Recycle San Pedro Belize continues to find ways to keep La Isla Bonita clean, and the team has now acquired a new recycling machine. This new machine will be used to shred natural woods such as branches, plywood and old trees among similar debris picked up during clean-up campaigns. Founder of San Pedro Recycle San Pedro Ray Tyree told The San Pedro Sun that he will continue to do all that it takes to keep the island clean and thanks everyone who supports this project. Ray stated that for now they are testing the recycling machine, but that probably by next month, it should be fully operational. The shredded materials will further be used for a landfill project spearheaded by Chris Summers from the American Crocodile Education Sanctuary (ACES).

In addition, Recycle San Pedro recently acquired a 14-foot-trailer that is being used for clean-up campaigns, and they have placed new garbage barrels across San Pedro Town. The barrels are labeled with the San Pedro Chapter of the Belize Tourism Industry Association super-hero mascot Captain Conch who encourages islanders of all ages to 'Keep San Pedro Clean.' "The aim of the barrels is to raise awareness among island residents, to encourage them to dispose of their garbage properly. Together we can have a clean and healthy environment," said Tyree.

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