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The San Pedro Sun

New Voter's ID ready for pick up on Ambergris Caye
After a slight delay, the Elections and Boundaries Department began issuing the first voter's identification cards (ID) on Friday, March 1st. The island branch began issuing IDs primarily for those who had re-registered in July 2018, but they hope to have the remaining IDs in the coming days. The new cards have been enhanced with security features, making them hard to falsify and You can pick up your new card at the island's Elections and Boundaries office located on Pescador Drive, inside Paz Sisters Plaza. Persons are required to either bring the receipt of the application or an identification document. The Elections and Boundaries also advise that for those who have yet to re-register, they have until March 12th to participate in the national International Court of Justice (ICJ) referendum set for April 10, 2019.

Belize launches National Trade Policy
The recent plight of Mennonite soybean farmers and Orange Walk potato farmers, unable to sell their produce in competition with cheaper imports, have highlighted the need for a comprehensive National Trade Policy. To address this need, the Ministry of Investment Trade and Commerce launched the National Trade Policy 2019 - 2030 with a presentation to the Belize Chamber of Commerce and Industry and other interested parties, at the Ramada Princess Hotel in Belize City on Thursday morning, February 28th. Minister of Trade Tracy Panton admitted the policy is long overdue, as it has been two years in development with partners in the private sector, the non- governmental organization and in consultation with both political parties.

Land Use Policy reform to factor in Climate Change
Tourism property owners and operators, cane farmers and transport professionals joined government revenue collection and law enforcement officials to learn how the Government of Belize is updating its Land Use Policy of 2011 to factor in Climate Change impacts, at a public consultation at the Best Western Biltmore Plaza Hotel in Belize City last Friday, March 1st. The land policy reform is part of a much larger Climate Resilient Infrastructure Project, funded by the World Bank and the Social Investment Fund. The Ministry of Natural Resources hired an international team of consultants, Grupo TYPSA Agrer in 2017 to prepare an action plan and planning framework on how this reform update would be implemented.

San Pedro Police Department conduct 'Trigger V' operation
From February 22nd to the 28th, the San Pedro Police Formation participated in a regional operation on the island titled, 'Trigger V.' The exercise targeted drugs, stolen vehicles, firearms, proceeds of burglary and other criminal activities. During this period, several houses and places were searched, resulting in numerous arrests. Some vehicles were also inspected with the assistance of the San Pedro Traffic Department. On the first day of the operation, 42-year-old Norman Coye, a Belizean salesman from San Pedrito was arrested for possession of 704 grams of fudge containing cannabis. It is alleged that Coye sells these edibles to tourists along the beach.

Misc Belizean Sources


ICJ Forum is being held at Patchakan Village today from 2-5pm
Libertad village at the same day from 7-9pm. The publuc are invited to attend this Open Forum.

Happy Baron Bliss Day, Belize!
Henry Edward Ernest Victor Bliss, 4th Baron Bliss, commonly known as Baron Bliss (16 February 1869 - 9 March 1926), was a British-born traveller who willed nearly two million Belize dollars to a trust fund for the benefit of the citizens of what was then the colony of British Honduras, now Belize. He was born Henry Edward Ernest Victor de Barreto and lived in Marlow, Buckinghamshire, England, as a youth. He was an engineer by trade and on the death of his father in 1890, inherited the title 4th Baron de Barreto of the Kingdom of Portugal. (His father had inherited lands in Spain and Portugal from an uncle, Colonel Carlo Antonio Barreto, on the condition that he change his name). However during the First World War he reverted to his family name of Bliss, and was known afterwards as Baron Bliss. He was apparently successful in his career, but it is not known how he obtained his fortune, whether due to business acumen or inheritance, or a combination thereof.

EXPATS: Experience A Great Fun and Information Event
WHERE: Point Progresso, Progresso Village. WHAT: A gathering for fun. International food, music. boat rides, Buggy tours In Little Belize Mennonite Community, business booths of local products, services and opportunities, sharing of information and stories, cultural events, wine tasting. All prices in Belize dollars. WHY: To get to know each other and to discover what and where opportunities, services, and products are available.

Wayne Edwards Art Exhibit
The SISE HoC is displaying the Wayne Edwards Art Exhibit on Friday, March 15th. "You are all invited to Wayne Edwards Art exhibit on the 15th of March at 6:30pm here at SISEHOC, come and view an international collection of art in its purest form."

US Embassy group at Fatima R.C. Primary School
Thank you to the students and teachers of Our Lady of Fatima R.C. Primary School in Roaring Creek Village for welcoming our Consular and Public Affairs Officers! We enjoyed chatting with you about immigrant and nonimmigrant visas to the United States, as well as playing the "Telephone" and "Who Am I" games!

The Baron Bliss Trust, trustees, management and investments
In the event you wanted to know how the funds from Baron Bliss has been invested so I did a little research and this is what I found out. Below is an excerpt from an article written by George Reid in 1999. "Some projects completed in the past century with the help of the Fund were The Baron Bliss Institute and Promenade, The Bliss School of Nursing, Belize City Water Supply System, Intransit Lounge at Belize International Airport, the Corozal Town Hall and the purchase of land for the building of the City Of Belmopan. At least one project in every district had materialized, but since that time the purse string seem to have been drawn tight. One wonders if every ninth of March would not be a good time to give the public information on interest accrued and some account of money spent, after all, this was a gift to the people of Belize." The trustees of the fund are the Governor General, the Attorney General and the Financial Secretary.

Ambergris Caye's 1st Half Marathon & 10K Run
Are you looking for an extraordinary challenge? Join-in as we Run a half marathon (21K) and (10K) race on the coastline of Ambergris Caye on April 6th, 2019. Relish the chance to test your will power and physical fitness in this first-ever event geared at raising funds for needy families in AC. Registration is now open to the public!

Dj Patron B Day Bash
Saturday, March 23, 2019 at 5 PM - 11:59 PM, FRENCH KISS AT SUNSET. Celebrate DJ PATRON's birthday, big party! Rooftop & Beach. Come and win your bottle during the event!

Movie Night: "Aquaman", Hosted by The Truck Stop
Wednesday, March 13, 2019 at 7 PM - 9 PM. Here's something I've learned this week: if you want to make women stop listening to you and disappear into their own fantasy world, mention AQUAMAN or its lead actor Jason Momoa. It's a real thing! Try it! Well, on the off chance that I still have your attention, we're showing Aquaman this week. Come join us for dinner and another great movie under the stars.

The Reporter

Family Fruit Stall Going Strong After 15 Years
After realizing that he could not and would not tolerate the treatment from one of his employers, Gilbert Jones, 26, a resident of Sandhill Village decide that he would do whatever it took to be his own boss. Jones and his five siblings were raised off the proceeds of his mother's small fruit stall, and for fifteen years he labored at her side until she was forced to migrate to the United States following the death of her husband.

The ICJ Referendum scheduled for April 10 may or may not happen, depending on whether the Supreme Court will grant leave to the PUP to contest the legality and constitutionality of the Special Agreement. The PUP wants to ask the Court to determine whether the Minister of Foreign Affairs had the power to legally bind Belize to the Special Agreement which requires Belize to hold a referendum without prior legislative approval.

Saturday, March 9, 2019 Commissioner of Police Chester Williams has responded to complaints being voiced by members of the Belize Police Department regarding the shifts being worked in Belize City and transportation for officers after shifts. Several members of the BPD reached out to the Reporter recently to state that despite a commitment by newly installed Commissioner of Police Chester Williams to provide transportation home for officers after shifts, it has not been done.

Breaking Belize NewsPJ

Bus destroyed by fire, investigation underway
A bus was completely destroyed by fire this afternoon.The bus was parked on the George Price Highway near Saint Matthew's Village. BBN can confirm that passengers exited the bus unharmed as soon as it began to smoke. [�]

From Dispute to Referendum; a historical exhibit
Every year on March 9, Belize commemorates National Heroes and Benefactors Day. The day is set aside to recognize and remember all those who have contributed to Belize. [�]

Two men arrested for over 3 kilos of cocaine get bail
Henry Menzies, 59, and Melvin Cal, 38, are out on bail after police busted them on Tuesday with over 3 kilos of cocaine. Police say that when they visited the Ranchito Municipal Airstrip in Corozal they saw Cal handing over a bag to Menzies. [�]

11 year old boy grazed to the head by bullet in Belize City last night
A child was almost gunned down in Belize City during blackout last night. He has been identified as Jovaan Anthony, 11. According to preliminary reports, he was standing in front of his house on Glynn Street when gunshots rang out. [�]

Man reportedly shot in his leg in Mahogany Heights, Belize
Sometime before midnight last night there was a shooting in Mahogany Heights, Belize. A man was reportedly shot in his leg. [�]


My favorite photo's of the islands off the coast of Belize
Belize, a tiny country in Central America has stolen my heart. This Carribean place is beautiful, especially the different small islands off the coast. We spent seven days island-hopping and stayed on uninhabited islands no larger than one square kilometre. Because I secretly miss this place with the blue sea, white beaches and bright coloured houses, I browse frequently through the hundreds of photos that Ries shot here. That's why I made this photo impression with pictures that really show my 'Belize' feeling! Are you going to Belize soon? Then these photos may contribute to the joy upfront! Or when you are orienting yourself on your next vacation, this may help you pick Belize!

Go Lunatics - Ruta Maya River Challenge
I am not brave or foolish enough to sign on for a 4 day canoe event, that is just not how my tv channel changing body rolls. Thankfully I have known people who are both brave and foolish and sometimes more than once like Cindy and Rubio who did last years race (as you will see below.) Since "landfill Jason" was not doing this year's race, Cindy convinced our (wintering in Belize) friend Dennis to fill his seat. For Dennis's friends and family, this is a glimpse of what your adventure loving traveling hippy friend/son is doing this weekend. In addition to paddling a canoe 170 miles, he will be: Making new friends and forging deeper connections with current ones. Attending some great parties. And being hangry and dog tired from paddling like mad all day.

San Ignacio, Cayo Belize Travel Guide: What to See, Do, Costs, & Ways to Save
Belize has a lot to offer to travelers, and the Cayo District is ground zero if you want to make the most of your time here. Guatemala is just a stone's throw away, but you could stay for months without having to cross over the border to find new things to do. Cayo used to be the beating heart of the Maya civilization in Belize, and that means that there are still plenty of well-preserved ruins to explore. But the same qualities that made Cayo such fertile territory for the Mayas also makes it an ideal location to live, work, and play. Vast and seemingly endless networks of caves create a fascinating and parallel underworld to what happens on the surface, and these once sacred networks of underground have become popular destinations for spelunking and cave tubing. Aboveground, Cayo is bursting at the seams with hiking trails, dense jungles, and refreshing swimming holes.

Coming to San Pedro, Ambergris Caye or Placencia - but you are Vegan - Vegetarian - Low Carb? Here's where to go for special dietary needs!
I think that 8+ years ago, this blog would have been pretty unthinkable in places like Placencia, maybe not so much in Ambergris Caye, but definitely elsewhere in the country. There really are not things like Vegan, Vegetarian, or Low Carb in the local Belize culture...the national dish is chicken, rice, and beans, and tortillas/carbs with meat protein are everywhere. You couldn't even order a soup with these restrictions as the soups are all usually bone-broth based, and then additionally are served with rice, so not a win there for either party. Many guests tell us when they have tried to order vegan at some local spots it has not translated well (veggies may be cooked in butter, etc). It is no secret that the restaurant and food options have exploded in Belize, and there have been many North Americans who have moved to Belize to start businesses that have brought more of the North American diet trends down.

International Sourcesizz

You better Belize it! Trio of like-minded hotels serve up luxury, adventure
"There's no way I'm going to fit into this thing," I think to myself as I squeeze into a four-seat prop plane to make the 25-minute flight up to Belize City. I've already been in a couple slightly larger models during my week of travel, and that was before packing on a few pounds eating like a king, so I know things are going to be cramped. But my trip is winding down and I regretfully board the Tropic Air plane to start my journey home. Belize, situated directly south of Mexico's Yucatan Peninsula and bordered by Guatemala in the west, is an adventure-lover's paradise where you can be splashing in the crystal-clear waters of the Caribbean one day and hiking through lush tropical rainforests the next.


La Ruta Maya

  • The Belikin La Ruta Maya Belize River Challenge Coverage�, 3hr30min.

  • Belikin La Ruta Maya Belize River Challenge 2019�, 1hr30min.

  • Second day of La Ruta Maya Belize River Challenge 2019 at Double Head Cabbage Village!, 12min.

  • Island hopping through amazing Belize!, 2.5min. Our route was as follows: Belize City (entering from Guatemala)- Ambergris Caye - Caye Caulker - Sailing trip with Raggamuffin - Belize City (near the airport)

  • Teachers Come Out in Masses for I.C.J. Forum, 10min. Thousands of teachers gathered Friday at thee UB gymnasium in Belmopan to take part in an I.C.J. forum fully sponsored and organized by the Belize National Teachers' Union. The four-hour forum saw the participation of more than three thousand, five hundred teachers who listened to presentations from three invited guests. Ambassador and YES proponent Assad Shoman presented on why the teachers should vote yes. On the other hand, activist, attorney, and NO voter, Audrey Matura presented the reasons why she will vote NO. Former Border Commissioner Lindsay Belisle gave a historical presentation on the differendum with several bias statements. The forum concluded with the general sentiment that most teachers were leaning towards a NO vote. News Five's Hipolito Novelo reports.

  • Celebrate Belize!!, 4min. Original Song and Photos of this Stunning Country by Hewitt Stevens

  • San Ignacio (Belize), 5min. San Ignacio with G-Adventures as part of the Mayan Sun trip. We enjoyed some caving and beautiful waterfalls.

  • Belize sunset sailing cruise, 5min.

  • Belize 2019!, 5min. Family trip to Belize

  • Hol Chan Belize Night Diving 1 and 3 March 2019, 3.5min. Night Dive at Hol Chan Marine Reserve in Belize

  • Belize Cave Tubing, 3.5min. On our way to the cave!

  • First Time Fly Fishing in Belize (gold medal of fish), 18min.

  • Belize Zoo - Tapir, 2min. Worker with a wheelbarrow tries to get through the gate without two curious tapirs coming along.

  • Belize 2012, 11min.

  • Team Belize is a win away of Gold Cup 2019, 6min. Belize plays Guyana the 23rd of March. Lets support our Jaguars

  • Bandits SC vs Altitude Assassins FC | PLB Closing Season 2018-2019 | Live at The Isidoro Beaton Stadium, Belmopan, 1hr42min.