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The San Pedro Sun

San Pedro High Girls Win Second Place in NSSSA football sub championship
The San Pedro High School (SPHS) girls won 2nd place at the National Secondary Schools Sports Association (NSSSA) football championships, hosted by Mopan Technical High School at the Norman Broaster Stadium in San Ignacio on Friday, February 15th and Saturday, February 16th. The NSSSA's ex-president Deon Sutherland, SCA principal Salome Tillett and other NSSSA committee members presented team trophies and individual medals to the 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winners in the awards ceremony after the finals.

Ambergris Today

Noel Wiltshire released on bail
On Friday, February 22nd, island taxi driver, 59-year-old Noel Wiltshire was released from imprisonment on a $10,000 bail offered to him by Justice Herbert Lord in Belize City. Wiltshire had been locked up after being charged for Attempted Murder, Use of Deadly Means of Harm and Grievous Harm against his ex-common-law wife 48-year-old Guatemalan National, Maria Cristino Mateo. On December 7, 2018 Wiltshire had attempted to get bail, but his application was denied and he was remanded to the Belize Central Prison. Wiltshire has denied these allegations stating that his ex-common-law wife is lying. His was granted bail on the condition that he does not interfere or communicate with Mateo either personally or via a third party.

Ministry of Natural Resources says no dredging authorized at dock by Ruby's Hotel

Opposition protests poor service at Vital Statistics Unit
The Vital Statistics Unit in Belize City, where every Belizean citizen gets a birth certificate and other documents of identification, has come under scrutiny after thousands of Belizeans complained they could not get their birth papers. The issue has prompted the Leader of the Opposition and People's United Party (PUP), Honourable John Brice�o to protest on the ongoing problem in a show of support for the affected citizens. Not only are they unable to get their documents, but they also cannot complete their re-registration process to vote on the upcoming International Court of Justice (ICJ) referendum, scheduled for April 10, 2019.

ACES' Alexis Lawrence is the top speller of the annual Coca-Cola Spelling Bee Zone 5 Eliminations
After spelling the word 'inedible' correctly, Alexis Lawrence of the Ambergris Caye Elementary School (ACES) won the first place at the annual Coca-Cola Spelling Bee Zone 5 eliminations on Thursday, February 21st. The event was held at the New Horizon Seventh Day Adventist School (NHSDA) and saw the participation of six primary schools from Ambergris Caye (Holy Cross Anglican School, Isla Bonita Elementary School, NHSDA, San Pedro Roman Catholic Primary School (SPRCS), ACES, and The Island Academy) and two from Caye Caulker (Caye Caulker Elementary School and La Isla Cari�osa Academy). The annual competition was held under the theme 'Celebrating 25 Years of Champion Spellers,' and organized by Bowen and Bowen Limited, in collaboration with the Ministry of Education, Youth, Sports and Culture and The San Pedro Town Council (SPTC).

Misc Belizean Sources


MHDSTPA Participate in Multidimensional Poverty Index Exchange with SICA
The Ministry of Human Development, Social Transformation and Poverty Alleviation is hosting a two-day informational exchange with the Central American Integration System (SICA) focused on measuring poverty, and specifically Multidimensional Poverty. The objective of the meeting is to promote and support Belize in the creation of its Multidimensional Poverty Index (MPI) by providing an opportunity to learn from SICA countries that have already established their MPI; namely El Salvador, Panama, and the Dominican Republic. The proposed shift from the current poverty measurement which looks solely at household expenditure data - defining poverty as a lack of money - to the Multidimensional Poverty Index is in recognition of the fact that poverty is multidimensional in nature, and measurement across different areas of life other than income can provide countries with a more comprehensive understanding of who is poor as well as how they are poor.

The 2019 Prime Minister's Business Forum: "Embracing Innovation for Economic Prosperity"
The 2019 Prime Minister's Business Forum was held today, February 21, under the theme: "Embracing Innovation for Economic Prosperity". This forum is a signature event organized and hosted by the Economic Development Council and provides the private-sector an audience with the Prime Minister to table and directly address business climate concerns and recommendations toward an improved service delivery by the government to the business community.

Crocodile Research Coalition Sign Competition
The youth of Seine Bight are leading the way for change! Yesterday, CRC organized along with Seine Bight Running Club and the Seine Bight Village Council to create awareness signs about trash and pollution to keep Seine Bight clean and green. CRC held a sign contest and 6 winners were chosen (winners + 1 guardian will be taken out on a late afternoon/early evening boat cruise around Placencia Lagoon). So many other kids still wanted to contribute to the cause so many more signs will be made- the enthusiasm for change and educating community members about proper waste disposal from some of these kids is nothing but inspiring! Thank you to Patrick Gonzalve and The Flying Pig as financial support from the Poker Run Fundraiser helped jump-start this initiative!

2 New Rotary Clubs in Cayo
Rotary has cause to celebrate: There is a new club in Benque, and the SHC Interact Club was officially launched. Rotary clubs are known for their community service projects, of which they've had more projects in Belize than one can count. They're already planning more. Congratulations, Rotary! "It was a big day for Rotary in western Belize yesterday and our Club as a sponsor. The Interact Club of Sacred Heart College was officially launched with 24 members in a lovely pinning ceremony and refreshments. Thank you Office Gurus for the donation of the pins!

Consular Spotlight!: Lizet Aldana
Lizet Aldana is a Consultant with MC Consultancy: Sexual Health and Development in Orange Walk. She trains members of the military, police, and healthcare providers to raise awareness on the importance of human rights-based care for all persons, without discrimination. Last year, Lizet traveled to the United States and the Dominican Republic to proudly represent Belize at the "HIV is Not a Crime" training organized by the Global Action for Trans-Equality (GATE) consultancy and the Sero Project. Lizet provides technical services to local and regional entities, such as the LAC Regional Platform (ViaLibre) and the Research Triangle Institute (RTI International).

Hospitals and health centers in Belize are set to become more safe "green" and resilient to natural disasters
Eleven hospitals and health centers and a laboratory in Belize will be retrofitted to make them safer, "green" and able to continue operating during emergencies and disasters as part of the Smart Health Facilities Project, a Pan American Health Organization (PAHO) initiative, financed by the United Kingdom's Department for International Development (UKaid) and the European Union. The Matron Roberts, Cleopatra White, Independece II and Isabel Palma I polyclinics, as well as the San Ignacio community hospital and the Palm Center were selected to form part of the initiative, following an assessment of country priorities and the facilities' vulnerability to disaster risks. The Western Regional Hospital, the Northern Regional Hospital and the Southern Regional Hospital, as well as the Punta Gorda and Corozal Community hospitals and the Central Medical Laboratory will also form part of this initiative.

Corozal Bay Watch Newsletter
The first issue of our new quarterly newsletter Corozal Bay Watch is out Check it out now to learn more about SACD's current work and what we're doing to make sure that Corozal Bay can be enjoyed by future generations to come.

Beauty Bites Beast - " The Missing Conversation About Ending Violence"
Date: Saturday, March 30th, 2019. Place: Corozal Civic Center. Time: 6:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. Cost: $5Bz Students - $10Bz Adults.

San Pedro Tourist Guide Association,Please make an effort to be at the San Pedro Junior College Tuesday February 26 at 7pm for an orientation!!

The w�ay also spelled as Huay is a Sorcerer who can transform into an animal while asleep in order to do harm,or else the resulting animal transformation . The plural of W�ay is W�ayo'ob . Between the Yucatec Maya of Belize the most common are the Huay K'eek'en and the Huay Peek' . The Huay K'eek'en is a sorcerer who transforms into a large pig to do mischievous acts like destroy properties and harm people . Another common Huay is the Huay Peek' which is sorcerer who transforms into a large black dog to destroy property,eat livestock and profanate tombs in the cemetery . Many of us grew up hearing this stories of the Huay K'eek'een and Huay Peek' in Northern Belize .

San Pedro, This Week's Events
SATURDAY!! I'd like to say that Saturday is the best day on the island - but all the days are Saturday on this island.. -The Market at Banyan Bay Suites 10am -Bingo at Crazy Canucks Beach Bar -90's party at INTRO by XS Entertainment -Live music The Truck Stop Brent Butcher , Palapa Bar and Grill Keith Cameau -Karaoke at Melt Cafe and Beach Bar 7-11pm

Channel 7

City Hall Takes Stand Against Mad - Micah, Stripping Him Of Portfolios
Last night we told you about the major incident at City Hall where councillor Micah Goodin had a blow-up with the City Administrator - and then got into a loud shouting match with her driver.  And all this happened right at City Hall.  For Goodin, it's not the first time he has exploded into a tantrum at City Hall - the last time it was against Mayor Bernard Wagner.  Now, it's the city's top administrator - and today a unified council took a stand against him.  They came out for a rare unified press conference to announce that - because of his conduct - the first term councillor was being stripped of all portfolios.  Here's the whole story:..

Do As I Say, Not As I Do?
And while the hammer is now coming down on Goodin, the truth is in a political organization like the City Council - there are few who don't try and bend a few corners.  That's because the elected councillors have voters who depend on them - and even the mayor got caught feeding into that system.  We asked him about the public purse as piggy bank problem today: Jules Vasquez: "Is it that Mr. Goodin was just incapable of comprehending the financial realities of the council that it is not a piggy bank where you can just go and take out money as you wish?"

Granny and Grandson run Over On Way To School
An 86 year old woman and her grandson were knocked down in Belize City this morning.  It happened at the intersection of Dean Street and Amara Avenue- an area which has seen pedestrian accidents before.   And that's just what happened with 8 year old Nickolia Tun, and his 86 year old grandmother, Gudelia Estephan who was walking her to school.   Security video from a nearby business shows exactly what happened when they tried to cross the street: This woman and her grandchild were almost halfway across Amara Avenue when the driver of this red truck hit them. The impact sent them tumbling over on the pavement. She was taking her grandson to St. Ignatius School.

Two Weeks Later, Man Dies From Brain Injury
Two weeks ago, 66 year-old Alfredo Gonzalez from Buena Vista Village in the Cayo District was shot in the head and left to die on the street. Gonzalez was heading home on his bicycle when two men attacked him and opened fire.  Well, he died from those injuries at 6:30 last night.   A post mortem found that he had multiple organ failure due to massive brain damage from the gunshot wound to the head. Police have made no arrests and have no motive.

Human Skull Found in Dead-Man Zone
A human skull was found by the Port of Belize this morning.  Around 8:00, the police were called about this skull near the Customs building at the end of Caesar Ridge Road.   It's way too early to have any indication of the origin, but those with some knowledge of forensics say it appears to be a very old sekeletal remain because its has been stripped of all human tissue. 

Much-Targeted Family's Home Burns
Just over 3 weeks ago, 21 year-old Marcos Zelaya, a resident of Belize City, was almost killed after a gunman ambushed and shot him shot him in the head. He continues to recover, but tonight, the Zelaya family is back in the news after their home on Mahogany Street was completely destroyed by a fire. Crystal Zelaya left the house around 6:00 and when she returned 30 minutes later, she found it ablaze. The entire structure, and all of the family's belongings were destroyed.

Accomplice of Alleged Police Shooter Gets Bail
2 weeks ago, we showed you that brazen broad daylight shootout between police and 2 civilians on Coney Drive. It left 1 police officer grazed to the shoulder in the exchange of gunfire. Well, tonight, 23 year-old Clifton Allen, one of the men who was charged for that incident, is out on Supreme Court bail. Justice Herbert Lord released him on bail of $10,000. On the afternoon of Wednesday February 6th, police set chase after a gunman who was on the motorcycle with another man. While he was trying to escape on foot, the gunman fired shots at police.  Police fired back at the shooter, and the sound of more than a dozen gunshots terrified civilians in the area.

Taking A Stand
SASEA - That's the name of  Audrey Matura's movement against sexual violence. It called " Stand Against Sexual Abuse and Exploitation. And Matura is calling everyone out to stand with her on Monday at midday in front of Wesley College. Here is more about the demonstration. Audrey Matura - Attorney: "Well basically the demonstration of solidarity so we are a double playing on the word demonstration because people think about demonstration as negative but you also can use it as a demonstration showing of solidarity but we intentionally did the double play because silently we are also demonstrating against all the violations against women and children especially recently we have had so many cyber bullying, revenge porn, cyber shaming, a lot of domestic violence..."

Refurbishing Pisshouse
And while Matura and her group are taking a stand, one police officer who took a stand against the hideous Queen Street Detention Cell could be facing disciplinary charges as early as next week. Reports say Corporal Darrell Tutsi Usher will be charged for violating the police department's media policy. But, Usher was also a whistleblower and he blew that whistle loud enough for everyone to hear. And, likely because of all the adverse attention that police got the conditions in the cells, today we saw work had started to refurbish the facilities to bring them up to minimum standards.

In PM Really Ready For E-Government?
Last night you saw a whole lot of the Prime Minister on the news - making headlines for his remarks against a sitting Supreme Court judge - among many other things. But, what we didn't have time to bring you was the event where he made all those remarks. That's the annual Prime Minister's Business Forum.  It was held under the"Embracing Innovation for Economic Prosperity" - but by the end of the day, the PM made it clear there was a limit to the amount of innovation the pubic sector could embrace.  Jules Vasquez has the story:

Man Accused of Attempted Murder With Vehicle
Since he's taken up office, Police Commissioner Chester Williams has stressed that domestic incidents have now emerged as a leading cause of murder - and that police will take them more seriously. He's talking about cases like a recent one in San Pedro where a man rammed into a lamp-post, while his ex common law wife shielded herself behind it.   59 year-old Noel Wiltshire, a taxi driver of San Pedro Town, was today released on Supreme Court bail after being remanded for allegedly trying to run over his ex common-law wife with his vehicle. 

Football From The Roots To The Fruits
A week ago, we told you about the vision that the Football Federation of Belize has for the sport under the leadership of President Sergio Chuc. They want to move on from the stigma of negative publicity that the 2 previous FFB Administrations struggled with. And more importantly, they want to see that Belize's football reaches a higher level of professional play. To do this, the FFB has been focusing on developing football at the grassroots level. They want to start training the next generation of footballers through early development.

Hawke Correction
In last night's news, we told you that Belize's Former Solicitor General, Nigel Hawke had abruptly resigned from the office of the Solicitor General of Guyana. That was a report from the Guyanese News Paper, Stabroek News. But it might be fake news.   We've since found a Jamaican article in which Hawke has demanded an apology from Stabroek, asserting that the article was "intended to create mischief" and had multiple errors in fact. Another news article out of Jamaica says, that Hawke, quote, "regrets that there was some form of linkage drawn to the issues which arose on Wednesday during the appeal challenging the ruling of the High Court in the no-confidence motion cases

Lionfish Yum
Yesterday we told you about the first ever lionfish management strategy. We also showed you what the Belioness jewelers group is doing to control the lionfish population. Well, of course, you can also eat Lionfish to get rid of some of them. We spoke to a Chef yesterday at the event who prepared lionfish panades and patties for the guests. They sure were tasty.  Chef: "We have a case at the BTL park and every Friday I do lionfish tacos right and it's been very good, the feedback I get is very awesome. People say it's a poisonous fish, not it's not.

Former CARICOM PM's On Venezuela
The political situation in Venezuela remains very volatile, and many fear that it could be coming to a head soon with the imminent possibility of some type of US-led intervention.  The White House has said all options are on the table suggesting the possibility of military involvement.  And there could be a flashpoint this weekend when Venezuela's us-backed opposition plans to push into the country with tons of humanitarian aid and medicine that Maduro's security forces have blocked.

Harpy No More
26 year-old Harry Montero and 2 minors: a 16 year-old and a 17 year-old are free tonight of a robbery charge after they were acquitted in a Magistrate's Court trial. Police couldn't prove that they robbed the Harpy's Security company last year.
According to police, on July 26, 2018, they allegedly went to the security firm and stole to handguns. The arresting officers formally reported that they caught all 3 men in the Lord Ridge Cemetery; they were trying to flee from the pursuing officers. The men were intercepted, and handcuffed, and the weapons were allegedly retrieved off the ground where they had been thrown.

Channel 5

Micah Goodin Benched Indefinitely Following Tirade at City Hall
Flanked by his team at City Hall, Mayor Bernard Wagner today announced that he was relieving Councillor Micah Goodin of his responsibilities at City Hall which including staff development and [...]

Micah Goodin Sidelined Indefinitely, but the Door Remains Open for His Return
So what is the fate of the wayward councilor going forward?� He is duly elected, therefore Micah Goodin cannot be terminated from the Belize City Council.� Despite measures taken against [...]

Does the Good Councilor Need Counseling?
It is not the first time that Goodin has thrown a temper tantrum. In April 2018, the politician fell out with Mayor Wagner, resulting in harsh criticism of his leadership [...]

Pickup truck mows down a minor and his great-grandmother!
A road traffic accident in the city has left a minor and his great-grand mother in the hospital. Police say forty-nine-year old Martin Franklin Reyes was driving at the corner [...]

Safety issues at the intersection King Street and Amara Avenue!
As you heard just now – that accident injured an elderly woman and her great-grandson. The intersection of King Street and Amara Avenue is one of the busiest in the [...]

What we need is enforcement, says Works C.E.O.
The barriers along mile two on the Philip Goldson Highway in Belize City sparked a heated debate after pedestrians are constantly hopping over the barriers to get across. Earlier in [...]

A Single Mother Loses Her Job Because of Faulty Police Record
A single mother of six is without gainful employment tonight after losing her job at a call center on Thursday due to an error on her police record. According to [...]

What's Next for Terminated Mother?
According to Gideon, she was fired from her job because the human resources manager does not believe her story, notwithstanding the evidence she has provided. � Tiffany Gideon, Complainant "I [...]

Fire in City; Family says it was the work of arsonists.
On Thursday night, a fire destroyed a wooden house off Mahogany Street in Belize City. Firefighters were called out to Mahogany Street where they saw a twenty by thirty wooden [...]

A Human Skull is Found Backa Port
A human skull was reportedly unearthed by a dog this morning in the vicinity of the Port of Belize.� Residents in the area were alerted to the discovery when the [...]

Nigel Hawke did not resign as Solicitor General
Stabroek Newspaper of Guyana has retracted a report on the purported resignation of Nigel Hawke as Solicitor General. The newspaper has corrected the story following confirmation by Hawke that he [...]

Jordan Burns to stand trial for the Murder of Carlton Morreira
Months ago, eighteen-year old Jordan Akeem Burns, was charged for the murder of thirty-four-year old Carlton Jarrett Moreira which occurred on May twenty-third 2018, through a back street in the [...]

Police make an arrest in Tuesday night's shooting
Nineteen-year-old Keenan Young, a music producer, appeared before Magistrate Khadeen Palmer and was arraigned for use of deadly means of harm. Since the offense was allegedly committed with the use [...]

"Corruption will be with us always", says PM
On Thursday, the Prime Minister's Business Forum was held under the theme, "Embracing Innovation for Economic Prosperity". One of the guest speakers at the event was Linner Viik. He is [...]

Corruption Also Involves Private Sector Partners
Corruption is not only a problem that many governments have been battling. Corruption has found its way in not only the government department and ministries but also in the private [...]

Former CARICOM Leaders Say International Law Must be Respected
Former Prime Ministers of Caribbean community including Belize's Said Musa have expressed concerns about maintaining the Caribbean as a peace zone. Musa along with Jamaica's P.J. Patterson, Barbados' Owen Arthur, [...]

ICJ Referendum Will Not Be Delayed, Says PM Barrow
The People's United Party along with several other political and activist groups has been calling on the government to delay the April tenth I.C.J. referendum. There are numerous complaints from [...]

2018 Experienced Positive GDP
During Thursday's economic forum, the Prime Minister boasted about the encouraging outlook of the economy. According to P.M. Barrow central government recorded a primary balance of not less than two [...]

But much remains to be done�
While the Prime Minister boasted a positive G.D.P. growth in 2018, the Belize Chamber of Commerce and Industry says that much more needs to be done in terms of taxes. [...]

Comprehensive National Transportation Master Plan Completed
According to Prime Minister Dean Barrow, "the ever-expanding and constantly upgrading national road network is literally paving the way for accelerated growth." Many more major road works are expected to [...]

"We are currently nowhere blacklisted", Says PM
With respect to the financial and banking sector, Prime Minister Dean Barrow says that 'innovations including the establishment of a Secured Transactions and Collateral Registry as well as a Credit [...]

Council of Ageing launches 'Directory of Services'
The Council of Ageing is observing its sixteenth anniversary. They are celebrating this milestone under theme of "Celebrating Partnerships". On Thursday they met at the Biltmore Plaza to make plans [...]


Micah no longer Good Enough for City Hall
The Belize City Council held a press conference this morning in full force of all councilors standing firmly in solidarity with Mayor Bernard Wagner's decision to remove all responsibilities from elected councilor Micah Goodin. The mayor says that Goodin requested funds for initiatives and though those items were not budged for the current fiscal period, �

Former Regional Leaders Pledge Support for Venezuela
Millions of people are suffering from hunger, victimization and unemployment in Venezuela. As recent as this morning, humanitarian aid has been blocked from entering the country at its border with Brazil and at least one person has died as a result. It may seem quite a distance away from little Belize, but the wider ramifications �

O.G. says House Burned Down after Private Conversation Publicized
Jose Zelaya lived in the home with his son and daughter. The single dad was not at home as he was attending to his injured son at a different location. His daughter left the home to buy at a shop and by 7 on Thursday night and by the time she returned home the house �

Nikolai Escapes Hurt but Grandma still Hospitalized after being Knocked Down
This morning during after 8:30 a.m. an eighty year old grandmother and her 8 year old grandson were knocked down as she was taking him to St. Ignatius Primary School. The incident at corner of Dean Street and Amara Avenue was caught on the security camera in front of Tenchtronics electronic store. Love News spoke �


New legislation for cyber-bullying
ol uniform, engaging in a sexual act with an older man, has taken a toll on the life of the minor involved. Perhaps, though, equally shocking is that this young girl was not the only person to have her privacy violated in such a way over this past weekend. The leaking of pornographic pictures and videos via any sort of technology has been widely deemed as cases of cyber-bullying. In the wake of these recent instances, Attorney General Michael Peyrefitte, who was on Stake Bank island attending groundbreaking ceremonies held yesterday by Stake Bank Enterprise Limited (SBEL) for the first ever cruise ship docking facility for Belize City, spoke to the media about a new legislation that his ministry has in the works to protect the victims of cyber-bullying.

Venezuelan Ambassador visits Amandala
Maduro, has been under sustained pressure for some time now, and that pressure became more intense last month, when the United States recognized the Opposition leader, Juan Guaid�, who had declared himself the country's interim president. Several other countries, including Britain, followed the US lead and also recognized Guaid�. Notwithstanding its many challenges, the Maduro government continues to function and recently dispatched a new ambassador to Belize a month ago.

Roy Lord, Jr., 31, fatally shot in the head
Just before midnight last night, a man was executed in Belize City shortly after leaving his home. Roy Gilbert Lord, Jr., 31, left his girlfriend's residence on New Road and was walking to Tropicana, a casino facing the BTL Park in Newtown Barracks, to pick her up from work, when his killer approached him on Wilson Street. The gunman pulled out his firearm and opened fire in his direction, hitting him multiple times in the head and back.

Alleged "cocaine cowboy" rearrested
Three charges (one of them drug trafficking for 5 kilograms of cocaine) that had been brought against Peter Schmidt, 39, and Carlos Lopez, 35, but had been struck out, were yesterday reinstated against Schmidt, who appeared before Magistrate Emerson Banner. Lopez, the second accused, has not yet been rearrested.

Groundbreaking ceremony held for Stake Bank cruise ship docking facility
History was made today as Stake Bank Enterprise Limited (SBEL) held its groundbreaking ceremony for the first ever cruise ship docking facility for Belize City. This highly talked-about cruise port will be only a short 10-minute boat ride from Belize City. The state-of-the-art docking facility at SBEL will be able to accommodate four of the world's largest cruise ships simultaneously. The actual island will facilitate the tourists from those ships with tours, shopping, and cultural attractions. There will also be beaches and a Mayan-themed water park.

Another Belizean student gets volleyball scholarship to Canada!
Twenty-one-year-old Daril Avila, a talented volleyball player and student at the University of Belize, will be leaving the country later this year to pursue a Bachelor's Degree in Environmental Science at Concordia University of Edmonton in Alberta, Canada. Concordia is a member of the Alberta Colleges Athletic Conference (ACAC), the same conference that Bryton Codd and Karym Coleman are currently playing in with Briercrest College, and where Francis Hauze is headed to play for Medicine Hat College in September.

Belize's basketball challenge - FIBA World Cup quadrangular this weekend at the Civic
This weekend at the Belize Civic Center, our Belize National Basketball Team will attempt to reach the highest level it has ever been - the Round of 16 in the FIBA World Cup Tournament for the Americas. To accomplish that, Belize will have to emerge as one of the top two teams from this weekend's international quadrangular which starts on Friday evening, with two games being played each night - Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Participating national teams will be from Antigua & Barbuda, Belize, Bahamas, and Cuba.

Table Tennis comes to St. Martin's Primary School
The Belize Table Tennis Association (BTTA) has initiated a table tennis program at the St. Martin De Porres Primary School. On Tuesday, February 12, the BTTA was at the SWIFT HALL, where they demonstrated and allowed students to participate in table tennis. The objective will be to conduct two sessions at the school, three times per week. Sessions will be from 1:30 p.m. to 2:30 p.m., and 2:30 to 3:30 p.m., catering to the lower division students in the beginning.

Belize's Bryton Codd wins ACAC South Rookie of the Year 2018-2019
We would like to take this opportunity to send big congratulations to one of the founders of BK Volleyball Foundation, Mr. Bryton Codd, on winning the ACAC South Rookie of the Year Award. Bryton spearheaded a fast paced Briercrest attack to a playoff spot in the tougher South Division in the ACAC! He finished the season with a monster stat line of 352.5 points on 290 kills, 46 aces and 16.5 blocks.

Cricket Corner - Some teams getting warm
Pleasant day to all cricket players, fans and supporters! Under the auspices of the Belize National Cricket Association (BNCA), the Harrison Park's 2019 Cricket Competition continued over the weekend. Thanks for this year's sponsor, Bowen and Bowen. According to stats reaching me, there were all very good games played. To start, let me take you to Rancho Dolores, where Northern Spirit of Sandhill went up against home team Western Eagles. Northern Spirit took to bat first.

Editorial: Billboard disrespects Philip Goldson
The proponents of the YES vote in the upcoming referendum have for some time now been in the downward spiral associated with people who deceive. Week after week they introduce new strategies to convince the Belizean people, to win them over to a YES vote. Too many of these strategies are a reminder of the lesson, O what a tangled web we weave, when we first practice to deceive. One new strategy is the use of giant signs, billboards, and one of these might have taken us to rock bottom. This downward spiral got underway with a head of steam when the Foreign Minister discussed the possibilities, all that would transpire if we voted NO in the referendum. His most consistent outcome was a disastrous military invasion of our sacred territory. The Foreign Minister could only see deadly gunboats from Guatemala staring us down, and an end where we are refugees packing our earthly belongings on our backs as we walk the earth searching for lodging in another country.

A theoretical analysis: Why we MUST vote NO to the ICJ rabbit hole
Many Belizeans continue to be puzzled by the constant drumbeat of YES to the ICJ being promoted, not just by the Government of Belize, but their surrogates (lawyers and past Foreign Ministers among them) who continue to wax poetic about Belize having an "ironclad case" therefore we must go. To be clear, no ethical attorney should ever give a client, let alone a nation, ironclad reassurances simply because�no amount of brilliant lawyering can predict, or get inside the head of a judge or jury to determine how individuals may think, or rule on the merits of a case. None!

Pibil, tacos, bbq - whale of a party
Patrick Faber has his numerous baggage, but this fresh breeze blowing over our land, from the Caribbean, has me thinking only of triumphs, good times, and what I'm reminded of today is one of this gentleman's great moments, a glorious trip to Corozal Bay with families in the Collet Division. I think there's only one better way to spend Krismos Cheer money, and that is for ham and turkey and toys (for children) for families that aren't having a good money flow for the big birthday celebration.

The Governor General can't be and shouldn't remain silent
Ever since the inception of Belize as an independent, constitutional, parliamentary, democratic nation with 8,867, inscribed in our Constitution, our Governor Generals have not exercised to its fullest their constitutional prerogatives. There are many evidences of this asseveration since September 21, 1981 when we became an independent nation recognized by the consortium of nations, the United Nations. It was that we baptized our Constitution crafted by a group of citizens who had this new nation in and at heart. Many had made oaths to respect and honour our Constitution. The Spanish man would say "All� est� el detalle."

The Special Agreement is unlawful and unconstitutional, attorneys say
The Special Agreement, aka "the Compromis," signed between the Government of Belize and the Government of the Republic of Guatemala in 2008, and which became a treaty between the two countries, is unconstitutional and therefore illegal, according to a team of lawyers who have been researching the constitutional principle of the separation of powers. With less than two months remaining before Belizeans are scheduled to go to the polls in a national referendum on April 10, to determine whether or not to settle the Guatemalan claim at the International Court of Justice, the Special Agreement is about to be challenged in a massive lawsuit which will seek to have the court declare it unconstitutional.

Chief Elections Officer says voter ID cards will be ready in time for ICJ referendum
On April 10, Belizeans are expected to vote in the International Court of Justice (ICJ) referendum on whether or not Belize should submit Guatemala's claim to the ICJ for a final and binding resolution. The ICJ referendum will be the first national balloting exercise since the re-registration of voters took place to clean up the voters' list last July. On Wednesday, February 20, Belize's Chief Elections Officer, Josephine Tamai, confirmed that at the end of January there were 134,349 registered voters whose names had made it onto the official voting list.

Police press release playing "catch-up" with suspected drug plane landing
A suspected drug plane landed in northern Belize on Monday, according to an online post on social media, but police did not report on the incident until today, Wednesday. In their report, however, the police backdated their release by one day. The police release is dated February 19. Interestingly, when we called Corporal Hortense Hernandez, the police press officer, yesterday, Tuesday, inquiring about the suspected drug plane landing, we were told, "I cannot confirm nor deny allegation of that. I have no information, but if and when I get the information it will be shared with the media."

Belizeans attacked and robbed in Mexico
Five Belizeans were attacked and robbed of their belongings on Sunday, February 17, in Acayucan, a city in Veracruz, which is located in Mexico. The robbers stole their travel documents, cash, and other items, and as a result the Belizeans found themselves unable to travel back to Belize. The men, who were auto dealers, were towing several vehicles from the US to Belize. While they were in the hills, they were attacked by about 8 or 10 men.

The Reporter

Editorial - February 22nd.
By Mr. Henry Lawrence - It is deeply distressing to learn that there are many Belizeans who will not be able to receive their voter registration cards on time for April...

COME HELL OR HIGH WATER To the Referendum We Go!
Prime Minister Dean Barrow said he is not willing to entertain the idea of delaying the upcoming referendum for any reason. This despite public concern and a protest on Monday...

No Charges Yet Following Three-Vehicle Fatal Crash
The investigation into last Thursday evening's fatal traffic accident that claimed the life of Marcia Lopez near the Airport junction has still not yielded any charges against any of the...

Leaked Video Sparks Protest
Sexually explicit local videos, among them one of a 15-year old female student of Wesley College, has this week sparked important discussions about the need for urgent legislative measures to...

Priest Hell-bent on Clearing His Name
On Wednesday, Attorney General Michael Peyrefitte explained that anybody who has sexually assaulted a minor in Belize, would be pursued and prosecuted to the full extent of the law, not...

The life of Jose Zelaya Sr., 42, has been marked with nothing but tragedy lately, with the recent murder of one of his sons, the attempted murder of his other...

Serial arsonist in Punta Gorda?
Police in Punta Gorda have stepped up their surveillance efforts and patrols at night and are seeking the public's full cooperation in an effort to nab a suspected serial arsonist that might have been responsible for torching multiple vehicles in that jurisdiction over the past couple of days.

2 People Knocked Down On Amara Av.
At approximately 8.49am this morning, 2 people were knocked down whilst crossing the street on Amara Avenue near the intersection with Dean Street. As you can see in this security camera video by a neighbor, 2 people appear on the left side of the street, one of them seems to be a school age child with a backpack.

Human Skull Found Near The Port Of Belize
The Reporter has been reliably informed that a human skull has been found somewhere in the area of the Port of Belize. Sources say it was discovered because a dog dug it up.

The Reporter is pleased and proud to notice that, particularly on our Facebook page which has grown tremendously, we continue to be held to the highest standard of journalistic ethics. We would like to see this continue.

Breaking Belize NewsPJ

Belize and Cuba win basketball openers; clash of the titans set for Saturday night
Belize comfortably defeated Antigua and Barbuda 96-70 in the matinee game of the 2019 FIBA [�]

PetroCaribe Office in Belize to close next week due to fears of US Sanction
Alba PetroCaribe Belize Energy Limited (APBEL), the company in Belize that buys fuel from the [�]

GOB to seek its own legal opinion on the special agreement
Following the release of a legal opinion by three attorneys from the People's United Party [�]

Belize's foreign debt hovers just below 100% of GDP; average Belizean now owes approximately 9 thousand dollars
Belize continues to struggle to meet its debt obligations as according to the Government's own figures, [�]

Implementation of UNCAC 'an ongoing process'
The Government of Belize continues to slog along in the process of implementing the United [�]

"GOB doing the best it can with registration for referendum vote," says PM
Prime Minister Dean Barrow addressed concerns this week about persons not being able to register [�]

5 former prime ministers of the Caribbean issue joint statement on Venezuela
Five former prime ministers of the Caribbean Community (CARICOM) countries of Jamaica, Belize, Barbados, and [�]

PM files official complaint against Supreme Court Justice
Prime Minister Dean Barrow said this week that he has made a formal complaint about [�]

Ministry of Human Development participates in Multidimensional Poverty Index Exchange
The Ministry of Human Development, Social Transformation and Poverty Alleviation is hosting a two-day informational exchange [�]

Residents in San Jose Succotz concerned of discrepancies in water bills
Numerous complaints from residents of San Jose Succotz have reached our newsroom suggesting discrepancies in [�]

PM defends Imer Hernandez contracts
Prime Minister Dean Barrow came to the defense of contractor Imer Hernandez, the nephew of [�]

Trade license reform coming in 2020
Businesses countrywide can look forward to more predictability with regards to paying their trade licenses [�]

Why I will vote Yes on Referendum Day (Part 1 of 2)
By Osmany Salas, Senator: Seven weeks from now, on April 10th, Belizean voters will be asked to make one of the most important decisions of their lives - to vote Yes or No to the ICJ. [�]

"Former UDP Council did not budget for furniture for new CitCo office," says Mayor Wagner
The renovations to the Down Town Commercial Center are almost complete, however, the Belize City [�]

2 persons injured in road traffic accident
Two persons walking on Amara Avenue in Belize City were knocked down by a vehicle [�]

Minister of State, Carla Barnett meets with Benque Viejo's Town Council
On Wednesday, February 20, 2019, Minister of State in the Ministry of Labour, Local Government [�]

UDP National Organization of Women says YES to ICJ
The United Democratic Party (UDP) National Organization of Women (NOW) have unanimously voted to support [�]

Fair weather to continue
The 24-hour forecast is for mostly fair and dry weather to continue. Sunny skies with [�]

Human skull discovered near Port of Belize just now
Authorities in Belize City are processing a scene near the Port of Belize where a [�]


Xibalba Cave watches over us
Ever feel like somebody's got their eyes on you, at all times? Throw that feeling in while navigating a dark cave, full of nooks and crannies. Now imagine our Maya ancestors using those spaces for sacrifices, hoping for rain from Chaac (rain god). Thousands of years later, combine the thrill of discovery and exploration, with the knowledge of the acts that took place in these cavernous spaces, and the sight of a face staring at you from the entrance is guaranteed to give you a thrill (or twenty!) We enjoyed a guided tour with Isael Mai through Xibalba (place of fear) cave, located in the Dr. Elijio Panti National Park. Full of fantastic information about flora and fauna, history and fun facts, Isael kept us engaged as we hiked up and down hills, past streams, and through the cave.

International Sourcesizz

Winged Warriors maintain combat capabilities in Belize
The air hangs quiet and humid over a jungle landscape glowing only by the light of stars and fireflies that decorate the scene; the night would be like any other in the small country of Belize, except for the distant lights of U.S. Army helicopters and their M-240H Machine Guns. After the sun went down earlier, a UH-60 Blackhawk and CH-47 Chinook rose up to take its place. The 1st Battalion 228th Aviation Regiment headed out to maintain their combat capabilities amongst their busy schedule of humanitarian and anti-trafficking efforts in Central America. "We're in Belize to conduct aerial gunnery training and do expeditionary operations which is part of our mission tasks," said Maj. Christopher Daily, 228th Avn Regt. executive officer. "We're also here to continue joint operations with other countries. It gives us the opportunity to operate in a complex situation, be able to set up and run different operational cells and figure out how to do business if we need to deploy forward."

14 Exceptional Caves That Bring the Subterranean World to Life
CAVES! THERE'S NOTHING LIKE DESCENDING into one to remind you just how vast and fascinating our world is. Big, small, deep, shallow, natural or hand-crafted, the best caves are physical manifestations of the spirit of mystery and exploration. "Exploring Actun Tunichil Muknal in Belize is a surreal experience for sure. It holds Mayan skeletons and broken bits of pottery within its depths. Plus, exploring the cave (via a guided tour) is a ton of fun."


  • Shore Fishing in Belize (He Knows Everything), 6min.

  • Behind the Reef Belize, 4min. Swimming with the sharks off San Pedro.

  • Corozal House of Culture 7th Annual Anniversary, 8min. Corozal House of Culture had their 7th Annual Anniversary Friday. The Corozal Sustainable Initiative displayed information about protected areas in Northern Belize.

  • Belize Now: February 22, 2019, 25min. In tonight's headlines: The Ministry of Agriculture Talks Digitization, GOB Signs Contract for More Works on George Price Highway and Prime Minister engages private sector at 2019 Business Forum. These stories and more on this week's edition of Belize Now. Thanks for joining us on this Friday, February 22nd, 2019!

  • Roatan and Belize dive trip, 5min.

  • Cha Chi's : Placencia, Belize, 5.5min. Some clips from a super fun Valentine's night at Cha-Chi's, one of the several nice venues I performed at during our time in Placencia, Belize. This one was especially cool because Stephen Mitchell, the owner, sat in with us on drums for a couple songs and did a great job, and Yannik, the soundman, was a total pro!!

  • FIBA AMERICUP 2021 Pre-Qualifiers Group A BELIZE vs ANTIGUA, 2.5hr.