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The San Pedro Sun

Police on high alert after finding 23 kilos of cocaine north of San Pedro Town
Following a significant drug discovery two miles north of San Pedro Town on Sunday, March 17th, the island’s police department, along with additional personnel from the mainland are on high alert as it is suspected that the drugs are part of a larger illegal operation. The discovery was made on the beach, where police found a crocus sack containing 20 sealed packages of suspected cocaine. According to the Commissioner of Police, Chester Williams, the area where the drugs were found is a hot spot for what is known as ‘wet drops,’ and a favorite area for ‘playadores’ persons who roam these isolated beaches in search of drugs washing ashore.

Illegal dredging activities halted on San Pedro lagoon
An unauthorized dredging project on the lagoon side of San Pedro Town has received a stop order from the Ministry of Natural Resources and Agriculture via the Mining Unit. Concerned citizens claimed that heavy machinery, including a Caterpillar excavator, had allegedly been used to construct an approximately three-mile channel heading north. The Department of Environment (DOE) confirmed to The San Pedro Sun that the proprietors, believed to be Bob Dhillon and David Mitchell, did not have the required permits for such an activity and the persons carrying out the excavation were verbally ordered to cease operations until an inspection is conducted. A team from DOE is expected to arrive on the island to inspect and verify the nature of the questionable project.

Special Agreement challenged in Supreme Court; Judgement adjourned to April
A Special Agreement that has led to a national referendum scheduled for April 10, 2019, on whether to settle the Guatemalan territorial claim to Belize at the International Court of Justice (ICJ), was challenged at the Belize Supreme Court on Friday, March 15th for its validity. This legal move is spearheaded by the Opposition, the People’s United Party, who hope to stop/delay the referendum via an interim injunction. The Supreme Court will deliver a verdict in the first week of April on whether the referendum is held or postponed to a later date.

Prime Minister Dean Barrow presents 1.2 Billion Budget for 2019-2020
On March, Friday 15th Minister of Finance and Prime Minister of Belize, the Right Honorable Dean Barrow presented the official budget for the 2019-2020 fiscal year, under the theme: “Moving Ahead With Strong and Steady Economic Growth; Expansion of Opportunities for Business and Personal Advance; And Rededication to Basic Social Protection.” The $1.256 billion proposed budget highlights the country’s external deficit, debts, and optimism in the growth of the economy. No new taxes were introduced. However, there were adjustments to balance expenditures and revenues. As for possibilities of any projects to benefit Ambergris Caye, the budget presentation did not include any concrete plans.

San Pedro Invaders win their first match of the season!
During the sixth week of the National Amateur Women’s League (NAWL) Closing Season 2019, the San Pedro Invaders managed to nab a victory against Royal Maya Hill. On Sunday, March 17th, the Invaders overcame their opponent with a much-needed 2-1 victory. The match kicked off at 4PM from the Norman Broaster Stadium in San Ignacio, Cayo District. Determined to taste victory, the Invader Silvia Quil didn’t give up until she found the goal at minute 30. However, at minute 35, Royal Maya Hill’s Judy Vasquez responded with a goal of her own, tying the game. However, bought teams fought for control, and it was until minute 46, when Quil once again found her way to the net to score a second goal for the island team, taking them to the break leading 2-1.

Ambergris Today

Government Of Belize Addresses Challenges In Sugar Industry
The Government of Belize, through the Ministry of Investment, Trade and Commerce, informs the public about the actions being taken to address the challenges currently facing Belize’s sugar industry and that of the wider Caribbean. The Government of Belize and the Sugar Association of the Caribbean (SAC) have been working in close collaboration with stakeholders in Belize’s sugar industry, including BSI-ASR and Santander Sugar Ltd., and with other sugar stakeholders in the Caribbean Community (CARICOM).

Misc Belizean Sources


Stanford Eye Clinic
Belize is bringing Stanford eye doctors to San Pedro Town this coming week. Doctors will be seeing adults and kids FREE of charge from March 25-29, 2019 at the Lions Den from 9AM to 5PM. Appointments are welcome. Please bring along your Social Security Card. You may want to bring your sunglasses for after the exam as your eyes will be sensitive to bright lights for a while.

Special Olympics Fun Run in Corozal
The Corozal Football Association along with the Corozal Sports Council invites all Corozalenos to come out and support the Special Olympics. April 6, 2019

Maya Wedding at Santa Rita
Maya Wedding Re-enactment at the archaeological site includes the re-enactment, Mestizo dances, Pok-Ta-Pok fireball game, and a light Maya appetizer. Tickets are $20 for adults and $5 for children. Sponsored by the Belize Tourism Industry Association (BTIA), Belize Tourism Board (BTB), Centro Escolar México (CEM), and the Corozal Town Council. Coconut Festival Beach Party at the beach side at the South-end entrance of Corozal Town, in front of Hotel Maya, sponsored by the Belize Tourism Industry Association (BTIA), Belize Tourism Board (BTB), Centro Escolar México (CEM), and the Corozal Town Council. Free entrance.

Corozal Weekend Events
Here are some events taking place in town this weekend. If you have an event happening, let us know, so we can add it to our list. If you are visiting, do stop by and support these events.

Grill Wizard" playing in front of our Town Hall at 6:00 p.m. Bring out your children. It's FREE. Come and enjoy some popcorn & juice. Don't stay home. Come and meet new friends. The best things in life are FREE!!! Our town will have many sports' activities this weekend. Let's be part of making Corozal great again. Sponsored by Archangel Medical Center - This Saturday, March 23rd. Support our community's small business enterprises.

Power outage in San Pedro scheduled from 6:00am to 1:00pm on Wednesday, March 27
to affect Pescador Drive, Angel Coral Street, Ambergris Street, Caribeña Street, Nurse Shark Street, Pelican Street, Buccaneer Street, Tarpon Street, Almond Street, portion Black Coral Street, San Pedrito including Crocodile Street, Gutten Street, Tropic Wave Street, Glitter Street and Water Lane Street; DFC Area including Mar de Tumbo Drive, Sea Grape Drive, Villa Drive and Escalante Subdivision. BEL to replace utility poles and relocate power lines in the area.

World Water Day Photo Contest Winners
Belize Water Services in collaboration with World Water Day Committee announce the winners of the World Water Day Photo Contest. Congratulations to the winners!!! Thanks to everyone who participated in the competition.

Weekend Events in San Pedro
Special event Saturday... -March Bingo Night - Crazy Canucks Beach Bar 5pm - FRENCH KISS AT SUNSET - DJ Patron B Day Bash - The Truck Stop - Lego Movie - Frank Reyes at CocoCabana Restaurant & Bar - Iguana Juan's Restaurant & Bar Reggae Brunch and Tull live music tonight -The Market at Banyan Bay Suites 10am -Live music at Palapa Bar and Grill, The Truck Stop, Iguana Juan's Restaurant & Bar -Karaoke at BERNIE's BACK Bar & Restaurant -DJ - DVJ Scottman - AJ's Sports Bar

Ruby’s Cafe is Moving...
But just across the street! How convenient!

Mr. Cesar Cerpa passes away
Mayor Daniel Guerrero, the San Pedro Town Council and Staff extends its deepest condolences to the Cerpa friends and family on the passing of Mr. Cesar Cerpa. We wish his friends and family find the strength in each other to overcome this great loss. May his soul rest in peace.

YA DA FI WE BELIZE, a presentation on the ICJ Referendum
Everyone is invited to the YA DA FI WE BELIZE, a presentation on the ICJ Referendum. Come out and learn more about the ICJ Referendum from the invited speakers Mr. Assad Shoman and Jordan Craig.

Easter Bash 2019
Easter Weekend will be epic in Corozal Town. Look out for Easter Bash 2019.

World Forest Day
Yesterday CRC celebrated World Forest Day with Belize Forest Department and various other organizations in Toledo. One of the big questions of the day- how many crocodile species are in Belize? We are sure if you ask any kid at the end of this event not only could they tell you how many, but also species name and their preferred habitat and prey species!

Public Consultation held on BEL’s ESIA Report for Caye Caulker Interconnection

Youth Ambassadors Program
The Youth Ambassadors Program recruitment process has begun. Students and mentors are encouraged to apply. For details on the program check out the flyer below. APPLY NOW at before the deadline on April 11, 2019!

Channel 7

Mason Attorney Abandons
There's been a major shake-up in the Danny Mason murder trial; today, his attorney threw in the towel. 
Things started to go off the tracks yesterday morning when, minutes before the case was supposed to resume, the authorities cleared the courtroom so that the judge and the attorneys from both sides could address an urgent matter.  Shortly after that, rumors began spreading that Mason and his alleged accomplices were attempting to fire Herbert Panton as their defense attorney. We attempted to confirm these reports, but everyone close to the case was tight-lipped.  Whatever the issue was, it caused the trial to be adjourned until this morning at 9:00 when the 5 accused were taken back to court. The attorneys for both sides presented themselves for another private discussion before the judge, and about an hour or so later, Panton exited to announce that he is no longer representing Mason and company.

Still No Answers On San Pedro Murder
Last night 7news took you to San Pedro where two men were gunned down in broad daylight in a busy part of town. The report is that Allen Martinez and Deon Faber were at Faber's house located behind a mechanic shop. Faber was outside while Martinez was inside. Faber then ran to the house and shouted "gunman" and that is when the masked shooter opened fire. Martinez was struck to the neck and shoulder and Faber was hit to the back, chest and forearm. Both succumbed to their injuries.  We spoke to Martinez's brother yesterday and today we spoke to Faber's niece in Belize City. Both families say the same thing: they don't know why their loved one was murdered.

UDP Fello Says PUP Marconi Sent Serious Threats
Up until Monday, Damion "Fello" Garbutt was a UDP supporter little known outside of Belize Rural where he is a general for area rep Edmond Castro.  But after being punched by the PUP Standard Bearer Marconi Leal on Saturday, his name, and his right cross, became well known across the country.
Well, tonight, Garbutt is making news again - and this time it's because he says he wants to press criminal charges against Leal for assault.  That's is a change, because on the night after the fight, he told police he didn't want to press charges.  But, now he says a conversation that Leal had with his sister has forced him to change his position in the interest of his own safety:..

Fired By CITCO, Jenkins Says Council Coming After His Pvt. Venture
In May of last year we spoke to Cecil Jenkins when he was fired by the City Council where he had been working for 12 years.   He alleged wrongful dismissal and the case is presently before the Labour Commissioner - but in the 10 months since, Jenkins hasn't had a job. And, on top of that, his political ambitions were derailed when he lost in the UDP convention for Lake I late last year. So, now he's trying to start up a food business on Mahogany Street, where he's had a stall - he says for 10 years - running small businesses on and off.  He recently put on new sheets of plywood to start up again - only to face a stop order from the city council.  We went to the stall today to find the stop order tacked unto the humble structure - he told us why:

Candice and CITCO Case Under Mediation
And when the council terminated Jenkins in May of last year, City Administrator, Candice Miller was also sent home.  Her lawsuit against the council for wrongful termination is still pending, but both sides entered court-ordered arbitration in an attempt to settle the case out-of-court.  When we showed up to court this afternoon, we saw Miller and her attorney, Magali Perdomo, heading into an empty courtroom for some privacy to discuss among themselves. Shortly after that, we saw the Mayor, Bernard Wagner, the New City Administrator and attorney Anthony Sylvestre exit from the Chief Justice's courtroom from their private discussion.

Guat Bus Gets Two Runs Per Day
Last night we told you about the Guatemalan Bus that appeared this week at the Belize City bus terminal on West Collet Canal.  It's caused an uproar amongst local bus operators who say that Transport Minister Edmond Castro is actively undermining them and giving the upper hand to Guatemalan bus operators.  But Castro said he didn't authorize the yellow bus we saw pictures of.  But, he did.  This letter to Transport Commissioner Tirso Galvez gives the green light to the yellow bus.   On March 5th, Castro gave the San Juan Travel Bus Corporation permission to load and offload passengers at the Belize City terminal for two runs daily.

BEL Building Consensus In Caye Caulker
Last week we took you to the waters outside Caye Caulker. BEL is proposing to lay a submarine cable to carry electricity 6 miles from San Pedro to the place called La Isla Carinosa.  Last night, they put the proposal to villagers in a public consultation.   Over 90 residents attended the session which was led by the Department of Environment on the grounds of the village RC School. The pitch is that the submarine cable will connect Caye Caulker to the national power grid and reduce noise and air pollution from diesel generation, eliminate risks associated with transporting diesel to the island, and reduce generation cost by $3 million to $4 million annually.

Caye Caulker Village Council, Battling Haphazard Growth
And while Caye Caulker can look forward to the prospect of life without the constant hum of diesel generators, it's a mixed bag, because on this small and precious island, progress really does bring problems.   We heard a lot about those when we had a sitdown with the village council on Wednesday night.  Here's what they had to say:.. Caye Caulker is one of the most special places in Belize - with its sandy streets, its famous split easily accessible swimming areas.Trees, breeze and beaches, natural beauty and a chill vibe that can't be matched for human's and human's best friends. Tourists can't get enough - and with that kind of demand paradise doesn't stay unspoiled for too long. And its village council says that Caye Caulker has a major case of growing pains rapid unregulated and haphazard growth.

I Can Be Your Shero
The Belize City Council today hosted its first Sheroes Awards ceremony as part of the Women's month celebrations. The council awarded 11 women, one from each constituency, for their contributions to their family and community. We dropped by at the Radisson to meet the proud Sheroes. Mayor Bernard Wagner and Councilor Candice Pitts told us more about this initiative. Bernard Wagner - Mayor, Belize City: "It is women's month and councillor Pitts came up with this great idea of acknowledging and recognizing some of the women who have been unsung heroes in our society and in our community so we were able to identify 11 such women that we feel have done their part and been the cornerstone of their families and communities and that is why we feel good about this even today."

Trans In Action
TIA: It stands for Trans in Action Belize. It's a group that advocates for the trans community whether it be Transgender, transsexual, transvestite, all groups of people who have different experiences, but all want the same thing: to be respected and afforded the same rights and basic privileges like everyone else. Today TIA met at the Radisson to present a documentation known CEDOSTALC which means Center of Documentation and Trans situation in Latin American and the Caribbean. The Co-founder of TIA told us more about this report and how it fits into their mandate as a group.

Garcia Guilty
24 year-old Marcus Garcia, a prisoner who is currently serving out a prison sentence for ammunition conviction, has been sentenced to spend 10 months for shooting a man. In July of 2017 he allegedly shot 31 year cab driver Emmeth Baptist.   Baptist told police that he dropped off Garcia and a female, and when he looked up, he was staring into the barrel of a .38 revolver.  Baptist said he took $35 out of his pocket, handed it to Garcia, and then, reversed out at high speed. Garcia fired 4 shots at him while he was reversing, and he was shot in his back and on his left index finger. He continued to reverse, then he turned into Tibruce Street and on to Mahogany Street where he was a police mobile intercepted him and learned what had happened. 

Sanker's Street Art Is Portrait Of History
Today we saw artist Alex Sanker up the street from our studios capturing an old colonial relic. It's the old British Style postal containers - a few of which can be found around the country. He said that its the art of history: As you heard, Sanker has been capturing classic Belize City scenes for some time now.

Taking on TB
Sunday is World Tubercolosis Day so health officials organized an education fair today at the Battlefield park . One of the coordinators explained why tuberculosis awareness is still important to this day. Susan Rivero - Rural Heath Nurse, Cleopatra White: "The date is really the 24th of March but we are celebrating it today since it's a Sunday, so we are celebrating it today. What we're doing is showcasing all the other health facilities that work along with us as well. People tend to think that tuberculosis has been eradicated but we want them to know that it's still here and we want them to understand more about it and learn more about it because people can still die from and we want to make sure that they get their education that they need about it and that's why we're here and that's why the stress clinic is there and we continue to get educate on it on a daily basis.

Sacred Hoops
Ahmadiyya Muslim Jama'at, based in the Buttonwood Bay area in Belize City, has been organizing grand local and international basketball tournaments for youths all over the country. And on Sunday, the league is organizing its third All Star Basketball event, to showcase the skills of up-and-coming ballers that the organization has nurtured. The event will happen on the 129th anniversary of the Ahmadiyya's establishment. The President of the local chapter of the organization told us that this All Star tournament is expected to be their biggest yet:

Big Race Weekend
And, a major cycling race will also be held this weekend.  It's the Belmopan Classic, which used the be the Ninth of March Classic until the Ruta Maya took that race day away.  Cycling promoter Kwame Scott says it's an important warm up for the Cross Country classic:.. Over the past few weeks, you've probably noticed the changes in the channel lineup from your cable provider.  Popular channels such  as Showtime, Encore and the Movie Channel have been removed from the lineup.

Channel 5

1 Man Detained for Double Murder in San Pedro; another Man and Woman are Being Sought
A woman and two men were captured on surveillance camera arriving by boat in San Pedro just prior to the double murder of Deon Faber and Allen Martinez. The woman [...]

More Boots on Ground in San Pedro to Avert Retaliation in Wake of Double Murder
Since the start of the year, and including Thursday’s double homicide, there have been four murders in San Pedro. It is two more than last year’s statistics for the island [...]

Danny Mason’s Trial is Adjourned; Attorney Panton Says He Removed Himself from the Case
The high profile trial for William “Danny” Mason and company has been adjourned because he needs new legal representation after attorneys Herbert Panton and Rachel Montejo stepped away from the [...]

Former City Administrator Seeking Settlement Via Mediation
Former City Administrator Candice Miller appeared before Chief Justice Kenneth Benjamin this afternoon for mediation with Belize City Mayor Bernard Wagner.  Miller was suspended from her post as the most [...]

Trio Sentenced to Life, but Will Serve 21 More Years for Murder
Three Belize City men known on the streets as Ants, Billy and Fabby today learnt their fate in the murder of Joseph Myers.  Myers was gunned down on the compound [...]

Marcos Garcia Gets 11 Months for Shooting Taxi Man
A taxi man picked up a man and his girlfriend to take them to their destination, but instead of paying him, the man pulled out a gun, tried to rob [...]

Over $3,000 Jacked from Caribbean Tires in OW
On Thursday, thieves targeted the Caribbean Tires Wholesale branch located in Orange Walk Town. Today, the company’s accountant, thirty-eight-year-old Rosita Wade, reported to police that she left her workplace around [...]

The Belize Bus Association at Odds with Transport Department
The Belize Bus Association remains at odds with the Department of Transport tonight after two Guatemalan bus operators were given licenses to traffic passengers to and from Guatemala to Belize [...]

Fisheries Department Responds to Conch Quota Concerns
Since the beginning of the week, News Five has been taking an in-depth look at the state of Belize’s conch fishery.  There have been serious concerns raised about enforcement of [...]

Eleven Unsung Sheroes Honored by CitCo
As activities wind down in celebration of Women’s Month, the Belize City Council today singled out a group of outstanding women from all walks of life and ages for their [...]

A Sports Day for Kiddies Campus Preschool
School children all around the country have had a busy month with meaningful and fun activities. This year, Child Stimulation Month, is being held under the theme, “Hug me, Listen [...]

Guyana’s Government Stays Put as Court Dismisses ‘No Confidence Motion’; Opposition to Appeal
We take a break from the local news for two major developments in the region. Today, Guyana’s Court of Appeal ruled that a no-confidence motion against the government of David [...]

US President Meets with Caribbean Leaders; Promises Renewed Investments and Engagement
Today, President Donald Trump met with leaders from five Caribbean countries in Florida; namely Jamaica, Saint Lucia, Dominican Republic, Haiti and the Bahamas. Notably, these countries voted with the U.S. [...]

Basketball All Star Tournament in Belize City
The Ahmadiyya Basketball League is hosting its all-star basketball competition this Sunday in Belize City. The event will bring players from across the country, as well as Mexico, to compete [...]

Succotz Villagers Meet with BWS Officials Over High Water Bills
Over the weekend, senior officials from Belize Water Services Limited held a meeting with residents of San Jose Succotz in Cayo over high water bills. As we reported earlier in [...]


Double murder in San Pedro
Deon Faber, 41, and Allen Martinez, 34, who are both originally from Belize City but have been living in San Pedro, were murdered at about 1:30 this afternoon in Boca Del Rio. Faber died almost immediately, and Martinez died while being taken to the San Pedro Polyclinic. Reliable information to us is that Faber and Martinez were socializing in Boca Del Rio when they were approached by a man who began to talk to them, after which they all went to the rear of a mechanic shop.

KREM’s Lisa Love celebrates 25 years of being on the air
Today, Radio Krem’s Lisa “Love” celebrates 25 years of being on the airwaves at Radio Krem. Lisa told Amandala this afternoon that long ago, she called JC Arzu, Krem’s chief engineer, and asked why there was no one on the air in the early morning around 5:00. JC told her the slot was hers if she wanted it, and so Lisa got her foot into the door at Radio Krem. Thus was born one of the great stars of Radio Krem. Gifted with a wonderful voice, a super cheerful personality, and a great taste in music, Lisa has been a favorite since her very first show.

Alleged new regime for boledo sellers
Boledo sellers have had to adjust to new regimes quite a few times in the past few years, especially after Brad’s Gaming Company began to privately operate the National Boledo Franchise in 2009. Now there are rumors of a brand new regime which is supposed to come into effect on April 1. Amandala has recently received a letter from a concerned citizen who is asserting that at the start of next month, boledo sellers who still use books and pens, especially in rural areas, will no longer be able to do so. This is not especially strange, since Brad’s has been trying to automate boledo tickets for some time now.

Explosive video evidence in the trial of William “Danny” Mason for the beheading of Pastor Lucas
The sensational murder trial of William “Danny” Mason and his co-accused, Ashton Vanegas, Terrence and Keiron Fernandez, and Ernest Henry Castillo continued today, Wednesday, and lasted until late into the evening before the trial slipped into a voir dire (a trial within a trial). The bone of contention in the voir dire is a statement that was given to police by one of the accused men, while the defense is contending that the accused man who gave police the statement was beaten.

Is William “Danny” Mason attempting to fire his attorneys?
The trial of William “Danny” Mason trial in the Supreme Court was scheduled to continue today, but this morning the trial was abruptly adjourned to tomorrow, Friday, at 9:00 a.m. Mason and his co-accused were not brought into the courtroom of Justice Antoinette Moore, who is hearing the case without a jury, and quite notably, representatives of the media and spectators were asked to leave the courtroom. Amandala has been reliably informed that Mason had indicated to the court that he no longer wants his defense team, attorneys Herbert Panton and Rachel Montejo-Juan, to represent him.

Edward “Mandingo” Gabourel: From printing Amandala to pioneer in the Valley of Peace
In his youth, Edward Lincoln Gabourel was a very strong, powerfully built, but quiet man, who became known as “Mandingo.” Essentially, he has lived a quiet life, even though, at a very young age, he became a member of two organizations which would later have a lifelong impact on him and which would mold his early consciousness. Gabourel recalled that he was around 16-years-old and was working on Turneffe Atoll, when he heard about an organization named the United Black Association for Development (UBAD), from a friend. “It is an organization for black people,” he recalled his friend telling him.

Corozal F.A. U-tournaments update
Another successful weekend of football at the Ricalde Stadium! This week marks our sixth week of the ongoing youth U-Tournaments hosted by the Corozal Football Association (CFA) under the auspices of the Football Federation of Belize (FFB). CFA takes this opportunity to recognize Raigen Fernando Cano, born on October 20, 2000. His education journey began at Santa Clara Pre-School, continued at Santa Clara Adventist School, and obtained his secondary educations at the Belize Adventist College.

National Beach Soccer Semi-finals results
Semi-final games in the Football Federation of Belize’s (FFB) National Amateur Beach Soccer Tournament were held on Saturday, March 16, at Old Belize on the outskirts of Belize City, Mile 5 on the George Price (Western) Highway. In the first semi-final, Belmopan Invaders won, 4-3, over Dangriga Beach Soccer. Goals for Belmopan Invaders were by Jermaine Jones (2’ & 29’), Marlon Meza (16’) and Jose Galdamez (29’); while for Dangriga Beach Soccer, it was Kareem Haylock (15’ & 22’) and Raymond Ramos (37’).

Mayor Belize City 5-Week Dominoes Tournament Week 1 results
The Belize City Council’s “Mayor Belize City 5-Week Dominoes Tournament” got under way with Week One games on Sunday, March 17, at Lakers Kool Spot. A total of 13 out of the 14 registered teams participated in the Week One games, with the winners reaching 3000 points.

Cricket Corner – Some teams getting really hot!
A pleasant day to all! Welcome to this week’s cricket news. Under the auspices of the Belize National Cricket Association (BNCA), the Harrison Parks 2019 Cricket Competition resumes after a weekend break. Thanks to the sponsor, Bowen and Bowen! There were some very nice games played. After hearing results, sorry I could not have been at all games at the same time. Let’s start at Rancho, where the so very hot Summer Fever was going up against home team Eagles. The Eagles went in to bat first, and at the fall of the last wicket, 91 runs were scored.

Editorial: April 1 Decision
The Honorable Chief Justice, Kenneth Benjamin, has set April 1, 2019 as the date to hear an application for an interim injunction on the April 10 referendum. Belizeans, on April 10, are set to decide if Guatemala’s claim to Belize, following the guidelines set out in the Special Agreement, “should be submitted to the International Court of Justice for final settlement…” A constitutional challenge, researched by attorneys Richard Bradley, Kareem Musa, and Anthony Sylvestre, was filed by the Courtenay-Coye law firm. Amandala journalist, Rowland A. Parks, wrote that the attorneys “are also asking the court to grant an interim injunction to stop the April 10 ICJ referendum.”

Belize PEACE Movement scolds UNDP
Dear Representative Zacapa, We at the Belize PEACE Movement (BPM) trust that your organization, tasked with providing technical support toward ensuring that adequate awareness and preparedness for the national referendum is realized, remains abreast of all that is transpiring with respect to the impending Referendum scheduled for 10th April 2019. This correspondence serves as the Belize PEACE Movement’s official complaint regarding reports we have received from across the country of personnel dressed in the decal of the UNDP, interviewing citizens as to their likely vote.

Bring back the boledo barrel!
Dear Editor, Monday, April 1, will be the beginning of sad days for boledo sellers countrywide, especially those with scant resources who depend on selling boledo for their livelihood. Boledo sellers have been notified that on that day, they must either have a computer with internet to sell boledo, or lose their livelihoods, since no longer will boledo be sold with pens and books. But even worse than that. Those who avail themselves to sell boledo will have to sell a minimum of $2,000 weekly, or lose their rights to sell boledo.

Belize must first obtain financial independence
Dear Editor, When I was pursuing my math education training with the University of the West Indies in the 1990’s, I was taught that developed economies were more involved in manufacturing than the developing economies. For example, we would sell them pineapples. They would can it and sell it back to us for a higher price. It is called adding value to the product. The fact that the United States manufacturing base has been decimated and their trade deficits and external debt have grown commensurately suggests that industrialization is key to financial independence.

Why the referendum threshold matters and the lies being told
One of the first legislative changes that the Barrow Administration took on upon entering government in 2008 was to pass the amendment to the old Referendum Act, with the view that the people of this country would have a full say in how to initiate a referendum and ensuring it carries a majority mandate of the voting population. One of the major amendments was the setting of a threshold of 60% of registered voters who must participate in a referendum to make it valid. This was critical, and ironically it was a threshold that I knew mattered if there was to be a resounding mandate. While I worked at OCEANA and wanted a referendum on the issue of offshore drilling, I accepted that this threshold had to be met.

Prove it
Some people have said the compromis is the problem. Well, you can compromis for days, weeks, months, and you will end up at any and all legal claims. And that will lead you to 1859 and a treaty between two sovereign nations. The story is as it was, has been, Article Seven. Briefly, the backdrop. There was a faction in Guatemala that was being backed up, egged on by the Americans, and this faction did not agree with their government signing the 1859 treaty. You will never get everyone to agree on anything. Article Seven clearly, as stated, is a business agreement to further the interests of England and Guatemala, BOTH. The essential part of the treaty was the boundary agreement; the details of the business agreement had to be worked out.

The Thing to Do
“The thing to do, really, is to totally exterminate the population’, and then he said, “AND I’VE STARTED THAT’.” (Dr. Cornelius Rhoads, MD, Harvard)( 1. The above is a quote in a letter by a Harvard MD, Cornelius Rhoads, to a colleague in Boston, referring to the Puerto Rican natives. Listen to Minute 17:09 to 17:18 of the YouTube video, according to author, Daniel Immerwahr. 2. For the bigger context, listen from minute 15:43 to 22:40. IT IS SHOCKINGLY EYE-OPENING.

ICJ quiz
It is now about 21 days before Belizean voters will have their historic appointment with destiny in the upcoming referendum. Those who have been able to register but have decided not to participate can only blame themselves if the referendum result initiates a sequence of inexorable calamities for Belize, its present inhabitants and their descendants. So if you are one of those registered persons who are aware of this possibility and more pointedly the fact that one single vote can change our future, but is still content with your choice not to vote — just continue to enjoy your insouciance, perhaps lady luck will smile on you and others will make the correct existential decision for your country. Thus if you are satisfied with whatever the consequences of your non-participation may be, then there is really no need for you to take this quiz.

Belizean-American software developer Andre Gray honored with plaque and key to Bridgeport, Connecticut
The Belizean-American computer software inventor, Andre Gray, who is often described as “The Godfather of Internet Invention,” was honored Monday, March 18, when he was presented with a plaque and given the key to the city of Bridgeport, Connecticut, by its Mayor, Joseph Ganim. The ceremony took place at Curiale School, where Gray also addressed students. In his remarks to the students, Gray impressed upon them the need for an education in technology, which he stressed is “no longer optional” for future generations.

In lawsuit against Parole Board, prisoner alleges violation of his constitutional rights
Submissions were made in the Supreme Court of Justice Michelle Arana this morning in a constitutional claim brought by Hillaire Sears, a prisoner at the Belize Central Prison, who has sued the Parole Board for violating his constitutional rights. The Ministry of National Security and the Attorney General are also named as defendants in the claim. At the end of the hearing, Justice Arana indicated to the parties that the court would issue its ruling at a future date.

Sailboat grounds on southern reef
A sailboat ran aground on the southern reef and has since been abandoned. The boat remains high and dry on the reef in Hunting Caye, and its owner remains unknown. Wil Mejia and the Belize Territorial Volunteers (BTV) said that they were informed of a boat that ran aground on Thursday night, and was abandoned. Mejia said that they went to Hunting Caye and saw the abandoned boat on the reef, not far from the Coast Guard Hunting Caye operational base, where Coast Guard officers, as well as policemen and soldiers of the Belize Defence Force, are stationed.

DPP withdraws charges from Marroquin and Vaca
Peruvian national Louis Marroquin and Columbian national Edgar Vargas Vaca, two of three men charged with 2 counts of preparation to commit a crime, to wit, to fraudulently take money from a Scotia Bank ATM machine, were freed of the charges when they appeared today before Senior Magistrate Tricia Pitts Anderson. The prosecutor, Sergeant Carmen Selgado, said that she was in possession of a memorandum from the office of the Director of Public Prosecution directing that the charges against them were to be withdrawn.

The Reporter

Belize Rural North Politics of Violence?
By Neri. This week the People’s Unity Party’s Belize Rural North Standard Bearer Marconi Leal made a public apology after getting into an altercation with a known United Democratic Party supporter, Damion Garbutt.

Thieves Target Caribbean Tires in OW
Thieves have reportedly targeted Caribbean Tires Wholesale office in Orange Walk Town. The Accountant of the company, Rosita Wade, reported to Police that she left her workplace around 5:00 p.m....

Bus Association Concerns Push Transport to React
The Transport Department is taking measures to ensure that Guatemalan bus companies that have been given permits to make commercial runs from that country to Belize City adhere to the terms and conditions stipulated on those permits. This is in order that there be no conflict with local bus operators who bring passengers along the same route from Benque to Belize City.

Social Media Craze Claims Burning Home
The use of mobile devices and the craze to post live updates on social media sites was brought to the forefront recently, as one woman whose house was being burnt to the ground watched in horror as bystanders filmed the tragedy instead of helping her.

EDITORIAL – March 22nd. 2019
Referendum Day, Wednesday April 10, is only three weeks away. On that day the voters of Belize will make a decision concerning the future safety of Belize. Voters will be consulted on whether Belize should take her case for ownership of the whole land to the International Court of Justice.

Caye Caulker Resident Charged
Ephrain Pook, 30, a resident of Caye Caulker, was arraigned on Monday morning in the San Pedro Magistrate’s Court on multiple charges for injuries he allegedly inflicted on two brothers who accused him of breaking into their home and stealing from them.

Mystery Shrouds Adjournment in Mason Case
The murder trial of William “Danny” Mason and four co-defendants accused of the murder of Dangriga Pastor, Llewelyn Lucas, today took an interesting twist when the courtroom was cleared of all media representatives and then abruptly adjourned until tomorrow; and none of the attorneys prosecuting or defending would speak on what led to the sudden adjournment.

Principal Interdicted Following Audit
Principal of Excelsior High School in Belize City, Dawn Watters, has been placed on interdiction with half pay after an audit report on the school’s finances showed serious irregularities with how school monies were being handled over an 11-month period.

Asian Businessman Robbed at Business
An Asian businessman was robbed at gunpoint last night at his store on Baymen Avenue in Belize City. Terrence Tang, 27, was in the process of closing Hope Shop at #35 Baymen Avenue sometime around 9:10pm, while his father waited for him outside.

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Over $3,000 stolen from Caribbean Tire Office in Orange Walk
This morning, Rosita Wade, an accountant of San Antonio, Orange Walk reported that yesterday, she left her workplace, […]

Belize vs Guyana – who will score the goals?
The Belize National Football Team, the Jaguars, have by now touched down to face the South […]

Police Department Drama Group showcases “Entertainment Series” at Orange Walk’s Banquitas House of Culture
The National Institute of Culture and History (NICH), through the Museum of Belize and Orange […]

Chinese Grocery Store robbed at gunpoint by three men
A Chinese Grocery Store was robbed at gunpoint last night. According to reports, Terrence Tang […]

Young man charged for fatal hit and run
A young man from Toledo has been slapped with charges for a fatal hit and […]

ATM scammers have charges dropped, still detained
The Director of Public Prosecutions has dropped the fraud charges for two out of three […]

Police share minor info on discovered skull
Police have shared the little information they have gathered about a skull found in the Belize […]

Belize to observe World Water Day 2019
World Water Day is commemorated worldwide on March 22, 2019. This year’s theme for World […]

Zabaneh family in court for environmental violations
The Department of the Environment (DOE) continues to pursue 43 year old Dion Zabaneh and his […]

Prisoner challenges parole board
This week, prison inmate Hillaire Sears sued the Parole Board for an alleged breach of […]

Police issue report on San Pedro double murder
Today, the Belize Police Department issued an official report on the double murder that happened in […]

City man charged for raping minor, 14
Painter from Rocky Road, 39 year old Albert Waller, is accused of raping a girl almost […]


Baker 2 Vegas Relay event in Las Vegas, Nevada
Tomorrow marks the start of the Baker 2 Vegas Relay event in Las Vegas, Nevada. It is 120 mile race for law enforcement officers, that Belize is taking part in. Renee Trujillo is accompanying the 25 member delegation. Here’s her report. Rene Trujillo: “The Belizean contingent taking part in the Baker to Vegas Relay Competition …

Looking back at TB
Tuberculosis, TB, is a contagious disease caused by Mycobacterium tuberculosis bacteria which normally affects the lungs, but can also affect other parts of the body. In the past, tuberculosis was considered a death sentence causing the demise of many Belizeans. With the introduction of new medicine, many lives are being saved. Love news spoke with …

Attorneys Dump Danny Mason and Associates in Murder Trial
This morning there was an unexpected twist in the murder trial of the men accused of murdering Pastor Llewelyn Lucas and beheading him. There were rumors circulating that during a closed session on Thursday that the accused men decided to part ways with their defence attorneys, but while that was not factual, it was somewhat …

RET continues work with partners to improve services to victims of gender based violence and human trafficking
RET Belize, over the last year, has been working closely with partners to raise awareness, amplify the leadership roles and potentials of young people and build capacity at the community level to respond to persons impacted by gender based violence, trafficking in persons and corruption in a more timely and transparent manner. The Project started …

3 get life for murder
On October 16, 2016 Emmeth Baptist, a 29-year old taxi driver picked up 24-year old, Marcos Garcia and his girlfriend on Central American Boulevard and took them firstly to Vernon Street, thereafter another to Aloe Vera Street. Garcia along with girlfriend exited the vehicle leaving Baptist to believe he was going to come over to …

BEL public Meeting for Caye Caulker Sub-Marine Cable
Representatives of the Belize Electricity Limited (BEL) was in Caye Caulker on Thursday night hosting a consultation with villagers regarding connecting the island to the national grid by connecting a sub-marine cable from San Pedro to Caye Caulker through the Hol Chan Marine Reserve. Caye Caulker is currently using diesel generated power. The consultation is …

Spoon and Faber were gunned down inside San Pedro Home
The police have recovered 52 pounds of cocaine on the north end of the Ambergris caye on the 17th of March. Usually wet drops are accompanied by waves of violence and while the violence may not be related, this month alone, three San Pedro residents have been murdered. In the DFC Area, 19 year old …

Belize City youth survives city shooting but is not very cooperative with police
A second shooting in Belize City was recorded on Tuesday shortly before midnight. 22-year-old, Joshua Gillett was walking through an unnamed alley, off Antelope Street Extension when a male approached him and fired several gunshots. Gillett soon realized that he was hit in his lower back. Asp Alejandro Cowok: “Up to now there is no suspect …


Placencia; Stay & Play
The Placencia Peninsula, located in the Stann Creek District of Belize, is all but an island, save for its umbilical attachment to the mainland. The eastern shore of this ribbon of land faces the vast Caribbean Sea and the west side is host to the huge Placencia Lagoon, which is home to manatee and crocodiles, with views of the Maya Mountain range in the distance. The second most popular tourism destination in the country, visitors flock to the peninsula for her vast beaches, laidback atmosphere, wide variety of places to stay and tons of water sports to be enjoyed. From diving and snorkeling the Belize Barrier Reef about an hour boat ride away or exploring the dozens of cayes that dot the waters off her coast, this area is all about stay and play!

Spring’s Here! My March Week on Ambergris Caye
There has been nothing out of the ordinary about my week on Ambergris Caye. Good weather…running errands…spending some time at home and some time at the camp. Pondering getting a rabbit as a pet. Here are a bunch of snapshots I took all over the place. My “real camera” has almost fallen by the wayside completely. The ease of the IPhone 7s is really hard to beat.


  • Glover's Atoll Resort 2019, 3min. Fresh catch, swimming out to the largest barrier reef in the western hemisphere, sleeping in comfortable huts over the turquoise Caribbean waters, waking up and falling asleep to the waves splashing again the shore and reef.... Truly incredible.

  • MFA Referendum Belize, 69min. Tonight on Let's Talk we're joined by Dr. Herman Byrd and Ambassador Annie Burns who will be examing Belize's stockpile of evidence that would be presented at the ICJ.

  • Belize Now: March 22, 2019, 26min. In tonight’s headlines: Belize launches its plastic-free campaign, BMDC is assisting onion famers, and NEMO is already gearing up for hurricane season. These stories and more on this week’s edition of Belize Now.

  • VALUE OUR BELIZE WORLD HERITAGE SITE, 1min. Part of being able to fish right and eat right is being able to take care of our resources. One of the most important ones is our Belize Barrier Reef Reserve System's World Heritate Site. Each of us plays an important role in ensuring it remains healthy and can sustain livelihoods and our economy for a long long time!

  • BEL thanks Caye Caulker residents for attending the public consultation on March 21., 45sec.

  • World Water Day Video Winner, 1min. Congratulations, Jeavon Sanker! Jeavon created a video for the CWWA World Water Day competition, and he won the Best Video award. It's 1 minute long, and focuses on Succotz. Happy World Water Day! "Entry in the Global Water Partnership-Caribbean (GWP-C) and the Caribbean Water and Wastewater Association (CWWA) Caribbean 1-Minute Video Challenge. The theme of World Water Day 2019 is “Leaving No One Behind.” Entrants were therefore asked to creatively answer the following question in a 1-minute video: In your community, do you believe there are any persons/groups/sectors being left behind in terms of access to water and sanitation?"

  • Landmarks — From Mexico to Belize, 3.5min. Welcome to another travel episode of Landmarks. This time, we bring you to Mexico and Belize to unveil unspoiled nature, dive deep down the Blue Hole and swim with the sharks on the Belize Barrier Reef, the second greatest reef barrier in the world

  • Hurricanes vs Tiger Sharks | Civic Center, Belize City | NEBL 2019, 2.5hr.

  • The Pandy Show: The Belizean Flag and the Maya's, 75min. I WISH TO PUBLICLY THANK MR PANDY ( of the Pandy Show, the longest reigning show in Belize ) FOR AFFORDING ME THE OPPORTUNITY TO SET STRAIGHT IMPORTANT FACTS, relating to Belize. These are matters which the schools ( from ABC to UB ) should include in their Curriculum. A person who does not know his country, is just like a boy who does not know a girl. - THEY CANNOT LOVE WHAT THEY DO NOT KNOW.