Flamingo Versus Unicorn Eileen's Super 60 Pool Party San Pedro Fitness Club

Noting like getting invited to a spur of the moment tropical birthday for a friends 60th. While a large portion of people are suffering through a polar vortex, and freezing their hineys off, us islanders were enjoying sunshine and palm trees. Itís a dirty job but someoneís got to do it.

Many of you will know Eileen from the popular DandEís frozen custard on Middle st. in town. She also teaches a great aquafit class and likes to share her toys.

While the pool people played, others enjoyed cocktails, grazed and chatted. A few people brought some tasty homemade treats and other snackables.

Before long it was time for presents and cake. Eileen got some great gifts from her many admirers and a delicious chocolate cake from Casa Pan Dulce.

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