SPTC claims they are working on the issue

Island residents in the surrounding sub-divisions of San Pedro Town are complaining about bad street conditions following recent rains. In areas like DFC, Escalante, and San Pablo several of the streets are flooded posting a challenge for students walking to school and those commuting to work. Residents are further alleging that other areas on the island are prioritized over these sub-divisions. The San Pedro Town Council (SPTC) is denying such allegations and told The San Pedro Sun that they are currently addressing the areas in question. However, a visit to the said subdivisions shows no major improvements on the streets.

Residents are adding that this is a yearly issue during the rainy season in San Pedro, and they demand a long-term solution. Mayor Daniel Guerrero admitted that they are taking longer than expected, but that following the recent rains they have addressed the deterioration in some of these streets, particularly the larger, deeper potholes. "The job is even bigger now," said Guerrero. "I realize that DFC is really in bad shape." Islanders are firing back that the SPTC works have been less than satisfactory. "I don't know what they mean by fixing the roads, the streets look the same," one resident said.

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