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The San Pedro Sun

Alberto Samid expelled from Belize and sent back to Argentina
71-year-old Argentinian Alberto Samid is currently on his way to Argentina, after being expelled from Belize on Monday, April 8th. Under the watch of Belizean and Argentinian Police officers, the wanted man was escorted from San Pedro Town to Belize City, where he was processed for deportation. It is alleged that he lied to Belizean immigration authorities when he entered the country, saying that the purpose of his visit was for vacation, when in fact, he was fleeing Argentinian law. He left Belize shortly after 5PM on a flight bound to El Salvador with an additional stop in Bogota, Colombia before heading to Buenos Aires, Argentina, where he is expected to arrive today, Tuesday, around 10PM Argentinian time.

Annual Masquerade Ball Fundraiser hosted at Holiday Hotel
Island residents and visitors enjoyed the third annual Masquerade Ball Fundraiser, held at Holiday Hotel in San Pedro Town on Saturday, April 6th. For a $65 admission, attendees enjoyed a variety of entertainment, casino games, delicious food, drinks, a fun live auction and a chance to win some fabulous prizes. Shortly after 6PM elegantly dressed and masked guests began arriving at the party where they were escorted to their choice of table or the casino area. Here they enjoyed delicious appetizers and casino games like Roulette, Poker and Blackjack. A cash bar kept the drinks flowing, and attendees even had the chance to participate in a silent auction.

FFB donates footballs to San Pedro Roman Catholic Primary Schoo
SPRC's football couch Antonio Tzul, was on hand to receive the donation, which arrived via Tropic Air from FFB's headquarters in Belmopan City. Tzul thanks FFB for the generous donation and for promoting the sport with the young primary school students. In the past, both female and male football teams from SPRC have represented the island at the annual primary schools football tournament, where they have excel in their participation.

Two weeks away from NEBL playoffs, San Pedro Tiger Sharks lands another win
With only two weeks remaining in the 2019 National Elite Basketball League (NEBL) regular season, a series of crucial games took place over the weekend as teams try to secure their spot in the playoffs. The San Pedro Tiger Sharks netted an important win and climbed the ladder to third place in the NEBL rankings after crushing Belmopan Bandits 104-68 at the Angel Nu�ez Auditorium on Saturday, April 6th. The island team needs to win their upcoming game to secure a playoff berth in the tournament.

Ambergris Today

Awesome Product/Business Displays At SPHS's Business Fair
San Pedro High School celebrated its 10th Business Fair on Friday, April 5, 2019. Senior and junior students were given the opportunity to show off their marketing skills by creating a product/business and putting it up for display and sale at the fair. There were lots of fun booths from burger huts, smoothies, elotes (corn in a cob or cup)booth, medical plazas, Water Park displays, candy shops, pastry shops, recyclable furniture and so much more; the ideas for new business ventures for the island of Ambergris Caye were free flowing at San Pedro High School's Business Fair.

Belize Medical Associates Poly Clinic At Grand Caribe Resort
Belize Medical Associates, Belize's premier, private medical hospital and clinic announces that it will be opening a Poly Clinic in San Pedro later this year. Belize Medical Associates has a thirty year history of excellence, growth and commitment to the highest ethical and academic standards. We have seen a need for specialized medical care on the island of San Pedro, both to its local residents and to its growing tourism sector.

Misc Belizean Sources


Belize Youth Challenge
The Belize Youth Challenge is recruiting applicants for its 3rd intake! Are you up for the challenge?

Public Advisory: Classes resume as per usual on Wednesday April 10, 2019

Work at the San Juan Roundabout
Please be cautious when traveling near the San Juan Roundabout as works are taking place. Sorry for the inconvenience this may cause. We appreciate your consideration and understanding.

The autonomy and jurisdiction of the judiciary in Belize
The Belize PEACE Movement recognises the chief justice's decision concerning the injunction of the referendum that was scheduled for April 10, as an affirmation of the autonomy and jurisdiction of the judiciary. This ruling proves that when our governance systems are respected and allowed to function that our leaders are held to the highest scrutiny of accountability and the Belizean people benefit. The BPM strongly objects to the government's appeal and view it as an attempt to dilute the determination of the court, by filing a motion to hold the referendum on the initially scheduled date, meanwhile barring the chief elections officer from certifying the results. We view this as an intentional attempt to highjack and manipulate the ruling. This amounts to a complete and utter disrespect to not only the court's decision but an effort to hold hostage the all-important governance mechanism of the referendum.

Band Fest 2019
Its Band Fest Week and its all happening this Saturday April 13, 2019 inside People' Stadium in Orange Walk. Who's your favourite 2019 team?

Zumba in Corozal
Join us for a Zumba session led by Alex, a Canadian certified Zumba instructor visiting us from Scotland. She has been teaching Zumba for three years to diverse groups ranging in age and ability. Though her playlist is extremely eclectic, she mostly favors Latin rhythms like salsa and flamenco, and specializes in making sure you're having fun! Date: Thursday April 11 Time: 9 a.m. Place: The Round House (the large round palapa close to Jam Rock on the beach) Cost: 10bz. All proceeds go to the Corozal Animal Program.

Food Handlers Class on Caye Caulker
April 12. 9am Caye Caulker Community Center

BTB at the Seatrade Cruise Global 2019

Holiday Hotel Easter Fest 2019!
Saturday, April 20, 2019 at 2 PM. Join us for our island-style 2 day Mega Madness event, on Holy Saturday and Easter Sunday! Get those swimsuits read and tank tops! Music by Deejay Dev and DJ Callie! You don't want to miss out on the best Easter Fest of the Island! tarting at 2pm on Saturday.

Channel 7

PM Determined to Make Way to ICJ
Tonight we should be on the eve of the biggest referendum in Belize's history, and possibly the most important vote of your lifetime. But instead, it's the April 10th. anticlimax: after one year of preparation for this single day - yesterday all that buildup was dashed when the Court of Appeal refused to hear the application to set aside a Supreme Court injunction against the referendum. That left the injunction standing and the referendum - standing by. So, the situation tonight is that government is taking this as a postponement and wants to hold the injunction in 6 - 8 weeks. But, right now that is more of a wish than an expression of will - because there is no clear path to quickly discharge the injunction, while also getting the referendum back on track - in such a way that it cannot be blocked again by the opposition.

No Referendum, Yes Classes Tomorrow
And the government has also changed its position on another decision announced yesterday. As we told you last night, despite the referendum being postponed, the Minister of Education Patrick Faber told us that Wednesday would still be a non-school day. Schoolchildren all over the land were rejoicing about that one but, by this morning that position had been reversed. This morning at 10:00 - two hours after encouraging all media to notify the public via the morning shows that there would be no school tomorrow - the Ministry sent out this slightly sheepish notice to the press: "After deliberations and consultations with the senior management team of the Ministry of Education and the Prime Minister, the MOE declares tomorrow Wednesday April 10 a school day. Kindly take note and advise those concerned."

Chief Elections Officer Speaks About Referendum Wasted Efforts
So, while your children might be disappointed that that they don't get to stay home tomorrow for a mid week break, they can't be more unhappy than the staff at the Elections and Boundaries Department. They and the many public officers who were appointed to act as oversight at the 344 polls countrywide have been labouring at a feverish pitch for months now, often working extended hours into the evenings, the nights, and even the weekends. We had an interview with Chief Elections Officer Josephine Tamai this afternoon to discuss the come-down from all those months of buildup. She told us that her office and the government spent over a million dollars to prepare for the referendum, only to be told less than 48 hours before the appointed date, that it has been postponed. Here's that conversation:

Tamai Explains Why
The Chief Elections Officer almost got into trouble with the court for simply trying to do her job to the best of her ability. You'll remember that in the Government's application to the Appeal court to bring the expedited appeal, the PUP accused her of being in contempt of court. That's after that now well-known email last week, which she sent to returning officers and elections clerks. She instructed those public officers to finish up elections preparations in the event that the injunction was lifted, and the referendum was given the green-light for tomorrow's date. In that email, she said, quote, "Based on legal advice, please proceed with all plans unless directed otherwise We need to be fully prepared in the event that the court informs that we proceed on April 10th."

Opposition Leader Says Do It Right
So while we have heard from the Prime Minister and the Chief Elections Officer - right now, they are just re-actor's; the actor who is in the driver's seat is the leader of the opposition John Briceno. So what is his end game? Is it just a chess match to put the government in check? And to what end? What does his strategy mean for the referendum? Does he wish to put it - as others in his party have proposed - in a 25 year deep freeze? This evening he sent out a statement saying that he supports the referendum but government has to get it right. Here's an excerpt:..

UDP Blasts PUP, So Does Sir Ronald
And while Briceno says he supports the referendum, and wants to get it right, the UDP sent out a breathless press release saying Briceno wants to do no less than, quote, "block the democratic right of Belizeans," end quote. The statement adds, quote, "The UDP denounces the PUP's zealous campaign to take away the constitutional right of Belizeans; they do NOT want Belizeans to vote on this matter - they want the politicians to decide." It closes dramatically, saying, quote, "A Referendum delayed is Democracy denied!" On a slightly more tempered note, well regarded Caribbean commentator Sir Ronald Saunders has weighed in and drawn a parallel between the Belize situation and BREXIT.

Cayo Man Brutally Executed at Home
There were two separate murders in Cayo yesterday. We start off with last night's killing of 29 year old Lloyden Bejerano. He was murdered inside his home after 11:00. Courtney Weatherburne went west to find out more. Although the front door was wide open, no one was inside this Oscar Sabido Layout area home this morning. It was left open after police canvassed the scene. Lloyden Bejerano's body was found on his sofa. He had been shot to the head and chest.

Bejerano's Mother Says Night Was Like any Other
The media also spoke to Bejerano's mother. She said she called him a bit after 9:00 last night and everything seemed fine until she got the terrible news. Here is her account. Noretta Thompson, Mother of Deceased: "His wife, she came over. First she calls me and then she asked me if I heard. She said okay I am coming over; I am going to tell you in person. So I went downstairs and I opened my apartment gate and she came up and then I open my door and we sat down and the first thing she said was that the news she had was that Smokey died. They shot him and he died. And I said what and then I started crying and I said why and she said she don't know. She said they texted her and told her that they shot my son."

Tzib Stabbed and Killed
The other murder out west happened a couple days ago but it is only until yesterday afternoon that neighbors found the decomposed body of 48 year old security guard Macario Tzib. They found him inside his Thornly Street house in San Ignacio. It was a brutal murder: his feet were tied and he was stabbed close to 8 times and his throat was slashed. There are still more questions than answers in this case. Courtney Weatherburne has the story. Macario Tzib's family spent most of the morning clearing out his house and sorting out his belongings to take with them. There isn't much left inside Tzib's house - except for the blood stained mattress where he was killed. Tzib was stabbed multiple times in the chest and his throat was slashed.

Big Coke Bust In South
Police made a major drug bust in Hopkins this evening - and they arrested a well known, but always elusive underworld figure from Orange Walk. We can't release his name yet because he hasn't been charged, but he was arrested along with three others. Here's what happened: Police had intelligence that a drug sale was going on at a house in Silk Grass Village - which is at mile 7 on the Southern Highway. They went in and found the owner along with three guests - including this notorious Orange Walk figure. Seeing the police, the owner dashed through the back door with a plastic bag which he threw in a nearby yard. Police caught him and retrieved the bag which had two kilos. or about four and a half pounds of cocaine.

COMPOL Wraps Up National Tour
Police Commissioner Chester Williams has wrapped up his tour of police stations and police facilities countrywide. It took about 6 weeks. Every week the COMPOL and his Senior Command Team took on another district. Apart from finding out about the state of the department's physical assets, the Commissioner also learned much about the morale and mindset of the officers, in the different sections, branches and headquarters.

Explaining Alifa's Role
While we had the opportunity, we asked the Commissioner about the appointment of Alifa Elrington as the new Head of the Prosecution Branch. As we told you, that branch is made up almost entirely of police officers who specialize in the prosecution of criminal cases at the Magistrate's Court around the country. The branch was being led temporarily by Superintendent Carol Tucker, the officer in charge. But now that Elrington has been appointed, what's the new hierarchy at the Prosecution Branch? Commissioner Williams said that he hopes that Elrington will be able to train the police prosecutors, and advise on how to bring stronger cases against summary jurisdiction offenders:

Mental Health on Alcohol Abuse
The Mental Health Association also had praise for Commissioner of Police, Williams, for, quote, "drawing attention to the role alcohol plays in criminal and unsafe activities in Belize." But a statement from the NGO states, quote, "this is a complex problem with mental health implications that the police cannot solve alone. Alcohol abuse and addiction blights the lives of many individuals and their families. Tackling it will involve changing societal attitudes that in Belize tend to normalize alcohol and equate drinking with enjoyment. Altering these attitudes means changing the way we discuss alcohol. The use of the euphemism "socializing" when discussing public drinking implies that persons need to consume alcohol to enjoy the company of others."

Skills for Crafts Men and Women
In mid March we told you about the program to bring Panamanian master craft-makers and stage - actors to Belize for them to train local artisans and performers. Well, that training, conducted in San Ignacio to, quote, "elevate the level of craftsmanship in Wood and Resin Handicraft and Theatre Drama" is finished. A certificate ceremony was held yesterday in Cayo and the NICH President underscored the importance of the training in Cultural Entrepreneurial Skills:

Channel 5

PM Barrow Gives Latest Update on I.C.J. Referendum
Cabinet met late this afternoon at the prime minister's office here in Belize City, a departure from its usual meeting place at the Sir Edney Cain Building in Belmopan.� High [...]

PM Barrow Dismisses Idea of a Mutual Decision to Delay I.C.J. Referendum
The Prime Minister also told News Five that he had received correspondence from Opposition Leader John Brice�o.� Brice�o is requesting that the PM calls off a meeting of the House [...]

New Legislation to be Passed, but No New Referendum Date as Yet
With all the new developments in the referendum debacle and a legal prescription to fix what's wrong with the existing act, a new date for Belizeans to go to the [...]

Opposition Leader Bashes PM; Defends Judiciary over Recent Rulings
Opposition Leader John Brice�o this evening released a prerecorded video statement responding to the ruling of the Court of Appeal and remarks made by Prime Minister Dean Barrow following that [...]

M.O.E. Reverses Decision; Classes Resume on Wednesday
There will be regular classes on Wednesday, April tenth, now that the I.C.J. Referendum has been postponed. This is the latest and official comment from the Ministry of Education. There [...]

The Prime Minister and the Judiciary; Are They at Odds?
On the heels of two consecutive losses in the Supreme Court and the Court of Appeal, the government is convening a sitting of the House of Representatives this Friday to [...]

More Monies to be Sourced for I.C.J. Referendum Campaign
Following the decision of the Court of Appeal on Monday, Prime Minister Dean Barrow told the nation that he has no doubt that the I.C.J. referendum will be held no [...]

Has Public Confidence in PM Barrow Diminished?
The Chief Justice's decision to grant an interim injunction, effectively putting a stop to the I.C.J. referendum on April tenth, threw a wrench in the Barrow's administration I.C.J. plans. The [...]

Lloyden Bejerano is Murdered inside His House in the Oscar Sabido Area
A man was shot and killed inside his house in San Ignacio; he is one of two murder victims in the west.� Twenty-nine-year-old Lloyden Bejerano was gunned down inside his [...]

Macario Tzib is Stabbed to Death Inside His San Ignacio House
The second murder victim in San Ignacio was Macario Tzib. The security guard's body was discovered on Monday evening, hours before the murder of Bejerano. �But due of the state [...]

Percival Pilgrim is Acquitted of Murder
Twenty-two-year-old Percival Pilgrim was this evening acquitted of a murder in the Mayflower Street area, aka "Ghost Town," of Belize City.� Pilgrim was charged with the murder of Edward "Ghost" [...]

I.C.J. Referendum: A Summarized Timeline
It has been an active couple of months for the country as it relates to the I.C.J. referendum. Things first got into motion with the signing of the 2008 Special [...]

Group of Friends Keeping a Close Eye on I.C.J. Events
As part of the Confidence Building Measures to keep the peace along the adjacency zone, the Group of Friends of Belize and Guatemala has been providing funding. These countries form [...]

Machaquilah Students' Journey to P.S.E
On Monday over seven thousand students sat the first half of the Primary School Examination countrywide. There were around thirty exam centres open for students to take the national standardized [...]

9-Year-Old Critical after ATV Accident at School; Who is Responsible?
A student was badly injured at his school about two weeks ago and now his condition is taking a turn for the worse. The primary school in Georgetown Village, Stann [...]

UB Hosts Central American University Confederation
The University of Belize is hosting the one hundred and thirteenth session of the Central American University Confederation. The purpose of the regional organization is to improve the quality of [...]

Pentecostal Diocese to Hold National Revival in Belize
The Pentecostal Assembly is hosting a national crusade in Belize over the next few days. Visiting members from Pentecostal Diocese in the U.S.A. are in country to spread the word [...]


"This government is determined to have a referendum", PM Barrow said
Following the ruling by the Court of Appeal late this evening which turned down government's application for an expedited hearing to set aside an interim injunction granted by Chief Justice Hon. Kenneth Benjamin last Wednesday to restrain government from proceeding with a referendum on April 10 (to determine whether to take the Guatemalan claim to the ICJ), Prime Minister Dean Barrow called a press conference and announced that "the referendum will be held between 6 to 8 weeks from the originally scheduled date." Barrow said that he wanted to be clear about a number of things and declared, "I have tried to keep my campaign for a yes vote above partisan politics." The Prime Minister of Belize then went on to blame the Opposition, the People's United Party (PUP), for the legal fiasco that the ICJ referendum has turned out to be in the local courts.

February 10's Belizean Study Circle in L.A. on the ICJ
The educational Belizean Study Circle on the International Court of Justice (ICJ) referendum sponsored in Los Angeles by BREDAA on February 10, 2019 brought to the Belizean diaspora in the United States and across the world, as well as Belizeans in Belize, by the Los Angeles-based grassroots organization BREDAA (Belize Rural Economic Development of Agriculture through Alliance), addressed the issue of whether the Guatemalan claim to Belize should go for adjudication to the ICJ. A group of Belizeans from the Los Angeles Belizean community participated in the two-hour long discussion.

BDF dynamic duo, Camilo Sanchez & Jesse August, hottest tandem in PLB at Week 12 of Closing Season
With the race to the top-4 playoffs the roughest it has ever been in this Premier League of Belize (PLB) 2018-2019 Closing Season, all eyes were focused on the big Week 12 match-up at the Norman Broaster Stadium yesterday between defending champion Bandits Sport and sub-champs, Verdes FC, which ended scoreless, 0-0; but it was at the MCC Grounds in Belize City that the biggest statement was being made in this low scoring PLB season, as BDF's young twin strikers, Camilo Sanchez and Jesse August combined for 4 goals in their 4-1 win over Freedom Fighters FC from Punta Gorda. With only 2 weeks remaining in regular season, BDF FC is now smack in the middle of a tight race to the top-4 playoffs.

Fatima and Jewel Fury, Kaite and Gladiators lead group standings at Week 9 of Women's League regular season
Only 1 week remains in the regular season of the National Amateur Women's League (NAWL) 2018-2019 Closing Season, and it promises to be one heck of a playoff, as the leading team in each group features an outstanding striker - Fatima Romero of Jewel Fury in the South Group, and Kaite Jones of Gladiators in the North. Both Fatima and Kaite are by far the leading goal scorers in their respective Group. Kaite presently has the edge by 1 goal over Fatima, but it is probably unfair to compare their numbers, as they are in different groups and thus have different opponents. The exciting thought is, will they meet in the playoffs?

FFB welcomes return of our National Male U-17 Team; satisfied with performance in stage 1 of long range plan
The Football Federation of Belize (FFB) joins the nation in welcoming back our young and talented U-17 Boys National Team, who represented us in Bradenton, Florida at the U-17 Concacaf tournament. The scores of the games contested at the tournament were not favorable for Belize. The FFB does not measure and assess the success of our team on the scores but, instead, on the capacity of our boys to adhere to a new system of playing, and sustaining it in a disciplined and determined manner.

CYCLING - WW Chief Sunday Race results - April 7, 2019
Thirty-six (36) Weekend Warriors (WW) started, and 30 riders completed the WW Chief Sunday Race for Open A/B cyclists yesterday. The race started at 8:00 a.m. and went from Leslie's Imports to Democracia Junction and back. (Amandala Sports Ed. Note: The big race yesterday was, of course, the Junior Cross Country, won by Erick Trapp of Surge Cycling Team); second was Derrick Chavarria of Chavarria Cycling Team; and third, Mairon Munoz of Jason's Cycling Team. We'll have a full report in our Friday issue. This Sunday, it's the Women Cross Country.)

Editorial: Let your vote be counted, or mentioned
The Chief Justice of Belize, Honorable Kenneth Benjamin, has issued an interim injunction to delay the referendum set to be held on April 10, in order to allow for legal arguments to be heard regarding the path followed to the referendum. The government is pulling out all the stops, so to speak, to prevent a postponement. If the referendum is postponed, and the courts find that all is in order, or there is need for just a minor procedural adjustment, the delay won't be long. If it turns out that the matter must go before the House of Representatives, it might take some time and make for some memorable discussions and decisions.

From The Publisher
Bilal Morris, in Los Angeles, on behalf of one of Odinga Lumumba's grandsons in London, has asked me for information on the late Odinga, who was arguably Belize's most sensational revolutionary ever. I say "one of Odinga Lumumba's grandsons," because, while Lumumba fathered two children with an English wife in London during the 1960s, I believe he also fathered several children after he moved to Mali and Ghana, both West African countries, during the 1970s. I therefore presume there are more grandsons. The story of Odinga's life would surely make a fantastic movie. But no one has ever stitched together the pieces of his life. The power structure in Belize, and the education system which it operates, surely has the wherewithal to sponsor a biography of this incredible Belizean.

That woman stole that little boy's crown
Lord Laro, the Caribbean songster, is famed in Belize for his song "Tell Guatemala to leave Belize alone," and he is famed across the entire Caribbean for outing what women would do if we were ever foolish enough to vote them into government�he said that it would be all he seh and she seh, that all they'd do in government is "discuss people bizniz". For some that was a revelation. Some of us knew that Laro was swimming on the surface, that he was missing the sinister master plan. Those of us who ducked our heads under the surface are the ones who knew the more serious reason why we did what we did when we got the ballot from the returning officer.

Sportsman Percival Flowers, Jr., drowns in Double Head Cabbage
Percival Flowers, Jr., 38, a laborer and a well-known sportsman of Double Head Cabbage, drowned in the Belize River while swimming with his friends at about 2:30 Tuesday afternoon. His body was recovered at about 5:30 that same evening. Reliable information to us is that Flowers and his three friends went to the popular swimming area at the Belize River in Double Head Cabbage known as Nurses Lounge, where they climbed a tree that was near the river, from which they jumped into the water.

Skeletal remains found behind Los Lagos
Workers in a savanna behind Los Lagos found the skeletal remains of a person, whose identity is not yet known, yesterday around 1:00 p.m. Police searched the area and some pieces of clothing and a set of dentures were found. Police said that an onsite autopsy was carried out by the National Forensic Science Service and it was concluded that the bones were those of an elderly man, and that no sign of trauma was noted on the bones.

Chaslin Garcia, 16, missing from home
Chaslin Garcia, 16, a student and resident of Girls Home in Hattieville, has been reported missing since Wednesday last, and her whereabouts remain unknown. Andrea Reque�a, 44, an officer of the transitional institution, told police that after making a check on Wednesday evening, she found that Garcia was missing.

Wife of Toledo village council chairman found dead with rope around her neck
The wife of the village council chairman of Sunday Wood was found hanging by the neck from a tree at about 6:30 yesterday morning in the village. She was taken to the Punta Gorda Community Hospital, where she was declared dead on arrival. Police said that no signs of violence were seen on the body and the death has been declared a suicide. Punta Gorda police said that they were called to an area in Sunday Wood, where they saw a female hanging from a tree. The woman was described as being of Maya descent, and she was identified as Lucia Salam Tush, 34, the wife of village council chairman Maximiliano Tush.

The Reporter

Man Murdered In San Ignacio - Decaying Corpse Found In Rented Room
Just before 5:00pm on Monday Police were called to Thornley Street in San Ignacio Town where they saw the decomposed body of Tzib on a bed inside a small wooden structure. The examination revealed that his throat had been cut and he had been stabbed multiple times to the chest.

Breaking Belize NewsPJ

Child injured in Georgetown school fair accident; father seeks assistance
A father is asking the public's assistance to raise money to get urgent medical treatment [�]

April 10th Is Not Judgement Day
Dr. Gerald Zuniga: Belize is travelling through some uncharted waters in its legal and political history. Yesterday, was again an important moment in our politicolegal history and in our history as a naton in general [�]

Belize Peace Movement accuses PUP of 'playing politics' with referendum
The Belize Peace Movement (BPM) celebrates that the April 10th referendum was postponed, but said [�]

Georgetown father needs help to save son's life
A father from Georgetown in the Stann Creek district is asking the public's assistance in [�]

U.D.P. accuses P.U.P. of "ripping away democracy"
In the wake of the stunning events of the past week, the ruling United Democratic [�]

Two shot over the weekend, one clings to life while other recovering
Two men were shot in Belize City in separate incidents which happened in the [�]

US court refuses to lower bond for Belizean charged with drugs and ammo offenses
A judge in Erie County Pensylvania has refused to lower the US$500,000 bond for Jermaine E. Belgrave, a [�]

Two shootings over the weekend, both victims still alive
Two men were shot in Belize City in two separate incidents in the same general [�]

Ministry of Education retracts announcement; classes continue tomorrow
This morning, the Ministry of Education issued an announcement informing the public that as stated [�]

Security Guard murdered in San Ignacio
San Ignacio police are investigating a murder that occurred yesterday afternoon. Around 4:45 p.m., authorities [�]

Man,29, found dead with gunshot wounds in San Ignacio Town
Authorities are investigating a murder that occurred last night in San Ignacio Town. Around 11:40 [�]

Wanted Argentinian expelled from Belize
Authorities took Samid to Belize City yesterday as a part of the expulsion process, and reports are that he was out of the country by day's end [�]


165 students sign up under Special Needs category for PSE
On Monday 7228 students sat for the English and Science portion of the Primary School Examinations (PSE). There were 3,652 males and 3,576 females who took part in the exam. What most people are not aware that there were 165 students who were accommodated as special needs students. The director of the Examinations Unit, Nelson �

Classes resume on Wednesday as ICJ Referendum date collapses to Injunction
A life uninterrupted is perhaps a glass half full or half empty type of situation. But depending on your perspective the scheduled April 10 referendum as well as the injunction granted by the Supreme Court interrupted scheduled plans. Many public schools across the country were designated voting centers for the referendum and though it was �

City resident in Coma after socializing in Crooked Tree
Twenty-seven-year-old Elton Henry Baiza lives in Belize City but works in Crooked Tree Village. After a day of work, he decided to stay in the village and socialize on Friday night. But Saturday morning between 2 and 4 a.m. Baiza was gravely injured. Reports are that Baiza was either attacked by an individual or a �

Prison prepares for the Escape Plan
In decades gone by, there were an average of 50 escapes at the prison. That's when it was run by the state. Since the Kolbe Foundation had taken up the mantle as the management partner of the institution, the numbers have fallen drastically. But this morning there were wide reports that residents of the Belize �

Criminals find out they Owe the Court
A well-known criminal decided to commit a crime near home. 46 year old Jason Wade, an unemployed resident of 47 B Egbert Quilter Avenue in Ladyville felt it was a good idea to burglarize his neighbor who is also his landlord. 19 year old Nasheera James reported to police that on Thursday, April 4, she �


Caves Branch Jungle Lodge welcomes you home
Founded by the larger-than-life Ian Anderson, who was one of the first to put hospitality on the map in Belize many years ago, Caves Branch Jungle Lodge has been adored by adventure travelers for decades. Just a half-hour drive from the capital city of Belmopan along the picturesque Hummingbird Highway, the compound is nestled within a vast reserve of tropical forest along the bank of the Caves Branch River. Graced with a host of awards and recognition for excellence in the industry, from the moment you arrive, you will know why there is so much love for this jungle gem.

What I Learned About Ambergris Caye in 6 Wonderful Years
I have always enjoyed shopping for food on the island, and by the end of the second month understood where and when to obtain fresh and delicious foods. I soon learned that, other than fresh fish, almost everything is brought over by boat or barge on specific days, so those would be the times to go to the market early. It took a while to establish a bank account and understand the differences in the banking system, but it got done, and friends were made in the bank during that process. San Pedro is home to both an Irish and a French bakery as well as several wonderful local establishments that sell all manner of sweets and breads. I was thrilled to find some really good restaurants. My favorite lunch spot, Brianna's Deli, is right downtown and serves up the best Belizean food I have ever eaten. There are several fine dining restaurants with excellent chefs, and it appears that more are on the way.

International Sourcesizz

Belizean man denied bond reduction in Erie shootout
A Belizean man's possible gang affiliation and lengthy criminal history in his home country will keep him in the Erie County Prison on $500,000 bond while he awaits prosecution on charges that he participated in a February shootout outside the Marriott hotel on Erie's bayfront. A judge on Tuesday rejected a request from the defendant, 36-year-old Jermaine E. Belgrave, to reduce his bond to 10 percent of $100,000.

Celine and Fabien Cousteau Dive Into Ocean Mysteries in "Legends of the Deep"
The mysteries that lurk beneath the surface of our planet's vast bodies of water rival those that are in outer space. Now in a new Science Channel series, the sister and brother team of C�line and Fabien Cousteau carry on their family legacy as they set out to uncover tales from the sea that remain shrouded in mystery and secrecy. The four-episode LEGENDS OF THE DEEP premieres Sunday, June 9 at 9 p.m. ET/PT. "We are thrilled to have C�line and Fabien Cousteau, two of the world's most accomplished underwater adventurers, on-board, reaffirming our commitment to bringing our viewers the best in ocean science and exploration," said Marc Etkind, General Manager, Science Channel.


  • Belize - February 2019 - 2nd Dive - Shark Chute, 48min.

  • Franz Schubert(1797-1828) Nocturne, Belize Virtuosi Piano Trio, 5min. Performed at Bliss Centre for the Performing Arts 18 January 2019. Belize Virtuosi Piano Trio: Bryce Young, Violin. Hiroko Kitamura, Piano. Peter Illavsky, Cello.

  • Belize Traditional Music, 2min. Belize Virtuosi String Orchestra (BVSO) perform Traditional Belizean Music

  • Ra�z profunda, 5.5min. From where we see the future of the Maya of the Peninsula(Yucatec Maya) . Yucatec Maya rebels Now and Forever

  • Tonight is the finale of our show, 10-4-19!, 68min. Our host, Andre Pitts, will be joined by two young people and two Belizean Ambassadors to discuss the ICJ Education Campaign, and the recent legal developments regarding the Referendum.

  • Channel 5 Obituaries - FRANK FOSTER BURKE, 3min.

  • Channel 5 Obituaries - Clara Celina Kisling nee Douglas, 2.5min.

  • Opposition Leader John Briceno released a prerecorded video statement responding to the ruling of the Court of Appeal, 2.5min. and remarks made by Prime Minister Dean Barrow following that ruling.

  • Audrey Matura, Attorney-at-Law educated us about the Referendum Act, 60min. Audrey Matura, Attorney-at-Law educated us about the Referendum Act. She talked about the conditions under which a referendum can be called and helped us put into context the legal issues under which an injunction was granted.

  • The Belize Bus Association (BBA) - Proposed plans to improve the public transportation industry, 26min. The Belize Bus Association (BBA) talked about the proposed plans to improve the public transportation industry. They are in currently requesting meetings with Ministry officials to discuss the details. Our guests talked about their main concerns and what they see as viable solutions to the problems that plague the industry.

  • The Court of Appeal ruled in favor of the People's United Party's upheld injunction, 86min. The Court of Appeal ruled in favor of the People's United Party's and upheld the injunction to postpone the ICJ Referendum. Richard "Dickie" Bradley helped us recap and put into perspective the day's events and discussed possible next steps.

  • DJ Championship Nationals Video, 1min. Video from the DJ Championship Nationals in Dangriga. DJ Iconic is all over it. "It was a great 2019 Belikin Dj Championship Series. Congratulations to our 2019 National Champion Dj Bass and big thanks to all participants across the country. We'll see you all again next year!"

  • Barracuda Fishing Belize, 3min.

  • Coral Gardens Belize, 6min. Snorkeling off of Caye Caulker, Belize in March 2019.

  • Belize Barrier Reef Snorkeling - San Pedro, 4min. Hol Chan Marine Reserve in Belize

  • STREETS OF BELIZE 2019, 12min.

  • Trash Talk: How Does Marine Debris Impact the Ocean, Animals, and Me?, 1.5min. How does marine debris impact the ocean, animals, and me?