It was announced last Tuesday that Chester Williams had been appointed as the new Commissioner of Police - and today it was made official when the outgoing Compol handed over the command to him.

But Allen Whylie - top cop for a record 6 years - did not go quietly into that good night.  

This afternoon at the Police Training Academy in Belmopan, Whylie had a mouthful to say on , the abrupt end of his tenure as the top cop.  

In front of the highest state and Government officials, Whylie lashed out at the media, his critics, and persons who he says were his enemies within, who according to him, all had a hand in getting him removed from the post. 

It was a 23 minute speech, but here are a few choice comments that he made during his salty swan song:

Allen Whylie - Outgoing Commissioner of Belize
"As commissioner you develop friends, some who are genuine and others who want to be near you to be such an authoritative figure. I can tell you, that you also develop enemies for some unknown reasons. Over the last 2 years, I have experienced firsthand where there was an organized sustained coordinated and systematic attacks against myself as the commissioner of police via social media by persons whom did not know me personally. Attacks were also made by influential members of the opposition and also by some sectors of the media. Whilst I have never responded to those attacks as I was a member of a disciplined body and a public servant. As of 9th January 2019, I have been retired, so I am free to speak and whatever I say can no longer be associated with the Belize Police Department. I can say with all honesty that those attacks did not phase me, they did not distract me from the tasks that was at hand which was to seek ways to improve the welfare of all members of the Belize Police Department as well as to ensure and enhance the provisions of services, to ensure the safety and security of our citizenry. To my surprise, I will say that those persons ultimately achieved the objectives when on the 8th January 2019, I was called to a meeting and was informed that I was been retired effective immediately. I have served a little over 31 years as a police officer except for a period where I first served as the Chief Executive Officer for the Ministry of National Security and later as the Chief Executive Officer for the Ministry of Defence. I can say without a doubt, to those persons who were apart of the campaign to get me replaced or fired, that you have not broken me. You have not taken away anything from me. I am still the same humble person who says what he means and means what he says."

"Those who have wronged me, know who they are. I want to let them know that I have forgiven then because I am first and foremost a spiritual person. To those officers who are gloating or prancing or crowing and gleeful as if they have won the super bowl or the lotto, I say to you do not be because unlike you, my book is already written. There was a beginning, middle and an ending. I have left the Belize Police Department with my head held high, my pride intact, my integrity intact and my reputation intact."

From there, Whylie went on to discuss why he disagrees with anyone who says that he has been ineffective as the Commissioner of Police. He asserted that the crime situation during his tenure was significantly improved:

Allen Whylie
"A lot of hype has been made of the issue of crime in Belize and the supposedly ineffectiveness of myself as the commissioner of police and the Belize Police Department. Since this is my last opportunity on the public stage, I will set the record straight. When I took over command in 2013, Belize had experienced at the end of December 31st 2012, there was 2,772 major incidents recorded. I can tell you that we have never reached that level under my command. Over my last 6 years in command of the Belize Police Department, there were only 2 periods where minor increases in major crimes were recorded namely 2014 where 2,494 cases were recorded compared to 2013 where 2,395 cases were recorded. An increase of 99 case or 4%. The other occasion was in 2018, where 1,371 major incidents were recorded in comparison to 2017 when 1,337 cases were recorded. A merry increase of 34 cases or 2.5%. During my 6 years in command, we took over 1,048 firearms off the streets of Belize across this entire country and we took 15,944 assorted rounds of ammunition from across this country. From 2013 to 2016, crime was reduced from the high of 2,772 major incidents to as I indicated at 2018, 1,371 incidents. A reduction of 1,401 major incidents or 50.5%. So tell me, how could I have been ineffective? As I said there was a coordinated media campaign by persons and that was well known."

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