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The San Pedro Sun

Triple R Water Emergency Response Team and BCG assist three islanders involved in boat accident
A boat collision on the lagoon side of Ambergris Caye on Saturday, January 26th has left 57-year-old island resident John Austin with a severely injured arm and two others with minor injuries. The accident reportedly took place around 6:55PM near the Belize Coast Guard (BCG) base south of San Pedro Town, when two vessels accidentally collided. The BCG quickly responded to the accident. Also providing assistance was the Rickilee Response and Water Rescue (Triple R) along with their Evacuation team, who took the three victims to the Dr. Otto Rodriguez San Pedro Polyclinic II.

Misc Belizean Sources


Party Leader Hon. John Brice�o and the People's United Party express their profound sadness and deepest condolences to the family of Anthony Sylvestre Sr. The long serving statesman, public officer and consummate PUP warrior passed away this morning. Anthony, during many years of service to his Party and to the country, served as Editor and Manager of the Belize Times Newspaper, as the Party's Secretary-General, as the Cabinet-Secretary under the Rt. Hon. George Price, and as the Permanent Secretary in the Ministries of Defence and the Public Service. He also served as Chairman of the Public Service Commission. Those were only his official roles, since long after leaving the government service, he continued to be a valued advisor to the Party he loved, and up to the time of his death, remained one of its soldiers with an institutional memory of things governmental and political.

B&B Beverages is hiring!
Job Opportunity!

FCD Environmental Youth Group clean up
FCD Environmental Youth Group conducted a road side/river bank clean up from Benque to Succotz with the Benque Volunteer Group, supported by the Belize Solid Waste Management Authority. 42 bags of garbage were collected and properly disposed.

Zoila Gonzales and the "Building Digital Literacy and Media Responsibility in Democracies in the Digital Age" project
With the New Year comes a new "Country of the Month" profile. We're excited to introduce you to one of our 2018 IVLP Alumna, Zoila Gonzales from Belize! Zoila is a news director for Breaking Belize News (BBN), a digital and social media outlet specializing in breaking news. She participated in our 2018 IVLP project on "Building Digital Literacy and Media Responsibility in Democracies in the Digital Age." Zoila considers her IVLP experience to be invaluable to her career and her goal of fostering media literacy in her country. This objective is especially essential to her due to the upcoming national referendum related to Belize's major territorial dispute with Guatemala. She says, "With the wealth of knowledge and strategies from my IVLP experience, I recognize the importance of teaming up and providing fact checks so that the public is properly informed. There is also an on-going education awareness campaign on the issue and, as media personnel, our duty must be to publish factual information on statements issued and made in Belize and Guatemala."

Lord Smoking Shell
It was on 7 ahau 3 pop that the tree stone of time ended. [a 52-year era ended in 625 A.D.] He had become ruler 17 yrs 4 days before [A.D. 608] on 6 Kib 4 Zec. He was the youngest son of the heir to the king. His name was Lord Smoking Shell. His celestial Progenitor was the Spirit Crocodile. Lord of the east, of the province of LAMA'AN'AIN.

Great music at Palapa Bar this week
Looking for fun today? Coconut Trio Wednesday 1/30 and Thursday 1/31. Southern disposition, Coconut Trio Friday 2/1. Kelly McGuire Sunday 2/3 and the Super Bowl Live!

CONGRATULATIONS to the newly appointed Belize World Heritage Advisory Committee!
Minister of Education, Hon. Patrick Faber welcomes new members of The Belize World Heritage Advisory Commission (BWHAC) and provided certificates of appointment. The BWHAC plays an important role in view of Belize's most recent accomplishment of being taken off the UNESCO list of In Danger. The work of BWHAC continues to receive great support and held in high regards and commended for the work they do in ensuring that our national heritage sites are protected and preserved. The Belize National Commission for UNESCO appointed serving members of The Belize World Heritage Advisory Commission (BWHAC).

"FREDDY ACOSTA"comedy show
Princess Casino Free Zone, Corozal invites you this weekend for a belly full of laughter and entertainment with the musical comedy show of "FREDDY ACOSTA" on Friday, February 1st and Saturday, February 2nd starting at 10:00 p.m. We are always thinking of making you laugh and enjoy. Come out and have a great time at the PCFZ.

Euphoria 21 5th Anniversary Celebration
Its all excitement at Euphoria 21 this weekend, Feb. 2nd. We are doing it BIG again for our 5th Anniversary Celebration! Hosted by your favorite DJ - Mistah Geeh! 3 x $10 Belikin Products! See you there.

Birding La Milpa & Rio Bravo
Birding friends, here is the exciting Birding Trip for February. Please note that for this trip, you must confirm by Feb. 15th. latest. Don't miss out on this epic outing to the land of Crested Eagles.

Channel 7

BAL Industrial Fire Was Scary But Not Harmful
Fire officials are still processing the scene at the Belize Aquaculture Ltd. shrimp farm which is about 4 miles in on the Placencia Road. As we told you, a fire broke out late yesterday afternoon inside their processing plant. Fortunately, it did not spread to the surrounding buildings and, more importantly, no one was hurt nor affected by the fumes. Courtney Weatherburne went down south to capture the aftermath. Here is that story. The Belize Aquaculture Ltd. shrimp farm workers weren't taking any chances today; they wore masks and were on high alert patrolling and securing the premises. The industrial blaze began around 3:00 yesterday afternoon inside the processing plant. They had their equipment as well as ammonia gas tanks inside but according to an employee, they only had a limited supply of gas and fortunately the tanks didn't explode.

Man Chopped For Drunken Provocation?
At the end of yesterday's newscast we told you about reports of a chopping incident on the George Price Highway. Since then police have identified the victim as 43-year-old Elmer Salazar. Salazar was a former employee of Belize Marina and Mooring Services, but was out of a job after the project he was working on finished. He returned to the compound yesterday with the intention of finding another job, but ended up getting into a heated argument with another employee. Witness are not exactly sure what happened, but the argument escalated and ended with Salazar receiving several massive chops to the back of his neck. Our team spoke to his cousin and fellow employee about what he saw yesterday afternoon...

Detained Police Corporal Exposes Revolting Conditions in Detention Cell
Police Corporal Darrell Tutsi Usher was detained on Sunday - he and his brother, Dorian on a complaint of wounding and discharging a firearm - which we'll tel you all about shortly. They locked him up in the detention cell just like any other accused person, and the news tonight is what Corporal Usher witnessed and documented during his time in the police lockup. It is extraordinary, but we warn you, it is also repugnant - and you may find it offensive or disgusting.

Charges Dropped Against Corporal At Court
Commissioner of Police Chester Williams confirmed via text message that he has seen the post. He acknowledged the deficiencies and told us, quote, "It is something we are working on. A contractor has been engaged to do an estimate so that the area can be renovated. As soon as the estimate is obtained we will seek the funding from GOB to upgrade the area." End quote. And while that is well and good, that's not the end of it - there is also a major lapse in procedure - after all, how could a detained person, whether he is a police officer or not - have a camera - and presumably a phone during his time in detention?

Shooting Victim Marcos Zelaya Showing Improvement
Marcos Zelaya's family is optimistic that he will live. The 21 year old Zelaya was shot to the head on Complex Avenue on Saturday morning. His shooting is believed to be connected to gang rivalry in the Martins area - a rivalry which has claimed many lives since the rival gangs live adjacent to each other. Tonight Zelaya is stable and his father says he is responding to medication well.

Couple Faces Drug Trafficking Charge, DPP Refuses Plea To Lesser
A couple that was caught with 6 ounces of weed is in trouble after the DPP's office rejected the boyfriend's guilty plea. They are 24-year-old Chevon Castellanos, along with his teenaged girlfriend, 18-year-old Alexis Cardenes both of #7103 North Creek area, Belize City. On Sunday they were found in possession of 148 grams of cannabis. In court before Magistrate Emmerson Banner, Castellanos pleaded guilty to possession but not guilty to drug trafficking. Usually that's an automatic fine, but the police prosecutor, had to first check with his superior before accepting the guilty plea for the lesser charge.

Nurse Suspended In Infant Death Case
On Friday, we had an update on the tragic case of baby Dion Woodeye Jr. He's the three month old who died on New Year's Day at the Corozal hospital - after receiving inadequate care for vomiting and diarrhea. On Friday the CEO in the Ministry of Health declared that the death is the product of a failure of the system, where, health professionals quote, "don't care anymore." And that, apparently, continued after the child's death - where the regional management for the north did not put the attending nurse on administrative leave. The CEO spoke bluntly about that as another failure on Friday. Here. again, are his remarks:

Elections and Boundaries Taking Re-Registration Drive to Coastal Village
The Elections and Boundaries office is trying to get folks registered for the April referendum - and so, the office is taking its show on the road. And, the first stop is Caye Caulker. A public notice says that the Elections and Boundaries Department will be at the Caye Caulker Community Center, Caye Caulker Village from 6th to 8th February 2019 from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. to accept applications for registration.

Marie Sharp Is Managing While Mourning, Deeply
Last night - all the headlines were about the murder of Michael Williams, the 58 year old son of food industry icon, Marie Sharp. It's a tragic loss for the family - but you don't know how tragic until you talk to them. It's the third loved one they've lost this month: Marie's Husband Gerry Sharp died at mid-month, and then her sister's husband, died shortly after. They had just buried him, when Michael was killed. It's an incomprehensible succession of losses - and today we sat down with Ms. Marie to ask her how she is holding up, and how she's doing. Here's her conversation with Jules Vasquez:.. Marie Sharp, Mother of deceased: "To be honest with you I couldn't believe it. I was at home alone and my brother came to break the news to me, but he just couldn't talk right, so I knew something bad had happened."

A Hairy Situation At EP Yorke?
These days many women are embracing their natural hair in all its many forms and styles. But it seems one city school isn't open to every style. People have been on a facebook rant about a so-called policy at Edward P. York regarding females hairstyles. Our understanding is that the students were told that the 'afro puff' hairstyle isn't appropriate for school and one student said that she was told that the style doesn't look good.

Bainton Gets Break At Court
54-year-old Ladyville resident Robert Bainton appeared in court to be tried for theft today. Bainton was arrested by police last January after he was accused of stealing a roll of chain link wire from the veranda of Krisner Reneau. According to reports, Reneau heard his dogs barking, looked outside and saw Bainton grabbing the wire from the veranda. Reneau chased Bainton in his car but lost him when the alleged robber ran into the bushes. The police showed up not long after, and Reneau directed them to the area where Bainton fled.

Premium Dipped Below $10, Only Briefly
The price of fuel has risen again. Just 5 days ago the cost of regular gas increased by 20 cents bringing the price up to $9.51. Now we're seeing another price hike, but this time it's premium. Today premium gas jumped up from $9.95 to $10.19. That's a 24 cent increase - and ends the brief two week run when Premium went back below 10 dollars a gallon for the first time in a year.

Channel 5

Menacing Cloud of Smoke Shadows Villages as B.A.L. Building Burns
There is an ongoing investigation into what caused the building at B.A.L. to go up in flames. The Belize Aquaculture Limited processing plant caught fire on Monday evening. Employees reported [...]

Residents Report Feeling Unwell After Fire at B.A.L.
According to the release issued by Bowen and Bowen Limited, the silver lining is that the hatchery and infrastructure including the shrimp farms were and will not be affected. This [...]

NEMO South Activated Following B.A.L. Fire
Fortunately for the residents, the danger posed by the fire and smoke at B.A.L. was not significant enough to require evacuation. That, however, did not stop the National Emergency Management [...]

A Machete Murder on the Outskirts of the Old Capital
A horrific chopping incident took place on Monday evening involving a current and an ex-employee. It ended with the murder of forty-three-year-old Guatemalan national, Elmer Yobany Salazar, who was a [...]

Why Was Johvanney Tablada Killed?
Police are tonight following all leads to crack the murder of Johvanney Tablada, the twenty-three-year-old was shot and killed in front of the house of his girlfriend on Saturday night [...]

Cheebos Goes Off on Police Department
Twenty-one-year-old Marcos Zelaya remains hospitalized at the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital, following a brazen attempt on his life on Saturday morning.� He was reportedly riding a bicycle along Complex Avenue [...]

HRCB condemns unsanitary conditions of "[#%!] house"
The Human Rights Commission of Belize is lashing out at the deplorable conditions of the holding cells including the toilets at police stations in Belize City. According to the H.R.C.B., [...]

HRCB to meet with Compol about deteriorating holding cells
Well, since the photos have been widely shared across social media and the H.R.C.B. fired off a press release to voice its discontent - Commissioner of Police Chester Williams reached [...]

Brothers arraigned for Aggravated Assault and Freed immediately after
Earlier you heard how interdicted cop, thirty-six-year-old Darrel Usher also known as Tutsi describe the horrible conditions at the Queen Street lock up. Well he and his younger brother, thirty-five-year-old [...]

Harpy security Guard charged for Attempted Murder
A Harpy Security Guard, Richie Mendez was today before the court for a preliminary inquiry which ended in a paper committal. It means that Mendez will stand trial for attempted [...]

ATM thieves go before the Corozal Magistrate's Court
Three Mexican nationals are before the Corozal Magistrate's Court for several counts of theft of the Atlantic Bank's A.T.M.� The three are Belen Hernandez, Joscan Jaffet Hernandez and Lionel Rodriquez. [...]

An Update on Jamil Reyes’ Condition
Two weeks ago Jamil Reyes was shot in the head - and today the fifteen-year-old is still fighting for his life. His family says he needs an urgent surgery because [...]

Hilltop Headquarters of P.S.U. burglarized
The Hilltop headquarters of the Public Service Union is once again in the news tonight, not for the secret sale of the property to a Chinese businessman, but because of [...]

Over 5 Million Dollars invested in Belize's Banana Industry
Banana is one of Belize's primary agricultural industries, behind sugar and citrus. It brings in millions of dollars every year for the economy through export earnings. But as we've reported [...]

Belize exports first shipment of crude soybean oil
In other news in the agriculture sector, Belize exported its first shipment of crude soybean oil to Jamaica last week. The Ministry of Investment, Trade and Commerce announced that this [...]

Breaking News: Chopping Murder in the City
There is breaking news tonight that a man was chopped to death. This report has just come into our newsroom and we will have more on it on Tuesday. But [...]

Belize City Businessman Murdered; Family Believes It Was a Hit
There were two murders on Saturday within four hours of each other.� Tonight, the family of Michael Alexander Williams says they know that someone wanted him dead, but they are [...]

A Partygoer is Executed in a Hail of Bullets on Faber's Road Extension
Hours before the Williams' murder, the weekend's first homicide took place on Faber's Road where Johvanney Tablada was marked for dead. The twenty-three-year-old was at a party at the house [...]

Minister of National Security Questions Some Reports of Police Involvement in Suspected Drug Planes
"Contrived stories" and "conspiratorial fantasies" are words that National Security Minister John Saldivar used to describe some reports about police's involvement in narco-trafficking in Belize. Those remarks were specifically aimed [...]

Price for Premium Fuel to Increase
On January sixteen we reported on the fifty-two cents decrease per gallon of premium fuel. But tonight, the reprieve for consumers has been short-lived since the price of premium fuel [...]

Marcos is Marked for Death in Apparent Gang Rivalry
Gun violence over the weekend, claimed the life of two persons and left two others injured.� The violence started on Saturday morning and is believed to be gang-related in retaliation [...]

Gang Rivalry Leads to Shooting in Mahogany Heights
A fifty-one-year-old man was also shot in Mahogany Heights on Saturday. Police say that sometime around one-thirty in the afternoon, security guard Rodwell Cuthkelvin was on his motorcycle when a [...]

Guatemalan National Fined $35K + 3 Years in Jail for Drug Trafficking
Police say that they've had a number of drug interdictions in western Belize in recent weeks. As a result, they have stepped up their response to tackle many small drug [...]

Guatemalan Woman Charged $10,000 for Marijuana Trafficking
In a separate incident, police arrested another Guatemalan national on drug trafficking charges. Police and B.D.F. were conducting a vehicular check point on the Arenal Road in Benque Viejo when [...]

Fire Breaks Out at Belize Aquaculture Ltd.
A raging fire broke out at the Belize Aquaculture Limited this afternoon. News Five has learned that fire erupted at around two o’clock. An eyewitness informed our newsroom that three [...]

A Dispute over Development in the Sea in the Caribbean Shores Goes to Court
For weeks, a developer in Belize City and the Department of Environment, have been entangled in a dispute. Businessman, Dion Zabaneh, according to the Department of the Environment has not [...]

Franz Hamilton is a Free Man
Fifty-eight-year-old Franz Hamilton can breathe a sigh of relief tonight. He has been before the court for charges ranging from sexual assault to attempted suppression of evidence.� Hamilton was first [...]

U.D.P. Says ‘YES’ to the I.C.J.
The United Democratic Party has taken the official position to support taking Guatemala's claim on Belize to the International Court of Justice for final resolution. A release from the party [...]

An Update on P.S.U.'s Hilltop Property
Months ago, the hilltop property and home of the Public Service Union in Belmopan was sold to Simplex Designs in Corozal, owned by a Chinese businessman. The property was retailed [...]

Anthony Sylvester Sr., Dead at 73
Former Cabinet Secretary Anthony Sylvester Senior passed away this morning after ailing for some time. Sylvester Senior slipped into a coma and at the time of his death, was at [...]

Foreign National Found Dead in Belize City Hotel Room
And to a case of sudden death. Police say that the man who was found dead inside a hotel room in Belize City died of natural causes. Forty-seven-year-old American National [...]

Former Border Commissioner Says 'No' to the I.C.J.
Former Boundary Commissioner Lindsay Belisle is adding to the I.C.J. debate through a different perspective. Belisle, who is also an international surveyor, is supporting a NO vote and is warning [...]

Lindsay Belisle Says Going to the I.C.J. Too Risky
Belisle went further to state that the one of the discrepancies he identified in the 1859 Treaty is that the location of the Aguas Turbias does not correspond to the [...]

James Adderley: What's Happening in Sports
Good evening, I'm James Adderley and this is Sports Monday.   [Highlights of the weekend in sports....]

Murder in Punta Gorda
Jordy Flores was shot several times and killed tonight. He was in front of a residence on West Street in Punta Gorda Town when he was gunned down.


Deon Bruce's case management
This morning the Court of Appeal was in session; however, there wasn't any case being heard. Instead, the court was conducting case management for cases to be heard in the next court session. One of those cases is in regards to Deon Bruce who is wanted in the USA for murder and attempted murder. In �

Cops find gun on Antelope Street Extension
Earlier in the newscast, we told you about the murder of Elmer Salazar, though he was killed on the highway, Salazar was a resident of Antelope Street Extension. Antelope Street Extension continues to be a hot spot for the police department. Two weeks ago, 35-year-old Anthony Crawford was riding his bicycle and a gunman came �

Well known to police; Corporal Tutsi Usher in court for fighting a friend
On January 27, Christopher Faber, a barber of 7747 Madam Lizarraga Avenue, had reported to the police that he was at the house of his friend, Dorian Usher, located at 7771 Madam Lizarraga Avenue, playing cards when an altercation ensued between him and Darrell Usher. He said Darell Usher punched him several times in his �

Salvadoran National Efrain Baltazar Martinez wanted for Murder of Guatemalan
January, 2019 has seen ten men and one woman murdered with the most recent occurring yesterday evening. Investigators were called out to a murder scene at mile four and a half on the George Price Highway. Employees of the Belize Marine and Mooring Services, were embroiled in an altercation. Elmer Salazar, a Guatemalan National, had �


Michael Williams, Sr., murdered on North Front Street
On Sunday, shortly after 12:00 a.m., police reportedly responded to a report that shots were fired on North Front Street, and when they arrived on the scene, they found the lifeless body of a man, identified as Michael Alexander Williams, 58. Williams' body was observed in his gold Chrysler Pacifica SUV, which had a hole on the right front glass window. Police reported that Williams, a manager and resident of Meighan Avenue, Belize City, was pronounced dead on arrival at the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital (KHMH). Williams, the eldest son of businesswoman Marie Sharp, of the Famous Marie Sharp's line of world-class habanero pepper sauces, jams and other fruit preserves, suffered gunshot injuries to the left shoulder and the left armpit.

Johvanney Tablada, 23, fatally shot at house party on Fabers Road Extension
On Saturday evening, Johvanney Tablada, 23, left his family's home on Neal Pen Road to go to a party on Fabers Road Extension that the family of an ex-girlfriend of his was having. After leaving the party early, he received a phone call and decided to return to the party. That would be the last time Tablada's family would see him alive. While he was in the yard at the party, someone shot him multiple times. He sustained gunshot injuries to the right cheek, neck and upper right thigh. He was rushed to the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital, but was pronounced dead on arrival.

Hispanic man chopped in boatyard on George Price Highway
A man of Hispanic descent was at a boatyard on the George Price Highway, at about 6:00 this evening, when he was chopped by an assailant. The man was rushed to the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital but he was declared dead on arrival.

Empress Williams, 22, charged with $2,000 theft
Empress Williams, 22, a resident of 171 Antelope Street Extension, was charged with 2 counts of theft of an amount that totaled $2,000, when she appeared today before Magistrate Emerson Banner. She pleaded not guilty to the charges and was released on a bail of $1,500; her case was adjourned until March 16. The thefts occurred on January 12 and January 13. Constable Patrick O'Brien, 35, reported to the police that between January 12 and January 13, a total of $2,000 was withdrawn from his account at Belize Bank without his authorization.

Dion Zabaneh to be taken to court for defying DOE stop order
Landowner Dion Zabaneh has been unsuccessfully trying to fill his mother's land, lot #4670, for ten days. While this may seem inconsequential, the parcel in question is actually seabed, and residents of the area where the parcel is located are concerned about losing their seafront view as Zabaneh reclaims the land. The parcel, which is listed under the name of Zabaneh's mother, Primrose Gabourel, is located at the end of Seashore Drive in the Buttonwood Bay area. Overlooking the fact that seabed cannot be sold in Belize, the Department of Environment (DOE) is looking to take Zabaneh to court for not getting environmental clearance from the department before beginning development on the lot before attempting to reclaim the land.

Belize Bank outmaneuvered GOB over unpaid UHS debt
The Universal Health Services (UHS) debt has been bedeviling the government of Prime Minister Dean Barrow for years, ever since the first high court ruling that the government was bound by the sovereign guarantee signed by the Said Musa government, but it is a debt that the Barrow government has decided it will not honor, notwithstanding rulings from several high courts, including Belize's highest court, the Caribbean Court of Justice. The Belize Bank has been relentless in its effort to collect payment of the debt, which has now ballooned to around 95 million dollars, with a six percent interest accruing. On Tuesday, January 22, the Belize Bank prevailed in the Supreme Court of Justice Courtenay Abel, who ruled that the business taxes that the bank owes the government can be held against the unpaid UHS debt that the Government of Belize owes the Belize Bank.

Daniel Conorquie and the Dream Ballers dominate Verdes in home opener
After dropping their season opener against defending champions, Mirage/Smart Belize Hurricanes, the Dream Ballers bounced back in a big way by blowing Verdes out of the Russell "Chiste" Garcia Auditorium by a score of 82-55. Leading the way for the Dream Ballers once again was Belizean American standout Daniel Conorquie, who finished the game with 20 points, 3 rebounds and 2 steals. Another strong showing against the Bandits next week should have Conorquie atop the first NEBL 2019 MVP watch! American Import Delvon Henderson, 12 points, 7 rebounds, 3 steals and 3 blocks, rose to the challenge of being the defensive anchor for the Dream Ballers, as he held his ground against the gifted Kris Frazier and the enforcer Elsworth Itza.

Cricket update
The Barry Bowen/ Harrison Parks 2019 National Cricket Competition starts with a Marathon in Bermudian Landing this Saturday and Sunday, February 2nd and 3rd, beginning at 10:00 a.m. sharp. Prizes include $1,000.00 - first place, and $500.00 - 2nd place. Cash prizes will also be given to teams, judging on their punctuality, sportsmanship and attire - $300.00 for first, $200.00 2nd, and $100.00 - third. There will be an opening ceremony.

Upstream Canoe Race winners
e Belize Canoe Association held its Quality Poultry Products Upstream Canoe Race, from Haulover Bridge to Henderson Bank in Burrell Boom, yesterday, Sunday, January 27. Sponsors for this race were: Quality Poultry Products; Universal Hardware; Peters Glass Shop; Sea Sports Belize; and AyinHa Adventure Tours. The overall winners were the NICH Male Team consisting of the trio of Efrain, Felix and Hener Cruz.

Verdes opens standings lead at Week 3 of PLB 2018-2019 Closing Season
They were tied in points at the end of last regular season, and Verdes FC and defending champion Bandits Sport are both still undefeated at Week 3 of the Premier League of Belize (PLB) 2018-2019 Closoing Season; but with their third straight victory, Verdes (9 pts) has opened a sizable standings lead over the Bandits (4 pts), who were held to their second draw in the young season. The berth in the Concacaf Champions League belongs to the champion with the most cumulative points in the Opening and Closing Seasons. Both Verdes and Bandits were tied with 33 pts at the end of the PLB 2018-2019 Opening Season, which Bandits won.

Editorial: People power, and state of emergency
With escalating disturbances, including riots, following the announcement of the Heads of Agreement on March 11, 1981, the then British governor, James Hennessy, declared a "State of Emergency" on April 2 in the country of Belize, then still a British colony; and it remained in effect until after Independence Day, September 21, 1981. No referendum was held during that period between the declaration of a State of Emergency and our Independence Day; but none was necessary. Belizeans had clearly stated "NO" to the Heads of Agreement; but they had also voted "YES" to Independence in the last general elections in 1979, when it was a pivotal issue in the campaign. So, Prime Minister George Price led Belize to Independence, and Belizeans celebrated the day, though it could have been attended with more fervor and national euphoria, had the circumstances been a little different.

From The Publisher
Shortly after a quarter of the Guatemalan people voted about ten months ago to submit their claim to Belize to the International Court of Justice (ICJ), my father, who became a passionate "yes" advocate in the first instance, began to put pressure on me to take an open and firm position on Belize's ICJ referendum issue. His argument was that it was my responsibility to do so as the publisher of Belize's leading newspaper. In the history of Belize, there has never been an issue such as this April 10, 2019 referendum. April 10, 2019 has been compared to June 1, 1797, when a public meeting of enfranchised property owners in the settlement of Belize voted by a margin of 65 to 51 to stand and fight against an armada which was being organized to invade by the Spanish in Yucatan. It should be noted, however, that in 1797 there was an active role being played in the discourse, hence the decision making, by representatives of the imperial British presence in Jamaica, a few hundred miles east of us.

The relentless"NO"
Former Boundaries Commissioner, Mr. Lindsay Belisle, in an article published in the Amandala on Friday last, explained, among other things, that the 1859 Treaty does not cover us for 8,867 square miles of territory. Before I go on, allow me this little story. When the Special Agreement (compromis) was signed in 2008, I opined (in my column) that we were pretty much bound to say YES. One of the most celebrated leaders of the citrus industry in our country, Mr. Denzil Jenkins, former Managing Director of Belize Food Products Ltd. (now amalgamated with the Citrus Company of Belize to form the Citrus Products of Belize Ltd.), told me that I wouldn't have jumped out so fast with my YES if I had property in the south of the country. I believe Mr. Belisle has property in the south of the country.

Woman, 29, busted with 250 9mm live rounds on passenger bus
At about 9:30 Tuesday morning, Tiffara Leandra Usher, 29, of Hattieville, Belize District, was traveling on a passenger bus from Corozal Town to Orange Walk when she was busted with 250 9mm rounds of ammunition. The rounds were contained in 5 boxes containing 50 rounds each, which were in a bag she was carrying. Usher and the rounds were taken to the Orange Walk Town police station, where she was detained pending charges of possession of ammunition without a license, and the ammunition was deposited as an exhibit.

Marcos Zelaya, 21, "critical" after gang-related shooting
Around 10:00 o'clock on Saturday morning, Marcos Antonio Zelaya, 21, was walking on Complex Avenue, in the Lake Independence area of Belize City, when someone from inside a burgundy vehicle opened fire on him, hitting him in the back of the head, right upper shoulder and upper back. Zelaya was rushed to the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital, where he was admitted in a critical but stable condition. The shooting is said to have been gang-related. Eight months ago, one of Zelaya's brothers, Jose Zelaya, Jr., 22, was found dead in a cane field in Calcutta Village, Corozal District. The Belize City gang affiliate had been murdered.

BWS wins court case against PUC
On Friday, January 25, Belize Water Services (BWS) won its court case against the Public Utilities Commission (PUC), and so, the utility company will not be required to lower its rates. In January of last year, the PUC announced that after its annual rate review procedure, it had decided that a decrease in water usage rates was in order. Those rates would dip from $17.49 for every 1,000 gallons of water to $16.37 for the same 1,000 gallons.

Accused ATM scammers on trial in Corozal Town
In November 2017, police arrested and charged three Mexican nationals with theft after they allegedly defrauded the Atlantic Bank by stealing money from the bank's ATM machines. Police said that over $10,000 was stolen. Two months later, in January, 2018, the trio was busted stealing money from the ATM in Corozal Town and they were charged with two counts of theft, after which they were remanded. The three Mexicans are Belen Hernandez, 26; Joscan Jaffet Hernandez, 25; and Lionel Rodriguez, 31.

The Reporter

A Shooting in The South, Quiet PG Is Rocked By Violence
The Reporter has been able to confirm that the victim of a murder in PG is Jordy Flores. We are told that he was shot multiple times in front of his residence on Far West Street in Punta Gorda. Sources also tell us it is not the first time he has been targeted.

Breaking Belize NewsPJ

Heartbeat of the church; Feeding program continues in Santa Elena
For three consecutive school years, the Full Gospel Church of God in Santa Elena Town has [�]

Jordy Bente Flores killed in PG
A man was shot and killed tonight in Punta Gorda, Toledo. He has been identified as [�]

Interdicted police officer and younger brother walk free from assault charges
This afternoon, interdicted police officer Darrell "Tutsi" Usher, 36, and his brother Dorian Usher, 35, walked [�]

Sarteneja Villagers team up to tackle garbage problem
For over two years there has been a persistent garbage problem in Sarteneja Village in Northern [�]

Galen University and the 91st (2019) Annual Cross Country
The views expressed in this article are those of the writer and not necessarily those of Breaking Belize [�]

Fire destroys building at Belize Aquaculture Limited
A massive fire destroyed the offices and operation center of Belize Aquaculture Limited. The fire [�]

Get your degree at Galen University!
Galen University was founded in September of 2003 and was established as Belize's first independent [�]

Belize selected as 'Country of the Month' by MCID Washington
Belize was selected by the Mississippi Consortium for International Development (MCID) Washington's Country of the [�]

More than just numbers: a salute to cancer warriors
On February 4, countries all over the world will take a moment to pay tribute [�]

Belize: Financial Analysis 2008 to current
By Richard Harrison: Our current government, which is hell bent on dragging Belize to the ICJ slaughterhouse, has been in power since 2008; currently in its third consecutive term [�]

Do Not Miss Placencia's Sidewalk Arts & Music Festival in 2019
Before the celebration of Valentine's Day, all roads lead to Placencia Village on February 10-11 [�]

Police: Man chopped to death by coworker
Yesterday we reported that a man was found chopped to death near 4 1/2 miles [�]

Candlelight vigil to be held for Michael Williams, 58
The Cycling Federation of Belize has issued an invitation to all cyclists to attend a [�]

PUP mourns death of Anthony Sylvestre Sr.
The People's United Party (PUP) is today mourning the death of one of their own, [�]


Tony Rath promotes the preservation of our Belizean heritage
Once I discovered photography, art, and imagery, I was immediately drawn to the works of Tony Rath. It was a vague sense of 'knowing' Tony took pictures of Belize and its people, its waters, its animals - feeling that he was an important asset to our country. It wasn't until later in life, deep in my work with the media, that my interest went beyond the pretty images. In fact, it was the less than stellar subjects that his lens captured - coupled with a passionate story and plea to the people of Belize - that made my respect and love for Tony Rath the photographer and Belizean really grow. You must understand; there weren't many cameras - or really, any sort of image capturing device, where I grew up. Photographs were few and far between, and the few we were gifted have become treasured collectibles in my home.

International Sourcesizz

VRBO Gives Away a Private Island Stay in Belize to Launch the Year of the Group Getaway
Those dreaming of swapping their itchy winter wool for something scant and summery may be in for the trip of their lives. VRBO® - the website where you can rent vacation homes, cabins and condos - is offering a chance to win a vacation on a private island along with seven family members, besties or both. VRBO's Win the Island Sweepstakes, open through Feb. 28, 2019, comes with a stay on Kanu Island, a private isle complete with an ultra-luxe, ultra-large retreat off the coast of Placencia, Belize. Kanu Island is exclusively listed on and newly available to rent starting this summer. VRBO partnered with Vision Properties Belize to offer the ultimate prize package, which includes a $5,000 travel stipend; a weeklong stay in the island's five beach homes; 360-degree ocean views; a private chef, personal concierge and massage therapist; and acres of blissfully quiet beachfront all to enjoy with nary a stranger in sight.

This Is Us' Jon Huertas Takes Us Along on His Belize Vacation
Every winter, my wife and I normally plan a vacation to a tropical destination, so this year we chose the lesser traveled Central American country of Belize. In my 20+ years of traveling this amazing planet, of course, I'd heard of Belize. Being a Padi-Certified Rescue diver, I've had my share of conversations about diving at the famous Blue Hole on Belize's Barrier Reef which is part of the Mesoamerican Barrier Reef System, the second largest the world. Yes, I just nerded out on Scuba diving but I love it. However, this trip would be different because for the first leg of our pre-Christmas trip, we'd decided to stay at the beautiful Ka'ana Luxury Resort in the Cayo district of Belize, which is nowhere near a reef or even the sea for that matter. No, we were headed into the heart of the jungle close to the border of Guatemala. I didn't really know what to expect.

Building a Heart for Service in Belize
For several years, Caldwell University students and staff have been volunteering in villages in Belize during winter break. They do the important work of rebuilding in a part of the Central American country where people have very few modern conveniences. This January, a group of nine students and two staff members did service in the village of San Miguel for one week. They built a partition to make a one room building into two, which now allows for two classrooms to accommodate the growing school enrollment. The manual labor is helpful to the community, but as Colleen O'Brien, director of Caldwell's Campus Ministry Office, tells the Caldwell students, there is something more important to the experience than the actual construction work.

IC students explore Belize for cultural and environmental study
Following a night of camping in a national park in western Belize, Susan Allen-Gil, professor in the Department of Environmental Studies and Science, and her students woke up to hike to the Offering Cave, where pieces of preserved pottery from the ancient Mayan civilization could be found. This is one of the numerous experiences that Ithaca College students had during the winter 2019 Belize immersion trip, where a group of 20 students spent two weeks in the Central American country to learn about different environmental issues the country faces and experience them on firsthand. The immersion trip is concurrent with "Belize's Rainforests, Reefs and Ruins," a special topics environmental studies course offered every fall semester by Allen-Gil.


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