January 17, 2019


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The San Pedro Sun

Belize Prime Minister Dean Barrow on Official Visit to Cuba
Prime Minister of Belize Rt. Hon. Dean Barrow is on an official visit to Cuba on the invitation of the President of the Republic of Cuba Miguel D�az-Canel Berm�dez. On January 15th, Prime Minister Barrow joined President D�az-Canel and other officials to pay tribute to Jos� Mart�, a national hero of Cuba. From there, the delegations from both Cuba and Belize met for an official meeting.

Ambergris Today

Going Up!
Tourism is Booming in San Pedro, Ambergris Caye. Alaia Belize is a BZD$92 Million investment hotel development under the Marriott Autograph Collection. It will encompass 162 new luxury class rooms in three five-storey buildings and eight beach villas.

How Can We Reduce Crime?
The new year did not start well for Belize when it comes to crime. There were five murders on the first day of 2019; a black scar on Belize, even more so that the US Embassy issued a travel advisory. Additionally, San Pedro is not the only community looking for solutions for crimes, but it is worth giving it a trial because we cannot afford to keep silent about anything that is bothering a community. So here is our perspective and the views of our friends and readers on this issue. According to experts the best strategy for reducing crimes is based on the model for policing. It is obvious that the first people to come to mind are the police. As soon as confrontation with crime comes about, one calls the police.

The Founding Of San Pedro
Indeed the Maya Indians had a large population on the Island of Ambergris Caye but they never founded any community because they were nomads, people who moved in, enjoyed and moved on. There are sites on the island that are proof of their presence, but there is no community here as there is in Southern Belize. So after the Mayas abandoned the island, Ambergris Caye was barren of people; and was one big mass of sandy beaches, mangrove infested swampland, lots of wild animals, mosquitoes in abundance and pristine waters with abundance of fish, conch and lobster.

Ambassador Of The Republic Of China Taiwan Visits San Pedro Town
On Friday, January 11, 2019, the newly appointed Ambassador of the Republic of China (Taiwan) to Belize, His Excellency Remus Li-Kou Chen, made an official courtesy visit to San Pedro Town. In a gathering inside the Mayor's office, the Ambassador met with Mayor Daniel Guerrero and all six councilors of the San Pedro Town Council, along with Town Administrator, Mrs. Patricia Verde Tillett and LED Officer, Mr. Jorge Aldana.

Misc Belizean Sources


Beach Cleanup this Saturday in San Pedro!
All are invited to join this beach clean-up campaign this Saturday! For the love of San Pedro, let's keep it clean! Saturday, January 19, 2019 at 10 AM - 12 PM. SCA wavemaker club is coming over to San Pedro town to conduct a beach clean up on Saturday at the northern beach road! Please Let me know if you are interested in joining in.

A week of pretty nice weather with light winds and a few showers of short duration gave anglers and guides lots of options on where to fish. Tarpon were caught on the larger flats and around Mangroves.

Further Decreases in the Pump Prices for Premium Gasoline and Diesel
The Ministry of Finance is pleased to announce that at midnight on January 17th, the price for premium gasoline will decrease by a further 52 cents, from $10.47 down to $9.95 per gallon. The price of diesel will also decrease by 52 cents, from $9.83 down to $9.31 per gallon. This is the third consecutive decrease in pump prices since November 2018. Over that time, pump prices have fallen as follows per gallon: Premium by $1.54, Regular by $1.32, Kerosene by $1.87, Diesel by $1.84.

Prime Minister on Official Visit to Cuba
Prime Minister of Belize Rt. Hon. Dean Barrow is on an official visit to Cuba on the invitation of the President of the Republic of Cuba Miguel D�az-Canel Berm�dez. On January 15th, Prime Minister Barrow joined President D�az-Canel and other officials to pay tribute to Jos� Mart�, a national hero of Cuba. From there, the delegations from both Cuba and Belize met for an official meeting. During the meeting, Prime Minister Barrow told those present that Belize values the relationship shared with Cuba and expressed his admiration for the strength of the Cuban people and all their achievements since the Cuban Revolution.

Mr. Allen Whylie officially hands over command to the new Commissioner of Police Mr. Chester Williams
This afternoon the outgoing Commissioner of Police Mr. Allen Whylie officially handed over command to the new Commissioner of Police Mr. Chester Williams in a ceremonial change of command and swearing-in ceremony held at the Police Training Academy in Belmopan. Commissioner Williams officially assumed his new duties on January 9th, 2019.

Our Easter Raffle is here once more! For $5 or more saved on your shares account, you get a chance to win a 24 inch Beach Cruiser Bicycle NOTICE: ST. FRANCIS XAVIER CREDIT UNION KIDDIES PROGRAM - Members attending Primary School are eligible to participate (school deposits only.) Raffle will take place during the month of April 2019.

Sarteneja Health Center Inaugurated Today
2pm January 17th.

Graffiti Fest '19
What an incredible day, Graffiti Fest '19 embraced many forms of art but the main attraction was the amazing talent on the walls ...we must big up our Belizean Graffiti artists- Vianay Bautista, Wilfred Perez, Robert Ramirez, Jahvier Tuisone and Steve Mossiah- and the Mexican crew- Diego Pootnaal, Alan Sanchez, Ana Balam Chan, Adnol Cetina, Filberto Pacheco and Victor Arrellano. Big up to our poets, and singers who stepped up to the Mic, thank you to Cocono Bwai for his great performance. So many sponsors supported this event, without them this would have been impossible.

Channel 7

Outgoing Compol Whylie Alludes to Police Palace Coup
It was announced last Tuesday that Chester Williams had been appointed as the new Commissioner of Police - and today it was made official when the outgoing Compol handed over the command to him.
But Allen Whylie - top cop for a record 6 years - did not go quietly into that good night.  
This afternoon at the Police Training Academy in Belmopan, Whylie had a mouthful to say on , the abrupt end of his tenure as the top cop.  
In front of the highest state and Government officials, Whylie lashed out at the media, his critics, and persons who he says were his enemies within, who according to him, all had a hand in getting him removed from the post. 

How Will New Compol Curb Crime?
And while the outgoing Commissioner's comments certainly changed the mood of the event, the handing over of command was really about Chester Williams, who is now officially in charge of the Department.  After the ceremony, we spoke with him about reaching the pinnacle of policing and what his strategy will be. Here's what he had to say: Daniel Ortiz: "When you first stepped into the police training academy, did you foresee that today would take place?" Chester Williams - Commissioner of Police: "Really and truly no, everybody knows my history in terms of where I was when I joined the ranks of the Belize Police Force then and so for me to have thought then that this would come really and truly I didn't see it but as time progresses and my years in the department continues to accumulate and having worked under and see how many of the former commissioners of police operates..."

Shuffling The Deck Of The Senior Command
So, now that Williams is in charge, he's re-shuffling the deck of the senior command. We asked him to discuss his decisions about the reassignment of senior officers: Chester Williams - Commissioner of Police: "You know that we have restructured the department recently where we have two deputies, was myself and Mr. Broaster. Now with me moving up to commissioner, Mr. Broaster becomes the first deputy, so he is the deputy, he is next to me. After Mr. Broaster you have Mr. Mariano who is going to be the second deputy. Then we have Mr. Broaster who moves over as well to commander national operations and crime because that desk is the desk of the senior deputy..."

How Will Compol Chester and Deputy Broaster Coexist?
And one more intrigue we just had to ask Commissioner Williams about is the dynamic between him and his first Deputy Commissioner, Edward Broaster. Last week, we took you back to 2008, when the public enmity and disputes between these 2 had reached a fever pitch, to the point where Broaster made a criminal complaint against Williams. In an outspoken interview at the time, Williams lashed back, saying Broaster was trying to derail his career as a police officer. Well, something went right for Williams, because he ended back on top - at the very top.   So, has the 11 years that has since passed been enough to heal those very deep wounds between the 2 most senior cops in the department?

Search Comes Up With No Clues For Evan Neal
Fisherman Evan Neal is still missing tonight.  Searches were conducted by the family and the Coast Guard today - but up to this evening, they hadn't come across any sign of him any sign of him.  The 43 year old was last seen by his family a week ago.   Neal was at Mapp Caye - where he has his fishing camp.  On Saturday, a group of men believed to be pirates went there on what looks to be a robbery.  They killed the watchman Edinio Enso Humes - who was found in the island's latrine with a shot to the head.

Boy Still Recovering From Dog Bite
On Monday, we told you about the vicious canine attack on a 4 year old toddler in the Lake I community. Baby Ellis Ortiz was playing in the yard on Sunday afternoon when the landlord's dog attacked him.  By the time neighbors reached to help, the dog had already latched on to the baby and bit his face. Tonight, the child is still at the hospital receiving treatment. And while his condition has not worsened, it has not gotten much better either. The family tells us the swelling in his right eye has still not gone down and they still fear his eye may be permanently damaged.

Mother and Daughter Reunited After Bitter Int'l Custody Dispute
Imagine not seeing or holding your child for a year, or not knowing if your child is safe. That nightmare is exactly what 41 year old Orange Walk mother Raquel Cocom endured.  This is after her baby's father, Andre Timofeev took their 3 year old daughter, Vera to the US and never returned. But as we reported, Cocom took the matter to US courts and won under the Hague Convention in early January. And, yesterday in North Carolina, she was re-united with her little girl. It was one of the happiest moments of Cocom's life. Courtney Weatherburne went to visit Cocom and baby Vera in Orange Walk on their first full day together in Belize. It was very touching.

Cocom Goes Into Mommy Mode, But Needs Help
While Cocom is overcome by joy to have her baby back, nothing can make up for all the lost time. So Cocom has to help Vera re-adjust that means springing into full mommy mode. One of her core duties as a single mother is to provide for Vera and her son and right now she doesn't have any money to get by. So she is asking for assistance to start up her business. Raquel Margarita Cocom - Mother: "I do not want to go work and leave her because I think that traumatize me a lot because I don't know if he will come and take her away and I don't know where he will be and I just want to get a pack of used clothing to sell and I don't know, maybe there will be someone there to help me for that. With that, I will sustain my children with the needs that they will have, that's all."

Cocom Must Mother An Anxious Child
So, Cocom has endured a great deal of emotional trauma, as has her daughter. Cocom says she can't even leave the room without Vera getting anxious and following behind her. Today we asked Cocom if she had anything to say to Timofeev, the man who has turned her life upside down. She was quite measured in her comments. She says her only focus is healing and moving forwards with her babies. Raquel Margarita Cocom - Mother: "I don't hate him, I don't hold nothing against him and his mom but what they I did it was awful because they did not know my nights of tears, they do not know what I gone through when I started to beg them to bring back my daughter..."

Lessons Learned From Precedent Setting Facebook Slander Case
Yesterday we told you about the landmark ruling in favor of businessman Mark King. The ruling saw activist Moses Sulph slapped with a hefty fine of $30 thousand for a simple Facebook post. While King has spoken to us at length regarding his decision to take the matter to court in first place, today we got a chance to speak with his attorneys, the legal minds that saw the case through to the end. Having gotten a favorable ruling yesterday, attorney Steve Perrera told us today that it wasn't so much that they won but rather that the defendants failed to establish proof of fair-comment.

How To Avoid Social Media Slander
And while Sulph is on the receiving end of a costly lesson, he is one of many.  Facebook is often used as a platform to ventilate frustrations against persons or organizations; just blaze them up, and, click/zap, they're toast! There are even dedicated Facebook pages that comment, often negatively, on established businesses in Belize. So where is the dividing line between fair-comment and Facebook slander? And how far can you go to bring an issue to light without being libelous? We had a lengthy discussion with Mark King's lawyers about the legalities or illegalities of Facebook posting and sharing of content considered defamatory. Here's how that went.

PUP Politician Posts Apology to Avoid Social Media Slander Suit
One person that didn't think twice was PUP Belize City Councilor Albert Vaughan. Last night Vaughan posted an apology to a UDP politician on his Facebook page.  It reads that on the 24th of December 2018 he made comments about UDP Standard Bearer Orson Elrington regarding the use of the park in Belama Phase 1 for an event. The post does not mention what allegations he made but it does say that the statements he made on that post were false. As a consequence he apologized for any harm those statements may have caused. He ended by saying he will refrain from doing so in the future.

PM Barrow In Cuba
He's on his 11th year in office - but Prime Minister Dean Barrow is just making his first official visit - with all the bells and whistles - to Cuba, which is one of Belize's strongest allies.  And yesterday, he completed a rite of passage for pretty much every foreign leader who visits the island state, he laid a wreath at the tomb of independence hero Jose Marti.  Prime Minister Barrow is the guest of Cuban President Miguel Díaz-Canel - who is the first person not named Castro to lead Cuba since 1959.  Both sides had a meeting after yesterday's wreath laying.   According to a release form Belize's Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Barrow thanked the Cuban Government for its support to Belize since gaining independence in 1981.

Pump Prices Plummeted in Past two Months
If you're going to put in gas tonight, wait until tomorrow - because it will be cheaper.   For the first time in two years, Premium fuel will be under 10 dollars per gallon.  That's right, the price of Premium is going down 52 cents from $10.47 per gallon to $9.95 per gallon.  And, diesel is also going down quite a bit.  At midnight, the price for a gallon of that fuel will drop by 52 cents, bringing it to $9.31. For now, the price for regular fuel remains unchanged. Government boasts that "this is the third consecutive decrease in pump prices since November 2018.  Since then, diesel has gone down by almost two dollars per gallon. Of course this is simply a testament to how insanely high prices had gone - with government collecting record high fuel taxes every step of the way.  

The Greatness of Graffiti
Graffiti as a form of street art became popular in the US in the 60's and 70's. And during its early years it had a very negative connotation: gangs would use it to mark their territory.  And, still, it remains a controversial form of expression: where does street art end and vandalism begin? Regardless of your answer, graffiti remains one of the most vibrant forms of urban art expression. To highlight this NICH, through the museum of Belize, organized a Graffiti fest this past Saturday in Corozal. The event brought together Belizean artists and artists from neighboring Chetumal in a safe space to practice their craft. Here are some clips of the spectacular displays. 

Loma Luz Blvd. Lamp Snatchers
A pair of petty thieves were caught today in Santa Elena Town. Quick action from the proprietor of a furniture store led to the arrest of the pair. Around 11:00 this morning, James Palma was inside the family furniture on Loma Luz Boulevard, when two men walked in. One distracted him while the other stole a wooden nightstand from the display. They both escaped.

Channel 5

Former ComPol Whylie Rains on Chester Williams' Installment Parade
A new Commissioner of Police was installed today at the Police Training Academy in Belmopan, and we'll have that coming up. But the installation of Chester Williams was eclipsed by [...]

ComPol Whylie Takes Aim at Fellow Members of B.P.D.
Former ComPol Whylie, who has been criticized as a lame duck leader where the fight against crime and violence is concerned, insisted that he used his final public address to [...]

Chester Williams is Installed as Thirteenth Commissioner of Police
With twenty-seven years of service under his belt, Chester Williams today was installed as the new Commissioner of Police.� Williams has also distinguished himself as the first attorney to take [...]

ComPol Williams Outlines Changes within Police Department
A restructuring of the police department since Commissioner Chester Williams assumed its helm on January ninth was imminent.� Last week, there was a memo in circulation which the department subsequently [...]

Chester and Broaster at the Top; How is that Going to Work?
Throughout the course of their professional careers, Edward Broaster and Chester Williams have had a somewhat tumultuous relationship.� In the past, words have been exchanged and the two have had [...]

Premium and Diesel Prices to Decrease by 52 cents
At midnight, there will be some relief at the pumps. The price of premium gasoline will decrease by fifty-two cents effective Wednesday at midnight. Right now the price stands at [...]

Untreated Water Causing Health Problems to School Children in Saint Margaret's Village
In the village of Saint Margaret's located on the Hummingbird Highway, school children are being sent home from classes complaining of stomach pains. There are concerns that the water has [...]

Israeli N.G.O., TIME, Raises Funds to Purchase 5 Acres of Turneffe Atoll
An Israeli N.G.O. has raised funds for the purchasing of a portion of the Turneffe Atoll, within the UNESCO World Heritage Site. This is My Earth, TIME is an international [...]

Turneffe Atoll Trust Says Parcel of Land Will Not Be Disturbed
According to Anderson, the five-acre piece of land is in a strategic position, preventing the development of the area for tourism. He says the land transaction will not include seabed [...]

Anne Swaney was Murdered 3 Years Ago, Still No Arrest
Three years ago, on January sixteenth, 2016, American producer for ABC Anne Swaney was violently murdered in western Belize. Swaney was vacationing at the Nabitunich Resort and was last seen [...]

U.S. Government Partial-Shutdown Hits Embassy in Belize
At midnight on December twenty-first, the U.S. Government initiated a partial shut-down and it has stretched on to be the longest shut down in that country's history.� Because President Donald [...]

PM Barrow meets Cuban President
Prime Minister Dean Barrow is in Cuba on his state visit to the island where he recently underwent surgery. He met Cuban President Miguel D�az-Canel Berm�dez and both paid tribute [...]

Judiciary Receiving Less than 1% of National Budget
On Monday, the Supreme Court opened the legal year with the usual ceremonial fanfare in downtown Belize City. In his remarks, Chief Justice Kenneth Benjamin spoke of the budget afforded [...]

Honduran Woman to Face Deportation for a Second Time
Thirty-two-year-old Blanca Benitez Yanes has been sent to prison for six months. Yanes appeared before Magistrate Tricia Pitts Anderson this morning on a charge of failure to produce a visitor's [...]

Attempted Burglary Charge Dropped
Twenty-seven-year-old Hugh Alexander Bowden of Belize City was freed from an attempted burglary charge. Bowden who was represented in court by Attorney Oscar Selgado was read two criminal offenses of [...]

Update on Baby Nelson Tabora: Hospitalized and Stable
One week ago we aired the story of baby Nelson Tabora reportedly suffering from a condition called hydrocephalus. It is a condition where the head grows abnormally because the cerebrospinal [...]

An Adolescent Health Strategic Plan Being Finalized
An Adolescent Health Strategic Plan is being finalized. The plan marks a crucial step of an expanded and holistic focus by the government on the issues affecting adolescents in the [...]

Citrus Icon Gerry Sharp, Dead at 77
A citrus pioneer has passed. On Tuesday, the Sharp family announced that seventy-seven-year-old Gerry Sharp has died. Sharp, who is the husband of Marie Sharp, spent decades working in the [...]

Learning the Workings of Open Street Mapping
A one-day training workshop took place on Monday in Belize City where officials from government agencies and N.G.O.s worked together on open street mapping. Open street maps are completely user-generated [...]


New Commissioner of Police, Chester Williams officially installed
As we mentioned on the top of the newscast, today Chester Williams was officially installed as the new Commissioner of Police. The ceremonial change of command and swearing in was held that the Police Training Academy of the Belize Police Department in Belmopan. Commissioner Williams has been in the force for 27 years and has �

Free Eyeglasses for Students in the South
Students at two high schools in Dangriga have been tested for eye-related illnesses. A corporate sponsor had decided to use its eyecare division to test the vision of students at the schools. According to Dangriga Correspondent Harry Aruz, over two dozen individuals have received free eyeglasses. Harry Arzu: "Students attending Dellille Academy and Agriculture Natural �

Civil Review Complaints Commission looking into Police Complaints
The Civil Review Complaints Commission launched on the 21st of November, 2018 and it will be chaired by former police commissioner Gerald Westby. The commission will assist in the investigation of complaints surrounding the police. It held its first working group and is looking at complaints made in relation to the department that occurred in �

Former Compol Whylie says career was ended abruptly
This afternoon, the former Deputy Commissioner of Police Chester Williams was ascended to the position of top cop in an official ceremony at the Police Training Academy in the Capital City Belmopan. But before we get into that story, the man who ComPol Williams succeeds, former Commissioner Allen Whylie took to the podium. The typically �

Belize's Ambassador to OAS speaks about universal Hope in ICJ Case
Belize was represented by Ambassador Daniel Gutierrez in Washington DC at a meeting of the Organization of American States. There were several issues tabled with the aim of bringing them at the forefront for solutions. Love News spoke with Ambassador Gutierrez about the meeting. Ambassador Daniel Gutierrez: "Well the meeting was with the permanent representatives �

Mother reunited with daughter after international custody battle
Three-year-old, Vera Timofeev was reunited with her mother Raquel Cocom just after midday yesterday. Cocom, with the assistance of Tikkun Olam's Director, Elisa Castellanos, won a court battle to have her daughter returned to her. Since November 2017, the child had been in the USA with her father who refused to return her. Cocom filed �

Commissioner Williams Makes Personnel Changes to Department
The work has begun already for Commissioner Williams as you know, he had played a vital role in the Mahogany Street aggravated burglary and hostage situation earlier in the week. He told the media about how he is restructuring the key players within the police department. Commissioner of Police Chester Williams: "The fact that I have �

Correspondent Banking still an issue for CARICOM
Plaguing Belize and other Caribbean countries is the issue of correspondent banking, CARICOM along with groups have been lobbying for restored relations. The issue has made doing business overseas challenging for many countries. Ambassador Gutierrez says the issue remains alive and there are still efforts made to improve the situation. Ambassador Daniel Gutierrez: "It has �

Bar Association to hold forum on ICJ
The Bar Association held three legal sessions in the months of April, July and December 2018. These sessions were aimed at promoting continued legal education with a focus on law and trending issues. There is another such session coming up in February as part of the bar's annual law conference where an expert in international �

Orange Walk South roads neglected
The roads in Orange Walk that the cane farmers traverse will be receiving upgrades, all except the roads located in Orange Walk South. Jose Abelardo Mai, the Standard Bearer for Orange Walk South, told Love news that it is a great disservice to the farmers in that area. Mai said that his constituency did not �

Briceno weighs in on the financial challenge of judiciary
The fiscal year 2018/2019, saw a decrease in the allocations of funds to carry out the execution of justice. The total amount that was allocated to the judiciary was less than one percent of the national budget. Love News asked the Leader of the Opposition, John Briceno, to weigh in on the financial challenge faced by the judiciary...

Price of Fuel takes a dip below $10
The price of fuel at the pump has gone down. At midnight tonight premium gasoline will decrease by 52 cents, from $10.47 down to $9.95 per gallon; while diesel will also decrease by 52 cents, from $9.83 down to $9.31 per gallon...

Breaking Belize NewsPJ

PM Barrow on official visit to Cuba
Prime Minister of Belize, Dean Barrow is on an official visit to Cuba on the invitation [�]

Premium and diesel prices go down
The Ministry of Finance announces that midnight tonight, the price for premium gasoline will decrease by [�]

Santa Elena Furniture Gallery robbed, suspect detained
According to reports, Santa Elena Furniture Gallery in Santa Elena town was robbed this morning. The [�]

Slanderous Facebook post costs Moses Sulph $30,000
Former Minister Mark King, recently got court ruling in his favor for a lawsuit brought [�]

Prime Minister Dean Barrow pays homage to Jose Mart� in Cuba
Belize's Prime Minister Dean Barrow touched down in Havana, Cuba yesterday morning. Barrow is on a 3-day working visit to Cuba on an invitation from Cuba's President, Miguel Diaz Canel.[�]

Anny Young missing for over a month
The family of Anisha "Anny" Young is still seeking answers regarding the disappearance of their [�]

Heritage Bank opens it doors to Spanish Lookout community
In a historic move, Heritage Bank Limited is opening its doors to the Spanish Lookout [�]

International Sourcesizz

Michigan nanny wins trip to Belize on 'Let's Make a Deal'
A West Michigan woman is heading on a tropical vacation thanks to an appearance on the popular CBS game show "Let's Make a Deal." Grandville nanny Kaitlyn Squires appeared on the classic game of deals and zonks on Wednesday and walked away with a collection of electric scooters and skateboards, as well as a 5-night vacation at the Xanadu Island Resort in San Pedro, Belize. The deal, which includes round-trip air fare, is valued at $8,992.

Five takeaways from the World Small-Scale Fisheries Congress
The hustle and bustle of a local fish market - usually seen in the pre-dawn dark, with bare-bulb lights illuminating what's for sale and the shouts from sellers (usually in a language I don't understand but with meaning clear enough to get out of the way of carts brimming with ice and fish) - is my favorite place to learn about small-scale fisheries. This is where it all comes together, with fishermen landing their catch, buyers (usually women) negotiating prices and customers buying products for that day's meal or business. Here is where I am a learner and observer - hearing details about challenges these individuals face in maintaining their livelihoods, seeing the pride people have in their work and chatting about what we all can do to sustain the jobs, food, communities and ecosystems that are part of this system.


  • Mission Trip 1: Part 3 - Belize Final Delivery, 9min. Discover how this mission provided an incredible Christmas for over 700 kids from villages throughout the southern part of Belize.

  • SCUBA DIVING BELIZE | Ambergris Caye and Placencia, 16min. SCUBA diving in Belize in a highlight of both the Caribbean and tourism in Central America. While the jungles attract a lot of tourists, Belize is also home to the second largest barrier reef in the world. It has so many incredible experiences for those who love to dive or snorkel. For this SCUBA diving adventure travel vlog I teamed up with PADI, a world famous diver training organization, and William Drumm, a talented underwater photographer.

  • Tiger Shark - Caye Caulker, Belize, .5min. That time we saw a 2.5m Tiger Shark in Belize just before we were about to go paddle boarding...

  • Sports Talk Show, 80min.