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The San Pedro Town Council's Co-Ed Softball Tournament 2018 came to a close on Sunday, February 3rd, 2019 after a thrilling season.

Competing for the Championship title were: RCGO, Extreme, Quality Reef, Rusties, Beer League and San Pedro High School.

Sunday's game was filled with suspense and exciting moments as the players ran from base to base as fast as they could trying to avoid to the best of their might for them not to get outed. Tha fans were at the edge of their seats, and even though, the games are lengthy, they stuck by and witnessed an exciting game! Coming in 3rd was Quality Reef, who won the third place game against the Rustie who won 4th place, while team Extreme won the 2nd place title. And lastly, winning first place was RCGO, making it their third consecutive win!

Below is a list of all the individual titles won:

Most Improved: Pedro Graniel (Rusties)

Fair Play: Beer League

RBI Male: Lester Gamez, Roy Brice�o (tied), RBI Female: Destiny Fairburn, Nayeli Longworth (tied)

Most Home Runs: Rene Flowers, Lester Gamez.

Most Stolen Bases: Male: Rene Flowers, Female: Aaliyah Pilgrim.

Best Outfield: Male: Damion Pollard, Female: Nayeli Longsworth.

Best Infield: Male: Adam Feledman, Female: Ivana Nu�ez.

Batting Average: Male: Gil Nu�ez and Ryan Stiles (tied) Female: Ivana Nuez.

Most Strike-outs: Lester Gamez

Most Wins: Lester Gamez

MVP: Lester Gamez

Mayor Daniel Guerrero and the San Pedro Town Council would like to thank everyone who participated in this year's Co-Ed Softball Tournament and special thank you to Mr. Marion Mejia for taking his time in organizing such a positive event for the community.