris Caye island in Belize, Caye International Bank offers exceptional customer service and professional financial services for investors from around the world.

Misc Belizean Sources


Sargassum Forecast
The following is a special update on the Sargassum situation for residents along coastal areas of the country: Latest satellite imagery suggests that sargassum concentration has decreased slightly over Belize's Coastal Waters. However, smaller mats may still be in the area and these could still affect local beaches during the next few days.

2018 Tourism Arrivals in Belize
Key strategic marketing initiatives by BTB to promote the country as one of the world’s best tourism destinations, propelled by the addition of new international flights are among some of the salient factors that have made 2018 an outstanding and record breaking year for both overnight and cruise tourism arrivals to Belize. The latest statistics reveal that 2018 not only registered a 14.6% growth in overnight tourist arrivals, but it was one of the largest increases in the last decade. In addition, cruise arrivals again surpassed the 1 million mark for the third consecutive year, representing a 19.1% increase over 2017.

Signed Declaration by Former Foreign Ministers of Belize
We, former Ministers of Foreign Affairs of Belize from 1984 to 2008. after careful consideration of whether Belize should submit the Guatemalan territorial claim to the International Court of Justice (ICJ). this 9' day of January 2019. DECLARE the following: (1) After more than 50 years of arduous negotiations, it has become clear that no Guatemalan Government will ever agree to voluntarily accept Belize's territorial integrity based on the 1859 Treaty.

Former Foreign Ministers of Belize Support ICJ
This morning the Prime Minister Rt. Hon. Dean Barrow, along with former Prime Minister Rt. Hon. Said Musa and other former foreign ministers of Belize, gathered for the historic signing of a joint declaration to support the submission of Guatemala's territorial claim to the International Court of Justice (ICJ) for final resolution.

Graffiti Fest '19
A beautiful oil on canvas painting by Carlos Carrillo, one of many pieces of art up for auction at Graffiti Fest '19. The House of Culture will be holding a fundraiser by way of a silent auction. We thank all of our participating artists for donating a piece in support of the Corozal House of Culture. While you are attending Graffiti Fest we invite you to take part in the Silent Auction which will be held inside the building.

San Pedro’s First Half-Marathon
Are you looking for an extraordinary challenge? Join-in as we Run or Walk a half marathon (13.3miles) on the serene beaches of Ambergris Caye on April 6th, 2019. Relish the chance to test your will power and physical fitness in this first-ever event geared at raising awareness on island conservation and wellness of self. Join the race for conservation and participate or sponsor San Pedro’s first Half Marathon! Stay tuned for full details coming soon!

January Bingo Night Hosted by Crazy Canucks Beach Bar
Saturday, January 12, 2019 at 5 PM. It’s Bingo time! Come on out for our January bingo night. Begins at 5pm. We will play 6 games at $2bz/card and one final game for $5bz/card. We give away plenty of shots, coozies, with each number called. And the winners take all!

SPAY & NEUTER CLINIC for San Joaquin Village
CHANGE OF DATE - SPAY & NEUTER CLINIC for San Joaquin Village has been changed to Thursday, January 10th and Friday, January 11th, 2019 at the San Joaquin Community Center from 8:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.

Rotting Carrots
Acres and acres of carrots harvested by farmers of San Carlos Village in the Orange Walk District are rotting on the fields. Farmers say they are unable to sell their product as currently imported carrot is being sold in the local market. They claim they were informed by the Agriculture Department that as of December 15th 2015 no more licence for the importation of carrot would be granted but that is not the case say farmers as they have not been able to sell one single pound of carrot and thousands of dollars of investment is rotting right before their eyes.

Power outage 6:00am to 8:00am, Friday, January 11
Dangriga, Silk Grass, Hopkins, Sittee, Maya Center, Kendall, Riversdale, Melinda, Sarawee, Hope Creek, Pomona, Alta Vista, Steadfast, Valley Community, Middlesex, Hummingbird Community, Santa Martha, St Margaret’s and Hershey. BEL to conduct urgent replacement of a switch at the Dangriga Substation and stabilize the voltage quality of power supply to customers.

BECOL / Diginet 2018 Tournament Finals
The BECOL/Diginet Basketball Tournament is coming to a close this weekend. Friday night there will be 4 games, and Saturday there will be 2 games(3 if needed). The trophy presentations will be on Saturday night at 8:30. It all happens at the SHC auditorium. There will be food and drinks on sale.


The Harvest of the Chinese Lettuce continues
The students of ACC's Gardening Club are reaping the fruits ummm vegetables of their labour. The ACC Urban Garden is an initiative of the Belize City House of Culture and Downtown Rejuvenation Project in collaboration with ACC and the Ministry of Agriculture the aim is to introduce farming and agricultural practices in an urban setting and to promote a healthy and sustainable way of living.

Channel 7

5 Former Foreign Ministers Publicly Declare ICJ Support
Last night, we told you about the big event that Prime Minister Dean Barrow and the Government of Belize had planned for today. He and 4 other former foreign ministers of Belize, who all served under past PUP Administrations, have decided to publicly declare their support for going to the ICJ. Recently, you've been seeing a lot of activity from the Belizeans who say that going to the ICJ to resolve Guatemala's territorial claim is a mistake. They've all presented their arguments as to why you should say no. So today, the Prime Minister and these 4 former diplomats were the ones making the case on why you should vote yes. 7News was there for the unveiling of this public declaration, and Daniel Ortiz reports:

Assad Shoman: Guatemala Is Still Not Clear About their Territorial Claim
At today's press conference, the press got a chance to ask Assad Shoman about what he knows about the full contents of Guatemala's territorial Claim to Belize. During these last few months leading up to the referendum, there is still uncertainty as to just how much of the country that Guatemala is claiming. One school of thought is that it is the entire territory that belongs to Belize, while the other is that it is only from the Sibun to the Sarstoon. Shoman, the Belizean diplomat and scholar with the possibly the most learning on all things Guatemala, told the press today that not even the Guatemalans themselves are sure as to exactly how much of the country they are claiming:

ComPol Chester Discusses His New Leadership
Last night's headline story was that Chester Williams was appointed as new Commissioner of Police. Now, although that is old news for us, since we were appraised of his appointment from yesterday, and even older news for those who paid attention to the Prime Minister's New Year's Eve message, Williams finally acknowledged his promotion publicly today. We caught up with Williams this morning, and he discussed how he will labor to make policing much more effective in the country as the leader of the department.

And although the public has high expectations of the new Commissioner, the Police Minister of State, Elodio Aragon, is confident in Chester Williams' competence. Elodio Aragon told us today that he remains optimistic that Williams will bring positive change to the Police Department.

Chester Wants To See Gang Mediations Continue
Chester Williams is taking the reins of the Police Department at a very crucial point. Division has plagued the department in recent years and a significant sector of the community is steadily losing trust in them as a consequence of the few corrupt cops who have caught the public's attention. As the police commander of south side Belize City, Williams made a name for himself as a gang mediator and as someone that favors the soft police approach. He told us today that although he will no longer be engaged in those activities directly, he hopes to partner with other gang intervention organizations and he also spoke about his zero tolerance policy when it comes to dirty cops.

ComPol To Whistleblower: Bring Your Proof
And while Chester Williams maintains the Department's zero tolerance for police misbehavior, he may have to consider that there are some rogue officers who have remained under the radar. That's because at a very bizarre press conference yesterday, whistleblower Edward Martinez, claimed he had solid evidence incriminating several high level officials within the police department and the government, and linking them to the multiple drug plane landings that spontaneously cropped up around the country since November 2017. Of course, we have not revealed the names mentioned for libel reasons but still, the very thought of it is appalling. Yesterday, when we asked Chester Williams about it, he did not have much to say. And, after all the news outlets have carried the story, Williams hasn't seen the press conference. Today, we brought up the topic again, and he was brief in his comments:

Police Minister Also Wants To See Evidence
We also got a chance to speak with Minister of State in the Ministry of National Security, Elodio Aragon. He was once at the forefront of the Police Department as the Deputy Commissioner of Police, and was well on his way to becoming Commissioner, before he hung his police uniform in favor of a guayabera back in 2014. Now as the second in charge of Ministry of National Security, we asked him for his take on these serious accusations, but still unsubstantiated allegations that whistle-blower Martinez is making. He said that until he sees proof, he doesn't have much to say:

San Pedro Cops' Accounts Of The Jamir Leal Beatdown
The Leal family is now focusing on putting that ugly San Pedro beat down behind them. As we have reported, the two officers PC Tyrell Rowley and PC Samir Medina will be charged criminally. Now what do these officers have to say for themselves? Well, the shocking video and Leal's account of the event has taken over the spotlight but the officers have their own version. 7News has a copy of both Medina and Rowley's official statements. In it, Rowley says that they were called out to respond to a fight at Playa Bar and Grill. When they got there, they saw about 5 men engaged in a fight. Rowley says that is when he intervened and Jamir Leal punched him in the face.

Baby Tevin Is Recovering; Needs Your Help
Baby Tevin Cacho is at home with his mom recovering. He has made an extraordinary come back against all odds. Little Tevin is now talking and eating. As you remember, little Tevin was run over by a GSU truck in mid-December. Now the road to recovery isn't over yet, Tevin still has to take another surgery and he needs your help to raise money. We met his mom Shereema Moody at the hospital and she told us more about Tevin's progress and the fundraising event. Shereema Moody, Mother: "He just took a surgery in his head right now they didn't find any infection in his head so far, no nothing but this main bone right here that is the one that is broken so they have to do another surgery on that..."

Accident Victim Ramirez Passes
The western highway accident victim Solomon Ramirez died today. As we had reported, On Sunday night, Toyota 4 runner driver Andrew Mitchell was heading to Belmopan and he rear ended Ramirez on his motorcycle. Ramirez was violently flung from his cycle and slammed into the pavement. He was admitted in a critical condition but he passed away today.

FCD Discusses Referendum and What It Could Mean For Chiquibul
At the top of the news, we showed you the public declaration that Prime Minister Dean Barrow and the 4 former PUP foreign Minister's signed today to encourage Belizeans to vote yes in the upcoming ICJ referendum. One person that might have an interesting take on the whole matter is the Executive Director of Friends for Conservation and Development. He and his organization have been at the frontlines, as they continue their efforts to preserve Belize's forests in the Chiquibul region, despite intensive Guatemalan incursions. A bilateral state solution to the problem is lacking as a direct consequence of the territorial dispute. So, whatever is decided come April 10th will inevitably have long term effects on FCD's continued efforts. With that in mind today we spoke to Rafael Manzanero on the matter and here is what he told us.

FCD Pinches Pennies For Conservation Work
The FCD has a huge protected area to cover and with very limited man power. To make ends meet, the Protected Areas Conservation Trust recently made a handsome donation to the non-profit conservation organization. Executive Director Rafael Manzanero told us today how those monies will be disbursed and how they will be used to further their conservation efforts along the western border. Rafael Manzanero, Executive Director: "We basically at FCD we received approximately 1.3 million dollars for the next 3 years. So technically that is using about $400,000 every year from PACT funds and that will be used primarily for having the rangers on the ground. The idea really is to maintain the presence in those STPs..."

2018 Was A Good Year For Tourism
It might not have been a good year for crime in Belize, but 2018 was a great year for tourism. The BTB is calling it "an outstanding and record breaking year for tourism arrivals". The BTB says this is due to "the marketing initiatives to promote the country as one of the world's best tourism destinations and it's due to the addition of new international flights." As it relates to overnight tourism, 2018 saw a 14.6 percent growth which translates to an increase of over 62,000 visitors. In a release it states "it's one of the largest increases in the last decade".

Channel 5

Declaration by Former Foreign Ministers of Belize in Favor of I.C.J.
It was a rare appearance by four People’s United Party former foreign ministers and Prime Minister Dean Barrow, who has also served as foreign minister. This morning they stood united [...]

Assad Doesn’t Believe Peace Movement Info on 1859 Treaty is Credible
Over the past few months the Belize Peace Movement, a team of politicians from the People’s United Party and the Belize Progressive Party has been running its own counter campaign [...]

Former P.U.P. Foreign Ministers Say They Don’t Speak for the Party
It was truly a historic moment that played out at the Biltmore today; former P.U.P. Prime Minister Said Musa joined current U.D.P. Prime Minister Dean Barrow sharing the same stage [...]

Lisa Shoman: “The current Foreign Minister is not the issue”
Attorney Lisa Shoman was Foreign Affairs Minister between June 2007 and the 2008 general elections.  While today she signed the declaration, back in April 2018, Shoman, who made her thoughts [...]

Prime Minister Hopeful for a ‘Yes’ Vote
A recent poll commissioned by the government revealed that the number of persons who are against taking Guatemala’s claim to the I.C.J. for final resolution has increased by twelve percent [...]

Referendum Unit to Ramp Up Education Campaign
Many have criticized the Government’s I.C.J. Referendum Education Campaign, saying that information is not being distributed impartially to the wider population.  Prime Minister Dean Barrow today assured that by April [...]

ComPol and Police Minister Question Whistle-blower’s Credibility
Vicente Martinez, the whistleblower, held a lengthy press conference on Tuesday calling out names of high ranking police officers he claims are involved with drug cartels that have been landing [...]

Shot in the Face for Inquiring About a Locked Up Sibling
While the police department welcomes a new commissioner who vows a no-nonsense approach to brutality and abuse, there are still officers within the ranks of law enforcement that are prone [...]

Junior Minister Elodio Aragon on New ComPol
Senior cop Chester Williams officially took over as Commissioner of Police today. It came as no surprise that Williams was in line to replace Allen Whylie. Whylie was serving in [...]

Chester Williams Honoured by New Appointment
While he refused to confirm his appointment as Commissioner, minutes before the announcement was made on Tuesday, Chester Williams in a brief comment to the media today, commended his predecessor [...]

New ComPol’s Plans to Lower Murder Count for 2019
At the end of 2018, one hundred and forty-three persons were killed; this is the second highest count in seven years and it doesn’t factor the amount of persons missing [...]

Mediation with Gangs through CYDP
With the new office comes new responsibilities and that means an end to mediation with gangs; that is, at least for Williams. He told the media today that he will [...]

Man Succumbs to RTA Injuries 3 Days Later
Fifty-four-year-old Solomon Ramirez has succumbed to road traffic accident injuries three days after he was knocked off his motorcycle. Ramirez was in a coma and on life support since Sunday [...]

Baby Nelson Tavora Needs Urgent Surgery to Treat His Hydrocephalus Condition
A baby boy in Bella Vista needs your help. His family is trying to get funds for him to undergo much needed surgery. Nelson Javier Tavora was born almost two [...]

Health Minister Comments on Corozal Baby’s Untimely Death
An investigation into the untimely death of eleven-week-old baby boy Dion Woodeye Junior is currently underway. The investigation was launched by the Ministry of Health after the baby died at [...]

M.O.E. Meets with Maya Mopan Villagers; Issues Are Aired Out
As scheduled, the Ministry of Education was in Maya Mopan Village to look into why parents are keeping their children at home. Today marked the third day since over ninety [...]

Taiwan ICDF Scholarship Programme Officially Open to Applicants
The Embassy of China (Taiwan) is pleased to announce that the 2019 Taiwan ICDF Scholarship Programme has officially opened. The embassy is now accepting applications from Belizean students who are [...]

An Informant Comes Forward and Calls Out Police Department for Complicity in Transnational Drug Activities
The name Edward Martinez may ring a bell. He is a former self-admitted contrabandista and also the brother of a government minister. Martinez has been posting critical information on Facebook [...]

Was Zambada Right About the Jewel Being Part of El Chapo’s Drug Empire?
Incarcerated Mexican drug trafficker Vicente Zambada dropped a bombshell in a U.S. Supreme Court last Thursday when he testified against Joaquin ‘El Chapo’ Guzman.  Under oath, Zambada touched on El [...]

Chester Williams, New Commissioner of Police
Within minutes of a press conference hosted by Chester Williams, a brief release was issued confirming that Williams is moving up as Commissioner of Police beginning this Wednesday. Allen Whylie [...]

Whistle-blower is Prepared to Work with ComPol Chester Williams
With today’s revelation, though largely unsubstantiated, the incoming top cop will have to address the issue of his officers being involved in drug trafficking.  With Edward Vincent Martinez coming forward [...]

PCs Tyrell Rowley & Samir Medina to be Criminally Charged
On Monday, the Police Department said that two cops who brutalized two brothers from San Pedro and caught on widely circulated videos, will not face criminal charges. Less than twenty-four [...]

What’s the Fate of San Pedro Officers?
But while PCs Tyrell Rowley and Samir Medina are expected to be charged criminally with wounding and harm, incoming Commissioner Chester Williams also spoke on the scope of the internal [...]

3 Officers Dismissed from the Department for Missing Cocaine
On the issue of police misconduct, Williams also gave an update on the case of three officers, namely: Corporal Clinton Thomas and Police Constables Kishane Peck and Albert Augustine. All [...]

P.U.P. Leader Says Ex-Foreign Ministers Do Not Speak for the Party
Prime Minister Dean Barrow has called a press conference for Wednesday morning. It is known that the purpose is to reveal a declaration signed by former foreign ministers, including from [...]

Elections and Boundaries Prepares for I.C.J. Referendum
The Elections and Boundaries Department says they are getting ready for the April tenth referendum. Chief Elections Officer Josephine Tamai says that the registration cut-off date for persons who want [...]

Garry Yearwood Out on Ten Thousand Dollars Bail
Thirty-nine-year-old Garry Yearwood is out on bail of ten thousand dollars after having been remanded on January fourth for aggravated assault.  This morning, the B.T.L. employee appeared before Justice Collin [...]

Fitzroy Says an Eyewitness Will Corroborate Garry’s Account
According to the career lawman, Riverol could not have been in fear of her life if she tailed her former common-law husband from Belize City to Los Lagos and then [...]

Anthony Bennett-Velasquez Committed to Stand Trial for Murder
Also from the courts…Anthony Bennett-Velasquez will have to stand trial for murder of Erbin Garrido, which occurred in May 2018. The thirty-eight-year-old Belize City resident is accused of killing Garrido [...]

Woman is Raped in San Pedro
A twenty-six-year-old waitress from San Pedro claims she was raped over the weekend on the island.  The woman was in front of the San Pedro Poly Clinic, when she was [...]

Corozal Father & Son Charged of Drug Trafficking
Two family members from Corozal have been charged with drug trafficking following a search at their home in the Altamira area. Thirty-six-year-old Michael Nugent Senior and his son, eighteen-year-old Michael [...]

CitCo Purchases 24 New Motor Vehicles
The Belize City Council today displayed twenty-four new motor vehicles which were purchased as part of the council’s plan to address congested traffic flows, citizen security in the city and [...]

Mayor Wagner Wants Pier One Bar Moved
After the ceremony, Mayor Bernard Wagner fielded questions from the media and one of the topics was the location of Pier One Bar. The infamous establishment received negative reviews after [...]

Holy Emmanuel Street to be Rehabilitated
Mayor Bernard Wagner was also asked about the state of Holy Emmanuel Street in the Gungulung area. After Mayor Wagner and his team took over management of the city, it [...]

Elections and Boundaries Updates on Registered Voters
In an interview with the press today, Chief Elections Officer Josephine Tamai gave an update on the status of the re-registration. Last year, a three-month mass re-registration exercise ran through [...]

Voter’s I.D. Cards Will Soon Be Available
And what about ID cards for those who have registered months ago? Well, the Elections and Boundaries Department says they are a little behind with the distribution since they haven’t [...]

Day 2 of Student Strike Continues at Maya Mopan Primary School
Since the end of last week, we’ve been reporting on growing tensions in the Maya Mopan Village. Parents and the Alcalde in the village say there has been a number [...]


New Compol will not be intimately involved in gang interventions
Today is the first day that Chester Williams is serving as the Commissioner of Police. He received a few words of encouragement from the Minister of State in the Ministry of National Security Elodio Aragon and also mentioned that while he moves onto a more strategic role in the police department, he will not be …

Sixty-five percent of voters re-registered
Tonight, we can tell you that sixty five percent of the amount listed on the last voters’ registry has gone in to re-register at the Elections and Boundaries Department. The re-registration exercise began in July 2018 with eight million dollars budgeted to carry out the exercise. Josephine Tamai, the Chief Elections Officer, told the media …

Ministry Meets with Maya Mopan School on Issues
The CEO of the Ministry of Deborah Domingo says the Chief Education Officer and the general manager have gone to Maya Mopan today to meet with teachers members of the village and the administration. Domingo says that some of the issues as related by the Alcalde are still not clear. Deborah Domingo CEO Ministry of …

Boots Martinez Marches away from his Brothers drug plane, cop and ministers comments
Edward Vincent Martinez, the brother of Minister Anthony “Boots” Martinez held a press conference on Tuesday alleging that several ministers of Government and high ranking politicians are involved in narco-trafficking and the landing of planes on clandestine airstrips across the country. We asked Minister Martinez about the allegations his brother has made against his cabinet …

ICJ Support Declaration signed by 4 Former Foreign Minister of Belize
The declaration was read by former PUP Foreign Minister, Lisa Shoman. Shoman, who was appointed by former PM Said Musa held the post from June 2007 until the February 2008 General elections. Shoman opened by acknowledging that after 50 years of negotiations, Guatemala will not voluntarily agree to accept Belize’s territorial integrity based on the …

Fantastic 5- PM and 4 PUP Foreign Ministers say YES to ICJ
Former PUP Foreign Minister and historian Assad Shoman had already joined the Government’s pro-ICJ campaign by making presentations for the yes vote across the country. On Tuesday the Leader of the Opposition sent a press release stating that he is continuing his listening tour across the country and expected to make a decision soon on …

BTB: “Last 10 years tourist arrivals have more than doubled in growth”
A release issued by the Belize Tourism Board notes, quote, “2018 was a very successful year for overnight tourism in Belize. There was a 14.6% increase in overnight arrivals in 2018, which translates to an increase of over 62,000 overnight visitors. The total overnight arrivals to Belize is now only about 10,000 short of reaching …

Will Pier 1 be replaced?
Love News also asked Mayor Wagner about the infamous Pier 1 bar which sits adjacent to the BTL Park on the entertainment strip in Belize City. The park is one of the few places that’s considered child-friendly and family oriented throughout the entire city. The 55 thousand plus residents of Belize City utilize this safe …

Belize City 20% Discount- a thing of the Past
It has often been a tradition for the Belize City Council to offer a substantial discount to entities that pay their taxes on time. The yearly, fiscal tradition it seems had only benefited people who are well to do and not the cash strapped public. Belize City Mayor Bernard Wagner told Love News that this …

Man succumbs to injuries
Solomon Ramirez passed away this morning at the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital. Ramirez was in the news on Monday as he was the victim of a traffic incident on Sunday, January 6 on the George Price Highway. The incident happened between miles twenty-seven and twenty-eight, involving an SUV driven by Andrew Mitchell and the motorbike …

Chester Williams promoted to Commissioner of Police
Just after midday today the Ministry of National Security announced the promotion of Deputy Commissioner of Police, Chester Williams to the post of Commissioner of the Belize Police Department effective January 9, 2019. Williams succeeds Allen Whylie who served in that post from 2013. The Minister of National Security John Saldivar thanked Whylie for his …

Will Krooman Lagoon Residents be moved?
The Krooman Lagoon provides drainage for the City easing the flow of water into the sea to prevent flooding. In 2007, it was discovered that nine acres at the western end was sold to businessman Jitendra Chawla, also known as Jack Charles. Efforts to save the catchment basin which had been known to be populated …

Mayor speaks about infrastructural development in Belize City
Earlier in the newscast we told you about the more than half million dollars investment the Belize City Council has made towards the mobilization of its employees. But other than the fleet, there were a few other campaign promises that the council made prior to getting into office. The media asked Mayor Wagner when Holy …

Man predicts plane landings Police, Politicians and Cartels
Several members of the United Democratic Party and the Belize Police Department were named this morning as being allegedly involved in the drug trade and plane landings in the country. The press conference was not led by any public figure or organization but rather by a Belizean man who has been active on Facebook and …

New Commissioner of Police Chester Williams reacts to allegations surrounding drug plane landings in Belize
While Vincent held his conference in Belize City, simultaneously in the Capital, Deputy Commissioner of Police Chester Williams was questioned about the allegations and possible evidence incriminating members of the police department and government. Chester Williams, Deputy Commissioner of Police: “But I can assure you that if any information is revealed that we believe is …

Police Officers accused of stashing 27 parcels of cocaine are dismissed from the force
Three police officers have been kicked out of the force after an investigation into their involvement with the disappearance of 27 parcels of cocaine. That case was opened in April, 2017 when officers of the Special Patrol Unit were accused of misconduct. The officers, Corporal Clinton Thomas and Police Constables Kishane Peck and Albert Augustine …

Re-registration exercise on its final lap
At the top of the news we told you about the PUP’s hedging towards a No to the ICJ vote in the upcoming April Referendum. This coincides with the re-registration process which commenced on July 2, 2018 and it is now on its final lap. Persons who have not registered as yet can still do …

Leal brothers press charges against police officers after former Deputy Commissioner intervenes
The current Deputy Commissioner of Police Chester Williams will be installed as the new Commissioner of Police on Wednesday, replacing outgoing commissioner Allen Whylie. Today, while still in his capacity as deputy, we spoke with Williams on several important stories prior to his promotion. DCP Williams called on the media to provide information on a …

The Reporter

Former Foreign Minister Eamon Courtenay Says ICJ Declaration Is A Circus
Former Foreign Minister Eamon Courtenay was not present today for the signing of the declaration urging Belizeans to vote YES to go to the ICJ. The Reporter reached out to Courtenay for comment.

This morning January 9th. 2019 – Five former Foreign Ministers of Belize, Ambassador Lisa Shoman, Hon. Said Musa, Prime Minister Dean Barrow, Godrey Smith and Ambassador Assad Shoman – have come together to pen a joint declaration in favour of taking the Guatemalan claim to the ICJ. Notably absent is former Foreign Minister Eamon Courtenay.

Breaking Belize NewsPJ

6 year old child missing in San Ignacio
A 6 year old child from San Ignacio, Cayo has been reported missing. Keliyah Williams was […]

The ICJ Referendum: 10 Weeks to Decision day
The views expressed in this article are those of the writer and not necessarily those of Breaking Belize […]

Victim in road traffic accident succumbs to injuries
Solomon Ramirez passed away today after fighting for his life since Sunday night. That was when […]

Elrington and Courtney didn’t sign declaration on voting YES to go to the ICJ
Prime Minister Dean Barrow held a press conference today to inform Belizeans of a joint declaration signed […]

Police investigating carnal knowledge after girl, 16, makes report against her boyfriend
Stann Creek police are investigating a case of carnal knowledge. The complainant is a sixteen-year-old […]

Belizean politicians unite for ‘Yes’ to ICJ joint declaration
A group of Belizean politicians; five former Foreign Affairs Ministers including immediate former Prime Minister […]

Garry Yearwood granted bail
Garry Yearwood, the brother of police inspector Fitzroy Yearwood who was arrested last week for […]

San Ignacio among top budget-friendly places to visit in 2019
The Travel, a popular online travel site, has named San Ignacio, Belize among its top […]

Mayor Bernard Wagner: Pier One must relocate
Last month Asher Saunders was gunned down inside the Pier One Night Club in Belize […]

Prime Minister to host press conference on ICJ today
PM Barrow will host a press conference this morning in Belize City. The main topic of […]


Noisy Neighbors and What To Do In Rainy Weather
While the featured image above is of my new neighbors, thankfully it is not the noisy ones. You will see them below. The building is the new “French Kiss at Sunset” Restaurant. Aside from a great view for sunset cocktails, they will be offering lunch eventually. At the start it will be 3:00 pm opening for, dinner, drinks, outdoor seating and catering. The planned opening date is January 15th. They are finalizing their menu this week and will soon be ready to share what delectable dishes they will be offering. Rainy days are a perfect time for us island girls to get house chores done. During the last daytime rain, I decided to do some lingerie Feng Shui (closet cleaning). My wardrobe has gotten a little unruly. I needed to pare down of things I have not worn in a long time and get them to the charity dress rack at CG Esthetic with proceeds going to the kitchen at Hope Haven Shelter.

Little Things In My House in Belize That Spark Joy, Lemons and Green Beans
What new products have I found in the last year – both in San Pedro – and shipped from the states – that spark joy in me. I’ll focus on the JOY and leave the TIDY and DECLUTTER part for later. That part kinda sparks dread in me. We are talking INSIDE the house items – not the ones outside that I’ve become mildly obsessed about in 2018. Like sea beans and birding. These ones below are now available most of the time and at decent prices. (It’s all relative. $8bzd for a pound of grapes may seem CRAZY to you….but if they spark intense joy? It’s a pittance!)

The 7 Best Beaches in Belize to Visit in 2019
We’re not sure how many beaches scientists visited to reach the universal conclusion that beaches do more for a person’s mental well-being than hours on a psychiatry couch, but when Christine Heiser explored the benefits of beaches for NBC News, her findings were conclusive. Beaches not only make people feel better and calmer but the psychological benefits of vacationing near beaches are endless. From the color blue (it changes brain waves) to the sound of waves lulling beach dwellers into states of tranquility, beaches are just what the doctor ordered. The smartest doctors recommend Belize beaches. Belize has a disproportionate number of beaches in relation to its landmass, so it can be hard to pick just one. We’ve chosen 7 to recommend, but if you’re eager to unwind, perhaps you should visit them all. Even if you're staying at one of the many famouse Belize beach resorts, you still don't want to miss these other amazing beaches in Belize.

Sunrises in Belize
One of the greatest things about living in San Pedro, Ambergris Caye are the one of a kind sunrises. There are many different venues to see these spectacular sunrises, you just have to be out of bed for it. The time here in Belize does not change much due to the fact that we are close to the equator. So in the winter we will have 12 hours of daylight and in the summer, we will have 13 hours of daylight. So basically you can guarantee that sunrise will be somewhere between 5:00 to 5:40 depending on the time of year. Don’t sleep in and miss it because you most certainly will enjoy the tranquility of the morning. And you just may spot some dolphins lurking around the coral while you enjoy the beauty of the sunrise!

International Sourcesizz

Your Guide to Belize
This Central American gem offers ocean adventure and luxurious R&R for snowbirds. From the jungle to the ocean, with an exotic dash of island living, the Central American country of Belize has a diverse range of opportunities for snowbirds looking to retreat from the cold of the Midwest. Having recently been invited to visit Belize, I was delightfully awakened to its vast, varying topography. A running joke among many natives is how unaware most humans are as to where in the world Belize is located. So, just in case you are scratching your head right now with the vision of that grade school globe spinning around in your mind, let’s back up and do a quick refresher game of “Where in the World is Belize?” For Midwest folks who need to refresh their fading memory of that yellow blazing object in the sky, Belize may be just the ticket you are looking for.

Rotary Club of O’Fallon donates $1000 to Belize Children’s Program
The Rotary Club of O’Fallon was honored to welcome Mr. Don Barlow as the guest speaker. Don joined Rotary in 1966 and is a proud member of the Belleville Rotary Club. Don is one of the original Rotary members who founded the Belize Children’s Project, a joint program between our Rotary District 6510 (covers the lower 1/3 of Illinois) and Shriner’s Children’s Hospital in St Louis. This joint partnership will celebrate its 42nd Anniversary in June 2019. Rotary and Shriners team together to help orthopedically-disabled children of Belize live healthy productive lives.

Central Michigan U Student Builds Greenhouse For Orphans
Taylor Crowley, an environmental studies major from Central Michigan University, enhanced her learning in a rather unconventional way — working under the blistering Belizean sun to help construct a greenhouse for orphaned girls to grow food. Crowley spent six weeks in the often 100-degree heat of San Ignacio, Belize, in order to use her studies in a hands-on, project-orientated environment. Though the labor was often challenging, strenuous, and at times impossibly demanding, Crowley walked away with a greater passion for learning and a newfound sense of environmental connectivity.

Region Urged To Brace For Increased Drought, Dry Spells
The Barbados-based Caribbean Institute for Meteorology and Hydrology says chances of drought and recurrent dry spells have increased except in the Bahamas and Cuba during the first three months of this year. The agency, in its Caribbean Climate Outlooks released on Tuesday, said that with an El Nińo on forecast, chances of drought and recurrent dry spells during the dry season are increased and that region-wide extreme drought is unlikely. “Dry spells are common, while the chance of heavy rainfall increases steadily. Temperatures will, at times, become uncomfortably hot for vulnerable portions of the population. Moreover, forecasts suggest warmer than usual temperatures, with the possibility of heat waves in May, particularly in Belize and Trinidad.

Discover The History Of Chocolate And Its Connection To The Caribbean Region
Globally, chocolate is a billion-dollar industry, and some of the best chocolate comes from the Caribbean. This is because cacao farmers in the Caribbean primarily cultivate Criollo and Trinitario cacao trees that produce cacao pods and beans which eventually become fine cacao or flavor cacao. Fine cacao produced almost exclusively in the Caribbean region is used to create premium chocolate and to discover the history of chocolate is to understand its connection to the Caribbean region. For the Caribbean region, the International Cocoa Council has certified Dominica, Grenada, Saint Lucia, and Trinidad & Tobago as 100% producers of fine flavor cacao. Jamaica is certified for 95% and Belize for 50% of their output being fine flavor.


  • Prime Minister's Press Conference, 2hr.

  • Press Conference of ICJ Referendum, 26min.

  • Former Foreign Ministers say YES to the ICJ, 20min.

  • HOUSE HUNTERS INTERNATIONAL Going Big in Belize, 21min.

  • Channel 5 Obituaries - Justin Nicholas Sr., 3.5min.

  • Puma in the Pine Ridge, 1min. On our second trip to the Mountain Pine Ridge (in our 80 series Land Cruiser) with our friends Mark and Zoe, we took a road less traveled and our paths crossed with 1 of the largest cats in Belize, a PUMA!!!! What a beautiful cat!!! It was only about 30-40ft in front of us, but in the dash cam video it looks further away. So if you can watch the video on a large screen tv, the view of the Puma will be better than an iPhone. A once in a lifetime opportunity, we’re so glad Mark and Zoe got to experience this with us!

  • Snorkeling with Sharks in Belize, 7min. Our next stop on our Western Caribbean Cruise aboard the Carnival Miracle takes us to Belize where we have an amazing time snorkeling with Sharks and Stingrays with a stop at Caye Caulker island.

  • Off-roading in Belize’s Mountain Pine Ridge, 1min.

  • Baby Cane toad in Belize, 3min.

  • San Pedro and San Ignacio, 4min. Had an amazing time in Belize Fishing, scuba diving, exploring, spending time on the beach, exploring the towns, and all the amazing activities this epic country has to offer. I will for sure be back one day!

  • Explore Belize 2018, 9min.

  • International Friendly || Verdes FC vs Armadillos FC, 80min.