The budget debate started today in Belmopan with the traditional response by the Leader of the Opposition. In his hour long speech John Briceno underscored what he has publicly described as a kickback budget:...

Hon. John Briceno, Leader of the Opp.
"It is truly a pity madam speaker. In fact it is worse than that -- it is a great tragedy After more than a decade of an administration that has borrowed billions, spent billions and taxed Belizeans in the billions of dollars it is tragic that this UDP Government can show no evidence that Belizeans are better off, or that most of our people are earning a living wage, or that as a nation we are prospering."

"Ten days ago the Prime Minster came to this honourable House and in his trademark fashion gave the nation a budget that will not move us any closer to meeting the needs of our developing nation nor meet any of our national development goals like growing the productive sector and generating new jobs."

"Instead, once again he presented a budget that seeks to spend excessively more than they spent last year and collect significantly more from the Belizean people than they did last year."

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