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The San Pedro Sun

Taiwan’s Ambassador to Belize, Remus Li-Kou Chen pays a visit to Ambergris Caye
Seeking to strengthen the relationship between Taiwan and Belize’s municipalities, Taiwan’s Ambassador to Belize Remus Li-Kou Chen was in San Pedro Town from Thursday, January 10th to Sunday, January 13th. Ambassador Chen attended a private meeting with Mayor Daniel Guerrero, Deputy Mayor Ruben Gonzalez, Councilor Hector ‘Tito’ Alamilla, Councilor Flora Ancona, Councilor Gary Grief, Councilor Gabriel Nuñez and Councilor Severo Guerrero at San Pedro Town Council (SPTC) on Friday, January 11th, where they discussed various projects on the island that can be beneficial to both Taiwan and Belize.

San Pedranos hold fundraisers to help baby Nelson Tabora
A group of devoted San Pedrano youth, along with the Rotary Club of Ambergris Caye and Nayobie’s Hope for Children Project held separate fundraisers on Saturday, January 12th and Sunday, January 13th to assist a family in southern Belize, whose young baby, Nelson Tabora, is suffering from Hydrocephalus. This disease is causing his head to grow abnormally, and his family is in need of financial assistance to provide Nelson with the necessary medical treatments. The unity of island residents was once again reflected in the result of the fundraisings that collected a total of $2,912.49. These funds will be delivered to Nelson’s family for medical expenses.

HIV Statistical Report 2017 shows that the virus is still an issue in Belize
The Ministry of Health (MOH) recently released their Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) Statistical Report for 2017, showing an increase of infections among more males than females. Over 30,000 HIV tests were conducted across the country, with a total of 223 people testing positive. Of that number, 124 were males, and 99 were females. According to the report, a total of 30,435 HIV tests were conducted in 2017, while an additional 6,512 tests were reported by non-Belize Health Information System sources such as the Belize Family Life Association, outreach programs including Agriculture and Trade Show, Regional Testing Day and World AIDS Day activities. The report further shows that more women test positive up to age 39 years, except those 10-14 years and those 20-24 years (of which more males test positive).

Christopher Newport University Student-Teachers collaborate with educational institutions on Ambergris Caye
A group of 11 students working on their Master’s degree at the Christopher Newport University (CNU) in the State of Virginia, USA were on Ambergris Caye collaborating with island teachers and students. Throughout two weeks, from Saturday, January 5th to Saturday, January 19th, the CNU students completed part of their program requirements to engage in teaching activities at both primary and secondary school levels. Led by CNU professors Doctor Judy Pantelidis and Lisa Car Smith, the student groups have been coming to Belize for 15 years. Professor Smith told The San Pedro Sun that this is her first time here, but is pleased to be a part of this trip and hopes that the program is beneficial to both island teachers and CNU students. “We are hoping that the teachers here can apply some of the methods taught and also that our CNU students learned something from the teachers here on the island,” she said.

5-A-Side football tournament continues to entertain islanders
Island residents enjoyed some great football action this weekend at the Angel Nuñez Auditorium in San Pedro Town during, the 5-A-Side Football Tournament. The 5-A-Side Football Tournament continues this weekend on Sunday, January 20th at SPHS Auditorium. The first match is at 11AM and will see SPHS Boys U-15 going against Larubeya, followed by Jas Strikers versus Revolution. At 1PM, Golden Warriors will take on Damita’s, and Las Catrachas F.C will go up against Caye Caulker Strikers. The tournament will then see Boca Jrs versus Suicide Squad and Boca Bombers facing Scorpions. Later in the evening, Pro Divers will compete against Capricorn, The Wolf will take on San Mateo F.C and Yolo Boys will face Blue Sharks.

Ambergris Today

Island Schools Receive Security Camera Donation
Children’s safety is the number one priority for parents. With so much missing teens and persons in the country and so much other things happening, keeping our children safe is very important. With this in mind a group of friend came together and bought security cameras and on Wednesday, January 16, 2019, the first set of security cameras were donated to two schools on the island. Michael Eiley of Your I.T. Support, along with Kevin Li of LC Distributors and Kelly and Mukul Kanabar of Blue Water Grill came together and bought twelve security cameras. Six were donated to The Island Academy and six to San Pedro RC School.

Prime Minister Dean Barrow On Official Visit To Cuba
On January 15th, Prime Minister Barrow joined President Díaz-Canel and other officials to pay tribute to José Martí, a national hero of Cuba. From there, the delegations from both Cuba and Belize met for an official meeting.

Misc Belizean Sources


Banyan Bay’s Farmer's Market
We excited for the addition of Juice Dive at Saturday's Market.... Don't miss it from 10am to 1pm!

San Pedro Carnaval Parade & Fiesta
We're excited to announce our FIRST EVER Carnaval Parade followed by our Annual Carnaval Fiesta! We are inviting all businesses and anyone interested in forming a group or float and be a part of the parade. If you are interested in signing up or to find out more details on the parade, call us at the San Pedro Town Council office, 2262198.

Challenge of the Brave Survival Camp
Friday, March 8, 2019 at 8 AM, Progreso, Corozal

Belize Audubon Society Vacancies
VACANCY POSITIONS: Park Ranger, Marine. Park Ranger, Terrestrial. Assistant Site Manager, St. Herman's Blue Hole National Park. Assistant Site Manager, Half Moon Caye Natural Monument/Blue Hole Natural Monument. Closing Date: January 25th, 2019.

Access Life Expo Tour

Robert Groves Auction is set for February 4th.
ROBERT'S GROVE LIMITED (In Receivership) - PROPERTIES & ASSETS PUBLIC AUCTION SALE: Placencia Peninsula, Stann Creek District Robert's Grove Limited (In Receivership) hereby advertises the sale of the following properties and assets by public auction by Licensed Auctioneers Kevin A. Castillo & Christiana R. Castillo ON SITE [Seine Bight Village, Placencia Peninsula, Stann Creek District] on Monday 4th February 2019 at 1:30 pm.

2019 BFREE Science and Education Fellowship Program
Are you committed to the conservation of Belize's natural resources? Are you a Belize citizen, fluent in English and have completed junior college or higher? Then you might be interested in the 2019 BFREE Science and Education Fellowship Program. Great opportunity to be a part of the conservation efforts in Belize!

Belize Red Cross Trains and Donates Equipment to NEMO
Minister of Transport and National Emergency Management, Hon Edmond Castro, this morning received on behalf of NEMO a donation of equipment from the Belize Red Cross to assist in disaster preparation and response. Making the donation on behalf of the Belize Red Cross was its Director General, Lily Bowman. The donation, valued at over 20 thousand dollars, includes a drone, Portable Open Street Map Server and Open Data Kit, all used for data collection in Community Development & Resilience, Accountability & Transparency in Disaster Relief Operations. The donation follows a week of training for NEMO personnel in handling and operation of photographic Drones, Satellite Imagery and GPS, facilitated by the American Red Cross and conducted at the Belize Training and Employment Centre (BTEC) Training Room on the ITVET Compound in Belize City.

Ground-breaking: The Andrew Faber Sporting & Cultural Complex
The Ministry of Education, Youth, Sports and Culture, the National Sports Council and the Belize Olympic and Commonwealth Games Association hosted a groundbreaking ceremony for the Andrew Faber Sporting & Cultural Complex.

Power outage scheduled from 6:30 a.m. to 8:30 a.m. on Sunday, January 20 in Belize City
To affect the portion of Belize City, which includes Mapp Street, Cran Street, Slaughterhouse Road, Freetown Road, St. Thomas Street, St. Peters Street, Dunn Street, Meighan Avenue, G Street, K Street, 6th Street, St. Matthew Street, St. Charles Street, St. Mark Street, A Street, 9th Street , Lizarraga Avenue, Princess Margaret Drive, Moho Caye, and entire West Landivar area including Teacher Street, University Drive, Bachelor Avenue, Campus Avenue, Graduate Crescent and Chancellor Avenue.

Paradise Theater playing this weekend:
The Nutcracker and the Four Realms, A Star is Born, The Girl Spider's Web, The Hate U Give.

Northern Maya Peasants of Belize and the weather :THE WAY OF THE MASEWAL
Our Maya tatitos who did milpa or sugar cane gave us their knowledge on the weather and when to plant . Today many Paseants of Yucatec Maya Descent in Corozal and Orange Walk continue watching the behaviour of the animals like ants to predict rain . Another method use by the Maya paseants is Xok k'iin known in Spanish as " Cabanuelas" . Also our Mayero Grandparents taugth us to observe Uh(Luna) to know when to plant and what to plant . Today Mayeros continue observing the Tuulis Uh(Full moon) or Paal Uh(New Moon). Also some Maya in Northern Belize continue doing the tradition known as Cha Chaac primicias and Wahil Kol primicias to ask for rain and blessings . The way of the Masewal is a connection with earth ,a connection with our ancestors,a connection with our innerself and one which binds together the family .

Channel 7

Two Charged In Connection With Aragon Sr. Home Invasion/Abduction
A week ago, we told you about, the very troubling home invasion of Elodio Aragon Sr's residence, the father of Police Minister of State Elodio Aragon Jr. It happened in the early morning hours of last Thursday, at Elodio Senior's Orange Walk Town home.  A group of men broke in, ransacked the place looking for valuables, and then kidnapped Elodio Sr., before depositing him unharmed several miles outside of Orange Walk on a feeder road.  Well, police are reporting tonight that they have arrested and charged 2 persons in connection with this crime.

Libertad Man Locked Inside Burning House Escapes
A man from Libertad Village in Corozal is lucky to be alive.  He was trapped inside when his house caught on fire yesterday afternoon.  When neighbors finally got to him, he had collapsed from smoke inhalation.   He is 39 year old Nolberto Federico Hical,  He got home around 2:00 yesterday afternoon and, shortly after, smoke was seen streaming from the house.   His neighbors ran to assist but his front door was locked.

Court Janitor Took Payment, Signed Bogus Receipt
24 year-old Kanisha Temple, the cleaning lady at the Corozal Magistrate's Court, has pleaded guilty to forgery. She allegedly took $300 from a man who was paying the court, and tried to pocket it, instead of handing it over to the court cashier. On Friday, January 4th, Edwin Cau went to the court to pay $300. Instead of meeting the cashier he met Temple. She allegedly received the money, forged a Government revenue collectors receipt and pocketed the cash.

Despite Setback, Faber Still Has Plans For PM
In November of last year, Cabinet  announced that Prime Minister Dean Barrow will be staying on as PM right up until very close to the very end of his term. That was a marked change in plans, because originally he had said he would step down a year or so before.  This decision came after 16 members of Cabinet asked the PM to stay to keep the party from splintering as the result of a heated contest for party leader.   That was the worst news for Deputy PM Patrick Faber - who had every expectation that the PM would step aside, and he would slide into the driver's seat for a year or so.

Faber Not Sweating Over Outgoing COMPOL
We also got a chance to ask Faber, as acting Prime Minister, about his impressions of the fiery exit speech by outgoing Compol Allen Whylie. His address yesterday turned heads and raised eyebrows, as he lashed out at the media, critics and people he says worked from within to orchestrate his removal. The acting PM said it was most unfortunate but holds no ill will to the outgoing COMPOL. Hon. Patrick Faber - Acting Prime Minister: "We certainly feel that it was unfortunate. We feel that the transition is going smoothly except for those remarks, it could have been a more joyous occasion, it ought to have been but naturally when circumstances like that happen.."

Acting PM Says Crime Must Be Tackled Holistically
And while the acting PM looks forward to seeing the changes the New ComPol will bring to the Police Department, he points out that the crime situation that is plaguing the streets of Belize can never be solved if it is not tacked holistically. Faber says he lends the full support of his ministry of Education, Youth, Sports and Culture to tackle the ongoing issue of violence on the streets. Hon. Patrick Faber - Acting Prime Minister: "The issues that are plaguing us in terms of crime are not issues for the police alone and until we are fully embraced that and what my position is as one of the ministers involved with social portfolios, we have to get back to some of the basics of how to fix our family issues..."

Sulph Plans To Appeal Facebook Slander
On Tuesday Moses Sulph was served a judgement ordering him to pay megabucks for a Facebook post that slandered former UDP Minister Mark King.  The court ordered Sulph to pay $30 thousand dollars in damages plus $10 thousand on legal fees in addition to being served with an injunction on future posts.   By now you've heard from all parties on the winning side but what about losing side? In an interview with the Sulph today he told the media that he is not willing to throw in the towel just yet. And although he may still lose in the end, the thought of losing, he says, does not sap his fighting spirit.

Sulph Urges Social Media Restraint
So while Sulph reflects on his lessons learnt, many avid social media users continue to quarrel and beef on Facebook, essentially tip toeing on the line of legal liability. And while Sulph distances himself from that bunch, he says Facebook users do need to exercise more restraint and avoid learning the hard-way like he did. Moses Sulph - Lost Defamation Case: "I've always tried to stick to the issue at hand and when people lack information about the issue then they become personal. I am saying that at no point was my post ever personal, it was based on the fact of trying to, in my eyes, justice for people who needed justice.

Faber Won't Engage King
Two days ago the man that Sulph slandered, ousted UDP hopeful Mark King lashed out at the central executive of the party.  He specifically called out Deputy Faber for acting in bad faith to block him from running as a UDP candidate. Today we asked Faber about King's recent outbursts, but he clearly didn't want to engage King:.. Hon. Patrick Faber - Acting Prime Minister: "You know I'm not going to entertain that. Mark King, I will only way that I am very happy that he won his court case against that other fellow and I leave it at that."

Faber Pounces On PAC Chairman
And while Faber wasn't too eager to speak about former UDP Minister Mark King, he was very candid about Julius Espat, chairman of the Public Accounts Committee. Last week Thursday Espat called a PAC meeting in Belmopan to discuss the Auditor General's report of 2012-2013; but no one from the government's side attended. Both sides of the political aisle are in disagreement as to the nature of the report. So, the government  members chose to prepare their own report. UDP members of the PAC were supposed to convene this past Tuesday to develop that report. So, today we asked Faber for an update:

Drones For Disasters
NEMO now has a specialized disaster drone. The Red Cross today donated that along with other pieces of equipment. The donation serves to improve disaster preparedness plans and the collection of post-disaster data. Here is more from the handing over. The donation is valued at $20,000. The American Red Cross provided training for NEMO personnel on the use of the equipment. 

Castro Says Do The Diaspora, It's Easy!
The media also asked Edmond Castro about  the diaspora voting in the referendum and in general elections. As you know, PUP Caribbean Shores Representative Kareem Musa is preparing an amendment to the Representation of People's act to allow those living abroad to vote in the referendum in April.  Well, Castro says there's really nothing to it, if you are a registered Belizean living abroad and fit all the requirements to vote, then you can vote. It's simple.

The Teak Tree Tale
Our next story is about the Teak tree - or many of them.  Now, Teak is not well known in Belize, and is not an indigenous wood.  But it is a highly sought after hardwood used in making furniture, and it fetches top dollar on the world market.  And that's why some in Belize are growing those tall and slender teak trees which take decades to mature.  

Gun Owner Criticizes License Fees
And while we went to talk to Carr about the tall teak timber, we ended up talking about gun licenses - and those exorbitant increase in licenses fees slapped on last year.   The license fee for personal weapons went up by 300% along with increases for other classes of weapons.  Carr, whose Banana Bank Resort is out behind Valley of Peace, says the good - who need guns for personal protection - are being made to suffer for the outlaws who can access guns cheap through the underworld:

Sanchez's First 75 Years
If you were in education circles in the 60's, 70's or 80's, you'll definitely know the name Inez Sanchez.  And if you were educated during that time, his work at the policy level definitely had an impact on how you were educated.  
Sanchez is a former teacher and Chief Education Officer who was instrumental to developing and shaping much of our modern education system, from Belmopan schools, to teacher training, to the University of Belize.

MMA Display At Civic
If you're a fan of Mixed Martial Arts, a group of Americans are hoping that you'll want to attend a fight night at the Civic Center on Saturday night.  It's called Battle in Belize, and these American athletes have come here to display the craft of mixed martial arts. They have organized a line-up of fighters from the US, Belize, Guatemala, and Mexico to go head to head, all in an effort to attract a mainstream Belizean audience to the sport. A few of the fighters and the promoters from MMA Events today made their pitch to see the battle in person:

A New Football Field For Collet
The Collet constituency is getting a new football field and it is being developed right beside Grace Primary School in South Side Belize City. It is a project being coordinated by the Belize Olympic and Commonwealth Games Association along with the Ministry of Education. The project is being financed by the International Olympic Committee through the PANAM Sports. Today the organizers held the official ground breaking ceremony to kick start the works.

Fined For Gun
Almost 2 and a half years ago, 23 year-old Darren Dawson, a fruit vendor, was busted by cops with 0.25 Beretta pistol, for which he did not have any licenses. He must now pay a $2,500 for that weapon, or risk being sent to jail. The incident happened IN September of 2017. An Officer was on motorcycle patrol when they saw a green Mazda car on North Creek Road. He stopped the driver, later identified as Dawson, searched him and found an illegal handgun, which was loaded with 2 live rounds of ammunition. 

PM Calling on Cuba
And here now is a small recap of some recent television reports form the Prime Minister's visit to Cuba: Rafael Serrano - Presentator: "The President of the Councils of States and Ministers Miguel Diaz - Canel Bermudez this Tuesday received the Rt. Hon. Dean Oliver Barrow, who made an official visit to Cuba. In a cordial atmosphere, the leaders exchanged thoughts on the good state of the bilateral relations and coincided on the willingness to continue strengthening them.

Channel 5

Police Make Progress in Elodio Aragon Sr. Aggravated Burglary Case
Two persons, including a teenaged woman, have been criminally charged in connection to the aggravated burglary which occurred at the house of Elodio Aragon Senior on Thursday, January tenth. They [...]

Acting Prime Minister Faber: “Whylie’s Remarks Were Unfortunate”
Allen Whylie’s pointed remarks toward the media and his so-called political detractors during a final public address on Wednesday, was the proverbial parting shot heard across the country.  The outgoing [...]

Breaking Down Whylie’s Tenure as ComPol
Allen Whylie held back nothing on Wednesday in his farewell statement to the Belize Police Department in which he departed from the usual niceties on such occasions. Whylie confirmed that [...]

DPM Faber Weighs in on Crime and Violence Under New ComPol
With Commissioner Chester Williams now at the helm of law enforcement, he inherits the never-ending challenge of fighting crime and violence.  The complement of officers within the department is larger [...]

Patrick Faber Explains Monkey Wrench in Leadership Plan
Since Cabinet announced on November twenty-seventh that the prime minister will remain in office until 2020, there has been an unusual silence within the United Democratic Party concerning its leadership [...]

Faber Says U.D.P. Executive to Meet in Days Ahead
Faber’s intention to one day lead the United Democratic Party and the country is no secret.  But he also says that the prime minister’s choice to remain in office for [...]

Activist Moses Sulph Successfully Sued Over FB Comments
Community Activist Moses Sulph was slapped with a forty thousand-dollar judgment in favour of former U.D.P. Minister Mark King.  King launched a civil suit against Sulph in 2018. The former [...]

Father of 2 Avoids Jail Time for Firearm Offences
Belize City fruit vendor, Darren Dawson, was spared jail time after he changed his plea from not guilty to guilty today when he presented himself before Senior Magistrate Aretha Ford. [...]

Turneffe Atoll Trust Pledges Continued Protection of the Marine Reserve
The Turneffe Atoll is one of Belize’s seven marine protected areas. Located twenty miles east of Belize City, the Turneffe Atoll is considered the largest, most biologically diverse coral atoll [...]

The Latest Developments in the Education Sector
Education Minister Patrick Faber has provided a brief update on several issues affecting public schools across the country.  Over the past week, a series of meetings have been held with [...]

10-Year-Old Lucita Chable Needs Your Help to Stay Alive
At first blush, ten-year-old Lucita Chable appears to be a healthy, carefree child.  She goes to school, plays, dances and attempts to carry out her daily routines like most children [...]

Baby Boy Recuperating After Vicious Dog Attack
Four-year-old Ellis Ortiz remains at the K.H.M.H. tonight, recuperating from a vicious dog attack he endured on Sunday, January thirteenth. Ellis was at home in the Lake Independence area when [...]

My First Seventy-Five Years: An Autobiography
Former Chief Education Officer Ines Sanchez wrote a book documenting the first seventy-five years of his life. The autobiography covers the struggles of his early life woven into the historical [...]

Andrew Faber Sporting and Cultural Complex Coming Soon
Ground was broken this morning on Faber’s Road Extension for the building of a sporting and cultural complex in honor of late city councilor Andrew Faber.  He was the younger [...]

Belizean Citizens Abroad Offended by Minister Elrington’s Statements
Belizean Citizens Abroad has taken offense to comments made by Foreign Affairs Minister, Wilfred Elrington. On Monday, Elrington was asked about the possibility of Belizeans who are living in another [...]

Minister Castro: “Diasporans can vote; they just need to meet requirements.”
And while that is Elrington’s views – Minister Edmond Castro says he believes Belizeans living abroad can vote as long as they meet the requirements set forth by law. The [...]

Minister Edmond Castro: “YES to the I.C.J.”
Last week, we saw the monumental signing of a declaration by five former Foreign Ministers, including Prime Minister Dean Barrow, to say “Yes to the I.C.J.”  And as you have [...]

Red Cross Gifts NEMO 20K in Equipment
The Belize Red Cross donated a trove of equipment to NEMO today in Belize City. The Red Cross says that that donation was made possible through a grant they obtained [...]

Battle in Belize; a Mixed Martial Arts Tournament
On Saturday at eight-thirty p.m. at the Belize City Civic Center, MAA Events Inc. from Los Angeles, California will be hosting a Battle in Belize Tournament. The mixed martial arts [...]

Healthy Living: Stomach Flu Complications
If you’ve been noticing that more and more people seemed to be affected by a flu or stomach bug then your observations are probably right. Apparently viruses thrive better in [...]


Commissioner Williams says no proof, no worries on drug allegations
On January 8th, Edward Martinez, who refers to himself as the “drug hunter” called a press conference where he made a string of allegations against top cops in the Police Department and political figures. However, Martinez failed to provide any solid proof to support his claims. Days after, Mexican media began publishing articles on these …

Will Commissioner Williams remain accessible after his ascension?
And there is another relationship, a friendlier one that the new Commissioner has nurtured over the years. That is the one with the media. Commissioner Williams has been a very public figure in the department, hardly ever shying away from the media. He has been, for the most part, open with his policing style and …

Castro assists Salvadorans to return, but what about Belizeans in the diaspora?
Ambassador of El Salvador to Belize, H.E Luis Carabantes Palacios made an official visit to the Minister of Transport and National Emergency Management Honourable Edmond Castro on Tuesday. With El Salvador’s Presidential Elections coming up on February 3, 2019, Castro said he and his ministry was pleased to facilitate the Salvadoran community in Belize, through …

Musical talents on display tomorrow at the Bliss
A music recital is usually very costly to attend; however, there will be one taking place tomorrow that is absolutely free and it is a nice way to relax after a long and arduous, work week. A well renowned musician, Peter Illavsky, is in the country and have been working with musicians from Pallotti in …

Faber explains absence from PAC
The Public Accounts Committee, PAC, concluded its investigations into the 2012- 2013 Auditor General’s Report. The Committee had prepared a report and sent it to the UDP committee members to review and forward their input. However, they have failed to show up for meetings. According to the Deputy Prime Minister Patrick Faber, the UDP committee …

Teak now available for sale
Tectona grandis, also known as Teak, is a tropical hardwood tree species. Teak is a large tree that occurs in mixed hardwood forests. It has small, fragrant white flowers and large papery leaves that are often hairy on the lower surface. For the past 20 years, the owner of the Banana Bank Lodge and farm …

Groundbreaking ceremony for Andrew Faber Sporting and Cultural Complex
After several years, the National Sports Council of Belize is closer to realizing their dream of constructing a sporting complex in the Port Loyola area. The Council has finally managed to secure the funding of a little under two hundred thousand dollars for the sporting complex with the help of the International Olympic Committee. Today, …

New Commissioner of Police will focus on three areas to tackle crime
On Wednesday, Commissioner of Police Chester Williams was officially installed. The New Commissioner takes over the helm of the Belize Police Department at a critical time as the wave of major crimes, particularly murders, continue to plague several communities. In a rare occurrence, violence reared its ugly head on Sunday night at Mahogany Street when …

Commissioner says all is well between him and his Deputy Edward Broaster
Williams’ ascension has triggered another shuffle in the top ranks of the department. His first Deputy Commissioner is now Edward Broaster, who also the Commander of National Operations and Crime. But it is no secret to the public that both men have had a history of bad blood dating back to just about a decade. …

Former Foreign Minister Assad Shoman speaks about ICJ Case
nd from Hardwood to hard facts. April 10 is the date set aside for the referendum when adult Belizeans will be able to decide if it wants the International Court of Justice (ICJ) at The Hague, in the Netherlands, to settle the territorial claim and boundaries of the country. Former PUP Foreign Minister Assad Shoman discussed the claim and the hard facts with the hosts of Love FM’s Morning Show. …

Red Cross helps NEMO with Technology and Training
The Belize Red Cross assisted the National Emergency Management Organization (NEMO) with disaster management training, procurement of equipment as well as training in the use of GIS software. Love News spoke to Lily Bowman, the Director General of the Belize Red Cross and Ian Joseph, a GIS Officer from the American Red Cross who says that the equipment includes a drone, a portable server, a camcorder and a kit with phones and accessories to conduct on the ground assessment. …

Moses Sulph says lesson learned after losing case
Today Sulph told the media that he was not even aware that the ruling had been passed. However, Sulph admitted, the case has taught him much. Moses Sulph: “I was never informed about a day of judgment or anything of that sort and according to my Lawyer he was never informed either or I would have been there …

Faber says the community has a part to play in reducing crime
Williams surely has his work cut out for him with the alleged corruption within the department and the spike in crime. The media asked Deputy Prime Minister Patrick Faber about whether Williams has what it takes to curb crime and what other initiatives if any are the government pursuing to combat crime. …

Faber weighs in on Whylie’s remarks
Former Commissioner Allen Whylie said he received many attacks as Commissioner. Upon his retirement and the installation of the new Compol yesterday, the typically media Whylie told the media yesterday that he was handed his walking papers, which was a calculated move he did not expect. Today, Deputy Prime Minister Patrick Faber was asked to comment on Whylie’s remarks. …

“My first 75 Years” published
“My first 75 Years” is an autobiography written by former Chief Education Officer Ines Sanchez. The book was launched earlier today in the Capital. Cayo correspondent Pauline Soberanis Tillett attended the launch and spoke to the career educator about the lessons he continues to share in life and within his 380 pages. …

Police charge two in connection with the Elodio Aragon kidnapping investigation
Police have charged two people as they continue to investigate the aggravated burglary of Elodio Aragon Senior’s home and his subsequent kidnapping. While police have not arrested the perpetrators, late this afternoon police reported that …

Fire guts home in Libertad
Fire officials are investigating the cause of a fire that destroyed a home in Libertad Village, Corozal District which landed the homeowner in the hospital. According to police, on Wednesday, 39-year-old Nolberto Hical arrived home around two o’clock in the afternoon and moments later, smoke was seen coming from inside his house …

Fresh Fruit Vendor pleads guilty to unlicensed gun and ammunition
At 1:30 p.m. on September 9, thirty-three-year-old Darren Dawson fruit salad vendor was stopped in his car by detective constable Andrew Bernard on North Creek Road in Belize City. He shook Dawson’s pants and a .25 Beretta pistol fell to the ground. …

Breaking Belize NewsPJ

Haitian opposition plans to protest vote on Maduro’s Presidency
Haiti’s Opposition party, Pitit Dessalin party is planning to protest that country’s decision to support […]

Man survives house fire in Libertad, Corozal
A man from Libertad village, Corozal survived a house fire that destroyed his home yesterday […]

New Commissioner of Police installed
Veteran police officer and attorney at law, Chester Williams, was officially installed yesterday as Belize’s […]

Marriott Alaia resort opening soon in San Pedro
The Ministry of Investment, Trade and Commerce continues to promote investment and economic development in […]

Allen Whylie: There were sustained attacks against me!
Veteran police officer and attorney at law, Chester Williams, was yesterday officially installed as the […]

Belize Red Cross make donation of equipment to NEMO
This morning, Minister of Transport and National Emergency Management, Edmond Castro, on behalf of the […]

Police and community detain two thieves in Santa Elena
San Ignacio police along with assistance of community members yesterday detained two would-be robbers in […]


Lazy Lizard
When living in paradise there are many fun and joyful adventures to experience. One we love and highly recommend is a trip to Caye Caulker with a stop at the Lazy Lizard. It is a short ferry ride from San Pedro. Once you arrive in Caye Caulker, you walk along the main dirt road, passing by many other fun bars, restaurants and thotchke shops to the end of the Caye, which they call the split. At the split is a photo shoot stop, you will want to take advantage of.

International Sourcesizz

We now know what’s at the bottom of Belize’s Blue Hole
Last month, a historic scientific expedition went all the way to the bottom of Belize’s Blue Hole. Virgin founder Richard Branson and ocean conservationist Fabien Cousteau went on the journey, which was broadcast globally on the Discovery Channel. It was the first submersible dive to the bottom of the hole, which is found along the Mesoamerican Reef, the second largest barrier reef network in the world. The group was also there to support the work of Ocean Unite, which is raising awareness about protecting at least 30% of the world’s ocean by 2030. The group journeyed to the bottom in an Aquatica submarine, where they came across a wall of stalactites, which Branson says shows that the Blue Hole is made up of caves that were originally formed on dry land. According to a post from Branson about the experience: “It is proof of how oceans can rise quickly and catastrophically. Sea levels were once hundreds of feet lower. 10,000 years ago the sea level rose by about 300 feet when a lot of ice melted around the world.

10 cheap tropical vacations for 2019
Sunny getaways are more affordable than ever in warm-weather locales like India, Mexico and the Caribbean islands. Here are 10 tropical vacations that are a lot cheaper than you think. Placencia, Belize: This fishing village is found on Belize’s southeastern side, away from the more popular tourist destinations in the country. While it’s a little more difficult to get to – about 160 miles from Belize City – here you’ll find a 16-mile coastline that includes some of the best beaches in the country. There’s also snorkeling, diving and fishing, as well as a natural reserve on the mainland and a “barefoot-friendly” town with shops, seafood restaurants and cafes. You can fly directly to the peninsula; however, there’s also a less-expensive shuttle service you can take from Belize City.


  • Making homemade corn tortillas, 4min. The amazing skill of making homemade delicious corn tortillas on the fogon with Mrs Tzul in beautiful Patchakan village. Corozal district. BELIZE. There is no comparasion to enjoying a lunch like this one. Simple pleasures of life are the best. To top it off, the company and conversations ,completes the wholesome experience.

  • Mrs. Ava's Cooking Class in Crooked Tree Village, BELIZE, 1.5min. Not into sunrise birding, or looking for more things to do in Crooked Tree? No problem. This lovely Kriol village in Belize now counts a number of cultural activities - and they don't get more authentic. One of them is a cooking class with Crooked Tree native and resident Mrs. Ava Tillett. Coming to the 2019 edition of Moon Belize.

  • Belize Snorkeling, 16min.

  • Belize - diving with nurse sharks and eagle rays, 1min.

  • Great Blue Wild Series Belize HD, 46min.

  • December 2018 - San Pedro & San Ignacio, 3.5min.

  • Channel 5 Obituaries - Gerald W. Sharp, 2min.

  • Gerber Gear visited us last year at Cayo Frances Farm & Fly and went out with Panny for the day. They learned some new skills, 1min. In a tiny fish shack in Belize, Panny takes salt fishing to a whole new level. Listen in as he explains how to corn a fish: the best way to preserve, and enjoy, that hard earned catch. Special appearance by the Saltwater Controller.

  • Mountain bike Belize, 1min.

  • TKO Farms Becomes Largest Soursop Grower, 6min. On MoneyTV with Donald Baillargeon, TKO Farms in Belize has become the world's grower of organic soursop trees.

  • W4F “Fly Fishing Belize”, 1min. A week fly fishing the flats in Belize at Tarpon Caye Lodge did not disappoint.

  • Belize 2018, 5.5min. The Blue Hole, Sharks going after GoPros, Night Octopus, and a lot of other ocean creatures.

  • Boom Creek Elementary School, Belize, 1min. Delivery and distribution of shoes, seeds, and backpacks.

  • Belize Vlog, 15min. A vlog that tries to encapsulate the incredible week-and-a-half that was the Galloway Belize Excursion 2019.

  • Playa de Placencia en Belize, 13min.

  • BELIZE LAMANAI MAYA TEMPLE, 7min. A visit to the MayaTemples of LAMANAI in BELIZE.