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The San Pedro Sun

Frustrated residents demand better roads; SPTC claims they are working on the issue
Island residents in the surrounding sub-divisions of San Pedro Town are complaining about bad street conditions following recent rains. In areas like DFC, Escalante, and San Pablo several of the streets are flooded posting a challenge for students walking to school and those commuting to work. Residents are further alleging that other areas on the island are prioritized over these sub-divisions. The San Pedro Town Council (SPTC) is denying such allegations and told The San Pedro Sun that they are currently addressing the areas in question. However, a visit to the said subdivisions shows no major improvements on the streets. Residents are adding that this is a yearly issue during the rainy season in San Pedro, and they demand a long-term solution. Mayor Daniel Guerrero admitted that they are taking longer than expected, but that following the recent rains they have addressed the deterioration in some of these streets, particularly the larger, deeper potholes. "The job is even bigger now," said Guerrero. "I realize that DFC is really in bad shape." Islanders are firing back that the SPTC works have been less than satisfactory. "I don't know what they mean by fixing the roads, the streets look the same," one resident said.

Copa San Pedro Closing Season 2018-2019 heads to third week of action
The second week of Copa San Pedro's Closing Season 2018-2019 was full of intense matches at the Ambergris Stadium in San Pedro Town. The football weekend began at 7PM on Thursday, January 17th, with Terror Squad defeating Captain G F.C 4-2. A tight match between G Strikers and Ambergris Hope's F.C followed, which ended in a 1-1 draw. Copa San Pedro Closing Season 2018 -2019 heads to its third weekend starting on Thursday, January 24th at 7PM with Island Sharks F.C going up against Vince Assassins, followed by Legends F.C taking on G Strikers at 9PM. Games continue on Friday, January 25th, with Ambergris Hope's facing Los Catrachos F.C at 7PM, followed by Genesis FC taking on Fambo Boys F.C at 9PM. Copa San Pedro football action will culminate on Sunday, January 27th with Caye Caulker Islanders taking on Captain G at 5PM.

Cabinet Unanimously Supports a 'Yes' Vote in ICJ Referendum
In its meeting on January 22, the Cabinet unanimously reaffirmed its position that a 'Yes' vote in the April 10th Referendum in support of the International Court of Justice (ICJ) option is the right decision for Belize to rid itself forever of the unfounded Guatemalan claim. In May 2018, it was announced that the official position of the Cabinet was that a 'Yes' vote ought to be recommended to the people of Belize without prejudice to individual members of Cabinet reserving their right to disagree.

Ambergris Today

Belize Brewing Company Launches New Belikin Campaign "Onli Eena Belize"
Belize City, Belize, January 23, 2019 - The Belize Brewing Company is kicking off 2019 with a new advertising campaign for its flagship brand, Belikin, titled "Onli Eena Belize". The striking new campaign highlights the diversity and lifestyles found only in Belize and features different Belizeans whose life experiences demonstrate what makes the country one-of-a-kind.

Government Warns Schools About Sending Students Home Unaccompanied
Lately our country is seeing an alarming up rise of missing teens, it is almost on a weekly basis that the police department is sharing "missing persons" bulletins with the media. Thankfully most of them if not all are found and safely returned home. The Ministry of Education of Belize sent out a memorandum to all general and local managers, principals of government primary and secondary schools, principals of gran-aided primary schools and secondary schools addressing the sending of students home during school hours for the safety of all.

Misc Belizean Sources


Fisheries Department Confiscates Gill Net in Belize City
On Tuesday, January 22, 2019, immediately acting on a report received, the Fisheries Department recovered and confiscated an old derelict gill net in the vicinity of the Bird's Isle area of Belize City. The gill net did not have a registration tag as required by law and no fish or any marine animal were found entangled in the gill net. It was established that the net was set by minors a couple days prior. No beach seine, trap, weir, or stop net shall be set, hauled or otherwise used for the purpose of taking fish at any place situated within a distance of half a mile from any city, township, village, settlement or other inhabited locality in Belize: the boundaries of any community.

Coming to your district!!! Starting Feb 1 in GRIGA!!!

Inauguration of The Orange Walk town historical trail
Inauguration of The Orange Walk town historical trail at the Banquitas House of Culture. Fantastic dance by Maya dance group from Louisana Government school with director teacher Mayola. Great job.

Row For The Crown, to help support Chelsea Munoz
Let's come together, as a community, to help support Chelsea Munoz in her fight against Hodgkins Lymphoma. Get your teams together and help raise funds by taking part in a marathon row, on Sunday February 10th, at CrossFit San Pedro Town. Sunday, February 10, 2019 at 8 AM - 8 PM. CrossFit San Pedro Town - W.O.D Zone, Sea Star Street, San Pedro

Increase in Pump Price for Regular Gasoline
The Ministry of Finance announces that at midnight on January 25th, the pump price for regular gasoline will increase by 20 cents from $9.31 to $9.51 per gallon. This increase in the price is principally due to tightening global demand reflecting extreme winter conditions in North America and Europe, together with uncertainties in geopolitical conditions in several major oil-producing countries in the Middle East and in Latin America.

8-week parenting program offered through COMPAR
Six parents in Esperanza Village in the Cayo District have completed an 8-week parenting program offered through the Community and Parent Empowerment Programme (COMPAR). Through the sessions the women learned effective parenting behavior including child discipline, anger management, stress management, child development and self-esteem. COMPAR works to empower and equip parents and communities with the knowledge and skills necessary to take responsibility for the care, protection, survival and optimum development of their children. For more information on Parenting Classes, please contact the Department of Human Services at 227-7451.

Potential upcoming investments for Belize
Today the Cabinet Sub Committee on Investment (CSCI) which is chaired by the Honorable Tracy-Taegar Panton, the Minister of State of the Ministry of Economic Development, Petroleum, Investment, Trade and Commerce, is currently meeting to discuss potential upcoming investments for Belize. The purpose of the committee is to review large investment projects and conduct proper assessments and due-diligence to ensure meaningful investments and maximize benefits to the people and Government of Belize.

Belmopan Fire Station Temporarily Relocated for Construction of New Building
Construction is about to begin on a new building to replace the old Fire Station in Belmopan. Consequently, the old building is being demolished and the fire station has been temporarily relocated to the NEMO Warehouse on Sir Colville Young Boulevard in Belmopan. The public is notified that the phone lines are being switched over to the temporary location, and the fire emergency number for Belmopan and surrounding communities will remain the same. That number is 802-2311. The public can also call the general emergency hotline at 911. The construction of the new facility at the original location is being funded by the United States Government through US SOUTHCOM and should be completed within a year.

Call for Comparsa Groups for Corozal Juan Carnaval 2019
It's that time of year! Calling upon our community to join in the prelenten season's celebrations.

Pok-to-Tok Ball Game at the Street Art Festival 2019
For the first time in Belize City....the Pok-to-Tok Ball Game! At the Street Art Festival 2019 ..Saturday, February 23, Albert Street, downtown Belize City.

BEL Paper Bills Late
BEL apologizes to customers for the delay in delivery of printed bills in January, due to the approved rate change that took effect on January 1, 2019. To check your account balance, send a text to 235 with "Balance (your account number)": or call toll free: 0-800-235-2273.

Verdes Defeat Defenders
The Verdes defeated the Defenders, 96-89, in their first game of the season. Great game. "The Verdes defeated the Defenders last night, 96-89, in a game that went both ways more than once. Looks like the magic is back, as are some of the original Ballaz members. The after party was at CK's."

Fitur 2019
FITUR is a global meeting point for tourism professionals and the leading trade fair for inbound and outbound Ibero American markets.

As part of its ongoing efforts to develop destinations and promote the attractions and historical areas of the various tourism regions of Belize, on Wednesday, 23 rd January, the BTB joined key industry stakeholders in launching the Orange Walk Heritage Trail Project during a brief ceremony at the Banquitas House of Culture in Orange Walk Town. The Orange Walk Heritage Trail Project entailed the design and installation of signs at different areas of historical importance within Orange Walk Town. These include Central Park, Fort Mundy, Fort Cairns, St. Peter's Anglican Church, School and Piedmonte Cemetery, La Immaculada Church and School, Main Street, the Barracks and Riverside, Old Hospital (Sandy Hunter Library), the Old Power Plant (Fire Station) and the Banquitas House of Culture area.

NICH Stakeholder Consultation
Are you an artists, musician, craft-maker, cultural performer, cultural organization, or just generally interested in culture? Come and meet the president and the directors of NICH and share your thoughts, concerns and interests. Wed. January 30th at the San Pedro House of Culture.

Channel 7

Health CEO Laments: "We Don't Care Anymore"�
Since the start of the year, we've been reporting on the tragic case of baby Dion Woodeye Jr.  The three month old became ill with vomiting and diarrhea early on New Year's Day. His mom rushed him to the Corozal hospital, but she says, they gave her the run around, and her infant son died. Miller said if the hospital staff had treated the case with the urgency it required, he would still be alive. Today, in a surprising turn, the CEO in the Ministry of Health agreed with her, and he did so publicly - declaring that it's a failure of the system, where, health professionals quote, "don't care anymore."  Here are his remarkably candid remarks: Dr. Ramon Figueroa - CEO, Ministry of Health: "To be frank with you it's not one individual. I refuse to blame one single individual out there..."

CEO Says Regional Management Has Been Slow To Move
And while the CEO should be congratulated for his plain-spoken-ness about the "unacceptable" level of care - there's nothing to celebrate here, a young life has been needlessly lost - and no amount of candor after-the-fact can bring little Dion back.   So, who's going to be held accountable for it?  Well, the CEO also admitted that the regional manager has been slow to act decisively in a clear cut case.  He said the nurse in question is before the nurse's council: Dr. Ramon Figueroa - CEO, Ministry of Health: "One of the individuals is being taken to one of the nursing councils. They presented the case to one of the nursing council for action. Locally we can also take action. Just yesterday we were discussing with the region that we expected that individual to be put on administrative leave.  Why it hasn't happened, I'm not sure..."

Compol Clinic?
New Commissioner of Police Chester Williams has finished setting his ducks in a row with his officers, and the department rank and file - and now he's coming to the public.  In a first and a major move for public accountability, it was today announced that the Commissioner will be opening the doors of his Belize City office to regular citizens every Wednesday, sort of like a political clinic, but for police matters.   It was introduced by ASP Alejandro Cowo today at the weekly press briefing:. ASP Alejandro Cowo - Head, CIB: "As of next week Wednesday, Commissioner of Police Mr. Chester Williams will be at this officer at Raccoon Street commencing from 9:30am and his officer will be open to the general public..."

Road Rage Ryan
If you're a driver, cyclist or pedestrian - no matter how cool and calm you may be - we know at some point, you've probably felt the urge to explode on an aggressive or inconsiderate driver.  Well, one man acted on it today - and he'll have to pay dearly for his road rage outburst. This morning during the regular 8:00 o'clock rush on the Northern Highway, construction worker Ryan Nolberto got off his bike and stoned a Russell Bus, smashing the windshield.   Bus driver Lionel Russel told police he stopped at Belize Flour Mill at mile 2 on Phillip Goldson Highway to drop off some passengers - and he saw Nolberto brandishing a stone - which he then hurled at the windshield.

Despite DOE Directives, Dion Defiant
And, in an update to a story we ran last night, developer Dion Zabaneh continues to fill parcel 4670, in open defiance of a stop order from the Department of the Environment. Today, sand truck trucks were seen on the lot again, continuing with the fill work that started last week.  We are told that work was continuing right up to newstime - with the aid of construction lights.   On Saturday, Department of the Environment went to the work site and informed Zabaneh that there is a stop order agains the project - which is filling in the sea.  But he refused to comply, and the Department is alleging that he obstructed and assaulted an environmental officer.  

Regular Rises
If your vehicle uses regular fuel you should put in gas tonight.  That's because prices are going up.  Tonight at midnight, the pump price for regular gasoline will increase by 20 cents from $9.31 to $9.51 per gallon. A release from the Ministry of Finance says this increase in price is mainly due to tightening global demand reflecting extreme winter conditions in North America and Europe. 

Roaring Creek Teen Recovering
Jahmeel Reyes: He is the 15 year old Roaring Creek boy who was shot in the head in mid-January. He was also badly beaten and then buried alive. It was a ruthless attack but he survived, and after about 2 weeks in the hospital he is at home tonight. While it is a relief for the family, they aren't getting too excited as yet because the swelling in his head hasn't gone down enough for doctors to remove the bullet which is still lodged in the back of his head. Today we spoke to his aunt via phone about his condition. Deshawn Card - Aunt: "Right now as we speak, Jahmeel was discharged yesterday around midday he got here a little after 2:00 he got home yesterday. The picture you saw on Facebook, well a video sorry was taken when he was at the hospital after he was taken off life support.."

Mosser Charged For Spanish Lookout Double Fatal
On Tuesday's news we told you about the accident that killed a father and son in Spanish Lookout. Manuel and Jaime Ramos were heading to their home in Duck Run 1, when their  motorbike collided into the side of a pick-up truck driven by Gregory Mosser. Since then police have been investigating the incident - here's what they've found out so far. ACP Joseph Myvette - Head, NCIB: "On Monday, last sometime around 6:15 pm Spanish Lookout police was called to an area on Center Road in Spanish Lookout where upon arrival they observed a black motor bike with extensive damage and a black pick up at the time being driven by one Greg Mosser 41 years, manager. There were two persons one the ground who appeared to be motionless and they were later learned to be Jaime Ramos Garcia..."

Belize Walks Diplomatic Tightrope for Venezuela At OAS
Venezuela is gripped by domestic and international crises tonight.  On the International front, the United States has recognized the opposition leader Juan Guaido as the country's interim president.  And, domestically, the country is experiencing hyper-inflation and economic collapse.   And the OAS is caught in the middle of all this.  As the Western Hemisphere's chief regional organization, the OAS is caught between pushing for regime change, while also taking a more conservative stance of advocating for stability and citizen security.  

Kidney Failure, Contending With A Community Crisis
If you're in touch with anyone in your community, you'll know that kidney failure is more widespread than ever. That's why three years ago, the Governments of Belize and Taiwan launched the Capacity Building Project for the Prevention and Control of Chronic Renal Failure in Belize. The project is coming to an end, and today they organized a major forum to discuss lessons learned: It's called the forum on Chronic Kidney Disease - the culmination of a three year Taiwanese led project focusing on early detection and prevention of kidney disease - as well as data gathering and training for early intervention:

Reasons Behind Rowley Charges
It's been just over three weeks since the infamous video of San Pedro police brutally beating up Jamir Leal on New Years surfaced, and, as we told you yesterday, finally, charges have been brought against at least one of the cops in the video. Today the media questioned the head of CIB, ASP Alejandro Cowo, about why it's taken so long despite the video clearly showing what was happening. ASP Alejandro Cowo - Head, CIB: "Referencing the incident that occurred in San Pedro where Jamir Leal was seen beaten by an officer. On yesterday's date police arrested and charged PC Tyrell Rowely attached to the San Pedro formation for the crime of wounding."

Conserving Chiquibul with Bi-National Buy-In
Over the last two days conservation and enforcement stakeholders from Belize and Guatemala have been participating in a workshop aimed at providing better support the preservation of the Chiquibul area.  The workshop was broken down into two sections. On the first day the partners discussed methods to crack down on and prevent illegal wildlife trafficking, particularly when it comes to scarlet macaws.  And on the second day, parties from both sides of the border agreed to increased collaboration regarding the conservation management of the Chiquibul Forest,.  To further bolster the joint effort, existing strategies will be reviewed at an OAS workshop in March. 

Screening Out Those Bogus Investments
We often  hear about these mega - investment projects planned for Belize - but many of them never materialize; they're either what are known as dead raises, or con games designed to bilk investors.   And the Cabinet Sub Committee on Investment is supposed to screen those projects to make sure they are legit.   That group met today to discuss upcoming investments. In a release it states "The purpose of the committee is to  review large investment projects and conduct proper assessments and due-diligence to ensure meaningful investments and maximize benefits to the people and Government of Belize."

No Gillnets Close To Shore
Two days ago, we got news about a gillnet which had been spread out in the waters between Bird's Isle and the Yabra green. When we got there it had been moved, and, today, fisheries said they acted immediately to confiscate it.  A release says the gill net did not have a registration tag as required by law and no fish or any marine animal had been caught or entangled in it.  A fisheries investigation found that the net had been set there by some kids a few days earlier.  And while gillnets are not illegal - the law states that none can be set within a distance of half a mile from any city, town or village. 

Ahmadiyya Convention
It is not as mega as the Jalsa Salana in the UK that 7NEWS attended in August but the Ahmadiyya Muslim president says their 5th annual convention here in Belize is equally important and serves the same purpose: to educate people about the Muslim faith. The Ahmadiyya Muslim leaders held a press conference this morning to discuss this weekend's convention and two other upcoming events. First here is more about the convention as well as their very first medical camp. And the Ahmadiyya Muslim League begins on Sunday at the SJC. The commissioner told us more.

Behind The Baby Drowning
Turning back now to police news, today we learned more about the ongoing investigation into the death of a 1-year-old in Bella Vista village. The toddler was found facedown in a small pond by his mother, who had left him in the care of his grandfather. ACP Joseph Myvette - Head, NCIB: "On Tuesday, sometime around midday, Independence police responded to the report of a child at the Independence Polyclinic where upon arrival they saw a male child, later identified as Christopher Daniel Cruz, motionless and appeared to be dead..."

The Female As Smuggler
The police also gave us an official report on the young woman from Hattieville who was arrested on a bus coming through Orange Walk with 5 boxes of 9mm ammunition. ACP Joseph Myvette - Head, NCIB: "On Tuesday sometime around 2pm, Orange Walk police were on a vehicular check point where they conducted a search on a bag which at the time was in possession of one Tiffara Usher of Hattieville Village. The bag contained a transparent parcel; when opened contained 5 boxes of ammunition which when examined was determined to be 9mm ammunition. She was asked to produce a license for which she did not have one. She has since been arrested and charged for possession of unlicensed ammunition."

Robbers and Burglars Brazen
And, finally from police, we have an update on recent robberies and burglaires.  We told you about one of them yesterday where two men held up and robbed a Zitro International and Western Union office in Ladyville. The other happened on Monday where the Brothers Habet warehouse was burglarized. Police told us about the investigations so far.... ASP Alejandro Cowo - Head, CIB: "We had a robbery report which occurred at Zitro International Western Union Branch located at 9 1/2 miles Philip Goldson Highway. That is just opposite Medina's Construction at Ladyville.

Renewal For Capital Fire Station
The Belmopan Fire Station, which was built in the 1970's, will finally be demolished and replaced with a brand new base. The construction of the new building is about to begin. For now, while it is being built, the fire service will be moved to the NEMO Warehouse on Sir Colville Young Boulevard. As a notice to the public, a release states "the phone lines are being switched over to the temporary location, and the fire emergency number for Belmopan and surrounding communities will remain the same. That number is 802-2311. The public can also call the general emergency hotline at 911.  The construction is being funded by the United States Government through US SOUTHCOM and should be completed within a year.

Channel 5

Minister's Daughter Wants Full Pay and Allowances while on Study Leave
Minister of Foreign Affairs Wilfred Elrington answered a number of questions today posed by News Five.� First, we asked about the leaked government memorandum which has been causing consternation. Dated [...]

Elrington Says Demanding for His Removal is Futile
The Foreign Minister also spoke on the I.C.J. referendum. This comes on the heels of a People's Declaration released on Wednesday by the People's United Party. �The P.U.P. announced its [...]

Minister Elrington Says P.U.P.'s "NO" Position was Predictable
According to Foreign Minister, Wilfred Elrington, the P.U.P.'s announcement on Wednesday of not going to the I.C.J. was expected. �Elrington believes that Brice�o, who is on record of personally supporting [...]

Minister Elrington Speaks on Cabinet's 'Yes to the I.C.J.' Position
Earlier in the week, the Government announced that Cabinet had unanimously taken a 'yes' position, affirming its support in settling the territorial claim at the International Court of Justice. A [...]

Is Wilfred Elrington the Future of the U.D.P.?
Could Wilfred Elrington be the future of the U.D.P. after Dean Barrow's departure? Up to date, Deputy Prime Minister Patrick Faber and Minister of National Security, John Saldivar, are the [...]

Nurse Goes before Nursing Council in Wake of Baby's Death
A nurse at the Corozal Community Hospital has been taken before the Nursing Council in connection with the death of three month old Dion Woodeye, who died while waiting for [...]

C.E.O. Ramon Figueroa: "Lack of Training is Not the Cause; it is a Lack of Care!"
While that nurse is yet to find out what consequences she will face, the fact is that a baby died at the Corozal Community Hospital. C.E.O. Figueroa says that it [...]

San Pedro Officers Involved in Brutality Remain on Interdiction
Police Constable Tyrell Rowley was granted bail on Wednesday having been charged for wounding San Pedro resident, Jamil Leal. The brutality at the hands of the officer was witnessed by [...]

U.S. National Charged for the Traffic Fatality of a Father and Son in Spanish Lookout
Gregory Mosser has been charged in connection with the double traffic fatality earlier this week in Spanish Lookout. Manuel Ramos was travelling with his twenty-six-year-old son, Jaime Ramos Garcia, on [...]

Excelsior Teachers on Strike? Principal Says Not So
There's more trouble at Excelsior High School in Belize City tonight. �Today, News Five received reports that several teachers didn't show up to work and as a result, their students [...]

Zitro in Ladyville is Hit by Brazen Armed Robbers
Since the last police press brief on Monday, there have been little to no criminal activities reported; that is, except for two robberies that occurred in downtown Belize City and [...]

Downtown Grocery Store Targeted by Thieves
ASP Alejandro Cowo also gave brief details of an armed robbery in downtown Belize City, which occurred on Tuesday. Midtown Grocery was targeted by two men who posed as customers. [...]

Hattieville Woman Busted with Ammo
A Hattieville resident has been charged for firearm offenses after she was found in possession of a large quantity of nine-millimetre rounds of ammunition. Tiffarah Usher is tonight in big [...]

Commissioner's Clinic to be Held Every Wednesday
Commissioner of Police Chester Williams is making himself accessible to the public. Starting next week Wednesday, ComPol Williams will be having weekly clinics for residents to touch base with him [...]

CDK Prevalent among Females, Mestizos, Obese Persons
Back in 2016, the Ministry of Health signed a cooperation agreement with Taiwan for prevention and control of chronic kidney disease. The agreement makes available expertise in health education, disease [...]

Belize Monitoring Venezuela's Chaos
When we sat with the Foreign Minister Elrington today, we asked him about developments in Venezuela where the Opposition leader, Juan Guaido, has installed himself as the interim president though [...]

Fisherman's Gillnet Confiscated by Fisheries Department
The Fisheries Department on Tuesday confiscated an old derelict gillnet in the vicinity of the Bird's Isle area of Belize City. According to the Department, the gill net did not [...]

1-Year-Old Drowns in Bella Vista, Toledo
Police are investigating the drowning of a one-year-old baby boy in southern Belize. On Tuesday, Independence Police visited the polyclinic where Christopher Daniel Cruz was seen motionless. According to the [...]

D.O.E. to Find Out the Mercury Levels in Belize
How much do you know about mercury? It may not be something you think about often, but you may use a product or two everyday that contains mercury such as [...]

Healthy Living: Unhealthy Fad Diets
Did you know that every year the U.S. News and World Report and health and nutrition experts rank all the trending diets based on how healthy or unhealthy they are? [...]


Ahmadiyya Muslim Community launches new initiatives
The Ahmadiyya Muslim Community in Belize is hosting three events over the week including a basketball competition, a free medical clinic and launching its Humanity First NGO. These activities are being held in conjunction with the Jalsa Salana or annual convention. Love News attended the press conference at the Muslim Temple in Belize City where �

Canadian delegation participates in annual Muslim Convention
The Canadian Delegation is being led by Lal Khan Malik, the president of that country's Ahmadiyya's Muslim Jama'at. Malik spoke about the stigmatism that some people associate the religion with extremism. He explained that those assumptions are wrong while explaining the purpose of the annual visit to Belize Lal Khan Malik President, Ahmadiyya Muslim Jama'at �

JP Association invites new members, will the A.G. share the identity of new JPs?
The Justice of the Peace Association is hosting an annual general meeting for members on Sunday at the Lion's Den in Belize City. The association is eager to bring together past members and the new members that were installed by the Attorney General Michael Peyrefitte. The association president Danny Madrid says that they intend to �

Liquor License Board to review businesses on the Entertainment Strip
In addition to being President of the JP Association, Danny Madrid also wears another cap as the Chairman of the Belize District Liquor Licensing Board. A new board has recently been formed and Madrid says that they are evaluating businesses along the entertainment strip, including Pier 1, the bar located at the BTL Park which �

An apology to Sinquest Martinez
Tonight we are doing some house cleaning as we issue an apology to Sinquest Martinez of the Belize Police Department. In our newscast aired on January 8, 2018, we aired an interview with Edward Vincent Martinez, where he mentioned Officer Sinques Martinez's name as the head of the Corozal Police Station at the time when �

The Reporter

Elrington IGNORES John Brice�o, SAYS HE MAY RUN TO BE PM
Minister of Foreign Affairs Wilfred Elrington told the Reporter that he has not ruled out the possibility of throwing his hat in the ring and vying for leadership of the United Democratic Party. On Wednesday the leader of the opposition 'John Brice�o' called for the resignation of minister Elrington and indicated that the PUP would vote 'NO' in the upcoming April 10th. referendum, to be adjudicated by the ICJ.

Breaking Belize NewsPJ

San Pedro police charged with wounding
Police constable, Tyrell Rowley was charged with the offense of wounding yesterday. Rowley's charges are in connection [�]

Regular gas prices increase
The Ministry of Finance announced today that at midnight tonight, the pump price for regular gasoline [�]

Police yet to say if adults would be held liable in death of one-year-old child
On Tuesday sometime around midday Independence police responded to the report of a child at the [�]

One charged for fatal RTA which killed two in Spanish Lookout
On Monday around 6:15 p.m. police in Spanish Lookout, Cayo were called to an area on [�]

Belize Peace Movement says that Belize's territorial integrity is not for negotiation
The Belize Peace Movement (BPM) today issued a statement saying that the PUP's announcement yesterday declaring [�]

Baby's death at Corozal Hospital "should not have happened," says health CEO; hospital faces lawsuit
Chief Executive Officer in the Ministry of Health, Ramon Figueroa, spoke today on the death of [�]

Belmopan fire station temporarily relocated for Construction of new building
Construction is about to commence on a new building to replace the old fire station in [�]

Krem Fact Check #1
Yesterday Krem held a public event so that people could air their views. In order to help them in this effort, I've decided to write this so as to clear up some misconceptions that came up. [�]

Fisheries Department confiscates Gill Net in Belize City
On Tuesday, January 22, 2019, the Fisheries Department recovered and confiscated an old derelict gill net [�]

Belize~ The ICJ in Numbers
y Richard Harrison: The use of numbers in analytical models allows one to be more precise and concise in breaking down any complex challenge into its various parts [�]

UNDP and Global Fund donate new truck to Ministry of Health
Yesterday, the Ministry of Health received a brand new vehicle from the Global Fund and UNDP. [�]

Belize and Guatemalan technicians meet
Guatemalan and Belizean technicians met at a working session on January 22 and 23, 2019 at [�]

1-year-old boy drowns in small pond in Bella Vista
Police are investigating the drowning of a toddler that occurred yesterday in Bella Vista, Toledo. Giselli [�]


Enjoy the Best of Belize Nightlife
You may think of Belize as a place to enjoy long sunny days on the beach, scuba diving or trekking the jungle. It's true that Belize is perfect for daytime fun, but the fun doesn't stop when the day is over. In many parts of Belize, that's just when the fun is getting started. Here's our guide to the best nightlife in Belize. Where to go when the sun goes down: San Ignacio, Cayo District. San Ignacio has some of the busiest restaurants and nightlife in Belize. The action here happens mostly on Burns Avenue, where you'll find a huge collection of restaurants and bar like Tandoor, Eva's, Serendib, and Guava Limb that all serve sumptuous meals and delicious local drinks. If it's late and you want to keep partying, head over to the Princess Hotel and Casino or the Blue Angel Night Club.

International Sourcesizz

Belizean wins trip to Trinidad and Tobago Carnival with Campari
Campari has, for the second time, engaged Belizean consumers with its 'Win a Trip to Trini Carnival" promotion. The world's most stylish drink has selected one lucky consumer in Belize to enjoy the fetes, revelry and colourful costumes of Trinidad Carnival 2019. Belizean Joel Stephenson has been selected as the winner of the campaign. Stephenson and his guest, Susie Anne Logan, will receive the Campari Carnival experience of two carnival costumes for Road March, airfare to Trinidad, accommodation in Port of Spain, transportation to all events, and VIP access to all Campari sponsored events in the twin-island republic for Carnival Week. Stephenson was named the competition winner when the promotion closed late last year.

Caribbean nations hesitate to recognise Venezuela's Guaid�
On January 10, 2019, the day Nicolas Maduro was sworn in as president of Venezuela for a second term, the Permanent Council of the Organization of American States (OAS), at a meeting in Peru, adopted a resolution declaring Maduro's election illegitimate and calling for sanctions. The vote on that resolution divided the OAS' English-speaking Caribbean member states, with five nations (Bahamas, Jamaica, St. Lucia, Guyana and Haiti) supporting; three (St. Vincent and the Grenadines, Dominica and Suriname) voting against; and five others (St. Kitts and Nevis, Trinidad and Tobago, Antigua and Barbuda, Barbados and Belize) abstaining.

Tracking Coral in Belize
We will be heading to the MesoAmerican Barrier Reef of Belize to document the identity, abundance and health of corals. Declining coral health is a global concern and our students will assess corals across multiple sites. Thanks to our friends at S.E.E. (Science Exploration Education) we were just awarded a Trident ROV to take to Belize for a research trip! We leave in 10 days! I am so excited!


  • Corozal Town old days 1997, 15min. Once Corozal was very quiet.

  • Marijuana for Psychotherapy, 32min. Bea J. Armstrong shared her insights of the use of cannabis for Psychotherapy. There is growing number of persons and research supporting the benefits of cannabis for treatment of mental health issues. She shared her experiences with her practice in Berlin.

  • 5th Season of the Ahmadiyya Basketball League, 18min. The 5th Season of the Ahmadiyya Basketball League begins next week. Representatives of the League shared the details of this year's registered teams. They shared how their plans for thie development of the League and spoke about how the discipline of basketball is contributing to the lives of participants. On our couch: Jamel Wagner - Coach, Ahmadiyya Basketball League. Abdullah Dibba - Youth Leader, Ahmadiyya Basketball League. Naveed Mangla - National President, Ahmadiyya Basketball League.

  • Belize Police Depratment - Introductory New Commissioner of Police, 44min. There is a new team at the helm of the Belize Police Department. We spoke with them about how they are re-energizing their efforts to tackle the crime and violence problem. The team explained that they will be focusing on policies to move policing forward, improving the investigative capacities of officers and strengthening relationships with the community. On our couch: Chester Williams - Commissioner of Police. Edward Broadster - Sr. Deputy Commissioner of Police. Robert Mariano - Jr. Deputy Commissioner of Police.

  • Belikin's new ad campaign "Onli Eena Belize", min. Belikin celebrates our heritage and our people with our new campaign, Onli Eena Belize, and highlights Belizeans whose lives illuminate what makes this country one-of-a-kind. We have turned the lens of the camera on our fellow Belizeans to celebrate the uniqueness of our people and the Belizean spirit.

  • Belize - Hopkins to San Ignacio, 4min.

  • The Belize Defence Force - Annual BDF Day., 30min. The Belize Defence Force is hosting the Annual BDF Day. Their representatives gave us the scoop on all the festivities planned in celebration of our soldiers. If you are interested in joining the BDF you may also go as they will be recruiting candidates for the next intake. The event is packed with the usual fun and entertainment. You can also try your luck and purchase a raffle to win a 16x20 wooden house courtesy Midwest Lumber Mill Ltd. On our couch: Captain Ivan Locario - Administrator, Belize Youth Challenge. Captain Kenroy Smith - Pilot, BDF.

  • European Union CELAC Mechanism - Improving Citizen Security Workshop, 36min. The European Union Community of Latin American and Caribbean States, to which Belize is currently the coordinator, is hosting a two day workshop to discuss citizen security. CELAC government officials, representatives from Europe and technical experts will be in discussion about how to improve security related issues. Ambassador Malgorzata Wasilewska, Head of EU Delegation, talked about the importance of the workshop and updated us on the work of the EU cooperation program in Belize.

  • University of Belize - 2019 Goals / Highlights, 34min. The National University continues to support the educational needs of the country. We had a talk with President of the University of Belize, Professor Emeritus Clement Sankat who updated us on how they are strategizing to diversify funding and update the curriculum offered at UB. Professor Sankat explains that the university's development plan is building the foundation for the growth of UB.

  • Belize, 4min. Petite r�trospective de nos quelques jours sur la c�te belizienne

  • BELIZE TRIP 2019, 10min. Last week I had one of the best experiences. I got to travel with my school to the wonderful country of Belize. I met so many cool people and learned so many things. Thank you to J.P and Ame for leading us and thank you to ECOMAR for letting us assist your conch and fish surveys.

  • BELIZE- Ambergris Caye || Swimming with sharks, fishing, mayan ruins, 19min. We took the most amazing trip to Ambergris Caye, Belize!!! And we went swimming with sharks!!! We, sadly, left our kids behind for this trip. It was a trip for us to reconnect and just HAVE FUN together.

  • OUR OWN PRIVATE ISLAND IN BELIZE!, 7min. We took a boat to a secluded island in Belize! We went snorkeling near a ship wreck, did improvised beach yoga and drank Caribbean rum.