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The San Pedro Sun

San Pedro Police Officer Tyrell Rowley out on bail after arraigned for Wounding islander Jamir Leal
San Pedro police officer 21-year-old Tyrell Rowley attached to the island's Quick Response Team (QRT) was arraigned at the Belize City Magistrate Court on Wednesday, January 23rd, for the offense of Wounding. Rowley and another QRT officer, Samir Medina were involved in a case of police brutality on January 1st at Playa Bar and Grill in the Boca del Rio Area. Rowley was caught on camera senselessly beating 20-year-old Jamir Leal despite being subdued on the ground. Medina stood nearby as they also apprehended Jamir's brothers Mario and Justin following an altercation inside the beach bar. Since the incident, both officers were suspended and on interdicted awaiting trial. After appearing in court, Rowley managed to secure bail, which he met and was, therefore, let go until his next court date at the Magistrate Court in San Pedro Town on March 13, 2019.

Students and volunteers help clean up North Ambergris Caye
Over 40 volunteers, including 30 students from St. Catherine's Academy (SCA) Wavemaker Club and St. Johns College (SJC) student council participated in a beach cleanup north of Ambergris Caye on Saturday, January 19th. Organized by SCA's Wavemaker Club, Oceana Belize, American Crocodile Education Sanctuary and Martin John Leslie, the clean-up began at 9AM. Among the piles of garbage collected were Styrofoam products, old clothes, tangled ropes, plastic bottles, iron, wood and many other items that are harmful to the environment.

MARCH 10th, 2019 is the CUT- OFF DATE for ICJ Vote
The Elections and Boundaries Department hereby reminds the public that MARCH 10th, 2019 is the CUT- OFF DATE for persons who have not yet registered as an elector and wish to vote in the Belize/Guatemala Referendum scheduled for April 10th, 2019. Register Today! "Your Right to Vote Depends on It."

San Pedro Pirates win 3-1 against Freedom Fighters
The San Pedro Pirates F.C managed to win their first home game of the Premiere League of Belize (PLB) Closing Season 2018 -2019 on Saturday, January 19th at the Ambergris Stadium in San Pedro Town. With this 3-1 victory against Punta Gorda Town's Freedom Fighters, the island team gained three points in the tournament's standings. The match began shortly after 7PM, and within 19 minutes of regulation time, Pirates' Mailson Moura managed to score the first goal. The visitors responded with several attempts, but all were blocked by the Pirates' goalkeeper Selvin Sagastume. The Pirates didn't stop attempting to score however, and soon, Devin Burgess found his way to the net and nailed a second goal for his team. At the half-time break, it was a 2-0 lead for the Pirates.

The Gasoline Lollipops and The Alcapones blaze the stage at the Dive Bar
The Dive Bar and Sea Star Belize, situated north of San Pedro Town, held its third annual music festival from Friday, January 18th through Sunday, the 20th, featuring the Gasoline Lollipops and The Alcapones from Colorado, United States of America. The three-day festivities marked the third anniversary of the beach bar, while also celebrating owner Dough McLain's birthday. Both locals and visitors alike enjoyed a fun-filled weekend with the best of alternative-country and authentic Jamaican Ska, rocksteady and reggae music. During the three days of the music festival, the audience enjoyed a smorgasbord of dance, food, and drinks. Gasoline Lollipops' lead vocalist Clay Rose stated that they were once again delighted to be back in Belize, for their third annual performance. Bar owner McLain and his staff thank all the patrons that came out to their successful event. The celebration is becoming part of the island's festivities culture, and partygoers are already looking forward to another fun weekend in 2020.

San Pedro Tiger Sharks scores first win in the 2019 NEBL season

Ambergris Today

Belize Cabinet Unanimously Supports A 'Yes' Vote In ICJ Referendum
In its meeting on Tuesday, January 22, the Cabinet unanimously reaffirmed its position that a 'Yes' vote in the April 10th Referendum in support of the International Court of Justice (ICJ) option is the right decision for Belize to rid itself forever of the unfounded Guatemalan claim. In May 2018, it was announced that the official position of the Cabinet was that a 'Yes' vote ought to be recommended to the people of Belize without prejudice to individual members of Cabinet reserving their right to disagree.

Misc Belizean Sources


New parking fees at the municipal airstrip
$4 daytime, $17 nighttime....

Live Well Cayo
The Cayo BTIA is having a special event which will highlight Eco-tourism, which is what Cayo is known for. It'll also focus on healthy living and wellness. The event will be held at Sacred Heart Junior College on Saturday, March 16th. "San Ignacio and the greater Cayo District is quickly adapting to the growing demand of eco-friendly and health conscious travel trends. To that end, the Belize Tourism Industry Association Cayo Chapter would like to extend an invitation to you or your organisation to be a part of the first ever, Live Well Cayo Festival. The aim of the event is to promote individuals and businesses engaged in wellness, eco-friendly, healthy living, dietary, traditional and holistic practices."

Orange Walk Heritage Trail Ceremony

Fitur 2019
FITUR is a global meeting point for tourism professionals and the leading trade fair for inbound and outbound Ibero American markets.

Design and Development Procedure for the design, planning and development of projects with the Ministry of Tourism
The Ministry of Tourism and Civil Aviation has adopted to a quality management system (ISO-9001), a strategic direction that will help to improve its overall performance and provide a sound basis for sustainable development initiatives. Our Quality Management System Scope encompasses the Execution of Projects. For this purpose a Design and Development Procedure has been established to guide the process for the design, planning and development of projects with the Ministry of Tourism. The Ministry is pleased to share with you, as a project partner, the attached procedure for your records and future collaborations.

The DFC is offering building plans for some tiny homes for a very small fee
The DFC works along with the Central Building Authority (CBA) to make your home construction project easier, faster and more affordable.

Ocean Academy high school played San Pedro this past Monday
SP won 4-0.

Happening this Friday, January 25th at the Corozal Civic Center - Basketball - Basketball!

Power outage scheduled for 6:00 a.m. to 7:00 a.m. on Saturday, January 26 to affect entire Corozal District
BEL to repair device on transmission pole at substation in the area.

Hon. Manuel Manuel Heredia hands over the SITCA/CATA presidency to Guatemala
Over the past 6 months Belize held the Presidency of the CATA/SITCA Regional organizations. In the framework of FITUR, Hon. Manuel Manuel Heredia handed over the SITCA/CATA presidency to Guatemala who will preside over the upcoming 6 months. Belize's performance over the 6 month hold over was exemplary.

Paradise Theater playing this weekend
Widows, A Star is Born, Bohemian Rhapsody, The Grinch

Channel 7

PUP Recommends that Belizeans Vote NO to the ICJ.
The PUP made it official today - and said No to the ICJ. The party issued what it calls The People's Declaration - a brief nine point document - culminating in this statement: "the People's United Party recommends that Belizeans vote NO to the ICJ." Now, this comes as no surprise after the party issued a statement two weeks ago foreshadowing this as inevitable. But, today's declaration made it official, and marked a vary hardline for the nationalist party. Here's leader John Briceno reading out the demands this afternoon at the Party Headquarters, flanked by most of his party's 31 standard bearers:

DOE Goes To Court to File Charges Against Seabed Developer Dion Zabaneh
The Department of the Environment is taking Dion Zabaneh to court. As we have reported, last week Zabaneh started filling parcel #4670 Buttonwood Bay - the titled property of his mother Primrose Gabourel. It just happens to be in the sea at the western end of Seashore drive in Buttonwood Bay. But - even if you overlook the fact that the seabed cannot be sold - any over-sea construction requires environmental clearance. And he doesn't have that. That's why the Department Of the Environment issued a cessation order and went to serve it on him this weekend. But Zabaneh refused to accept the order and just kept on working - with truckload after truckload streaming in all weekend - right through to Monday.

Dion Defies DOE
And Dion Zabaneh is making no apologies for it. He has acted in open defiance of the Department of the Environment and today he called in to the UDP's WAVE Radio on a tirade. Here's what he told the during a discussion about his mother's oversea property:… After that, Zabaneh continued the tirade, moving unto other public controversies he has been involved in. He has told us that the injunction against the property was lifted in 2016 - so that cleared the way for him to fill it up.

PC Rowley Charged For Wounding
On New Year's night PC Tyrell Rowley delivered a power kick to the head of Jamir Leal which was felt all across the country. It was caught on camera, went viral and was featured many times in the news. But - even with all the public uproar - at first, it seemed the cop might face no criminal charge. But, now, Jamir Leal has made a complaint, and today - 22 days after the incident - Rowley was taken to court and arraigned on a single charge of wounding. 21 year old PC Rowley, a resident of Far West Street, Belize City appeared before Magistrate Emmerson Banner in the Belize City Magistrate's Court at around 2:30. He pleaded not guilty to a single count of wounding upon Jamir Leal and was offered and met bail of $1,000 dollars.

Compol Chester Goes Back To 8 Hour Shifts
Last night we told you about the petition being circulated in the police department to block the new Commissioner form going back to 8 hour shifts for Eastern Division cops. For a few years now, these officers have been on 12 hour shifts - which they have gotten to prefer because after four days of work, they get four days off. The 8 hour shift doesn't give them that luxury - this the opposition to bringing it back. Well, Compol Chester wasn't going to cave to a petition - and, today, he met with Eastern division officers and told them he's decided to go ahead with the 8 hour shifts. His Deputy Edward Broaster told us why. We have the audio portion of his interview laying down the law:...

Police Association Supports Reversion to 8 Hours
The police would also provide transportation to those officers living in the West so that they don't have to hitchhike. Still, it's not a popular move - after all, those 4 days off cane be pretty sweet! But, Compol Williams didn't just have to push it through - he got support from the police themselves. In a remarkable turn, by this afternoon, after meetings where Williams explained his reasoning for changing the shift system, the Police Association, which comprises of the roughly 2000 cops between the ranks of Constable and Sergeant, spoke to the media about why they support the change. Cpl. Eldon Arzu - President, Belize Police Association: "The association's position is straightforward. As the commissioner of Police, by virtue of the constitutions he does have the authority to make changes as it related to the shift system..."

Reasoning For Regional Security
There was a high level, regional citizen security workshop at the Biltmore today. It was packed with representatives from the Community of Latin American and Caribbean nations, known as CELAC. Courtney Weatherburne found out what it was all about. Courtney Weatherburne reporting Guatemalan encroachments in the Chiquibul and other protected areas, Human trafficking, Contraband And the drug trade, these are a few of the major border issues that Belize faces. But not only Belize, the entire region. And today members of the Community of Latin America and Caribbean States gathered at the Biltmore to discuss those issues and more at a Citizen Security workshop. It's the closing workshop in a series of consultations and it is the first time it is being held in Belize.

Guatemala Snubs CELAC Meeting
There are 33 CELAC member states but not everyone attended including Guatemala, they were a no show. While it is worthy of note, Ambassador of Belize to the European Union Dylon Vernon says we shouldn't read into it too deeply; they have their reasons. H.E Dylan Vernon, Ambassador of Belize to the European Union and Belgium: "It is one of the few countries not here today. Invitations were issued and there is no explanation to why they ae not present. There could be various reasons."

Guat and Bze Hold Bilateral
And while Guatemalan officials didn't show up for the CELAC workshop, they are meeting with their Belizean counterparts in Guatemala at a bilateral meeting. National Security Minister John Saldivar told us more. Hon. John Saldivar, National Security Minister: "At this present time we have our officials from the Foreign affairs ministry and the Ministry of national security in Guatemala looking at these issues including the possibility of starting the ground work to some sort of protocol at the Sarstoon so we are having those bilateral talks at this time and we will keep the nation posted if anything comes out of that."

Another Unattended Infant Drowns
Another unattended infant has drowned - this time it's in Bella Vista village in Stann Creek. On Tuesday, one year old Christopher Daniel Cruz, wandered into a pond close to the house and drowned. His mother, 23 year old Giselli Osgalla, told police that she went to wash and left the baby in the care of 50 year old Nestor Cruz Sr. He lost track of the toddler, and he drowned.

Ruthless Robbers Pounce on The Last Store Still Open On Albert St.
Last night we told you about the robbery of a new grocery store right next to our studio. It is Midtown Grocery - one of the very few businesses that remain open on Albert Street after dark. And they paid for it last night when - as shown on this security video - two men posed as customers and went to the cooler to pick up some items. But when they came back to the counter one of them wearing a hoodie pulled out a pistol and held up the storeowner - while the other went into the cash drawer. Our reports say he grabbed about $1,500 dollars. Reports say that one of the men was caught shortly after - but police did not have details today.

The Many Hazards of Mercury
It is a recommended practice to read the labels and ingredients on food items and other products. Well, one ingredient you should look out for is mercury. We have reported on several health advisories warning consumers to slow it down on eating certain species of fish because of the high mercury level. Well, today the DOE along with its partners held the first session in preparing for the project entitled "Development of Minamata Initial Assessment in the Caribbean -Belize. It's all about minimizing the impact of mercury on humans and the environment. Courtney Weatherburne has more. Courtney Weatherburne reporting: This metallic liquid is Mercury also known as quicksilver. It is a chemical element and it can be found in several everyday products such as fluorescent light bulbs and batteries, even in some cosmetic products.

Bowen and Belikin Go Big With New Campaign
Fresh off the heels of the new year, the Belize Brewing Company is launching a new Belikin campaign called 'Only Eena Belize". The campaign launched today with the reveal of 4 mini-documentaries highlighting the diverse lives of Belizeans from around the country. After the event we spoke to some of the company execs about the campaign and what to expect from Belikin in 2019. Michael Bowen - CEO, Bowen & Bowen: "The inspiration was about telling Belizean stories, about telling the stories of the individual. Many times we talk about Belize in a broader sense but it's about Belizeans who make Belize what it is. And so our campaign was really to put them forward and show how great of a country Belize actually is."

A Rash of Robberies
Police reported 2 robberies yesterday. The first happened at 10:00 am the Zitro International & Western Union office in Ladyville. Security guard, Evan Cain saw two men open the door. One pointed a gun at him while the other held up another man inside the office and demanded money from the cashier. Fearing for her life, the cashier handed over $1800 cash in different denominations. The second reported robbery happened at around 9:00 last night in Belmopan. According to Samsung Restaurant owner Lisa He, two masked men entered the restaurant and pointed what looked like a gun at her, her daughter and an off-duty cop that was present. He said she and her daughter ran to hide in different rooms, while the cop fled after a scuffle.

The New Plan For Eastern Division
The Eastern Division - which is the police department's largest and hardest formation to police has a new commander. He is Senior Superintendent Alden Dawson - who comes in from the Rural area. He will be backed up by Superintendent Daniel Arzu who takes over the hotspot, which is region one or the city's southside. Dawson and Arzu yesterday told us that making eastern division safer for residents is their top priority:.. Sr. Supt. Alden Dawson, OC - Eastern Division: "My main thing was to come back and work with every officer that is under my command with an intention to keep the crime down as much as possible."

Deputy Broaster Supports Compol Chester
ACO Mariano meanwhile is expected to be promoted to Deputy Mariano to take care of administration. He joins the other deputy Edward Broaster who is in charge of operations. But how will Broaster work along with long time adversary Williams? The two have had a tense, hostile, even combative relationship over the years. Broaster says it's about being professional:.. Edward Broaster, Deputy Commissioner of Police: "As far as I am concerned, I have no issue with the Commissioner of Police. No one can ever say that I had made any comment publicly against Mr. Williams, ever. So I don't know where that came from."

Minister Praises Police Compol
And National Security Minister John Saldivar has joined the chorus of support for the new Compol. He today praised him for his approach to policing. Hon. John Saldivar, National Security Minister "I think there is no secret that the new Commissioner is a very hands on commissioner, very operationally sound and grounded. He is a man that is always on the ground. We are hoping that that attribute he brings to the department is going to help us in our moving forward in our fight against crime."

Rivers Revisited
Yesterday we told you about 4 men who were arrested and charged with drug trafficking and possession of controlled drugs. Two of those men pleaded guilty to possession and another one pleaded guilty to possession instead of drug trafficking, while the other two walked away free. Well, one of those who walked away free was not satisfied with the charges brought against him specifically. Jason Rivers spoke to us today about why he feels he was charged unfairly. Jason Rivers - Says his charges are unfair: "To what the court report said was false, because the amount of weed whe they seh they found and weh they charge me with weh deh mih ah ker me da station fa da 16.9 grams and deh mek it look like I only woulda get charge fi that. And deh want add on my name to a next weed weh deh say deh find behind the house."

Channel 5

P.U.P. Says NO to I.C.J. in People's Declaration; Demands Removal of Minister Elrington
The People's United Party has taken its formal possession on the April tenth referendum. Following a series of nationwide consultations and a meeting of standard bearers of the thirty-one constituencies, [...]

Minister Saldivar Says He Long Decided on a "Yes to I.C.J."
On Tuesday, cabinet approved a consensus position of a YES vote, which means that the lines are clearly drawn between the two main political parties.� In a release, the government [...]

Income Tax Commissioner's Refusal to Set-off Belize Bank's Business Tax Debt Unlawful
Chief Justice Kenneth Benjamin was scheduled to deliver his decision today in the matter of the Belize Bank Limited versus the Government of Belize. The Bank has been fighting tooth [...]

PC Tyrell Rowley Arraigned for New Year's Day Beat Down of San Pedro Resident
Twenty-two days after San Pedro resident Jamil Leal was brutality beaten, a police officer, twenty-one-year-old Tyrell Rowley, was today taken to court. Rowley was charged for wounding and following his [...]

Police Put in Place Protocols to Intercept Drug Plane
Belize's name came up recently during "El Chapo" Guzman's trial in a New York courtroom in relation to cocaine.� In 2018, we reported on an increasing number of drug plane [...]

DCP Broaster on Crime Fighting Strategy
With the shift in the command of the police department, Edward Broaster moved up to the Deputy Commissioner of Police with responsibility for national operations.� Broaster held that position once [...]

A Live Crime Centre to be Installed
Broaster also spoke about the plan to erect a live crime centre in Belmopan that will be used to address criminal activities on the streets. Several units of the department [...]

The Story of a Woman Living with HIV for 12 Years
In 2017, there were two hundred and twenty-three new cases of HIV in Belize, mostly among young males. During the first few weeks after a person contracts HIV, the viral [...]

U.D.P. Standard Bearer Ivan Williams Says Santa Cruz Has No Lots Committee
U.D.P. standard bearer for Stann Creek West, Ivan Williams, says that he will travel to Belmopan and lobby for the residents of Santa Cruz in order for them to receive [...]

Stann Creek West Area Rep Weighs In on Santa Cruz Land Issue
Weighing in on the matter is P.U.P. area representative for Stann Creek West Rodwell Ferguson. According to Ferguson the only person who has the authority to issue land is the [...]

Police to Revert to 8-Hour Shifts
Since his ascension as Commissioner of Police, Chester Williams has been connecting with the rest of the department. Today, he made a stop at the Queen Street Police Station where [...]

A New Strategy to Tackle Domestic Violence
There were one hundred and forty-four murders in 2018; thirty-eight of those were directly related to nightclubs or bar incidents. The rest was split between gang rivalries and domestic disputes. [...]

EU-CELAC Workshop on Citizen Security Opens in Belize
The third in a series of the European Union and the Community of Latin American and Caribbean States workshop on citizen security is being held in Belize. The two-day event [...]

Minister of National Security Says ComPol Can Deliver on his Commitments
Earlier this week, the Commissioner of Police Chester Williams said he intended to reduce the murder count to below one hundred per year. The last time that happened was in [...]

10-Year-Old with Brain Tumour Fighting to Live
A ten-year-old Belize City boy is fighting to stay alive. Jaylen Trevan Young was diagnosed with Brainstem Glioma four months ago, in September 2018. The cancerous tumor is growing rapidly [...]

Belikin Launches 'Onli Eena Belize' Campaign
Bowen and Bowen, through their Belikin brand, launched a new multimedia campaign called 'Onli Eena in Belize.'� They say the campaign will celebrate Belizean spirit and tell stories that are [...]


Saldivar explains his position in relation to going to ICJ
After a very long time of waiting on the Leader of the Opposition to declare a position for the People's United Party regarding the ICJ and after hearing him waver from a yes to a maybe and now a no; it is anticipated that internal battles within the PUP will come to a stop, for �

Can new Commissioner curb crime?
A solution for the crime situation in Belize is still no where in sight. With the new Commisioner of Police recently sworn in there is hope especially since he has taken over at a very crucial time when crime is on the rise. He has told the media that he will be approaching the issue �

Mercury - a serious health hazard
You may be wondering what are the effects of Mercury on the human body? Mercury, a highly toxic chemical element, is found naturally in air, water and soil. In large quantities, mercury can cause a number of complications, and it is a threat to the development of babies in pregnant women. Tahlia Ali Smith Project �

Government on track with phasing out single use Styrofoam products
While many are counting down to the ICJ Referendum, there is also the phasing out of Styrofoam products which will take place in April 2019. Many consumers, vendors and wholesalers will be affected by this move. Reporter Dalila Ical has a story on where we are with less than three months to go. Dalilah Ical: �

Stop order issued on land reclaiming in Belize City
The Department of the Environment has issued a stop order to the reclaiming of a parcel of land along Seashore Drive in Belize City. That parcel is number 4670 and was being filled by Dion Zabaneh. The land, we understand is owned by Zabaneh's mother. It is not the first time that he has been �

A 28 year old from Southern Belize is missing. Have you seen him?
A mother's love is one of the deepest bonds any person can experience in life. It's expected when children grow, that they would leave the fold but when problems arise, it's the parent who they can return to. A mother from Silk Grass Village in Stann Creek District had travelled to Belize City to search �

Sugar crop sees a not so sweet start
The sugar crop is about five weeks into its season and sugar cane farmers are already not too happy. Farmers called into our news studio today saying that their cane is not being milled on schedule. According to the farmers, they normally make at least one delivery to the factory per day from Sunday to �

Police Association says Majority of Officers Applaud new Working Hours
Officers who rank from constable to sergeant, by virtue of the Police Act, are members of the police association. That's approximately 2,000 members that the President of the Police Association, Corporal Eldon Arzu represents. Corporal Arzu has only been in the position for less than two weeks and the issue of the working hours was �

No More Hitch Hiking for the Cops?
The Commissioner has also tackled another quality of life issue that is long distance transportation. If you travel along the highways early in the morning, on the George Price Highway you will see police officers standing on the roadside by Trinity Methodist as well as at other spots along the Philip Goldson Highway. Officers who �

The National Executive of the People's United Party met today at Independence Hall on Queen Street in Belize City to review and solidify its position on the International Court of Justice (ICJ). Party Leader, John Briceno had spent the last few months on a national listening tour which led him to the southern and western �

Police Hours are amended
Under the previous commissioner of Police Allen Whylie, the police department had instituted a 12-hour shift for the Belize District. But the hours of work are shifting again after some officers had spoken of the quality of life issues...

Belize Police Department gets new vehicle
It is sometimes referred to as Corporate Social Responsibility and today that was just what Atlantic Insurance and Atlantic Bank displayed when they handed over a brand new 2019 Ford Ranger to the Belize Police Department...

Paul Munnings charged with aggravated assault
Forty-nine year old Paul Munnings appeared before Magistrate Emerson Banner, where he pleaded not guility to aggravated assault. Munnings was released on bail of two thousand dollars and his case was adjourned until March 23. The incident occurred on January 21, where the complainant, 30-year-old, Tiffany Saragossa, a school teacher, alleges that she was assaulted by Munnings who is her ex-boyfriend...

The Reporter

This afternoon, after a meeting with all PUP Area Representatives and Standard Bearers, and a meeting of the National Executive, PUP Leader John Brice�o presented what he referred to as a People's Declaration stating that "the People's United Party recommends that Belizeans vote NO to the ICJ."

Police are investigating a burglary at the Brothers Habet warehouse located at Mile 4 on the George Price Highway. According to Police, on Monday morning they were called to the scene where a representative of the company reported that burglars made off with almost $16,000 worth of items ...

Breaking Belize NewsPJ

PUP: The People's Declaration
The views expressed in this article are those of the writer and not necessarily those of Breaking Belize News. [�]

PUP says No to ICJ; Calls for removal of Sedi Elrington
The People's United Party (PUP) hosted a press conference minutes ago requesting several demands and [�]

Bus passenger busted with unlicensed bullets
A woman was busted with unlicensed ammunition yesterday afternoon. She has been identified as Tiffara [�]

Zitro International robbed at gunpoint
Just before midday yesterday, police received reports of a robbery in progress, at Zitro International [�]

Belize has some ambitious tourism targets for 2019 says BTB Marketing Director
The Belize Tourism Board (BTB) is pushing to build on the immense success the industry [�]

Man robbed while repairing his tire
Orlando Garcia, 56, reported to authorities that yesterday at 3 p.m. he was fixing his [�]

CITCO officials visit Wagner's Youth Facility
Belize City Councilor and youth activist, Micah Goodin, visited the prison yesterday. He was joined [�]

Taiwan and Belize to host forum on 'Chronic Kidney Disease Prevention'
The Government of Belize (GOB) and the Republic of China (Taiwan) have announced that their [�]

Belize Brewing Company launches new Belikin "Onli eena Belize" campaign
Belize Brewing Company (BBC) is taking a people-centered approach to its new ad campaign entitled [�]

Woman from Lords Bank reported missing
A woman from Lords Bank in the Belize District has been reported missing. Arlene Gordon, [�]

International Sourcesizz

Venezuela: Trump recognises opposition leader as president
Venezuela's opposition leader Juan Guaid� has declared himself interim president of the beleaguered South American country, in a dramatic escalation of efforts to force President Nicol�s Maduro from power. The move was immediately welcomed by the US and Canadian governments. Donald Trump said he would use the "full weight" of US economic and diplomatic power to push for the restoration of Venezuela's democracy.

La Crosse teachers swap a week of winter for research in Belize, bring their students through Skyp
University of Wisconsin-La Crosse researchers Gretchen Gerrish and Megan Litster couldn't bring local middle and high school students on their field expedition to Belize, so they did the next best thing: They brought their teachers. La Crosse Design Institute teachers Maggie McHugh and Katy Weber Skyped into class on Tuesday through a satellite internet connection from a Smithsonian field station in the Caribbean Sea. They reported results from the first of several experiments designed in part by their students and answered questions about their first days on the island.


  • Hicatee Release, 10sec. Graduate student Elyse Ellsworth release one of her first Hicatee in Belize, after adding a VHF transmitter!

  • Sight fishing the Clearest Water Ive Ever Seen | Belize Day 1, 10min. Day 1 in Belize was a success. We went sight fishing for Bonefish, Permit, Snook, and Tarpon.

  • Otaxha Village, Toledo, Belize, 1min. Otaxha Elementary School, Toledo, Belize.

  • Cleaning a Conch Shell in Belize, 2min. No license required for fishing, spear fishing or conch diving. Captain Jesse on our 47' Sail Catamaran TRANQUILO demonstrates how to tackle getting fresh meat for your fresh ceviche.

  • Channel 5 Obituaries - Eduardo Aguilar Sr., 2.5min.

  • PUP Press Briefing, 10min.

  • Shark Alley-Ambergris Caye, Belize, 2.5min. We snorkeled shark alley, off of San Pedro with nurse sharks and string rays.

  • The Otto Clan in Belize, 4.5min. The entire Rainer and Kandy Otto Clan traveled to Ambergris Caye, Belize to celebrate Rainer's 70th. Andrew and Tiffany joined us from Aptos and Amy from Sherman Oaks. We snokeled, kayaked, cooked and otherwise celebrated together.

  • Hol Chan Channel & Coral Gardens, 4.5min. While on Ambergris Caye, Belize we dove the Ho Chan Channel and snorkled the Coral Gardens. Both sites are adjacent to San Pedro. You will see a large collection of fish as compared to other dive sites.

  • Things To Do in BELIZE, 5.5min. One of the UNILAD Adventure videos I shot whilst out in Belize. A truly unforgettable experience!

  • WACPtv: 500 yr BELIZE HISTORY - UDP and PUP AGREE ON ICJ ... Belize Min of Foreign Affairs, 27min. I jumped on the bus from Corozal and came to the meeting where the Hon. Wilfred Elrington (Belize Min. of Foreign Affairs) was the presenter. I always travel with my camera but will not turn it on without permission. After a brief introduction from Bernadine and his Driver, we walked from the construction site (building a Knowledge Center Annex) upstairs to the meeting. Mr Elrington discussed the plans to be able to help more children in the area... as we walked and chat briefly.

  • Below Belize 2013, 5min. Playing with turtles, rays and sharks in Belize.

  • Sports Talk Show, 60min.