The story of the Japanese teenager Masaki Yanai being shot to death trying to save his father in Belize robberyis drawing intense interest in Japan - and today at the police press briefing - it was a very full house as Fuji TV Network and Nippon Television Network sent their correspondents from New York and Los Angeles, respectively, to cover the story. A number of other Japanese media outlets have contacted us for footage and information - as the story is making major news in that country.

The Yanai family came to Belize about 15 years ago as volunteers, and then transitioned into the restaurant business. A few years ago, the father, Takayaki Yanai - who was a successful chef in Japan opened one the first Japanese restaurants in Belize.

He was robbed after closing the restaurant for the day last Thursday.

Japanese man shot to death trying to save father in Belize robbery
A Japanese man has been shot to death and his father critically wounded by two armed men in Belize, according to the Japanese Embassy in Belmopan. The incident happened in Belize City, nation's largest city, at around 6 p.m. Thursday, embassy officials said. Local media identified the man who was killed as Masaki Yanai, 19. His father, Takayuki, 53, runs a Japanese restaurant in Belize City. The two men attacked the father when he returned home from shopping and was unloading his car.