This is an interesting article that reminds us why we are taking so much time in structuring our coral nursery program. We have received a lot of interest and support from people willing to volunteer their time and sponsor nursery frames. But it is important that we build on lessons learnt from other programs. We are collaborating with Fragments of Hope, Belize and our young coordinators recently joined a micro fragment expedition with them. We hope Fara Stephany Maza and Brittney Garbutt will continue to receive training to make the program in San Pedro successful. Please be patient with us and remember that we are working with endangered corals.

San Pedro Tour Operators Association

Coral Fragging Should be Banned
Recently, there has been a great increase in conservation groups participating or dedicating their entire program to coral 'fragging,' or propagation, in order to increase the number of corals on the reef. This has been done with the understanding that they are saving the coral reefs by increasing the abundance of corals, but this practice could be leading to the further decline of the very reefs they are attempting to save. It's a practice that should be immediately stopped. Programs that fail to understand the genetic implications of their work, and fail to address the multitude of stressors acting upon the reefs will at best be unsuccessful, and at worst contribute to the further decline of coral reefs and the resources they provide.