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Click for our Daily Tropical Weather Report.

Specials and Events

Last night's TV news on Channel 7, Channel 5, LOVETV, PGTV, and CTV 3. Also with the most recent Open Your Eyes, and other specials

The San Pedro Sun

Rotary Club of Ambergris donates suction pump to Dr. Otto Rodriguez San Pedro Polyclinic II
A new suction pump was donated to the Dr. Otto Rodgriquez San Pedro Polyclinic II on Thursday, February 7th by the Rotary Club of Ambergris Caye. Administrator Eric Najarro was on hand to receive the equipment from Rotarian Diane Tabony. The Polyclinic had been operating without the much-needed equipment for weeks after their pump stopped functioning. The island's Rotary Club was made aware of the situation, and members were happy to assist the medical center in acquiring this important medical tool. Tabony currently takes care of all projects regarding the Polyclinic, along with Rotarian Pete Davis.

Ambergris Today

The DFC & The Belize Biltmore Plaza Partner On A Solar Water Heating Demonstration Project
In line with the Development Finance Corporation's (DFC) continued efforts to promote business adoption of renewable energy and energy efficient technologies, the DFC partnered with the Belize Biltmore Plaza by way of grant funding for the installation of a Chromagen 160 gallon on-demand solar water heating system. This system will partially supply the hot water needs for the hotel's laundry service.

SP Junior College Hosts Tertiary Level Education Conference
Over the weekend San Pedro Junior College hosted the Winter Conference 2019 of COBEC, The Consortium for Belize Educational Cooperation. Keynote speaker at the opening of the conference was Angel Nunez, President of San Pedro Junior College and the keynote speaker representing Belize Tourism Board and Hon. Manuel Heredia was Mr. Yashin Dujon. The conference is all about cooperation among the institution and focuses on how to bring better and more affordable tertiary level education to the young people of the region.

Misc Belizean Sources


Air Pollution in Belmopan
The Department of the Environment (DOE) hereby informs the public within and near the north-western area of the City of Belmopan of ongoing work to address the malodor affecting the quality of air and daily lives of residents and community members. Multiple industries which generate effluent (wastewater) are within close proximity to each other and the types of effluent that are generated require different treatment approaches to mitigate negative environmental, human health and other impacts. Please note that the DOE, along with the Public Health Department, has been working on the issue with the key industries in the area and had previously met with management personnel of each industry and recommended short-term and medium-term solutions to this problem.

Training in Coastal Zone, Sea Level Rise and Related Processes
In an effort to improve Belize's technical capacity and preparedness in Climate Change, the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries, Forestry, the Environment, Sustainable Development and Immigration, through the "Fourth National Communication and First Biennial Update Report Project" being implemented by the National Climate Change Office (NCCO), is carrying out a national training entitled "Coastal Zone, Sea Level Rise, and Related Processes". The training will take place from February 11th to 14th, 2019 at the Coastal Zone Management Authority and Institute's Conference Room in Belize City. The purpose of the workshop is to build the capacity of national technical experts on how to use statistical data, measurements and modelling methods to assess sea level variations and sea level rise influence on coastal ecosystems.

A beautiful picture from Maya Masewal elders of Patchakan village in Corozal taken this saturday
The Maya elders of Patchakan proudly continue speaking their native Yucatec Maya language and following their traditions . The Maya elders of Patchakan are recognized by To'one Masehualoon NGO and the community for preserving the Maya culture in northern Belize.


Carnaval Photographic Exhibition
Join us for the opening of the "Gran Carnaval de San Pedro" Photographic Exhibition by Karen Brodie at the San Pedro House of Culture, on Friday, March 1st at 7:00 pm

Appointment of New Labour Commissioner
The Ministry of Labour, Local Government and Rural Development is pleased to announce the appointment of Ms. Ann Marie Thompson as Labour Commissioner, with effect February 15, 2019, at the Ministry of Labour, Local Government and Rural Development, Belmopan Office.

Minister of National Security Establishes Exploratory Committee for Repeat Gun Offence Law
The Minister of National Security today established an exploratory committee to examine the feasibility of a repeat gun offence law. The law would require repeat gun offenders and convicted gang members to wear a tracking device when they are released from prison to enable police to compare those persons' location to the scene of a crime at the time the crime is committed. A similar pilot project has been launched for knife crime offenders in London, England where there has been an upsurge in violent crimes recently.

Second Annual "Ride to the Border"
The Ministry of National Security's second annual Ride to the Border took place in the Toledo District on Saturday, February 9, 2019. The ride is an event that the Ministry initiated in December 2016 in order to increase the awareness of the public on the mission and tasks of the Belize Defence Force (BDF) in the Southern Area of Responsibility. The ride to the border is also taken as an opportunity to build comradery and team spirit amongst members of the Belize Defence Force, Belize Coast Guard (BCG), and the Police Department and to promote friendly interaction with the communities in that area.

BELIZE FISHING REPORT: February 3, 2019 THROUGH February 10, 2019
A cold front bringing clouds and winds early in the week made sight casting more difficult than the previous weeks. It was our pleasure to host the first Orvis Bonefish Bonanza of the year. Bonefish were caught in shallow water when conditions were good for sight casting, and the deeper bite in 2-4 feet of water kept the action going when it was cloudy or windy.

21 page long article is published in the International Journal of the Bromeliad Society
We are glad to help to tell the world about amazing flora of Belize: 21 page long article is published in the International Journal of the Bromeliad Society. It is written by our collaborator from Selby Gardens, Bruce Holst, director of Botany and gives a great overview of the last 4 years of the exploration of the Belizean epiphytes. We continue working on putting together all the data collected and making all the results and field guides publicly available. Thank you, all of you who helped in the exploration!

Channel 7

Student Athlete Murdered In OW
Our headline story on Friday was about the murder of a promising 19 year old university student in Belize City, and tonight's headline is about the killing of another promising young man - this one a 20 year old student - athlete in Orange Walk Town. He's Dwayne Cummings-Avila, well-known and well-loved in Orange Walk as a rising basketball star for the hometown semi pro team, the Orange Walk Running Rebels. Just after midnight on Saturday, after the Rebels lost, he was walking home when someone shot him once to the head.

Cops Still Searching For Yanai's Killer
And while police have deployed extra units to help solve that murder - they are doing the same for the murder of Masaki Yanai, the 19 year old Japanese student who was killed in Belize City on Thursday night. The teenager was defending his father, Takayuki from an armed robber. Both of them were shot: Masaki died and police today told us Takayuki is. stable. The cops have been reviewing surveillance footage from the Buttonwood Bay residential area where the murder occurred. ASP Alejandro Cowo, O.C., C.I.B., Belize City: "Reference that murder investigation, police have been in the Buttonwood Bay area since the incident happened where several surveillance cameras have been viewed and up to now, there was only one person that was detained. He was interviewed and he had to be released because of no direct evidence of his involvement in this murder."

Japanese Media Descends on Belize Following Murder Story
The story of the Japanese teenager's murder is drawing intense interest in Japan - and today at the police press briefing - it was a very full house as Fuji TV Network and Nippon Television Network sent their correspondents from New York and Los Angeles, respectively, to cover the story. A number of other Japanese media outlets have contacted us for footage and information - as the story is making major news in that country. The Yanai family came to Belize about 15 years ago as volunteers, and then transitioned into the restaurant business. A few years ago, the father, Takayaki Yanai - who was a successful chef in Japan opened one the first Japanese restaurants in Belize.

Benque Bad-Man Busted With Major Firepower
Moving unto other news now, police busted two Belizeans and a Guatemalan in Benque Viejo early on Sunday morning. They were in a fancy ride with Guatemalan plates loaded with some very big guns. The head of National Crimes Investigation told us more:.. ACP Joseph Myvette - Head, NCIB: "On Sunday morning, sometime around 12:15 a.m., a report was made to Benque Viejo by telephone that some male persons in a vehicle were causing disturbance at a night club in Benque Viejo Town. As a result, police visited the nightclub where they encountered a black Range Rover with Guatemalan registration plates where a search was conducted on this vehicle which resulted in the discovery of an AK-47 rifle and one 5.56 mini Galil weapon. Also found were forty-seven rounds of 7.62 ammunition and fourteen 5.56 rounds of ammunition..."

Firepower Down By the River
And also in Benque on Sunday morning - police found a stash of weapons on the banks of the Mopan River. Here's more about the find:.. ACP Joseph Myvett: "Benque Viejo police again, yesterday morning sometime around 8:45 a.m., responding to information, conducted a search just outside a property along the riverside where in a black plastic bag they discovered a Winchester brand pump twelve shotgun along with four cartridges. And they also discovered a Bersa brand nine millimeter pistol with three magazines and four rounds of ammunition as well."

Contraband Crushed
Last week we told you about the big contraband bust police made up north in San Victor Village. Well, it was all destroyed this weekend. The cops found an abandoned house where contraband-ists had stashed 238 cases of beer, 10 cases of Cana Real rum, and 11 cases of those large coca-colas. That and a whole lot more was destroyed on Saturday. All told it was a total of over two thousands cases, and over four thousands bottles and cans of various beverages.

The Future of Lawn Enforcement is Ankle Monitors?
Imagine a Belize where repeat offenders have to wear those tracking devices, or ankle monitors…the news tonight is that it could happen. A government release says that "the Minister of National Security today established an exploratory committee to examine the feasibility of a repeat gun offence law." This law would make it so that repeat gun offenders and convicted gang members would have to wear a tracking device when they are released from prison.

Another Night of Mayhem in Mayflower
Police had another shootout with residents of Mayflower Street last night. The cops say it happened after a burglary at a nearby supermarket:.. ASP Alejandro Cowo- OC CIB: "Just after 10 pm the building of William's Supermarket was being burglarized and police responded to the scene and upon reaching they observed several persons coming out of the building with several items. As a result, police went to apprehend them and that is where the exchange of gunfire began between the suspects and the police, which escalated in other shootings happening in the other immediate area. After the scene was processed, police were looking for this person suspected to be involved."

Police Recovered 13 Guns
One new feature of the press briefings under Commissioner Chester Williams is that the Commander of Operations also gives the press a quick briefing about the success of recent operations. Today, Senior Superintendent Vidal spoke about 13 gun seizures in a week - more than half of them in Belize City - which led us to ask a provocative question:.. Sr. Supt. Marco Vidal: "However, a break down shows that eight of these firearms were seized in Belize City, comprising of three 9mm pistols, two .380 pistols, two .38 revolvers, one .223 rifle. Three persons were arrested and charged for kept unlicensed firearm and four of these firearms were deposited as found property in Belize City."

Pugh's 5.5 Pounds of Pot
And intelligence is also what may have led police to the Orange Walk Town home of Darren Pugh on Saturday morning. Police told us that they found five and a half pounds of weed:.. ACP Joseph Myvett: "On Saturday, as well, sometime around 9:45 a.m., Orange Walk police, acting upon information, visited the home of one Darren Pugh on Riverside Street in Orange Walk Town where they conducted a search..."

Another Southern Hwy Fatal
And, another man was killed this weekend in a fatal traffic accident - and it happened on the Southern Highway - the second in a few days. Police say the victim was sitting on the road:.. ACP Joseph Myvett: "One Lorenzo Mejia was traveling from San Juan Village towards Dangriga Town and whilst between miles thirty-six and thirty-seven he was temporarily blinded by the lights of an oncoming vehicle and eventually ran over the deceased and his bicycle and the deceased was later learned to be Alvin Abad Paz, other particulars are unknown at this point in time. What the police gathered also is that Mr. Paz seemingly was sitting on the road, as they learned this information from persons who had passed the area before. Mejia was detained whilst the investigation was ongoing and he was later released after he was served with a notice of intended prosecution."

Fisheries and The Seas
A 4 day climate change training began today at the Coastal Zone Management training room. 20 personnel from Fisheries, Forestry, the Climate Change office among other stakeholders are participating in the workshop entitled "Coastal Zone, Sea level rise and related processes." The climate change department team up with a Cuban consultant to facilitate the training. We stopped by to find out why this training is important. The training concludes on Thursday the 14th.

Alleged Shooters Charged One Month Later
About a month ago, we told you about shooting on Antelope Street Extension in Belize City which left 35 year-old Anthony Crawford hospitalized with a gunshot wound to the chest. Well, police have arrested and charged 3 men who they believe were his attackers. They are 19 year-old Fitzroy Myles, 21 year-old Enrique Bermudez, and 19 year-old Alden Lara. All 3 men were charged with attempted murder, dangerous harm, and use of deadly means of harm. Lara was separately charged with another count of use of deadly means of harm for a separate shooting incident in which Keshawn Dennison was injured on February 5. Due to the nature of the offenses, Senior Magistrate Tricia Pitts-Anderson remanded them to the Belize Central Prison until April 11th, 2019.

Ambassador: What Crisis In Venezuela?
The political crisis in Venezuela seems to deepen daily. As we have reported opposition leader, Juan Guaido - backed by the US and the European Union has declared himself President. He is pushing for the overthrow of President Nicholas Maduro. While the US is pushing for regime change, Belize - which has a long history of friendly relations with Venezuela - has consistently advocated for a more moderate approach and this country has remained neutral. Foreign Minister Wilfred Elrington went to Uruguay last week along with CARICOM leaders to advance an approach based on dialogue.

DPP Is President of the Bar, Again
The Bar Association of Belize has a new Executive. The Bar held elections on Friday at their Annual General Meeting, and after the votes were counted, DPP Cheryl-Lynn Vidal was re-elected to the post of President. Leslie Mendez will serve as Vice President, and Jose Alpuche returns once more to serve at Treasurer. Shandi Chell has been selected as secretary, and Randall Sheppard, Gavin Courtenay and William Lindo will all serve as Bar Committee members.

New Labour Commish Named
In July of last year, we told you about the Labour Commissioner, Ivan Williams, who was stepping down to pursue a career as a UDP politician. Well, the Ministry of Labour is reporting tonight that they've officially selected his replacement. The new Labour Commissioner is Ann Marie Thompson, and her appointment takes effect on February 15th.

Chinese Celebrated New Year In Streets
By now everyone has pretty much settled into 2019; the "Happy New Year greetings" are dwindling and it is back to the grind. But not for the Chinese, they celebrated their New Year's this weekend. So it was like Christmas in February for the local Chinese community and for Belizeans who participated in the festivities. The celebrations began on Saturday morning with a parade and a performance of the traditional Lion Dance on Albert Street. Then on Sunday, there was the big banquet. Edmond Quan, the Honorary Chairman of the Belize Chinese Association told us more about this special observance.

Medical Partners Making A Difference
A team of doctors from Partners for Medical Relief are in Belize offering a wide range of surgeries. Today the Ministry of Health along with the team held a special ceremony to commemorate 15 years that the medical mission has been partnering with Belize. Here are few snippets from the ceremony.

Channel 5

Young Basketball Player Executed in Orange Walk
The Orange Walk community is reeling from the murder of twenty-year-old Dwayne Avila-Cummings. The young UB student and promising basketball player was executed in the wee hours of Sunday. He [...]

The Star Athlete: Dwayne Cummings
Dwayne Cummings is the second UB student to be murdered in less than five days. He was a business student at the University of Belize. A statement from UB's President [...]

The Senseless Murder of Dwayne Cummings
Area Representative for Orange Walk East and Minister of State Responsible for National Security, Elodio Aragon Jr., says that he was angered to see a positive and promising star murdered [...]

You Can Help Police to Solve Cummings' Murder
According to reports, residents of the area where Cummings' body was found say that they saw a suspicious vehicle in the area after gunshots were heard. Minister Aragon is appealing [...]

Police Say Four Persons Were Involved in Yanai Robbery/Murder
The Belize Police Department is leaving no stones unturned in an effort to solve the murder of nineteen-year-old Masaki Yanai.� The UB architecture student and his father, restaurateur Takayuki Yanai [...]

A Man Seated on the Edge of the Southern Highway is Ran Over and Killed
A fatal road traffic accident claimed the life of a man who was ran over on the Southern Highway in the early hours of Sunday morning.� Alvin Abad Paz was [...]

West Street Man is Shot Over the Weekend
Victor Martinez, a resident of West Canal, is lucky to have escaped serious injury over the weekend when he was attacked by a lone gunman as he was entering his [...]

Mayhem on Mayflower During Attempted Burglary of Williams Supermarket
There was an exchange of gunfire between officers responding to the scene of a burglary and thieves fleeing from the Mayflower Street area on Sunday night.� Residents report hearing a [...]

Darren Pugh is Busted with Sugar City Weed
Twenty-six-year-old Darren Pugh was busted over the weekend in his hometown of Orange Walk with a serious stash of marijuana hidden at his residence.� According to police, a joint intelligence [...]

Benque Police Bust Belizeans and Guatemalan with Big Guns
What are two high-powered assault rifles and a cache of ammunition doing on the Benque side of the Belize/Guatemala border?� A pair of Belizeans and a Guatemalan national were found [...]

Guns and Ammunition Found Near Macal River, Benque
There were two other firearms taken off the streets of Benque Viejo on Sunday morning when police carried out a search near the bank of the Mopan River.� A comb [...]

A Proposed Margaritaville Resort in the Middle of Bacalar Chico Marine Reserve
There is a new tourism development project on Ambergris Caye to be constructed within a marine reserve. Last week, Margaritaville�Holdings, a global lifestyle brand announced its mega multimillion-dollar project on [...]

Exchange Missions between Belize and Taiwan
Today, a cheque of sixty thousand dollars was handed over to the government of Belize from the Republic of China (Taiwan) to facilitate one of two exchange investment missions between [...]

Creating a Link between Investment Opportunities in Belize and Taiwanese Investors
Today marks exactly three months since Ambassador Remus Li-Kuo Chen officially took up mission in Belize. He says that the initiative is linking potential Taiwanese investors with Belizean businesses. And [...]

Will Potential Taiwanese Investors Be Legit?
Back to back and in recent times, shocking Ponzi schemes and investment scandals were exposed in multimillion dollar projects in Belize. From a cursory view, the projects seemed legit, but [...]

Peace Project is Piloted at Ephesus SDA Primary School
The Heavenly Culture World Peace Restoration of Light (HWPL) which is based in Washington D.C. is in Belize for a week of peace building activities to commemorate Peace Education Week. [...]

4-Day Sea Level Rise Training Opens in Belize City
A four-day national training in coastal zone and sea level rise opened today in Belize City. The workshop aims to improve Belize's technical capacity and preparedness in climate change. The [...]

The Weekend in Sports
Good evening, I'm James Adderley and this is Sports Monday.   [Highlights of the weekend in sports...]

Late night vehicle fire
Footage sent to News Five shows a vehicle on fire. The video was taken at 9:02 tonight near mile twenty six and a half on the George Price Highway. No one was seen in the area when the video was taken.

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Victim struggled with gunman and received minor injury
A Belize City resident was lucky that an incident on Saturday proved to be minor because his assailant struggled with him when the shot was fired. Victor Martinez was about to enter his yard when a gunman missed his torso and caught him on the hand. ASP Alejandro Cowo: "Just after 1 pm Belize City �

Well known to Police: Darren Pugh Raided by the Cops
Orange Walk Resident Darren Pugh is what we commonly call "known to the police." In 2015, he was detained for questioning alongside the late Orange Walk Gang boss Junior Triminio following a murder incident. He was never charged but the department continued to keep tabs on Pugh. The officer in charge of the National Crimes �

Cops say shooters visited Yanaai residence before attack
The brutal attack on the Yanaai family has caught the attention of US media. Two media crews from the USA that specialize in Japanese news came to Belize to get a briefing from the police and report on the attack on the Japanese father and son. The officer in charge of CIB for Belize City, �

Dwayne Cummings - a promising young athlete murdered
The death of Dwayne Cummings has shaken the residents of Orange Walk especially the sporting community. He has been playing basketball since he was ten years old or younger and has been fully supported by his family, especially his mother, Delsia Cummings. He was preparing with the Orange Walk Running Rebels elite team for this �

A community mourns Dwayne Cummings
In just seventy-eight hours, Belize lost two promising young minds to gun violence. The most recent occurred on Saturday night just before twelve thirty with the shooting death of 20-year-old, Dwayne Avila-Cummings. The pains of Cummings death were expressed throughout the weekend, particularly on social media, as parents, schoolmates and teachers posted on the tragic �

Belize Chinese Association Celebrates Chinese New Year
The Belize Chinese Association (BCA) held celebrations on Saturday and Sunday across the country. Firecrackers and cultural celebrations took place in city streets in a show of culture and diversity. Outgoing chairman of the BCA, Edmund Kwan told Love News about how the Year of the Pig was celebrated at the Princess on Sunday. Edmund �

Johnston Ou is the new BCA Chairman
During the celebrations, the Belize Chinese Association held elections for a new chairman. Edmund Kwan had held the post for four terms and the proprietor of the Corner Caf� at the Pound Yard Bridge, Johnston Ou was elected as the new chairman. Ou says that anyone needing assistance can find him right at the Pound �

Show me your Worst Behavior: Belizeans & Guatemalan AK and Ammo
The police department had a busy weekend in the west. Last weekend, a Guatemalan National Anibal Avila shot at the Customs Department from the safety of the Guatemalan side of the border after officers refused him entry into Belize. This time around, a different Guatemalan National drove a black Range Rover across the border on �

Dwayne Cummings gunned down in Orange Walk Town
An entire community is in mourning after 20-year-old, Dwayne Cummings was gunned down on Saturday night in Orange Walk Town. In a Town where most of the recent gun related deaths are linked to an ongoing gang warfare, Police and no one who knew Cummings believe his murder was gang related. Cummings was last seen �

Republic of China (Taiwan) donates to trade
The Republic of China (Taiwan) is one of the country's staunch allies that continues to contribute to Belize's development. Their latest contribution comes in the form of sixty thousand US dollars earmarked for trade development. This morning the Ambassador of the Republic of China (Taiwan), His Excellency Remus Li-Kuo Chen, handed over the first disbursement �

Margaritaville Resort will soon be a fixture of Amergris Caye
Almost one week ago, we told you of the condominium resort with 71 waterfront residences planned for Ambergris Caye via Jimmy Buffett's Margaritaville Holdings. According to the Caribbean Journal, the resort will be constructed on the northern end of the island, inside the Bacalar Chico Marine Reserve �

Marie Sharp's Fine Foods Ltd joins the fight against domestic violence
Marie Sharp's Fine Foods Limited is looking to launch a new product into the local and export markets. Her new sauce will be officially introduced on Thursday during a ceremony in Belmopan. There is a twist to the story of this product as it actually is dedicated to the families who have and are still suffering from domestic violence �

Breaking Belize NewsPJ

New Labour Commissioner appointed
The Ministry of Labour, Local Government and Rural Development announced the appointment of Ann Marie Thompson as [�]

Victor Martinez survives attempt on his life
On Saturday night there was a shooting near West Canal in Belize city. According to police, Victor [�]

Police find weed during drug search
On Saturday morning Orange Walk police conducted a search at the residence of Darren Pew. During that [�]

Ministry of National Security exploring law which would require repeat gun offenders to wear tracking devices
The Minister of National Security today established an exploratory committee to examine the feasibility of a repeat [�]

Guatemalans detained for two high powered rifles found in their possession
On Sunday sometime around 12:15 a.m. a report was made to Benque Viejo police that some men [�]

Police: Man was sitting on highway when he was struck by vehicle
Yesterday there was a fatal road traffic accident on the Southern highway. According to police, sometime around [�]

Police reviewing surveillance in murder of Dwayne Avila
Shortly after midnight on Saturday, Orange Walk police were called to an area in the San Lorenzo [�]

Why Policy matters
The views expressed in this article are those of the writer and not necessarily those of Breaking Belize News. By [�]

Second Annual "Ride to the Border" held in Toledo
The Ministry of National Security's second annual Ride to the Border took place in the Toledo [�]

La Ruta Maya 2019 one month away - are you ready?
With less than a month to go, teams from all over Belize, and some other countries [�]

Department of the Environment issues statement on air pollution in Belmopan
The Department of the Environment (DOE) today issued a statement informing the public that within and [�]

Experts attend Coastal Zone training
In an effort to improve Belize's technical capacity and preparedness in Climate Change, the Ministry of [�]

Police recover gun and ammo in Belize City
Belize City police conducted a search on Saturday in Belize City and found a gun and [�]

Reflexions on Diabetes Type II
By Gerald Zuniga, M.D: Holistic Clinician. Concerned about the widespread nature of diabetes type II within our society, falling into an endemic status and also as a pandemia, ( on the world stage) I decided to prepare and share the following with you all. I want to see my people healthy! [�]

Belize pushing sustainable tourism to Latin American market
Belize has unveiled a new tourism campaign aimed at targeting the Latin American market by promoting [�]

Peace diplomats from Washington D.C. host Peace Education week in Belize
Peace Diplomats from Heavenly Culture World Peace Restoration of Light (HWPL) based in Washington D.C. are [�]

Orange Walk Mayor calls on authorities to bring justice for the murder of Dwayne Cummings
Yesterday, the Mayor of Orange Walk Town, Kevin Bernard issued a statement extending his condolences to [�]

Benque Viejo Police find guns and ammo
This morning, police in Benque Viejo del Carmen conducted a search along the banks of the [�]


My Complete Guide To Secret Beach on Ambergris Caye
Many who visit Ambergris Caye list Secret Beach as one of their favorite places on their trip. My family - visiting last February with 6 kids in tow - went almost every day. (You can check out my Fun Things To Do on Ambergris Caye with Kids that WON'T Break the Bank) It is one of the most stunningly beautiful natural areas in all of Belize - heartachingly gorgeous. But quick development often comes with some growing pains So let me break it down for you. Starting with a Brief history of the area, How To Get There, What To Do There: Bars/Restaurant, Activities and Places to Stay, What to Bring and The Still Hidden Spots of Secret Beach.

Caye Caulker offers a kick-back, low-key island lifestyle
Caye Caulker, a five-mile long island off the coast of mainland Belize, is a charming Caribbean island where "go slow" is the motto. This island is known for its stunning seascapes, diverse water sports, eco-tours, and friendly community. It takes only 30 minutes by water taxi to reach Caye Caulker from its big sister Ambergris Caye. While it is much smaller, with less than 2,000 residents compared to Ambergris' 20,000, it's just as beautiful on this island and the pace is much slower. Caye Caulker is 10 years behind Ambergris Caye. The streets are still composed of packed sand, and you won't need to dodge traffic here. You'll see a few golf carts, but no cars or trucks.

Ambergris Caye, Belize
Ambergris Caye is Belize's most popular tourist and expat haven. It is commonly referred to as the "Isla Bonita", this term of endearment becoming popular after 1987 when Madonna released a song about the island. Stunning turquoise seascapes surround this Caribbean island. Looking out to sea you're greeted by quintessential Caribbean scenes. Frothy white waves break on the offshore Mesoamerican barrier reef, a home to exotic, colorful sea creatures, coral, and sponges.If white sands and aquamarine waters are what you're seeking on an island paradise, then look no further. Divers, snorkelers, fishermen, and sailors won't be disappointed with Ambergris Caye.

Placencia Street Art Festival 2019
It's that time again when art, music and food collide! Every year, the small fishing village of Placencia comes alive as one of the world's narrowest main street is turned into an interactive art and music festival venue. This 4,000 feet long street will become the host for painters, sculptors, musicians, poets, photographers and vendors from all over country. Artists and will display their masterpieces and handicrafts along the central sidewalk- and yes sidewalk and street are used interchangeably since this village's central side doubles as the main street.

My Favorite Waterfalls In Belize
Belize expat Gary Peterson sometimes needs to get off the beach. And when he does, a favorite activity is chasing waterfalls. Luckily, there are plenty of spectacular waterfalls in Belize for him to find. Although there are great waterfalls elsewhere, waterfalls in Belize offer much to the adventure seeker. Many falls elsewhere offer deep, cool pools of water to swim in, but how many sit among ancient ruins? Wouldn't you like to explore a multi-level waterfall you won't find in any guidebook? With spectacular falls in many regions of Belize, lets check some of them out in no particular order.

Online Banking Introduction: Pros, Cons & Tips
The online banking evolution began in the early 1980's, and according to Mary J. Cronin, currently, it is still evolving. However, in the era of modern technology and its advancement, banking is becoming more convenient and efficient. Notably, the millennials are using online banking, and the host of users grows each year. How does online banking work? Online banking is referred to as carrying out banking operations over the internet through a bank's secure website. Some services included are the transferring of funds, paying bills, paying credit cards and monitoring your accounts. Evidently, online banking's biggest pro is the convenience. You get equally accurate service from it as you do from your local bank branch.

Best Beaches in Belize
Simply put, Belize has been blessed by a bounty of beautiful beaches. Belize enjoys more than 200 miles (380 kilometers) of beaches along its Caribbean coast, ensuring a more than ample supply of white sandy beaches for both locals and tourists to enjoy. In addition, Belize has more than 200 offshore islands located on the Belize Barrier Reef, a UNESCO World Heritage Site and the second-largest coral reef system in the world. In Belize, islands are known as cayes (pronounced "keys"), and most are located within just a few miles of the mainland. Belize's largest island is the popular tourist destination of Ambergris Caye. Measuring 25 miles (40 km) long by one mile (1.6 km) across, Ambergris Caye is home to some 15,000 people. Other popular tourist destinations include Caye Caulker, Tobacco Caye, and Lighthouse Reef Atoll. Many of Belize's islands lie inside protected marine environents and are uninhabited except for scientific monitoring stations.

San Pedro Town - The Colorful Capital of Ambergris Caye
San Pedro, Belize is perhaps the most famous location in the country due to it being featured in the hit 1986 Madonna song "La Isla Bonita" which was written about this lovely seaside town. Indeed, portions of the video for the song were filmed on location in San Pedro. Belize vacations are just not complete without a visit to San Pedro. Originally a small fishing village, it now has a year-round population of about 20,000 people but receives tens of thousands of visitors every year. San Pedro is located on the southern tip of Ambergris Caye, which makes it an excellent base of operations for activities like windsurfing, sea kayaking, kite surfing, fishing, snorkeling, sailing, and scuba diving on the reef. Because of this proximity, San Pedro is renowned for its amazing seafood restaurants, many of which serve fish and other delicacies caught earlier the same day. San Pedro also has several lovely beaches.

The Top Most Romantic Places in Belize
I'm not an expert in destination weddings or honeymoon getaways but there's something that is clear to me�Belize is special�Belize is magical�Belize is perfect for romance. I have been all over Belize and have worked in the tourism industry for years. Through my experience, I have encountered many couples vacationing in Belize and most of the time they couldn't stop raving about the country. Time after time, they would say the same thing: how fortunate they were to travel to Belize and choosing an adventure destination for romance was a fun bonding experience. Here are 7 places I recommend for an unforgettable romantic vacation:

Top Things to Do in Tobacco Caye
Idyllic, yet often forgotten, Tobacco Caye is much less visited than popular Cayes such as Ambergris Caye and Caye Caulker. Just 12 miles off the coast of Dangriga, Tobacco Caye will charm you from the very first moment. The tiny island appears to rise from pink Conch shells and is surrounded by pristine waters. Its prime location within the Belize Barrier Reef offers incredible diving and snorkeling opportunities. The island is truly tiny. Yet, it offers plenty of things to do!

International Sourcesizz

Belize blames waste water for air pollution problems
Belize Monday said it is working towards addressing the unpleasant stench that is affecting the residents in the capital and has blamed the wastewater emanating from several industries operating "within close proximity to each other". The Department of the Environment (DOE) said it is working to address the malodor affecting the quality of air and daily lives of residents and that "the types of effluent that are generated require different treatment approaches to mitigate negative environmental, human health and other impacts".

This Is Us' Jon Huertas Takes Us Along on His Belize Vacation
Jon Huertas, best known as Miguel from NBC's This Is Us, Opens a New Window. wrote an exclusive essay for Us Weekly, detailing his trip to Belize, booked through Kind Traveler. Every winter, my wife and I normally plan a vacation to a tropical destination, so this year we chose the lesser traveled Central American country of Belize. The absolute best way to book a trip like this, is through Kind Traveler Opens a New Window. . Founded by my friends Sean and Jessica after their first trip to Belize (how's that for full circle), Kind Traveler is a way to book an amazing hotel and also do some good in the world. You see, Kind Traveler is a "give and get" hotel booking platform where travelers, like myself, can give a donation to a charity (I picked the Cayo Animal Welfare Society) and for the donation, get some pretty special discounts and perks in return. What could be better? I mean, come on, I get a discount for being a nice guy? So, when I found a property in Belize that believes in sustainability and positively impacting their community, I booked a couple flights and we were off!


  • Ladyville Flaming Marching Band, 5.5min. Back in September 2018, we introduced our viewers to the Belize Rural Central Marching Band, now known as the Ladyville Flaming Marching Band. They're a young group but they're full of energy and ready to show off their skills. We caught up with them at one of their practices in preparation for the upcoming Band Fest.

  • 23 Essential First Time Belize Travel Tips , 15min. Mr. Bigalke has 23 decent tips about Belize, and he nails some of them. Many of them apply to Cayo, which is where all the eco-touirsm is anyways. "Planning a trip to Belize? Don't miss these important tips before you go. My fianc� and I spent 12 days in Belize at the end of 2018. We visited San Ignacio, Placencia, Caye Caulker, and even crossed the border to Guatemala. If it's your first time heading to Belize, these 23 travel tips cover some of the top things I wish I knew before we went."

  • Belize, el destino ideal para conocer en 2019, 3.5min. Belize, el destino ideal para conocer en 2019 La belleza poco convencional de Belize, con aguas poco profundas, eternos horizontes azules y divers...

  • BELIZE, 11min. Our trip to Punta Gorda, Belize.

  • Belizean Study Circle on the ICJ, 2hr.

  • Unitedville Water Shortages, 4min. The mandate of the Ministry of Rural Development is to provide improved water sources to rural areas of Belize. One village experiencing water challenges is Unitedville Village in the Cayo District. Our Belize Now team found out how the Ministry of Rural Development has helped to solve this problem.

  • UNIA Belize - Black History Month, 29min. February is celebrated as Black History Month. Emerson Guild of UNIA Belize, spoke with u about some of the Belizeans who have made noteworthy contributions to our history. It is his perspective that the conversation about the economic abilities and opportunities of black people need to amplified locally. He also talked about the work of the UNIA to lead that dialogue.

  • BTIA Belize is preparing for the Tourism Expo - BETEX 2019, 51min. BTIA Belize is preparing for the Tourism Expo - BETEX 2019. We talked to the organizers about what is planned for this year's event. Melanie Paz, newly elected President, also shared her vision for the work of the organization. On our couch: Melanie Paz - President, BTIA. Gale Malic-Ozaeta - Project Manager, BETEX 2019. John M. Burgos - Executive Director, BTIA.

  • OM Shanti Belize - improve your body and mind, 22min. OM Shanti Belize continues to offer wellness sessions ti improve your body and mind. The latest addition to their roster is the Integrative Breathwork and Reiki workshops. Visiting ROC Ambassador, Lorraine Hendry Meyer, is in country to facilitate these sessions. She was our guest to talk about what is integrated breathwork and how it can improve your health.

  • January 2019 Scuba Diving with Nurse Sharks in Ambergris Caye, Belize, 3min.

  • January 2019 Scuba Diving Ambergris Caye, Belize, 2.5min. Diving with Turtles and Rays in Ambergris Caye, Belize

  • Diving Brown Pelicans Harvest Caye, Belize, 6min.

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