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The San Pedro Sun

Pump prices for diesel and kerosene go up
Another increase in fuel was announced by the Ministry of Finance on Tuesday, February 26th, for diesel oil and kerosene. As of Wednesday, February 27th, diesel fuel will increase from $9.97 to $10.30 per gallon, while Kerosene will increase from $7.45 to $7.74 per gallon.

SPRCS observes Cultural Day 2019!
The San Pedro Roman Catholic School hosted its annual Cultural Day Fair on Friday, February 22nd. Throughout the day students represented various cultural groups found in the country, which included the East Indian, Mestizo, Creole, Maya, Garinagu, Mennonites, Chinese and even the Lebanese among others. Cultural Day kicked off at 9AM with cultural performances such as Creole Brukdong and even the Garifuna Jankunu, and traditional East Indian dances. From 10AM to 3PM, Parents and visitors were invited to observe a wide array of cultural booths. Each booth featured an ethnic group, and spectators learned about the history, language, clothing, lifestyle and dances of each. Attendees even had the opportunity to sample the most popular dishes of each culture represented.

Youth mainstreaming with Commonwealth support
The Commonwealth Secretariat will fully support Belizean youth in their empowerment for greater participation in our economy and society. This was the message when the Secretariat hosted a consultation on youth mainstreaming at the Best Western Biltmore Plaza Hotel in Belize City from Wednesday, February 27th through Friday, March 1st. "We must respect our young people" affirmed Minister of Education, Youth and Sports, Hon. Patrick Faber, who not too long ago was president of the National Youth Commission in 1996!

National Garifuna Council San Pedro Branch elects new board members
The National Garifuna Council (NGC) San Pedro Branch elected new board members on Sunday, February 24th. The new elected board members of the local chapter of the NGC include Eden Velasquez as President, Alex Noralez as Vice President, Jhoice Ordonez as Secretary, Shaniel Soriano as Assistant Secretary, Miguel Bulnes as Treasurer, Amancia Martinez as Assistant Treasurer, and Elsy Witty and Celia Bulnes as committee members.

Ambergris Today

Belize Ministry Of Health Signs Cooperation Agreements With Cuba And Taiwan
A cooperation agreement was signed on Wednesday, February 27, 2019, with the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Public Health, Republic of Cuba. The agreement signed was towards agreeing on terms of the medical brigade program to continue in the strengthening and development of the health system in Belize.

Over 2,600 Golden Citizens Benefit From BEL's Golden Citizen Program
Belize Electricity Limited (BEL) hosted a ceremony on Wednesday, February 27, 2019 to honor some of the 2019 beneficiaries of its Golden Citizen Program. The Company is providing 2,665 Golden Citizens countrywide with a credit of up to 60 kilowatt hours on their monthly electricity bills. Annual awardees are selected randomly from among Belizeans age 65 or older with an active electricity account registered in their name at their residence. Waivers of fees for other services are also granted.

Misc Belizean Sources


Belize Thrills Adventure Enthusiasts in Denver, Colorado!
February 23 and 24, 2019 at the Colorado Convention Center. The Belize Hotel Association's, Past-President Leisa Carr- Caceres and Treasurer, Rudy Gonzalez were there in Denver Colorado, representing our Members and promoting travel to our beautiful Jewel, Belize. Denver is known as the adventure capital of the USA with a high population of adventure travelers looking for vacation options that include diving, hiking, ziplining, caving etc. The BHA booth was constantly busy with show attendees asking for information on Belize, places to stay, and "must-do" activities while in the country. Of course visiting the Blue Hole, was on most of their "bucket lists".

Belize brings Sunny Vacation Plans to Snowy Toronto!
Adventure and Travel Show, which took place at the International Centre, in Mississauga, Toronto. As expected, the BHA booth was very busy with visitors looking for an exciting vacation in warm and sunny temperatures. All visitors to the booth, knew about Belize and hoped to visit soon. Several had already booked their flights and were looking for recommendations for places to stay. The new 2019 BHA Hotel Guide was a crucial showpiece at this event and all copies were quickly snatched up by the attendees.

Minister of Works Tours Bridge Replacement & Highway Rehabilitation Projects
ntero and CEO for the Ministry Errol Gentle, toured and inspected ongoing infrastructure works on the George Price Highway. The works inspected included the Roaring Creek Bridge replacement and the rehabilitation of the George Price Highway from that bridge all the way to Blackman Eddy and Iguana Creek Bridge on the Spanish Lookout Access Road. This also included the restructuring and widening of the highway at the dangerous Z-Curve.

Shooting incident at our Santa Elena, Corozal border
The Guardian has confirmed that there was a shooting incident at the Northern Border in Corozal. Two men are in police custody. Information so far suggests that armed robbers held up the money changers at the border, however police officers in civilian clothing were able to respond and fired at the criminals. There was an exchange of gunfire during which the thieves sped off inside a vehicle. That chase was short lived as the men were caught shortly thereafter inside a bullet ridden vehicle.

Prime Minister Departs the Country on Personal Leave
The Office of the Prime Minister informs that the Prime Minister the Rt. Hon. Dean Barrow departed the country, today, February 28th on personal leave. The Prime Minister will return to Belize on Monday, March 4, 2019. During the Prime Minister's absence, the Hon. Patrick Faber, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Education, Culture, Youth and Sports, will hold over as Prime Minister.

National Agriculture and Trade Show 2019
The National Agriculture and Trade Show (NATS) Committee, under the auspices of the Ministry of Agriculture, hereby informs the public that the National Agriculture and Trade Show 2019 will be held on April 26, 27 and 28, 2019 under the theme "Innovations in Technology: Driving a Climate Resilient and Competitive Agriculture and Food Sector". Preparation of the grounds is currently underway and the committee informs that the reservation and sale of concession stands, food stalls, open spots and commercial booths have commenced. Right of first refusal will be granted to 2018 lease holders and as such those vendors will have until March 16, 2019 to confirm their desire to re-establish their booth leases by contacting NATS Headquarters. This preference exists EXCEPT where there was a reconfiguration of the grounds and/or removal of booths, in which case that space is no longer available for rental.

Here is the Parade Line Up and the Parade Route for Saturday's Carnaval Parade
March 2nd, 2019!

"El Pilar" exhibition in Corozal
The Corozal Public Library Invite the General Public to come and be a part of the "El Pilar" exhibition. You can bring your medicinal plants or invite a friend that is a Healer or fascinated with Medicinal plants.

Ministry of Health fogging yards on Caye Caulker
Ministry of Health would like to advise the public that they will be around fogging yards. If you would like for them to fog your yard, please call our office at 226 0043 to make arrangements.

Part of Front Street to be barricaded on weekends on Caye Caulker
The Caye Caulker Village Council would like to advise the public that the front street from the corner of Fantasy Dinning to Amigos will be barracaded on weekends from 6:00p.m. to 6:00a.m. for the purpose of allowing the free flow of locals and residents to walk through the area. Please respect barracaded area. Thank you CCVC.

BTIA Corozal Coconut Festival
SAVE THE DATE! BTIA Corozal Coconut Festival to be held on March 29 & 30th.

Chiquibul Challenge Marathon Fundraiser
The Belize Wildlife Referral Clinic has started a crowdfunding site to help in their goal of protecting the Scarlet Macaw. The Chiquibul Challenge Marathon is just over 2 weeks away. It happens on Sunday, March 17th. You can help save the beautiful Scarlet Macaw!Become a fundraiser as part of the Chiquibul Challenge Marathon 2019 today and help raise money for the Belize Wildlife & Referral Clinic (BWRC) AND the Friends for Conservation and Development. As a fundraiser you can raise 20 times more than a single donor to protect this rare bird.

Paradise Theater playing this weekend
Second Act, Isn't it Romantic, Vox Lux, Spiderman

The archaeological lab at the Caracol Archaeological Reserve featuring Dr Arlen Chase

Museum Closed a few days
Please be informed that the Museum of Belize will be closed from Thursday, February 28th, to Saturday, March 2nd, 2019. We will re-open on Monday, March 4th. We apologize for any inconveniences caused.

Channel 7

Shootout With Cops and Border Robbers
It is rare we hear about anyone being at the "right place at the right time"; in fact, it's usually the opposite that happens! But, this morning around 7:15, a team of police were exactly where they needed to be when a band of organized outlaws robbed several money changers at the Northern border. It turned into a highway shootout - where the cops caught the robbers. Courtney Weatherburne has the run down. It was just another day at the Northern border until a gang of 5 masked armed robbers emerged from this Ford Escape with handguns and an assault rifle. They stormed after 7 money changers and snatched their cash bags. The men then dashed to their getaway vehicle and the driver raced off, leaving the terrified money changers on the pavement.

Burnt Infant One Step Closer To Burn Center
Last night, we told you about Zaela Usher, the 18 month-old from Punta Gorda who was severely severe burnt in an electrical house fire. Police say her mother, 25 year old Aaronie Gamboa, reported that sometime around 5:00 that evening, an electrical outlet in a bedroom caught on fire, which lit a curtain, which in turn fell on the baby, leaving her with burns to 45% of her body. Our colleagues from Love TV spoke with Gamboa today, and she said that it was actually a piece of sponge that caught on fire. She risked burn injuries herself to get her baby out of the fire. She asked to appear off camera:

PG Man Charged For Shooting At Home
And keeping it in Punta Gorda, police have charged 27 year old Aduan Usher for opening fire on a home on Monday around noon. The Head of National crimes Investigation told us more today from Headquarters in Belmopan: ACP Joseph Myvette, Head of NCIB: "In reference to the Queen street daylight shooting in PG, police has since arrested and charged Aduane Usher 27 years of a Punta Gorda address for two counts of aggravated assault, 1 count of attempted murder in relation to another incident which he was involved in..."

Police Commish Goes To Town Meeting in PG
Needless to say, all this violence has PG Town residents reeling. They are just not used to this level and intensity of violence - it's foreign to them. And, frankly, they blame the politicians and police for exporting Belize City style violence to their tranquil southern home. On Friday, Commissioner Chester Williams - who subtly straddles the world between policing and politics - is going down for a town meeting tomorrow at the PG Sports Complex. He told us more:... Chester Williams, Commissioner of Police: "I want to again say to the people of Punta Gorda we remain in Punta Gorda on high alert, we have out operations team on the ground still and I will be there tomorrow. I have announced that the public meeting would have been at 6 pm but that time has now changed to 5 pm..."

Cops Wins Defamation Suit Against Attorney
Deputy Commissioner of Police Edward Broaster has won a major libel case against attorney Oscar Selgado. The Supreme Court has ruled that Selgado must pay Broaster $42,500 dollars because he unfairly slandered him on national television. Back in May 2015, when Broaster was a Senior Superintendent in charge of Eastern Division, Selgado blasted him on the evening news - making aspersions against Broaster. He also accused Broaster of inappropriate behavior as a member of law enforcement. In response, Broaster sued him for libel and slander, and after months of litigation, Justice Michelle Arana made a ruling yesterday. She found that Broaster and his attorney Mikhail Arguelles proved their case against Selgado.

What A First National Trade Policy Means
Belize's first National Trade Policy was launched this morning. It's the product of years of work with technical assistance from the Commonwealth Secretariat - and, today, we found out the significance when it was launched at the Princess Ramada. Minister of State for Trade, Tacy Taegar Panton said it should help towards evening out Belize's trade imbalance:..

Can Minister Get Belize Sugar into CSME?
And ASR/BSI is also doing some hoping on the trade front. They hope that they can get their sugars into the CARICOM market under the terms of CARICOM Single Market and Economy. Actually, it's more than a hope - no less than the future viability of the sugar industry is riding on it. Minister of State Panton is the one advancing this case at the COTED level, that's the Council for Trade and Economic Development. We asked her how hard Belize is really pushing for Direct Consumption Sugars:... Jules Vasquez, reporter: "We are not serious about effecting trade into CARICOM if we can't get our own good Caribbean sugar into the CSME."

A Conservation Kumbaya At Border
When it comes to Belize - Guatemala relations, cooperation and good faith aren't the first words that come to mind. But today at the OAS office in Benque, it was all about that good 'ole neighborly love after civil society groups from both countries signed a declaration of good intent, agreeing to work together to protect our shared natural resources. Even though the Guatemalan encroachers and bandits could care less about this agreement, FCD Executive Director Rafael Manzanero says he has confidence in the Guatemalan NGO's to help safe guard the environment. Here is more.

PUP Western Caucus Slams One Of Its Own
And while it was a definite kumbaya moment at the Western border, the PUP Western Caucus isn't one bit happy with Assad Shoman - who - about four decades ago used to be a leading light of that very same caucus. The Caucus today issued an angry statement - demanding answers about Shoman's NGO - the Citizens for the Defence of Sovereignty - called "CDS." The caucus statement says is quote, "(calling) on the Barrow administration to clarify its relationship with CDS headed by Cuban resident and former Belize Foreign Minister Assad Shoman .

Ministry of Works Goes On Public Relations Press
And, keeping it in the west, the Ministry of Works went on a public relations full court press yesterday. They took major flak last week when UDP preferred contractor Imer Hernandez signed a 20 million dollar contract to finish the Western Highway up to Santa Elena. So, the Minister of Works and his CEO yesterday toured and inspected ongoing infrastructure works on the George Price Highway - including the new Roaring Creek Bridge and the widening of the famous deadman curve outside Camalote. Though the project is over-budget and behind schedule, they said the end product will be quality and a really high road:..

Protect Your Pup Against Distemper
If you have a dog as a pet, you'll need to pay attention to our next story - but if you're squeamish, you might want to take a little break form the news . The vet association of Belize is reporting that there's an outbreak of canine distemper. It's a viral condition which started appearing at clinics in October. It's a concern because it could kill your dog or puppy. The Animal Medical Center in Belize City has seen close to 40 cases since October and they told us what you should look out for. Jane Crawford, veterinarian, Animal medical Center "If they have a pet that hasn't been vaccinated or is not up to date on their vaccination, and they notice any respiratory disease, any coughing, sneezing, runny nose, discharged from the eyes - those would be some of the first signs and symptoms that you would get from the disease.

No Case For Attempted Murder
One man who got good news today at court was 29 year-old Mathew Moore. He was charged with 2 counts of attempted murder, but the DPP's Office has entered a "nolle pros" against him which basically sets him free. Crown Counsel Killeru Awich told Justice Colin Williams today that the DPP's Office was discontinuing prosecution at this time because one of the victims Moore was accused of shooting, is dead, and the other does not want any further court action. So, Moore is no longer facing a criminal trial.

Making Tech Work For Conservation
Last night, we took you to Goff's Caye for a small preview of the technologies that conservationists are now putting to use to protect the world's terrestrial and marine reserves. The Wildlife Conservation Society organized a conference for participants from 10 nations within this region to explore how best to use the latest, high-tech pieces of equipment for the benefit of the environment. Chances are you've seen aerial drones before. If not, you've heard of them. These remotely operated rotocrafts behave like mini helicopters, and are usually match-made with very powerful cameras, to provide a wide aerial view of any location.

Bad Driver Almost Drove Through Chon Saan
She may have ordered take out - but she didn't say she wanted it at a drive thru! Last night, an out of control driver ran into the main entrance of one of Belize's busiest restaurants, Chon Saan. Fortunately, no one was hurt. Owner, Lee Mark Chang took the accident in good stride - posting on facebook that he'll consider opening a drive - through.

Lawless At La Popular
Last night, we told you about the two men who police arrested and charged for robbing La Popular Bakery on Logwood Street in Belize City. Well, we've since been provided with surveillance video of the crime in progress. It happened on Monday, and as you can see here, 2 men were there to conduct legitimate business. Two robbers then strolled in pretending to be customers, and they immediately turned around and headed directly for the cash register. The man to the far right, wearing a cap, pulled out a firearm, and pointed it at the cashier, while another man wearing a red cap darted behind the counter.

Bze Vehicle In Bad Bacalar Accident
There's a report tonight that Belizeans may have been involved in a terrible accident outside of Bacalar. A Jeep Renegade with Cayo plates C-38118 flipped over sometime this afternoon. The unidentified driver is reported to have died on the spot while the passenger is reportedly critical. Corozal Police have been asked to help their Mexican counterparts in identifying the victims. So if you have any information please call Corozal police.

Robbers Out West
Yesterday afternoon two thieves robbed a store owner in San Ignacio. They ran off with cash and other items. Police say they have one person in custody. Here's more from today's press briefing. ACP Joseph Myvette, Head of NCIB: "Also on yesterday's date sometime around 1:00 pm, San Ignacio police responded to a robbery at B&J store in San Ignacio where upon arrival, the proprietor of the store reported to them that sometime around 12:45 pm two male persons..."

Calculating Cop Trauma
And while the news is very often about crime - what about the police that have to deal with all that trauma - those accidents, those murders and shootings. Yesterday at the San Ignacio Hotel we saw a session which acknowledged their secondary trauma and sought to give them tools to deal with it: The one day course named Stress Management for Law Enforcement was held for 30 officers from across the country. Other sessions will be held.

Channel 5

Shootout In Corozal! Armed Robbers Target Peseros at Northern Border
A brazen armed robbery at the northern border this morning led to a shootout between police and armed robbers. Five masked men, at least three who were armed, robbed seven [...]

Compol says that the Police will continue to pursue criminals
Commissioner of Police Chester Williams had good words to say about the bravery of the cops who responded to the shootout at the border. He praised their bravery and said [...]

Police may be Closing in on the Killer or Killers of Double Murder
The tragic double murder in Punta Gorda on Monday night still has that southern municipality in shock. Kevin Moro and Oscar Humes, who were lifelong friends, were shot and killed [...]

Two charged with attempted murder in PG
Police say that while they have made arrests and charged two men for the shooting that happened prior to the double murder on Monday in Punta Gorda, they have not [...]

Baby Zela Still Critical At K.H.M.H
Eighteen-month-old Zela Usher remains in a critical condition at the K.H.M.H. after receiving severe burns to fifty percent of her little body on Tuesday evening. Baby Zela was at home [...]

Baby Zela 'Not Moving', Says Mother
Doctors are giving Baby Zela a fifty percent chance of survival. According to Gamboa, baby Zela isn't responding. � Aaronie Gamboa, Mother of Zela Usher "Right now she is a [...]

RECONDEV dismantles a home in Salvapan
A woman in Salvapan is without a roof over her head tonight. Nicolasa Cus, who lives in the community just on the outskirts of Belmopan, says that this morning personnel [...]

Belmopan City Council says, "It wasn't me!"
Our effort to reach someone at the RECONDEV for comment was unsuccessful. We touched base with the Belmopan City Council and they told us that they didn't know anything about [...]

Attorney General Lashes Out at PUP Over Vital Stats Video
The myriad of complaints on the way things run at the Vital Statistics are well-known.� Aside from the long lines and missing records, the issue of political interference has been [...]

A Belizean Motorist Perishes in RTA in Bacalar
Shortly after midday, a fatal traffic accident occurred near Bacalar, a popular spot across the northern border frequented by Belizeans. So far it is known that Belizean, Talmy Smith, was [...]

Robbery in the West!
There was a robbery in San Ignacio on Wednesday afternoon around one. Police say that two armed men held up a store and got away with an undisclosed quantity of [...]

La Popular Bakery on Wood Street Robbed
Twenty-seven-year-old Gildon Rivero and nineteen-year-old Delwin Lopez have been arrested and charged for an armed robbery which they allegedly committed on Monday night at La Popular bakery on Cemetery Road, [...]

Mentally Ill Inmate Freed After Nine Years in Prison
Thirty-three-year-old Luke McFadzean, a resident of Hattieville, was arrested and charged back in February 2010 with Attempt Murder and Use of Deadly Means of Harm, after being accused of striking [...]

Matthew Moore is Freed of Attempted Murder but Remains Locked Up
Well-known criminal figure Matthew Moore remains in lock down tonight though he was relieved of charges for the second time. In 2018, he was freed from a charge of murder [...]

Police Department offers trauma and stress management support to cops!
With all the crime and violence, cops need support, too - that's what Commissioner Chester Williams echoed today.� He told the media that officers are exposed to violence everyday in [...]

The Soy Bean Industry is in Crisis in Little Belize
Little Belize is a small remote community populated by almost three thousand Mennonites. To get there you travel via Progresso Road in the Corozal District.� It is not often in [...]

FCD signs Declaration of Good Intent with Guatemalan Counterparts
Today, Friends for Conservation and Development signed a declaration of good intent to promote the protection, conservation, and restoration of natural eco systems that connect Belize and Guatemala. The initiative [...]

Council of Churches' ICJ Support Receives Criticisms
On Tuesday the Belize Council of Churches came out in support of taking the Belize/Guatemala disputer for final resolution at the International Court of Justice. In a statement, the Council [...]

BPP Bun Fyah Pan Elections & Boundaries
The Belize Progressive Party is blasting the Elections and Boundaries Department for not including them as Referendum Monitors on April tenth. The department sent out a list on Tuesday inviting [...]

Corporal Punishment In Schools Is Illegal!
Corporal punishment is not only banned in all schools but it is an illegal act so the teacher who reportedly hit eight-year-old Anthony Adolphus committed a crime.� Anthony, a student [...]

BNTU Corrects Minister Faber's Comments
Senator Elena Smith and General Secretary for the B.N.T.U. Keisha Young say that Education Minister Patrick Faber misspoke. In an interview aired on Wednesday, Minister Faber reportedly was speaking on [...]

National Trade Policy Launched
Today, the Ministry of Economic Development, Trade and Commerce, launched the Policy which will be used to guide trade development for the next ten years. The 2019-2023 national plan has [...]

Trade touches all of our lives at different levels
We also spoke with the Directorate of Foreign Trade on this new plan. Director General Andy Sutherland says that they want buy in from the wider Belizean public because trade [...]


Police make headway in Queen Street shooting in Punta Gorda Town
Assistant Commissioner of Police, Joseph Myvett said that the police has made considerable progress in the case of the Queen Street daylight shooting in Punta Gorda Town over the weekend. While investigators still have not established a motive for the attack, they have made arrests. ACP Joseph Myvett: "Police has since arrested and charged Adwan �

First National Trade Policy launch
The Ministry of Investment, Trade and Commerce unveiled its first National Trade Policy which seeks to increase Belize's competitiveness. The policy has been in the making for over five years, responding to the complex demands of the regional and multilateral trading systems. Tracy Taegar-Panton, Minister of Investment, Trade and Commerce says the launch is a �

Junior Buddy, the Jaguar, celebrates twelfth birthday
It was celebration time at the Belize Zoo today as the famous Junior Buddy, the lovable Jaguar, and the zoo staff were joined by students from Corozal for Junior's twelfth birthday. The big cat was treated to a huge "birthday bone" and was serenaded by his tiny visitors. Founding Director, Sharon Matola says Junior Buddy �

Burn victim, Zaela Gamboa, to seek medical attention abroad
After being burnt in July 2018, 21-year-old Grayson Cadle has since made a remarkable recovery as we have reported. Tonight, however, there is another victim that we are cheering for. i15-month old Zaela Gamboa, is the baby girl who was burnt to the body in Punta Gorda Town on Tuesday, February 26. The child's mother �

Police win crossfire with armed robbers at the Santa Elena Border; four are injured
Robbers targeted money exchangers at the northern border this morning but did not get to enjoy their loot as quick police response landed the group of bandits in police custody, leaving four of them hospitalized with gun injuries. It was not the best day for their heist as we learned that just before they executed �

Police Department takes measures to help officers manage stress
And, to address the aspects of police stress, Commissioner of Police Chester Williams says the department is taking measures to help, even if it means mandatory counselling for the police men and women. Commissioner of Police Chester Williams: "Yes indeed many of our officers are under severe stress and as department we work in collaboration �

Regional Forum held on Technology Solutions for Marine Life
Today was the conclusion of a three day workshop which was hosted by the Wildlife Conservation Society and saw the participation of its partners from Central America and the Caribbean. The workshop discussed ways of using technology to promote sustainable fishing and to preserve marine life. Love news spoke with Nicole Auil-Gomez, the Country Director �

Mentally Ill man freed after 9 years in Prison
A mentally ill man has been in prison for 9 years without a trial. A Hattieville resident, 33 year old, Luke McFadzean suffers from moderate mental disability and Schizophrenia. In February 2010 McFadzean had an altercation with someone when an off duty police officer the process McFazdzean hit the officer on the head with �

Drive Through at Chon Saan Palace
There was a strange vehicular traffic accident that occurred in Belize City on Wednesday night. A vehicle drove into the entrance of Chon Saan restaurant on Kelly Street. Lee Mark Chang told Love News that no one was injured. Lee Mark Chang Proprietor, Chon Saan Restaurant: "Last night I was home already and I got �

The Reporter

Major Shootout, After Money-Changers Robbery At Northern Border
This morning - February 28th - several money-changers were robbed at the northern border. According to reports, seven money-changers were robbed of their cash pouches at gunpoint by at least five men.

Breaking Belize NewsPJ

Supporting Our Fellow Sisters While Taking Accountability For Your Actions
By Lucia Reyes: Growing up in Belize I've always been aware of the underlying dynamics seen in our society, even if I didn't understand it at the time. Having the opportunity to live in several towns [�]

"Elections not happening," says Venezuelan Ambassador
Venezuela's new ambassador to Belize H.E. Gerardo Argote has declared publicly that despite external pressures on his [�]

Belizean dies in traffic accident in Bacalar, Mexico
Mexican news sites are reporting that a Belizean died today as a result of a [�]

Authorities detain armed robbers at Northern border; recover cash and guns
This morning, authorities were conducting operations at the Northern Border when they saw a green [�]

BPP condemns Elections and Boundaries for not including them in list to monitor the referendum
The Belize Progressive Party (BPP) today issued a statement condemning the Elections and Boundaries Department [�]

Junior Buddy celebrates 12th Birthday at The Belize Zoo
Today, Jaguar 'Junior Buddy' celebrated his 12th birthday at the Belize Zoo. Over 60 children from [�]

"Chengo" goes for milestone as NEBL returns
After a disappointing conclusion to the 2019 FIBA AmeriCup pre-qualifier tournament [�]

Another traffic accident in Cayo, near Lands Department in Belmopan
Another traffic accident occurred today in the Cayo District. A double cab pickup that was [�]

RECONDEV demolishes squatter's home
Earlier today, a team from the Reconstruction and Development Corporation (RECONDEV) in Belmopan demolished the [�]

Friends for Conservation and Development sign declaration of good intent with Guatemalan Environmental organizations
Today, Friends for Conservation and Development (FCD) signed a Declaration of Good intent to promote the [�]

Works Minister and CEO tour new Roaring Creek bridge and George Price highway projects
On Wednesday, 27th February, Minister of Works, Hon Rene Montero and Works CEO, Errol Gentle, toured [�]


Where to Find Wildlife on Ambergris Caye
It is common for people planning their Belize vacations to want to know where to find wildlife on Ambergris Caye. Many people enjoy watching some interesting local animals and getting some great "make your friends jealous" pictures. Like the following pelican in motion and gulls on the water. In my case, a trip to the dock near home with my repeat temporary roommate Heather, gave us a whole wealth of wildlife. We started with some great birdwatching. They were mostly hanging out in a couple of groups and some were grooming. The one below decided to go his own way and greeted me on the dock.

Live Inspired: My loveletter to Belize
Almost exactly three months ago, I sat on a bus bound for the Belize border after wandering through Guatemala for about four months (minus a couple stops in the States). I felt this contraction in my chest, then. I remember thinking, and writing, that I felt I would always be connected with Guatemala, that I would always harbor some special feeling toward the country. It's still true. I still practice with my Guatemala-based Spanish teacher twice a week. I still think and read about the political happenings in a place whose landscapes astounded me and whose traditions overwhelmed me. But even now, it feels far away. Because as this month draws to a close, it's leaving Belize (to move on to Honduras) that my heart is breaking over.

International Sourcesizz

House of the Royal Lady Bee: Maya revive native bees and ancient beekeeping
Engineered by insect intelligence, the hive was a convoluted mesh of waxy secretions and labyrinthine cavities. Worker bees streamed through its recesses. Bulbous pods brimmed with fresh honey. It was both organic and otherworldly, earthy yet exotic, a fierce, self-organizing microcosm fueled with the meticulously harvested pollen of rainforest flowers. It was dizzying to our human eyes. The caretaker of the hive, Rogel Villanueva Guti�rrez, is a biologist specializing in the interactions between bees and tropical forests. "In order to keep the bees, you have to keep the forest," he said. "In order to keep the forest, you have to keep the bees. The bees can't live without the forest. The forest can't live without the bees." Melipona beecheii is one of 16 stingless bee species that inhabit the forests of the Yucat�n Peninsula in southern Mexico. Its name in Yucatec Maya is Xunan-Kab: Royal Lady Bee.

Ancient extinct sloth tooth in Belize tells story of creature's last year
Some 27,000 years ago in central Belize, a giant sloth was thirsty. The region was arid, not like today's steamy jungle. The Last Glacial Maximum had locked up much of Earth's moisture in polar ice caps and glaciers. Water tables in the area were low. The sloth, a beast that stood up to 4 meters tall, eventually found water - in a deep sinkhole with steep walls down to the water. That is where it took its final drink. In 2014, divers found some of the sloth's remains - parts of a tooth, humerus and femur - while searching for ancient Maya artifacts in the pool, in Cara Blanca, Belize. Though partially fossilized, the tooth still held enough unaltered tissue for stable carbon and oxygen isotope analysis, which provided clues to what the sloth ate in the last year of its life. This, in turn, revealed much about the local climate and environment of the region at the time. The findings, reported in the journal Science Advances, will aid the study of similar fossils in the future, the researchers said.

Mexico legalizes Marijuana for recreational purposes
The most important battle in Mexico has just been won: the chamber of the Supreme Court of Justice of the nation (SCJN) has published case law in which it states that all judges may grant prescriptions to those who need them, for the recreational use of cannabis. The resolution will be published in 6 days and will continue towards its complete decriminalization. Until now, judges could refuse the protection of self-consumption issued by the Federal Commission for Protection against Health Risks (COFEPRIS), since the law partially prohibited consumption.

Mexican State inaugurates new high tech security filter at border
One of the several security control modules that will operate at the entrances and exits of state cities was inaugurated by Governor Carlos Joaqu�n. The newly installed module, which is located at kilometer 12.5 of the Bacalar highway -Chetumal, was officially inaugurated by the state governor in Chetumal Wednesday. "Today we fulfill one of the most heartfelt demands of the community, to safeguard the inhabitants of the capital of our state and of neighboring communities," he said.

Submarine Team Produced The First 3D Sonar Image Of Belize's Great Blue Hole
Off the coast of Belize exists a giant sinkhole in Earth's ocean. Known as the Great Blue Hole, it is 300 meters (984 feet) across and reaches a depth of 124 meters (407 feet). No light or oxygen is found at the bottom of the hole, so it's not a surprise that it has retained an aura of mystery about itself. A recent expedition shining a literal light on the hole made several intriguing discoveries about what's within the deep hole. Where light didn't reach, the team used sound. They were able to produce the first three-dimensional sonar image of the sinkhole. "With a variety of sonar heads, used sequentially over the course of the Expedition, we've been able to create a high-resolution, three-dimensional sonar image of the interior of the Great Blue Hole," Erika Bergman, oceanographer and the chief submarine pilot on the expedition, wrote in a blog post on Southern Fried Science.

A trip birding in Belize
For me the urge to travel in search of new adventures is an itch that just needs to be scratched. Kathy and I did a little scratching along that vein a few weeks ago. We traveled to Central America, namely Belize and Guatemala. We flew to Belize City via Houston, then shuttled to the Table Rock Jungle Lodge near the village of Cristo Rey in west-central Belize. Table Rock would serve as our basecamp for the entire trip. When I say basecamp, I am by no means inferring that the accommodations were sparse or primitive - quite the contrary. We stayed in one of nine cabanas that are spread out along the rim of the Macal River. River stone walkways wander through the rainforest and connect the cabanas and lodge's other facilities. The dining area is open air covered by a traditional thatched roof. Nearby are the patio and Infinity pool areas.

How discriminatory Caribbean laws are being challenged in the courts
In some countries, partners are acting to challenge the constitutionality of discriminatory laws held over from the colonial era. Through a case also supported by U-RAP, Caleb Orozco challenged the law in Belize that made "carnal intercourse against the order of nature," which includes anal sex, a crime punishable by up to 10 years imprisonment. On 10 August 2016, Belize became just the second independent Commonwealth Caribbean country to decriminalize sex between men, and the first to do so through its courts.

Mayan Artifacts Used in Ritual Sacrifices Discovered at the Bottom of Sacred Lake
A team of Polish archaeologists diving in a possibly sacred lake in northern Guatemala has recovered hundreds of Mayan artifacts, including ceremonial bowls and obsidian blades that may have been used in ancient animal sacrifices. Scientists in Guatemala are examining the artifacts to learn more about the material culture of the Mayan people at different times. Researchers also want to learn how the objects may relate to Mayan religious practices. The researchers recovered more than 800 artifacts from Lake Pet�n Itz�, which once surrounded the ancient Mayan city of Nojpet�n, according to the team leader, Magdalena Krzemień, an archaeologist at Jagiellonian University in Poland.

Great Blue Hole mysteries deepen as explorers find surprises
There's a very big, very deep hole in the ocean in Belize, and a submarine crew just got done exploring. They've got a documentary coming out later this year - but before that, they've got a few new bits of information to share about their adventure. Erika Bergman, Aquatica's Chief Pilot, provided the readings chart shown here from one of the dives during the mission. In addition to interesting readings on chemical compositions and sea life - or lack thereof, the group found "tracks" from creatures they could not identify. In an interview with CNN Travel, Bergman spoke about various aspects of the Blue Hole mission, sonar readings, and some mystery tracks. "You can be 20 or 30 meters away from a stalactite or a hunk of the wall and see it in every perfect detail," said Bergman, "better than eyesight could even provide." Bergman noted that they'd found unidentifiable tracks at the base of the hole, which apparently weren't from conch. They were "open to interpretation," said Bergman.


  • Money Changers Robbed at Corozal border with Chetumal, 1min. Police officers have captured the suspects.

  • Hawksbill Sea Turtle in Belize, 1/2min.

  • Hunting Tilapias in Belize River, 8min.

  • Fishing, Ambergis Caye San Pedro Belize, 4min. During our stay at Ramon's Village Resort, they set us up on a half day fishing excursion with a couple of local guides. I brought my 7 and 10 year old boys. The guides were awesome. The fishing was really about the boys so they took us out for some great action spots. We ended up catching 9 snappers that were keepers and 2 mackerel.

  • Belize Great Blue Hole - BBC Ocean documentaries, 45min.

  • Snorkeling at Laughing Bird Caye, 3min. Snorkelers visit the coral reefs at Laughing Bird Caye National Park, including a coral "nursery" where dozens of colorful fish make their homes. Video by Dexter Sear aboard the National Geographic Quest in Laughing Bird Caye National Park, Belize.

  • Belize Fishing with Owen!, 2.5min. Ambergis Caye San Pedro Belize. We fished that morning with a local guide and brought our catch back to the restaurant at our resort; Pineapple's at Ramon's Village Resort. They prepared it for dinner blackened and fried. It was awesome!