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The San Pedro Sun

Belize will need 13,000 health and education professionals by 2040
Belize will need approximately 9,000 teachers, 1,000 doctors and 2,000 nurses by the year 2040. This is what Education and Health: The sectors of the future?, the second issue of the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB)'s The future of work in Latin America and the Caribbean series says in its projection of the demand for social sector professionals in 24 countries in the region. "Our study shows that, even in the framework of the fourth industrial revolution, we can expect the number of teachers, doctors and nurses in Latin America and the Caribbean to continue growing at great speed," explains Marcelo Cabrol, manager of the IDB Social Sector.

SanCas Plaza debuts Sunset Lounge
The SanCas Group of Companies has made an addition to its family of businesses with the grand opening of Sunset Lounge at their business plaza in downtown San Pedro. The new pub is located on the rooftop of the plaza, offering a spacious seating area, stocked bar, panoramic views of the island, and the opportunity to end the day with a colorful sunset while sipping on your favorite drink. Owner Gil Castillo celebrated the grand opening Sunset Lounge with a two-night event on Friday, January 25th and Saturday, January 26th. For the time being, Sunset Lounge will open Thursdays through Saturdays only, from 4PM to midnight. If you happen to be in downtown near sunset time, head to SanCas Plaza just across from the John Greif II Municipal Airport. You can also call them at 600-3666 or visit their Facebook page at

Ambergris Today

UNDP And The Ministry Of Health Extend Their Partnership For HIV And TB Services
UNDP Belize and the Ministry of Health signed a new agreement to Build Resilience Through Innovation and National Accountability for the HIV and TB Response in Belize. This agreement signifies a further strengthening of the partnership between UNDP and Ministry of Health. UNDP is the Principal Recipient of a Global Fund Grant from January 2019- December 2021.

Belize Will Need 13,000 Health And Education Professionals By 2040
*A new Inter-American Development Bank study from the series - The future of work in Latin America and the Caribbean estimates that Belize will need 9,000 teachers, 1,000 doctors and 2,000 nurses by the year 2040. *The study also highlights that jobs in education and health are good quality jobs, especially for women.

Misc Belizean Sources


UNDP and the Ministry of Health Extend their partnership for HIV and TB Services
UNDP Belize and the Ministry of Health signed a new agreement to Build Resilience Through Innovation and National Accountability for the HIV and TB Response in Belize. This agreement signifies a further strengthening of the partnership between UNDP and Ministry of Health. UNDP is the Principal Recipient of a Global Fund Grant from January 2019- December 2021.

16th Annual Placencia BTIA Sidewalk Arts Festival
Join us at the 16th Annual Placencia BTIA Sidewalk Arts Festival this weekend February 9-10, 2019. Don't miss out!

Corozal Road Repairs
The work continues. Mayor Rigo Vellos and the Corozal Town Council continue road repairs on San Andress Rd, Altamira Main Rd, junction of 7th Avenue & San Andress Rd and Cobo Street.

The U.S. Embassy is seeking eligible and qualified applicants for Plumber and Janitor position
The U.S. Mission in Belmopan provides equal employment opportunity and fair and equitable treatment to all people without regard to race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age, disability, political affiliation, marital status, or sexual orientation. APPLY NOW! Closing date is February 15, 2019.

Old Time Music
I heard these songs 100 times a day livin at Ruby's Hotel for 6 months. Music blasting from the Book Store across the street, all day long! Never tired of it!

Belize moves up 18 spots in Global Fixed broadband ranking
In December 2018, Digi announced that DigiNet customers would be able to enjoy double their internet speeds at no extra cost. This promotion was extended for the month of January and on Friday February 1st, DigiNet customers celebrated the announcement of another month of double internet speeds for free. Since this announcement in December, Ookla's speed test Global Index Ranking showed that Belize moved up 18 slots to 79th place in broadband speeds.

San Pedro Road Work
Taking advantage of the sunshine, the San Pedro Town Council employees have been hard at work grading the streets in all the different areas of the town. If we haven't reached your area, don't worry, we shall be there soon! Today we were in the San Pablo Area...

Processing of Voters' Identification Card
The Elections and Boundaries Department informs that contrary to false information being circulated in the public, the Department is working diligently to process Voters' Identification Cards for issuance to all qualified electors. Electors in the rural communities are notified to expect scheduled visits for the issuance of the cards in their area. Processing of the cards is taking longer than anticipated; however, the Department is committed to completing the processing of all cards well in advance of the Referendum date.

Mary Hill Primary School Burglarized in Corozal
On their Facebook page dated February 4th, Mary Hill Primary School posted a very sad and troubling account of an alleged burglary at the school. "It was very disheartening today for MHRC Pre-school students and their parents when they found out that a burglar or burglars entered the preschool and stole various items from the pre-school classroom.

Hope you all can join us. Saturday, February, 23rd and Sunday, February 24th, 2019. We are located at the corner of College & Port Saul Roads.

Sign up now for the Street Art Festival

Channel 7

Man Executed in Ruthless Home Invasion
During the last 18 hours, 4 persons lost their lives traumatically in the Belize and Corozal Districts: 1 to gun violence and 3 to fatal traffic accidents. We begin our newscast tonight with last last night's gun murder of 33 year-old Shawn Hemmans, a resident of Kings Park Belize City. He was over at a family friend's house, located on Saint Thomas Street, and they were watching the Superbowl. Hemmans took a brief moment to enjoy some fresh air on the verandah of his friend's house, and his killer pounced on that small window of opportunity.

Man Escapes In Murder Attempt
Belize City cops had to respond to another shooting about an hour earlier. Fortunately, the victim, 27 year-old Devon Faber, survived the attempt on his life with gunshot wounds to the right arm and left bicep. Today, police told the press that he had only just arrived at his home at mile 8 on the George Price Highway, when he came under attack in a drive-by shooting: ASP Alejandro Cowo, O.C., C.I.B., Belize City: "The other shooting happened earlier in the evening just about 6pm. Police visited the hospital again where they observed Devon Faber, a Belizean of 132 Westlake Park area which is located at 8.5 miles on the George Price Highway..."

Woman Killed While Crossing Dangerous Highway
We turn now to the 3 fatal traffic accidents which happened only hours of each other. This morning, at around 6:00, 23 year-old Marlena Mortis, a resident of Dolphin Drive, which is located the in Buttonwood Bay Area of Belize City, was attempting to cross the Philip Goldson Highway, when she was knocked down by oncoming traffic. Now, commuters who regularly travel the Highway know that the newly repaired road comes with a new feature.

Champion Jockey Killed When SUV Has Blowout
And while that fatal accident has left a family mourning and a community looking for answers about what to do with this pedestrian traffic problem - another fatal accident has taken the life of a champion jockey. At around 2:00 this morning, 27 year old Kristian Miles Tillett was heading home to Scotland Halfmoon along with his common law wife, Ana Soler. He is a well known jockey and had won the last race of the day at the Burrell Boom racetrack.

Unidentified Man Killed In Hit And Run
And the weekend's third fatal accident happened sometime around 1 a.m. this morning in the Corozal District, near San Joaquin Village. The body of a Hispanic man, which remains unidentified at this time, was found between miles 78 and 79 on the Philip Goldson Highway. Near him was a black beach cruiser, which he was riding, headed to Libertad Village. Someone hit him from behind, and left him on the road to die. Today, police told us that they need the public's help to identify him, and the hit and run driver:

Big Sister Saw Sickening Case of Child Rape
A 50 year old man is in jail tonight after he was taken to court, accused of a sickening crime. Alfonso Perez, known as "Rebel", an electrician of a Handyside Street address, went before Magistrate Emerson Banner charged with rape of a child. The mother of a 3 year old boy reported to police that on Thursday night at 8:00, her 9 year old daughter was picking in clothes on the line when she witnessed Perez forcing her son to perform oral sex on him. Perez allegedly realized that he had been caught by his victim's sister, stopped and ran off.

Guatemalan Farmers Caught in Chiquibul
The southern part of the Chiquibul continues to be under pressure from Guatemalans pressing into Belizean territory for farmlands. On Friday, a joint BDF and FCD patrol found three Guatemalans half a kilometer into the Chiquibul National Park. They were working on an agricultural plot with crocus sacks full of corn. The three men are from the Peten region - and they were all detained. They were taken on the very long trek back to the Cebada Conservation Post, then to the Tapir Conservation Post, and then to the San Ignacio Police Station where they were handed over to the Police at 3:00 a.m. on Saturday morning. They are being held pending charges of illegal entry and illegal farming in the Chiquibul National Park.

Big Baby Ready For June World Championship Bout
On Friday night we gave you the exciting news that Belizean - American heavyweight fighter Jarrell Miller might be fighting for the world heavyweight championship. Current unified heavyweight champion and holder of the WBA, WBO and IBF world titles, Anthony Joshua has agreed to fight top contender Big Baby. It is a huge event for Belizeans since, Big Baby who was born here - keeps very close ties with Belize. And do you know what it is for a Belizean to be fighting for the world heavyweight title? The Belize tourism Board is capitalizing on it; they want Big Baby to wear the BTB logo on his shorts. And today, they set up a Skype Video call at the BTB for the Belizean media to talk to Belize's most famous brand ambassador.

Long-Delayed Voters ID's coming (Soon)
Right about now - everyone who applied to re-register is impatiently waiting for their voters' ID cards - which has been delayed. But, don't give up! The Elections and Boundaries Department says that it is, quote, "working diligently to process Voters' Identification Cards for issuance to all qualified electors. A press release says, quote, "Electors in the rural communities are notified to expect scheduled visits for the issuance of the cards in their area.

PUP Party Council Supports Declaration, What Next?
And the PUP has been grumbling about the delays in delivering these cards and in getting names processed at the Vital Stats Office. The part's faithful don't want to be disenfranchised, because they want to vote "NO" on the ICJ referendum. 12 days ago, the opposition presented its "People's Declaration", and on Saturday, that was adopted by the National Party Council. It happened at the SCA Multipurpose center, and here's what leader John Briceno said in presenting it:... John Briceno- Leader of the PUP: "You told me that you do not like what the Foreign Minister was saying to the Belizean people. You told me you wanted to see Belize, you wanted to see Guatemala respect our rights at the Sarstoon. And you told me that until these concerns are addressed then we say no to the ICJ..."

Where Were "The Others"� At NPC Meeting?
But is everyone in the party fighting with Briceno. We saw quote a few empty seats at Saturday's event - and there were some notable faces we didn't see, like Cordel Hyde, Julius Espat and Kareem Musa. Sure, NPC's are held quarterly, and party leaders can miss one or two - but this one seemed to be important - since the only real business was the all important People's Declaration - which marks the drive to a pivotal referendum where the PUP wants to be on the winning side. The press asked about the absences: Reporter: "The turnout is very very poor."

John B, Leading By Following?
And while there were a good many of those extra seats, Briceno said he has the full, unwavering support of his party. But, is it because he has bent to their demands - going from his personal, public position of a "yes" to the ICJ - to a party position of "no". We asked him a question about the role of a leader: Jules Vasquez- Reporter: "Do you think you have shown the requisite firmness and strength and character in your leadership because it seems like you have shifted from leadership to followship. You in your mind know what you believe is right but the party says something and because of the politics of the situation you can't afford to say yes while your party says no because somebody out there will say, 'We going for John Briceño head. Sir, that is the reality."

Huge Contraband Bust In San Victor
On Saturday, a joint police law enforcement team made a huge contraband bust in San Victor Village in the Corozal district. This village is widely known as one of the epicentres for contraband smuggling. The cops found an abandoned house in which outlaws in the area were stashing 238 cases of beer, 10 cases of Cana Real rum, and 11 cases of those large coca-colas. The cops told us today that since no one was found near the illegal goods, they handed it over as found property to the Customs Department:

Man Left Comatose After Beating
For about 9 days now, 58 year-old Nicholas Flores, a resident of San Ignacio Town, has been hospitalized in a coma at the KHMH. That's after he was savagely beaten by an unknown man on the Friday night of January 25th. There is surveillance footage of the attack, which police are reviewing, and no one can figure out why his attacker, who appears to be a younger man, targeted him. Those who've seen the surveillance footage of the attack tell us that he was sheltering from the rain at a bus stop near Boiton's Barbecue in Santa Elena. The video reportedly shows that this assailant immediately focuses on Flores, and then the assault commences.

Referendum Remix
On Friday we told you about the embarrassment of a map that the Government's Referendum Unit had up on its official website. The map had all kinds of gross - and unbelievable misspellings. Well, seems they caught wind of our story, and when we visited today, the offending map was removed and replaced with a proper one that has everything included and properly spelled. Now if only they could get the countdown right! It currently says that there are 94 days to the referendum, which is off by about 60 days.

The Critically Endangered Grouper
As we told you on Friday night, the Nassau grouper is critically endangered in the Caribbean. And this was readily apparent at the Glover's Reef Atoll at the end of last month - when numbers of fish that had been in the thousands were reduced to just hundreds. We found out more at a press conference held today by the Wildlife Conservation Society on coney Drive:

The Many Challenges of The Turneffe Atoll
And, another marine protected area that's under pressure is the Turneffe Atoll. In December the Turneffe Atoll Trust Brough it all into focus with a "Risking the Atoll document". Today, they took the media to the Atoll to see first hand the risks outlined in the report. Here's more from Valentino Shal:..

Security Guard Shot
Tonight, Omar Diaz, a security guard working at the Zeta Gas Compound, located at Miles 13 and a half on the Philip Goldson Highway, is at the KHMH recovering from a gunshot wound to the stomach. That's after he was attacked by an assailant while he was on the job. Police say that at some time after 2 a.m. on last Friday morning, Diaz was making his rounds when a gunman emerged from the darkness and shot him. Assistant Superintendent Alejandro Cowo spoke with the media about this incident at today's press conference, and here's what he told us:

Channel 5

Murder in the City; Shawn Hemmans is Gunned Down
Three days into February, the first murder happened on Saint Thomas Street in Belize City.� Tour guide thirty-three-year-old Shawn Hemmans was shot as many as eleven times as he walked [...]

A Teacher is Knocked Down & Killed in the City
A twenty-three-year-old teacher perished this morning in a horrible traffic accident near a well-known supermarket at the entrance of Belize City. The mother of two, Marilena Mortis left her mother's [...]

Scotland Halfmoon Villager Perishes in RTA
A Scotland Halfmoon villager lost his life in a fatal RTA on the Burrell Boom Road early this morning. Twenty-seven-year-old Kristian Tillett was driving towards the village when he lost [...]

John Doe is Killed in a Hit & Run in San Joaquin
There were three fatal accidents within six hours across the country. The first occurred just after twelve a.m. today in the San Joaquin Village on the Philip Goldson Highway. In [...]

50-Year-Old Arraigned for the Rape of a 3-Year-Old Boy
A fifty-year-old electrician is tonight on remand at the Belize Central Prison accused with the rape of a three-year-ten-month old child.� Alfonso Perez, aka "Rebel," appeared before Magistrate Emmerson Banner [...]

P.U.P. Cranks Up 'Vote No' Campaign Ahead of April 10th Referendum
The People's United Party on Saturday cranked up its 'vote no to the I.C.J.' campaign after its National Party Council unanimously supported the People's Declaration. After completing his nationwide consultations, [...]

Is P.U.P.'s 'NO' Position Causing Division?
Mobilizing tens of thousands of voters on April tenth is a task which will require resources such as human capital and most importantly, money. Prior to the P.U.P.'s National Party [...]

P.U.P. Leader Says "Sedi" Must Go
Many have called on the immediate removal of Wilfred Elrington as the Minister of Foreign Affairs. The People's United Party has been a strong advocate for this.� In January, when [...]

Major Contraband Bust in San Victor, Corozal
About a week and a half ago, a joint operation between the Police and Customs Departments as well as the Coastguard led to the interception of contrabandistas in canoes transporting [...]

3 Guatemalan Farmers Arrested in Cebada
In western Belize, three Guatemalan farmers were detained on Saturday while they were six hundred meters inside the Chiquibul National Park. The trio was handed over to San Ignacio police [...]

Santa Elena Resident Remains in Coma 1 Week after Brutal Beating
The family of a Santa Elena resident needs help in identifying the perpetrator of a vicious attack on Nicholas Flores. Flores, a fifty-eight-year-old, was badly beaten on the night of [...]

Devon Faber is Targeted in a Drive-by Shooting
About an hour before the murder of Shawn Hemmans on Saint Thomas Street, in Belize City, shots rang out on Westlake Park Street in the Eight Miles Community on the [...]

Citizens for the Defence of Sovereignty and its Purpose
Assad Shoman has been making his rounds on the media pushing for a YES vote at the April tenth referendum. This morning he appeared on Open Your Eyes. Shoman is [...]

Assad Shoman: Belize Inherited the Borders, but not the 1859 Treaty
Among the myriad of answers that Shoman provided was in respect to a question on the 1859 treaty, which is at the core of the territorial claim by Guatemala. Shoman [...]

Shoman Maintains that Guatemala Has No Case
One of the common concerns proponents of a NO vote have repeatedly expressed, is that it is unfathomable to Belize that Guatemala would go to Court if it did not [...]

CARICOM and O.A.S. Secretary General Buck Heads over President Maduro's Legitimacy
Members of CARICOM have called on Luis Almagro, the Secretary General of the Organization of American States, to publicly clarify that he does not speak on behalf of all the [...]

Nassau Grouper Critically Endangered
The Nassau Grouper is facing an extremely high risk of extinction in the wild. Data recently published by the International Union for Conservation of Nature puts the Nassau Grouper as [...]

The Impact of Development and Fishing in Turneffe
So while the Nassau Grouper is facing extinction, at the Turneffe Island, overfishing is also a huge concern. The Turneffe Atoll was declared a marine reserve seven years ago and [...]

'Big Baby' to Challenge Anthony Joshua
Belizean-American and heavyweight contender Jarrell “Big Baby” Miller is preparing to challenge unified world titleholder Anthony Joshua in June. Online reports are that discussions for matches between Joshua and other [...]

Highlights of the Weekend in Sports
Good evening, I'm James Adderley and this is Sports Monday.   [Highlights of the weekend in sports...]


Christian Myles dies in Tragic Accident
The Marlena Mortis accident was not the only tragic road incident. There were two other vehicular accidents that claimed lives over the weekend. Christian Myles Tillett was with his family when he flipped on the highway over the weekend. Assistant Superintendent of Police, Alejandro Cowo says that he was driving at the time and the �

John Doe knocked down and killed near San Joaquin Village
A man who was riding a black bicycle was the victim of a hit and run incident. The victim was found at mile 78 on the roadside, just outside of San Joaquin Village in the Corozal District. ACP Joseph Myvett, Head, National Crimes Investigation Branch says that they need the public's help in identifying this �

Shooting Victim Returns Home the Morning After
Devon Faber, a resident of the West Lake community at Mile 8 on the George Price Highway is lucky to be alive. He was about to leave his yard when a gunman drove up and fired several shots, one which grazed his left shoulder and another which hit him on the right shoulder. He says �

Woman Killed Crossing the Highway in Belize City
Within a span of six hours, three separate fatal traffic incidents occurred in Belize. Commuters coming into Belize City this morning were held back as officers processed the scene of the latest fatal incident that killed Marlena Mortis. Jose Sanchez: "The outskirts of Belize City has stretched to the mangroves of Belama Phase 4 and �

MAYOR Says CITCO asked MIN. of Works in 2018 to address Miles 2 to 3.5 Traffic
The public wants the Belize City Council to erect a crosswalk for the area residents. However, Mayor Wagner told Love News that the management of the highway is the responsibility of the Ministry of Works. Mayor Wagner said from November, 2018 the council had the foresight to recognize that the lack of crossings would be �

Z Gas Targeted again. Security Guard Shot
Z Gas on the Philip Goldson Highway has been targeted twice this year. On New Year's Day, a security guard was tied up while thieves broke into the office and stole an undisclosed amount of cash. On Friday night, another security guard encountered would be thieves. The security guard on duty, Omar Diaz was shot �

Beaten within an inch of his life for no apparent reason
We can usually determine the cause of the country's crime as jealousy acts of domestic violence and rivalry between gangs. But some incidents have no motive and are shocking as well as inexplicable. 58 year old Nicholas Flores of San Ignacio is the victim of a vicious beating on January 25th. His injuries are so �

Cops find 238 Cases of Beer :(
The officers in the police department are very astute when it comes to finding guns, ammunition and parcels of marijuana in abandoned property across the country. But it seems officers in the north are also skilled in locating large supplies of contraband goods. Once such cache was uncovered on Saturday morning during an operation in �

Media takes first hand look at unsustainable developments at the Turneffe Atoll
The Turneffe Atoll Trust has conducted a study on the environmental and economic effects of unsustainable development at the Turneffe Atoll. The study was presented in December 2018 with findings that show the breach of several environmental guidelines and regulations in the Environmental Protection Act and the Integrated Coastal Zone Management Plan. Today, the Turneffe �

A dozen Murders so far for 2012, including Shawn Hemmans
There was a murder last night on the north side of Belize City. The victim, 33-year-old, Shawn Hemmans passed away just after eight o'clock last night after being shot multiple times. The family believes Hemmans was an innocent victim. Jose Sanchez: "Sunday was a celebration for people who watch the Super Bowl. Shawn Hemmans stepped �

The Reporter

Fatal Traffic Accident On The Phillip Goldson Hwy.
The Reporter is currently investigating reports of a traffic accident in front of DK Store on the Phillip Goldson Highway just outside Belize City...

Fatal Traffic Accident Near Flowers Bank Village
A resident of the Scotland Half Moon community in the Belize River Valley died in an RTA near Flower's Bank at 2:30am. Kristian Myles Tillett, 27, was driving his Mitsubishi Montero toward Burrell Boom...

Shooting At Mile 8 Community
A man from Mile 8 on the George Price Highway was shot this evening inside his yard. Sources say Devon Faber, 27, was at #132 Westlake Park...

Breaking Belize NewsPJ

Man loses control of vehicle and dies
At around 2.30 p.m. police were called to the Bermudian Landing Road. There, they saw the [�]

Police issue official report on Belize City road traffic accident
This morning, there was a fatal road traffic accident reported in Belize City. The deceased has [�]

Elections and Boundaries advise of processing of Voters ID cards
The Elections and Boundaries Department informed today that contrary to false information being circulated in the [�]

Man shot at 8 miles unable to identify shooter
At around 6 p.m. yesterday police visited the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital where they found a [�]

Police find massive contraband stash
A joint Orange Walk/Corozal police operation on Saturday morning in San Victor, Corozal resulted in the seizure [�]

Shawn Hemmans killed during Superbowl halftime show
Last night a fatal shooting was reported in Belize City. The victim has been identified as Shawn [�]

Hit and run reported in Corozal
Up north police are investigating a fatal case of hit and run. Sometime around 12:20 a.m. [�]

Police: Man beaten up at bus stop in a critical condition
A man is hospitalized in a critical condition after he was beaten up last month. He [�]

Belize Cancer Society celebrates World Cancer Day
The Belize Cancer Society (BCS) is challenging Belizeans to take a moment to think about their health [�]

NEMO Minister attends Cricket Competition
Minister of Transport and National Emergency Management and Area Representative for Belize Rural North, Edmond Castro, was [�]

World Cancer Day commemorated
Today, February 4, 2019, is commemorated as World Cancer Day. In commemoration of World Cancer [�]

Caye Caulker primary school featured in University of German Newsletter
La Isla Carinosa Academy (LICA) is a private primary school in Caye Caulker and recently [�]

"Power outage at Southern Regional Hospital was planned," says Director of Health Services
The lights went out for two hours at the Southern Regional Hospital (SRH) yesterday in [�]

PM Barrow departs country
Prime Minister Dean Barrow departed the country on personal leave on Sunday, February 3, 2019. Barrow [�]

Man, 37, shot in the neck in Orange Walk
Police are investigating a shooting incident that occurred on Saturday night in Orange Walk District. According [�]

Fair weather to continue
The 24-hour forecast is for mostly fair weather to continue. Sunny skies with some cloudy [�]

PUP ratifies resolution on ICJ decision
The People's United Party (PUP) held a National Party Council (NPC) meeting on Saturday, February [�]

ICJ Referendum: A Moratorium
By Dr. Gerald Zuniga. It is not clear whether our intention of going to the ICJ is a referendum or a plebiscite ? What is a referendum? What is a plebiscite? Some schools of thought consider the words to be interchangeable. Others consider them to be different in usage and meaning [�]

1 Dead in Fatal Road Traffic Accident on Philip Goldson Highway
Police are investigating a road traffic accident that happened this morning around 6 on the Philip [�]

Development of Pine Ridge and Forestry in Belize
By Richard Harrison: The Mountain Pine Ridge is a beautiful part of the Maya Mountains that stretches south from the Belize Old River to the Moho River, rising majestically to the west of the scenic Hummingbird and coastal Southern Highways [�]


Sunday Drive to North Ambergris Caye, From Mile 7 to Robles Point AND Margaritaville
Yesterday we drove from about Mile 7 (marked as Mexico Rocks below) to a bit beyond Robles Point (Mile 16 or 17) - where the reef (orange line) meets the land. And the road - thru along that isthmus - is dense bush. AND BUGGY! We turned around up there. There were still a few signs pointing us northward. To the INTRIGUING North Beach Island Resort located�far far up north. There are really only a handful of businesses north of us at Mile 7. We didn't stop everywhere, this isn't a comprehensive guide to north Ambergris Caye�just what I saw. There are a bunch of photos - it is SO incredibly beautiful - so hold on. Chat N Chill bar and restaurant and beach hang out. And a stop at the closed El Secreto Luxury Resort. No much has changed since my last visit. My #1 goal was to check out the old Sueno Del Mar property at about 13 miles north. Just about a month ago, it was announced that it would become a Margaritaville Resort. As in Jimmy Buffett-ville.

Flamingo Versus Unicorn
Noting like getting invited to a spur of the moment tropical birthday for a friends 60th. While a large portion of people are suffering through a polar vortex, and freezing their hineys off, us islanders were enjoying sunshine and palm trees. It's a dirty job but someone's got to do it. Many of you will know Eileen from the popular DandE's frozen custard on Middle st. in town. She also teaches a great aquafit class and likes to share her toys. While the pool people played, others enjoyed cocktails, grazed and chatted. A few people brought some tasty homemade treats and other snackables. Before long it was time for presents and cake. Eileen got some great gifts from her many admirers and a delicious chocolate cake from Casa Pan Dulce.

Belize Spring Break
Forget about Panama City Beach and Cancun. While these cities were once the twin meccas for Spring Break vacation, the days of MTV debauchery are behind us, and discerning students know that there are plenty of better places to kick back and relax after a grueling semester of studying and six to eight weeks of lectures. Belize is the place to be for Spring Break, and once you dip your bare toes into the warm waters of the Caribbean, you'll never want to go back to campus. We're here to help you recognize why Mother Nature's best-hidden secret is the ideal spot for your Spring Break debauchery.

We had a fabulous day! It started early in Cancun with a beyond-yummy breakfast at La Organica - a really nice place and we recommend it for the chicken and eggs with mole (exact name forgotten). After a quick stop at Ricardo's office to send some emails we were off to the airport. Flying a new airline is always a bit of an "okkkkk", especially since we fly s***loads and we changed our minds last-minute (read as: Tommi convinced me). Instead of a gruesome bus + bus + border crossings of 20+ hours, we decided to fly. ADO Buses and hassle would cost around 120 EUR/person and flights were 3.5x more but took only 2hr 20ish minutes + 2 hr transit. There are quite limited options of getting to Flores efficiently and we chose to fly Tropic Air, which flies from the private FBO terminal and is all sleek and fancy, almost like flying private. Flight leaves Cancun at 2pm and we were in Flores at 5pm local time (-1hr).

San Pedro Town - The Colorful Capital of Ambergris Caye
San Pedro, Belize is perhaps the most famous location in the country due to it being featured in the hit 1986 Madonna song "La Isla Bonita" which was written about this lovely seaside town. Indeed, portions of the video for the song were filmed on location in San Pedro. Belize vacations are just not complete without a visit to San Pedro. Originally a small fishing village, it now has a year-round population of about 20,000 people but receives tens of thousands of visitors every year. San Pedro is located on the southern tip of Ambergris Caye, which makes it an excellent base of operations for activities like windsurfing, sea kayaking, kite surfing, fishing, snorkeling, sailing, and scuba diving on the reef. Because of this proximity, San Pedro is renowned for its amazing seafood restaurants, many of which serve fish and other delicacies caught earlier the same day. San Pedro also has several lovely beaches.

Getting to Belize From Europe
Due to Belize's location in Central America, there are no non-stop flights to the country from Europe. The good news, however, is that it is now easier than ever for people in Europe to enjoy an unforgettable vacation in Belize. As a former British colony, Belize has always been a popular destination for Britons. American Airlines now offers direct flights to Belize that depart from London's Heathrow Airport and make a stop in Miami, Florida before continuing on to Belize. Flights to Belize depart four times per week from Heathrow and have only a short layover in Miami before continuing directly to Belize City.

Northern Belize - What You Need To Know
The north of Belize is overrun with beautiful stretches of orange groves, glistening beachfronts, and untapped wilderness, but that doesn't mean it's desolate of human life. While there's enough unexplored territory to get out and enjoy nature all by your lonesome, there are also plenty of villages and towns with welcoming locals ready to take you into their homes. The 3,000 square miles of the territory that makes up the north is home to only 80,000 residents, and the area will be a sharp and delightful diversion for those used to more urban environments. Much of the developed land is occupied by farms, ranches, and orange groves.

Favorite Belize treats - the Fry Jack!
While nobody will ever recommend these as part of a healthy diet, one of the most delicious and ubiquitous foods served in every Belizean house is the fry jack. Fry jacks are a staple Belize food that are in the shape of triangles (or, occasionally, squares or circles) of wheat dough that are deep-fried until they become golden brown in color and pillowy soft. Most locals eat fry jacks at part of a traditional Belize breakfast and served with refried beans, eggs, cheese, and meat where toast would be used in the United States or Canada. Simply put, no Belize vacations can ever be considered truly authentic without at least sampling some fry jacks. Much like potato chips, it's hard to stop at just one as fry jacks are delicious. If you're enjoying some Belize travel, be sure to try the fry jacks!

7 Belize Family Vacation Activities For Kids
Belize is a beautiful, tropical wonderland with plenty to do and see for the entire family. Here are 7 amazing family vacation activities for kids that you can enjoy in Belize: Founded in the 1980s to rescue injured and abandoned animals, the Belize Zoo is the country's premier wildlife education center. Kids can learn about and see more than 100 indigenous species at the Belize Zoo including harpy eagles, jaguars, and enormous boa constrictor snakes.

Chaa Creek's Pack-A-Pound Kicks off A New Year By Bringing Joy (and some very welcome school supplies) To Young Belizean Students
Although Chaa Creek's "Pack-A-Pound" program has been bringing visitors and Belizeans closer together for years now, it still never fails to touch our hearts to see the combination of guests' generosity and the sincere gratitude shown by the young students who benefit from it. For readers unfamiliar with the program, "Pack-A-Pound" encourages guests to add a pound or more of school supplies to their luggage, or post them before leaving or after arriving home. Chaa Creek's SMILE Team then works with principals and educators to identify needs before distributing the guests' donations to Belizean schools. This year's Pack-A-Pound kicked off on January 21, 2019, with the ever-exuberant Denise Duran and her merry band of volunteers visiting three rural schools - Immaculada Primary School in rural Arenal village, the Red Creek Pre-School, and St Martin De Porres Primary School in Blackman Eddy.

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Death Toll Rises to Six From Rare Havana Tornado
Two people injured by a powerful EF3/EF4 tornado that plowed across Havana, Cuba, on January 27 have died, bringing the death toll to six, authorities said on Sunday. At least 170 people were injured by the twister, reportedly the strongest to strike the city since it was founded in the early 1500s. According to AFP and the Associated Press, public health minister Jose Angel Portal Miranda announced in Cuban state media on Sunday that 2 of the 13 people in critical condition since the tornado died on Saturday. The January 27 tornado ripped through Havana between about 8:30 and 8:45 pm. It passed less than two miles south of Havana's historic center, on a northeastward track that took it across a large part of the metropolitan area. Blackouts were widespread, affecting many thousands of residents and cutting water supply to more than 200,000 people. More than 3500 homes were damaged, according to AP, and at least 90 homes collapsed completely, said authorities.


  • Amazing Murmuration of Birds, 3min. The phenomena of murmuration. It looks like an exquisite aerial dance. Fish also do this.

  • The Government of Belize is in the process of finalizing legislation to commence a phasing out of single-use plastic and styrofoam, 7min. Our Belize now team found out more about the decision and how some of those affected feel about the upcoming change.

  • Ziplining v dzungli na Belize, 2min. Nohoch Che'en - Belize.

  • The animation dancer in Belize city, 3min.

  • Flamingo Versus Unicorn Eileen's Super 60 Pool Party San Pedro Fitness Club, 2min. Noting like getting invited to a spur of the moment pool party for a friends birthday while a large portion of people are unfortunately suffering a polar vortex and freezing their hineys off.

  • Annual Cancer Awareness Walk, 1.5min. San Pedro walks for cancer.

  • Adventurous Training in Belize, 3.5min. We invited UNILAD to join 2LANCS for Adventurous Training in Belize. Find out how they got on, and where a career in the British Army could take you.

  • Coatimundi & Iguana in the yard in Belize!, 1min.


  • Belize Mayan Ruins Xunantunich, 9min. Such a thrill! We had the joy of climbing the ancient Mayan ruins, hear some history from our tour guides and see some awesome wildlife!