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Last week Marie Sharp, the matriarch of Marie Sharp Pepper Sauce empire had recently buried her husband Gerry. Her time of mourning is doubled as her eldest son, Michael Williams who manages the Belize City Sales office for the company was brutally murdered in Belize City. Williams had moved his family from the Stann Creek District to Belize City where they had made their home in the Kings Park Area. Love News spoke to his son, Jody who says that it is evident that someone had put out a hit on his father.

Jose Sanchez: " Michael Williams, the General Manager for Marie Sharp’s sales office in Belize City was killed on Sunday night on North Front Street."

ASP Alejandro Cowo: "Police responded to shots being fired on North Front Street and as a result they visited that location and upon looking at #56 North Front Street they observed a gold in color SUV parked on the right hand side of the street. Inside of that vehicle the motionless body of a male person was seen who was later identified as that of Mr. Michael Alexander Williams a 58 year old General Manager of a Belize City address. Upon opening the vehicle Police found that he was suffering from two apparent gunshot wounds to the body. He was taken to the morgue where he was pronounced dead on arrival."

Jose Sanchez: "His son Jody Williams says that it was a hit on his father."

Jody Williams Son: "This wasn't just a random robbery or a random thing. This was a hit on my dad and for whatever reason we don't know. Right now the Police is taking care of the investigation but this wasn't something random,it was carefully planned. They were following him, they went to his glass and they shoot up my dad and up to now we can't swallow it but we have to because it is reality. I lost my dad and one thing I can say is that we want answers and we want justice to be served."

Jose Sanchez: "They did not go in the vehicle to take his wallet or take anything from him?

Jody Williams Son: "No nothing. They did what they had to do and just left."

ASP Alejandro Cowo: "Mr. Williams was to drop off a person at that location and whilst both of them were inside of the vehicle speaking to each other they were approached by two male persons one of whom fired several shots from outside to inside of the vehicle causing the injuries to him."

Jody Williams Son: "He was taking his girlfriend home and it happened right in front of the residence and my dad has been with her for a little while now. I don't know specific details with him and her. My dad came here with us and then he would go out at night but that is what happened."

Jose Sanchez: " Is there a pattern for what time he would normally take her home?"

Jody Williams Son: "Yes they knew where they were, they knew exactly where they would stop on the North Front Street address and they knew exactly what they wanted to do from the start so that is the case right now. We want answers and we don't know who it could have been but we are leaving it to the Police to take care of that."

Jose Sanchez: "Have you had any communication with the young lady any at all?"

Jody Williams Son: "No but Police are doing their job interrogating and getting any additional information because she was there with my dad when it happened."

Jose Sanchez: "No stone is being unturned as the Police is looking to the history of both Williams and his girlfriend."

ASP Alejandro Cowo: " He has no records with the Police and the female who was along with him is also a person that does not show on our records likewise."

Reporter: "What injuries did she sustain sir?"

ASP Alejandro Cowo: "She sustained minor injuries because of the splinters from the window that was broken."

Jose Sanchez: "Are you going to question anyone whom his girlfriend may have been in a relationship with as regards to the whereabouts as to the time of that incident."

ASP Alejandro Cowo: " As far as you are aware he didn't have anyone who hated him to want him gone?"

Jody Williams Son: "No and that is why everyone doesn't believe like why Mr. Mike? As far as we know he had no threats and no enemies but we will find out what exactly happened and hopefully with the Police we could get some answers."

Jose Sanchez: "There are more questions that answers but the murder of the prominent businessman shows that not all violent murders are gang related. Jose Sanchez for Love News.

Michael Alexander Williams was 58 years old.


Marie Sharp's Son Executed

Well-known Belize city businessman, Michael Williams was executed on Sunday morning. He is the son of icon of the hot sauce icon, Marie Sharp. Williams was shot dead on North Front Street after midnight. The family is convinced it was a planned hit but they are baffled as to why anyone would want to take his life. Courtney Weatherburne has more.

Courtney Weatherburn reporting
Almost every day Michael Williams would be at the Marie Sharp's Meighan Avenue warehouse in the city, overseeing deliveries and carrying out other duties as the general manager. His staff enjoyed his company especially his employee of 19 years, Ismael Rodriguez who celebrated his birthday with Williams on Friday.

Ismael Rodriguez, Employee
"Thursday was the birthday and on Friday he decided to take me out, very sad."

Courtney Weatherburne, reporter
"You were very close with him? You guys had a close relationship?"

Ismael Rodriguez, Employee
"Yes, we were like brothers."

And it hit Rodriguez and Williams' family very hard when they got the news that Williams was gunned down on North Front Street early Sunday morning.

Jody Williams, Son
"I am still deeply hurt about what happened to my dad, all of us. I got the news Sunday morning around 8:00 via facebook and you know we left immediately to Belize City and we heard what happened that he was killed on North Front Street."

According to the report, Williams was dropping off his girlfriend at her home on North Front Street. While they were parked in front of her house talking, two gunmen emerged and one of them shot Williams, shattering the driver's side window and hitting him in shoulder and armpit.

ASP Alejandro Cowo, Head, CIB
"They observed a gold in color SUV parked on the right hand side of the street inside of that vehicle, the motionless body of a male person was seen who was later identified as Mr. Michael Alexander Williams 58 year old general manager of a Belize City address. Upon opening the vehicle police found that he was suffering from two apparent gunshot wounds to the body."

At this point neither Williams' family nor the police know why Williams - a beloved father and well-known businessman was targeted.

Jody Williams, Son
"We want answers. It wasn't just a random thing, It was a hit, honestly it was a hit, We want answers, we want justice."

"We are depending on the police to get answers, We are working closely with them."

ASP Alejandro Cowo, Head, CIB
"He has no record with the police and the female who was along with him is also a person that does not show up on our records likewise."

"Anything to indicate if he was set up any at all?"

ASP Alejandro Cowo, Head, CIB
"We don't have any indication of that and we don't have a motive as to why he was shot."

So as police work on this puzzling case, Williams' family has to cope with the loss of another loved one in just two weeks

Jody Williams, Son
"He was a very good man. He loved his family. He loved his business, He is the eldest son of Marie Sharp."

"He went out of his way to help anyone as well, he had so many friends in the Belize city especially. Everyone is shocked, everyone surprised and as you see on social media and people coming here you know everyone remember Mr. Mike. Everyone loved him."

"Mrs. Sharp just lost her husband a couple weeks ago and now her son so right now we especially, we boys right now are being there for my grandmother and my mom who deeply will miss my dad."

Williams leaves behind 3 sons. Police are questioning his girlfriend but at this point they have no suspects.

Channel 7

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Noooooo, this is such sad news! Mr. Michael I will indeed miss you, our deepest condolences to the family.... frown

My friends call me Judyann
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Marie Sharp Is Managing While Mourning, Deeply

Last night - all the headlines were about the murder of Michael Williams, the 58 year old son of food industry icon, Marie Sharp. It's a tragic loss for the family - but you don't know how tragic until you talk to them. It's the third loved one they've lost this month: Marie's Husband Gerry Sharp died at mid-month, and then her sister's husband, died shortly after. They had just buried him, when Michael was killed.

It's an incomprehensible succession of losses - and today we sat down with Ms. Marie to ask her how she is holding up, and how she's doing. Here's her conversation with Jules Vasquez:..

Marie Sharp, Mother of deceased
"To be honest with you I couldn't believe it. I was at home alone and my brother came to break the news to me, but he just couldn't talk right, so I knew something bad had happened."

Jules Vasquez reporting
Not bad, the worst..

Marie Sharp
"And then he said I don't know how to tell you, I don't know how to say it. Its Mike, he said they shot Mike. I just couldn't believe it. I fell to pieces."

And now, Marie Sharp is trying to hold those pieces together - to be strong for her family:

"You're the mother, the grandmother - you have to be strong, but you're also hurting greatly. How are you managing all this Marie?"

Marie Sharp
"To be honest with you I manage all of this with doctors pills. I take a lot medication and try to control myself for my children, my grandchildren. I have to be the strong one in the family. That is the only way I can do it, otherwise I'll just fall to pieces. I've just loss my husband. I'm not even over him yet. He is not even cold in his grave and I have to put up now with my son. Its very hard."

And the hardest part is not knowing why:

Marie Sharp
"Why, Mike was not a bad person Mike was somebody very loving, very giving. He had a loving family. He loved his children. He loved his wife. He was a very loving person. So I couldn't understand why. I know on weekends we would go and have his drinks that he probably maybe loses it or get violent. My thought went about that. I said maybe one day he had some drinks and he insulted somebody or whatever. I Knew he was running around with the woman that he was with, but I can't conceive or understand why anybody would want to kill somebody. In my mind she could be the only reason, because I don't see Mike having enemies, I don't see Mike having doing anything out of the way. He was at my husband's funeral. He was at my brother in law funeral Saturday. They killed him Saturday night. He was there with me Saturday evening. Saturday evening, he came to the vehicle, I was leaving and he gave me a big hug right out there at the gate. Not knowing that the same night they were going to kill him."

She's drowning in grief, but, today, the black bow was pulled back and business as usual continued at this family home/warehouse. She says it's the only thing that's keeping her going:

Marie Sharp
"I have to continue. My business is my children's legacy, my grandchildren's legacy. So I think I have to make sure that my business continues. I am the person that do all the research and development. I develop all the new products, so I try and bury myself in work to sort of like cover my hurt."

And, Sharp had a message for the killers:

Marie Sharp
"The people out there that are doing all this killing have to sit down and think, you kill somebody and you got rid of the person. the person is dead and gone. but think of the family that you leave behind, the one who is bearing all the hurt. That is one of the thing these people who are out there killing should think."

She also had thanks to her many supporters who buy Marie Sharp's sauces:

Marie Sharp
"I am very grateful to all of Belize, because I know that they look at Marie Sharp as dis da fu we and I am very happy and thankful for everybody who has called in to give condolences."

Sharp says - despite all the loss she has endured - she plans to go ahead with the launch of a new hot sauce on Valentine's day.

She had three sons, with two now remaining, and her son Michael also had three sons. There have been no arrests for his murder.

Channel 7

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A Candlelight Vigil for Slain Businessman

Five days ago, Belize City businessman Michael Williams was executed in the old Capital. The son of the famous Marie Sharp was the general manager of her wholesale office here in Belize City. Williams was with his girlfriend inside his SUV on North Front Street when they came under fire. Bullets hit Williams on the arm and he died minutes after. His girlfriend escaped with minor injuries and tonight police are still trying to figure out who did it and why. Meanwhile, Williams' family and friends held a candlelight vigil on Wednesday night at Battlefield Park. News Five's Hipolito Novelo has the story.�

Patrick Williams, Son of Deceased

"My dad was a great man. Tonight we won't' be sad about this about this sudden occasion. Tonight we should celebrate how great of a man he was; celebrate the number of lives he touched."

Hipolito Novelo, Reporting

Patrick Williams is speaking of his father, Michael Alexander Williams, the businessman who was shot dead at around midnight on Saturday.� His family, close friends and members of the Cycling Federation of Belize gathered at Battlefield Park on Wednesday night to pay tribute to Williams and say one last public farewell to a man many people respected and loved.

Jody Williams, Son of Deceased

"Mr. Michael Alexander Williams, he loved cycling. He loved his children. He supported us in any kind of sport whether we want to play football, run, ride or indoor running whatever. He is a guy who always says yes. You know when you need a little help, mentoring you can ask Mr. Mike. He won't' say no. That is just who he was and who is he. We will always remember him."

Williams is seen as much more than just the Belize City branch manager of Marie Sharp; he is seen as a man of reputable character whom others found a friend in.

Dion Leslie, Vice President, Cycling Federation of Belize

"Your father was a part of this family as much as everybody. Even though he never raced but he was there supporting his sons, the many kids that he took under this wings and help, coached, and mentor them. It is a great loss for us and we really feel it as the extended cycling family."

The fifty-eight-year-old father of three was inside his parked SUV on North Front Street along with his girlfriend when two men approached the vehicle and released a barrage of bullets at Williams, injuring him in his arm and armpit. The family believes that William's execution was a planned hit. Investigators are putting the pieces of the puzzle together but are having difficulties:

ASP Alejandro Cowo, O.C., C.I.B., Belize City

"The investigation is still ongoing. There is no one detained and no charges for no one up to now."

A motive has still not been ascertained. Hipolito Novelo, News Five.

Channel 5

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This is a heartbreaking story.... Mr. Michael was definitely a man of integrity and class. He assisted me via telephone over the years with product recommendation, recipe interactions and most recently our Gift Shop Deli line. Even though our relationship was purely professional I found him to be a man who cared about our success as much as his own. We will miss you Mr. Michael.

My friends call me Judyann

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