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The San Pedro Sun

Horace Cadle Jr stabbed to death in San Pedro Town
On Wednesday, March 13th, just before midnight, San Pedro Police were alerted of a body on Blake Street in the San Pablo Area of San Pedro Town. When police arrived, they observed the motionless body of 19-year-old Horace Cadle Jr on the side of the street. A closer inspection revealed that he had been stabbed several times to the right side of the chest and left side of the neck. No motive has been established, and up to press time, no one had been arrested.

Team NICH Wins 2019 La Ruta Maya River Challenge!
The National Institute of Culture and History (NICH) takes this opportunity to congratulate all 61 teams that took part and completed the demanding race. We further applaud the members of our 2019 La Ruta Maya Belize River Challenge Team; Efrain, Felix and Hener Cruz for their dedication, skills and talents. The Cruz brothers have once again made us very proud. They serve as role models to us, reinforcing that with proper focus, dedication and teamwork, victory is attainable.

National Heroes and Benefactors Day Wreath Laying Ceremony
On the bright and breezy morning of Monday, 11th March 2019, a dedicated gathering was on hand to be a part of the viewing audience of the ceremonial laying of wreaths in recognition of Belize's National Heroes and most revered financial benefactor. Detachments from the Boy Scouts, Girl Guides, Boys' Brigade, Red Cross, Police Guard, Belize Defence Force and Police Youth Corps were present to embellish the official aura of this event celebrating these incredible lives and contributions to the country of Belize. This annual celebration is held to honour the lives of Baron Henry Edward Ernest Victor Bliss, the Right Honourable George Cadle Price and Honourable Philip Stanley Wilberforce Goldson.

American National detained for immigration offenses
A 56-year-old American National, Robert Brent Haynes was detained and brought to the San Pedro Police Station on Friday, March 8th for having violated his immigration permit in Belize. Haynes, who is a 'Registered Sex Offender' in the United States of America (USA), was taken to the San Pedro Magistrate Court the same day, and later released from police custody after meeting bail. It is unknown if he is still in the country and the Immigration Department on the island has refrained from commenting on Haynes' situation.

Ambergris Today

NICH To Host RefugiArte Exposition
The RefugiArte Exposition is coming to the San Pedro House of Culture. Following last year's successful exposition of the artwork in Belize City, San Ignacio, Orange Walk and Corozal, now the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) is bringing the exposition to La Isla Bonita. The #RefugiArte exposition originated in late 2017. It contains 20 pieces of art from artists in the Americas, inspired by the suffering of refugees and asylum-seekers around the world and in our region. The collection also includes two pieces of art created by a Belizean artists.

Fatal Stabbing In The San Pablo Area
San Pedro Police are investigating the murder of a male person that was found lying motionless on Blake Street in the San Pablo Area on Wednesday, March 13, 2019. Acting on information received at about 11:00pm police visited the San Pablo Area where they observed the lifeless body of a male creole descent person lying on the side of the street face down motionless dressed in a grey t shirt and a red and grey 3/4 pants with multiple stab wound to the right side of chest and left side of his neck.

Increased Pump Prices For Regular And Premium Gasoline
The Ministry of Finance announces that at midnight on March 13, 2019, the pump price for regular gasoline increased by 60 cents from $9.61 to $10.21 per gallon, while the pump price for premium gasoline also increased by 59 cents from $10.31 to $10.90 per gallon. These price increases are due to a reduction in supply from the OPEC countries combined with an increase in demand in North America and in the Far East. The Government of Belize is working closely with the fuel industry to ensure that prices remain as low as possible.

Misc Belizean Sources


Corozal Women's Forum
The regular Corozal Women's FORUM meets every 3rd Thursday at the Red Cross Building. They meet at 10:00 AM

Corozal Spring Bazaar
Friday, March 15th, 8am-5pm, Central Park

24 villagers from Arenal received certification from FCD on agroecological methods after a 5 month engagement with that community
Thanks to GEF SGP and the British High Commission Office in Belize.

Jyoto all you can eat sushi !!
Saturday, March 16, 2019 at 5 PM - 9 PM, pin JYOTO Japanese restaurant / Sushi bar, Seagrape Drive, San Pedro. Inside Mahogany Bay Village

Why John Briceno and PUP voted no to the ICJ after saying yes for all these years
By Wellington C. Ramos. Prior to our independence on September 21, 1981, it was Great Britain's responsibility to solve the territorial dispute with Guatemala. Since that date there are some Belizeans like our Foreign Minister Wilfred Elrington, who believes that after we attained our independence it is now our responsibility, to make an attempt to solve this problem with them. In fact, he told me this in one of his meetings in New York City, when I suggested to him to leave the resolution of this dispute to Great Britain. This school of thought is what the Guatemalans have been pushing Belizeans to accept. I am in total disagreement with this school of thought and like many other Belizeans, believe that Great Britain and Guatemala should resolve their dispute despite the fact that we are now and independent country. Why? Because prior to 1981, Great Britain had treaties with Spain and Guatemala that relates to the occupation of Belize as a Spanish colony.

EU blacklist: Cooperation or coercion?
By Sir Ronald Sanders. On 12 March, the Council of the 28-nations European Union (EU) placed 15 small territories on a list of what it calls 'non-cooperative jurisdictions". What the EC considers these territories to be "non-cooperative" about reveals the raw exercise of power by the strong over the weak. In this case, the firm intention of the EU is to impose its tax policies upon other nations through strong-arming. The language that the EU uses speaks of cooperation, but it sounds more like coercion. The targeted countries must either surrender to the EU's demands to raise their taxes or face consequences. The EU Council has specifically directed that the EU member states "take the revised EU list of non-cooperative jurisdictions into account" in aid, trade, and financing.

Broccoli and Cauliflower Production
Broccoli and cauliflower are among commodities that can only be produced economically within Belize for a limited period every year. The average weekly market demand for cauliflower is 8,000 lbs. and 6,000 lbs. for broccoli. To meet local market demand, a total of 10 acres were planted of each commodity following a calendared planting schedule. The Ministry of Agriculture provides technical guidance to ensure farmers follow appropriate agronomic practices with the objective for farmers to consistently produce the quantities and quality of these vegetables to meet consumer preference. The production and supply of broccoli and cauliflower have decreased by at least 50% as the season comes to a close.

Corozal Cleanup Sunday
The Belize Red Cross in collaboration with Corozal Town Council and Ministry of health will be hosting a cleanup campaign in Corozal (Miami Beach area) on Sunday, March 17th starting at 9AM. Meeting place is at roundhouse at 845am. refreshments will be available for participants! Students can also use this opportunity for community service.

Orange Walk Carnaval
Carnaval is a pre-lenten Mestizo festivity once widely celebrated in Northern Belize. The celebration features songs, dances, and theatrical performances in the community streets. Carnaval marks the transition from the norms of everyday community life to the more somber, penitential practices of the Lenten season. Carnaval continues to be celebrated in communities of the Orange Walk and Corozal Districts and in San Pedro Town, Ambergris Caye. The Orange Walk Banquitas House of Culture prepared for Carnaval this year by cooking and putting together the traditional Cabeza de Cochino, baking the traditional Biscochos, made a life-size effigy of Don Juan Carnaval, gathered and created props used during the Carnaval such as El Torito, La Cinta and even hand made maracas. We gave an award to Mr. Octaviano Pott for his years of contribution to safeguarding the musical traditions of Juan Carnaval. We would like to extend our gratitude to all the Comparsa groups (Caledonia, BHSA, Yo Creek and Sugah City Juniors) that participated, the cultural groups who performe

Live Well Cayo Promo Video
The Cayo BTIA's Live Well Cayo event is this Saturday, March 16th, at the Sacred Heart College auditorium. It'll be a healthy event. "It's almost time for Live Well Cayo! Join us this Saturday at the Sacred Heart Auditorium for a fun day of learning about healthy and sustainable practices and great deals from businesses offering eco-friendly products and wellness services in Belize.

Ascenthium @ Soul on 8-Mar-19
Pictures from the Ascenthium concert at the Soul Project. They rocked the house as they raised funds for their journey to Panama.

BCS Mix & Mingle Fundraiser
The Cayo branch of the Belize Cancer Society is having their 3rd annual Mix & Mingle fundraiser on Saturday, March 30th, at CET. They'll have some nice raffle prizes. "Tickets are now available for our 3rd Annual Mix + Mingle Fundraiser! Get tickets from your favorite branch member or inbox us to find out how you can get yours!"

Child Stimulation Month 2019
Hug me, Listen to me, Read to me, Help Me Grow

The first Pre-school art exhibition at the San Pedro House of Culture

Paradise Theater playing this weekend:
Triple Frontier, Aquaman, Holmies, LEGO Movie the 2nd Part

Channel 7

Two Dead After PG Bar Brawl
A teen's murder in Punta Gorda adds to the list of recent violent crimes in that southern town. 18 year old Luis Cabrera Jr. was stabbed at a bar near his home yesterday evening around 6:00. Courtney Weatherburne traveled to PG to find out how a simple bar squabble led to murder and also, how an inexplicable turn of events led to the alleged killer being hospitalized. Here is that story. This new sail boat hasn't even touched Punta Gorda waters and it probably won't anytime soon. It was for Luis Cabrera Jr, his father recently bought it for him as a gift. But this young fisherman will never get to test it out on the sea. Cabrera was stabbed to death at this bar a couple blocks from his Indianville home. Yesterday evening Cabrera had gone to secure the paperwork for his new boat and on his way home he stopped in at the bar to celebrate.

Police Work On Complicated Case
Today at the bi-weekly press briefing police gave their report on this case. The cops are still figuring out how to proceed with charges against the alleged killer, Alexander Ruiz. Here is more. ACP Joseph Myvette - Head, NCIB: "Yesterday, sometime around 6 p.m., Punta Gorda Police responded to an information at the Punta Gorda Hospital, where they observed a Hispanic male, who was motionless at the time. He was learnt to be one Luis Cabrera, 18 years of a Punta Gorda Town address. Initial investigation so far has revealed that Cabrera was socializing at a bar in Punta Gorda, when he seemingly had a misunderstanding with one Alexander Ruiz, who, during the altercation, broke a bottle and inflicted 1 stab wound to Cabrera. He was then transported to the Punta Gorda Town Hospital..."

PG Town Resident Is Concerned About Ever Escalating Violence
We also spoke to a concerned PG resident who told us she and the rest of the community just want the peace restored. Flether Sipp, PG Resident: "I'm very concern. That's why I moved from America to PG, because it was really quite, layback, relax and no crime and no murders and all of a sudden things are just happening and I am veer concern because there is a lot of children here, lots of schools, lots of elderly and most of all people are really kind and nice here. That's why I came to PG. I love PG." Reporter: "I'm sure all residents are also concerned?"

19 Year Old Murdered On Abandoned San Pedro Street
And, from Punta Gorda to San Pedro - a young man was killed last night on a deserted street - stabbed up and left for dead. 7News was on the island today and here's more from police and his family: This is Blake Street in San Pedro town - a fairly deserted area - where last night at 11:00, a passerby in a vehicle saw a man dead on the road. It turned out to be this teenager, 19 year old Horace Cadle:

Mason Murder Trial Was Uneventful On Day 3
Today was Day 3 in the murder trial against William Danny Mason and his 4 co-accused for the beheading of Pastor Llewellyn Lucas. The case continued this morning before Justice Antoinette Moore, and DPP Cheryl-Lynn Vidal called mechanic Eliasar Pineda to testify against Mason, Ashton Vanegas, Keron Fernandez, Terrence Fernandez, and Ernest Castillo. Yesterday Police Corporal Ryan Martinez recounted for the court the series of events which led to the discovery of the decapitated head of Pastor Lucas in the back of William Mason's pick-up truck on July 15, 2016. Well, Pineda was the civilian mechanic who police called on the night to help them to get Mason's vehicle opened, when none of his keys worked.

Submarine Salvation For Dirty Diesel On Caye Caulker
No matter where you are watching this tonight, your electricity is probably coming form BEL's national power grid. That is, of course, unless you are in Caye Caulker - where, if you listen hard enough, you can probably hear the thrum and whistle of diesel generators laboring into the night. The growing island is still not connected to the national grid - but an ambitious new BEL project hopes to change that. Jules Vasquez found out more today: The brilliant sapphire waters on the leeward, or western side of Caye Caulker seem completely unspoilt and, to the east, the windward side, is bordered by the spectacular barrier reef.

Is Submarine Solution the Least Cost Alternative?
But, coming back to the point raised by the PUC, will it make BEL more efficient in utilizing the most efficient power source? Meaning, will this submarine cable lower the cost of power? That's what we asked today: Reporter: "Is this a lower cost of power than the present diesel generation solution?" Kevin Petzold: "Well the cost of power is a tricky topic, because we have multiple sources..."

Belize International Financial Services Association Stands By GOB Against EU
The Belize International Financial Services Association today issued a release saying it supports Government's rejection of the inclusion of Belize by the EU on its List of Non-Cooperative Jurisdictions for Tax Purposes. A release explains that being labelled "non-cooperative" has consequences for Belize's economic development and trade. They point to "unilateral attempts by various global institutions to extend their oversight to other country's sovereign jurisdiction (resulting) in an inconsistent and unbalanced approach to regulatory oversight."

Bahamians Appeal Heard
Bahamians, Rohn Knowles and Kelvin Leach, haven't made the news in several months. That's after they took their civil case for damages against the Government of Belize all the way to the Caribbean Court of Justice. But, they're still facing the prospect of being extradited to the US to face trial for conspiracy to commit securities fraud, tax fraud, and money laundering. To refresh your memory, back in September 2014, the US Department of Justice unsealed an indictment which accused Knowles; Leach; their securities trading company, Titan International Securities; and others of being part of a securities fraud operation which scammed the US government out of 500 million US dollars in taxes.

Five Hours of Dental Surgery For Jaguar Justice
Imagine being in the dentist's chair for 5 solid hours - sounds excruciating, right? Well, that's just what happened to a jaguar at the Belize Zoo. He's called Jaguar Justice, and the big cat is a rescue case. He was acquired from a private owner's home in he Stann Creek District. Apparently the cat had advanced dental disease - and his dentist came all the way from Cornell University in New York. We spoke to Dr. Robin Gleed today at the Belize Zoo - after the procedure. We warn you, if you're squeamish, you might want to take a little water break, the next story has many pictures from the procedure:

The Lasso Rivalry
Last night, we told you about the bizarre case out of Belmopan where a 14 year-old boy on horseback was accused of lassoing another high school student by the foot like cattle, and dragging him down a walkway at high speed near the Social Security office. As we told you, the accused young man is experienced in rounding up cattle, but, he allegedly used those skills against another teenaged boy. We asked police about the case this morning, and here's what they had to say about it:

Pretend Patrons With A Gun
And in other news out of Belmopan, a bar owner from the Industrial Site area was shot by 2 men who pretended to be patrons. It happened at Chino's Bar yesterday just after 12:00. The owner, 36 year-old Elder Paredez was about to pay for a beer delivery when the 2 pretend patrons approached him, and one of them shot him in the stomach. They they stole his money, and attempted to target the Bowen and Bowen delivery truck. Police told us more today: ACP Joseph Myvette - Head, NCIB: "On yesterday's date, sometime around 12 midday, police responded to information of a robbery in progress at Chino's Bar in the Industrial Site area of Belmopan..."

Family of Missing Man Find A Boat, But No Body
2 months ago, we told you about Evan Neal. He's the father of 3 who owns a fishing camp on Mapp Caye. He mysteriously went missing, and shortly after his disappearance, police found his watchman, 29 year-old Edinio Enso Humes, dead in a latrine on the island with a gunshot wound to the head. Well, since then, police and Coast Guard have continued to look for him without success. But, this weekend, they found one of his boats, as well as another which was reported missing 2 years ago. It's an unusual discovery, and police shared more details with us today:

Cops Still Don't Know Who "Vato"� Is
Last night, we told you about the unidentified man who was found in Orange Walk Town on Tuesday night with a huge chop wound to the head. Well, he remains in a critical condition at the KHMH, and police are trying to find out who he is, and who attacked him and left him severely injured. As we reported, at around 9 p.m., residents of Guyana Street saw a man they know only as "Vato" walking with a shirt over his head. He suddenly collapsed, and so, they called for police intervention. At today's press briefing, police shared what they know about this case:

Popular Restaurant Casually Robbed
And while Orange Walk cops are trying to solve that one, investigators from Belize City are trying to find the men who robbed Atlantic Restaurant on the Philip Goldson Highway at gunpoint last night. It happened at around 7:30 when the restaurant had customers waiting for their food orders. Police told us today that 2 men barged in held up the owner, and robbed him of approximately $300 dollars in cash:

The Puzzle of The Prosser Robbery
Police also had an update on the attempted robbery at Prosser Fertilizer where a security guard was shot: ASP Alejandro Cowo - OC, CIB Belize City: "On Wednesday, at about 2 in the morning, Hattieville police responded to an incident at the Prosser Fertilizer company, located at mile 8 [on] the George Price Highway. Upon arrival, they observed the security guard, Mr. Ruperto Aquino, 64 years-old, with an apparent gunshot wound to the left foot. He was transported to the hospital, where he's still admitted in a stable condition. What Mr. Aquino had mentioned is that just before 2 a.m., he was inside the booth, inside of the compound of the Prosser Fertilizer company, when he observed a male person coming toward his direction, firing shots at him. He managed to run out of he building, where the person pursued him, and fired shots at him, causing the injuries to him."

Channel 5

Man is Killed in P.G.; Friend of Accused Murderer Perishes in Accident
Two persons lost their lives in Punta Gorda on Wednesday. One was murdered; eighteen-year old Luis Cabrera Junior was stabbed to death while at a bar. It is believed the [...]

A San Pedrano is Butchered Overnight Near DFC Area
There was also an overnight murder in San Pedro. A nineteen-year-old resident was out with friends and sometime after three o'clock this morning after leaving his friends in the DFC [...]

16-Year-Old Student Ran Over by Bus
Back to Punta Gorda where a sixteen-year-old student of Forest Home was injured in a traffic accident. Evalenda Pau is in a critical condition at the K.H.M.H. after she was [...]

Robbers Target Atlantic Restaurant
Just before eight on Wednesday night, two armed robbers held up the popular Atlantic Restaurant located on miles three and half on the Philip Goldson Highway. While the thieves managed [...]

Evan Neal's Boat Found; Neal and Employee are Still Missing
It's been two months since Evan Neal and his employee, Anthony Reneau, went missing off an island. Today police confirmed they have recovered one of the boats that belonged to [...]

2 More Witnesses Testify in Mason Murder Trial
The trial of William 'Danny' Mason and four other men who have been indicted along with him for the murder Pastor Llewellyn Lucas, continued today before Justice Antoinette Moore.� Taking [...]

New Details about Drug Plane that Made Stops in Belize and Crash Landed near Chetumal
There are new details in connection with a Colombian drug plane, allegedly bound for the U.S., but which crash landed about fifty-five miles south of Chetumal in San Pedro Peralta, [...]

OW Stabbing Victim Remains Critical; Still No Identity
Police say they still haven't identified a man who was stabbed and left for dead in Orange Walk. Cops were called out to Guyana Street sometime around eight-thirty on Tuesday [...]

Robbers Hit Chino's Bar
On Wednesday afternoon, a brazen robbery at a bar in Belmopan left one man hospitalized. Police say that two robbers posed as patrons of the establishment and then pulled out [...]

No Arrests for Shooting of Elderly Security Guard
On Wednesday night you heard the story of a sixty-four-year-old security guard who was attacked as he stood watch at Prosser Fertilizers at mile eight on the George Price Highway. [...]

Minor Charged with Wounding after He Lassoed another Student
Police say a fourteen-year-old boy was charged with wounding after he lassoed another student and dragged him along a walkway and onto a field.� The victim received extensive abrasions to [...]

Baby Rhynaye Died of Multiple Organ Failure
An autopsy on the body of one-month-old baby girl, Rhynaye Alexandra Rowland, was conducted this afternoon. According to the mother, Simbiat Garnett, baby Rhynaye's cause of death was established to [...]

Accused Murderer Gets Bail
Twenty-nine-year-old Kashawn Gentle also known as Cassian Gentle-Bennett��� is presently on Supreme Court bail for murder. But the murder suspect managed to slip through the cracks and was granted another [...]

B.E.L.'s Plan to Connect Caye Caulker to National Electricity Grid
Caye Caulker is a top tourism destination for visitors who enjoy the charm and sleepiness of the village. But the island is not powered through the national grid and instead [...]

The Human Rights Commission of Belize Reacts to Allegations of Human Rights Abuses
A recent report is critical of the human rights situation in Belize especially as it relates to the Ministry of National Security. Today, the Vice President of the Human Rights [...]

BIFSA Comes Out in Support of G.O.B.
The Belize International Financial Services Association, BIFSA, has issued a release supporting government's position in rejecting the country's inclusion on the EU's list of Non-cooperative Jurisdictions for Tax Purposes. �BIFSA [...]

Guats Sound Off on Belize's I.C.J. Referendum
In less than a month, Belizeans will go to the polls to vote in the I.C.J. Referendum. For some, the vote is a straight yes or no, but many are [...]

Broccoli & Cauliflower to be Imported
The Ministry of Agriculture says the importation of a quantity of broccoli and cauliflower will be allowed later this month through the Belize Marketing and Development Corporation. According to a [...]

Healthy Living: Natural Sleep Aid
We all know it is important to get enough sleep every night. Consistent quality sleep has been proven to improve brain function and productivity, help with regulating your weight, reduce [...]

The Reporter

Strange Increase In Stabbing Incidents Claims Another Life
A bizarre and sudden increase in stabbing incidents have been occurring all over Belize. In the majority of incidents the victims and perpetrators are local young men, who's arguments or other disagreements escalate to deadly violence against each other. Or some other strange phenomenon is affecting or targeting our young people.

Ironic Twist Of Fate, Perpetrators Die Shortly After Stabbing
Quiet and Lay'd-Back Punta Gorda has seen its crime rate spike in the past few weeks, and investigators are scratching their heads as to why, all of a sudden the people in P.G has become so violent. In a recent incident, Luis Cabrera Jr. was stabbed several times by 2 other men in a violent altercation that happened yesterday evening, Wednesday March 13th., the injuries were so serious that he was rushed to the PG Hospital but died shortly after. In an ironic twist of fate, the men who allegedly inflicted the fatal wound during a bar fight crashed on their motorcycle shortly after. We are told one of them died instantly and the other is in critical condition.

Breaking Belize NewsPJ

Police have no leads in murder of San Pedro man
San Pedro Police have no leads in the murder of Horace Cadle, 19. During a press [�]

Security Guard, 64, targeted by gunman
Security guard, Rupert Acquino, 64, remains clueless as to why he was targeted by a gunman. [�]

14-year-old boy charged for wounding teen
Police have charged a fourteen-year-old male with the offense of wounding. His charge comes [�]

Belmopan Bar robbed by patrons
Sometime around midday yesterday there was an armed robbery in Belmopan, Cayo. Two men were [�]

Police still unable to identify Orange Walk victim that was badly beaten
Orange Walk police are struggling to establish the identity of a man who was attacked [�]

Police comment on two deaths in PG last night
Last night two men lost their lives in Punta Gorda, Toledo. Today, the Police Press [�]

Belize to import broccoli and cauliflower to meet local market demand
Broccoli and cauliflower are among commodities that can only be produced economically within Belize for [�]

Tourism pioneer passes away
Bob Jones, a resident of Santa Elena Town passed away today. Jones was known [�]

U.S. faults Belize for police, corruption violations
By Aaron Humes:On Wednesday, the annual report of the U.S. State Department on Human Rights worldwide was released, [�]

Andrew Willoughby jailed; 25 year minimum for murder of boy, 11
37 year old Andrew Willoughby, convicted of the Commonwealth Day holiday murder of 11-year-old schoolboy Daniel Matura [�]

InSight Crime highlights criminal activities at Belize/Guatemala Border
InSight Crime, an organization dedicated to the analysis of organized crime in the Latin American Region, [�]

National Heroes and Benefactors honored with wreath laying ceremony
On Monday, March 11, a dedicated gathering was present to be a part of the viewing audience [�]

Belize to celebrate World Forest Day on March 21st, 2019
Annually, Belize joins the international community to commemorate International Day of Forests which is celebrated on [�]

Arenal villagers in Cayo District certified in Agroecology
Twenty-four community members of Arenal Village, Cayo were given certificates for their participation on agro-ecological capacity building [�]

Galen University issues statement on incident at Isidoro Beaton stadium
By Galen University: Galen University advises its public and stakeholders that it has reviewed all the evidence surrounding the altercation [�]


Police find missing boat as they follow the case of Mapp Caye's missing men
Police have made a new find, though not much of a breakthrough, in their investigation into the case of the missing men, Evan Neal and Anthony Reneau. The men were discovered missing on January 14 after a check on Mapp Caye, where they were last known to be. Neal, the owner of the caye and �

Teenager is charged for injuries to another teen
Police are also investigating an incident in which two teenage boys were involved. One of the boys who was on a horse is accused of dragging the other with a rope. ACP Myvett explained what happened. ACP Joseph Myvett: "Warren Singh a fifteen year old student at the Belmopan Comprehensive High School reported to Police that �

Connecting Caye Caulker to the Grid
Caye Caulker's growth has resulted in an increase in demand for power. Belize Electricity Limited (BEL) intends to leave behind diesel generated power and bring the island onto the national grid. BEL conducted a feasibility study to confirm the economic and social benefits of the project which will cost the utility company fifteen million dollars �

Island Teen Stabbed and Killed
Ambergris Caye is the singular location that continues to construct the most hotels since 2011 and holds a lion's share of the tourism market. But crime persists on the island. Last night a nineteen year old resident of the island was killed. Love News travelled to San Pedro Town were friends say the teen was �

Armed robbers target restaurant in Belize City
Robbers were back on the prowl last night as two armed men targeted Atlantic Restaurant in Belize City. ASP Alejandro Cowo, Head of the Crimes Investigation Branch in Belize City says it happened shortly before eight o'clock. ASP Alejandro Cowo Head of CIB: "Police visited Atlantic Restaurant which is located at the corner of Henderson �

Nicholasa Cus looks for new land and home in Belmopan
On March 4, Belmopan residents were up in arms at the eviction of a single mother and her children from a property belonging to RECONDEV. The woman, Nicholasa Cus was reportedly squatting on the land for years and had constructed a home for her and her children. Recondev issued directives to have the structure removed �

Teenager stabbed and killed; suspected killer crashes after escaping scene, killing his companion
A teenager of Punta Gorda Town met his demise inside a bar establishment yesterday evening. 18-year-old, Luis Cabrera Jr. was stabbed in the neck by 37-year-old, Alexander Ruiz, who is presently hospitalized. It is an incident that took on a twist as Ruiz sustained injuries after he and another man, William Garcia, were involved in �

Women in Security Police soon to be rolled out
Minister of National Security, John Saldivar, says that a Women in Security Policy will be completed this year. He shared the news on Wednesday at the Belize Police Department's Women's Conference, which was attended by female police officers from across the country. In that force alone, which is a little over two thousand strong, 20 �

Robbers shoot bar owner then turn on truck driver
A man was shot during a robbery at a bar in Belmopan. Police say it happened yesterday around midday. ACP Joseph Myvett, Head of the National Crimes Investigation Branch says that the crime was committed by two men who were inside the establishment. ACP Josephy Myvett: "Police responded to information of a robbery in progress �

Six week old baby dies of multiple organ failure
In another update, the postmortem examination on the body of six week old baby Ryhnaye Rowland showed that she died of multiple organ failure. Her mother, Simbiat Garnett had told Love News that her little Ryhnaye was a full term baby and had presented no complications at birth. She says that on Monday morning, the �

International Sourcesizz

Belize 2019 Crime & Safety Report
The current U.S. Department of State Travel Advisory at the date of this report's publication assesses Belize at Level 2, indicating travelers should exercise increased caution due to crime. Overall Crime and Safety Situation: The U.S. Embassy in Belmopan does not assume responsibility for the professional ability or integrity of the persons or firms appearing in this report. The American Citizen Services (ACS) Unit cannot recommend a particular individual or location and assumes no responsibility for the quality of service provided. Review OSAC's Belize-specific webpage for proprietary analytic reports, consular messages, and contact information.


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  • Channel 5 Obituaries - Vanessa Diane Neal-Williams, 2min.

  • Channel 5 Obituaries - Janice Westby Brackett, 1.5min.

  • Belize Barrier Reef, 4min. Recorded at Belize Barrier Reef east of Caye Caulker and some sequences are from Silk Caye Marine Reserve.

  • Belize 2019 | Caye Caulker, Shark Ray Alley, Great Blue Hole, 4min.

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  • Sarteneja Corozal Belize, 4min. Beautiful, peaceful and very relaxing Sarteneja. Had a great weekend with my family and the environment is perfect to relax.