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The San Pedro Sun

Ministry of Labour Offers On-line Job Recruitment Services
The Ministry of Labour, Local Government and Rural Development has recently established a Labour Market Information System, for the proper management of the regime for the free movement of skills within Belize. This activity is an integral component of an efficient Labour Market. The implementation of the system was the result of collaborative efforts with the Ministry of Human Development.

Governor General visits Caye Caulker
On Tuesday, March 26th, the Ocean Academy High School in Caye Caulker Village hosted the Governor General of Belize, His Excellency, Sir Colville Young, who also is the official representative of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II in the country. During his visit, he entertained and inspired the students by sharing stories and pieces of literature, while giving insight into the complex roots of the Belizean culture.

Police looking for more suspects in the double murder of Deon Faber and Allen Martinez
The arraignment of 25-year-old Anthony Carballo on Monday, March 25th for the murder of island residents Deon Faber and Allen Martinez did not close the case, as police continue to seek additional suspects. Police are looking for a female who is believed to have taken part in the shooting death of Faber and Martinez on March 21st in the Boca del Rio Area and has since left the island. A motive for the crime has not been established, but authorities are speculating it could have been a robbery gone wrong, instead of drugs as initially suspected.

Atlantic International Bank Limited facing difficulties due to Sanctuary Belize Real Estate Scam
The multi-million dollar real estate scam ‘Sanctuary Belize’ is allegedly affecting Atlantic International Bank Limited (AIBL) once more. AIBL was first named in the said fraudulent scheme in November 2018. The San Pedro Sun understands that because of that scheme, AIBL is experiencing some serious difficulties in the offshore sector, following a civil suit recently filed in the United States of America. As such, it is alleged that the bank may scale back and even seek voluntary liquidation as the organization is reportedly facing difficulties in conducting business.

Ambergris Today

Rest in Peace Rosalie Staines
I had the pleasure of knowing Rosalie throughout my journalistic career, having met her a couple years after I started Ambergris Today. She had 10 years seniority in the game that I was just stepping into. Rosalie Staines interviewed me in 2011 about the newspaper on her talk show Opan Paki that she filmed here in San Pedro. I fell in love with her wild, outgoing and free spirit. She was bold, loud, fun, kind and caring. I watched her skydive, dance alone in public, get serious about her interviews and share valuable and memorable time as our journalistic careers crossed paths throughout the years. I am saddened to hear of her passing and will remember her as this bold lady with spiky hair full of energy, passion, dedication and a love for Belize. She inspired me to do more, to be more outgoing and to "take the bull by the horn".

Misc Belizean Sources


February 2019 External Trade, CPI, 4th Quarter 2018 GDP
The latest results of the Statistical Institute of Belize's monthly Consumer Price Index (CPI) survey show that for the month of February 2019, Belizean households saw the cost of regularly purchased goods and services rise by 0.1 percent, on average, when compared to February 2018. Belize’s total imports for the month of February 2019 were valued at almost $146 million. This was an increase of 6.8 percent or $9.2 million from imports for February 2018, which totaled $136.8 million. The Statistical Institute of Belize’s preliminary Gross Domestic Product estimates for the fourth quarter of 2018 showed that, during the three months from October to December, the country’s overall level of economic activity increased by 1.3 percent when compared to the fourth quarter of 2017. The total value of goods and services produced in Belize was $706.4 million, up $9.2 million from $697.2 million in the fourth quarter of 2017.

Re: Remarks made in the Senate on March 28, 2019 by Honourable Elena Smith
We refer to the comments made by Hon. Senator Smith in condemnation of the cyberbullying of a teacher and specifically to the following excerpt from her speech: “It is very sad to note that…one of my own colleagues has been accused of taking…pictures of that teacher and sharing those pictures with the public and making some very rude comments about that teacher”. We decry this pandemic of abuse and victimization and regret that such intolerable behavior has become far too commonplace in our society with little to no repercussions for the perpetrators of the abuse.

Corozal Bay's Annual Regatta
Save the date! Invite everyone and have an enjoyable day at the beach while you watch us compete. April 27 & 28, Corozal Bay Sailing Club.

Maya Wedding Reenactment
It was a wonderful privilege to serve as mistress of ceremony for this spectacular event on March 29 2019. The Maya wedding reenactment at historic Chactemal Temple on Santa Rita hill Corozal. BELIZE launched the Annual Corozal coconut festival. This is The brain child of the 55 graduating students of Centro Escolar Mexico junior college Tourism class, supported by BTIA Corozal and many other wonderful supporters and partnerships of Belize. The maya wedding reenactment was an specular and amazing success. Thanks to the tireless efforts of the students, professors Astrid Cal and Liz Cabral of Centro Escolar Mexico junior college , and all the dedicated supporters and partners. The festivities continues on Saturday with an all day Beach festival at the south end of the town of Corozal, commencing at 10am to midnight. Awesome job students. Awesome job BTIA .Yuumbotik.

Photos from the Corozal Coconut Fest 2019

Coconut Fest 2019 in front of the Maya Hotel
They have lots informational booths, raffles, food booths and more.

Rosalie Staines Passes Away
It is so sad to share the news of the passing of a media colleague, Rosalie Staines. She was the founder and host of Creole show called Oapn Paki. I have many fun memories of Ross, as I called her. Talking her into Skydiving... a few dance organized by RSV Media limited. In one of those outing she offered to take me home to my hotel. Let say this... I had to pay for someone to wash the vehicle. We laughed about it for years to come! We always laugh when we chatted or met up! Always energetic! Most important, I will miss how you answered your calls - Oapn Paki - taak tu mi! Rest In Peace my friend.

Maya Wedding re-enactment at Santa Rita Archaeological site kicks off first ever Coconut Fest
Our BTIA Corozal Chapter organized the 1st Annual Coconut Festival- the Maya Wedding Re-enactment was the official launch of the two day event. Congrats to our BTIA Coroza Board!

The CJC Expo Trade Fair
It is amazing the wealth of talent that our Corozal Community has. The CJC Expo Trade Fair never disappoints. Today is no exception. There is so much potential business opportunities to tap into these events and displays. What a talent. Well done CJC. We are impressed. Let our community find placement in our society for these students and future leaders.

Jipi Japa Basket weaving Competition
at Punta Gorda, Toledo District, Belize.

Channel 5

Dangriga Fisherman is Gunned Down inside His House
The Dangriga community is still reeling over the murder of one of its own; Jordan Lorenzo was killed in Belize City earlier this week. But on Thursday evening, they lost [...]

4 Charged for Murder of UB Student Kevin Frutos
Four persons, including three minors, have been arrested and charged for the murder of twenty-six-year-old UB student Kevin Frutos. A sixteen-year-old, two seventeen-year-olds and twenty-two-year-old Christian Pineda were all arrested [...]

A Contraband Bust in the North
There was a major contraband bust in the north. San Victor Village in the Corozal District is a well known area for illegal crossing into Mexico to purchase contraband goods [...]

Guyana’s Government is Taken to the C.C.J.
We’ve been following regional news; you would know that the government of Guyana was thrown into turmoil last December when a vote of no-confidence was passed in parliament. That motion [...]

A First-of-its-kind Constitutional Challenge Goes before the C.C.J.
A week ago, Guyana’s Court of Appeal ruled two-to-one that thirty-four votes were needed for the no-confidence motion to succeed.  Before then, at the end of January, the government resorted [...]

What’s Going on at Catholic Management in Dangriga?
In recent months, Sacred Heart and Holy Angels Roman Catholic primary schools saw students going home because the facilities were in disrepair. Last October, Sacred Heart had to close down [...]

G.O.B. Must Recommit in Growing the Agriculture Sector
On Thursday for some seven hours, senators analyzed the 2019-2020 Budget that had been passed in the House days before. The agro-productive sector is seen as an important factor with [...]

What Happened to all the Boom in Tourism?
Meanwhile, Private Sector Senator, Mark Lizarraga called out the government, asking “what happened to all the boom in tourism?” Tourism is known to be one of the main drivers of [...]

A Final Attempt at Convincing the Masses of Belizean Voters
The relentless media campaign promoting a yes vote has seen a total blitz of radio and television leading up to April tenth.  Ads in favour of Belize going to the [...]

PM Weighs in on Politicization of I.C.J. Campaign
What initially began as an awareness campaign a year ago, to inform voters about the Belize/Guatemala territorial dispute, has since morphed into a party political crusade.  The United Democratic Party [...]

Who’s Paying Lisa Shoman?
Former Foreign Minister Lisa Shoman is batting heavily for the Government of Belize, coming out as one of its chief advocates for going to the I.C.J.  During the prime minister’s [...]

G.O.B. Senators Say It Wasn’t Them
On Thursday at the end of her budget debate presentation, Union Senator Elena Smith condemned the supposed actions of one of her parliament colleagues for sharing the nude pictures of [...]

A Young Motorist is Killed in Accident in Santa Elena
Another person lost his life in a traffic fatality bringing the number of deaths to seven in the past week. The latest victim is a nineteen-year-old motorist who collided into [...]

Bishop Martin Teachers Meet with B.N.T.U. and M.O.E. Reps
Today classes resumed at Bishop Martin High School as four of its affected teachers met with officials from the Belize National Teachers’ Union and Ministry of Education. The meeting was [...]

Teaching Services Commission Rules in Favour of Muffles’ Teacher
Earlier in the year, the administration of Muffles College High School in Orange Walk Town reportedly asked a female teacher to resign after her nude pictures were being shared without [...]

…but Muffles College High School Fails to Reinstate Teacher
According to Chief Education Officer, Doctor Carol Babb, a letter will be sent to the school’s principal Margaret Johnston, advising her to honour the Commission’s ruling and reinstate the teacher. [...]

Can UB’s Central Farm Lab Supply Half of the BGA Banana Plants?
Earlier this week we told you about some history making bananas in the south. Two plots were planted on two different farms and they are just about ready to be [...]

UNICEF and Community Groups Work Together Combat Violence
Last year UNICEF made calls for proposals from community groups and NGOs to submit proposals for funding of innovative ways to combat violence against children in different communities.  The projects [...]

The Great Stars of Russian Ballet to Perform in Belize
Here’s something for this weekend. The Bliss Center for the Performing Arts is preparing to put on a show like no other. On Sunday three world-renowned ballet performers will put [...]

The Reporter

Officers Retrieve Firearm from Dangriga Canal
The commitment and work ethic of two Policemen were put to the test over the weekend after they were forced to dive into a nearby canal and retrieve a loaded weapon from the bottom of the murky waters. The weapon had allegedly been discarded by a fleeing suspect.

Breaking Belize NewsPJ

Belize; Made a De facto State
By: Dr. Gerald Zuniga. You may ask yourself the questions, what do I mean by a De facto State? How do I come about with alll this? I invite you to continue reading and you yourself will draw to the same conclusion and will ask yourself the question, what kind of leaders and assessors, if there were and are any, have we had since the year 2000 in regards to the negotiations with Guatemala?

Cousin kills cousin in Sandhill Village
Police are investigating a murder that occurred today in the community of Sandhill in the Belize District. According to reports, two men who are cousins and live in the same yard were arguing. That is when they got into a physical altercation and one of them grabbed a knife and stabbed the other in the chest.

Belize Coast Guard bust 12 Guatemalans with large sum of cash and cellphones in Southern Belize
According to reports reaching our newsdesk, the Belize Coast Guard caught 12 Guatemalan nationals in a vessel in Moho River. The incident reportedly occurred yesterday afternoon. A source informed BBN that coast guard officials also found three other vessels in the same area.

Popular Belizean personality passes away
Rosalie Staine, host of the popular radio and television show Open Paki, has passed away. Her best fried Silvana Udz, told Breaking Belize News that she passed away last night at her sister’s home in Los Angeles. Staine had reportedly been battling a terminal illness for some time.


Summer in Belize: What To Do and Where To Go
Belize's peak tourist season comes in the winter when American, Canadian and European travelers pour in to escape the snow in this subtropical paradise. But if you don't take the opportunity to visit Belize in the summer, you're missing out. This is a country that enjoys pleasant weather all year long and visiting in the summer season means avoiding the crowds of tourists and instead getting the opportunity to genuinely immerse yourselves in the lives of native Belizeans. Just because the tourists are away doesn't mean that life stops in Belize. The summer months are packed with local festivals and events, and the bird watching is superb. And if that's not enough to convince you, you'll also be able to save money on everything from plane tickets to lodgings.

International Sourcesizz

Guyana Gov’t enlists former AG of Belize for no-confidence appeals at CCJ
The Government of Guyana has retained a former Attorney General (AG) of Belize to assist in its handling of the no-confidence motion appeal cases currently before the Caribbean Court of Justice (CCJ). During a case management conference last Friday, Senior Counsel Eamon Courtenay entered his name into the record as part of the government’s legal team. He took part in the conference via live conferencing from a location outside of Trinidad, were the CCJ is located.

Trump plans to cut U.S. aid to 3 Central American countries in fight over U.S.-bound migrants
President Trump plans to slash hundreds of millions of dollars in aid to three Central American countries in retaliation for what he called their lack of help in reducing the flow of migrants to the U.S. border. The move was one of Trump’s harshest yet as he escalates a confrontation with Mexico and Central America over a surge in irregular migration, largely involving children and families seeking asylum. Trump has already warned that he could close the U.S.-Mexico border — or at least large stretches of it — in the coming week unless Mexico takes further steps to halt the northward flow of migrants. The State Department said in a statement Saturday that it would be “ending . . . foreign assistance programs for the Northern Triangle” — a region encompassing El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras. The move would affect nearly $500 million in 2018 funds and millions more left over from the prior fiscal year. The money was destined for Central America but has not yet been spent.


  • Expo Tattoo Belize, 1/2min.

  • CCC Marching Band @ the Coconut Festival, 1min.


  • Women of the year, Mrs. Olga Marin!, 6min. Meet our Women of the year, Mrs. Olga Marin! Her selfless nature, loving spirit, and warm personality makes her an inspiration to women everywhere! Thank your for the many contributions that you make for our community! Congratulations to this wonderful Corozaleña. Very deserving of such a prestigious award. Big up Mrs. Olga Marin. Hats off to the Marin family. May God continue to Bless her heart.

  • Wild Recon Belize (Animal Planet), 10min. Donald Shultz crash lands into the wilds of Belize in search of wildlife samples.

  • HISTORIC BELIZEAN STUDY CIRCLE ON THE ICJ & THE ANGLO GUATEMALAN CLAIM!, 2hr. The educational Belizean Study Circle on the Anglo Guatemalan Claim and the International Court of Justice (ICJ) sponsored by BREDAA on February 10, 2019 brought to the Belizean public across the Belizean diaspora in the United States and across the world, as well as Belizeans in Belize by the Los Angeles based grassroots organization BREDAA (Belize Rural Economic Development of Agriculture through Alliance), addressed the issue of whether the Anglo Guatemalan Claim of Belize should go for adjudication to the ICJ.

  • Placencia Belize 2019, 4min. Family Vacation, Laru Beya, Scuba, fishing, snorkel.

  • Safety Rules for Aerodromes in Belize - Belize Airport Authority, 2min.

  • Eagle ray and nurse shark flybys on Carriebow Wall, Belize, 2min.

  • Lovely, lovely horses in Belize, 4min. While walking in Belize Botanic Gardens, which sits beside the Mopan River, I came across these beautiful horses at Hanna Stables. These horses are used to take tourists around the reserve and to the ruins at Xunantunich.

  • National Elite Basketball League - NEBL 2019 | All-Star Night | 3-Point Competition | Slam Dunk Contest | All-Star Game, 2.5hr.