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The San Pedro Sun

Isla Bonita Elementary School celebrates 4th Annual Science Fair
Isla Bonita Elementary School (IBES) held its 4th Annual Science Fair at their school campus in San Pedro Town under the theme: “Brilliant Minds Building Tomorrow’s Future Through Ingenuity.” On Friday, March 29th, a large crowd of parents and students made their way to the school campus to view some amazing science projects. From 9AM to 1PM, the IBES students presented their group efforts on different topics taught in their science curriculum. The upper-division booths saw experiments on eclipses, electricity, energy, and global warming. The lower-division students delighted the attendees with their knowledge on living things, matter, machines, and magnets.

Ambergris Today

Life Of Early Fishermen On Ambergris Caye
In Belize City they were described as men with their opened up shirts and rolled up pants; but that was only in appearance. Their lives were notably different. The early fishermen between 1930 to 1950 were equipped with three pieces of equipment - hand lines and hooks, cast nets and seine nets. His job commenced at 5 o'clock early morning when he paddled his dory to a good fishing site sometimes midway between the shore and the reef, the "quebrado" or channel at the reef, or any spot long the reef. There were also some great fishing sites in the lagoon or leeward side of the island especially where there were "posas" or sinkholes. Once there, the fisherman would stick a pole in the sand or mud to fasten his canoe or to an anchor, usually a small rock. His bait would be either conch or sardines and if his luck was good, in an hour or two he would have a bucketful or rather a sackful of fish.

Third Annual Tattoo Expo A Total Success!
The Third Annual Tattoo Expo was in full swing this past weekend, March 30 and 31. The buzz of the tattoo guns filled the air as tattoo artists from as far as Panama, USA and Mexico joined their artist brothers from Belize in participation of the Third Annual International Tattoo Expo. Hundreds gathered at the Angel Nuñez Auditorium enjoying the two-day tattoo expo. It is said that once you get inked there is an irresistible urge to get more tattoos. Well, there was sure a lot of tattooing taking place; there was lots of artistry work to admire, food and drinks on sale and lots of cool memorabilia to purchase.

Misc Belizean Sources


Belize opposition parties challenge legality of ICJ referendum agreement
By Wellington C Ramos. In the Supreme Court on Monday, April 1, lawyers from the opposition political parties in Belize will challenge the United Democratic Party (UDP) government’s compromise agreement that gave way to a scheduled International Court of Justice (ICJ) election to be held April 10, 2019. They are claiming that our foreign minister Wilfred Elrington, violated their constitution for signing an agreement with Guatemala to take their territorial claim to Belize to the ICJ for a final resolution.

Curassow Selfie!
If there is one species that loves to take selfies on our camera traps, it's the curassow! We regularly get 20 - 30 photos of a curious curassow (or two!) hanging out in front of the camera trap.

Caye Caulker Lobster Fest
We are proud to announce that this year for 'Dancing Under The Influence' dance on Saturday night, we are bringing for the very first time to #Belize, the most versatile DJ in the Caribbean - Renowned DJ/ remixer / mixing engineer for artists such as Machel Montano, Bunji, Patrice Roberts and others - we present to you Dj Scratch Master.

Open Forum on the ICJ in San Pedro
Get your last-minute ICJ questions answered. by Hon. Minister Elrington. Wednesday, April 3 at the Lions Den.

Community Meeting, San Joaquin Community Center
April 11, 7-8pm

Ranchito Community Cleanup
April 7, 9am at the Community Center

CEMJC Annual Open Day 2019
April 12, 9am-2pm.

4-A-Side Football Marathon - Miami Beach. Sunday April 7th

Corozal Town Council Municipal Spring Bazaar
April 15, 8am-5pm.

Stacey Joy Playing Hode's
Stacey Joy, the singer, song writer, multi-instrumentalist, will be performing this Saturday night at Hode's. You can check out her music on her website. She's reminiscent of Sarah Mclachlan, and has a new album out. "Some days we all need a lift. Join Us for this soulful evening !!"

BTB Scholarship Opportunities for 2019
Click here to download the forms to start the application process

Comedy Movie Night at the Truck Stop
Wednesday, April 3, 2019 at 7 PM – 9 PM. The movie that put alternative hair gels on the map! That's right, this week we're showing the comedy super-classic THERE'S SOMETHING ABOUT MARY, starring Ben Stiller and Cameron Diaz. From the writer/director of Best Picture-winner GREEN BOOK! (Disclaimer: while that fact is crazy and true, this movie has absolutely nothing in common with "Green Book")

THE AMAZING RACE” will be held on May 25th 2019 starting at 6am at Xunantunich It is a day featuring a series of activities designed to promote a healthy lifestyle and encourage team building. This fun filled event was created by the Belize Cancer Society San Ignacio Branch to raise funds to assist cancer patients. The Amazing Race is NOT a relay race, all participants must complete all activities. Registration will be open for the dates of: March 25th to April 30 2019 Registration fee is $500.00 BZE per Team. refreshments and fruits included. Participants must be over 16 years old to participate in the race. Twenty teams will be registered; each team must have six members ( at least two must be females) . A puzzle or activity must be completed by all teams at each stop point to be able to advance the race to the final stop point. Each participant must bring their own BICYCLE (No specific type is needed) and LIFE JACKET

El Pilar and the Forest Garden Exhibit
April 4, Sandy Hunter Public Library in Orange Walk.

NewBook: Maya Salt Works
In Maya Salt Works, Heather McKillop details her archaeological team’s groundbreaking discovery of a unique and massive salt production complex submerged in a lagoon in southern Belize. Exploring the organization of production and trade at the Paynes Creek Salt Works, McKillop offers a fascinating new look at the role of salt in the ancient Maya economy.

The Hol Chan Marine Reserve (HCMR) is inviting applications for the Post of Marine Reserve Ranger
This is an exciting career opportunity to become part of a professional cadre of Reserve Rangers tasked with ensuring the protection of our natural assets and marine life within the Hol Chan Marine Reserve.

Book it!
Book Week 2019 happens this week in Belize City, Belmopan and San Ignacio.

Exhibit “From Dispute to Referendum”
On Thursday 21 March 2019, the BHA sponsored part of the travel cost for students form St. John’s College High School and Our Lady of Guadalupe Primary School to view the exhibit “From Dispute to Referendum” at the Goldson House in the City of Belmopan. The students were engaged and had many questions on the treaties that have established the boundaries of Belize. We encourage teachers, schools and NGOs to contact the BHA or NICH to schedule a tour of the exhibit.

Channel 7

CJ: Go or No on ICJ Referendum?
We won't know until Wednesday - two days from now - whether the Chief Justice says "Go" or "No" to the April 10th referendum. That's what came out of court late this evening after a quite dramatic day. The drama came from the hundreds of protestors the PUP had outside, making the CJ know that they wanted him to grant an injunction, putting a hold on the referendum. And in the court, there was also some measure of drama. the CJ's courtroom was near standing room only for the hearing of the injunction in the ICJ referendum case. Attorney for the government side, Lisa Shoman spoke to the press when it was done to give us a recap:

Hundreds Holler No at the CJ
As we told you, what happened in court was only one part of the story. What happened outside with the PUP's protestors was the other, and leader John Briceno told us why they were there:... Hon. John Briceno, Leader of the Opposition: "These are Belizeans that want to express their dissatisfaction with a government that refuses to listen to them. We had no need to be here today if the government would have only cooperated with us, because as from far back as 2016 I've been saying that when it comes to the issue of the Belize/Guatemala claim or the unfounded claim that Guatemala has on Belize - that is something that we ae supposed to be working with together, both parties. That we are supposed to be united as Belizeans..."

Body Found, Feared to be Missing Teen
A dead body was found in Benque this evening, and tonight police are trying to confirm the identity. The corpse was found in a body of water, and appeared to have been recently killed. The cops fear it could belong to a teenager who went missing a few days ago. But, tonight police would only say, quote, "we are awaiting the proper identification process before releasing any information (is released). So, there's no confirmation, but police have been following up on a missing 18 year old in the Cayo district. Rudy Moralez left home on Saturday for a party. Police told us that he was seen since that time, but only briefly:..

PG Cops Play Catch and Release with Guatemalans Carrying 40k USD
PG Town was abuzz this weekend after police did some catch and release with a crew of Guatemalans - but police refuse to comment on the case. The coast Guard intercepted the crew of 15 on Friday afternoon. They were caught in Moho Creek aboard 4 vessels. When the coast guard searched them, they found 3 bundles of US currency, some quetzales, and 11 cell phones in a knapsack held by the leader of the group - who is reportedly from Livingston.

BDF Volunteer Butchered in Armenia
Armenia villagers woke up to an awful scene this morning: the body of 30 year old BDF volunteer Hermelindo Ical was thrown on the side of the road. Ical had been hacked to death. Courtney Weatherburne went to the village on the Hummingbird Highway to find out what led to this killing. Here is that story. Courtney Weatherburne reporting This morning Hermelindo Ical's relatives were searching in the grass for one of his fingers. It was severed in a violent chopping episode. They didn't find it but earlier this morning around 5:00, another resident found Ical's mutilated body thrown here on the side of the road.

Cops Have No Motive for Chopping Death
And police aren't sure what happened either. They are following leads and questioning suspects to establish a motive in Ical's murder case. Here's more from the the bi-weekly press briefing. ACP Joseph Myvett, Head, National Crimes Investigation Branch : "So far police knows that the deceased along with 2 male persons were socializing at a bar in the village and the last time he was seen alive was sometime around 9:30 pm last night. At this point we are following several leads. We have two persons in custody who we are questioning in relation to this investigation."

First Cousins Killing in Sandhill
A brawl between first cousins in Sandhill village this weekend resulted in one them being fatally stabbed to the chest. It happened at around 1:30 on Saturday afternoon when James Gibson was his house when his first cousin Malcolm Leslie came and started to accuse him of plotting against him. Things escalated quickly from there. Here's what police say happened next: Alejandro Cowo- OC CIB: "Malcolm Emanuel Leslie had a discussion which lead to an argument while he was at a house at 19 miles Sandhill village with one of his cousins whose name is James Emanuel Gibson. As a result, a fight ensued between both of them where it is alleged that the deceased lashed Gibson with a piece of board over his face causing an injury. As a result, Mr. Gibson turned and stabbed Mr. Malcolm Emanuel Leslie."

Family Grapples with Cousin Killing
And while police wait for instructions from the DPP - the family of the two cousins isn't sure what's next. The deceased Malcolm Leslie and the accused James Gibson are in the same age range, grew up on the same family property and are the sons of two brothers. But, according to his aunt, the young men had very different personalities, and something just went inexplicably wrong on Saturday afternoon:.. Voice of: Jennifer Leslie, Aunt of Deceased and Accused: "Malcolm is a little boy who plays football, anything that you ask him to do he does but he has a little temper. He is easy to get ignorant but James, on the other hand, is an easy going fellow. So, I really don't know what possessed them for that to happen."

Lee Van Lewis Dies After Punch by Cousin
And, it was also a cousin on cousin misunderstanding that led to the death of 42 year old Lee Van Lewis. Yesterday evening, the 8 miles resident was fishing with his relatives at the mile 12 pond on the Western Highway when Lewis and his cousin got into an altercation. According to the report, Lewis hit his cousin first and the cousin struck back, sending Lewis tumbling. He hit his head on the bumper of a vehicle that was parked there and went unconscious. He never regained consciousness and he died. Now it sounds like a freak accident but some of Lewis's relatives aren't buying that story at all. They say the relatives who were there are not disclosing the full details of what happened. We spoke to Lewis' sister this evening and she told us that all she and the family wants is the truth.

Mother of Deceased Only Wants Apology
Lewis's mother says she just wants an apology and an explanation from the relative who gave her son the blow that proved fatal. She says Lee van was her baby:... Marie Lewis- Mother of Deceased: "Lee Van is my baby. When I say he is my baby, I love him, he knows how to cook, he knows how to do everything. He loves his children. Jules, I wouldn't want no murder or charges or anything like that because I think they are family. And I think that when that happened it is like me and you are playing and maybe my hand catch you the wrong place and something happen..."

DPP Will Decide Charges for Lee Van Death
Now, in this case, the police again have a dilemma. From the statements they have gathered, there was no intent to kill - but, nonetheless, a man died. Cowo said the matter will go to the DPP. He discussed the case and the dispute that led to the death:.. ASP Alejandro Cowo, O.C., C.I.B., Belize City: "They were having a fishing party somewhere between twelve and thirteen miles on the George Price Highway when an argument ensued between the deceased and another family member, where one of the family members punched Mr. Lee Van Lewis causing him to lose balance and hit his head on the bumper of a vehicle that was parked while they were at the pond fishing."

Tonight we note the passing of colorful television personality, Rosalie Staines. She died on Friday, March 29th, five days after her 71st birthday - after a long illness. Staines started the Belize Business Bureau, but was best known for the 16 years she hosted the "Oapn Paki" talk show. Rosalie's style was all her own and her exuberance for all things Belizean was always front and center. She will be missed by many fans for that inimitable style and energy. A Memorial Mass will be held for her this Saturday, April 6 at St. Joseph Church.

Citizens Say Don't Play with ICJ
At the top of the news, we told you about the injunction hearing in front of Chief Justice Kenneth Benjamin. He's currently deliberating on whether or not he will stop the April 10th ICJ referendum. Several PUP parliamentarians have gone to the court to challenge the Special Agreement that the Governments of Belize and Guatemala signed back in 2008 to settle the territorial dispute at the ICJ. They assert that the Government failed to properly ratify this treaty in both the House of Representatives and the Senate, and from their perspective, that makes the Special Agreement defective.

Mile 8 Motorcyclist Succumbs to Injuries
He was the driver of a motorbike that had a massive collision with a barrier on the road at mile 8 last week Sunday. 28 year old Walter Lobos had massive injuries and his passenger 20 year old Zenya Ayala died on the spot.

Police Have Suspect for Dangriga Murder
Police say they have one suspect for murder of Dangriga resident 48 year old Carlos Noe Reyes. He was killed last Thursday night when a man stormed into his house and shot him 8 times, while his friend, 30 year old Israel Pimentel was shot once. Police told us about Pimentel's condition and the murder investigation today: ACP Joseph Myvett, Head, National Crimes Investigation Branch "Pimentelo is at the Southern Regional Hospital in a stable condition. So far we are following several leads and we are seeking one suspect in relation to this murder."

Machete Mayhem, Another Village Chopping
Earlier we told you about a fatal chopping. Well, there was also a non-fatal one, but the victim is critical. It happened in Franks Eddy Village off the Western Highway. Police say the attacker became the victim as he too was chopped. ACP Joseph Myvett, Head, National Crimes Investigation Branch "Belmopan police responded to information of a chopping incident in Franks Eddy Village where upon arrival, they met one George Jones who was seen with several chop wounds to the head and body..."

Police Press Charges for Last Week's Fatal Accidents
And, finally tonight, police have charged two persons for three of the traffic fatalities which occurred last weekend:

Channel 5

Chief Justice Hears P.U.P.’s Application to Stop I.C.J. Referendum
With the April tenth referendum inching closer to the date, the Chief Justice today heard an application for an interim injunction brought by the People’s United Party. This afternoon the [...]

Shoman says There is No ‘Separation of Powers’ Issue
Courtenay also argued that the Special Agreement, read on a whole, is an attempt by the executive to empower the International Court of Justice to amend the country’s constitution as [...]

Does Special Agreement Empowers I.C.J. to Amend Belize’s Constitution?
The attorneys for the P.U.P. did not give comments after the hearing; instead opting for after the decision to be delivered on Wednesday by the Chief Justice. In his arguments [...]

Argument between Cousins Ends with Fatal Stabbing in Sand Hill
A violent incident in Sand Hill, Belize District, involving two relatives, ended fatally for Malcolm Leslie. On Saturday afternoon, Malcolm was stabbed to the left side of his chest by [...]

Murder in Armenia; B.D.F. Volunteer Chopped to Death
A B.D.F. volunteer was found dead the morning around six-thirty on the Hummingbird Highway. The thirty-year-old had been chopped to death and left on the roadside in Armenia. Police say [...]

Missing Rudy Morales Found Floating in River
Eighteen-year-old Rudy Morales went missing days ago and his family and the police had issued a missing person’s bulletin. Well, the news tonight is that his body was found floating [...]

12 Guatemalans Are Detained, but Later Released in the South
Police normally report about drug busts, small or big, contraband beer and the sorts, but tonight, they are tight-lipped about an incident in the south.  Since Friday, there have been [...]

P.U.P. Supporters Protest at Battlefield Park
While the Chief Justice Kenneth Benjamin heard arguments after the P.U.P. filed an application for an interim injunction to halt the referendum on April tenth, outside the courtroom the P.U.P [...]

2 Burrell Boom Primary Schools Targeted by Thieves
Thieves hit two schools in the rural community of Burrell Boom, disrupting the ability of teachers to smoothly carry out their functions today. Investigators believe that it is the same [...]

Fishing Trip Turns Deadly among Relatives
Another person lost his life over the weekend and police are looking at it as a death investigation.  A fishing trip turned deadly on Sunday when one cousin punched another [...]

Second Victim in 8 Mile Accident Succumbs
Last week, we reported on the death of seven persons as a result of vehicular collisions; four were motorcyclists. Tonight, we can report that another person has perished as a [...]

1 Person Sought for Dangriga Murder of Carlos Noe Reyes
There is finally an official comment from police on the murder of Carlos Noe Reyes. The forty-eight-year-old fisherman from Citron Street in Dangriga was fatally injured in a shooting at [...]

Driver Served with N.I.P. for Fatal RTA on Loma Luz Boulevard
At this afternoon’s press brief, police also issued official comment on the fatal road traffic accident in the west that claimed the life of nineteen-year-old motorist, Luis Cruz. Last Thursday [...]

A Near Fatal Chopping in Franks Eddy Village
Aside from the murder in Armenia, there was another chopping incident in the west, but luckily the victim survived the attack. It occurred in Franks Eddy Village on Sunday afternoon. [...]

Catholic Management Explains Where Teachers’ Contributions Are Going
For the past two weeks we’ve shared several stories about the plight of Holy Angels School in Pomona Village in Stann Creek. Since we broke the story, the school has [...]

Bishop Martin School Board Agrees to Hire ‘Emergency Teachers’
The Board of Trustees at Bishop Martin High School has decided to hire ‘emergency teachers’ in order to normalize the school’s operations. In the past two weeks, classes were disrupted [...]

The Weekend in Sports
Good evening, I’m James Adderley and this is Sports Monday.   [Highlights of the weekend sporting activities....]

The Reporter

Murder In Armenia Village, Police Say, Not Robbery
Police say that robbery was not the motive in the killing of Armenia resident Hermelindo Ical, 30. Ical was found on the side of the road in Armenia early this morning April 1st., he was chopped to death.

A Challenge To The April 10th. Referendum Heard In The Supreme Court
Early this morning the crowd began to gather near the eastern edge of the Battle Field Park in downtown Belize City, and by the time the courts opened at 9am there were hundreds of spectators gathered near the Supreme Court to witness the drama of the challenge to the April 10th. referendum.

A Mother Mourns The Loss Of Son After Fight Ends In Death
A mother is grieving the loss of her son after a family outing turned tragic. Leevan Lewis, 43, died on Sunday after he was hit by his cousin and fell to the ground and became unresponsive, It is rumored that he may have hit his head on the open tailgate of a pickup when he fell.

Breaking Belize NewsPJ

Post Mortem Examination: Rudy Moralez drowned
The body of 18-year-old San Ignacio resident Rudy Moralez was found this afternoon in the […]

Body of Rudy Moralez found
The family has confirmed that the body of Rudy Moralez was found today floating in the […]

Man involved in motorcycle accident last week passes away
Last Thursday night there was a road traffic accident on the Loma Luz Boulevard in […]

Police: Belize City man responsible for Dangriga double shooting
A Belize City man is being sought by Dangriga police for last Thursday’s shooting in the […]

Two injured in machete fight
Yesterday at around 6:30 p.m. there was a chopping incident in Franks Eddy, Cayo. George […]

Why was Hermalino Ical killed?
Police have ruled out robbery as a possible motive for the murder of Armenia r […]

Post mortem results are in for Leevan Lewis, 42!
A post mortem examination today revealed that Leevan Lewis, 42, died of “acute pulmonary edema […]

Post mortem: Malcolm Leslie died of a single stab wound to the heart
Malcolm Leslie, 19, died of a single stab wound to the heart. That is according […]

Court to rule on referendum injunction on Wednesday
Within 48 hours, Chief Justice Kenneth Benjamin will make what has been described as the […]

Police confirm body of man found in Mopan River
BBN reported a short while ago that the body of a man was found floating […]

Atlantic International Bank Limited to go out of business
The Government of Belize and Central Bank of Belize are bracing for what they hope is […]

Young bartender loses his life in fatal motorcycle accident
Walter Loyo, a young Belizean bartender lost his life today as a result of injuries he […]

Senate divided over cyber-bullying comments
During her contribution to last week’s budget debate, Senator for Trade Unions and Civil Society Elena […]

BBN – We’ve come a long way!
Our top story today is our efforts to continue to provide the most accurate and comprehensive […]

Belizean author selected to attend Writers’ Conference
Author and past winner of the Belize Literary Prize, Ix-Chel Poot, has won the 2019 Copal […]

‘BOOK IT!’ Book Week celebration commences
World Book and Copyright Day is celebrated annually on April 23. Each year, the Belize Book […]

Fair weather to continue
The 24-hour forecast is for mostly fair weather to continue. Sunny skies with some cloudy spells […]

Rotary San Ignacio celebrates 21 years of service!
The Rotary Club in San Ignacio celebrates its 21st Anniversary on Saturday, March 30, 2019. The Rotary […]

Man, 18, reported missing from San Ignacio
The family of 18-year-old Rudy Morales is seeking the public assistance in locating him. Morales was […]


Cousin Kills Cousin
Two men died violent deaths over the weekend but the police department has been careful not to refer to them as murder incidents. But that is only one of the similarities of the incidents. Both deceased individuals have been killed during altercations with their cousins. Malcolm Leslie passed away on Saturday afternoon in Sandhill Village …

Police says driver refused to give specimen following fatal RTA
There were several road traffic accidents which were reported last week. In the incident involving a sixteen year old, Jose Marquez who was killed, the driver will be charged for not giving a urine specimen. The head of the National Crimes Investigation Branch, ACP Joseph Myvett explained which individuals will be charged for the accidents. …

Leevan Lewis dead following fight with Cousin
The other family related altercation occurred on the George Price Highway. 42 year old Leevan Lewis was killed on Sunday evening. The allegation is that Lewis was in a fight and he hit his head after being punched by his cousin. Whomever did it, his mother told us that she wants an apology and not …

Victim Chops Attacker in Franks Eddy Village
It seems that village life is not always an easy life when alcohol and sharp objects are nearby. Two residents of Franks Eddy Village are receiving treatment for wounds sustained over the weekend. George Jones was at a shop when Randy Franco attacked but assistant commissioner of police, Joseph Myvett says the victim managed to …

Teachers, students and parents protest against school burglaries at Burrell Boom
Schools are institutions that keep our children safe for 8 hours a day while we work hard to provide a good life for them. The church/state run schools are often respected but there are serial burglars in the rural area of the Belize District that has made a target of the Burrell Boom Methodist School. …

Man charged for kidnapping and beating his ex
A man who is no stranger to the courthouse is tonight out on bail after being accused of a machete attack on a Mahogany Heights resident in mid-January, 2019. (NORMAN SLUSHER VO) Norman Slusher Jr., is the second suspect to be arraigned in connection with attacking Matthew Maxwell Samuels with a machete. Today, Slusher Jr., …


GOB Announces Important MOU to Assert Sovereignty of Belize
This past week I was invited to the Toucan B Room of the Best Western Plus/ Biltmore Plaza in Belize City along with other press to witness a historic event: the Government of Belize signed a milestone Memorandum of Understanding (or M.O.U) preserving Memorandums of Understanding. This was a watershed moment for Belize exercising her sovereignty. Though it has taken a back seat to the April 10th IJC referendum on Guatemala’s territorial claim on Belize, another potential international dispute has been brewing for Belize, this time with our neighbor to the north, the United States.

Visiting The Newly History Of Corozal Panel, Inside the Corozal House of Culture
here is a newly History of Corozal Panel board inside the Corozal House of Culture. Today, I visited the Corozal Of Culture to learn more about why it is important to learn the history of Corozal Town. When I read the bulletin board, there was a pre-summary about how the Mayas came to Corozal, Prehistory about the Corozal Town, Pre-history about Fort Barley, Hurricane Janet, Corozal free zone and the Mestizos. I learned so much about the History Of Corozal.

Some future events happening in Corozal in the month of April, 2019
A few lists of events that will happen this month of April. This is are some events you don't want to miss. Corozal has such nice weather for April. Especially, when you visit the beach areas along the Bay of Corozal.

Quick guide to the most helpful links about visiting or living in Belize!
We get a lot of the same questions from people coming to Belize, either for a vacation or to check it out as a potential place to move. I find that I send the same links over and over, so I thought I'd put them all in one place!

This Is The Island Sailing Trip Of Your Dreams
If Caye Caulker in Belize isn’t on your bucket list yet then I’m guessing you just haven’t heard enough about it. With crystal clear waters, the second biggest barrier reef in the world, more water activities than you can poke a stick at—we’re talking kayaking, SUPing, snorkelling, diving, windsurfing, kiteboarding, spearfishing and more—seafood galore and a seemingly never-ending supply of rum punch, it’s no wonder Caye Caulker is a popular destination on the gringo trail.

Traveling to Belize from Seattle requires a bit of time, but really isn't too bad. There are no direct flights, but you can connect through Houston (United), Dallas (American), or Atlanta (Delta) to Belize City and the total trip should be ~10 hours including a layover. From Belize City, you can take a 15 minute flight on a small prop plane from one of two airlines (Maya Island Air or Tropic Air) to reach Ambergris Caye or a 90 minute ferry. I chose the plane, which was a bit more expensive but landed me on the island much faster. The view from the plane was incredible--that blue green water!

San Pedro vs. Caye Caulker: How to choose your ideal Belize beach spot
You can’t go wrong with the cayes of Belize (pronounced “keys”), but you can potentially go wrong when choosing between San Pedro and Caye Caulker. They’re both super popular destinations for American beach-goers, but they have distinctly different vibes. To be completely honest, my husband Billy came up with the idea to create a quiz that helps people choose where to go. But these five questions will easily help you decide whether San Pedro or Caye Caulker is a better fit.

Pit Stop at the Belize Zoo
My son loves animals. Most kids do. Hey, most people love animals, right? The Belize Zoo was funded and built to foster interest int he local animals. As with many Central American nations, Belize will continue to balance natural space with tourist areas. Tourism brings in money for the country and it’s people, good right? But wth too much bulldozing, too much new development, too many people, the natural wildlife can be threatened.

Beginner’s Travel Guide: Three Days in Caye Caulker, Belize
If you look up “relaxing tropical island vacation” in the dictionary, it’s just a picture of Caye Caulker (Caye is pronounced “Key,” FYI). If you want to sip rum drinks, relax in a hammock, soak up the sun, or drift around in some teal blue water, look no further. Caye Caulker was so wonderful I would’ve personally skipped San Pedro altogether for the relaxed, laid back vibe of Caulker. The only drawbacks are the water taxi ride there, and that fact that you’re slightly less in civilization, but that’s not something you should be super attached to if you’re going to Belize in the first place. It’s not like Mexico where you can still hit up McDonald’s or Starbucks. This only proved inconvenient when I came down with bronchitis (which should tell you how much I loved Caye Caulker that I still enjoyed it while I had bronchitis).

Terrifying 33ft anaconda discovered lurking in Belize’s Caves Branch River
While out preparing for a tour of the Caves Branch River, Carlos came face to face with a creature that shouldn’t exist. Stretching 33 feet long and weighing in at an estimated 900 pounds, this prehistoric relic was wrapped around a tree that it positively dwarfed in comparison, the weight of its massive frame stretching well out to the bank of the river. “It was the most terrifying thing I’d ever seen in my life,” said Hernandez, “But while my body told me to run, I spent a long moment just paralyzed in place. It felt like an hour, but it must have been only minutes.” But when the monstrous prehistoric serpent turned its eyes to Carlos, his instincts took over, and he quickly beat feet back to the lodge proper.

International Sourcesizz

Over 150 Years of Data Sheds Light on Today’s Illegal Tortoiseshell Trade
The hawksbill sea turtle just might be the most beautiful reptile in the ocean. It’s known for the striking patterns that appear on its head and flippers, but is most prized for its multi-hued shell. That, unfortunately, has also contributed to the reason the species is listed as critically endangered by the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN). With only 25,000 breeding females remaining, the hawksbill is also one of the world’s most endangered sea turtles. Its decline isn’t just a modern problem. A recent study of the tortoiseshell trade suggests that over 150 years, people slaughtered six times as many hawksbills for their shell as previously estimated. And the trade may have paved the way for contemporary illegal, unreported and unregulated (IUU) fishing. Andrew Masterson at Cosmos reports that a previous report prepared for the IUCN in 2008 estimated that between 1950 and 1992 1.4 million turtles were killed in the trade. Of that number, Tina Deines at National Geographic reports, it’s believed three quarters of the turtles taken were killed between 1970 and 1985 in Belize, Indonesia, Malaysia, Honduras and the Philippines.

Sounding of the Conch Shell
But is that statement a true reflection of the actions of communities? Do communities take into consideration how the choices they make today will affect youth tomorrow? In most villages, youth participation is minimal or nonexistent. Yet, it is said they are our future. Young people are the greatest factor to consider when developing one’s community in a way that meets the needs of the present generation and also assists future generations in meeting their own needs. Customarily, when the Alcalde (Traditional Leader) of a Maya village wishes to convene a community meeting, he has a designated individual that will sound a conch shell.


  • Belikin Onli Eena Belize - Introducing Fisher Folks, 3.5min. Belikin celebrates our heritage and our people with our new campaign, Onli Eena Belize, and highlights Belizeans whose lives illuminate what makes this country one-of-a-kind. We have turned the lens of the camera on our fellow Belizeans to celebrate the uniqueness of our people and the Belizean spirit.

  • UNICEF BELIZE - Working to reduce violence against children in Belize, 16min.

  • Belize Catamaran Sailing, 16min. Sailing down the coast of Belize on a catamaran. We snorkeled the barrier reef and shark ray alley, then visited Caye Caulker island for lunch.


  • An amazing scene of a huge pod of Dolphins captured aboard the Mingulay today, 1min. The crew were trolling a few miles north of the Turneffe Atoll and were ambushed by over 50 dolphins! The pod stuck with them for nearly half an hour before continuing on its way. Scenes like these are what drive the BGFA and its members to take up the call to protect the beautiful environment Belize has been blessed with! Video courtesy Phillip Bedran.

  • Victoria Peak Belize - Sunset, 1/2min.

  • Healthy Kidneys, Healthy Belize, 4.5min. This Capacity Building Project for the Prevention and Control of Chronic Renal Failure was initiated in 2016. According to statistics from the Belize government, the prevalence rates of both diabetes mellitus and hypertension, which are potential health factors in renal failure disease, are above 30 percent. The purpose of this project is to build capacity among health workers, promote health knowledge, establish a tracking and management system for chronic disease cases, and provide epidemiological reports.

  • Belize City March 13, 2019, 18min. My dive in Belize City with Seas Sports Belize. Awesome dive company