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A video out of Guatemala from Soy502 shows its President, Jimmy Morales, visiting a school in Mariscos, a village in Isabel, Guatemala, and demonstrating to students how to draw a map of Guatemala to include the entire country of Belize.

Morales, after personally drawing the map on the school's blackboard, reportedly told the teachers that they should practice drawing the map that way "because that is a territory that we are reclaiming" and, referring to the International Court of Justice, Morales told the students, "We are always going to get used to drawing Belize. Why? Because we are in an important process, we are reclaiming this territory; after the popular consultations, we are going to go to an International Court of Justice to define the territory."

The map of Belize being included in Guatemala's map by their officials has never been a matter that the Belize government has protested in any international forum.

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