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The San Pedro Sun

Annual Caye Caulker Lionfish Derby registers decrease in invasive fish
One of the most aggressive marine predators inhabiting Belizean waters became the prey during the fourth annual Caye Caulker Lionfish Derby Competition on Saturday, March 23rd. Held at the Barrier Reef Sports Bar and Grill, the competition saw eight teams heading out to sea early in the morning to try and catch as much Lionfish as possible. In addition, there were some fabulous prizes up for grabs, including for Smallest Lionfish, Largest Lionfish, Most Lionfish caught by scuba divers and Most Lionfish caught by free dive.

Ambergris Today

Pic Of The Week - Garifuna Gift Shop
There is a new gift shop in town - Garifuna Gift Shop on Barrier Reef Drive right across the Central Park. This cute litte gift shop is packed with one of a kind cultural souvenirs. You can find awesome t-shirts, authentic Garifuna outfits for little girls and boys (perfect for school events), swimsuit cover ups, Dashikis (men's shirts), authentic Garifuna drums and so much more. You can even get delicious snacks such as coconut tableta (coconut candy). Interested in experiencing live Garifuna Drumming and tasting their delicious food, this is the place to book your one of a kind experience to visit the Black and White Cultural Entertainment Center. Owner Mrs. Julia Martinez is pleased to tend to your every need with the warmest of smiles. Be sure to visit the Garifuna Gift Shop on your next trip to La Isla Bonita. Opening Hours - Mon to Sun 8am to 5pm.

Wonder Woman Competition 2019
The 4th Annual Wonder Woman Competition commenced on Monday, March 25, 2019, with five teams from across the security forces of Belize including the Belize Police Department, the Belize Defence Force and the Belize Coast Guard. The aim of the three-day Wonder Woman Competition is to identify the best team from across the services.

Useful Life Skills For San Pedro High School Students
San Pedro High School has embarked in teaching its students useful life skills that that they will be able to carry on for life. The initiative was the brainchild of Mrs. Angie Ellis, teacher of the Life Skills for first form students. The program commenced with skills in sewing followed by classes in washing or doing the laundry and then with ironing both male and female apparel as well as clothing for babies. It is to be noted that these skills are being passed to the entire first form classes, both males and females.

Misc Belizean Sources


At around 12:30 a.m this morning, a wooden structure in 4th Street North and 1st Avenue caught on fire. At this moment, no injuries are reported, nothing on what may had started the fire. A Drive is being arranged by justice for babies group and details will be announced later. The drive will be a collaboration between town board and justice for our babies for Friday. Anyone wishing to help out the fire victims can drop off donations of food and clothing at the town board on Friday! Mrs Villanueva is a size XL and her daughter is very slim and in her teens, she would wear small to medium. Food supplies would be appreciated as well!

Anti littering signs put up in Seine Bight
The youth of Seine Bight have spoken! CRC and Wanda Stakutis from the Seine Bight Running Club, in support by the Seine Bight Village Council, hung up anti littering signs made by students of St Alphonsus yesterday. One student said she was proudly displaying her sign as she is tired of the trash in her community. They want change, and the CRC is happy to continue working with the youth to make a difference to keep the community and environment litter free!

BTIA Coconut Festival!
Corozal's Premiere Event. Inviting the entire country. It is going to be jammin....we jammin! Introducing our evening guest performers- Mr. Chico Ramos and the Griga Boyz along with a full lineup of DJs, Saturday, March 30, 2019 at the upcoming BTIA Coconut Festival! FREE ENTRANCE FOR ALL starting from 6pm- Midnight!

Pedro Tour Operators Association request fulfilled
We are happy to hear that one of the requests made by our association, to the Police Commissioner Mr. Chester Williams on his country wide tour was fulfilled. We were informed that yesterday 25 March, 2019 the Tourism Police Unit was engaged in legal operating training. This training will assist our association in addressing the continuing problem with illegal tour operators on the island.

Welcoming his excellency Sir Colville Young to Caye Caulker
14 photos

Final Meeting to Approve Country Work Programme that Aims to Boost Capacity of Belize to Access World's Largest Climate Fund
Like other low-lying coastal nations, Belize is particularly vulnerable to the effects of climate change. Its geographical location leaves the country exposed to the risk of rising sea levels and increasing frequency and intensity of tropical storms and hurricanes that have traditionally hit the area with catastrophic consequences. Additionally, its economic dependence on natural resources heightens its vulnerability to rising temperatures and the resulting impacts on a variety of socio-economic sectors and on the environment of coastal areas and forests.

Draft Estimates for Fiscal Year 2019-2020 as Presented to the House of Representatives

Baker 2 Vegas Relay Competition
Belize has taken first place in the internal Baker 2 Vegas Relay competition in the United States. A contingent of 25 law enforcement officers will return home today, March 26th, with the three-foot trophy given to the group of top performers among officers from the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany and Canada. Belize entered for the fourth consecutive year, placing 6th, 3rd, 2nd and 1st respectively. The team's performance broke the record of the Los Angeles Police Department who has won the title for seven consecutive years.

China: As an Export Opportunity
EXPORTbelize, a unit of BELTRAIDE is responsible to identify viable export markets and opportunities for its clients. After attending China-LAC in November of 2018 and analyzing the market in China, it was noted that there is great potential for Belizean Export Companies to enter into the Chinese market. With a market size of $11 trillion and a population of almost 1.4 billion, there is opportunity for small export ready companies to conduct business with China. As China's middle-class realm expands, its consumers are demanding more foreign products and services; this growing demand on imports, including consumer products, is creating opportunities for small businesses to increase their sales potential by accessing one of the world's largest economies. Today, China is shifting from being known as the "factory of the world", and is now turning into a key export destination.

Digi Tech Expo 2019
This year, Digi TechExpo will deliver the most diverse showcase of innovative, topical and cutting-edge products and services from local and international partners. Attendees can journey into a unique experience and see how technology is shaping an intelligent future. The Digi TechExpo is gonna be grand, so don't miss out! Be a part of the largest technology and telecommunications expo in Belize! Mar 27 - Mar 28, Belize City Civic Center.

A fire Tuesday night in Corozal gutted their house and destroyed their belongings. The newly formed Rainbow Beach Neighbourhood Watch Group would like to request your assistance to help the victims of this house fire last night. Donations of canned food items, clothing, mattress, can dropped off at Mama Lowes on 5th Avenue. Please note that we need the basic necessities for now. Let's help a neighbour in need. Thank you Candy Humes - President.

Canceled: power outage previously scheduled to affect some areas of San Pedro, Ambergris Caye
From 6:00am to 1:00pm on Wednesday, March 27. BEL apologizes to customers for the inconvenience that this change may cause.

Cayo Easter Fair 2019
The Cayo Easter Fair will be at Macal River Park on Saturday, April 20th, and Easter Sunday. There will be fun and games, lots of food, and music. Super Furia plays both nights, and Ernestine Carballo will be performing on Sunday.

BTB at the JG Black Book Philadelphia Road Show 2019

Future is Female Art Exhibit
The Future is Female Art Exhibit is now open to the public! Come and view fifty-six pieces of captivating art work from thirty-six talented Belizean Women in Art. The Museum of Belize's opening hours are:- Tuesdays - Thursdays (9:00am - 5:00pm) Fridays and Saturdays (9:00am - 4:30pm) We look forward to seeing you soon!

An Encounter with Timoteo Mesh
The SJC History Club invites you to an encounter with Timoteo Mesh, anthropologist.

Channel 7

Belize Says Hasta La Vista, Haynes
Three weeks ago we told you about American Robert Haynes, a registered sex offender in the US who was living on San Pedro. The Texas native's criminal record shows multiple counts of indecent sexual contact with a child - and while he wasn't accused of any sexual offense in Belize, San Pedro residents didn't feel safe with a convicted predator on their island. Well, tonight, they can rest a little easier. Haynes is being expelled from Belize. He was picked up by San Pedro police today on the strength of an expulsion order. He was flown to Belize City with an armed police escort, and handed over to the CIB office.

Family Says They're Victims of Arson
Last night, we showed a house fire on JR Street in the Jane Usher Boulevard area of Belize City. A family of 6 lost everything in what they are tonight saying was an arson. As we told you, just before midday, the home belonging to Austin Stevens; his common-law wife, Shakera Logan; and their 4 young children was seen completely engulfed in flames. Neighbors were worried about their safety, especially because Stevens and one of their young children left the house minutes before the thick smoke was seen coming from it. The family was too distressed to talk with us yesterday, but this evening, Shakera Logan gave us an interview questioning why the arsonist targeted them:

Alleged Killer Just Got Off Murder Charge
Last night we told you about Anthony Carballo Jr., the Tigris Street resident who was charged for last week's double murder in San Pedro. Police said he flew out to the island on Thursday morning to carry out the execution in the afternoon. Well, today he was processed at the Belize City Magistrate's Court before he was sent up to the prison on remand. That visit confirmed that Carballo just came off a murder charge last year.

Arkel's Killer Pleads Guilty
You may remember the tragic story of 15 year-old Arkel August. He's the teenaged student who was stabbed to death at the basketball court on the Wilton Cumberbatch field in April of 2018. He was attempting to break up a fight between 2 of his peers, and one of them went home, came back with a knife, and fatally stabbed August in the chest. Well that minor, who is now 16 years-old has pleaded guilty to manslaughter, instead of the alternative charge of murder that he was facing.

Grim News For Grain
BAHA is watching Belize's borders for a very destructive pest that could destroy the country's grain industry, if it is brought in with contaminated food products. It is known as the Khapra Beetle, notorious for destroying cereal grains and and oilseeds in the Asian and African countries. Massive populations of the insect may develop, and grain stocks can be almost completely destroyed. The pest is extremely resistant to insecticides or fumigants, which makes eradication difficult.

Turneffe, Challenges Aplenty
Last night, we showed you small snippet of our story on this weekend's trip that the Turneffe Atoll Sustainability Association organized for the press. They are trying to show the general public what they do as co-managers of Turneffe Atoll Marine Reserve to try and preserve this marine protected area from overfishing and the pollution sometimes associated with cruise tourism. It was a 2-day trip, and, today, we finally had time to fully unpack the event. Here's that full story now:

Compol Chester Went to Jamaica
Last night Commissioner of Police Chester Williams was all over the news, addressing multiple public controversies concerning the police. But one completely non controversial item he discussed is a recent visit to Jamaica to learn from law enforcement there. It's about protecting the most vulnerable form the effects of crime. Here's how he explained it: Chester Williams, Commissioner of Police: "The purpose of that visit was to:1) look at the issue as it relates to the operations of (CISOCA) Center for the investigation sexual offences and child abuse..."

Security Forces Win Big On Vegas Run
Belizean law enforcement today returned home victorious from the 35th Baker to Vegas Run. It's a law enforcement event, a 120 mile race from Baker, California to Las Vegas Nevada, running through 1200 miles, most of it in the desert, night and day. The 20 stage race features law enforcement units from all over the US, Canada and Belize. And, four years after it first started competing, Belize won. We were at the airport when the team of Police, BDf and Coast Guard came home with the trophy:..

Wonder Women Day 2
Next year, they plan on not only defending but on taking a women's team, and they had enough talent to pick from at today's Wonder Woman event. Today was day 2 of the competition. 5 teams from the police, the coast guard and BDF are competing in a number of challenges, and today saw them start off with a 6 mile relay run followed in the afternoon by a strength testing medley. The objective of this competition is to strengthen the coast guard women's skills, endurance and overall abilities on the job, but also to highlight that if men can do it, women can too. Here is more from Lt. Commander Derrick Castillo.

Nissan's Ready For he Road on Holy Saturday
And keeping it on sport, we now have another story that couldn't fit on last night's packed newscast. It's a pedal by pedal account of the 38th Annual Belmopan Cycling Classic. The hundred mile race is seen as an important testing ground for the 144 mile Cross Country Classic. So, who looked ready for the road? Codie Norales and Kwame Scott were on the George Price Highway:

Lessons Learned In Belmopan Race
After the race, we spoke with the top finishers about what went right and wrong out there on the road:

Channel 5

Day Two of Annual Budget Debate – A Few Highlights
At news time, the budget debate is still ongoing at the National Assembly. This morning, Cayo South's Julius Espat started the debate, which will be wrapped up later this evening [...]

Less Money for Judiciary, More Money for AG's Ministry
The judiciary has seen a considerable chunk of its annual budget being slashed in the upcoming financial year.� In contrast, additional allocations are being made for the Attorney General's ministry, [...]

"Bring Me the Evidence" - Sedi Elrington on Referendum Unit Bias
Foreign Minister Wilfred Elrington has taken a backseat in the I.C.J. campaign, giving way to the Referendum Unit and Citizens for the Defense of Sovereignty to lead the charge in [...]

Sedi Calls Out Kareem over I.C.J. Position
In responding to claims made by the Opposition, Foreign Minister Elrington called out parliamentarian Kareem Musa whose father, himself a former Foreign Minister, is in favour of Belize taking the [...]

Vehicle Overturns Following High-Speed Police Chase; 2 Men Arrested
A vehicle overturned on Monday night following a high-speed chase with police. The incident occurred at the corner of Mopan and Mahogany Streets in Belize City. Two persons were detained [...]

'El Beliceno' Caught by Mexican Authorities
An online news article published by Reporteros De Banqueta in Mexico identifies a Belizean man as part of a criminal gang operating in Chetumal and Bacalar. According to the article, [...]

Another Sit Out at Bishop Martin High School
In February, nine teachers at the Bishop Martin High School, with the support of colleagues, initiated a sit-out calling for action to regularize their employment status. There has been some [...]

Frustration Builds at Holy Angels; Parents Keep Children Home
In the south, another school is facing its own challenges. Parents of Holy Angels RC School in Pomona Village have demanding improvement in the condition of the rat-infested classrooms.� The [...]

The 2019 Budget from an Agriculture Perspective
The agro-productive sector remains a key feature in the annual national budget and is an area of particular interest for Orange Walk South Area Representative Jose Abelardo Mai, who is [...]

Finnegan and Musa Tit-for-Tat
In taking the Attorney General's Ministry to task, Kareem Musa called out the daughter of Mesop Area Rep Michael Finnegan whom he says was involved in a land issue representing [...]

ComPol Wants to Adopt Model to Tackle Sex Crime and Child Abuse
The Commissioner of Police along with representatives of Ministry of Human Development, UNICEF and B.D.F. were on a working visit to Jamaica to learn more about the island's model to [...]

Trio Freed of Gun and Ammunition Charges
Three Belize City men: Elwin Pollard, Aaron Flowers and Kendalle Green, were acquitted of gun and ammunition charges on Monday. The acquittal came after Prosecutor Inspector Macedonio Sanchez closed his [...]

UB Central Farm Delivers on Trial Plot of Authentic Belizean Bananas
Belize's bananas are said to be some of the best on the market. They have a high demand in Europe and right here at home they make for healthy and [...]

The Importance of Turneff Atoll, TASA
News Five joined other members of the media on an overnight trip to Turneffe Atoll Marine Reserve, the largest marine reserve in this part of the world. The visit one [...]

Belize Law Enforcement Officer Win Baker 2 Vegas Relay Competition in the U.S.
A contingent of athletes returned home today victorious. The team of twenty-five drawn from the three arms of law enforcement brought home the three feet tall trophy after securing the [...]

Day 2 of the Wonder Woman Competition
The fourth annual Wonder Woman Competition began on Monday morning with five teams from across the security forces of Belize. With the aim of the three-day competition is to identify [...]


6 die in 5 road accidents
Five fatal road accidents occurred over this past weekend; three of them involved motorcycles, and four people lost their lives. In the other two accidents not involving a motorcycle, two people died. The first motorcycle accident happened on Friday night, March 22, sometime after 7:15 p.m. in Scotland Halfmoon, Belize District. The victim, Vladimir Antonio Aguilar, 28, a carpenter from the same village, was driving a motorcycle when he was hit by a car coming from the opposite direction.

Anthony Carballo, Jr., 25, arraigned for San Pedro double murder
Anthony Carballo, Jr., 25, of Belize City, accused of a double murder in San Pedro that occurred at about 1:30 Thursday afternoon, has been arrested and charged with two counts of murder. He was arraigned today at the San Pedro Magistrate's Court and was remanded until June 17. Police said that Deon Faber, 41, a welder of Boca Del Rio, San Pedro was at his home with his friend, Allen Martinez, 35, a taxi driver, also of San Pedro, when an unknown man came to the house and fired at them.

PUP blast Barrow's 2019-2020 budget
The 2019-20 General Revenue and Appropriation Bill debate got under way in the House of Representatives this morning, following the introduction of the Tax Administration and Procedure Bill 2019, which was introduced by Prime Minster Dean Barrow. This bill was deferred to a later date, and another bill, the Amendment to the Customs and Excise Bill, in accordance with the economic partnership agreement, was also introduced by the Prime Minister and also deferred to a later date. The first member of the House to open the debate was the Hon. John Brice�o, member for Orange Walk Central and the Leader of the Opposition, People's United Party.

William "Danny" Mason beheading murder trial adjourned until he gets new attorney
The much-observed trial of William "Danny" Mason and his co-accused that began earlier this month in the Belmopan Session of the Supreme Court for the July 2016 beheading murder of Pastor Llewellyn Lucas, has ground to a slow-down this morning and was adjourned for two weeks so that the accused men could hire a new defense team. While Mason will be able to hire a new attorney, two of the accused men have indicated that they will require the state to provide them with an attorney, or attorneys, Amandala has learned.

Former City Administrator, Candice Miller, and Mayor Wagner go to mediation
On Friday afternoon, the civil claim of former City Administrator, Candice Miller, filed against Belize City Mayor Bernard Wagner and the Belize City Council for the termination of her employment contract, has gone to the court-sponsored mediation process. Miller and her attorney, Magali Perdomo, and Mayor Wagner, along with the City Administrator and attorney Anthony Sylvestre, all appeared in the Supreme Court of Chief Justice Kenneth Benjamin to begin the mediation process.

New initiatives to combat motorcycle collisions and death
Four persons were killed in 3 separate traffic collisions involving motorcycles that occurred over the weekend. Commissioner of Police Chester Williams said that police are seeing an increase in the death of people who are killed in motorcycle collisions, and said that something will be done to halt or slow down the collisions through an initiative that police will undertake.

Huge wins keep a few teams in playoff hunt in NEBL
Five games were played over the weekend in the National Elite Basketball League (NEBL), as teams have activated playoff mode to give a final push to get in. On Thursday night, Verdes took a 4-game winning streak into the UB gym against the Belmopan Bandits, as they continue to pace the #1 seed, Griga Dream Ballers. Bandits were mentally prepared for the fight with their district rival, trailing by only 1 point going into the final quarter of the game, behind great three-point shooting and scoring from Daniel Nolberto and Jevonte Hughes. After three very close quarter...

Belize loses, 2-1, to Guyana, who earn their first trip to CONCACAF Gold Cup
Fielding a team with a strong veteran base, along with some splendid young talents, the Belize team started the game fast, matching the speed of the more muscular Guyana players, many of whom were recruited from their international contracts in the U.K. and elsewhere. First half was very competitive and exciting, but the speed game eventually favored Guyana, especially when their fast wingers began to have the better of our aging defence line, all of whom are over 35. Belize attempted to adjust our game to a slower pace in second half, but the damage had already been done in first half, where Guyana earned two penalties, one stopped by Woodrow West in goal for Belize, and another goal scored from a shot at the edge of the eighteen.

Week 7 scores; 3 weeks to playoffs in National Women's League
Playoffs are 3 weeks away, and the ational Amateur Women's League (NAWL) 2019 Tournament had Week 7 games over the weekend, with 4 games on Saturday and 2 on Sunday. All 12 teams, 6 from Group A and 6 from Group B, were in action, as the teams are vying for the top 4 playoff spots in each group. (See standings below.) On Saturday at the M.A. Stadium in Independence, undefeated Rumberas was held to a 2-2 draw by Altitude. Pauline Linarez got both goals for Altitude (45+' & 62'), while Rumberas got 1 goal from Ashley Rodriguez (58') along with an own goal from Altitude's Brenda Alvarado (30' OG).

Editorial: Our economic agreement
Belize has a Special Agreement with Guatemala. It is to be decided by Belize's Supreme Court if that Special Agreement is valid, or if it is yet to be approved by the members of the House of Representatives. As it stands, not everyone is happy with the Special Agreement with Guatemala. Indeed, some people want it to run into a stone wall in the House of Representatives, and if it is not stopped there, that the people of Belize resoundingly say NO to it. This Special Agreement is consequential because it could lead to Guatemala getting all of Belize, a piece of Belize, or some rights in Belize. Supporters of the Special Agreement say that annexation of the country is impossible, the dismemberment of the country is highly improbable, and the issue of rights, well, that can only come about if the court (ICJ) finds some validity to the Guatemalan claim.

From the Publisher
I have not written this column for months. The main reason for this is that there has been only one subject to write about, and that is the International Court of Justice (ICJ) referendum slated for April 10, 2019. This is a subject which began stressing me out a long time ago. Early on after a quarter of the Guatemalan people had voted in April of last year to take their claim for Belize to the ICJ for final and binding arbitration, I realized that this was a very, very big deal. My feeling was that the burden of proof, moving forward, lay on the two major political parties, the ruling United Democratic Party (UDP) and the Opposition People's United Party (PUP), and their leaderships. The issue was an existential one, and it involved establishing a legitimate majority opinion from the Belizean people.

"Belizeans don't have a work ethic; they have a 'recreation ethic.'"
Dear Editor, In the midweek edition of Amandala, Mr. Colin Hyde, in his column, mentioned that roots Belizeans resent the Chinese and Mennonites' economic success. It is true the Chinese have taken over the grocery business in Belize. Why? Because the Chinese, the Mennonites and the Americans have a "work ethic." If I can coin a phrase, I will say roots Belizeans have a "recreation ethic." A case in point - this latest four-day weekend, National Heroes' and Benefactors' Day, every roots shop in Cayo was closed.

We'll have to dust off some more old heroes
It's hard to believe that with so many billboards everywhere, everywhere, that there are still a few vacant 8 x 16 spaces along the George Price Highway. Even the Referendum Committee must be bored with all the re-runs, and are looking for a few new faces to plaster. But there are not that many courageous live ones about. The faces of Sedi and his colleague, Assad, will create a backlash, so they are not for consideration. Ambassadors are way above that kind of thing, wouldn't dream of allowing their faces to be so exposed, even though they are all supportive of Sedi's Special Agreement. Putting up some scantily clad young ladies will provoke a firestorm from the women's groups, and those buff boys who wear even less dress, wouldn't dare pose on a billboard.

Storm Warning
There is a storm headed in our direction. Its timing is somewhat similar to the lethal hurricane that devastated Belize City on 10 September 1931. The only differences are that this man-made tempest is scheduled to strike on the tenth day of a different month and it is an unprecedented category eight storm with the power to split our entire Jewel in half. The old-timers say that there are often ominous signs before such an impending disaster strikes. Ants swarm out from their underground nests and other creatures begin to act in abnormal ways. Dogs begin to bark and howl incessantly, farm animals become uneasy and flocks of birds are seen migrating to safety.

ICJ quiz
10. Even if Guatemala can establish a valid legal claim against the Brits this cannot cause the court to award them any of our Belizean territory since, according to the authors of the 2001 legal opinion, this is a British obligation and could not have devolved on an independent Belize. Answer: This may have been true in 2001, but it became false when we endorsed the new boundary treaty in 2008. This is because Article 2 of the Special Agreement treaty obliges us to assume responsibility for any and all legal claims made by Guatemala against our territory.

Man proposes - God disposes
Throughout the ages of their greater conscious awakening, righteous human beings have realized that, despite their efforts, they have failed in achieving that excellence of behavior that continues to be elusive. But throughout the Christian Era, some women and men have seemed to hold on to the edge of the rainbow. Ignatius of Loyola, the founder of the Jesuits, was one of those blessed persons who learned the secret of true success. He taught his religious sons and companions: "When you want to achieve a goal, pray as though everything depended on God; but work as though everything depended on your efforts."

Kevin Frutos, 26, reported missing since Friday
Kevin Frutos, 26, a laborer of San Ignacio, has been reported missing since 9:30 Friday night. His brother told us that he dropped off Kevin at the Belmopan bus stop at about 8:30 Friday night to catch a bus to go home to San Ignacio, but he did not reach home. Frutos was last seen wearing a grey T-shirt, jeans pants, and was carrying a school bag.

Young boy needs assistance for surgery
Jayron Whyte, 13, was a normal high school student until about a month ago when an accident injured his leg. He is now unable to bend his left knee, and the surgery to fix it will cost his family upwards of $5,000. According to his mother, Rhunder Jorgenson, Jayron was at school when the incident happened. It was during PE, when another student pushed him off of a platform. Jorgenson says she has yet to meet with the parents of the student who pushed her son, and that she will meet with the school to get assistance.

Ashley Haylock, 27, arraigned for stealing off-duty cop's gun
Ashley Haylock, 27, a labourer of Ladyville who the police believe was one of two persons who stole a firearm from a police officer, was charged with theft when he appeared today before Senior Magistrate Aretha Ford. Haylock was also charged with common assault. He pleaded not guilty to the charges, and was denied bail in the first instance and remanded until May 13.

Passenger gets 10 months for shooting taxi driver
Marcus Garcia, 24, who had pleaded guilty to use of deadly means of harm on January 31, 2019, was sentenced to 10 months today by Justice Colin Williams. Before he decided on the sentence, Justice Williams heard a plea for mitigation from Garcia, who said that he really wants a second chance in his life to deal with himself and his family. He asked Justice Williams to sentence him to time served.

The Reporter

TASA Shows Its Value, - Developing New Exportable Products For Fishers
Many Belizeans do not know what the acronym TASA in Belize means, but the NGO is showing its innovative capabilities and the value of the organization by creating solutions that helps to address the core objectives of TASA's mandate. While Turneffe is known for its abundant fish, lobster and conch populations, the Turneffe Atoll Sustainability Association (TASA) has been looking at alternative livelihoods for fishers to ensure the sustainability of the area and to relieve fishing pressures.

Breaking Belize NewsPJ

House gets hot as Port Loyola, Carib. Shores reps square off over land acquisition
Port Loyola area representative and Minister for Human Development, Anthony "Boots" Martinez, appeared to think he [�]

One charged for bakery holdup
Twenty-two year old Daniel Poou, originally from San Marcos, Toledo, has been charged as one of [�]

Trio walks free from firearm and ammunition charge
Senior Magistrate Aretha Ford acquitted 23-year-old Elwin Pollard; 24-year-old Aaron Flowers; and 25-year-old Kendalle Green of firearms [�]

Human Development Minister clarifies status of BOOST/Food Pantry
The $3.5 million assigned to the Food Pantry Program, according to Minister of Human Development Anthony "Boots" [�]

Five accidents, six deaths,
Families all over the country are reeling after five separate road traffic accidents claimed the lives [�]

Expectant mom and partner guilty of marijuana possession
A Belize City couple appeared in court on a 'possession of controlled substance' charge. Sandra Ruiz, 23, [�]

No bail for man accused of stealing policeman's firearm
A police officer was beaten up and robbed of his weapon while coming off-duty this past weekend. [�]

Foreign Affairs Minister denies ICJ 'referendum bias'
Minister of Foreign Affairs, Wilfred Elrington, officially denied any suggestion of 'bias' on the part of [�]

Belizean officers take 1st place in US police relay competition
Belize has taken first place in the internal Baker 2 Vegas Relay competition in the United [�]

Climate change workshop hosted in Belize
The Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries, Forestry, the Environment, Sustainable Development and Immigration through the National Climate [�]

Opposition criticizes cuts in key ministries and departments
Spreading around more than a billion dollars is never easy, but the Opposition People's United Party has [�]

Women shine in Wonder Woman competition 2019
The 4th Annual Wonder Woman Competition commenced yesterday morning with five teams from across the security forces [�]


The Belize Protectors received a hero's welcome
The Belize Protectors received a hero's welcome upon their returned to the country today. The Belize Protectors is a team made up of law enforcement officers who travelled to Las Vegas to participate in Baker 2 Vegas Relay event, which is a 120 mile race for law enforcement officers. We have been reporting on the �

The effects of climate change are still being revealed to vulnerable communities. Rising sea temperatures, unpredictable weather, loss of habitat, shoreline erosion, flooding, introduction of invasive fish species and access to potable water are some of the hazards that communities across the planet are dealing with already. Belize's National Climate Change Office held a workshop �

An off duty police officer was beaten and robbed of his firearm along the entertainment strip in Belize City. But it seems the gun should have been turned in at the end of his shift. Yesterday, Ashley Haylock appeared unrepresented before Senior Magistrate, Aretha Ford where he was read two criminal offense of theft and �

Day two of the sit out at Bishop Martin High School in Orange Walk Town continues today. Several teachers are still awaiting confirmation about their employment status from last year. Meanwhile, the other staff members are on a go slow, refusing to substitute for those teachers who have stepped out. The school administration is still �

PUP's Kareem Musa questions reduction of Judiciary budget
It was day two of the budget debate today in Belmopan. The day expired without any real fire or fanfare but the opposition kept in line with their talking points and the wholesale rejection of the 2019-2020 budget. The first to take the mic this morning was Cayo South Area Representative and PUP's Julius Espat �

Parents Protest, Teachers try their best at Holy Angel
350 students along with faculty and staff are facing a crisis at the school in Pomona, Stann Creek. Rat bats and their guano, along with decaying buildings are just the top of the problems that face the teachers and students who are praying as well as begging for help. The situation is so dire that �

Khapra Beetle threatens grain industry -not present in Belize
The Khapra beetle may not get the same buzz as the spelling bee in the south, but the Khapra Beetle is causing a regional stir that has caught the attention of the Belize Agricultural Health Authority. The beetle has the potential to threaten the grain industry. The Khapra is a serious pest of cereal grains �

In news from the courts, 25-year-old Anthony Carballo Jr., a resident of 59 Tigris Street in Belize City appeared unrepresented in San Pedro Magistrate Court before Magistrate Deborah Rogers this morning. Carballo was charged with two counts of murder for the Thursday, March 21, 2019 murder of Deon Faber and Allen Martinez. Due to �

The Football Federation of Belize fielded a national team to play in the CONCACAF Nations League. Of a total of four matches that were played, the Belize jaguars won two at home and lost two away with goals coming from Krishean Lopez, Deon McCauley, Denmark Casey Jr and Elroy Kuylen. On Saturday March 23, 2019, �

2nd annual Belikin Dj Championship- Shyne Barrow's Sustainable Development
The 2nd annual Belikin Dj Championship is part of Shyne Barrow's sustainable development plan for the Belize Music Industry! This platform allows for recognition of the Dj and the invaluable contributions the Dj makes to the Music world.Equally important is the annual Dj Championship will allow for the discovery of Belize next great Djs! We �

How could climate change affect Turneffe Atoll?
Climate change is already affecting the world, some areas have seen a greater impact than others. Some examples are stronger storms, rise in sea level due to rising sea temperatures, and melting of glaciers. Love news spoke with Executive Director, Valdemar Andrade of the Turneffe Atoll Sustainability Association (TASA), who said that they are currently �

OAS Celebrates Open Government
The Organization of American States (OAS) in collaboration with the US Embassy in Belize rolled out the "Promoting an Open Government Ecosystem in Belize" project. The initiative seeks to establish management practices based on openness, accountability, and easy access to public information. As a result, there were several initiatives geared towards promoting this ecosystem. Today, �

Opposition details objections to 2019/2020 budget
Earlier today Commissioner of Police Chester Williams said, in other words, that the National Trade Union Congress of Belize (NTUCB) has no business sticking its nose in the matter between him and the Police Association. Last week the NTUCB issued a press release stating its support for the Police Association �

Police Commissioner berates NTUCB
The 2019/2020 budget debate got underway, ten days after it was presented by Prime Minster Dean Barrow. Today the opposition had much to object to. Leader of the opposition John Briceno called it a "kick back budget" saying it is not focused on the people of Belize but more on roundabouts and roads �


What to do in Corozal, Belize
Occupying a long stretch of coastline on the country's northern tip, this unheralded gem of Belize is modest but beautiful, with a contagious pull. Even if you're making plans to travel to Belize, there is a good chance Corozal, a quiet, seaside town on the northern coast, isn't on your radar. It should be. Besides boasting great food at affordable prices and a long stretch of coastline that - though bereft of any classic beaches - is laden with dozens of hidden coves, swimming nooks and elegant sea grape trees, Corozal is worth a trip simply to meet the people that walk its streets.

Beginner's Travel Guide: Three Days in Caye Caulker, Belize
If you look up "relaxing tropical island vacation" in the dictionary, it's just a picture of Caye Caulker (Caye is pronounced "Key," FYI). If you want to sip rum drinks, relax in a hammock, soak up the sun, or drift around in some teal blue water, look no further. Caye Caulker was so wonderful I would've personally skipped San Pedro altogether for the relaxed, laid back vibe of Caulker. The only drawbacks are the water taxi ride there, and that fact that you're slightly less in civilization, but that's not something you should be super attached to if you're going to Belize in the first place. It's not like Mexico where you can still hit up McDonald's or Starbucks. This only proved inconvenient when I came down with bronchitis (which should tell you how much I loved Caye Caulker that I still enjoyed it while I had bronchitis).

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Low Pressure To Form Near The Bahamas By Thursday - Will Be Watched Closely For Signs Of Sub-Tropical Development
It looks likely that an area of low pressure will form near the windward side of the Bahama Islands from Great Abaco to Acklins Island by about Thursday. This low pressure system is likely to produce a fairly large area of 25 to 35 knot winds and 6 to 10 foot seas from near Bermuda westward through much of the east coast of Florida southward to parts of the northern and central Bahamas on Thursday and Friday. The more uncertain part is whether this low pressure system will stay non-tropical or will it try to acquire some sub-tropical storm characteristics between Thursday and Saturday before it weakens and merges with a frontal boundary moving off of the East Coast of the United States.

Belize Prison's Rehabilitation Programs Raise Morale, Lower Recidivism
Belize is a small nation in Central America with a population of around 390,000. As in other countries, crime is a problem in Belize. According to the Central Intelligence Agency, Belize has high crime rates and is experiencing growing involvement in the South American and Mexican drug trade. The Belize Central Prison houses the nation's inmate population. The approach and strategies that have been put into place by the prison's leadership have had a profound impact on reducing recidivism and helping to improve inmates' lives. Belize Central Prison's recidivism or re-offending rate is only 10 percent. According to the U.S. Bureau of Justice Statistics, the recidivism rate in the United States was found to be as high as 83 percent. Mexico, which borders both Belize and the United States, has a recidivism rate of between 80 and 90 percent.

Weak El Ni�o conditions may prolong Caribbean drought situation
The Barbados-based Caribbean Institute for Meteorology and Hydrology (CIMH) says with weak El Ni�o conditions forecast to persist, chances of drought continuation and recurrent dry spells during this transition period between the dry and wet season are increased. El Ni�o, which is associated with a band of warm ocean water that develops in the central and east-central equatorial Pacific, is described as one of the most important weather-producing phenomena on earth. In its latest publication of the Caribbean Climate Outlook, the CIMH said that for the period April to June this year, heatwaves will start occurring locally into May.

Le Belize : ses peuples, ses for�ts, sa gigantesque barri�re de corail�
Le Belize, petit pays coinc� entre le Mexique et le Guatemala et bord� par la mer des Cara�bes est, de loin, le moins peupl� d'Am�rique latine : � peine 380 000 habitants - soit l'une des plus faibles densit� au monde (seize habitants au kilom�tre carr�). Il accueille pourtant un melting-pot de communaut�s : Mayas (Yucatec, Mopan ou Ke'kchi), Am�rindiens venus des �les de la Cara�be, cr�oles issus d'esclaves et de colons britanniques, mestizos (m�tis) n�s de la rencontre entre Europ�ens et autochtones, Chinois d�barqu�s depuis les ann�es 1950, Indiens du sous-continent, descendants de Libanais arriv�s via le Mexique au d�but du XXe si�cle�

CARICOM: Implementing The WTO Trade Facilitation Agreement
The World Trade Organization (WTO) Agreement on Trade Facilitation, commonly known as the Trade Facilitation Agreement (TFA), is the success of the Doha Development Round of multilateral trade negotiations. After several years of exploratory work, in 2004, it was decided to negotiate this agreement. Of the new issues which were proposed for negotiations, trade facilitation was the easiest to be accepted by WTO developing country members, who were also members of the World Customs Organization (WCO). Many of these countries, including CARICOM countries, were already modernising their customs procedures. Jamaica began its customs modernisation through the Public Sector Transformation and Modernisation Programme, which commenced in 1996.

The absurd apology
With the arrival of the Spaniards, Tenochtitlan and the areas dominated by them were invaded. The kingdom of "Aragon and Castilla" (which is NOT Spain) congregated it calling it "The New Spain". In our case, Yucatan, we were not even remotely part of the Aztec empire. Our cities were not even similar to Tenochtitlan. The Mayas at that time were settlements called "tribes" and "cacicazgos". Uxmal and Chichen Itza, amongst others, had been abandoned for centuries. What the European powers of that time invaded and plundered was not Mexico as a country (because it did not exist), but a land today called America, which at that time was not even known to be a continent. To demand an apology from Spain is the same as to demand it from Portugal for Brazil or England for the United States, just to name a few. Today Mexico is a country, then we were not.


  • The Business Perspective - March 26 2019, 2.5hr. on Love FM

  • MIDNIGHT FIRE IN COROZAL, 1min. A fire, sometime around 12:30 a.m in Corozal Town near 4th Street North and 1st Avenue, destroyed a home and its contents last night. No word on injuries or what may have led to the fire.

  • FC Elite Club Belize - FC Elite Junior Team - Youth Under 15 yrs, 4min.

  • Sitting of the House of Representatives National Assembly Chamber, Belmopan March 26

  • Budget Debate Day 2 | National Assembly Chamber, Belmopan, 46min.

  • Mapping the Guatemalan Claim: A News Five Flashback." Episode 4, 1hr46min.

  • Trip to Belize, 3min.

  • Altun Ha Ruins, Belize, 3.5min. Exiting the cruise ship, I was dressed for the beach, but was disappointed when I discovered that the nearest beach is man-made. I was advised that I would need to take a ferry or flight to a nearby island to enjoy one of Belize's beautiful natural beaches. We opted for a tour of the ruins and a distillery. The drive to the ruins was about an hour each way. It was a long drive that was not very scenic.

  • Budget Debate Meeting | National Assembly Chamber, Belmopan, 35min.

  • Sitting of the House of Representatives National Assembly Chamber, Belmopan, 4hr.