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Cuba and Belize have long enjoyed a fruitful relationship resulting in hundreds of Belizean going to study in Cuba and Cuban doctors coming to work in Belize. The two countries are further strengthening their relations via a signed memorandum of understanding which will see more opportunities in Cuba for Belizeans. Ministry of Health, Pablo Marin, expressed his gratitude to the Cuban people while the Ambassador of Cuba, Lissette Perez, said that it is a pleasure to offer their assistance to Belize

Ambassador of Cuba - Lissette Perez: "Cuban cooperation in Belize in the area of health has already accomplished 28 years. It started in 1990 by the hand of PAHO and then to be lateral between a cooperation format. I have to say that we are very proud of this path that we have travelled together. Relation in the health sector between Cuba and Belize has included persons of health professions and also the training of human resources. Today 85 professionals work in the health sector of Belize under the umbrella of the unilateral agreement. Of them 42 are doctors, 29 are nurses and 14 are specialists in health technology. They are located in the Belizean geography and complementing the local human resources in the hospitals and polyclinic."
Cuba has offered assistance to other countries around the world.