A major disaster was averted at midday thanks to quick thinking on the part of several tenants who also occupy the House of Shotokan building on Princess Margaret Drive.� All indications are that a small fire had broken out in a kitchen at the rear of the dojo.� While employees at the other end of the building began smelling smoke, Nino Reyes took it upon himself to make a check of the property.� That's when he observed smoke emanating from the back of the building and a pair of gas tanks feeding the flames.� Here's his account of what took place.

Nino Reyes, Tenant

"The karate school also sells food on a daily basis and something seemed to have happened and they had a gas fire that escalated.� We reside about three offices over in the same building and around 11:30 or 11:45 we started noticing a funny smell.� At first we didn't think anything of it because they cook food, so we were saying, "Oh, you know, rice and beans, fry chicken."� Something dehn di cook, everything was fine.� But then the scent started to get really, really intense and that's when I decided to step outside after several of my employees mentioned that the smell's coming stronger.� And upon stepping outside, I first gauged and it looked kind of smoky, a little bit more smoky than the usual.� So that's when I went to investigate and I went behind the building and noticed that there's smoke coming out of the outside window and that's when we realized something was on fire.� That's when everyone got into full throttle mode, some of our employees came out.� We know the people that own House of Shotokan as well, so we were trying our best to contact them to let them know that it seemed something was on fire.� Luckily, there was, some of the people were right across the street so we were able to get to them quickly and by the time they actually came here and entered the building it was a full onset fire and it was really, really hot.� We had, several of us had extinguishers and several of us tried to put out the fire from the outside because we, I personally went inside with two other gentlemen with fire extinguishers and the heat was really intense. At the same time, the other people who were getting busy to get the fire department over here.� Luckily at the same time there was a police patrol that came by.� Those guys were great, they quickly stopped the traffic and everything and after that happened the first fire truck came really quick, guys were ready and well-equipped, grabbed the stuff.� One guy came out fully geared up, went straight inside.� They started connecting the hose and by the time the first one was set up another one came right behind them too so the guys responded really quickly."

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