New Details about Drug Plane that Made Stops in Belize and Crash Landed near Chetumal

There are new details in connection with a Colombian drug plane, allegedly bound for the U.S., but which crash landed about fifty-five miles south of Chetumal in San Pedro Peralta, Quintana Roo. According to Riviera Maya News, residents of the small town heard when the Cessna-type plane crashed into the jungle shortly before midnight on Sunday. †The Mexican Federal Authority had been tracking the aircraft, which reportedly landed in southern Belize near Temash for an hour. The twin engine aircraft was detected as it landed one more time in northern Belize for half an hour before it took off and crash landed. According to Mexican Secretary of National Security, the wrecked aircraft is a British Aerospace 125 twin-engine Jet, with registration number N18BA. It was discovered by the Mexican Air Force helicopter in an inaccessible jungle area near the town of El Cedral. Soldiers had to cut a trail into the jungle to reach the plane. The official figures are in and the plane carried one point three tons of cocaine. The drugs were found in forty-eight large packages; each contained twenty-five, one kilo packages. Also seized from the inside the plane were one point three million Colombian pesos, which is approximately eight hundred and thirty-four dollars. Two pilots were in the plane. While their identities have not been disclosed, it has been confirmed that the deceased is a Colombian national, while the pilot is a Mexican national. According to a report online, the condition of the pilot is improving and his family is travelling to the military hospital in Chetumal to be at his side. He remains under guard by federal and municipal agents. Another detail is that investigations from the Attorney Generalís Office have determined that the registration of the aircraft corresponds to another plane. In Belize, the Commissioner of Police said that the plane was tracked locally and the department didnít give it an opportunity to land in Belize.

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