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The San Pedro Sun

San Pedro's Carnaval has begun!
El Gran Carnaval de San Pedro is back, and for the next two days, the streets of downtown San Pedro will be filled with music, folklore and paint. This year's festivities, which are held to usher in the 40-day Lenten Season, began on Saturday, March 2nd, with its first ever Canaval Parade followed by a block party at the Honourable Louis Sylvestre Sporting Complex. So far the annual celebration has included one comparsas (dancing groups) presentation and a kids carnival foam party at the Central Park. Held under the theme 'Mejorando la Tradicion,' the event is organized by The San Pedro Town Council (SPTC).

Mr. Wayne Casimiro awarded full scholarship by the International Olympic Committee - Olympic Solidarity Funds
Congratulations are in order from the Football Federation of Belize to Mr. Wayne Casimiro for being the recipient of a four-month course in Budapest, Hungary. The full scholarship awarded to Mr. Casimiro is from the International Olympic Committee - Olympic Solidarity Funds which will entail the following: instruction, examinations, accommodation, meals, medical services and internal transportation while the Football Federation of Belize will cover transportation cost to and from Hungary. The objective of the course is to train and educate coaches from around the world while at the same time promoting and developing excellence in coaches.

Hon Edmond Castro receives equipment for NEMO from Mesoamerican Project
Minister of National Emergency Management, Hon Edmond Castro, has received on behalf of the National Emergency Management Organization (NEMO) valuable equipment from the Mesoamerica Integration and Development Project, in line with the Mesoamerica Network for Integral Risk Management (RMGIR). The project handed over one (1)Hp 'Pro-book' laptop and one (1) Dell Optiplex desktop to the minister on February 28, 2019. The project, which will see the sharing of map layers from various Ministries of Government on one platform focusing on disaster risk management.

Ambergris Today

Is The Carnaval Comparsa Dying Out?
Only one comparsa (street dancing group) graced the streets of downtown San Pedro, Ambergris Caye, Belize on the first day of the island's cultural celebration of Carnaval. Does this signal the start of a dying tradition? Many are afraid that it just might be, as the number of comparsas during the festivitiesl have dropped significantly throughout the years. Only a couple groups are holding on tight to the age-old tradition, not wanting to see it die out completely. The comparsas are a lot of fun, but they are a lot of work. The group members tire out from dancing up to 5 hours for three consecutive days.

San Pedro's Colorful Carnaval Parade
With much excitement island residents enjoyed a Carnaval Parade which was held on Saturday, March 2, 2019. The parade started off at the Bocal Del Area Park and headed down Laguna Drive heading its way to the town core. There was lots of music and merriment by both carinval dancers and spectators. Leading the parade was a golf cart with Don Juan Carnaval followed by fun cartoon characters, Titans Mas Band Carnival Group along with the ever popular Ernestine Carballo. Also joining the parade was the Miss San Pedro Float, Reinas del Carnaval and Nayobie's Hope for Children Group. It was a short parade but very lively and colorful. Here are some pics for your enjoyment.

Misc Belizean Sources


Cash Flow Management & Budgeting Workshop
Presented by: Mr. Jorge Gentle, Business Adviser, SBDCBelize, Beltraide. Location: BTEC Training Room, ITVET Compound, Freetown Rd, Belize City. Workshop Date: March 07th, 2019. Time: 9am to 12pm. Being responsible for the budget and cashflow means you're playing a vital role in your organization's future. Your budget and cash flow management enables you to pinpoint critical variables that impact profit so your company can successfully pursue its goals and continue to grow. Through this workshop participants will learn to create an accurate operating budget and learn cash flow management tools that will help their company achieve its goals.

Justice of the Peace (JP) Monthly Meeting
The Justice of the Peace (JP) Monthly Meeting will be next Wednesday, March 6th at 7:00 PM at San Pedro High School Room. 1G. Assistant Commander of the Coastal Executive Unit/San Pedro Police Formation Inspector Basil Reyes will address those present at the start of the meeting. Make every effort to attend; refreshments will be served. Invitation open for those who are serious inquirers about becoming a JP to this meeting!

Corozal Cleanup
On Sunday 3rd March, 2019 Members of the Red Cross, Ministry of Health and the Corozal Town Council set out on a mission of a Clean Up Campaign in the area of Skelenton Town / White's Cocal area of Corozal Town. We extend a heartfelt thank you to everyone who participated in this community and civic initiative.

Dance group from Xaibe
Had the best time ever with these beauties. Dance group from Xaibe. COROZAL DISTRICT Belize at Carnaval 2019. Beautiful. Amazing and inspiring presentations by all. A huge thank you to Ms Genara Gano and all the parents who supported this wonderful endeavor. Thank you Ms Debra Wilkes Corozal House of Culture.

Win tickets for two for a trip to the Great Blue Hole
Ready to say goodbye to your plastic-filled past? Reef Week Belize, Maya Island Air Belize and Digi Belize are here to help make moving on a little easier! Belize is breaking up with plastic and to help remedy the breakup blues, Digi Belize, the Reef Week Committee and Maya Island Air have teamed up to give 1 lucky winner and a guest, a trip to the ultimate blue� the Great Blue Hole!

Saga Humane Society Fundraiser
Join us at Coco Loco's and meet our wonderful Veterinarian Heather who will be tending bar at this fun filled event - March 7 - mark your calendars! Thursday, March 7, 2019 at 4 PM

San Pedro Fat Tuesday/Mardi Gras Masquerade party, Nawlins Style!

The Upgrade of Hopkins Village Main Street
The newly upgraded Hopkins Village Main Road was officially opened on the 4th March 2019. Minister of Works, Honorable Rene Montero and Head of the Delegation of the European Union to Belize, Ambassador Malgorzata Wasilewska will lead the inauguration ceremony that will take place at the Maude Park, Hopkins Village, and Stann Creek District beginning at 10:30 am. The Hopkins Village Main Street which was rehabilitated under the Banana Accompanying Measures Programme (BAM) 2013, jointly funded by the European Union and the Government of Belize is of major importance for the social development of southern Belize.

Corozal: Learn Self Defense
She will be here again. Mark the date - Sunday, March 17th. Do you want to Learn Self Defense. For only $10.00 per person you can learn the basic techniques, including Observation, Boundary Setting, Verbal Skills, Physical Techniques, Defense Against Weapons, and more. Contact Dan Horejs at [email protected] to purchase tickets. Self Defense Instructor: Renee Wentz

Corozal Basketball Association - PLAYOFFS
" The real test is on the table now. As last week we finished our regular season schedule; we now kick off playoff mode, It's Win or Go Home. Quarter Finals Match ups for the weekend - Friday and Saturday

Corozal - Construction of the New Transfer Dumpsite Station Facility
Construction of the New Transfer Dumpsite Station Facility in Corozal is presently underway at approximately 2.75 miles north of Corozal Town, off the Philip Goldson Highway at the entrance of the Slaughter House Road. With this facility completed, the closure of current and clandestine dumpsites will take place. We have requested a date for completion of the new dumpsite facility, a date for closure of the current dumpsites, an inventory of the dumpsites that will be closed, and will give you an update, as soon as we are able to obtain this information from the proper authorities. Keep Corozal Safe and Clean!

Women in Art Fest 2019
The 2019 Women in Art Fest is being held this Saturday, March 9th, at the Cayo Welcome Center. "Women in art fest on the 9th March at Cayo Welcome center registration is now open for artist and artisans, contact us at SISEHOC call us at 824-0783."

'Women in Law Enforcement' conference
Tackling Gender-Based Violence through regional cooperation and sharing best practices! Women police officers of all ranks, civil society representatives, judges, lawyers, and INL colleagues from Belize, El Salvador & Honduras participate in 'Women in Law Enforcement' conference aiming to combat GBV. Proud of Michelle Carrasco and our INL colleagues for representing the Embassy and Belize!

2019 BELTRAIDE first Female Entrepreneurship Training
#2018YLAI fellows Lorcia Moore and Fatima Chi Gordon proudly representing female entrepreneurs at the 2019 BELTRAIDE first Female Entrepreneurship Training! Congratulations, Lorcia and Fatima! Young Leaders of the Americas Initiative - YLAI Naturally Belize Coconut Products L3G's & Associates

ICJ FAIR Friday, March 15 at the Cayo Welcome Center!
Come LISTEN, LEARN and ASK so you could be ready and informed for April 10th!

Formation of the Republic of Yucatan
A Day like today March 4 but in 1840 the country known as the Republic of Yucatan was form with what is today the states of Yucatan,Campeche,Quintana Roo and with portions of Belize . The centralist Mexicans didnot like what was happening so they send the Mexican army to Yucatan . The Mexican army arrived at the Pacabt�n's farm in M�rida, where it learned that Yucat�n had already prepared the defense of M�rida and had the reinforcement of eleven thousand Yucatec Maya indigenous soldiers(who were promised better treatment if they help fight against the Mexicans). The Mexican army back off . Even so the discrimination,bad treatment, high taxes paid by the Maya ,debt and slavery work didnot change for the Maya in this new republic . The Yucatec Maya rose against the White in 1947 and by 1849 form their own Maya Nation known as Chan Santa Cruz. The Maya Social War also known as the Caste War was one of the major downfall of the Republic of Yucatan . As soon as the war started some of the Elite Yucatecos cross the rio hondo to what would become Belize. Later they would be followed by many Yucatec Maya who also cross the rio hondo for a save place but they reach to another war between the Yucatec Maya group known as the Icaiche Maya against the British . The Republic of Yucatan return to Mexico . The British and Mexico finalized a border in the 1897 with out asking the indigenous Yucatec Maya . The Yucatec Maya continue resisting until the 1930's .

Strengthening enforcement in the Hol Chan Marine Reserve
Further to the notice published in the San Pedro Sun on February 8", 2019 the Hol Chan Marine Reserve (HCMR) would like to inform our valued stakeholder and the public that we will be strengthening our enforcement in all zones within the Reserve. Please note the following: I. Any Tour Operator/Vessel that commit the following infraction(s) against the Hol Chan Marine Reserve Regulations and Fisheries Legislations will not be allowed to enter the reserve:

Channel 7

Dozens of Charges Hurled at Border Robbers
We have a full newscast tonight - including the chilling story of an 18 year old girl who was hacked to death in Roaring Creek. BUT WE START IN Corozal.On last week Thursday and Friday's newscasts, we told you all about that lawless crime at the Corozal border where 6 men carried out a daring, early morning robbery of the money changers. These men held up the money changers and snatched over $15,000 in various currencies. Police were at the location at the right time, and while the robbers were trying to get away, the cops set chase. That led to a shoot-out, but all 6 were detained, though they suffered various injuries.

A Killer Lurked In His Yard
And going now to the city - where there has been another murder, and this one looks like a hit. It happened between late Friday night and Saturday morning in the Port Loyola area. A gunman ambushed 45 year old Walter Beaton in his yard, shot him with a high calibre weapon and left him dead in the drain. His wife told us today he knew he was being watched: 48 year-old Walter Lindon Beaton was found dead in the drain in front of his house on Reggae Street. Someone shot him multiple times when he got home, a place that he should have been the safest.

City Cops Look For Killer
Police have been investigating, but say that at this time they have no motive and no suspect: ASP Alejandro Cowo - OC, CIB Belize City: "On Saturday, the 2nd of March, 2019, just at about 6:30 a.m., police were called to Reggae Street, where upon arrival, they observed a male person lying face down inside of a drain. The person had gunshot injuries to his body. The police processed the scene were expended shells were found, and thereafter, the body was taken to the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital, where he was pronounced dead on arrival. What police gathered so far is that the male person that was found inside of the drain was identified as Walter Lyndon Beaton, a 45 year-old Belizean of a Reggae Street address. What we know is that Mr. Beaton had arrived at home, onboard his white Kia vehicle, and as he was about to enter his yard, he was fired upon, which caused his fatal injuries."

Killers Came For Pou in His Bedroom
Belize City cops are also investigating the attempted murder of 22 year-old Clinton Pou, a cook from North Front Street. Yesterday evening, he was at his home in the company of a women, and they were watching TV. The woman has told police that she briefly left him to go to the bedroom, and while she was in there, she heard 4 gunshots ring out. She immediately rushed back to the living room, and found Pou injured to the left hand, and the left side of his chest. The shooter, described as a tall slim man, ran away and escaped. Police told us more about the case today:

Ambassador Says Bar Opinion Validates A Yes To ICJ
On Friday we told you that the Bar Association of Belize had finally gotten the legal opinion on the Belize/Guatemala territorial dispute from regional international law expert, Professor Stephen Vascianne. Well, we have read the opinion and it basically says that a yes to the ICJ is a safe vote, that Belize has a sound case, and Guatemala, really, has none at all. That corroborates what the experts have been saying, and, tonight, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs is quietly taking a victory lap.

SSB Workers Bang The Industrial Action Drum
Today staffers at Social Security Board Headquarters and branches all across the country started banging on their desks at around 10:45 this morning. The form of industrial action lasted for over a minute. The staffers - who are represented by the Christian Workers Union are concerned about their pension scheme. Management of the SSB is trying to establish a trust cooperation, which is a company to hold the pension - rather than have it in the name of individual trustees. But, the union isn't comfortable with that and other issues. So, they sent management a letter on Friday outlining concerns. Today, the CEO says he didn't even have time to respond:

Pregnant 18 Year Old Cruelly Murdered
A pregnant teenaged mother was executed in the most cruel way. 18 year old Joan Sharen Gabourel's nude decomposed body was found on Saturday afternoon around 1:30. Her body was thrown in the bushes near a cane field off the Valley of Peace road, right next to her family's land. Now who would stab and mutilate a teenaged girl? Courtney Weatherburne has more on the different theories in this horrific killing. Courtney Weatherburne reporting: Joan Sharen Gabourel was laid to rest in her favorite colored casket on Saturday night. Her mother, Marinela Garcia never thought she would bury her pregnant 18 year old daughter. It's almost surreal, and the anguish palpable.

A Family's Pain...
We also spoke to Gabourel's sister. She told us how she will remember her sister and how devastating it is to have lost her. Judith Gabourel, Sister: "Like I said we were close. Always tease each other. She use to come by me, I use to come here. She was funny, very sarcastic. She could have made my brothers get vex, but before the day was over we would talk to each other and hang right there behind that tree and take our chairs and stuff and just buy all kinds of junk and go sit at the back of that tree for hours until my mom would get vex and say that we had to do something..."

Cops Talk About Valley Murder
As we told you, police have collected significant evidence in this murder case and initially detained one man for questioning. They are also looking into several leads. Here is more from the police press briefing. ACP Joseph Myvette - Head, NCIB: "On Saturday, sometime around 1:30 p.m., Belmopan Police was called to an area just outside of Valley of Peace Village, near cane field, where they discovered the decomposing body of a Hispanic female, later identified as Joan Gabourel, 18 year-old. The scene was processed, where several items were recovered from the scene. The body was then transported to the medical college, where a post-mortem was conducted, which revealed that she died from stab wounds, as well as blunt-force trauma. So far, there are 2 persons in police custody pending this investigation."

Domestic Abuse: A Strange Stabbing Story
37 year-old Tanesia Payne, a resident of Flamboyant Street in Belize City, is out on bail of $5,000 after police charged her for stabbing her ex-common-law husband, 52 year-old Richard Ellis. It's a strange story, and today, the press asked police to fill in the many blanks. Here's Assistant Superintendent Alejandro Cowo: ASP Alejandro Cowo: "It was Thursday the 28th, before 9am, police visited the hospital where they observed Mr. Richard Ellis, 52 year old Belizean from a Jane Usher [Boulevard] address suffering from apparent stab wound to his body. What police gathered so far is that Richard Ellis had visited a house on Mahogany Street where he was living with a female. As a result, a dispute happened there where he was attacked by several persons and he sustained those injuries..."

Derek Aikman Passes
Tonight we note the passing of history-making politician, Derek Aikman. The 59 year old died unexpectedly on Saturday night. Aikman made history in 1984 as a UDP candidate when he defeated George Price in the Freetown division - handing the then Prime Minister his first general election defeat. Price had held the seat from 1961 - so, for the brash 25 year old running in his first general election to beat him in that safe seat was an upset of epic proportions. After that, Aikman went unto serve as Minister of Education, and won Freetown again in 1989 - but did not serve out the full term. In 1992 - in what is latterly viewed as the equivalent of a political fatwa - through an application from the Belize Bank, the Supreme Court adjudged him to be a bankrupt and he was forced to vacate his seat in the house. That bye-eleciton gave rise to the PUP's Jorge Espat and the PUP has held the division uninterrupted since then.

Bringing The Panama Plan to Crafts
Today, NICH and the Panamanian Embassy in Belize signed an agreement to Enhance Theatre and Crafts in Belize. It will see two experts in crafts come to Belize to work with local artisans. Greg Vernon of ICA told us more: Greg Vernon Director - ICA: "We are now reaching out with 2 masters in their field: Norma Dixon and her husband Mr. Dixon, who are master. In Panama when you registered, they are registered as maestro and so these are 2 maestros coming into Belize for training our students, our teachers and our artisans in developing the craft industry." Jules Vasquez, reporter: "How do we create a market for persons trained by masters?" Greg Vernon Director - ICA: "This is exactly what we are going to do: we're looking at making the craft industry being the quantity that we produced is more than what we import..."

A New Street For Hopkins
Hopkins Village main road has been upgraded and this morning it was inaugurated with a ceremony led by the European Ambassador to Belize and the Minister of Works. Funding of almost 3 million Belize dollars came from the Banana Accompanying Measures Programme. The works include the cementing of over three kilometers of road including culverts, drains, two concrete pedestrian crossings; road markings and installation over one hundred traffic signs.

Channel 5

Pregnant Valley of Peace Woman Callously Killed
The body of a pregnant eighteen-year-old woman was found on Saturday afternoon in Valley of Peace, Cayo. Joan Gabourel had been brutally murdered and her body left to rot in [...]

A Taxi Driver is Executed at His Reggae Street Address on Friday Night
In Belize City, six children were left without their father when the life of a well-known taxi driver was cut short.� Forty-eight-year-old Walter Beaton, also known as Welch, was shot [...]

4 Charged for Robbery at Northern Border
Four persons have been charged and arraigned for the brazen robbery of money changers at the northern border on Thursday morning. The four men, Eugene Myers, Zander Myers, Randolph Crawford [...]

The Unauthorized Use of Images of George Price on I.C.J. billboards
Across the country, the YES Campaign organized by the Referendum Unit has been carrying out a propaganda blitz, promoting a 'YES' vote on April tenth referendum day. Aside from the [...]

A Legal Opinion on I.C.J. by Professor Stephen Vasciannie
The anticipated expert opinion on the Guatemala claim to Belize is now available. The Bar Association commissioned and is now in receipt of the opinion from a Caribbean expert on [...]

18-year-old Remanded for Sexually Assaulting Minor
An eighteen-year-old teenager is accused of sexually assaulting a fourteen-year old minor.�� Tonight, he is on remand at the Belize Central Prison awaiting a possible Supreme Court bail following his [...]

Man Shot Inside his House in Belize City
There was more violence in Belize City aside from the murder of the cabbie. A man was shot just after five on Sunday evening. Police say Clinton Pou was inside [...]

Ex-Girlfriend Charged with Grievous Harm
Fifty-two-year-old Richard Ellis reported to police that he was stabbed multiple times in the face on Thursday morning just before nine. He reported that a woman and two men attacked [...]

C.W.U. Takes on S.S.B. over Staff's Pension Plan
There is unease at the Social Security Board. This is according to the Christian Workers Union. This morning staff members who are union members participated in an in-office protest across [...]

C.W.U. Questions S.S.B.'s Letter to B.C.C.I.
The C.W.U. is also expressing concern on another matter relating to the S.S.B.� According to the C.W.U., a letter sent to the Belize Chamber of Commerce and Industry by C.E.O. [...]

C.W.U. Member Alleges Victimization by S.S.B.
The union is also at odds with the S.S.B. over a complaint by one of their own. Ella Waight, who is the C.W.U.'s Deputy Chief Representative, is alleging that she [...]

Minister of National Security Tours Southern Belize
Minister of National Security John Saldivar commenced a tour of the south this weekend, beginning with a trip to Barranco Village and the Sarstoon River on Friday.� The ministry is [...]

Top Cop Holds Public Meeting in PG
Commissioner of Police Chester Williams hosted a public meeting in Punta Gorda on Friday evening to discuss the concerns of residents in the wake of an increase in crime and [...]

Belize & Panama Partner to Strengthen the Creative Industry
Today, NICH and the Embassy of Panama signed a memorandum of understanding to enhance theatre and crafts in Belize.� This will be done through workshop sessions and trainings to strengthen [...]

NICH Wants Industry Legislation to Help Artisans
The M.O.U. with Panama will help to boost the handicraft and theatre offerings. But one of the challenges local artisans face is the importation of small souvenirs, which are mass [...]

Derek Aikman Passes Away at 59
Well-known Derek Aikman died over the weekend at the age of fifty-nine.� A colourful personality, Aikman rose to prominence with the United Democratic Party in 1984 when in a major [...]

RECONDEV Will Not Allow Squatters
On Thursday, Salvapan resident Nicolasa Cus and her family were left without a roof over their heads after the house they were living in for several years was dismantled. Residents [...]

The Weekend in Sports
Good evening, I'm James Adderley and this is Sports Monday.   [Highlights of the weekend sporting activities...]


Ambassador says it's ok to use George Price in ICJ Campaign
The ICJ Campaign relied on familiar faces that we see on the TV and ear on the radio. The visages of these local celebrities are accompanied with bold text messages that encourage people to vote on April 10. There are two posthumous billboards that have attracted negative as well as positive responses from the public. �

NICH signs MOU with the Embassy of Panama
Today, the National Institute of Culture and History, NICH, and the Embassy of Panama signed a Memorandum of Understanding for training in the areas of drama theatre and handicraft. Sapna Budhrani, the President of NICH, said that NICH is dedicated to developing and safeguarding the culture. Sapna Budhrani President of NICH: "Between mid March and �

The response from both sides of Professor Vasciannie's Legal Opinion on ICJ
Late last week Professor Stephen Vasciannie, a former University of West Indies Law Professor handed the Bar Association of Belize his legal opinion on the Belize case which the Government intends to forward to the International Court of Justice (ICJ). Though the Bar had published the document online, the leaders are still preparing their statements �

Derek Aikman dead at 59
Former elected Area Representative, Derek Aikman, passed away at the age of fifty-nine on Sunday, March 3. Aikman rose to political fame in 1984 when he made history by defeating the Right Honourable George Cadle Price in the Freetown Division under the umbrella of the United Democratic Party. His loyalty to the UDP lasted less than �

She instructed Neighbor to Stab her so she could report her injured Ex
They say let sleeping dogs lie, but a man, half a century old, found that lesson out a little too late, when he attempted to remove his gas tank from his ex-lover's home. On February 28 fifty-two year old Richard Ellis went to Tanesha Payne's house on Flamboyant Street. Ellis began to loosen the connections �

The Reporter

Police Detain Two People In Connection To The Murder Of Joan Gabourel
Police have detained two persons in connection with the stabbing/chopping murder of Valley of Peace resident, Joan Gabourel, 18, whose mutilated body was discovered sometime around 1:30 on Saturday afternoon.

Protest By Employees At Security Office - Union Organized
The Reporter has been advised that there are union organized protests happening in Social Security Board branch offices across the country.

Breaking Belize NewsPJ

Six reasons you should vote in the April 10th referendum
On April 10, 2019, Belizeans will participate in a historic national referendum to decide whether or [�]

Inauguration ceremony held for upgrade of Hopkins Main Street
The newly upgraded Hopkins Village main road was officially opened today. Minister of Works, Rene Montero [�]

Two suspects detained in connection with Joan Gabourel murder
Today, authorities informed that they detained two suspects in connection with the murder of 18-year-old Joan [�]

Belizean makes international news when she coincidentally meets her old penpal at a Canadian University
Belizeans have made international news for various reasons over the years: some for committing crimes and others [�]

Freetown mourns passing of Derek Aikman
Today, the UDP Freetown Committee and Orson Elrington issued a statement joining the nation in the [�]

Tumul K'in Center of Learning to hold Maya Day in March
The teachers and students of Tumul K'in Center of Learning invite you to be a part [�]

When will general elections be called?
In his third and final term as Prime Minister, the Right Honorable Dean Barrow is [�]

18 year old sent to prison for raping 14-year-old minor
Kevon Palmerston, 18, is being held without bail at the Central Prison for reportedly raping a [�]

Guatemalan politician with Belizean roots immune to prosecution
The Guatemalan Supreme Court has ruled that presidential candidate and former First Lady Sandra Torres [�]

Chamber of Commerce extends condolences on the loss of Derek Aikman
Today the Belize Chamber of Commerce and Industry's (BCCI) Executive Council, Secretariat and Western Union issued a [�]

Fair weather to continue
The 24-hour forecast is for mostly fair weather to continue. Sunny skies with some cloudy spells are [�]

Seventeen new species of snails discovered in Belize
A decade-long study in Belize by malacologists researching mollusks in the country has identified 17 previously unknown [�]

First annual Coconut Festival to be held in Corozal
Tourism industry stakeholders are coming together to host the first ever Coconut Festival in Corozal, with the [�]

Rejected voters still have an opportunity to register
The Elections and Boundaries Commission disallowed over 2,500 persons from registering to vote in the upcoming referendum; [�]


Belikin La Ruta Maya River Challenge is here!
Like Christmas falls on December 25th, and our Belize Independence Day is September 21st, so does the Belikin La Ruta Maya River Challenge land on the weekend of National Heroes and Benefactors Day (formerly Baron Bliss Day). March 9th is the official holiday, so whichever Friday or Monday is closest is the Public and Bank Holiday, making for a nice long weekend for spectators, participants, sponsors and last-minute enthusiasts to flock to one of the many observation posts to catch teams paddling the Macal River and into the Belize River in what is considered the most grueling canoe race in Belize.

11 Things You Didn't Know About Western Belize
Belize may be a tourist hotspot, but we're here to show you that there's far more to discover than the Great Blue Hole. This beautiful and unique country is full of untold wonders. Below, we've compiled 11 of our favorite tidbits about our home in Western Belize that most people don't know. Western Belize is the center of Maya civilization in Central America History is all around us at Ka'ana. Records of Maya civilization in Belize date all the way back to 2000 BC, and you can visit these ancient cities which are just a few minutes down the road - by car or horseback! With new discoveries happening every year, you never know what you might find.

The Best Time to Visit Belize for Whale Sharks
Belize is a world-famous mecca for scuba diving and snorkeling thanks to its massive barrier reef system (the second-largest in the world), crystal clear waters, and abundance of marine life. But one of the rarest and most beautiful animals in the ocean's waters only visits Belize once a year. Whale sharks are not whales in the true sense of the word. Instead, they are the largest fish which have ever existed. Whale sharks can grow to up to 41 feet (12 meters) in length and weigh up to 47,000 pounds (21 tons), roughly double the size and weigh of a semi truck. Despite their huge size, these sharks pose almost no danger to humans because they are filter feeders.

Top Reasons to Visit Belize in March
If you're ducking the cold winds and freezing temperatures of March, give yourself a break and head for the sunshine and warmth of Belize. March is the start of spring season here and it's the perfect time to visit. Spring means new life all over Belize. The forests are lush and green. Tropical flowers and plants like orchids, blackberries, bay cedars, coconut palms and jacarandas are bursting into bloom. The sky is clear and blue and hummingbirds and tropical birds fill the air. Immerse yourself in local culture by attending the La Ruta Maya Belize River Challenge. Held March 8 through March 11, this 180-mile race draws regional and international teams to one of the most challenging canoe races in the world. Show up to cheer them on at the Hawksworth Bridge in San Ignacio and then join the teams for a celebratory drink.

Top 5 Best Things To Do In Hopkins
In recent years, as more travelers are venturing to Southern Belize, the small seaside Village of Hopkins has blossomed into an incredible destination. The region is primarily known for its vibrant Garifuna culture and heritage, however, there are numerous of additional things to do in Hopkins. These activities include enjoying the beautiful beaches, going fishing, snorkeling, and scuba diving, and also venturing out on jungle adventure tours. Hopkins' location also provides easy access to some of the best inland Belize expeditions, which I'm sure has played a crucial role in increasing the popularity of the village. So if you plan to visit, I suggest that you try the activities listed below so that you can have a great time in Hopkins.

International Sourcesizz

'Mysterious tracks' on Belize's Great Blue Hole's floor explained by scientists
"Preserved from the disturbance of time, and isolated in the darkness, the hole holds clues to a very natural part of our planet's life cycle. It's these terraces and stalactites we set out to map," Erika Bergman, chief submarine pilot on the recent expedition, explained in a recent blog post. One of the biggest findings of the trip was the discovery of "mysterious tracks" in the sand roughly 350 feet below the surface. In an interview with CNN Travel, Bergman said the "unidentifiable" tracks remain "open to interpretation." Bergman, however, wrote in a blog post that they were located near an area researchers labeled the "Conch Graveyard," where they witnessed hundreds of dead conch that likely suffocated after becoming trapped in the oxygen-deprived base of the Blue Hole. "Presumably, unsuspecting conchs (or other conch shell inhabitants) have been going just a little too close to the edge and falling into the hole at this entrance by the thousands. We can see each conch with little tracks back up the hill trying to escape, then a slide mark where it slid back down after presumably being asphyxiated in the anoxic environment," Bergman explained.

Tropical ecology students to travel to Belize, study organisms, environment
Students from Marshall University's tropical ecology course will take an international field trip to Belize on March 8 to study the interactions among organisms and their environment. Ten students from Marshall University, as well as ten students from Jacksonville University in Florida, plan to spend two weeks in Belize engaging in various activities. First, students will spend a week on an island surrounded by coral reef, where they will scuba dive and work to remove lionfish, an invasive species, from the water. For the second half of the trip, students will migrate into the rainforest for an entire week before returning home.

A Guide to Caribbean Film Festivals
Whether you're still defrosting your nether-regions from waiting in line for a Park City shuttle, or sitting in your Bushwick studio apartment eating ramen and surviving the polar vortex, you could probably use a little time on a tropical rum-soaked beach right about now. With all the indie-film attention focused on Sundance/Slamdance (not to mention the chilly, angst-ridden fests in Rotterdam and Berlin), it's worth remembering that there is an entire circuit of film festivals ringed around the Caribbean Sea. From internationally revered fests like Havana that focus on the biggest Latin American cinema premieres to new local upstarts in Barbados, Bahamas and other islands that support regional filmmaking from a unique cultural perspective, there's a festival for everyone! And for industry execs and entertainment journalists looking for truly diverse new voices, the Caribbean circuit is the place to find them.

Maya ritual cave 'untouched' for 1,000 years stuns archaeologists
Archaeologists hunting for a sacred well beneath the ancient Maya city of Chich�n Itz� on Mexico's Yucat�n Peninsula have accidentally discovered a trove of more than 150 ritual objects-untouched for more than a thousand years-in a series of cave chambers that may hold clues to the rise and fall of the ancient Maya. The discovery of the cave system, known as Balamku or "Jaguar God," was announced by Mexico's National Institute of Anthropology and History (INAH) in a press conference held today in Mexico City. After its initial discovery by farmers in 1966, Balamku was visited by archaeologist V�ctor Segovia Pinto, who wrote up a report noting the presence of an extensive amount of archaeological material. But instead of excavating the site, Segovia then directed the farmers to seal up the entrance, and all records of the discovery of the cave seemed to vanish.


  • Belikin Onli Eena Belize - Introducing Sam Harris, 3min. Belikin celebrates our heritage and our people with our new campaign, Onli Eena Belize, and highlights Belizeans whose lives illuminate what makes this country one-of-a-kind. We have turned the lens of the camera on our fellow Belizeans to celebrate the uniqueness of our people and the Belizean spirit.

  • Belize's Referendum on the ICJ through the eyes of Artists, 6min.

  • Ernestine Carballo on stage! San Pedro Carnaval, 24min.

  • Entering "Starfish Island", 3.5min. A private island 10 min away from Belize City

  • JUAN CARNIVAL Corozal Belize 2019, 10min.

  • Ambergrease, what Ambergris Caye got its name from, 4min. The island of Ambergris Caye seemingly got its name from the word "ambergrease," the sperm whale secretions used in perfumes that washed ashore on its beaches during the 17th century.

  • The Belize Association of Planners - Data Ecosystem for Governance, 27min. The Belize Association of Planners is coordinating a summit under the theme: Improving the Data Ecosystem for Governance decision making in Belize. The summit is in partnership with the Research Triangle International and the objective is to devise strategies to effectively use data to make better decisions for communities. The event takes place on March 6th at the Radisson Fort George Hotel. We spoke with organizers about what they hope the summit will accomplish: On set: Carolyn Trench-Sandiford - President, Belize Association of Planners. Keisha Rodriguez - Vice President, Belize Association of Planners.

  • Joint Legal Opinion - Alternative View, 69min. Former Minister of Foreign Affairs, Lisa Shoman, shared her perspective on the challenge to the legality of the Special Agreement put forward by attorneys Kareem Musa, Anthony Sylvestre and Richard "Dickie" Bradley. She shared her view on why the argument is flawed and holds no merit to challenging the upcoming referendum. She also spoke on the legal opinion commissioned by the Bar Association which supports a Yes Vote to taking the claim to the ICJ.

  • Las Barbies Comparsa group!, 6min.

  • Las Barbies- Carnaval De San Pedro!, 11min.

  • Los Pica piedras!, 3min.

  • El Gran Carnaval De San Pedro! Dona Flora Comparsa group, 7min.

  • The Barbies at San Pedro, Belize Carnaval, 10min.

  • Carnaval Comparsas Day 2 - Dona Flora's Group, 6min.

  • Carnaval in San Pedro, 6min.

  • Belize Octopus, 1/2min.

  • Belize, the barrier reef, 8.5min. Scuba diving...

  • Watch For Falling Coconuts, 2min. Guests get a lesson in coconut anatomy and biology. Video by Dexter Sear aboard the National Geographic Quest in Ranguana Caye, Belize.

  • Meet Your Snorkel Guides, 2min. Patricia Ramirez, owner of the Splash Dive Center, explains how she has created programs to help locals enter Belize's burgeoning tourism industry. Video by Dexter Sear aboard the National Geographic Quest in Laughing Bird Caye National Park, Belize.

  • Destination: Belize, 8min.

  • Belize Ko'one'ex Kanik Maya' t'�an, 12min. Yucatec Maya also known as Maya' t'�an or simply as Maya by it's speakers is spoken in the Southern Mexican states and Belize . In the country of Belize Yucatec Maya is spoken in the villages of Corozal,Orange Walk and Cayo . The language is endangered with a little over 2000 speakers in the last census 2010.

  • Wondering what a day of FULL Cultural Immersion in Hopkins looks like!, 22min. Don't just come to view our culture in Belize, immerse yourself in it. Check out the latest episode from Belize Mek We Go as they experience the culture Hopkins has to offer.

  • Minister Panton Heads South on Site Tours, 6min. The Minister of State in the Ministry of Investment, Trade and Commerce Hon. Tracy Panton has been heading a delegation on site tours of companies in the Stann Creek District. The main objective of the tours was to get a better understanding and appreciation of the investments being made by these companies.

  • Rehabilitation of the George Price Highway (Western), 4min. The Government of Belize is upgrading and transforming the infrastructure network of roads and bridges across the country. The nationwide transformation is having a major impact on the economy and the lives of Belizeans everywhere. This week we bring you a snippet of the transformational upgrade of the Roaring Creek Bridge and the George Price Highway in the western part of the country.