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The San Pedro Sun

Row for the Crown
A marathon rowing fundraiser to help Miss San Pedro Chelsea Mu´┐Żoz as she battles Hodgkins Lymphoma. The CrossFit community on the island has come together to help with teams of 5 rowing a total of 42,195 meters (26.5 miles) in a 4-hour window.

Wolfe's Woofer: Idiots
"Hey, Mr. Dennis." I was passing a construction site on Coconut Drive when I heard the familiar voice of Mario, my friend and sometimes yard worker. He was leaning on a shovel next to a huge hole in the ground while a group of workers behind him argued with each other. "What's going on with you?" I asked. "I'm working with a bunch of idiots this week," he said. "The foreman's wife is sick, and he hasn't been here for two days. Everybody but me is trying to be the leader, and nobody can decide on nothing."

Letter to the Editor: The ongoing concern of Sargassum
Dear Editor, I am writing to voice my complaint and concern about the apparent and ongoing concern of sargassum washing ashore the beaches of San Pedro. I am staying at the former Ruby's Hotel and the putrid smell of the Sargasso is so overwhelming that I will be cutting my stay in San Pedro significantly from four weeks to just one week. In the four days I have been here, I have witnessed absolutely no attempt or effort on behalf of waterfront business owners or town council to even make an effort to clean up this putrid situation. I read previously in your paper that funding was in place from the Belize government to aid in cleanup of Sargasso weed. Apparently, this money has not reached the desired intent, which is to clean up the Sargasso and save the tourism industry from sure collapse.

Doctor Love: Adopt, Don't Shop
Dear Love, My friend just bought a puppy from a breeder and I am so upset I can hardly speak to her. She knows I am involved with shelters and fight daily to save dogs from death and the abuse I see is heartbreaking. She wasn't ashamed when she told me and didn't apologize when I explained my position on her purchase. She said she's had the same breed of dog for years and always got her puppies from the same breeder and feels more comfortable getting another puppy from him. How can I educate strangers when I can't even make friends understand that there are hundreds of dogs in shelters who need loving homes and will die unless people like her stop buying from breeders and puppy mills?

Misc Belizean Sources


It was a Maya man who was always sad, one day the animals approached him and asked him what he wanted, his answer was that he wanted to be happy, the owl told him to talk about things that could be understood and realized. That they would do anything to see him happy. Then he mentioned that he wished to know when the rains would come, the nightingale promised to tell him. He wanted to know all the medicinal plants and the snake told him that she would mark them with his step. The vulture he gave him the good view that the man wanted, he did not want to get tired and the deer told him that he would give him his energy, he asked to be strong and it was the jaguar who gave him his strength, he wanted to be intelligent and the fox offered to teach him, finally he wanted to climb the trees and the squirrel offered his claws. The man left and the owl told the animals that even if the man knew and could do more things he would always be sad.

Omolewa Osain, the Soul of Cugazz
Live in Concert, Feb 16th

Way to go Mary Hill R.C School
Mary Hill RC School 11th Scout group joins with the Scout Association to celebrate in February National Scouts' month. On saturday scouts delivered free breakfast at our hospital. Today a mass was celebrated to start this month's activities

Placencia Sidewalk Art Festival
Day 2

Channel 5

Orange Walk Resident Charged for Drug Offences
On Saturday morning police in Orange Walk Town conducted a joint intelligence operation. Law enforcement officers executed a search warrant at the residence of 26-year-old Darren Puga. There police found 2637 grams of suspected cannabis. Puga was arrested and charged with 'Possession of a controlled drug with intent to supply to another'.

Police Remove Guns and Ammunition Off Streets
This morning police in Benque Viejo Town searched an area along the banks of the Mopan River. There they found one Bersa 9mm pistol, three 9mm magazines, four live 9mm Luger rounds, and one Winchester 12guage pump action shotgun containing four live Eiber 12gauge cartridges. In Belize City, police yesterday conducted a search in an abandoned lot on Freedom Street. There they found a .380 pistol along with a magazine containing seven live rounds of ammunition.

Young Basketball Player Murdered in OW
"About 12:20 a.m., on 10.2.2019, Orange Walk Police responded to a report on San Martin Street. Upon arrival, they observed the body of a male person with a gunshot wound to the head. He was identified as Dwayne Avila, 20-year-old Belizean coordinator, of an Orange Walk address. The body was transported to the Orange Walk Hospital where he was pronounced dead on arrival. Police are investigating.

The Benefits of a Migrant Community: Spanish Lookout
An O.A.S. 2015 reports shows that Belize is the Central American country that has had the highest immigration since the early 1980's. The foreign-born population in 2013 represented a little over fifteen percent of Belize's total population - about sixty percent from Guatemala and El Salvador. Belize has long been sought after by groups of people looking for opportunities. Today, there are entire communities built by immigrants - one such community is Spanish Lookout. They have some of the most recognizable brands which supply commodities for most of the country.

The Reporter

Police Find Many Guns, Ammo & Weed; Charge One
Police have reported that they made a number of gun discoveries over this weekend. The latest find was made sometime around 8:45 this morning along the Macal River in Benque Viejo Town. That discovery yielded a Bersa brand 9 millimeter pistol along with three 9 millimeter magazines and four live 9 millimeter rounds; and a Winchester brand 12 gauge pump action shotgun containing live Eiber brand 12 gauge cartridges.

Basketball Player Shot Dead in Orange Walk
Police have released preliminary information on the shooting murder of Dwayne Avila Cummings, 20, which occurred just after midnight today in Orange Walk Town. Avila's body was found on San Martin Street in the San Lorenzo housing area of Orange Walk, where he lived, worked as a coordinator, attended school and played basketball. He had reportedly been shot in the head.

Jaguars Roaming Free in Independence
Following several sightings of two jaguars on the prowl in Independence Village attacking dogs and livestock, residents are concerned about the safety of children in the nearby vicinity and whether the Forestry Department is taking note of the situation to prevent any further attacks.

Breaking Belize NewsPJ

Belize Zoo stands ready to help with roaming Jaguars in Independence Village
The Belize Zoo is ready to assist the Forestry Department with the rehabilitation of the Jaguars which are roaming near Independence Village in Southern Belize. Sharon Matola, the founder of the Belize Zoo told Breaking Belize News that the Zoo is prepared to assist, immediately with the safe capture and rehabilitation of the Jaguars, which have become a public safety concern because they have been attacking household dogs and livestock in the village.

Weekend football roundup including Belize's 'El Classico' results
In football sports news, this weekend saw the defending champs Belmopan Bandits and Verdes FC meet in the Premier League of Belize (PLB) 2018/2019 closing season.

Reward of $1,000 being offered for information on Dwayne Cummings murderer
By Micah Goodin: Last week when a Japanese businessman and his son were shot the Commissioner of Police posted to Facebook that the matter was being "aggressively" investigated. He also stated that the business community and the police department had collaborated for a reward for information leading to an arrest.

Traffic accident claims life of a man from San Juan village, Stann Creek district
A man from San Juan village in the Stann Creek district was killed this morning after he was knocked down on the Southern Highway. Reliable sources in the area told BBN that the man was socializing at a bar in the area and decided to head to Mango Creek when he was knocked down.

Team Crunchtime takes RF&G Up and Down River Challenge
Team Crunchtime, sponsored by BurnBox and Belize Aggregates took the first place spot in the Up and Down River Challenge, which was hosted by the Belize Canoe Association (BCA) and sponsored by RF&G. The race started at Mahogany Hall in Bullett Tree at 10:00 am and finished at the Wooden Bridge in San Ignacio. A total of 13 teams

Verdes basketball team defeats defending champs, Belize Hurricanes with ease
The Verdes basketball team defeated defending champs, Belize Hurricanes with ease this weekend at the Belize Civic Center. This was an important boost to Verdes who had suffered a devastating loss against the Dangriga Dream Ballers last weekend.

Student shot to death in Orange Walk Town
The Orange Walk community woke up this morning with the devastating news of the loss of a promising UB student and basketball player. Dwayne Cummings lifeless body was found this morning with a gunshot wound to the head in the area of San Lorenzo Road Orange Walk Town.

Authorities bust 3 men with AK 47 rifles in Benque Viejo, Cayo
Early this morning, police busted 3 persons in Benque Viejo del Carmen with 2- AK 47 rifles with (47) 7.62 live rounds and (14) 5.56 live rounds of ammunition.

New study finds that Belize suicide rate has increased despite decline in global suicide rate
According to a new study (, despite a decline in the global suicide rate, a few countries, including Belize has experienced an increase in the suicide rate during the period 1990 to 2016.

2018 was one of the hottest year on earth!
The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) warns that the earth's continuous long term warming trend has continued, with 2018 being the hottest year on record.


  • Row for the Crown, 4min. Mission accomplished!

  • Row for the Crown, 4min. The last teams!

  • Row for the Crown- A marathon rowing fundraiser, 4min. San Pedro's Crossfit community comes together to raise funds and support Miss San Pedro 2018-2019 Chelsea Munoz, as she rows through her greatest challenge after she was diagnosed with cancer. The fundraising event brings teams of 5 rowing a total of 42,195 meters (26.5 miles) in a 4-hour window.

  • Rainbow at Sunset at Blue's in Corozal, Belize, 1.5min.

  • Wildlife of the Peten & Belize, 8.5min.

  • Amazing view parasailing BELIZE, 11min. Wonderful experience parasailing in BELIZE.

  • Harvest Caye, Belize Cave Tour - Feb 2nd 2017, 45min. Cave Tubing Trip in Harvest Caye, Belize, tubing down the river into a cave that has a waterfall.

  • Barton Creek Belize, 6.5min.

  • Snorkeling Hol Chan, Belize Feb 6 2019, 17min. Celebrated my bday snorkeling with sharks, sting rays and a sea turtle! Hol Chan reserve in Belize.

  • Carnival Glory - Belize 2018, 10min. Our day trip to Chukka Jaguar Outpost for some zip line action through the rain forest canopy. Enjoy!!

  • Beachfront Bargain Hunt, A Budget to Squeeze in placencia Belize, 21min.

  • Permit fishing in Belize, 3min. Thanks to Will Flack and the team especially Magic Mike Anderson and Nancy for a great week at the Permit Club in Hopkins, Belize. An amazing experience...

  • Belize - Jan. 2019, 15min. This video illustrates a tour of a few of Belize's publicly known tourist destinations. I've made highlight reel vacation videos as short as two minutes. This one, however, is lengthy because it was created for my family and friends who haven't had a chance to visit our home in a while. I figure others may get a good insight into travel life in Belize by watching this video. Feel free to ask me any questions and I'll do my best to give helpful answers.

  • Southern Belize, 8min. Paradise....