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After a slight delay, the Elections and Boundaries Department began issuing the first voterís identification cards (ID) on Friday, March 1st. The island branch began issuing IDs primarily for those who had re-registered in July 2018, but they hope to have the remaining IDs in the coming days. The new cards have been enhanced with security features, making them hard to falsify and they will be readily acceptable by institutions countrywide.

The new IDs are not laminated and can also be used as a valid identification card. Unlike the previous cards, they do not bear the Belizean flag, but rather an enlarged Coat of Arms and two images of the cardholder, presented in two different sizes. On the back, the card carries the bio and description of the electorate. You can pick up your new card at the islandís Elections and Boundaries office located on Pescador Drive, inside Paz Sisters Plaza. Persons are required to either bring the receipt of the application or an identification document. The Elections and Boundaries also advise that for those who have yet to re-register, they have until March 12th to participate in the national International Court of Justice (ICJ) referendum set for April 10, 2019.

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