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The San Pedro Sun

Argentinian fugitive detained in San Pedro Town
The San Pedro Sun has confirmed that 71-year-old Alberto Samid was detained in San Pedro Town on Friday, April 5th. Samid, who is also known as 'Rey de la Carne' in Argentina, is one of INTERPOL's most wanted men. He has a pending legal case in his country for fraud and tax evasion. Earlier today, INTERPOL had warned about Samid's possible intentions to head to Belize. Hours later, he was arrested at a unit south of San Pedro Town.

Low water pressure and shortages expected during Easter holidays; BWSL to improve their capacity production by October 2019
As the Easter Holidays are fast approaching, yet again, island residents are reporting an increase in low water pressure and shortages, particularly during the night hours. The ongoing issue is affecting the tourism sector on the island, as many large hotels have reported full occupancy and are struggling with the situation. The San Pedro Sun reached out to BWSL and was informed that the company is currently working on their infrastructure to boost their production and remedy the situation, but that improvement in their water production is not expected to be finalized until October of this year. At such, islanders should expect water shortages and supply restrictions for the remainder of the current peak season.

2019 Belize Expo Tattoo Festival shines a light on talent and entertainment
The R. A. Nu�ez Auditorium was filled with the sound of buzzing tattoo guns, fast-paced rap and hip-hop, guitars and drums from live musical performances and a general air of excitement over the third Belize Expo Tattoo Festival. With tattoo artists from as far as Canada, USA, Mexico and even Costa Rica, eager ink fans had a plethora of talent to choose from.

Supreme Court's Chief Justice grants PUP injunction, halting ICJ Referendum
The national referendum scheduled for April 10, 2019, on whether to settle the Guatemalan claim to Belize at the International Court of Justice (ICJ) has been postponed after Chief Justice Kenneth Benjamin granted an interim injunction sought by the People's United Party (PUP). The decision was handed over on Wednesday, April 3rd at the Supreme Court in Belize City. A new referendum date will not be announced until a claim on the writ of the referendum is heard in its first session scheduled for Monday, April 8th. Chief Justice Benjamin noted that there is an arguable case and that Prime Minister Right Honorable Dean Barrow did not properly follow the law when he had the Governor General sign the writ to proceed with the referendum.

2019-2020 National Budget offers little for BRS
The 2019-2020 National Budget was approved by the Senate shortly after 5PM on Thursday, March 28th inside the National Assembly in the Capital City of Belmopan. The proposed $1.25-billion-dollar budget by the ruling United Democratic Party (UDP) was heavily criticized by the Opposition, the People's United Party (PUP) during its initial debate from Monday, March 25th through the 26th in the House of Representatives. The Opposition pointed out that the government was focusing mainly on infrastructure spending and was short on people-oriented programs. One detail that caught the attention of the Belize Rural South (BRS) constituency, particularly Ambergris Caye, was the minuscule budget designated for the number one tourism destination in the country and top revenue earner.

Ambergris Today

Government Of Belize Explains The Supreme Court's Ruling On The ICJ Referendum
On April 3, 2019, the Chief Justice Hon. Kenneth Benjamin delivered his ruling on the injunction case on the referendum planned for April 10, 2019 brought before the Supreme Court of Belize by the Opposition Party. The Opposition had asked the Supreme Court to stop the referendum because they contend that there are serious issues to be tried. The main points presented to the Court by the Opposition were:

Misc Belizean Sources


Clean up Campaign in Ranchito Village
The Belize Red Cross in collaboration with the Ministry of Health will be having a clean up campaign this Sunday April 7th at 9:00AM in Ranchito Village. The community is invited to participate. Light refreshment wills be served after.

Long before the coming of Europeans to this part of the world, many cultures SETTLED, DEVELOPED and DECLINED in this diverse land. One of those wonderful cultures is the Maya. The birth place of the Maya civilization is spread across 5 countries- parts of Mexico, ALL of Belize, Guatemala, El Salvador and parts of Honduras; together these countries make up Mesoamerica. Of course, it is highly probable that the political boundaries of today were not followed by the Maya. As we zoom into our Belize- the Maya subdivided this area into three provinces. The southern part was the Manche Chol Province, the central region was the Dzuluinicob Province and here in the north running up to about Calderitas in present day Quintana Roo lay the Chetumal (Chactemal) Province.

20th BEL Junior Cross Country Cycling Classic
Join us on Sunday, April 7, 2019 for the 20th BEL Junior Cross Country Cycling Classic. Junior Male Route: San Jose Succotz ferry entrance > George Price Highway > Joseph Andrews Drive > Santa Elena Bridge > La Loma Luz Boulevard > George Price Highway > Central American Boulevard > Belcan Bridge > Philip Goldson Highway > one lap between Buttonwood Bay Boulevard and NAPA roundabouts> BEL Corporate Headquarters Female Novice Race Route: BEL West Lake Substation > George Price Highway > Central American Boulevard > Belcan Bridge > Philip Goldson Highway > BEL Corporate Headquarters

LGBT night at Sunset Lounge
Thursday, April 11, 2019 at 8 PM - 12 AM, Sunset Lounge Coconut Drive, San Pedro. Showing some appreciation to our LGBT Family.

Belize Defence Force Officer Selection
Want to contribute positively to your Country? Then join the Belize Defence Force and become a member of a professional, discipline and elite organization.

Rugby - the newest sport in Belize - is growing fast. With seven teams around the country. reaching from Orange Walk to Hopkins, and San Ignacio to San Pedro attracting new players. the desire from players to join the country's national team has resulted in the decision to expand the team. So. following a very successful try-out event held in Belmopan, Rugby Belize Founder and President. Tony Gillings, announced a big expansion of the team. The "Belize Macaws" (as the national team is known) had their first taste of international rugby when the Guatemalan national U19 team visited last November - the first international rugby game ever played in Belize - and will be making their debut in the region's world-class Cancun 7's Festival this June.

La Isla Carinosa Academy Talent Show Tonight
Come out today and support this very exciting event! Food and drinks will be on sale! See you there!

For those caught up in the Atlantic Bank situation. Here's an update from a distinguished attorney in Belize, Ryan Wrobel, spelling out what he sees as the next steps in this process.

Officers of the Genetic Improvement in Sheep and Goat Project to Travel to Taiwan for Training
The Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries, Forestry, the Environment, Sustainable Development in collaboration with Genetic Improvement in Sheep and Goat Project is pleased to announce the approval of funding from the Government of the Republic of China (Taiwan) to dispatch two personnel from the Genetic Improvement in Sheep and Goat Project to receive training in Taiwan.

Monitoring and Evaluation Officer, National AIDS Program
We are once again inviting interested persons to apply for the vacant post below. Job Summary: The Monitoring and Evaluation Officer will be responsible to ensure the collection and analysis of HIV data, information and indicators, critical to the monitoring of the national and local response to HIV and AIDS in Belize.

Tree Planting Ceremony at the Halston Chan Sporting Complex
Corozal Town Council alongside Audubon Society, Oceana and Students from St. Paul's Anglican School joined hands in a Tree Planting Ceremony at the Halston Chan Sporting Complex. Mayor Rigo Vellos along with students and representatives of the different organizations planted two Mahogany Trees and three Flamboyant Trees. Taking care of our environment is everyone's responsibility.

No football at Ricalde Stadium this weekend
The Corozal Football Association regrets to inform all team owners, managers and coaches that all Football Games scheduled for this Saturday, April 6th and Sunday, April 7th have been postponed due to unavailability of the Ricalde Stadium.

Special Olympics Fun Run Day in Corozol Today
Saturday, April 6th starting at 6:30 a.m. at the Central Park.

Four buoys for catamarans at Shark Ray Alley
All Tour Operators please note that there are now four buoys for catamarans at Shark Ray Alley. Buoys set aside for catamarans are installed with two pins our a bigger block to withstand the tension placed on them by these larger vessels. All catamaran buoys at the Channel and Shark Ray have been marked with a red C to identify them. Operators with smaller vessels we ask your cooperation by not tying to these buoys and leaving them available for the cats. Thanks to the HC Technical team for a job well done.

Channel 7

Referendum Crisis Day 3: PM Calls Cabinet To Emergency Meeting
Tonight, Belizeans in every corner of the country desperately want to know: will there or won't there be a referendum on Wednesday, April 10th?  And, tonight, even after an emergency hearing in the Court of Appeal, there are still no easy answers - in fact, there are more questions than answers. We'll tell you all that happened in court in a minute, but first we'll try to put together the pieces to get somewhere close to an answer about Wednesday.  First, we do know the government is still determined to hold the referendum and it's not sitting idly by waiting to hear what the court says.  Cabinet held an emergency meeting today at the Laing building - which went from 3:00 to 5:00 pm. 

Court of Appeal Hearing: AG Claims PUP Is Stalling
Again, it's an effort to try and get the referendum underway by any and all legal means.  And whIle that is happening between the executive and the legislature,, the judiciary was also tied up with the matter today. Last night, we told you that the Government was seeking an expedited hearing in front the Court of Appeal. The Barrow Administration is racing against the clock to get the Supreme Court injunction lifted, so that it can still hold the ICJ referendum next week.

Human Remains Found in Los Lagos Area: Family Says It's Their Missing Patriarch
Tonight, a Belize City family is sure that human remains found yesterday in Belize Rural are those of their patriarch, 83 year old Hubert Richards who disappeared in November of 2017.   The remains were found yesterday around 1:00 pm in this savanna area behind Los Lagos.  The bones were scattered across a 20 foot diameter - in an area just 30 feet away from where a human skull was found three weeks ago.   An on-site forensic examination has led Police to conclude that the bones are those an elderly adult male.

Resignation Ruction At City Hall? Or A Poker Prank?
Belize City councillor Ryan Eligio's facebook page lit up last night with a stunning post.  It said, quote, "I work too hard for my name and will never (neat) it up for no onewith immediate effect I will no longer be a part of this council." Close quote.  So, what's up with that?  Well, we checked with the mayor's office which said it could not comment because it had gotten no notice of resignation.  So we checked with Eligio who, quite predictably, told us that his facebook page had been hacked.  And then he told us it was a "poker prank."   He said he's a good PUP and that everything is fine between him and the mayor. 

The North Shrouded In Smoke From Mexico
Can you imagine being surrounded by a thick cloud of putrid smoke everyday? Well that is exactly what Corozal residents have been experiencing for the past 4 weeks. Residents from a host of communities including San Narciso, Louisville, San Victor, Santa Clara, San Roman, Cristo Rey and Concepcion are being affected. The fumes are coming from a burning dumpsite in a nearby Mexican community, Health authorities have not confirmed which community that is as yet. But residents say it is unbearable and they are desperately in need of some relief because it is affecting their health. We spoke to a concerned San Narciso resident via phone today.

What To Do When You Find Weevils In Your Honey Bunches
On Wednesday we told you the story about the Honey Bunches of Weevils at Tai Kong store in Cayo. The enraged customer who bought the contaminated box of cereal was charged with harm after she stoned the Chinese grocer with a calculator - that was her reacting to the Chinese grocer snatching her phone away to prevent her from recording their exchange about the cereal. It was a messy situation but now that that is in the past, going forward, how should a customer handle a situation such as this one where they purchase a tainted grocery item? We asked principal public health inspector John Bodden via phone.

Private Attorney In Charge Of Prosecution Branch
She's a former city councillor and a trained attorney who also happens to be the daughter of Foreign Minister Wilfred Elrington, and, now, 7News has confirmed that Alifa Elrington-Hyde is also the new Head of the Prosecution Branch. As viewers may know, the Prosecution Branch is in charge of preparing all criminal charges for defendants who are taken before the Magistrate's Courts. Police officers are usually the ones who lead the prosecution of those cases. They work very closely with the office of the Director of Public Prosecutions, and crown counsels from that office, as well as the DPP herself, who often advise the police prosecutors on how to proceed with those charges.

BEL Punishing with High Cost Of Power, But Won't Pass It To Consumers
BEL says it's taking a lick with the price of fuel, but the utility says it doesn't want to increase your electricity rate.   On Monday the power company submitted a proposal to the PUC asking to keep the average electricity rate pegged at 41 cents per kilowatt hour for the next Annual Tariff Period, which runs from July 1, 2019 through to June 30, 2020. But, the company says it's taking pain to keep the rate pegged.

San Roman Fire Victims Need Help
The San Roman Fire victims need all the help they can get to rebuild their lives. As we reported, 3 thatch houses were set on fire on Sunday night leaving a family of 20 with nothing. Neither of the houses had electricity so it is believed to be arson caused by a family dispute. If you would like to help the family you can call Emilio Zabaneh at 610-5412 or put money in the property owner Juan Cucul's Holy Redeemer credit union account number 79996.

The Art Of The Acrobat: Talk Like This, Act Like That
"Hypocrite" - it's such an ugly word.  We would never use it - and certainly not to describe politicians - nope, that just wouldn't be fair.    We'd rather call them ACROBATS - because they flip so neatly, so effortlessly, so artfully on issues and across positions, and contortions, they can bend reasoning to fit any position acrobats, for sure. And when it comes to the ICJ it's been almost like the Cirque Du Soleil in the court of public opinion where everyone has been switching sides and positions.  Jules Vasquez has been following the show with ardent eyes, and here's his commentary:

Hummingbird and San Marcos Rise As Primary School Champs
Last night, the best primary school volleyballers were named national champions at the City Centre. 6 teams from every district played in the male and female competitions and at the end of it, Belize city's Hummingbird Elementary bested Toledo's San Felipe government school for the girls, and Cayo's San Marcos RC beat Belize City's Holy Redeemer in the boys category. The Female MVP was Dasialynn Thurton from Hummingbird Elementary and Emil Castillo from San Marcos RC.

WPC Goes Home With A Proper Police Parade
Today, the police department brought out their full colours and full forces for the funeral of WPC Sherlett Andrews. As we told you the 43 year old died under questionable circumstances after an illness last week.

Channel 5

Court of Appeal to Hear I.C.J. Injunction Appeal
On Monday, the Government of Belize and the Opposition Party will go to legal war at both the Supreme Court and Court of Appeal. The Court of Appeal is scheduled [...]

Attorney General Accuses P.U.P. of Delay Tactics
The Opposition Party has until Saturday evening to file skeletal arguments after which the hearing will be held on Monday. For the government, it is a race against time and [...]

I.C.J. Referendum: If Not April Tenth, When?
As you heard, attorneys for P.U.P. parliamentarians and the Government went before the Court of Appeal this afternoon for case management ahead of arguments on Monday. To put things in [...]

Is Councilor Elijio Upset with Belize City Council?
So what is happening at City Hall?� P.U.P. Belize City Councillor Ryan Elijio caused quite a stir on Thursday night after a post on his personal Facebook profile alluded to [...]

Skeletal Remains Discovered Behind Los Lagos; Are They for Hubert Richards?
The remains of an elderly man were found today near the Los Lagos community, Ladyville. It has been determined so far that the bones are that of an elderly man, [...]

Little Barranco and the Polemic I.C.J. Vote
Barranco in is one of the smallest villages in the country.� The quiet community is located in a remote area of southern Belize and overtime, it has generally kept away [...]

Belize is Named as a Drug Transit Point
Belize is among five countries that have been named as "drug transit" countries by the U.S. government in the latest International Narcotics Control Strategy Report. The other four countries are: [...]

B.E.L Proposes to Maintain Mean Electricity Rate for 2019-2020
The Belize Electricity Limited has asked the Public Utilities Commission to maintain the mean electricity rate of forty-one cents per kilowatt-hour from July of this year through to June of [...]

A Fire in the City
There was a fire this evening just before five on Freetown Road in Belize City. The fire was seen coming out of the upper flat of a concrete building with [...]

A Double Head Cabbage Residents Back Flips Off a Tree to his Death
Family and friends of Percival Flowers Junior are grieving his untimely death. The experienced swimmer perished in the Belize River a few days ago when he flipped from a tree [...]

Interpol says Argentinean Fugitive Hiding in Belize
Interpol says Argentinean fugitive, seventy-one-year-old Alberto Samid is hiding in Belize. International Criminal Police Organization issued a red alert for the Samid who is wanted in Argentina for tax evasion. [...]

Father to Stand Trial for Sexual Abuse of his 13-year-old Daughter
A forty-six-year-old father of Belize City will stand trial in the June session of the Supreme Court for incest of his thirteen-year-old daughter. He is accused of the sexual abuse [...]

Inmate Charged for Sexually Assaulting a Security Officer
An inmate who is a prison trustee, who is serving an eleven-year sentence for manslaughter, has been charged with the sexual assault of a security officer. Thirty-two-year-old David Rosalez appeared [...]

Bird Talk with King Vulture and Harpy Eagle at the Zoo
Earlier this week we showed you a pair of Jaguarundis who were born two months ago at the Belize Zoo. News of the birth spread quickly among the zoos across [...]

Innovation Financial Management, Securing a Sustainable A.C.C.
The Anglican Cathedral College held an open day showcase for its enterprising students. They showed off the creations they made to observe the theme, "Innovation Financial Management Securing a Sustainable [...]

NEBL: Defenders Versus Dream Ballaz
Belize City Defenders and Dangriga Dream Ballaz head to the basketball court at the Civic Centre in a do or die game. Tonight's game will determine who moves up to [...]


CJ puts April 10 ICJ referendum on pause
The area near the Supreme Court sprang to life when members of the Opposition People's United Party (PUP) walked into the area and stopped at the steps of the court building, where they recited the National Prayer before proceeding upstairs to the courtroom of the Hon. Chief Justice, Kenneth Benjamin. Inside the courtroom, for a few minutes a cordial atmosphere prevailed between the opposing sides of the United Democratic Party and the PUP, until the Court Marshall entered shortly after 2:00 p.m. and placed the Chief Justice's books on top of his raised desk. The Marshall walked out and came back in, announcing "His Lordship, the Chief Justice," as everyone inside rose to their feet, then sat down to await the historic decision in Claim 151 of 2019.

Barrow flip-flops on Chief Justice's ruling
Shortly after Chief Justice Kenneth Benjamin granted an interim injunction in response to a constitutional claim by Opposition People's United Party (PUP) parliamentarians and a PUP standard bearer to halt the International Court of Justice (ICJ) referendum that was scheduled for April 10, Prime Minister Dean Barrow called a press conference that he opened by saying, "Of course I am extremely disappointed by the ruling." Last Thursday at Barrow's press conference at the Best Western Biltmore Hotel, Amandala asked him whether he would respect the ruling of the court, if the court were to grant the injunction that was being sought by the claimants.

1 killed by switchblade; 1 shot to death
Two men who became involved in an altercation with a man they knew, on Fabers Road Extension at about 9:00 yesterday morning, beat the man with a bottle and a concrete block, but the man retaliated by taking out a switchblade with which he stabbed the two men who attacked him. He then rode away on his motorcycle. Marcos Frazer, 24, of Fabers Road Extension was stabbed in the chest and died shortly after at the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital. His friend, Kyle Saunders, was stabbed in the body and is currently admitted to the KHMH in a serious but stable condition.

HBO legally enters Belizean broadcasting
After years of having limited and unauthorized access to the popular television network HBO, Belizeans may now enjoy a more legitimate viewers' experience with this network via their local cable providers. Today, the Belize Cable Television Operators Association (BCTVOA) met with HBO Latin America Group at the Best Western Biltmore Plaza to sign a two-year contract that would officially introduce HBO into the cable broadcasting market. Under this agreement, Belizean cable stations will now offer authorized access to at least thirty acclaimed channels such as HBO, A&E, Liftetime, Syfy, etc.

Morgue malfunction causes more heartache for bereaved family
The freezing system at the morgue at the Southern Regional Hospital in Dangriga is malfunctioning, and this has led to poor storage of bodies that are placed at the facility. We were informed that bodies placed in storage for burial at a later date are decomposing, and the loved ones of the deceased persons whose bodies are stored there are being urged to take out the bodies and bury them immediately. In some cases the hospital has taken the bodies to another facility for storage. Karen Lewis told the media that her mother, Juliana Palacio Castillo, 79, died in the Southern Regional Hospital, and when they retrieved the body to prepare it for burial they found it was in an advanced state of decomposition.

Mayor Bernard Wagner leads delegation to Taiwan Smart Cities Summit & Expo
Belize City Mayor, Bernard Wagner, and a delegation he led to Taipei, Taiwan, returned home over the weekend, after attending the 2019 Smart Cities Summit & Expo. Accompanying Mayor Wagner was Councilor with responsibility for Traffic, Allan Pollard; Councilor with responsibility for Public Health and Cemetery, Deltrude Hylton; and City Planner, Carla Patnett. The five-day visit included the delegation's participation in activities and forums geared towards the development of smart cities globally.

Belizean Alexis Chan accepted to Barcelona U19 Pre-Academy in Phoenix, Arizona
Good day, my Belizean people! I wanna take this time to thank my sponsors for making this amazing journey possible. Thank you, Mr. and Mrs. Irvin N Froila Osorio, William Sandoval, Eric N Sedacy, Onofre Vellos Jr. Thank you, Mom and Dad, for the unconditional love and support you both provided me with. Thank you to everyone who kept motivating me to work hard and be better on and off the pitch, because all this wouldn't have been possible without your help. To all the people I didn't answer on social media, it's because I've been busy grinding this weekend. I promise to get back to you all really soon.

Corozal F.A. Youth Tournaments report for April 1, 2019
Thanks, God, for another successful week of youth games at the Ricalde Stadium. This week marks our eighth week of the ongoing youth U-Tournaments hosted by the Corozal Football Association (CFA) under the auspices of the Football Federation of Belize (FFB). We are pleased to report that no incidents have been encountered, but we are happy to report on the sportsmanship displayed by each of the participating teams. All clubs are trying their best to ensure that they lead to semifinals.

The Mayor Belize City Dominoes Tournament Week 3 results
Week 3 games in the Mayor Belize City Dominoes Tournament were held on Sunday, March 31, at Rali's Restaurant and Bar. A total of thirteen teams participated, and all games concluded with the winners reaching 3000 points. The results were as follows: Mango Tree (3002) over Port #1 (2189); Mopan Street (3016) over Dirty Rebels (2570); Third World (3000) over Another World (416); Grabs (3048) over House Bottom (1886); Backyard (3000) over Riverside (1110); and Outlaws (3038) over Truckers (1050).

BVA 2019 Beach Volleyball Tour Stop #2 winners
The Belize Volleyball Association's (BVA) 2019 Beach Volleyball Tour Stop #2 was held at Kukumba Beach, Old Belize on March 30 & 31, 2019. 11 male teams and 6 female teams were registered. The winning teams were: FEMALES: 1st Place - Fatima Ramirez & Gareth Bruce; 2nd Place - Mya Musa & Ayah Safa; 3rd Place - Kelsey Balderamos & Allyana Musa.

Editorial: A pause for democracy
On Wednesday, April 3, 2019, the Chief Justice of Belize, Honorable Kenneth Benjamin, ruled that there was sufficient reason to push the pause button on the train rushing down the tracks, with haste that might be described as indecent, toward the April 10 referendum appointment. The delay is to allow for the court to rule on a constitutional claim brought by Her Majesty's main opposition party, the PUP, which is fully supported by our country's third parties, the Belize Peace Movement, and a number of highly respected independent political activists.

Belizean tribes and the ICJ
There's been a lot of talking and writing, by Belizeans sharing their opinions on the decision we must make on April 10, or whenever we vote on the Special Agreement. It's been a tense period, very interesting, and many people are still not certain about how they will vote. I have listened to everyone I got a chance to listen to, and I've read every opinion, every historical document I got my hands on. Yes, I am still a yes. But I'm hearing a lot of no's around me. I have heard the observation that Belizeans in the upper brackets are more likely to vote yes, and Belizeans who are not in the upper brackets are very suspicious about the matter.

NO case is IRONCLAD!
I have stayed out of the fray of the ICJ debate for a long time, and it was not until the last two months, more or less, that I have publicly participated in the debate and discussion. Of course, this decision means that I have endured much trolling by the yes-ers, in particular four personalities all connected and related and not worth mentioning. Of course, it means I have been bullied and called a fear-monger and hysterical because I express my view and dare to stand my ground independently of any organization, NGO, movement, political party or enclave of fanatics. I know I have my own credibility and can stand on my own grounds.

Our Belizean ancestors were traversing the entire Sarstoon since the 1800's until they were required to share the river with Guatemala to comply with the 1859 Treaty.
The International Court of Justice recently (1999) gave its determination on rivers which serves as a boundary between two states as illustrated in the case of Botswana and Namibia regarding the Kasikili-Sedudu island and the Chobe River system based on the Anglo-German treaty of July 1, 1890, 31 years after our August 30, 1859 Belize-Guatemala treaty. The ICJ after intense research, confirmed what has been known to us regarding rivers which are boundaries between states. Because the treaty between Britain and Germany regarding Botswana and Namibia did not have the word "boundary", the ICJ had to include that in their argument regarding the case, the language of the treaty also had to be brought up to date for modern usage to assist in their ruling, for example, the thalweg which is the German term meaning "the way downward" had to be explained that it not only means "main channel" or "center of the river".

Isn't it funny how time slips away? It appears like just yesterday that the young and ambitious political student activist, Derek Aikman, at the tender age of 19, came home to Belize from school in Florida in the United States in the early 1980s, and began to pursue a very ambitious career in politics in Belize. His youthful age never seemed to matter as Belizean young people of all colors and creed began to identify with his message of political change in a People's United Party (PUP) dominance of political power in Belize since the 1950s under the charismatic leadership of the late George Cadle Price.

James Gibson, 21, arraigned for murder of his cousin, Malcolm Leslie, 18
An argument between two cousins led to the death of one of them, Malcolm Leslie, 18, and the arrest of the other, James Emmanuel Gibson, 21, on a charge of murder. Gibson, a laborer of Sandhill, was arraigned on the charge before Senior Magistrate Tricia Pitts Anderson, on Tuesday, April 2. No plea was taken because the offense is indictable. He was remanded until June 24.

GAF incident on Sarstoon River results in another Belize Protest Note
In the early hours of Monday morning, there was an incident on the Sarstoon River involving a a group of Belize Territorial Volunteers on a boat who were being harassed by members of the Guatemalan Armed Forces (GAF), who were traveling on two boats. The entire episode unfolded in front of Belize's Forward Operating Base (FOB) and was witnessed by Belize Coast Guard and Belize Defence Force personnel stationed at the FOB.

On the Sarstoon River, BTV leader Wil Maheia, the Coast Guard and BDF face down GAF
Apart from Guatemalan civilians' incursions on the western border, the Sarstoon River in the area of the Forward Operating Base (FOB) has become a flashpoint for the Guatemalan Armed Forces' (GAF) violation of Belize's territorial integrity. This is a matter for which the government's response appears to be inadequate, even cowardly, some would say. Belizeans recall that Prime Minister Dean Barrow withdrew a Coast Guard team from Sarstoon Island, where they were on a reconnaissance mission for locating a spot to set up the FOB in 2015, when they got involved in a standoff with the GAF.

19 Cubans and Nicaraguans found illegally in the Orange Walk District
Eleven Cubans and eight Nicaraguans were taken into custody in Orange Walk because they were not able to present police with official permits or documents to show that they were legally in the country. Three Belizeans, the drivers of three vehicles with Belizean license plates, are also presently in custody and are being investigated by the Immigration Department and police. So far, no one has been arrested. Police said that the Cubans were found first, hiding in a cane field near the Chan Pine Ridge Road in Tower Hill, Orange Walk District, at about 2:30 Monday afternoon. The lawmen used a drone to scan the large cane fields from the sky, and this showed them exactly where to go and apprehend the foreigners.

The Reporter

ICJ Referendum Injunction To Be Heard On Monday April 8th. By Court Of Appeal
Friday, April 5th. 2019The Government of Belize has requested and won the request brought before the Court Of Appeal, which has agreed to hear the case from the attorneys for

Foreign Bus Runs Under Fire From Local Operators
The Belize Bus Association and several taxi associations based in Belize City met at the Coastal Zone Management Authority building on Thursday afternoon to discuss and draft alternative proposals to present to the Ministry of Transport in response to discovering the Minister, Edmond Castro, had approved runs and passenger pickups for two foreign bus companies to operate within Belize.

Editorial - April 5th. 2019
By Mr. Henry Lawrence - This week the Supreme Court issued an injunction supporting an application from the People's United Party to delay the long planned referendum of April 10. This referendum is to consult the voters of Belize on whether or not Belize should go to arbitration at the ICJ in response to the Guatemalan challenge. Seven days before the referendum date, the Court dropped a bombshell and issued an injunction, stopping the referendum process in full stride.

Guats Caught and Released WHO GAVE THE ORDER?
While not one person in a position of authority was willing to provide any official information on the release of twelve Guatemalans apprehended in Southern Belize last Friday, a source in the Ministry of National Security told the Reporter that it 'stank to high heavens,' and claims that the detained Guatemalans are involved in the contraband cigarette trade, and are connected to very 'big' persons in Belize.

Fires in Southern Belize Leave Several Homeless
Stann Creek Police are seeking one persons after a fire in San Roman Village, Stann Creek on Monday night has left some 20 persons of one family homeless. The owner of the property, Juan Cucul, told Police that he was asleep around 11 on Monday night when thick smoke awoke him. He said he discovered that the three thatch houses in the yard were on fire and that his efforts to extinguish them were fruitless. As a result Cucul lost everything in the blaze.

Copycats & Lazy Reporters Invade the Media
On Wednesday evening, eyebrows and blood pressures were raised after revelations that a post on the Reporter's Facebook page, made just after 4:30pm from the Prime Minister's impromptu press conference, had been copied verbatim, including a picture, by a leading media house and a popular media blog. The three identical posts, the original and the two copied, then went viral as individuals noticed and raised the alarm.

No Arrests Yet, In Armed Burglary At Sapphire Resort
Two Canadian tourists and a security guard became victims of a horrifying aggravated burglary at Sapphire Beach Resort on Tuesday when three men and a woman entered the resort grounds, tied them up, assaulted them and stole an undisclosed amount of cash before escaping.

Breaking Belize NewsPJ

Wanted Argentinean businessman detained in Belize
Information to Breaking Belize News is that Alberto Samid "Rey de la Carne", the Argentine [�]

Man shot in Belize City
A man was shot minutes ago on Belize City's southside. It occurred near St. Jude's [�]

Accused in vehicle heist fined
Jaleel Goodger, 23, pleaded guilty to the theft of a $16,000 Saturn VUE SUV in June [�]

Injunction appeal will proceed on Monday
Following a full day of arguments, the Court of Appeal Justices have decided that they will [�]

Prison trustee charged for indecent proposal and assault
A Central Prison trustee, serving out an eleven-year jail term for manslaughter, is accused of breaking [�]

Father to be tried for incest of daughter, 13
A 46-year-old father of Southside Belize City will stand trial at the next practical session of [�]

Decision to exclude media from injunction court hearing was from Court of Appeal
As more information surrounding the ongoing appeal of the April 10th referendum injunction surfaces, our newsroom was [�]

Media barred from injunction court hearing
Members of the media were ordered to leave the courtroom today, as the Court of Appeal [�]

American detained for 1 lb of weed in San Pedro
An American national is detained pending charges for drug trafficking. According to reports, on April [�]

Human remains found in Los Lagos, Belize
On April 4, 2019, authorities were called to Los Lagos Community, Belize District where they [�]

Pan American Health Organization to present recommendations for Universal Health
The Pan American Health Organization (PAHO), in celebration of World Health Day 2019, is preparing [�]

Corozal police arrest 4 for weed
Corozal police have arrested and charged four persons with the offense of possession of controlled drugs [�]

Corozal cops confiscate over 25 cases of contraband beers in San Joaquin
Corozal police confiscated over 25 cases of contraband beers on Wednesday from a San Joaquin [�]

Belize Cable Television Operators' and HBO Latin America Group sign licensing agreements
The Belize Cable Television Operators' Association BCTVOA and HBO Latin America Group have signed an [�]

BTB announces winners of photography competition
Yesterday, the Belize Tourism Board (BTB) announced the winners of its first "Take a Shot [�]

Eighteen illegal immigrants and 2 human smugglers busted in Belize
On Monday, authorities detained 18 illegal immigrants passing through Belize, in two separate operations only [�]

McAfee says he won't pay $25 million judgment ordered over 2012 death of his neighbor in Belize
Former anti-virus software developer John Mcafee, says that he is not going to pay the [�]

Attorney General: Referendum process moves forward despite injunction
Disappointed though he may be, Attorney General (A.G.) Michael Peyrefitte, who was on-hand for the [�]

Renee Wentz is US Embassy's April Wonder Woman!
Every month, the United States Embassy in Belize honors a Belizean woman for her arduous [�]

Government explains Supreme Court ruling on ICJ referendum
On April 3, 2019, Chief Justice Kenneth Benjamin delivered his ruling on the injunction case [�]

Interpol issues red alert for Argentinian entrepreneur believed to be in Belize
This morning, the International Criminal Police Organization (Interpol) issued a red alert for Argentinan entrepreneur, Alberto [�]


Atlantic International Bank maintains innocence in US Federal Trade Commission accusations but faces international ramifications
Atlantic Bank International is currently unable to process wire transfers, in and out, for its overseas customers who are in need of Belize currency. The stoppage in this service is the direct result of the Bank of New York issuing a ban against Atlantic Bank International after the US Federal Trade Commission has roped in �

Argentinian entrepreneur sought by Interpol believed to be hiding in Belize
The International Criminal Police Organization, Interpol, has issued a red alert as they search for Argentinian businessman, Jose Alberto Samid, who is believed to be hiding in Belize. Samid, a 71 year old entrepreneur owns a number of livestock and meat shops in Argentina. He is also a political affiliate of the Justicialist Party. He �

The police say that on Thursday at 12:45 p.m., they found human remains in the Los Lagos Community. The bones were scattered in a 20 feet diameter area. The police also discovered dentures, a pair of black silk sox, and a gray t-shirt. According to a medical officer, the bones are confirmed to be human �

Prisoner faces more time for touching female employee
A convicted prisoner and trustee has lost his privileges and could possibly gain additional time for a crime allegedly committed while in prison. 32 year old David Rosalez is serving an 11 year sentence for manslaughter but he was taken to the courtroom of senior magistrate, Aretha Ford this morning for a sexual assault charge �


Spending Easter in Belize: Fun for everyone!
With schools and many businesses closed for the Easter weekend, this means its holiday time for both you and your little ones. A short family trip is always a great way to keep curious kids entertained over the school break, as well as to strengthen family ties and create everlasting memories. There is no shortage of child-friendly destinations in Belize. Beach picnics are always a guaranteed hit with the kids. Places like Kukumba Beach at Old Belize, or Goff's Caye, just off the shore of Belize City, cater especially to families with children. Of course, the beach isn't the only place to go: inland adventure is also quite fun! From exploring the many archeological sites in Belize to chasing waterfalls along the mountain reserves, your options for Easter family fun are endless!

International Sourcesizz

Belizeans can travel without a passport to Chetumal and Bacalar for "Semana Santa" and Easter week
Belizeans planning to travel to Chetumal and Bacalar in Quintana Roo, Mexico can now enjoy easier access to the neighboring country with a provisional pass. This means that for the Easter week, Belizeans will not be required to carry a passport to enter the country as long as they have obtained the pass. The pass was approved by the Mexican business chamber. According to reports, the chamber decided to approve the pass because Belizean visitors represent at least 40% of total visitors to the country.

CDB grant to help CARICOM investigate suitability of plantation white sugar for regional manufacturing

CDB grant to help CARICOM investigate suitability of plantation white sugar for regional manufacturing
A collaboration between the Caribbean Development Bank (CDB) and the Caribbean Community (CARICOM) aims to improve the availability of data to guide evidence-based decisions about the future of sugar in CARICOM. CDB will provide a grant of US$97,488 to fund a technical study on the substitutability of plantation white for refined sugar in the region's manufacturing sector. The findings will enhance the capacity of the Council for Trade and Economic Development (COTED) to make decisions on the CARICOM sugar regime, and will also contribute to a broader exercise being undertaken by the Customs Committee of the COTED to comprehensively review the Common External Tariff, to facilitate the transition to the free circulation of goods and a more modernised application of rule of origin.

ICJ referendum: Belize opposition parties granted injunction
Members of the opposition parties led by the People's United Party (PUP) challenged the legality of how the International Court of Justice (ICJ) referendum will be processed before the Belize Supreme Court on April 3, 2019. The hearing concluded with Chief Justice Kenneth Benjamin handing down his ruling in favour of the opposition parties and granting an injunction in relation to the imminent plebiscite. Belize prime minister, Dean Barrow, is planning to appeal the judge's ruling to the Belize Court of Appeals. In opposition to this move, the PUP is calling on the government of Belize to respect Chief Justice Benjamin's ruling and postpone the date of April 10, 2019, when the referendum on taking the territorial dispute with Guatemala to the ICJ is scheduled to be decided.

Belize Triples Protected Marine Area, Environmental Group Says
Belize approved a plan Friday to set aside 10 percent of its territorial waters as a protected area, tripling the size of existing reserves in the world's second largest barrier reef, according to an environmental group. The major expansion of the small Caribbean island's protected areas follows a six-year effort by international scientists and conservation groups led by Belizeans, the Environmental Defense Fund said in a statement. The coalition found zones that can protect marine habitat and allow for recovery of degraded ecosystems, while helping replenish fish stocks, the EDF said.

Bodies Of Missing Divers Found At The Bottom Of Belize Great Blue Hole
Lying at the bed of the Great Blue Hole are corpses of marine life, mainly hundreds of conchs. In a blog post, Bergman recalls seeing track marks of conchs trying to escape what the scientists call the Conch Graveyard. Bergman and the rest of the team also found old scientific equipment as well as GoPro with retrievable footage. Here, there are also two dead bodies of long-lost divers out of what's believed to be three people who have gone missing in the sinkhole. "We found kind of the resting place of a couple folks, and we just sort of very respectfully let the Belize government know where we found them, and everyone decided that we would just not attempt any recovery," she told in Business Insider. "It's very dark and peaceful down there, just kind of let them stay."

The World's Deepest Pool Will Have Hotel Rooms With Underwater Views
Divers who are captivated by Belize's Great Blue Hole no longer have to travel to Central America - or even the ocean - to experience the plunge. The world's deepest pool is opening in Poland this fall and is positioned to be the perfect training spot for beginner and professional scuba divers. At its deepest point, the Deepspot poolthis link opens in a new tab is 148 feet deep and holds 27 times the amount of water of an average pool. Divers can explore overhangs and underwater cavesthis link opens in a new tab, while non-divers can watch from an underwater tunnel. Deepspot will also have conference rooms, training rooms, and hotel rooms with underwater views of the pool's interior.


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