So, now that Chester Williams is in charge, he's re-shuffling the deck of the senior command. We asked him to discuss his decisions about the reassignment of senior officers:

Chester Williams - Commissioner of Police
"You know that we have restructured the department recently where we have two deputies, was myself and Mr. Broaster. Now with me moving up to commissioner, Mr. Broaster becomes the first deputy, so he is the deputy, he is next to me. After Mr. Broaster you have Mr. Mariano who is going to be the second deputy. Then we have Mr. Broaster who moves over as well to commander national operations and crime because that desk is the desk of the senior deputy. So he will be in charge of operations and crime but under Mr. Mariano, you have two persons who are going to be assistant commissioners. Mr. Myvette retains the role of assistant commissioner for crimes and Mr. Marco Vidal will now take up the role of assistant commissioner for operations. Mr. Mariano now takes over as commander administration, under him you have commander management service and that is assistant commissioner of police Mrs. Deseriee Magdaleno and then under that now we'll have the planning performance and inspection unit will now be merged with the legal office. So it will now be legal planning research inspection and implementation unit and that will be headed by assistant commissioner of police Mr. Bartholomew Jones has been tapped to head that unit considering the fact that he is the legal advisor. Under him you'll have Mr. Rosado who will be his deputy then you have different desks within that office to ensure that we create policies for the department that are going to work in making us more effective and the implementation aspect of that office will ensure whatever policies we make are fully implemented because one of the major issues we are having is that of implementation."

"In eastern division, Mariano leaves that vacant again by coming to Belmopan, Mr. Aldan Dawson has been tapped to head eastern division regional commander. Mr. Alford Grinage moves over to JIAC and assistant senior superintendent Sandra Bowden moves over to southern regional commander. Mr. Linden Flowers remains at the western regional commander, Mr. Castellanos remains as the northern regional commander. The vacancy left by Mr. Dawson in eastern division region 3 is now taken up by senior superintendent of police Mr. Lincoln Helmsley."

2 very interesting changes involve Senior Superintendents Marco Vidal and Howell Gillett. As you heard, Vidal is leaving as the Head of National Special Branch to take up the post as commander Ops, and Gillett, who was the very high profile head of Eastern Division Region 1, will be his replacement in the police's most secretive unit. We asked the Commissioner to discuss these 2 officers:

Daniel Ortiz
"We understand that Mr. Howell Gillett, we're told he's soon to be assistant police commissioner Gillet may be moving over to special branch. Are you able to confirm?"

Chester Williams
"Yes Mr. Gillett leaves eastern division region 1 and he's now the commander of special branch. Mr. Daniel Arzu now heads eastern division region 1."

Daniel Ortiz
"Now sir, do you foresee any sort of redundancy issues with Mr. Broaster and the other operations officer you had mentioned Mr. Vidal if I'm mistaken. Is there any sort of redundancy issue that you all may encounter given that you have two operations related managers?"

Chester Williams
"No, you have to understand there is a clear line between the two of them. Mr. Broaster is commander national operations and crime, so Mr. Broaster is at the top and under him you have a commander crime, you have a commander operations. So both of those two officers report to Mr. Broaster, then Mr. Broaster reports to the commissioner. Each terms of reference is different in their own way, so the officers will have their respective terms of references that will guide them in terms of what are their respective roles and functions."

We understand that both Vidal and Gillett will be receiving a promotion to the rank of Assistant Police Commissioner later this week.

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