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The man you see here is Meujael Lopez better known as "Don chato"....... many people appreciate what this man has done in his life, a father of four, a good husband and a very good friend to many. For those who do not know him he is my dad, and i am proud for what he has done in his life. His career for over 36 years was commercial fishing. He was one of the last commercial fisherman from his generation to stay around on the local waters around Ambergris Caye,

His last few years at sea he dedicated himself to contribute to our marine ecosystem, he contributed in the making of Holchan And shark ray alley with many of the fishermen of San Pedro, But when he stayed just on his own he started a small place we now know as "THE CONCH GRAVEYARD" a place where he left behind hundreds of of conchshells he would pick up on a daily. Now this place makes home for tiny marine life and also serves as an area that attracts a Logger Head Turtle..... due to these events is why we see more of these creatures around and the hunt for them has stopped, why kill them when its a beautiful sight for everyone.

Many people hate him or dislike him due to his grumpy ways but it is only those who have found his bad side, he was just trying to conserve and protect what he started. Born in Guatemala and Raised in San Pedro from age 14 i can say that this man has shown us belizeans what a Foreigner can create in a positive way in our country, The Conch Graveyard is located in Zone D of Hol Chan Marine reserve for all those who would like to take the time and visit this beautiful place, my dad was never rich but was rich in heart and love for his family and he taught me to take care of those that do not have voices. So let us share this as Belizeans to show the world what we have in our beautiful country of Belize. Let us not hate on what others have done but let us promote it for our beautiful land that we live on.

Thank you dad i love you...... and you have my full respects.... thank you for attracting and protecting these creatures!

Meujael Lopez