Baron Bliss, the benefactor who left a large portion of his wealth for British Honduras, may be long gone but his remains and his memory are well kept at the lighthouse at the entrance to Belize City. The 9th of March is also the weekend of the annual Harbor Regatta which usually has the patronage of the Governor General. One of the signature events of the weekend is the kite contest. Families usually get together their best engineers under 13 and create majestic and fantastic beasts to float and cut the wind in the sky. Belize City Councillor Micah Goodin told Love News that the annual kite contest will continue to be a hallmark of the ninth of March Weekend.

Micah Goodin Youth Advocate Counselor: "On the 9th of March, the Belize City Council is planning to have an event. We know that traditionally on the 9th of March everybody would raise their kites so we are working on an event whereby we will have a kite contest, we will have a marble contest, we will have a beach cruiser bicycle race. We are hoping to have this all on Marine Parade between 10am to 4 pm to bring the family out to return back to our tradition somewhat. These are things that used to happen way back in the days and these are the things that people are longing for and families want to see their loved ones off social media, off facebook, off PUBG and interacting socially. Those are the parts of our society we have lost and as a council we are trying to bring back those family times, family values, family interaction and so that's what we hope to do for the 9th of March."