Punta Gorda native and author Govel Morgan Junior recently published his book entitled "Anigi" on the international market. According to Morgan, while the book was originally published in the late nineteen-nineties, he successfully managed to perfect his literature work to have it published by Page Publishing in New York City. Morgan stopped by our studios this morning to tell us what the book is about.

Govel Morgan Jr., Author

"It's a story that encompasses, that captures the struggle of cultural people all around the world. Of course, it is not a novel theme, it is not a new theme, but it is a twist for the Belizean scene. It is written about the Garifuna culture; it is a not a Bible for the Garifuna language, but it is about the culture. It is about where culture changes with changing times. And the character in the book, Anigi himself was confronted with these issues. As it says in the prelude to the story, you have where new influence came in, where culture was challenged, religion was challenged, and the way of life was challenged. Anigi had to deal with those issues, confront those issues and in doing that he made his decision with how he did it."

The book can be bought online on Amazon, Page Publishing and Barnes and Noble.

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