The I.C.J. Referendum is less than two months away - and the Referendum Unit is ramping up the public awareness campaign. Today, when we spoke with Financial Secretary Joseph Waight - he told us that almost two million dollars has been used up of the two point five million dollar budget. He says that a chunk of the budget is spent on human resources; for those persons going countrywide for the educational sessions. Waight says he is confident that they will not go over budget and that the monies are being used in line with G.O.B.'s financial rules and regulations.

Joseph Waight, Financial Secretary

"We gave them a budget of about two and half million dollars - they are approaching two million in spending. Some of it may be to pay for contracts for advertising and so. I believe they will use the budget but they will not exceed the budget. The money goes through our general accounting system - the payment runs through what we call the smart stream which is payment system. The procurement has to follow government rules - contracts, purchase orders are issued for say advertising services - billboards. A lot of it is really paid for the staff who goes out weekends and nights. You know there is the mobility - transport, subsistence and so. Also we have to pay for development of commercials and so. It is really handled by the international boundaries unit and the public information campaign, Ministry of Foreign Affairs. But as far as I am aware, they are adhering faithfully to the financial rules and regulations of the Government of Belize."

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