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The San Pedro Sun

U.S. Embassy Hands Over Ambulance and Medical Equipment to Belize Coast Guard
Charg� d'Affaires a.i. Keith Gilges represented the United States Government as he handed over an ambulance, lifesaving medical equipment, and the two-year supply of parts and service equipment, valued nearly $128,000 BZD, to the Belize Coast Guard. Admiral Borland spoke on behalf of the Government and people of Belize, emphasizing the strong friendship between our countries. The handover is funded by the Department of State's Foreign Military Financing (FMF) program. This donation aims to enhance the Coast Guard's capacity to respond in a timely and comprehensive manner to emergencies along the coast and near its outposts.

San Pedro Tiger Sharks net third win in the 2019 NEBL season
San Pedro Tiger Sharks traveled to the Capital City to take on Belmopan Bandits. The match was not an easy one for the island team, who fell short by 12 points in the first quarter. San Pedro's Douglas Valley had four rebounds and 20 points in the second quarter, narrowing the gap, but it was not enough. At half time, Bandits retreated to the lockers with a tight 43-42 lead. On Saturday, February 16th, San Pedro Tiger Sharks will travel to Dangriga Town to take on the Dangriga Dream Ballers. All games on Friday start at 9PM, and on Saturday at 8:30PM

Lobster season closes February 15th
According to a press release from the Fisheries Department, any person found in possession of lobster after February 15th will be prosecuted in accordance with Section 3(1) (b) of the Fisheries Regulation, Chapter 210 of the Subsidiary Laws of Belize Revised Edition 2000-2003.

San Pedro Invaders suffer an 8-1 loss to Orange Walk Gladiators
The San Pedro Invaders girls suffered a devastating loss to Orange Walk Gladiators in the second week of Belize National Amateur Women's League (NAWL) Closing Season 2019 on Sunday, February 10th. The island girls gave it their best, but at the end of game time, it was a clear victory for the Orange Walk Gladiators with an 8-1 score. For their next match, the San Pedro Invaders will be playing at home against Royal Maya Hill on Saturday, February 16th. The game is scheduled to begin at 5PM at the Ambergris Stadium in San Pedro Town. All islanders are invited to come out and support the girls on their home turf.

Los Catrachos F.C leading Copa San Pedro Closing Season 2019
After five weeks of football action at the Ambergris Stadium in San Pedro Town, leading the Copa San Pedro Closing Season 2019 is Los Catrachos F.C with 15 points. The first set of matches were held on Thursday, February 7th, starting at 7PM with Captain G's F.C defeating Island Sharks with a 5-0 score. In the next match, Los Catrachos F.C won 3-0 against Terror Squad F.C. The football tournament continues this weekend, starting on Thursday, February 14th at 7PM.

Ambergris Today

Belize Moves Up 18 Spots In Global Fixed Broadband Ranking
In December 2018, Digi announced that DigiNet customers would be able to enjoy double their internet speeds at no extra cost. This promotion was extended for the month of January and on Friday February 1st, DigiNet customers celebrated the announcement of another month of double internet speeds for free. Since this announcement in December, Ookla's speed test Global Index Ranking showed that Belize moved up 18 slots to 79th place in broadband speeds.

Misc Belizean Sources


Ambulance Donated to Coast Guard
Yesterday, the Belize Coast Guard (BCG) received a donation of a new ambulance from the United States Government. The ambulance, along with lifesaving medical equipment, and a two-year supply of parts and service equipment, valued nearly $128,000 BZD, were handed over by Charge d'Affaires a.i. Keith Gilges. The handover is funded by the Department of State's Foreign Military Financing (FMF) program. This donation aims to enhance the Coast Guard's capacity to respond in a timely and comprehensive manner to emergencies along the coast and near its outposts.

Paint N Splash
Hello our beautiful Valentine's Day painters! Join us tomorrow to paint from 2-4pm Thursday.

It is that time of the year. Plan your month of March to include our Corozal Junior College (CJC) EXPO & TRADE SHOW 2019. It will be held on Friday, March 29th, 2019 at the school grounds. Register your booth now. See you there of course!

Channel 7

Police Still Trying to Recover Guns From Heist
Tonight, police are still trying to recover some of the weapons that were stolen from Victor L Bryant in a heist early Tuesday morning. As we reported, a group of men got into the building - for the second time in a week. But, while the thieves didn't get anything on the first burglary - they cleaned out the inventory of guns the second time around. Quick police work led to the recovery of 18 firearms along with several thousand rounds of ammunition. But, our reports say that two shotguns and two .22 rifles may still be unaccounted for - and today, police paramilitary type operations continued in the city to try and find these weapons.

Alleged Mexican ATM scammers Get Off, Again
2 weeks ago, we told you how the Mexicans, Belen Hernandez, Joscat Jafet Hernandez and Lionel Isaac Rodriguez, were freed of theft charges in Corozal. Police could not prove before the town Magistrate that the trio had stolen a significant amount of money from Atlantic Bank by using credit card fraud back in January 2018. Well tonight, the news is that they've fought criminal charges brought against them in Orange Walk, and they've been acquitted of those as well. Police had arrested and charged Belen Hernandez with 2 counts of theft and Leonel Peralta Rodriguez with 9 counts of theft, which they allegedly committed against Atlantic Bank in Orange Walk. Their trial took place before Senior Magistrate Patricia Arana, and the prosecution called 3 witnesses to testify, 2 employees of Atlantic Bank, and Inspector Wilfredo Ferrufino, the arresting officer.

Senior Officer Accused of Assaulting Constable, Bursting His Head
Tonight, a police constable wants to press charges of assault against a police inspector - after, the senior officer allegedly burst his head last night. The news came to light this morning after police corporal on interdiction Darrell "Tutsi" Usher - who has become a sort of real time ombudsman for police complaints - posted it on his facebook page. Apparently, the recently installed Commander of one of the specialized units, pulled up at a police checkpoint in the city, and the constable did not salute him.

The Ankle Monitor Proposition
On Monday's news, we told you how the Ministry of National Security is considering the use of ankle monitors for repeat offenders. Ankle monitors are used in other jurisdictions like the US to keep track, via GPS, of the movement of criminals. The device is placed on the law breaker's ankle, and it allows the authorities to track the wearer's movement, allowing law enforcement to know where he or she is at all times. Well, the Ministry of National Security is considering bringing the technology to Belize, especially for and a press release says, quote, "The Minister… established an exploratory committee to examine the feasibility of a repeat gun offence law..."

Improvements Made On Pier That Injured Soldier
The media also took the opportunity to ask Saldivar about the pier at Sarstoon Forward Operating Base. You'll remember that Private Fidel Williams, a BDF soldier posted at the base, lost an eye when he had an accident on the pier back in November of last year. He was preparing a boat for patrol when he slipped and fell in to the water. He fell on a steel upright which penetrated his left eye socket. Well, since then, the Ministry has been been overseeing repairs to the pier, and when the media asked Saldivar about it today, he said said that he is satisfied with the work that has been done:

Big Baby's & Belize's Big Shot At The Belts
As we told you two weeks ago, Belizean - American Jarrell Big Baby Miller is fighting for the World Heavyweight Title. The fight is now all set for June first at the Madison Square Garden in New York City, which is Big Baby's adopted hometown after leaving Belize at the age of eight. No Belizean has ever fought for the chance to hold the wold heavyweight title - and so this is as big as it gets. This evening, his local managers told us it is an opportunity for Belizean fans and corporations to show their muscle internationally:

Potato Problems Plentiful
The Ministry of Agriculture has announced that Belizean farmers will be producing 3.5 million pounds of potatoes this year. And tonight, PUP Shadow Minister of Agriculture Jose Mai says that based on a consumption of what the Ministry says is one hundred thousand pounds of potatoes weekly, the farmers stand to lose substantially. Here's how he put it today:.. Hon. Jose Mai, OW South Area Representative: "That from the amount of potatoes planted which is in this press release: 348 acres - 3.75 million pounds of potatoes. Consuming 100,000 pounds per week we will have potatoes for 8.9 months of the year. When you know that the nature, because the nature of potatoes are high in starch..."

The Hakimi Vision
Last night you saw a snippet of developer Karim Hakimi's exclusive interview with 7News. He says his towering Belize Dive Haven Resort is just what the Turneffe Atoll needed to boost the aesthetics of the place and to increase tourist arrivals. The Turneffe Atoll Trust - whcih sees things from a conservation perspective - begs to differ. Courtney Weatherburne takes a closer look at Hakimi's investment outlook on his resort and what makes it so special. Sir Karim Hakimi's life is a rags to riches story. He was a poor Iranian blacksmith and now he is a multi-millionaire known for his chain, Hakim Optical, the largest privately owned chain in Canada.

Hakimi Says Waste Will Be Managed
Another concern the Atoll Trust has is how will Belize Dive Haven Resort dispose of solid waste. Sir Hakimi says he's got it under control and no waste will be released into the sea. Sir Karim Hakimi, Owner, Belize Dive Haven "We spent almost a quarter million dollars to put a British design sewage that it goes through the system and the solid separate from the liquid and the water that comes out of it becomes drinking water, the water almost becomes drinking water. You can put fish in it and it lives forever. We use it for agriculture and for trees."

Hakimi Has Investment Formulas
Belize Dive Haven isn't the only investment Sir Hakimi has in Belize. He has a pizzeria at mile 8 on the Philip Goldson Highway which he will expand. He plans on opening a luxury restaurant, a rooftop disco and a shipyard at the same mile 8 location. He told us more about his upcoming projects. Sir Karim Hakimi, Owner, Belize Dive Haven: "What I am trying to do is have a shipyard so all the big boats can be repaired here and nothing goes out of this country in fact get big boats from the other area come here especially from the US."

Water Relief For San Pedro From BWS
Last year at Easter San Pedro ran out of water - because the local water company, Consolidated, could not provide enough to the island at capacity. Well that should ease somewhat this year, and by 2020, it should be a distant memory. That's because Belize Water Services has paid Consolidated Water 7 million US dollars for Belize subsidiary. As we understand it, the money was transferred from the CDB to Consolidated today and that makes the sale final.

The ICJ Message in Belmopan
April 10th now only 8 weeks away, and on that date, Belizean voters will go to the polls and decide whether we should submit Guatemala's territorial claim to the International Court of Justice. But, if you listen to the Opposition Party, they'll tell you that the Government's ICJ education campaign hasn't been robust enough to properly education Belizeans about the benefits and risks of seeking to resolve the territorial dispute at the ICJ.

Cross Accusers To Court
On Friday's news, we told you about the chopping incident in Lords Bank Village which left 41 year-old Enrique Pandy hospitalized with his left index finger partially severed. Well, both he and his attacker have been arrested and charged for this altercation. Pandy, and 49 year-old Orlando Reyes were both arraigned before Magistrate Michelle Trapp. Pandy is charged with wounding, while Reyes is charged with grievous harm.

Cops Awarded For Stellar Performance
Last night, we told you about the 18 guns and the several thousand rounds of ammunition that the police were able to recover hours after thieves broke into the Victor L Bryant gun store, located on Lake I Boulevard in Belize City. The cops were able to retrieve all those weapons, and detained the suspects through sharp police work. The police top brass wants to encourage that type of initiative, and today, they held an award ceremony to recognize these cops as well as others for high level performance while on the job.

Coast Guard Makes Mentors
Another praiseworthy law enforcement initiative is the Coast Guard's Sea Cadet mentorship program. We spoke to the coordinator yesterday and he said it truly is a positive and life changing experience for Belize city boys. Lt. Gilroy Lewis told us more. The mentorship program guides the boys throughout their primary school years. The program has been ongoing for 1 year and a half.

The New IBC Reality
Due to stringent anti money laundering and tax reporting requirements, the landscape for international business companies in Belize has changed drastically. And, after a rigorous appraisal by the The Organization for Economic Co-operation for Development Forum on Harmful Tax Practices at the start of this year, members of the Belize International Financial services Association are adjusting to the new realities. They brought in an expert from Panama for that purpose. Treasurer Ava Lovell- Belisle told us more:..

Poaching No Laughing Matter at Laughing Bird
The Southern Environmental Association is reporting that they've caught a tour guide conducting illegal fishing activities within the Laughing Bird Caye National Park. Yesterday morning, a joint enforcement team consisting of SEA rangers and 2 Coast Guard offices conducted a search on a vessel, "Shen", which was anchored within the national park. The officers found 1 lobster tail; 5 pieces of fillet fish; and pieces of conch, 2 of which were under the legal size.

Another Shooting...
And, as we close tonight, it is with the news that there has been another shooting in the city. This one happened a few minutes at the corner of New Road and Cleghorn - near the gas station. Fortunately, we are told it is not fatal. We note that this area has been the site of repeated shootings over the years. The neighborhood is fraught with gang rivals living within blocks of each other.

Channel 5

Recognizing Hardworking Cops for Recent Guns & Ammo Recovery Mission
As many as forty firearms and a stockpile of ammunition have been removed from the streets of Belize. In our newscast on Tuesday night, the lead story was a massive [...]

Ministry of National Security Considering Ankle Monitors for Repeat Offenders
Minister of National Security John Saldivar says that 2019 will be the year of technology within the police department. Today, he told the press that the department will be meeting [...]

Minister Saldivar Says Ankle Monitors Help Curb Crime
Minister Saldivar spoke with the press following his presentation. He says that while there may be concerns about the use of the tracking devices, they are making sure that the [...]

2 Senior Citizens Caught with over 7 Pounds of Weed
Two men were jointly charged today and arraigned for drug related offenses after they were caught on February eleventh with over seven pounds of weed. Sixty-one-year-old Ralston McDonald and fifty-three-year-old [...]

'Chop Fi Chop;' Feuding Ladyville Residents End Up in Court
A pair of feuding Ladyville residents appeared in court today for their alleged involvement in a chopping incident that left both men suffering from injuries to the body. The 'chop [...]

76 Foreigners Receive Belizean Nationality
They hail from nineteen countries around the world and on Monday seventy-six foreigners officially became Belizeans. A swearing-in ceremony was held at the George Price Centre for Peace and Development [...]

New Belizeans Eligible to Vote in Upcoming I.C.J. Referendum
During the swearing in ceremony, Immigration Minister Beverly Williams donned her political hat, advising the new Belizeans to register and vote in the upcoming I.C.J. Referendum. With less than three [...]

No Guatemalan Granted Belizean Nationality
So if you are wondering if any nationality certificate was issued to Guatemalan citizens, the short answer is no. According to the Director of the Nationality and Passport Department, Mario [...]

Belmopan Area Rep Says Belize's I.C.J. Case Not Similar to Other Cases
Minister of National Security John Saldivar also weighed in on the I.C.J. referendum today. He says that he is for going to the I.C.J. and believes that it is the [...]

I.C.J. Referendum Campaign Ongoing in Belmopan
And so, Saldivar says he is making sure that his constituents know the facts of the case so that they can make an informed decision on April tenth. He says [...]

Peace Movement Turns to Nigeria/Cameroon Territorial Dispute
The Belize Peace Movement, proponents of a 'no' vote in the upcoming I.C.J. referendum, is hitching its wagon to an ostensible legal opinion being put forward by a purported Nigerian [...]

Jose Mai Takes Ministry of Agriculture to Task over Potato Bumper Crop
On Tuesday, Chief Agriculture Officer Andrew Harrison issued a press release explaining the potato planting season for 2018/2019.� According to the government representative, the Ministry of Agriculture met with potato [...]

Barton Creek Potato Farmers Planted Wisely
The last license for imported potatoes was issued on January eleventh for two hundred thousand pounds and the final date which those potatoes could have been brought into the country [...]

Notice to Vacate Property Issued to Single Mother of 2
A notice to vacate a property in Belmopan was issued on Monday to a single mother of two. Nicolasa Cus says she has been living on parcel eight-four-one-seven, situated in [...]

Paulette Elrington No Longer Employed with G.O.B.
Paulette Elrington, daughter of Foreign Affairs Minister Wilfred Elrington, is no longer in the employment of the Government of Belize. This is according to a letter dated February seventh, 2019. [...]

Joaquin "El Chapo" Guzman Guilty
The world's most infamous and feared drug cartel boss Joaquin "El Chapo" Guzman was found guilty on Tuesday by a U.S. Judge. The sixty-one-year-old international drug lord was convicted on [...]

Dr. Lorna McKay's Fate Still in Limbo
The fate of Doctor Lorna McKay as Gwen Liz Principal remains in the hands of the Teaching Services Commission. It has been one year and a half since Doctor McKay [...]

M.O.E. and B.N.T.U. Continue Negotiations
Education Minister, Patrick Faber, also spoke on the ongoing negotiations with the Belize National Teachers' Union. According to Faber, while he has taken a bench, senior ministry officials have been [...]

Anti Money Laundering – Subject of BIFSA Workshop
The Belize International Financial Sector Association, BIFSA, held a one-day training for stakeholders in that area of corporate business.� The session which was held at the Biltmore Plaza focused on [...]

Offshore Banking and Transparency
International Tax attorney Jose Romero, who has established a firm in Panama, was the presenter at today's workshop.� He discussed the challenges to the financial sector with regards to offshore [...]


Praises for the Cops who thwarted Weapons burglary
The police department has recovered 2 point twenty-two revolvers, 3 point twenty-eight revolvers, 5 twelve gauge pump action shotguns, 8 point twenty-two rifles, 4,000 nine-millimeter rounds, 150 point thirty-eight rounds and 750 twelve gauge cartridges following the burglary at Victor L Bryant on Chetumal Boulevard. At this morning's award ceremony, the Minister of National Security �

Acknowledging the Good Cops
39 officers were awarded by the police department this morning at the Queen Street Police Station. The men and women were singled out for their dedication, bravery, hard work and enthusiasm on the job. Commissioner of Police Chester Williams said that though he is tough on the officers, they deserve the accolades in the presence �

IS the ICJ Final? A jury of our peers.
We had a chance to speak to the Minister about the ICJ campaign in the Capital and more importantly how he views our chances with winning the claim. We mentioned the fact that following a 2012 ruling at the ICJ, Colombia has rejected the ICJ and reasserted control over seas it lost to Nicaragua at �

BIFSA holds CRI/AML Seminar
In 2016, Belize passed a new law, the Automatic Exchange of Information, in an effort to crackdown on tax evasion and money laundering. The new law allows for the exchange of financial information with other countries. In this regard, the Belize International Financial Services Association, BIFSA, held a one-day seminar to familiarize persons in the �

Ankle Monitors for repeat offenders?
The ceremony was also attended by Commander of Operations Edward Broaster, Deputy Commissioner Marco Vidal and no less than the Minister of National Security John Saldivar. A few days ago, Minister Saldivar established an exploratory committee to examine the feasibility of a repeat gun offence law that would require some people to wear ankle bracelets. �

Potatoes to Mexico?
And while that is imminent this year, Mai says that there may be a possible solution. While he admits it may come with challenges, he says government should look into exporting Belizean grown red potatoes into Mexico. Jose Mai: "We have imported potatoes for 50 years from Mexico. We have exported nothing to them. The �

Cohune Walk Belmopan smells like bagasse and feces
There's a foul odor that has risen over Cohune Walk in Belmopan. No it's not the result of a squabble between the political parties in parliament but a pungent smell that seems to combine the malodor of human waste with bagasse. That's the most pleasant way it can be described but fingers have been pointed �

Orange Walk South Area Representative says Government to blame for potato losses
Area Representative for Orange Walk South, Jose Mai still places the plight of the potato farmers squarely in the lap of the government. Following a press release from the Ministry of Agriculture, Mai says he agrees that the coordination by the department to allow for a steady supply of potatoes on the market was "ok" �

Student assaulted by teacher
An 8-year-old student was allegedly assaulted in the eye by a primary school teacher at Queen's Square Anglican in Belize City. The mother explained to Love News that the incident occurred on Wednesday, January 16. Since then the young boy has been having issues with the injured eye. Celida Lamb Mother of Victim: "I met �

Breaking Belize NewsPJ

Young man chopped to the head in Unitedville
A young man from Unitedville was chopped to the head earlier tonight as he was [�]

Mark Clarke, 41, shot in Belize City a short while ago
Our newsroom has confirmed that the victim in tonight's shooting is Mark Anthony Clarke, 41. He [�]

Minister of Education presents license to Monsignor School
Today, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Education, Patrick Faber handed over a license certificate for [�]

One person shot in Belize City
BBN has confirmed there was a shooting in Belize City minutes ago. We understand that [�]

Suspect in Chicago shooting identified as Belizean gang member from Taylor's Alley
According to a report from Erie News Now, one of the suspects charged with a shootout [�]

Belize ranks 4th in global murder rate
Belize is one of five Caribbean countries that make up the top 10 countries with [�]

Sacred Heart to inaugurate new Junior College building
Sacred Heart Junior College (SHJC) in San Ignacio town is preparing to inaugurate its new [�]

Belize Rugby Union says 'Stop the senseless killing'
The Belize Rugby Football Union issued a statement yesterday calling for a stop to the [�]

Cool conditions to continue
The National Meteorological Service of Belize informs that a cold front passing over the Yucatan [�]

Minister Faber to present Statues to the Public
ON Friday, February 15, Minister of Education, Patrick Faber will formally present new statues at [�]

Coastal Zone training underway in Belize City
The Caribbean Community Climate Change Centre (CCCCC), in collaboration with the Government of Belize, is [�]

IFSC warns of unlicensed financial firms
The International Financial Services Commission (IFSC) of Belize recently released a list of asset managers [�]

US Embassy hands over $128,000 worth of medical equipment to Coast Guard
Yesterday, the United States Embassy handed over an ambulance and other medical equipment valued at [�]

Police officer alleges abuse by senior cop on junior officer
Police officer, Darrel Usher, who previously exposed the conditions of the Queen Street police station [�]

PUP elects new Eastern Caucus executive
Last night, the People's United Party (PUP) held election for its Eastern Caucus. Deputy Mayor of [�]


On Your Mark�Get Set�Crawl! Hermit Crab Races at Crazy Canuck's Beach Bar
Crazy Canuck's, located just south of town right on the beach, has found so many ways to differentiate themselves. They've got an awesome view, friendly staff and some popular events all week long. But the most unique (some might say weird) weekly party takes place on Tuesday evenings - when a crowd gathers to bet on the hermit crab races. They've been doing it for THREE YEARS! It was one of the most memorable things my nephews did on their visit last year. I arrived a bit early - for some remaining daylight and to get a seat. There are tons of tables set up at the beach and by 6:30pm - crab time - they were almost all full.

Belize Tourism Expo (BETEX)
Romance, adventure, nature, rustic, luxury, budget...Belize offers it all and much more. Meet with Suppliers at BETEX 2019 and build the Belize package to your clients needs. Join us and be part of the Belize Tourism Expo (BETEX) Road Show. Coming to Placencia, Cayo and San Pedro from May 8-13, 2019. Contact us at [email protected] or for more information visit

The monuments at Caracol being are being stabilized for better preservation

International Sourcesizz

New York fund manager pleads guilty to Belize airport scam
A New York investment manager pleaded guilty on Wednesday to running a $21.9 million fraud in which he falsely told dozens of investors their money was being used to build an international airport in Belize, the U.S. Department of Justice said. Brent Borland, 48, a principal at Borland Capital Group, pleaded to one count each of securities fraud, wire fraud and conspiracy before U.S. District Judge Katherine Polk Failla in Manhattan, the Justice Department said. The fraud counts each carry a maximum 20-year prison term. A federal public defender representing Borland did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

Highly Unusual Upward Trends in Rapidly Intensifying Atlantic Hurricanes Blamed on Global Warming
Atlantic hurricanes showed "highly unusual" upward trends in rapid intensification during the period 1982 - 2009 that can only be explained by including human-caused climate change as a contributing cause, according to research published last week in Nature Communications. The study, led by NOAA/GFDL hurricane scientist Kieran Bhatia, was titled, Recent increases in tropical cyclone intensification rates. The paper used two different data sets to study historical tropical cyclone intensification rates: a relatively coarse-resolution satellite data set (HURSAT), and a higher-resolution "best track" data set (IBTrACS) that included all available data, including satellite and hurricane hunter data. Both data sets found that for the Atlantic, there was a significant increase in the proportion of 24-hour intensification rates greater than 30 knots (35 mph) between 1982 and 2009. The greatest change was seen for the strongest 5% of storms, whose intensification rates increased by 3 - 4 knots per decade.

A New York investment manager pleaded guilty on Wednesday to running a $21.9 million fraud in which he falsely told dozens of investors their money was being used to build an international airport in Belize, the U.S. Department of Justice said. Brent Borland, 48, a principal at Borland Capital Group, pleaded to one count each of securities fraud, wire fraud and conspiracy before U.S. District Judge Katherine Polk Failla in Manhattan, the Justice Department said. The fraud counts each carry a maximum 20-year prison term. A federal public defender representing Borland did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

Black History Month: The Black Caribs / Garifunas
According to UNESCO, ignorance or concealment of major historical events constitutes an obstacle to mutual understanding, reconciliation and cooperation among peoples. The celebration of Black History Month in the USA, is an opportune time to tell the story of the Black Caribs / Garifunas. The Black Caribs or Garifunas, are the largest ethnic minority in Honduras. They are the descendants of African-Carib-Arawak populations from the Caribbean island of St Vincent who were forcibly deported to the Honduran coast in the eighteenth century. As survivors of shipwrecks, Africans, sought refuge in mainland St. Vincent. The vast majority of Africans were males who intermingled with Carib and Arawak women and produced a generation of free mixed-race people.


  • Belize 2018, 20min. One week in Belize from island to jungle and a lot of things to see and do in between.

  • Belize Zoo 2018, 2.5min. One of the finest zoos in the Americas South of the US, and long recognised as a phenomenal conservation achievement, the Belize Zoo opened in 1983 after an ambitious wildlife film (Path of the Rain God) left Sharon Matola, the film's production assistant, with a collection of 17 semi-tame animals, bought from dealers or people who raised them as pets, no longer able to fend for themselves in the wild.

  • Harvest Caye, Belize - Harvest Caye Full Tour (2019), 14min. Harvest Caye is a private island owned by Norwegian Cruise Line, located in southern Belize. The caye features wildlife exhibitions including a blue morpho butterfly house.

  • San Ignacio (12403kms parcourus) Belize., 4.5min. une journ�e cool entour�s d'iguanes et avec un belle visite de temples maya.

  • A statement to the people of Belize, 3min. From a Nigerian attorney who shares her experience when Nigeria lost territory to Cameroon after their government told them there was no way they could lose at the ICJ.

  • Visiting a Mayan Cacao Farm On Your Belize Honeymoon, 1.5min. If you're honeymooning in Belize, the Che'Il Cacao Farm and Chocolate Factory is a must stop on any itinerary. This organic Mayan farm has been a working operation for generations. Take a trip into the cacao fields with the farmer, taste a raw cacao bean right out of the pod, and experience making your very own chocolate bar from start to finish. It's a sweet addition to any Belize vacation!

  • Hummingbirds - Belize 2019, 3min. Mountain Pine Ridge Forest Reserve. White-necked Jacobin, Rufous-tailed Hummingbird, Green-breasted Mango and White-bellied Emerald

  • The Amazing Beautiful Garifuna People of Hopkins Belize, 2.5min. A luck day at Lauruna Hati started with the best cassava fries and ice cold beer and a wonderful surprise as Hopkins Uncut shows up with C Wills and the Hopkins Boys for a musical treat as The Travel Channel films. The Garifuna people is what makes Hopkins the incredible Village it is.


  • Sports Talk Show, 60min.

  • Ya'axch�'s rangers patrol one of the most beautiful places on Earth - Bladen Nature Reserve; here is a video that they have shared!, 1/2min. Bladen provides much needed clean water to local communities, the agriculture sector and the Belize Barrier Reef. This 99,796 acre nature reserve has the highest category of protection status for any protected area in Belize - only research and educational activities are allowed and must be accompanied by a permit.