Villagers in San Jose Succotz in Western Belize are fuming tonight - after they received water bills that were astronomically high.

How astronomical? Try $1,091 for homes whose bill would never go over a hundred dollars.

We were sent a bunch of bills that are five or ten times what these consumers would usually pay.

So, what's causing it - and what should they do?

Well, Channel 7 was reliably informed that the cause is a dishonest meter reader who was making grossly inaccurate readings of meters. But, it also resulted in much lower bills for a period - and no one complained about that. That person has been fired and and his replacement has rectified the situation and brought meters up to the correct current readings - which is what's causing the uproar, apparently.

But then what about those huge bills? We were told that the company is in the process of rectifying the situation - though we're not quite sure what that means.

Villagers told us that they're prepared to sue the utility company.

Channel 7