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The San Pedro Sun

Island athlete Ian Gordon adds to his international repertoire
Island runner Ian Gordon aka Lion continues to make his mark at international marathons. In his latest race, he placed 61st out 382 competitors in the 40-49 age category at Marathon Internacional de Culiacan (Culiacan International Marathon) held at Culiacan City, Sinaloa, Mexico on Sunday, January 20th. The Marathon Internacional de Culiacan saw the participation of approximately 8,000 runners competing in four different categories. The marathon is for a cause, as all the proceeds of the participating athletes go to children with cancer through the Private Assistance Institution GANAC (Groups of Friends of Children Affected by Cancer). It is also considered one of Mexico's best marathons and has been happening for the past 30 years, seeing the participation of athletes from all around the world.

Ambergris Today

Former Mexican President Vicente Fox Visits Belize
Former Mexican President Vicente Fox Makes Courtesy Visit to Prime Minister Barrow Belize City. January 30, 2019. Vicente Fox, Mexico's 55th president, was in Belize on a personal trip. The former president and businessman paid a courtesy visit to the Prime Minister Rt. Hon. Dean Barrow during his short stay. Mr. Fox was accompanied by friends - businessmen who expressed interest in investing in Belize. Fox visited several sites in Belize City, and this afternoon, departed the country.

Misc Belizean Sources


The Placencia Breeze, February 2019
What's Inside: Weh di goaan? Placencia Peninsula Happenings ... pg. 3 Lobster Season Closes ... pg. 5 Where in the World is the Breeze? � pg. 5 Boat Captain's Video of Swimming Jaguar Goes Viral! � pg. 7 From the Fire Hearth: Celebrate a Full Day of Valentine's Adventures � pg. 9 Rotary Sponsors Four Students Enrolled in Trades 4 Life Program � pg 10 Mark Your Calendar! Rotary to Hold Auction Fundraiser on March 2 � pg. 10 PHS Pet Tales: Bugle Caye Dogs � pg. 13 PHS Raises Over BZ$1,000 at Rockin' Around the X-Mas Tree Event ... pg. 13 Vocational School Teacher and Longtime Art Fest Fan Wins Logo Competition � pg. 19 Twelve Trainees Complete FoH Coral Outplanting Course � pg. 20 Croc Corner: Belize Crocodile Makes History as First in Caribbean and Central America for Deployment with Satellite Transmitter!� pg. 21 Farewell, Fyah Gyal! ... pgs. 24-25 CRC Review of 2018 � pg. 26 Sidewalk Art Fest Map � pg. 27 Sidewalk Art Fest Registration Form: � pg. 28 NEW! COUPON PAGE! ... pg. 29

Derelict/Abandoned Vehicles in San Pedro to be removed
As part of the ongoing campaign to keep 'Isla Bonita' clean, The San Pedro Town Council along with the Traffic Department will be identifying all derelict and abandoned vehicles, and remove them from the island. Notices have been posted on vehicles found to be derelict/ abandoned giving the owners time remove them or the Town Council will remove them at the last registered owners expense. Vehicle owners ore reminded that all vehicles must be registered and licensed with the San Pedro Traffic Deportment, failure to do so could result in the vehicle being impounded and or removed from the Island.

Scholarship Opportunity!
Erasmus Mundus Scholarship for LAGlobe ( Latin America and Europe in a Global World) International Masters Programme. offered by a consortium of three European Universities

World Water Day Poetry Competition
The World Water Day Committee announces the poetry competition for World Water Day 2019

Corozal Diabetic Footcare Assessment
Foot complications are among the most serious and costly complications of diabetes. As a diabetic not only should you examine your feet daily but your doctor should examine your feet at every visit. A thorough foot exam should be conducted once a year. If you have a history of foot problems, check-ups should be more frequent. Report any corns, calluses, sores, cuts, bruises, infections, or foot pain. Come in to our office on February 12th,19th and 26th to get a free foot care assessment by Foot Care Assistant Nicholas Raul Gomez and receive more information concerning appropriate care for any diabetic related wounds.

The Office of the Music Ambassador presents the second annual Belikin Dj Championship
District preliminaries commence February 1 in the culture capital Dangriga and will continue every week in every district throughout the Nation before 8 district winners face off in the BELIKIN DJ CHAMPIONSHIP finals March 23rd. 40 Djs will compete to win over $5000 in cash prizes & trophies & 1 Dj will be crowned the 2019 BELIKIN Dj Champion.

President of the Senate Attends the 37th FOPREL Meeting
The President of the Senate, Honourable Lee Mark Chang, is in Panama attending the 37th Ordinary Meeting of Presiding Officers of National Parliaments of Central America and the Caribbean Basin (FOPREL). The highlight of the meeting which was held on 30th January 2019, was the official handing over of the Pro Tem Presidency of FOPREL from the Congress of Honduras to the National Assembly of Panama. After the official handing over ceremony, the Speakers of the Congresses and National Assemblies of Honduras, Panama, El Salvador, Dominican Republic, Costa Rica, Mexico and Belize discussed and approved seven (7) Motions relating to legislative frameworks on areas such as climate change and exploitation of child labour among other things.

Pro-Organic Belize Speaker Series Day
Mark your calendar for Tuesday, February 5, 2019... Maya Mountain Lodge... 3/4 of a mile on right on Cristo Rey Road in Santa Elena. All Welcome - No charge, From 1-2:30 pm. Dr. Roxanna Alvarez, director of the new and innovative University of Belize (CSA) Bachelor Degree program in agriculture will talk about the curriculum and opportunities for graduates. Dr. Alvarez welcomes inquiries and thoughts from POB members and the public regarding how to create a program that utilizes regenerative practices of agriculture without the use of toxic agro-chemicals. Come early and join us at noon for pot-luck lunch or lunch from Maya Mountain Lodge Natures Kitchen menu, bring seeds and plants to swap if you like.

You may now be able to renew your US visa online
Is your tourist visa expiring in 2019? You might be able to renew it without an interview!

Paradise Theater playing this weekend:
Braid, Velvet Buzzsaw, Mortal Engines, The Grinch. *We'll be playing the Super Bowl on the big screen sunday, as we do every year .. Free Entry and we'll be Serving to your chair.. Kickoff is at 5:30* Who's everybody Rooting for??

Channel 7

Alleged Killer Turns Himself InTo Compol
Today the man who allegedly chopped Elmer Salazar to death is in police custody. According to reports, Efrain Martinez and several other employees of Belize Marine and Mooring Service got into an argument with Salazar on Monday.  It escalated and Martinez brutally attacked Salazar with a machete and then fled in a stolen vehicle. Martinez evaded police for a day, but eventually turned himself in - to the Commissioner of Police no less. The head of CIB told us more about the incident today... ASP Alejandro Cowo - Head, CIB: "The chopping death of Elmer Yobany Salazar, 43-years Guatemalan of an Antelope Street address, which occurred on Monday the 28th of January. Sometime after 4:55pm police visited Belize Marine and Mooring Services located at 4 1/2 miles on the George Price Highway where upon arrival they observed Mr. Salazar on the ground lying and suffering from several chop wounds to the body..."

Man Critical After City Shooting In Gang Area
And while police have one accused killer in remand, they are also looking for a gunman who left his victim in critical condition. 29-year-old Michael Gladden is in critical condition after being shot several times on his way home. It happened on Holy Emmanuel Street which is an area of intense and ongoing gang rivalry - which has resulted in a number of shootings.   And last night at 8:30, Gladden - who is well known to police and has several attempted murder charges under his belt - was the victim. Police are following up on several leads to find the gunman...

90 Year Old Woman Tied Up In Home Invasion
Javier Gonzalez, his mother-in-law and an employee are all lucky to be alive after shots were fired, and a 90 year old woman(!) was tied up in a violent home invasion.   3 men broke into Gonzalez's home, tied up his mother-in-law and waited for him to return. When he and one of his employees pulled into the driveway and began unloading some supplies into a warehouse, the men held them up and attempted to rob them. A struggle ensued and shots were fired - one bullet grazing the employee's face. Police were called to the scene and have been busy tracking the criminals down...

Victims Resisted Robbers
Our colleagues from CTV-3 spoke to Jesus Javier Gonzalez about this frightening home invasion. He goes into detail about what happened and how shocked he was when he saw his elderly mother in law tied up. Here is his account - translated from Spanish. Jesus Gonzalez - Victim: "Well yesterday around 1:30 when I came home from work, I entered my property with my employee and we didn't hear any noise or anything but when we entered the meat shop that we have here to put up the meat that was left, three men of color with guns and knives they threatened us, they grabbed us, they hit us and then they took away my money from my meat shop, they took away my gun and from there I thought that was it because they already had my money and so I told the man..."

Police Have Suspects, No Motives in PG Murder
Yesterday we told you about the murder of Punta Gorda resident, Jerdy Flores. Several attempts have been made on Flores' life in the past, so police were able to quickly track down a list of suspects and are now trying to investigate the motive. The cops gave us an update into the investigation earlier today... ACP Joseph Myvette - Head, NCIB: "On Tuesday sometime around 6:45 pm, Punta Gorda police was called to the scene of a shooting incident on Far West Street in Punta Gorda where upon arrival they were informed that the victim had already been taken to the Punta Gorda Community Hospital. They visited the hospital and observed one Jerdy Flores, 30 years old of a Far West Street address suffering from gunshot injuries..."

US' Venezuela Pressure, Could It Extend To Belize?
The US Government is pushing for regime change in Venezuela and that means tightening the screws on Venezuela's global oil transactions.  And that could extend to Belize.   We say that because it was reported today that Washington has imposed sanctions on Albanisa, a private Nicaraguan company that trades in Venezuelan oil.  According to Reuters, US National security advisor John Bolton announced the sanctions on Wednesday, calling Albanisa a joint venture with Venezuela's PdVSA and a "slush fund of the corrupt regime of Daniel Ortega," Nicaragua's president. 

Choc Will Stand Trial For Murder of Bangladeshi Businessman
24-year-old Juan Choc has been officially committed to stand trial in the Supreme Court for his role in the death of Bangladeshi businessman, Abdush Salam. Salam was found dead in the bedroom of his Orange Street apartment - naked and bound in July 2017.  A postmortem revealed the cause of death to be manual strangulation.  Choc was charged with murder two weeks later, but that charge was later changed to manslaughter by order of the DPP. Choc was released on $6000 bail and will be back at court in April.

BAL Fire Still A Mystery
The Fire and Police Departments are still investigating the nature of the blaze that burned down part of Belize Aquaculture Limited's facility in Placencia on Monday. They are unsure how the fire started but provided us with an update on the inspection... ACP Joseph Myvette - Head, NCIB: "On Monday last, sometime around 5:10pm, Independence police was called to the scene of a fire at the Belize Aquaculture Limited on the Placencia Road where upon arrival the building was seen engulfed in flames. Initial police investigation revealed that sometime after 4 pm and employee of the company saw smoke coming from the main building which ended up completely destroyed by fire. At this time the cause of the fire is still yet unknown as fire personnel is still on the scene trying to determine the cause and police investigation into this matter is ongoing.

COMPOL Proposes Progressive New Approach For Domestic Violence
When he took office earlier this month, the new Commissioner of Police prioritized domestic violence as one of the leading causes of murder - right up there with gang violence.   Well, yesterday, at the City Council's Domestic Violence Conference, he discussed concrete ways he plans to reduce death and injury by domestic violence. The first is not allowing women who make a complaint to have the charge dropped by saying they don't want court action: Chester Williams - Commissioner of Police: "Often time's victims of domestic violence come to the police and they give their statement and when they are finished, officer I don't want no court action I just want you talk to the man. But why don't you want no court action and just talk to the man, this the 4th, 5th or 6th time the man is beating you but you still only want the man to be spoken to..."

Lindsay's Phantom Menace?
Right now, the April 10 referendum is dominating the national consciousness and with just 98 days to go before the vote, here at 7News we'll be stepping up our coverage of this most significant event - with detailed coverage and rigorous analysis of the pivotal issues - that will inform your vote. Tonight, Jules Vasquez looks at one issue that's been getting a lot of traction in the media - it's been called a bombshell - but to our news director, it looked more like a dud.  Here's his story:.. Lindsay Belisle made headlines with this bold declaration: "the 1859 treaty does not give title to Belize's 8,867" As a former boundaries commissioner, a highly trained, specialized and experienced mapping expert, Belisle's declaration carried authority - and his statement created a sensation, and another wave of ICJ anxiety. 

Pre-eminent Educator J. Alexander Can't Get Re-registered
And while Assad Shoman is considered Belize's foremost historian - and we know how he will vote in the referendum, a man known as one of its foremost educators - J Alexander Bennett, might not get that chance to vote.  That's because it appears the Vital Statistics Unit has lost the 89 year old's birth record.  And because of that he has not been able to re-register.  His son, Hilly Bennett told KREM News about it: Hilaire Bennet - J. Alexander's Son: "When the re-registration process started, we attempted to get him registered and the information we got was that they didn't have any record for him there. They told us that we have an option of trying to get a baptismal certificate or a declaration and I don't know if it's a statutory declaration from somebody that is 10 years older than him, he's 89 years old now..."

Charges Against Mexican ATM Fraudsters Dismissed
Last week we told you about a trio of South Americans who used a special device to drain people's accounts at ATM machines.   But, long before them, in early 2018, three Mexicans were charged in a smiliar type of scam.   But, the 3 Mexicans are free of theft charges tonight after Corozal Magistrate Lionel Olivera dismissed the charges yesterday.  The Mexican nationals are Belen Hernandez, Joscat Jafet Hernandez and Lionel Isaac Rodriguez. This decision comes almost exactly one year after they were initially charged for allegedly stealing a significant amount of money from Atlantic Bank.

Allegedly Raped A Teen
Hattieville resident Lawrence Jaime Mcnab was charged with rape today in the Magistrate's Court. A 15-year-old girl and her mother told police that Mcnab, who is 21, forced himself onto her at his home on Mopan Street almost three weeks ago. Police took Mcnab into custody and in court today, Magistrate Emerson Banner charged him with rape. Rape is an indictable offense, so no plea was taken and no bail was offered because of the victim's age.

Lab Techs Talk
We hear about doctors conferences and medical forums. Well, other medical professionals like lab technicians also need continuous training. Today at the Biltmore, the Ministry of Health hosted a training for lab technicians countrywide. We dropped by to find out more about the training. Geraldine Morazan - Director of Laboratory: "Today we are doing a training session for the laboratory supervisors in the district level. We are discussing about agro-virus infection, Dengue, Chikungunya, Zika and case investigation, how to fill out forms, how to properly handle and send out and ship the samples to central lab and doing the testing as well at the district level..."

Senate President in Panama
Senate President Lee Mark Chang is in Panama for the 37th meeting of presiding officers of national parliaments of Central America and the Caribbean Basin (FOPREL). The meeting was held yesterday. Panama takes over the pro tem presidency from Honduras. Aside from that handing over, the FOPREL members discussed a number of issues including climate change and migration. The Speakers of the Congresses and National Assemblies of Honduras, Panama, El Salvador, Dominican Republic, Costa Rica, Mexico and Belize attended the meeting. Belize held the presidency in February 2017.

Breathing Peace
Ohm Shanti Yoga Studio and School is hosting an Intergrative Breathwork Workshop this Sunday.  Now if you have no idea of what that could be - and thought breathing was just, well, natural - you might have to re-think that. Breathwork specialist Lorraine Meyer is teaching a breathing method which she says will help to calm the mind and expand consciousness.  We spoke to Meyer today to find out more...

The Best Shot
And, last night on Channel 7, Assad Shoman had to have four eyes going because Adele Ramos and Jules Vasquez kept hitting him with their best shot.  It was the show by the same name which we've been promoting all week - and here's a part of the testy back and forth when Jules Vasquez asked Shoman, how can we go to court with a neighbor that does not honour his commitments. They were talking about the Sarstoon Protocol - which the Guatemalans agreed to in Istanbul in May 2016 - but has refused to act on since then. Jules Vasquez: "How can we have any confidence with a dishonorable, disreputable neighbor to enter any undertaking with them?"

Another Grocer Robbed On "The Alberts"�
And, finally tonight, bad news for another Indian grocery store on Albert Street. Last week we told you about the late evening, armed robbery of Midtown grocery right beside Channel 7, well, last night, the proprietor of its sister store down the street near the corner with South Street was also robbed. He was closing his shop at 7:30 when he was held up and robbed of his wallet with five hundred dollars and his cell phone.

Channel 5

Gunshots in Gungulung Leaves Michael Gladden Clinging to Life
An attempt on the life of a thirty-year-old has signs that gang warfare is flaring up in the city. Michael Gladden is hospitalized after six bullets hit him on Wednesday [...]

Still No Arrests in Botched Attempt on Marcus Zelaya's Life
Gladden was shot on Wednesday night, but previous to that shooting, in the same area, twenty-one-year-old Marcus Zelaya was targeted. Investigators are looking if there is any connection between the [...]

Jordy's Killer Remains on the Loose
In Punta Gorda tonight, the police remain on alert following the murder of Jordy Flores. The thirty-year-old was executed on Tuesday evening by a hit man who went to his [...]

Machete Madman Surrenders to Chester Williams and is Charged for Murder
Police have been able to crack the murder of Elmer Salazar. On Wednesday, fifty-four-year-old Efrain Beltran Martinez surrendered himself to Commissioner of Police Chester Williams, after being wanted for the [...]

Toledo Resident to Stand Trial for Manslaughter of Bangladeshi National
Twenty-four-year-old Juan Roberto Choc will stand trial in the April 2019 session of the Supreme Court. Choc, however, will be tried for manslaughter and not murder involving Bangladeshi national, Abdush [...]

Hattieville Man Jailed for Alleged Rape of 15 year-old Girl
A twenty-one-year-old man was arraigned in court today for allegedly raping a fifteen-year-old school girl. Lawrence Jamie McNab, an unemployed man of Hattieville Village, appeared unrepresented before Magistrate Emmerson Banner [...]

Details of the P.S.U.'s Attempts to Recover the Hilltop Property
The Public Service Union continues to grapple with the sale of its hilltop headquarters in Belmopan. The land and structure were sold off secretly to a Chinese businessman last October [...]

U.D.P.'s OJ Elrington Blames Mischief Makers
A land dispute in Belama Phase Four is heating up and escalating into a political battle between the P.U.P. Area Representative Francis Fonseca and U.D.P. Standard Bearer Orson 'OJ' Elrington. [...]

P.U.P.'s Francis Fonseca Says 'Don't Cry Wolf'
P.U.P. Area Representative for the division, Francis Fonseca, was also in the area this evening. According to Fonseca, the residents told him of the matter about two weeks ago and [...]

SIB's CPI and External Trade for December 2018
The Statistical Institute of Belize issued its Price Consumer Index and External Trade bulletins. The reports outline the cost of goods and services, as well as imports and exports in [...]

Meet the New Members of the Belize Memory of the World Committee
The Belize National Commission for UNESCO last week appointed new serving members of the Belize World Heritage Advisory Committee. Fast track to this past Wednesday and the members of the [...]

A Candlelight Vigil for Slain Businessman
Five days ago, Belize City businessman Michael Williams was executed in the old Capital. The son of the famous Marie Sharp was the general manager of her wholesale office here [...]

Cause of Fire at B.A.L. Still Not Established
Fire officials are still investigating the cause of the fire that destroyed the processing plant at the Belize Aquaculture Limited on the Placencia Road. The fire broke out on Monday [...]

Muffles College Teacher Battling Termination Following Leaked Nude Pictures
The fate of a Muffles College teacher is in limbo tonight following the dissemination of her nude pictures in December 2018. �It appears that the pictures were leaked, without her [...]

Healthy Living: Gall Stones, a Common Condition among Women
There is a common condition, mostly among women, that can go undetected.� It is treatable with minor surgery, but when it is undiagnosed, it can lead to serious complications. Stones [...]


Chopping suspect surrendered to the COMPOL
Elmer Salazar, a Guatemalan National was chopped and killed after a brief argument with Efrain Baltazar Martinez. Baltazar Martinez was previously employed at the Belize Marine and Mooring Services and the police say he started an argument with the employees on the site and singled out Salazar to chop. The officer in charge of CIB �

Man comes home to wife tied up
The violence which had crippled the country doesn't regularly reach beyond the Orange Walk District, but the brave efforts of a homeowner may have saved his life. While unloading goods with an employee, he had no idea his wife was bound inside the home. However, the Santa Rita Layout area of Corozal was the setting �

Francis Fonseca to represent residents at Belama Phase 4
PUP' Freetown Area Representative, Francis Fonseca made his appearance in the area before Elrington arrived. He held a brief meeting with the affected residents and then spoke with the media. Fonseca says he is going to represent the families affected. He says he knew of the problem as he had met with residents some ten �

The cause of the Belize Aquaculture Limited Fire remains a mystery
There was a fire at the Belize Aquaculture Limited (BAL) shrimp farm which is 4 miles along the Placencia Road. The Monday inferno damaged the processing plant. Joseph Myvett, the Head of the National Crimes Investigation Branch says that the cause of the fire is still being investigated. ACP Joseph Myvett: "The Belize Aquaculture Limited �

Third Attempt kills Jordy "Viente" Flores
Thirty year old Jordy "viente" Flores was gunned down in his back yard in Punta Gorda. Flores, was about to retrieve a quantity of marijuana from his backyard on Far West Street for a client, when he was shot in the back. Assistant Commissioner of Police Joseph Myvett says the police department is looking for �

Michael Gladden Shot on Holy Emmanuel Street
Gladden Shooting Michael Gladden was socializing with friends last night on Holy Emmanuel Street which in the gungulung area of St. Martin De Porres. A gunman came out and fired several shots injuring the 29 year old Belize City resident. ASP Alejandro Cowo, the Officer in Charge of CIB for Belize City says that Gladden �

Moses Babb gets Attempted Murder, Firearm and Deadly Means of Harm Charges
Twenty-one year old Moses Babb, who was charged with attempted murder and two other offences, was committed to stand trial in the April session of the Supreme Court today by Senior Magistrate Aretha Ford after a preliminary inquiry was held. Babb was also charged with use of deadly means of harm and keeping a firearm �

Choc gets $6,000 bail for strangling naked, bound Abdush Salam
Twenty-four year old Juan Choc, a construction worker, was charged with manslaughter for the death of 29 year old Bangladeshi businessman Abdush Salam. Choc was committed to stand trial in the April session of the Supreme Court after a preliminary inquiry was held today by Senior Magistrate Aretha Ford. Choc, originally from Jordan Village in �

21 year old charged for raping his alleged girlfriend, a minor
Twenty-one year old Lawrence Jamie Mcnab, an unemployed man from Hattieville, was charged with rape when he appeared today before Magistrate Emerson Banner. No plea was taken because the offence is indictable. Mcnab was denied bail because his victim is 15 years old. Mcnab was remanded into custody until April 4. The girl, a high �

The Reporter

Another Shooting In The City - Violence Still The Main Problem
The new efforts by ComPol Chester Williams has been very visible on the streets, and we are all praying that the daily gun violence will stop, but it has'nt. Police have confirmed that the victim of last night's shooting is Michael Gladden, 29.

Breaking Belize NewsPJ

Efrain Martinez charged with murder of his former coworker
Today Belize City police charged Efrain Beltran Martinez, 54, with the murder of Elmer Salazar, 43. [�]

Police yet to determine motive for PG murder on Tuesday
On Tuesday around 6:45 p.m. police in Punta Gorda, Toledo were called to the scene of [�]

Three men commit burglary, robbery and aggravated assault in Corozal
Just before midday yesterday, Javier Gonzalez and his employee visited his home in the Santa Rita [�]

Police comment on fire at Belize Aquaculture Limite
On Monday at around 5:10 p.m. police in Independence, Stann Creek were called to the scene [�]

Venezuelan Embassy says President Nicolas Maduro welcomes dialogue
Today, the Embassy of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela in Belize issued a statement informing that [�]

Senate President attends FOPREL meeting in Panama
President of the Senate, Lee Mark Chang, is in Panama attending the 37th meeting of Presiding [�]

Michael Gladden shot multiple times in Belize City last night
Police are investigating a shooting incident that occurred last night in the Gungulung area of [�]

On Domestic Violence and Crime - the case Jordy 'Veinte' Flores
The views expressed in this article are those of the writer and not necessarily those of Breaking Belize [�]

Fair weather to continue
The 24-hour forecast is for mostly fair weather to continue. Sunny skies with some cloudy [�]

Belizean Accommodations included in Trip Advisor's Top 2019 awards list
Belize's popularity as a growing world tourism destination continues to make inroads. Last week TripAdvisor [�]

Cahal Pech still revealing insight into ancient Mayan world
The ancient Mayan city of Cahal Pech in Belize is still revealing secrets about the [�]

New bill in US proposes visa waiver for CARICOM visitors to Virgin Islands
A new bill introduced in the U.S. House of Representatives is proposing a visa waiver [�]

Statistical Institute of Belize: Belizeans paid an average of 30 cents more for goods and services in 2018
The Statistical Institute of Belize (SIB) has released its latest batch of statistics, representing the [�]

BBN extends deepest condolences to the family of Jaylen Young
The management and staff of Breaking Belize News (BBN) extend their deepest condolences to the [�]


5 Belizean Festivals You Simply Cannot Miss In 2019
While America may have the designation of "melting pot of the world", it's not the only contender to that title. Despite being populated largely by untapped wilderness, Belize manages to pack a lot of culture into its populated spaces. The culture and traditions of the Creole, Maya, Mestizos, and Garifuna blend together to create a synthesized mixture of food, music, and history. If you want to meet the people of Belize and immerse yourself in their lived experiences, these five upcoming festivals can't be beat.

5 Traditional Garifuna Dishes You Must Try in Belize
For all the foodies out there! If you want to take your taste buds on a roller coaster ride of deliciousness, then you'll definitely want to try these 5 traditional Garifuna dishes! These are some of the best foods to taste in Belize! Sere, Hudut, Cassava Bread, Sahou, Cassava Pudding.

International Sourcesizz

The Best Places to Travel in February
This coastal country in central America is emerging as an appealing alternative to the Yucatan nearby-it doesn't hurt that it's just a five-hour flight from the east coast of America, either. Development is split between two main hubs. In the north, it's Ambergris Caye, a handy base for iconic diving spot the Blue Hole. Try the family-friendly Mahogany Bay from Hilton's Curio Collection here if you can't wait until Leonardo DiCaprio's tony eco-resort, the private island Blackadore Caye, opens (as rumored, in the next few months). The southern anchor is the charming village of Placencia, which has rebounded impressively after a pummeling from Hurricane Iris in 2001 left almost every building in disrepair-including Turtle Inn, the longtime pet project of filmmaker Francis Ford Coppola. Head to the Hemingway-inspired Itz'ana Resort & Residences (pictured) with its 34, shabby-chic cottages (plus suites and waterfront resort residences), or Gladden Private Island, a full-service hotel that sleeps just four people.

Caribbean advised to brace for dengue outbreak
According to the Caribbean Public Health Agency (CARPHA), the current outbreak of dengue in Jamaica has caused concern across the region. Doctor James Hospedales, executive director at CARPHA, has advised Caribbean countries to implement enhanced measures to reduce mosquito breeding and prevent the spread of the disease.

Se re�ne Vicente Fox con empresarios de la zona lim�trofe con Belice; Anuncian al ministro Dean Barrow inversi�n en su pa�s
Here is the Mexican news regarding Fox visit to Belize.

Updated Thoughts Regarding The 2019 Atlantic, Caribbean & Gulf Of Mexico Hurricane Season
I know we are not even into February yet, but I am always looking at the different parameters and signals that go into making a Hurricane Season inactive or active. So, this is what I'm seeing as of right now: The overall forecast continues to be a very difficult one as it hinges on whether we will have El Nino conditions persist through much of this year or whether we will be headed towards neutral ENSO conditions this Summer and Autumn. Also, as usual, how warm the ocean temperatures are and how strong the overall shear is will dictate activity levels in 2019.

Students and professors from College of Idaho return from biology trip in Belize
After three weeks in Belize, ten students and multiple professors from the College of Idaho are back in the Gem State with a new appreciation for our planet and how important it is to protect it. Now they're back with a deeper appreciation for ecosystems outside the United States. The students would wake up bright and early in the morning to study field biology in different parts of the country, from the rainforest to the coast. "Some days we were out canoeing and we were learning about aquatic insects on some of the Belizian rivers, some days we were out looking for tarantulas," said Chris Walser, a Professor of Biology at the College of Idaho.

Archaeological Research at Ancient Maya Site Spans Three Decades
Diane and Arlen Chase are one of those couples that finish each other's sentences. The husband-wife researchers were talking about the demise of Caracol, an ancient Maya City in Belize, during a recent conversation in Diane's office on UNLV's campus. Year after year - first as professors at the University of Central Florida and now at UNLV - they unearthed clues that turned conventional understandings of the Maya upside down. "Caracol was in most of the Maya texts as this tiny little place," said Diane Chase, archaeologist and executive vice president and provost at UNLV. "And it's not tiny. It's anything but tiny. From the first season that we worked there, we realized that Caracol was a lot bigger than it was mapped - a lot bigger than anyone would have thought." The city boasted causeways and a complex road system. Those roads connected the Maya people to strategically located marketplace plazas, where both foreign and local goods were available.

Marine World Heritage 2019 Annual Report
The highlight of 2018 was undoubtedly the removal of the Belize Barrier Reef Reserve System from the UNESCO List of World Heritage in Danger. Lauded in the New York Times as "A Victory for Coral", the success followed an intensive period of landmark conservation action led by the Government of Belize. Other nations expanded ocean protections surrounding their marine World Heritage sites, made substantial new financial investments or moved to adopt zero carbon emissions policies.


  • Pallotti High School - Annual School Fair, 20min. The Pallottine Missionary Sisters have been serving Belize for over 100 years. Their beloved convent is currently being rebuilt and they are in need of financial support to complete the reconstruction. Our guests shared a few of the upcoming fundraiser events. The first will be the annual fair which takes place on Saturday. On our couch: Marlette Lacayo - Religion Teacher/PR Representative. Sr. Mary Stephens - Pallottine Missionary Sisters. Jaesha Young - 1st Form Student, Pallotti High School.

  • The Belize City Council - Conference on Domestic Violence, 36min. The Belize City Council is hosting a conference on Domestic Violence. The conference will be held on January 30th under the theme, "Break the Silence Against Domestic Violence: Speak Up." We spoke with organizers and presenters about the objectives for the event. On our couch: Dr. Candice Pitts - Foreign Affairs, Women and Children, NGO's and After School Programs, BCC. Aimee Jex - Professional Counselor. Alyssa Carnegie - Vice President, Haven House Belize.

  • The Belize Family Court - Works of Family Court, 46min. The Belize Family Court is an important part of our Judicial system established to settle family and juvenile matters in a holistic manner. Director Family Court, Dale Cayetano, was our guests to talk about the work of the court. He shared that they are planning to improve the functionality of the court by computerizing the system, improving the district support and including mediation in their processes.

  • Ajay Cafe, 17min. AJ Cafe closed off the show with some tasty treats. The team prepared a waffle and frozen coffee drink that you can make at home. Visit their cafe located inside the Ramada Belize City Princess Hotel. On set: Carla Sanchez - AJ Cafe. Regina Arnold - AJ Cafe.

  • Scout Month in Belize, 21min. February is recognized as Scout Month in Belize. The Scouts Association of Belize will have a series of activities to mark the celebration. We got an overview of what will be happening countrywide. The month begins with a opening ceremony on Friday at the Flag Monument in Belize City. On our couch: Felina Luk - Youth Representative, Scouts Association of Belize. Aaron Pook - Venture Scout Leader, Scouts Association of Belize. Iris Campus - Venture Scout, Scouts Association of Belize.

  • Social Security Board -overview of who qualify for retirement benefits, 44min. How much thought have you given to your retirement plan? We extended the invitation to the Social Security Board to give us an overview of what is offered for those who qualify for retirement benefits. They advise to always check your contribution history and to consider supplementary plans to support your desired lifestyle. On our couch? Mariano Lino - Acting Manager, National Centralized Operations. Chandra Cansino - General Manager, Corporate Customer Relations Services.

  • Belize and Guatemala Youth Protecting the Environment, 4.5min. Great video about the meeting of the FCD Youth Group and their counterparts in Guatemala. Cooperation between youths of Belize and Guatemala with the aim of protecting the environment. Thanks to Canada Fund for Local Initiatives.

  • Belize part 1, 6.5min.

  • Belize part 2, 5min.

  • River Tour: A canoe trip on the Belize River, 1.5min. A canoe trip on the Belize River while at Guanacaste National Park near the country's capital Belmopan City.

  • Belize Zipline, 8min.

  • Tropic Air Placencia to Belize City, 9min. Jan 2019 flight.